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World's cresset. [volume] (JAH-ville [Colony], Fowler, Mo.) 1891-19??, October 30, 1913, Image 1

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Rev. J.. S. GARRE'l T, ED.
IS '.7 (
M. M . Howert
Published Ever j' Thursday,
Entered ny ,.-i r
matter November 3rd
'the. Pot-ojjee -it Brush
..ily. under thi
March .'ire, IH79
si r
' One Year-
Six: Months...
Three Month
HO cents.
:T. cents,
. . i j 1 1 1
The, Ed. and fan.lv was invited
to a fine supper on last Monday
eve by Rto. Vogtod wife andi
the repast was jwand,
. j
lale out we wish to spy
cnau amzer governer or. new
York was ousted under the in
. fluonceof Catholicism
If you want i
paper subscib
It is also the g''
J,e,people. Q.UESTION.NO. W
Ed. Cresset
who the Mo hei
pleas- fdl mrj
t wnt ier of.
r-m. rous, M iti i a; d i w
. . ..
and oblige Ait.i
Fowler Mo. Texas Co.
"We can not think that an v pai
th9 Pt. gressivo Parte will 4
i'arty any win-e or any place
J t they do they will h .ve o !
"ood P'nne.i Ip.s, aiid tak
' 9f-;. iu i t e
. Jilt
Anti CathGlic Mcstir:
There will be a special meet-1
i'-K at the Colony church on , he j
night of the 7th. of N v 1013 ''o:
the special purpose z
ing an Auti-Ca . ; (. .. ;
Come evry boo:- i and u ar .;
who are irtr-.trf :o. , o,
Lilow and Rebekah oome to r.h I
noting it is for men and women
he young and the old the meet,
iag will be held under the Bible
i&ignsj Ea
"Ponder the patbof thy feet aad L
w4.JL i Jul.
1 ilm to day in belief as I was
in the d iys ot Aoraham Lincoln
itbinhing that his life a model to
paiem utter. And the only fair
and true way that we had
of .judging his life was his
ac.s and deeds una in them we
found the dominant Spirit, of
''do urtlo others as you would
'nave if m cl i unto you" From
:,uch Spiii we learned law and
i.ot ,,. . less: ; sh, jostle not injns
''"' '' t.i c i'i,v iove, net class
1 !'.; c( (., peace not violance; ; quel
I'Portunnes aucl equ 1 ighl not
special priviedges, Horn.' Indust
ry not idleness, by special oper
tunites, Honor not dishonor.
Righteousness, nut unrighteous
ness such a study will do away
with eny warlike Spirit and
bring us into a socialistic sys'em
of universal brotherhood v.oat
I am an i what I want 1 1 day.
mjM(i . . . ,
Hope maketh not a shamed'.
f,v, ; lf ,, , . ,. ,
lor tor? Jove oi God is shod a-
broad in our heart by the power
of the Hely.Ghost which is given
unto ns" and we boon that-, nil
true Americans will get their
eyes open unto the, dark pow
er thai is saping our .Liberty
from us by the little, pleas read
llefirt's M
n'etp .on
A'lP cmsist of pr-t , e
agan.si. r'reemasonry, and com-
menting on the subject, says:
In offering to the associates of '
the League of the Sacred Heart
una thci'eoy to trie entire Catho-
lie WofUl, the battle njiainst
j v reoffia' onarv a ti,e primal
. . . '
ten i t t he,r nrflw. r, xr.rl
! practices for Oc ob P , Pin,
v ... '
A """on wiuu -.- : '
cessors from Clemon XII. iC
ITllHtoLa'jXIII. in 190. who
eomiomnea v reemasonary as
antt Catholic anti Christian and
I m IVi Attn l n . A -i ,1
iujuiuiw, ,mu ijruuuunoeu ex-
communication against Catho-
lies who should i t terit,
V u will note that Pope Pius
I,. .
(s iu unison wttn all his prede-
(feasors in eonaeming Free !
museus, nuu you Lviasons wiu at
,:)1so ooserve tnat you are antt-
Catholic, anti Christain and im
mo. ui.
The position of Rome and the
popes; toward E-.
isn't rn- o' the av3i
nnas in.i ry
i'Ou this Cl1
vL the pseud.
i,ons iu'
" !"' ui'
- u--
ic,n' !
las ns
igetvise to the Jesuits it s.cle
to the Jesuits
i ,f these days .1
r-nks ne ui these days and "gov
I era ihemseive.s accordingly. '
Uis Mo.
Who W
m r
,( Broths Vcach.
There is no true loyal Amerf
can No true Mason, And we
know that there can not be any
true Loyal Odd-Eel w that wil
Eor.all that he said thru tb?
Sovereign or the Globe was
the good of our noble order, and
to the detr inent of the wors
enemy that Odd Fallows has. v
any other Iriudred institution;
for poperyism is an enemy to
all principles of Lib 1 1( ,s0 ffe '
n,.,.. , !
"n U1 1 p. sing .an,
religious priur.iples but n,on,.e
ch.v and tlf pope the Skiprecj !
(monarch, (No, blame him no :
But truii Oddfeliows !ond him to I
the uttermost lor his galh el
efl'ort in. exposing that dark!
1 ' vh;ki:u slavery c
wis) know how many of t!
1 1 , , . . ..... i
add trive US their Hunprtnt, I
tavorof the brave, manhood d'
orotner Veach, and then pet ail
the names you can around yoti
for the same and send them into
us, Stand fast Bro. Wach and
we ars with you.
