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S JUUM I II W I, ,!,
1 I
Oaeof Mr. John 8 'ate little
giris is very sick at pivieut.
Harry Baker has m ived
the Zaek McEntosh farm.
Mf. P.HVV Hnr.nmll
--, - - i nuirnvn S'Ul Ol
Geo. Hopewell who hid his arm
broke is out asram.
Mrs. Win. Pago is vry sick at
present writing. fr. Martin
the physician
Mr, Letter and wife and Mr.
Will Morgan and wife took din-
ner with the Ed. on last Sunday.
w T .
Mr. Uny Merritt has boon
down with the Pneumonia but is
recovering nicely.
-n i aonn onarntnn litii,,
If.. T 1 . ,
is nearly well after a severe
tack of the Pneumonia.
A. B, Smith and wif ,fri,J
,. ,. . ., v' " , 1 viiario.v uooas s i rave s '
visited with Geo. Barnes t.hJtho ,,h , , , !
first of the week- !
J. L. Chambers was transact-
in Brushvknr.h
--This vicinity was visited with
a snlenrlH -t.,,..i..
Geo. Sharptn is very sick
present writing. Dr. Martin
attending on him.
t. 3. Mill I
GD M.,to c. Z. c r'
.. . . vy K 0. WHS
in town Wednesday of last
Willie Barnes of Torkte a for
mer residence hU vicinity was
visiting friends and relatives
here last week.
Arthur Cody come in Inst Pri
from Aurora. We understand
he is going to farm PPar here
this summer.
-Miss Viola Coats is at A
va at-
tending the
Spring term of
school at the Douglas County
James Hopewell son of Geo
Hopewell is laying sick with
Pneumonia Dr. Ryan ls attend-!
School meeting at Brushyknoh
on (he 4th. went off very quietly
and every body very well satisti-
i i
Ed. Morgan had the misfor
tune to get kicked on both knees
by a horse last week causeing a
very painful but not serious
Mrs. Marion Coats found en
last Sunday a little cape and left
it here at this OFFICE and the
owner can get it by calling and
proving property.
The J AH-Villa Union Sabbath
School organized in the Cresset
OFFICE two weeks ago on last
S inday was well attended an
the interest from first to last was
good, we shall make a regular
report here after of the classes
and teachers.
$80.00 per month straight
salary and expenses, to men with
rig, to introduce our Poultry
Rmpdis. Don't answer unless
you mean business. Eureka
Poultry Foo. Mfg. C, (Incor
ated,) East St. Louis, 111.
Elder Chambers who has lately
returned to his saw mill after be
ing at home to wait on his sick
brother who past this life before
Mr, Chambers returned; andMr.
Chambers to ik d.inn r with C. A, i
SixrcDS i n ; s-t Sunday. J
By the Bister Slower-
j Hollo Kind Ed. will you allow
j trie a Little spare in vonr dear
little paper for a few Items.
We avo having nice, weather
present writings.
Mr. Martin Miller sold his
few days ago and is going
! to move right away tie
j missing by his friends.
Mr. .Tim Cuttings
hailing cord wood to the Bruton
was seen
J spur Thursday.
Miss M iv Mi
is staying in
; Norwood at the We
i present writing.
Is li itel at
J Mrs. Mary McCraw and family
visited Mr. and Mrs Cuttings
hist Sunday reported a good
Mr. Martin Miller v.ais soon
going to Norwood with a load of
,-ord wood Thursday.
'I M r. C.ll II ilt and wife r-illo
at Mrs. Mary McCraw lustTues
i day afternoon.
j Pleasent Hill Sunday School
I was well attended last Sunday,
au .... .... ,
, " 'caua ,u
I :Jni mi rermenters wonder what
i that is for guess Nellie knows
M ha.
m.. t;. n.., . .
in. uiui vumni! was seen on I
I the road to McCraw Wednesday
evening wonder what he
! going over there for guess some
uus iwmwa :
i WM,tlnr, rr , ... t... J'
, - - .......,1.. .mi Lj'ui
Ms back in this neighborhood a-
' nnin .!,.,! ... - li I
5 ,, ,
Mr. Mary Mc'Jraw was seen
Dhintinff lint itru.si on1 n,-,rl
r . . - ""ui
y m'"
Mr. Bob Riney hors
standing hitched to the wire
fence at Smarts last Suncfay and
Rod was in the house.
