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Vol x BRUSHYKNOB Thursday, August 8th IS
m i i
Rev. i.. 8. GAttRETT, ED.
iM U I Lili ri HIilMIlll lYI vi. WWl' vm
Pnni.isHKD l..tvlHY J.'HUUSDA
Entered u).eeotid cJs
maWei NovembfcV Srd- lW at
the lont-oftlce tt Brushykuob
Mo. under the Aex cf
March lird. 1879.
One YIAR 5(1 cout:
Six MonTHs . .
Threb mouths
. 25 oeNTa
Roll op Honor
Lydla A. Sutliff
Norwich N. V. 25cts.
John Bowers Brushyknob "jOots.
Homo Industry is the back
bone of Freedom and dwells on
the plains of Justice, and walks
in the fluids of righteousness.
And in her bosam are the princi
. oals of all rights,
A man's foes shall be those of
his own household. When orce
a friend becomes his enemy
without wny causa on the part of
the man. Eipectally when he
does all that lay in his power, to
do the right, in favor of the one
who lias bee mo his enemy. But
such is life in
thehistory of man.
I t is true men WHO love uarii-
.tho thuD lltfht. will say
nesa i
ith re is no need cf a third party.
,Bui '.ve sa,y that no other man
haJ such oppertunities as Roose
velt. To b.ing to light the hid
Jen f.nngs i i darkness 'of (spirit
ual wickedness in high places.
And when he did it forced to
new the third prty. And it" is
surely born, and it will be at the
. burial of the spiritual wicked
new of the now great trusts m
high places.
a"d rj j
thr, '
the path of thy
A pretty light is being made
on the Tariff Board. The Repub
licans want the board beciuse it
tits into their program for tariff
revision. The Democrats do not
want the board but the country
has been educated up to believe
that the board is something of
moment, The House refused any
appropriations for the board.
The Senate has voted such ap
propriations, but stipulated that
the board shall report to Con
gress rather than to the 1 'resi
dent. That was a shewd thrust
at Democratic leaders. They
have been criticizing the board
on the ground that tbe:e is no
warrant in law for the board to
report to the President. It" was
Cougress who should have the
information rather than the
Some House Democrats may
have to vote for this Senate pro
vision. Dr. Wilson is said to lavor
it. and Dr. Wilson's views go with
Democrats these days. But after
all the Senate and the HouseJ
mutt settle the matter for them
selves and they can not do so
without a hard combat.
Congress these days is advanc
ing: much novel legislation, Many
of the bills are preliminary. The
House will vote '"aye" upon them,
and the Senate will refuse to vote
at all. The short session will come
Toere wi'l be a mighty rush to
distribute rations to the Govern
ment (pass the supply bills), and
opponents of these novelties will
indulge in a feeling
jf satisfac
But a goodly portion of the at
tempted legislation is destined
to be written upon the statute
books, for these are not times
when stalwart Rwpublicans can
. in ,-n'onr'li ( no mens VP
" -
I in that category is toe esiaomn-
ment of a Department ot Labor
Presidents speaking out of their
experience have said that the
Cabinet already is quite large;
enough and have discouraged
' divers proposals for new Depart
' ment. Toere are now nine mem
bers of the Cabinet, one ot wnom
must of necessity be a lawer (th-Attorny-General)
and another
farmer (the Secretary of Agricul
ture), lu fact the Cabinet is now
feet and let all thy Ways be Established" prov. 4
so large that it is no longer the
body of close councilors of the
President it once was. Under
Roosevelt and also under laft
t.hfi inovitahlft tendency has been
rSS.tr. "acS'et1
bers of the Cabinet with whom
the I'refident holds consultation
on matters of most Administra
tion moment.
But organized labor is clamor
ing for a representative of its
own in the Cabinet, and appar
ently will have one within a year
or two. The bill for a Depart
ment of Labor has passed the
House and been fa vorably report
ed to the Senate- If it can not
be driven thru there at this ses
sion, it will be at the next ses
sion or in the next Congress.
Then organized labor will be
coming forward with candidates.
for the Cabinet. There will be
(.norts to cnoose men oi aucn
. . , - - 1-
high character and attainments
as Commissioner Charles P,
Neill, of the Bureau of Labor.
The struggle on tbe part of Pre
sidents hereafter will be to get a
man of that type rather than the
type of man who rises to the
head of labor organizations.
The chances are that the head
of some labor organization will
win in that character of strug
gle. A few years ago the Bureau
of Immigration was created by
act of Congress. Organized la
bor demanded forthwith that the
Commissioner of Labor be a un?
ion official, ar.d a union official it
has been ever since the Bureau
was in existence. Organized la
bor has been in command of the
administration of that Bureau,
as it probably will be-in the new
department of Laber. It Will be
no mean advantage, when labor
officials are constantly in the
Washington throng, advocating
and urging a hundred matters,
year in and year out, affecting
the status of those who toil.
