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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, December 05, 1912, Image 1

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i 57
Er v.
is I H r : NO i S
i il
t: 5 i: i I
N 0
Homo Circle Column
rrettnnd M M Row i
L. U. S v i 1 n
tub spirit op tub
A Uacherean never expect 'o he
u it:! success unless he briniis
,. ,,;!,. ij. ... if StiiCtlOQ Ol .-?( It iL!
IUG 1 l( II u yii 1 L I.U i : - . I . J L
and of your uun things. Don't: l-.ven.y ihmi.ua
care for auybody i:lse. Have no terad into this iioii
Jpi.lintf for ;m .').).!'.' uut poaraulf iti'isttmo, we too'.i
Never thlnlt ( epj t..ins the
:.;ti- essin polit,ieal p:u"
i r,v 'Amen during this
,.. ,i..,.i ,r f.... it un raiunr. il .
nihil ,v tioneu
;;o jealous io;t aaoiher1 And
I'CBLlSUffiU BVKLIY ri'Hl":-;'-
Si rtl ul fonsidfir.iii lis. uii! nn
L .. , f ,. ii should i.n i.-v wbaj yoa Invo not, 1
! nppreciatijus oi tue ict tiiat tus '
, Buvv everv onu who is betttr o.r
)ioj;re8ioQ otters aim not oiilv
!. niaa 4 ioauy resDeet than vui-..si
little inter
Just a few
tdi wo nieiv-
po itic s thru our paper,
hat wen generally done
L;u and li.ouj.;! I uf ; i
alisin, and several times
thru the columns u the
r t cm
leeiHi pi
e I.V
ual ; ipfhts L'j
rivilecWos to r:
'I, I iuur
; '. r I
istttswl ,f Scono '"" bo lit mankind, and win the
htoUttlM November 8rd at lasting res poet ot his yeae ration
's ii huenters upoa his warii WHh
hv uiiofli whifih Iih mm . -1 . : 1 1 1 v !'
hint , ni: aid
uc.;.ui ln.iun nr.. and win uie
.should encioac
liathtlv ot th m Be con-
tin ii vour
ican, I1 or l.e wa
list. He worked
k) I..JU
be wutirli
i.'omi' - !i
! ; a.iu ion
uiht 'or a ui
ei die r :uouiU '
;ic, apprecia
spii it u:ai yearns
sioap a' him likf a doj?, Cotitetii
, arn. s ;, for i-vi- i.hin,! that
o r own t it ui:,1"! i! : .;.v n t br
wortu a pin. i r vour riifhti
ire in t as much concerned :''
tiioUidi it vvere a pound of pfold
crhood ul ujanulnu
rind is ii:e blessfi
ih Woi cl of Go J.
ineinals from Lin
10 this
itrs 'to be useful t
Never yield a point He very sen
.Id parties. And a profits
li 01
One ybak
"0 CM
l up i b : . u a & . vvliii'li wave to I
i political class in power I .
the most serious manner. Be'(oB8-r!den b3" Catholicism) thol-' j
'.cfh A
. . ,. sitivo, and take everything that l"
its race, that piaojs seliseeliinjf , . , , h
u v i el t-i i-iMi in cifiJirf.i m.4.4 111
c-.iUbistentaaiieiei.ee to uuty; . , ,..,,,,, n10,ri Farmer, and the slave. And the
i that can sea tna stamp ot nnur , ,,. . , , . hnpa wn Sm w r,v John
1 should not think enough of you: ffteai. oosses, was a. ov .mm.
uud promise upon tae most un- ... 4. , , .i, , p.,.. :n t.vn f.,1,1 nv,; ner
j. , , , and if atanv time rtiay should j'"1 ue. ui irns two ioiu ui u ui-i.
j lovely cnild, and is aule to labor ...,. . i .,
ml "i r;i
motto has bi
early and lte. no: to amass
wealth, but to bo able to hay
seem 10 neglect you, put the "The m'ovchamliae of jold and
worst construction upon their
aiti ahflg, And
i I'roRTi ssive
sta. : ! as
Hhail h ...
Ill : 1
c imduct you can, Th
u o. r, i.h'p. pii'iT nt all LHmirs "on
, ' ,, keep yourself unhappj
learth como to him that the
"world is better for the living"
...... nihil n-.il! mn.lrfl US UP I
V!,- '" ' .! Gl tins spirit are teaeliers
Jnb of five Subscribers, send
two dollars .and hold the fifty " lirilB(.;
or, end precious stone;
ju wit of pearu-, and fine linen, and oj- q0cj
purple and silk, ami scarlet, and ' .jn, p,.iv
j all thytnc wood and all manner 1 lioa,,-'ut
vess Is of ivory un.l all manner Party,
1 1
i .ie Y.
