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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, December 05, 1912, Image 2

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By Tamot I II rod.
Continued from last week.
AH that the facts warrant If?,
t tereis a Spauldlng Manuscript
betrayeth" hltn in the employ-1
mem of phraseology to which.
ie had become accustomed
line i-socided with the breth
ren of ih:t denomination. Pur
tberemore, the book if full of
Itigdon's own pecular vii w.-.
1! desei ves credit, bo ver, lor
making th
condcuin polygamy ind
itcminy; i himself,
m Oberlin and the oossi ssion of ! brcm
a cor.
that manuscript will afford tin
help lot ho deft infers of Momma
is in agains; the plagiarism of
the book until the.v do one Hons
,v hid j they are tinnbJj to do:
namely, establish a general neg
ative, and show that this manu
scrip in Oberlin Co lege Library
is the onl manuttcript which
, Solomon Spalding over wrote,
This can not be done for t hi-re is
conclusive evidence that he
wrote tlvee or four manuscripts
mad- on j and one of them wu fic'Manu
script Foun I", which he read to
his neighbors, and which form
ed the. basis of the Bo ikufHlor-
mens, So when the champions
ofMormonism say:" the Book of
Mormon could not have aiown
lam in shut';.) 1
with Joseph Suiitli and Ins uc
ctsor Brigham Young.
;ird. Mormotiism imp"s6s up
on the people a cOUliterf'.et
priesthood, which it ' calls the
''Mfluhist dfk and Aroni p 'iesV
lio, d", although there never
was any Mclchisede! trder ol
priesthood. Tiicre was one man
by that name both a king and u
priest, writ. out predecessor or
successor, and so chosen as a
type of the priesthood o the
Son of Cod. TiieAaiouic priest
hood deccndt-'d from father lo
son in a marvelous way, tor
forty-live generations, mull ail
priesthood was fulfilled in
Jesus Christ, Since the one per
fect sacrifice of Himself made
by our great High LYitst, .! sus
out of the Spauldm manuscr
for toat mauuserint is in Ooeihn Christ, anv one who pretends to
and there is no connection be be a priori and claims the right
We have answered those ques- tween it and che Booh of Mor to stand between us and God, is
toons that we have ii -,d standing moo" -They take a dishonest what our Saviour ct.ls "a thief
in the Orrsskt so long, which position by false y ; s-u ning i one robber." Wnat a bogus
i no oitier prearner tnpd boan-w tnat th:s is the onl. manuscript (,r e t o ' this pr. untied
er. A Nil now w . slull put so an- that Spau ding ever vrote -h re Mormon priesthood is: It has 'no
i raore in their place. as there is p i.sitive evk ence that, ti or. rh. lit to sdminiatt r lie
1 ... . . . , . . . ,. !
abu. mil us wno inose a ivast- lie wro.e a numb r tit tnauu chrisiam , i rlmai c i up i-m
arc, spoken of as being in heaven cripts, The fact therefor.', is and the t oul's s p er, t a any,
glorifying God? (Rev. 4-6) estaoiished by abundant evia- other bunch of unpiincipnd
2nd, Tell us who the "beast, dant, thai, too Book of Mor- mtn who repudiate Jesus Chri-tj
that wa? and is not and yet is?' mon is a plagiarism from as the Divine head of th' Church
IMev iz-ffj Spauldmgs story, or religious: and go through the blasphemous
3rd. Ted me what the 8 unclean romance. force of electing themselves
spirit like frogs are? (Rev 15 13) Just when Rigdon. Pratt and members of "the holy pries
4th. Piease tell me the New Smith mei and concoted this d;s- hood And yet Mormons tremb
Son that h sooken of in (Rev, honest scheme is not altogether he at the dictates of this bogus
clear, but probably about
priesthood, and fear t exercise
Wow preachers do not say you A strenoas attempt has been ' the freedom of opinion, which is
can t but come on with your
When a man is Converted is
he bora of Gi? please some although evidence shows ttfat
minister answer-
G, W, Sharpton, erne to publish it since 1827. case what a true apostle i
in-, made to show that Rigdon and their right The 7th. rP-h, 0th, j
Pratt had no knowledge of the and 10th chapters of Hebrews
;Jook of Mormon until its publi- give u- Divine instruction as to j
(cation, and they go through the the fact thai all priesthood wasl
wrethed force of pr tending tou'orever fullfilled, and came to an j
j be converted to Mormonism a I'- end in Jesus Christ
ter the Book of Mormon had. ; Mormonism imposes upon
j been published, which they say , the people a counterfeit grop
they knew nothing aoout before j of apostles. Well if wo are t
defend the right agaist tlioi
they had both been fn the sch- ! wrong, we must know in this
i vvnacasecot aeceivers cney requires four tilings or any one
j were to mane such base claims: to make them a t rue apostle of
I l ne one important met is me jesus UnriSt.
