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ayaiWWBMffia'- ftWiwwnwwgsij, . -
....... - "" "-" "
-'f y fc . -
"Ponder the path of thy feet and let aU thy' W
ablishdd" prov. 4-26
1 2th 1 91 2 No 44,
ii mini mi in hi ii iiiii iii Willi i " "Tiim niwii'mii" i mi m m n wni'i' n i wnmniniimii wi 'i i hmiiii whiim wwiiiiwmi iiiiwwi iwwwriWBiMMiiniffin'riiinii
Rev -.8 GAttRETT, ED.
grow for you.) This wa the
Itrsc part of Homo Industry
given to num.
Tlie next was to th" second
forgot that the grandest plank j man that, he had Fortned and Husiar. natij
that can be put in the platform i placed in (he garden aftn' God inconsistent.
but home should net bo niada
any more homly than necessity
family ?! -aside
We wish our Readers t never
prof ; v. .
It applauds ll
of any party accept ,Teus Christ , hiimselt had planted toe garden, virtuous, but lwn aquesttem
i and U!tn crucified Is ' Homo In-1 And placed "THIS max' in it material h. Ip arises tt woe
dustry " And this was the third land anid to him, to dress it nnd seeming ly rather aid the vicio.
. j u iaiiu; that is if wi
ot ifts.st upon elevat.ing uaur
. . i
is into
great God of 1 keep it. But there is one tree Thousands are perishing-at
you must noi touch, for in the Ua daily whose en t.v crime h
i admonition of tin
NG. Garrett, and M M Bowers I heaven and earth when I e cretit
' AND M, L. R. SWER NG1N. I ed man for the earth, ,vh,oh whs,
when He said t th-.-.. created
man male and female, replenish
the earth.
Published Every Thursday- xt , . .
ruuiBiiJi.w Nowjjio gnat men toil you,
tnat rememsn menus, to rene "
pie the earth," wo would lik to this m.n is turned oat oi tne
use this to prove up the .the r. ha, fan to till to- "'round Irom
.. . -. -i -i i " -
Kvterea as mtohq 't the two men. This wc dare wheoce ,,, wa ,aken, wllich
tnatter November 3rd lino at; ,l0t do, tor it would not be true, , . , . ....
, , ,, , . , 01 lugs in ano iter .m i oi uoiuh
for God did not say in the word
'replenish." "repeopfc," ppP Industry". And a, time passed
God t have meat ' reneople1 i oy anu me aisooeoience oi man
I then there would had to of become greater, less is done
been a P' pie on the earth ju "Home Industry" to make weighted witn the eur.-e-before
God created the man.: he straightway becomes
mate anu ietnwe on
dav you eai of it yuu ill die
The -oitvu! tlii' man in "Home
Industry" was 'o drttf-s the gai
den, Then after no i ats of the
fof bidden fruit ( i tree) then
,ott-"'' Brushyknob
7 tottr f ikf ?'-t Of
;. t d 1879
they ar,e poof, ano yet U
littie sympathy for them
from their relatives and
friends and no helping h
Htretcbed fortti to aid the!
it i Hose j.aine people woui
mit some heiuons uft'eas a
into the ciuiches ot tfc
th- e wouid oo uo tack ot
pat y or substantial aid,
Let a man, for instan.'
coioe a murderer, and u
Low much ol an outcast .
have been before t e
Tne best
should be Hss-ctated, in the
minds of the young puple, not
only with stern require .rents of
;rand and hemic duty butwith a--enieo pi . r
It is nof ( nough to dr'. loaT s
with the severe diseipltn tn all
the formalities of rig'd tirtae.
They should be -au'.t not only
how to keep straight, bj now
to bend since it ii o: in the
power of nature to un-iergo a
perpetual tens! n Privisior.
must be made at eon1'- for relax
a1 ion as well as work, fr in- a
ure us wo'l a- duty if auch pro
vision :s no mad- there, it will
be as it is tjo otten sought else
lriecry ior rest has always
n louder tha n the cry for
No' that il is more itnpor-
bu' it is often harder to
oiL'ii or
the one
One Y"Ar
Sjx i, nTHS .