The candy breaking at McCraw
March the s was well attended
. . . , J: -
those present was Attio Bruton
i i, . ... . ... :
.. - -
ivmiUiinoy UOnOISOn Ularie Gas-1
person Jim and C
barley Cuttinj
Lawrence and Clarence Vaughn
Willie Hobbs Be-S Purtle Willie
'and Fred Donel
Holt ' End Look wood and
sen Harrison
rouHg men that we did not
.earn there names and they all
reported a good time.
Miss, Vada McCraw and sister
Cilia visited the Holt girls last
Well as news is but little this
week hoping that this will uiiss
the waste basket will ring off so
good by to all the CiiESSET
W e are
Continued fiom page 3,
green tree thatstands in the f.,r-
0.st, is fri th.
louse after
t is
builded, r as the hrick, t
bo clay in the ground. The tree
stands in the forest, the clay in
ground, foe tree cut down and
! OVlDe ,int l n h(m
the clay
j formed in f i brick bv man. hut
i hero is kn iw human being who
can on ate the tree or the clay
Again we tnk-e the required
amount of bone and steel and
form tt knife, but there is no hu
man being that, can create the
bone that the knife was formed
from. By this the Bro. will see
that he cannot claim according
to G'.d's Eternal Truths fiat
the man sink-on of in Kim 1.071
i is the same man sp iken of in
1 (Gen. 2 7.) T.iis being two differ
. ent works; Toe one in in crea
ted, male and female, the o Uni
formed and alone, u itil C d' tak
one of his ribs and made a wo-
man Yl's Bt'- C lamber.s there
r , .. ... . f ,
( bents, as well
asttiera was l so m m. P
as t her 3 was t.vo m sa,
can read:
r you
And li nl niiulo the bsm. nf ttio oartu nfinr
j ki"'l- "' '-uttlc after Hut: kluU, una every
j iliiiitf thiiUreeputli upon the
earth utter hi-
kind, anil (iod saw tt was gijori. i,en. I
Here is the created beasts
.touku ueascs
created forthe earth Q.i
I , .
, ' ''''' ( -'
" " Lut. '"."i "'in every kiwi ot iho air;
'"''n,'liuliein ltu Aum to hcu wimt h
w-'lllll CIlll tllUHH .mil wliul un,..,,. ,, n
l every living oruaturf, that was the n,.mc
ti..r. cn. :-u
n ! ....
'' torn- Imists fr
" """
hlisi. tiro .-in.l f L. . :..
"'ui uunis in tins
manner, please read:
Aie! the Lord spake unto M.
mid to Aaron
Win unto thorn .
speak unto the chil dren of Israel, enyiti)
These are the beasts which yo shall eat atnon,
all the heasts thl are on tlieetrlti
, "'" n""r' " f',!'vt'"
footoil. tutil otoou-oth tli end, among the ''oasts
mat sh.ui y.eat.
U liotc, e.,., ...... ...l.. i
Nevertheless, thes
that coew the M,a ,,r i ... .. I
oi-i 1 ' iiiein !
' " " UM ioo tne
l,oof:astheWuUel, ., ,,, he ,.hmr.t ,!
inn divldetli not Ibe hoof; he is uuelean unto
Ami the
imey hue mse he chewet h the m
'"IC '"vill,'tli mil i in- hoof; hi
i unclean onto
ch"wetli Ihu end
if- Uuelean nolo
And the Imi'e he
ItUi'fl lip
hoof; lii
nut ilivlilclh not the
And Ihoswitie though he dr ide the
mid be clovimtoutcd. yet he elictvetli no
carl, ho Is iincluiui in you,
Of their llesh Minll ye not , at, mid
carcass shall ye not i0eh: they i iro micleun to
yon. Lev, II - to 8
Now brother Chambers we do
sincerely trust that you will see 1
the error of yourself, of trvimr
to blot out the ttncl ii .usot Gtd's
determined to satisfy our customers.