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IS Xfcath ttnet, opp. VtUti Italti Mat Met,
Missouri to The Rank
Of Progression
We had the honor of being
elected a delegate to Kansas city
by the progressives of Douglas
Co. to the convention which was
held there, on the 30th. of July
1912- But we were sadly dis-
appointed by not getting there,
by mishaps and mistakes. But
we are proud to read of the man
ner in whfch that body of dele
gates from all over the state ,
quited themselves of great hon
or. In the work which they did
toward the organization of a new
progressive party.
The child is bora and already
in its manhood. The two old
party standpatters a splutter,
squirm, and squeal, a& much as
they please. The progressive
party is here to stay. And it is
builded upon the foundation of
the word of God in language like
this "thou shalt not steal." "The
people is saving tltis,'' and tbe
people mean what they say.
They ment it when they sent
their delegates to Chicago to
what was called the National Re
publican convention. And they
menl it When they withdrew
from that convention. They;" t. T." f ,
mean it now while they mmbV I PMCI!
idearly beloved by every lcyal
ble m their conventions to organ- hearfc Jor arQ
ne a new party. ' two old political machines, which
It matters not what Rept. I are both corrupt. And ask every
Bartholt said on the 31st. of July one of the common people at
in the house at Washington, in-.large to lay down sectionality.
- - o - " - - - pi
party traitor. It might be pos
sible that from a personal stand
point, or a selfish stand point
Representative Bartholt could
say this of Theodore Roosevelt,
Bnt he could not say it from a
stand point of principals for the
people, and to word the people.
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm m
i o
When Representative Bartholt
brings out the accusation that all
the Roosevelt's contests at Chi
cago was Bogas. He plaeed a
terrible charge agajnst number
of tho American citiaens. And
many of them who fought under
the stars and strioee in the bat
tie field, where hundreds of m n
bit the dust in death, for ihe
same prineipals hicb Boose-
velt j,as pgpaused. Let him be a
traitor or no traitor to the Re
publican party of to day. One
thing sure he is not a traitor to
tho principals that Abraham
Lincoln stood for in his da; and
time. We heard an old veteran
who fought 4 years in the Rebel
lion say that be had a sacrifice to
make and that was tho name of
the Republican party but the
party had beo me so cor upt
that he would have to make that
nacrirtce, and adopt a new name
Therefore I shall stay by the Re
publican principals of Abraham
Lincoln. But I must give np
the name of the Republican par
ty he said. To say that T. R. is a
traitor to the Republican party,
is to ?ay that all such old veter
ans are traitors to the party.
Bat n. they are not traitors to
ths good 'dd principals. But to
mpn who havp nn rf v vn ntin
iiuu o.o K I cai ICiUI LUC IS LH 11 U OUT
mu m nuts raiiKs or orogres
sion, or in other words in the
now great restitution movement.
Let tho standpats nay whatt
they may or call us Socialists or
what they please, but let the pass
word be -'the people is doing
- 26
ggea 5w
There is ono i
want to pretis on
our Renders An
i thitt v:
m:ads Cf
M la lr s.
hat we an
Bnat tuere
HP I' 4 it
e c.
.;. 1 a afttltt
Thai is what
onr political
) is too m-Mii'
".tvc masters
fh bosseSyOr
to have O
is mo
to day,
of u ing te serv :
at the same Um
parosites have set np a sclflsk
god of their own. and they want
the people to serve him. And
the people are not inclined to dc
that And therefore, v .ise their
voice in protest.
But now people of all political
beliefs of the past, we wish to
say to you that there Is yet dan
ger, satan is always alert, o
as a roaring hen seeking wham
he may devour, There is bat
one way te avoid bis clutches, or
devices, and that is to take Ik
Word of God as a lamp to our
i feet, and a light to eur pathway:
I ,
r mneieen snored years ago
this and law was given to
, . . ,
man and men. And a better law
never governed man, and never
j did a more brilliant light shine
upon the pathway ef man. Bat
; now in the twentieth eentury
1 , , ,. .,
light, because their deeds ars
Hence, we wrestle net against
flesh and blood, but acainstjjrin
cipalities, against powers, a
gainst spiritual wickedness in
high places.
So while the people have this
spiritual wickedness in high
places, to eontend with, it be
hooves them to be strietly on
the other side. Putting on the
whole armor of God, inoider to
be able to stand. As the Colo
inel said, they may call us Socitl-
jists: and well they might, for in
i the sence that we are writing
we are and will be a Bible 80
! cialist. And thelprincipals that
Roosevelt has -stepped cut on,
are the principals that our ,'ore
.fathers faHght fcr. Tbe great
est pity is this, that sueh men as
Koosevelt, Bryon Debs and
others, cans-1 tinite their mights
together In tUa same ranks.
I and fight with the Bible in
Home In-iustry, This great,
of iritni! wikedoef
in nig!! places, witn all their
power to kill its influence.
Home Industry is Bible So
cialism, and the bent form of
governmrBr that ever was placed
over man. So In the place of
trying to serve God and tnaia
mon lets serve Gou and t!i?
-"-,1tin do you' much good. ' J'tlcS .
' ment."

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