1-1 infill
!i c en
25 f'd NT
cs me
from sound sleep, Of tv
women, otherwise etiut
who sleeps the U-st will he the where
most merali healthy, andeffteient
S;ee will do much to euro i rri
tarility of temper, peevishn-ss
-ir.d uneasiness It will restore
to vigor an overworked b-ain It tbem for V e table
ciil build up and make strong a to prepare a dish
Nobody can t
i spoi
a good
d cook,
a preparing
If ii i only
f siiced cu
weary t idy, It will cu r a head cumbers it should be core Just
'e KUt.ha ,of.f ail ot.ii rfh.-4t of interest. Sympslhu
oiAvu uoj. nun ui-i nr: aopcironuy spring up
not. For the sixth day man is,nM becomes the ruleing power,
the fu st man and then after the! And under her ruMng there fortll to . . , ,
is ;va:n
ye, It will cure a broken spirit
And hapl aiard ty e of
Young p oplc from this county
should enter the Roringfl'ld
Businpss College at the. specia
op m
seventh day, God formed
other man from the dusi of
day man, that God -said to "He
fruitful, multiply and replenish
the earth." The word "re-; iveness
slaves, which can only be deliver
ed by the true oand ot peogr- n
in ti me inuustry.
him sufficient exercise to
fel- wearyness, pleasant
in-1 must be sluves Scat this day to mitiu-atM Un inst:e,
153ents mjii from iV-.a final nf file ... . . . ;,,! . i . TJ- .... . t.
" """" anu time mere are minions o' usuue nu u luiuhs a iwn
And it was the sixth i. ... j kDunu. eves ol those who ncr:
.-fore, and tbe lak'ng of
low creature's life, for t very t inn. good air and not to(
slight provoetionor for n pn- a room u clean ' consde; c
meant, replant the And beneath her baitn.v ings, v,ir,-.,.m of oil. .,,ivr.-. J.im .vaM. nf c.nm!a
. -------- - - - v- - -v - - h , i : v i , i i v ., i i O ' L t ! i.l
earth. God had created the.i- euuai rights to li and special a thousandfold in the .svna- mtma Vnr Omen tvl,,,
ng.lan. lot. if tne peopie t eart h and caused it to bring
It will cure "sorrow Indeed we cookery that bits somtHitses and
oi 'glit mase a long list of nervous misses other., 'ever wins inure!
and other mn ladies that sleep for the cock. It snould be rig lit
sen- will cure The cure of sleepless- every time, as we expc ti e
the ness requires a good clean bed, j dressmaker to make ouraresges
i reduce
a i m
actually know the benefits of & I f0i tli forests of all kinds
, j i
that was good for the created I
man. UrOd earn to mis man oe ;"
COUrsP UUH11 I'll" uuuuiuna
be, to smail for the crown. A
situation at graduation -uro.
priviledges to none, in Life, Lib
erty and the persuit of happi-
And we trust that this
: worked, haggard and m
:U.A vrliii ii!is alpMnlpca i,1,...
ar.d the tailor to make our coatg.
When the husband a:d boys
bey should
j y. so that
i id in overb
iUt th devil
i a p'y to
fare may be
.' fin
- thi
in o d nr.e-
ooci th . k.
os o te 1 '.h v
"Go i icons u.e
eiids C ii k ." c .
their housf. The
Roll ol
Drew Ryan
Macomb Mo 90 cts.
J. A. Fagley Springfield Mo.
tion of the world.
do becomes a drstmgusi
man, and the conservatory and command the adoption of such simple and plain and
nreserve cl .set ar rif ed of habits as will produce sleep: very few dishes, out is weli ore-
fruitful, multiply and replenish scripture is near to come to p.iss. ,-. ,,,., ,m.i.. I..- ntWwisa. lif will h hnrt nr-d 1 nared n-itber over A nor
But tbev shall sit every man hours of imptisonmeut. Phia'an what there is of it sadly imper i over peppered, nor burnt, nor
ind liai. feet. slack baked, nor stale, r. or sour
and soli, There is an old proverb' "home the family can enjoy a peace
that poor cookery does not dit
pen t
the earth, That is, cut down!