Word on the two men And in
regard to the reference to (Gen
5-1-2) we have no nepil nf an, ',
that there was but twe men on-j
ly. For in the scripture refored
to it sayj tint therj w.i; genera
tions of them. Not only two'
men; For it says "this is th,.
generations of Adnm in tiie day i
God created in in." Which was
according t the one man theory,
the sixth daw So we must se
that the one man theory s out of
joint, and cannot b 1 true. For
we learn that God on the day
of c e tti' n blessed them, and
(ailed their name Adam; the
language ism the plural numbi r.
Both the created man and the
formed man was called Adam,
i But the formed man wis not
orderi d to be fruitful and mul
tiply, like the created man was
until the flood had be m crossed;
But alte-- this formed man's wife
Eve, h id a'en of the forbidden
fruit, God said unto her this;
I nto the woman licsilil. I will jtrenteiy
mul.lply thy Korr.iw nail tliy iMiieeiitiuiii in
siirron' thou liult liHng forth eliiMivii, unit Ihy
denlre dhull he to thy hurtuiiid, uliil he hIihII i ulo
over I hee, con . :! -10
Tms woman is ha rivn up till
this ume. And now she must
bring forth children in sorrow
and conception. This was not
the case with the created man
male and femah'. And in order
to see the circumstances of,
i those two pa lple shall (mote
I you:
Stlltt f blllWtl IllOII lll.lt lllilal lint hnni, I li
. .
""""" "-" ' m i u, ti,,
(Ililst i.ot truvall with cliihl for more uro Hie
mnaifii or mo (leholnlc ihnh thu k-hililren of the
-eu,,,,,,,,,. ,, ,
j Here is the differences in those
i two people set forth so phiin we
need no oilier pro d', the one to
j he barren; and the other to have
i many children, though they are
; desola to.
! Again Bre. Chamlers says
jCain led ed his im-ig S i we
si ah try to h urn what his imago
! was according to Cod's Word,
j so pi ase read;
j Not ne Cul n wiio whs of thai wick.' ore'
ami slew his Im.ti oil, And Wli urofors Mew ,u
i llim' lleeanse his own works were evil an l
I brothel's rlithteous. I. Jonii rt 1-3
orotner it was not Cain's !
that he killed, but his
, .
brother A oil
.il hv i i ii ii 111 i i nut
oue tiling more that I shall no- shortage of monev. and no inter
tice, and that is. Thai the e'eveu'est was incurred "
lanostle.s did wrong when thev! ivw1 , o .
ot otaon the character, that
wasto take he place of Judas
1, 7 1"; a,wsues Cflst
lots according to God's will and
n ,1 . ,.
Paul was not of the twelve hut-
wao1 ' , nut
I instead was an anost e to t.ho
..... T, "v;uiuiffl would be airiinst t.h
- "" "iuse i omarits
we leave th
Men I'..,.
consideration, as
may demand.
J' v L 1 IIUU
Yours in Christ
C. A. Simons.
. ,
A yeai S cialist t have had th
rems of Milwaukee 'n Govern
ment. Socialist.;. Yes those
very ores who hnv- been howl-
ing about, what they'd do if thev
only had opportunity.
They have indeed made good
; Promises. Titey have pledged
verv libera
, i a oi ing ri form.
have they don. in j
They tell you ouri
getting to much
But wha'
officials arc
money tor their services - Yes
this may be true- But Mr. So
cianst wnat uiu ,ou do over in
Milwauk e about, the Board of
Commissioners of Public W, rks?