(plagiarism of the Book of Mor- First -He must have been
: mmi from the Spaulding manus- acnuainted with Jesus Christ he
Cl'ipt. entitled" Manuscript fore His crucifixion Second-lie
Please tell mc whoa Bible Found". Did this just happen must have t-oen Christ after Ills
mourner is? that tbe.v should have the same resurrection.
H. P, Pool, title? No I think not, as things Third He must have received
! like that dont usually happen his commission as an apostle
' "'- I unless there is some one at the directly from Christ, as Divine!
back of it to cause the happen' head of the Church.
Fourth-He must be ah'e to
Bro. L. S. Garrett will vou
work miracles to show that God
ing. It is not ospecialy impor
tant tc know who edited the
Spauiding story, but all the evi 9ent him.
doneii nni nt t,( Sirlr.PV RiOPdOO aS n.,r,o WAa cnnnrl lit.-o that t.ho
pje8B.ttuow me to asa space f, ntn tta m.e,ant
shape, Book of Mormon. The!
in your valuable paper to ask
the following questions for yu
to answer if is no', impossing
on you we wish you to answer
which i we think you will thru
the CHE8SET.
1 question Rev. 19- I I. 2. 32.
how can a righteous man make
war? Who is this, he that had
a name written that no man
knoweth but he himself
yours for' truth.
H. Ij. P. pool.
Mormon apostles are true anost,
les'; I say no, and furthermore,
evidence show the following! aDy group of men that say that!
things; that a copy of the Spaul
ding manuscript was in the
printing office of Patterson aud
Larabdin, in Pitsburg, for a
good while after 1814 That Rig
don and Limodir. were on inti
mate terms from 1818 to the
death of Larabdin to August
1825; That more than two years
they are apostles of tod i.y who
say they are true apostles are
wilful deceiveis, and the troth
is not in them. They are what
our Saviour calls thievs and ro'v
hers, The 13th. chapter is not, in
tended to teach us that all people
can receive a revelation from
fl..l Urti.l I,-. fl, it .l in r.f r. t i c in-
before the publication ot tne .
'Book of Mormon, that iiigdon I lunum -"
! spoke to several of his friends revelation is from Jesus Christ,
I about the coming publication of anj net the revelations someone
ja nook from golden plates, Lse claims to have got lWO
whien woimi pmtuo-e vears Iater and cbHstian people
everywhere must, live up to ti e
written revocation of those apost
les, and no others for if they
pretent to live to that of others
i relitr ioxxa revolution, oanngi
these two years Rigdon was
Bro. Garrett please explain preaching wild and startling
Mark 8. 23. 24. 5. the Preachers doctrines, afterwards found in
today said the first tenth was the Hook of Mormon,
.L.untan ond the wseond touch ! Anv one familiar
doctrine of
then they make the wo--d of God
aanetifieation. And I would like peculiar " ,u : which is given us by His true
Wou to explain if not to much that time can not lean xar , uo aafl with
m -imma Welch. been a Camvbcllitc. His "speech 1 themselves.
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