those vast fomsts and plant them Liderhis vine and under his rigithro; ie ladles flock
with the choicest fruit, build you
tr e
and none stall make them1 ano ttjnd' r-h-ai d
, , , i .
houses ana eat, every ming is afrajd; fir the ffi -otb )f the j
meat for .you, I have given you !f hoMM hfttQ hpokt.n lt.
every thine for meat. Recollect I ioah 4 4,)
I do cot tell you to till tne
ground, only plant and it will
Tnis is the completion ot Home
Industry as God has taught it.
Gov. Wilson is standing be
tween two great fires. Toe
Bryants, and Slagon. Demo
srats and it is hard to tell
which way he is going yet we
believe, his mind is Progressive
headed men, or Uhjso -..t.xiou- 1
for notoriety, come farward to
cheer him. They have '.'.'!!! or
no thought for the poor virtim
who has suddenly been sent to 1
iome. be it ever so homely,'
his account with "all res
it for
The following table will show
how long the Presidents lived;
Jackson . . .
Buchanan . .
Harrison . .
Cleveland . .
Pierce ....
?, years
b years
8 years
8 years
0 years
12 years
12 years
.18 y ars
- v.
Tyler 17 years.
jV&Vrson 38 years:
Madison i9 years j
John Qaincy Adams .... 10 years j
Ven Burefl 22 years I
FUroore 22 years
John Adams 22 years
..Arthur 2 years
-The Assessmen-. of Douglas
Co. is no v completed for the pro
sent year, and as a number for
whom assessineir, blanks have
been left have so far, failed to
send them in. 1 take this means
of notifying one and all that the
law requires that thev bp deli
vered, and fixeH the penalty of
-dtatibln usstssm'ent for failure.
So please atttnd to this at once
and thos reliev? me of the on
pleasan: duty of enfurceing t; e
Very 1 1 uly youra
J, I! McMurtrcy.
fee: ions on his head."' t
tit murderer hey have kind
words, widen makes I :,n think
that he is a noble fellow after all
who has Jnot roolted a feather
from his angelic wings, by vio
lating the laws of God and man.
If ho has been sentenced, peti
tions circulate for a com mu tat
tions, and if it is nor secured
deouciations are poord forth on
those in power who have resisted
all appeals.
We do not wish t ;:nuv roi
ful; we would not aud to the
misery of th se whose vil pas-
slons and vicious cours- s in life
Th" JAH Ville Church was build to hold the worship of God
And every body is invited under its roof. Any Orthodox ' hurch,
oi denomination can h Id services in i wl en. n.-t ncoupivd bv
the Colony people. But there must be a striei observane ! -h-following
rules. 1st. In coming upon the land owned bv oe
have led them tc do crime; but Colony people there shall be no loud hollowing, t.o fast riding nor
j for the protection or society and no shooting of guns or revolvers of any kind, in like manner
the innocent we feel cai ed upon wuon eaving the church house obs- rve th- same rule-: while
:. 10 condemn, in the most uncom- in the house, and whop, ir the house duri ig services, 'here will
.promising terms toe demormiz- bo ,j0 unnecessary talking allowed, that wilt be of a disturbing
ingsympathj -hioin isbestowed nature to the worship or any other thing that will be he of a dig
upon toe man wbo sheds human turbine nature. No hmokini?. no cbewinir of tobacco, or soittin
tooacco juico on che fi or, or auyother unoyai ce o1 a dis urbing
nature to the services Any one violating those ruks mrty ex
; blood. Ii encoufUiies those with
ImuroeroaR instincts give
way to their sinful mpu!.:,, pt,cl to he fK,u w
! and leads them to believe that
(they will escape severe punish
j mentifor their misdeeis. through
! the efforts of perhaps eii mean-1
jug but mistaken meu, Let the
i full pena't.y for marderl&estrick-i
', )y enfovwd sed e report o; the
(deadly ptstot wdt b uoae a no-! ..
,h accoraingtothe Law.
Rav. L S. Garrett Manager.

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