There you had a chmce to
part ly at h ast, alleviate your
i verlas.tin : howl about high sal
aried officers. But instead, what
did von doV The Old Board ol
Pub,!,- Works Commissioners
consisted of three $2,500 men
The Socialist administration in
iMilwaukeo had full and free
power to change this - Did t.iey
use their power.' Yes. They
discharged these three 2500
men and appointed a Socialist
WiiO is it. is nileevil . vcv innnm.
pen nt, at a com mon.-ing salary
of 85000. a year!!!
'Puis is "Socialist economy.''
Thus it will be seen they have
knocki d t to men out employ,
ment, and emp'oyed one of t heir J
"favored few" at a .salary soar
ing nearly as high as the three
together received under the old
syst in. which they are pleased ;
to call 'rotten, con upt and ex- j
tnivagantly Capitalistic."
"According to Alderman Bogkl
the Socialist this year in addition
to increasing Uic salary list,
were forci d to borrow hundreds i
of thousands of dollars from !
1 a: il banks to pari v M ,.,
the tax period, ibis stress being
due to i lie i xtravagance of the
lust lew mon lis. "( )n the a
rtiotint borrowed the city paid
$12,000 interest he c aims, while
previously und.-i
the "old ad
Corrupt and
ministration "
nvrvui iMmnwi . . l
tin , u IV) SUCn
for ,,fel,..luhim, s V C i
But in a ,,cent case t Sue-iV
submit party p licies to a refer 1
f.nrlinn , !
enaum, lor tne reason ltisa p"-!
i .i . i., 1
ed, that the result of the ref-r-
... 1 !
oartv" ATow wlisit-. oi-,r,n-fi... . 9 t.. 1 1 '
. ""'' 111 Je
,.11 - w... , ,. . .1. . 1,,-, , -.'
.......... .. .,1 U -. .Ill itl I V , .III . 1
ministration favors the
?e a fi
re foreii.
dum only when its policies are
! to be uphelc."
''Former Mayor Rose was
luwrgod with absence from his
i l)(!st, aad justly ioo, for he spent
i m,,ch of his time during his last
adniini.stratii.ii in Lecture tours.
the ( ity Council, though Social
istic, recently was forced to lis-
li'ii 1 1 , i .a... J . .1 . !
. i.awiunuiia uuiu;inuing
tllp investigation of the Socialist
' (yl Clerk-, who it is charged.
was at his post onlv 10 rl vrsi dur
ing his first nine months in office.
During this said City Clerks
Lecturing lour; though he be a
Socialist and a retired nainister
of the gospel, he was quoted as
d el tring the city h id started
the opperation of a Municipal
roily hue "many miles in length"
and had solved the question of
of " 01 king men's homes by sell
uig raiem .and and nouses at cost'
whilst in reality the " real" .situa
tion in Milwaukee is towit:
Til.- tr dley line is less than 2
miles in length and is not even
pro. id' d with cars, and of course
is not in opperaMon: and the
b dlding of wo i king men's homes
has noc been started and land
has not even been selected for
the locution of these homes."
Ti en again. "The administra
tion announced that it would fill
I all offices with experts regard
jless of party, The City Health
Commission isl-ip wis tilled by
detail by President Tafr.from the
Marine Hospital Service of a for
mer Mdwattkeo doctor from
some cat.se this d dor left tne
City within !) months. The va
cancy as filled with a Local So
c al st v ho, the mi dieul Society
states is not a i eongni:'.' d mem
ber of the profession, and who
some., of i hem assert does not
even know how to write a per
scrtption Tie city adminis
tration refused to listen to the
j demands of physicians that he
j be removed as inefficient."
"So the record of the Socialist
ad minis' i a inn which went into
office in April 111 1 0 has been one
of p-t.mihos, not of accomplish
I ments "
; It will be well for every vo'er
I to study well the condition in
j Milwaukee bef. r h,. casts his
! ballot favoring a National Exocu
' five of the same strip--,
-Sherman Towe.
Any party 0r parties wishing to
ask any questions through this
paper upon any subject religious
r otherwise shall b,. twti
as u friend. But in no case wit
the Rditor nbv any slang or
slnng phrasort go through its
eolum ns.

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