THE PROFESSION OP MOTH-; vcksoIh of most precious wood,
aim 1
mi ma rbio,
1 1 ie
cents for their labor. Or a Clu
ten or more at the same rate.
1 ssio
V. hen li e a r 1 a a r e b r o on and
nds tad, this active stirrinj
It is a difflult profession-
profession ol motherhood. La
Ai .1 1 inmimon. ..ml odours, ! 'rir i ;
and ointments and frunkinci use ijust fm
and wine ami ' il and tiiiC flour, principr
, anil iu-asts and sin ep
StillingSiMo. Nov. 80 UU2.
DeavK'iitor of the CtiESSEi
Iru. hyknoh Mo
ii-.. ..-.-..-.! r. no linn siirii:
1 no animal Kingdom, a:- m wu- , , , , , .
world of ours makes room lor crrow older the parents ana n0l ' ' nna a.m or tnou aav.
j us ail to go to v.ork and forget withoravif their ministrations, p ,y 13 0 ' "
jour troubiosi It it vfere cob for but in the human family the old- HerlsTthi? dark doings of a,
.some-.ti.ng to do and the chance ,.r cnureu grow the more di-;Catholto rlfiden rrtv. Herein
t 1 iln ii wniit, v.i mi r i ( it.r .1 1 1 1, .-.!, ,,, ' .1
P.,ase allow me space in your of lhe u;o.,,r ,, CI1 herded' b-y tho rUn spirit. UZ;tZ? -...viuabie
paper for a few lines to bftby diesy JJo V(JU think .Whe thc boy3 begin to get . o f ,5, pai.t,les with no I '
my frhrids in old Douglas Co.! the would ever recover unruly and the girls begin to get CHmaT Jn lh0m-controlod by I
that may like to hear from me- from such an nnuish if she I Billy the husband gets loss ' J, , Womnstsav! That
Willie left Nor- founa nothing to do out ciasp wiiling to make an effort and once Grll1(1 0kl Republican par
the emoty cr.ulle and fondle the m(lt.fl vpniiw tn Hit nuli'tlv bv the . . . , .cl
,,,u,, ,ii mom nc of MoV. .tn. : . ,,. ... - . ' ." . . ty, uncior uic Bumimsirauou ux,
n I ' lilt,' Ill U.J W Lulling V 1 v . . . u
cry o t !' I
n and for
1' .i jressivo men
lild not rest, but
hard for the next
r organ)!!" p,jrma
And JewPaitv! Which
trifle in three .
iy oMier organixa-
' . me length
- cm b hold.
.,-,it .not lielp
iv Pirty, they
th jr leader, and
1 a 1 !ov Johnson,
nne vvh - took part
j be p:'1 ud of the
:oy 1 pau-ed; one
(1 f me the
. ;ch a, sdioit per-
--j.-.. ., th 1 people
.: ! '.er to
i . rgani iag
, this linf for
rars, n im ed a-
. intend to fight on
; ry mm sitting
;: vim ami tig i :' 5e
an care molest or
.-ord of
i.n i t and a
We shall
i . for the
; :v. di-
his aternesa
lovern r Wilson
,0 if?;;s And if
i Cod as bi
, . v: soove in
s aring
, -old. n rule.
i se of pro
'.'i.'.oSi brings in
- n 'I utii,
I and my son
!TWvri .TVTTt I
.. , ,....v: ... I- I,., .1 .1 : . I ,-.
i.i..,i.iiff1 fnp mornirir , , ., , .... ... .. , i . ..... . ftwaimm nipeuiu, iitisiuu..-.. unu.
U"BU wv,v cioing men. un, oruaeu uervu tjmt many a family uruts apin,. a 08S ri,jclen p-rtySeln.hness;
of the taken the Burlington j children of our common parent Qut the mother can have no boli-1 ltft cjrdj0 And there was ap-
and St. Joseph train at '.horn Ar- sorrow. So shall the heart heal day. She must always be on tip, I jearantjv no check to it The '
ivingat Stillings Mo. at 10:80 and the balm no yielded. Wor The only difference is that as the j)e'raocraii0 party with all its
the ame morning where my kUj beep o pity's pension list children grow older she must j atnuierill(, Bnd nocking could
BUU Ui.llIUUlU 111 .'. iiu: iMj.i';u .11
I j 0 P-aker was in waiting . '
' soul ot a steaatast
pretend that i'. is the.y and not
1 js;j,r;c.v.3 uErENoro;";; .
do no good, b
lg tarn i with ; J
sin oi ipr rai.ner .. , ...knn mm,n nn nTm-u i . .
.ki,,, tn mv " 7 ,1. " . "'""-"-"" ' the same pitcn-wo notice nest up. is .-o
aj .ui'v.ii ...j ' vnan tnan 01 a wnnnpr ana a I . .... . . ., j j.(
W. H. Hi Bakers where craven Thank the destiny that I lfoJm liickinff ' tljG nob,e ; 8 nt yea '
. t .,1 TM-. ..-.I.-... rv'n-iniT artii4 j ,-nii mtinil fni i a.silra nif,m ... : u llO.'U S
u y uaa prw ouieu xuawis""n -"-"- - ihere is no nippier nor m re 1 ni .... 5
dinner sucb as was hard to bent pt fulfilment ana many perpie
ot rigu
vei ed and fj
, 1 : f . .1 . . . .. .. . oe I. II. Hi . ...
i'.yv nip.r.ii 'P 11 i n Li 111 , .- unu ... . .... t 1 1 . . rr, l it
... 1 tM inti things for wise adjustment, iui pn,u ..,. mthnMi' .1 1 wend iiipm in t tnk.
itllgOOSeaiiQ ftU Ol Hi iuauhco . , , m,n.. 1. ........ uhumj hi .lit- (jttiucs weimiiKSB 111
FPmttoPr, nrnrlucta which the U"K1W18B yuu about the evening hoop while iCommg to the front, they claior of notifying on. and
o! Platte Co. products which the wlth fresh paIn wheaevel, nigUt Qf jfc reads ttoudJ , u
m,.itni. vnn tnnw finillVeil. ' . .,1 ,t ,-1 S,-, ,.,,. .. . "l 1 ,iu' l '
. " uu new ..I iii.. ...... These evening readings can oe does not g. together, or shmld
After dinner my brother and I are hushed to rest. 1 5 -s then luttf)e educalional and develop in non be mixed up wit:, acli iher
taken a drive .over the country 'that the old sword Uirust rank- man ways. vvhlch tha iager And riaht hero w. must say,
. utn ri. the ureat fields ol corn les antt the o.a wouna revm.s- u. f.minine niiu j Paj,or for hn- inn:
B i-t.htin ton. MIp thrnwM oil ta
and tail wneai, sucu uou.u i:.,. -..,:,.,-. P,nw
was nfever known a they lavaj-orpow,. (.(,ush es its ,hopn inl )
ia Platte Go. il ls year; the corn uU1. brow it, is then that lhe hea
is goiuK from It) to 0 bu. per. I vens melt and nothing is left but
,,yr, .;..!,' , ifj ,-;.(. COUNTRIES.
'if. w lirntrdth VathXitgt&l tvutt ttmt,
H PatMt r... i ifriitgtmcnt Praclics Exclusively.
BW MiXn Strwt. pp. C:.!.c,l gtoh l-iteat Ofi
'il.W.i, .-3
m em - ll IH tmnl 'mm IRA
provement will easi'y devise.
... ,
boat u govei iirtient that cannot ! au " '
becon'roll-d by .rightnousnessi jand tin
should not i ;it over any people,
muchle.ss the American pi opio
2-24 Pagos-Prloe 25 Cert:
1 1 tun i
ac r:.
the influence ol liolplf? s . .1 sp u,
Toe glad joyful test
dra.vs near and unnumbered
er. at
isan ; duty oj
cry t
t 1
out 01
;. fiutili
w i x-Pi ot to v sit here ui
-, a.iv and then mv brutlur & "liu-and 'aabiW life fo
.,, . i get the
: ri II 5,iKer wil 10 . i and
IT k T"
? T i ,
we wui g utreeu 10 u ioru e .
Arizm.x where my daughter
iviiaui-i lives where we expect to HOW TO BE MtSEiS WMj
Upend the winter. I n ilm first oiac1. if i-j
Very Truly Yours, jtn be miserable, '
i ' J, A. Baker. I think a!! the. time cf yoii
ln.u I't.j nre heat nir in do iuhtful toe pdltlorm oi rignteoUsnOKS,
seek worw, then, as panacea . . . ., ... ... .,, ....j
anticipation, store winnows nra wim i jhumu, muu bhhv uu.
,.,.! i i. .'ii .r. nffitto vi,o ' fttfi'il." nnd the ten eommands as!
. I- , (!,( ; Uee-KCU ill U'H.MH.l in, ,iv. -
I never can bu cured.
holh and nrerareen hang in fes- la lamp to them, pressing th
toons and the wonderful Christ- j batth of Armagidden to the
mas tree is gradually putting in : gate Wo could not help but
appearance. Voices ring out in say "Amen," For wo now saw
! rehearsals of songs and choruses something that we had for L3
; ' ! '. .;':d what
r'hpUtrnas will soon be hear l we -had labored long and hard
i t !"! ' f ' ' i . V ' it.
f":i..i ..-. -!,. I'ostnnUi 5fiiH.0MO '.if
S).ot. 2U Box M14 Ch,

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