Answer ToQagstion.
dr M l, Cresset, p ease let
Le one tell us who ic was that
- ' 'roe i before his father-
Al,u ai(?u betore his, father-and
was huried in the bosom of his
Ho rry Baker.
.Men place :h
en place -he ans-. f , to the
and never ttnm itn 1 1
ueiw, Dir. me
.-, .. .
- - -
J hnTi ol "."; 7 d have
' '.vijsi
rn inu, this wo-Id and dh-d'
nd -.vas b.p-K-d in ' :t !
j,uiclr. God the FV .T' '. '
was born ,,i,t ,..
die. Nor he was never burriet
oence the birth of C
death oi Chris: and i'
m ,, rn. ;J ,. ' ..,
i i.
swer , he nnofi,,,
lt vjuu re
presents a stone, and Christ re-
presents a st,mnc. than f h .,
mother of Christ would hav
renresnt a st-,nno ,
I is liu grandmother.
Beat it if you can.
H- belonging to heeti
yob IVacnings thai every R
in their pos-osion it vjp 1
kn" I-'dge b every one.
No one il: b" : ir ioui r
rdt t accompanied vi h -me ..pilar a ,d we a ill
the Book. -Ed. Wout.p's Cresset,
Brushy knob, Mo.
-VS'03 Est
Thursday, Oct. 30th, 1913
imyfftKBmiia m 1 n iw i wtjtmmieMmmz mmmBmmaxamimmmmmBisw'i "? .
The Colony grist mill will run
on i very Saturdav-and will only
grind on Saturdays.
Is one who you can depend o;
on for to Cry your Sales, lie is
both Energetic, Quid; and Act
ive in his k. and will more
I Bn mate .y u your mc ey,
--Cad on him at his home
Any party or parties wishing to
I ask any questions through this
paper upon anv subiect rpliffinns
write cantunii u,.
as a friend. But in no case will
the Editor mPow ;nv ianc
slang phra?
gii ..hrougl
$53, GO 00 3::rg
Tu frUone vbo act ,i- the loca
rep'-esni ith'os of everybodys
magazine and the delineatnr-all
in addition to liberal commis
sions, Let us show you Low von
! Sn.n)t. bv for .var i'n.j ,
sub ici intious of ymr iriend)
i.iuu ueiKODors and im ivnn.rt..
renewals of our prspntMh
- -
nnm Tiom .....
.' (Is& J.. UL I
v. .uw .1 unzas
mt caa be won only by persons
n totvo so m
is v m i
' wn, o'
o tc 1 I I . i i .
C'Jk Pi e sbing Co anauy But
1 1 ich building, New York City I
t f. nn iierpio t. d o be h
der no E;.mo should bnv
r arid treasure o! Tr ie
M O C'
We have placed ourselves in
tilt: line to Oy business in EealEs-
fate especially to help those who
. . -e. iving for a home. Wo are
now in a position t,. say that we
(,,in , on(! f)Ci p (j
b' adva'ntagns thai there is
V ease read our large adds.
We have Serai Good
Farms for sale.
i No. H. bin acrts, 40 acres well
XO. ?. 120 Acres on Fox! improved, witn oouse and barn,
Crtek .tear Cnampion school ! plenty of good water, lays near
House, Well timbered, with no ltiM.-hvin-oh fn i'nflorp1 anrl
improvements on it- v uarlv a'.
Man wanting, a good
thing it is in this land for them
-U uvor aw Acres lioncl
Bottom . Good House and Barn
Acres or more in Good Cultiva
tion Good Timber m the rest
Ana very few Acres but what
can be cultivated PRICE ft! 0.000. !
Any one wanting Pino Home or
I & Farm, can sui d by us 1
Call a our OFFICE, or Write j
for further particula s .
Tie r is r,n better Farms can be
purchased in South Mo.
No. 0. 100 Acr
c known ' as
i arm c in be had at
the seal ot gil
The Two Beasts
Continued until
We want the
name oi every
young man who
is amDldous to
and we want to bear from ev
ery business man who wtoken
fnal be knew BUSINESS LAW.
act ot hundred. , jnm mM'kltN.Ml MM
kMjOll to On. Tto Hthool. IkwmIiTw. n. kw
rridartti fat Ut mum d hw Itw h ww h
prov. 4-26,
SI T.Tjt ;
and, good
water. .
:-v p rt cash
orchard, good -ther
acres, one half mile
Mo. House and 8
oilier out building
to house, -00 bear
e, ; i urns and peach
i .fruit, 20 acres in
0 act !S good tita
rest p'sture land;
i as oue thousand
of Cold Sifl
'barns, and
, Spring closi
Apple I
es tin ii suiu
i cultivation,
, bio land, tb.
and as mm
goiid saw timber O.uc,
Terms, reasonable, Apply
j Write us or come and see.
well timbered !l,bOO,00. "v
I No. fli 80 a
I ; m proved i 10 a
I I r 1 1, a t tin th
dc for
le ana
,,,,. n, .r ...
baru 0Q iu
mauuic Ian'.,. ijw'j nuuo auu
per acre,
No, 10. 160 acres laying out
Land with sr-orchard. Has
been at one tin
averag. . !"
near Brnsh,,
us or write us.
r r . ec d im
Address REV L, S. GARRETT,
Brushyknob Mo.
Real Estate A'eat.
and the mRK
and Image,
next week
..ra ftiKi ,L Will-
Ol our ComvUfe rwUakL IM iiw
U OW foe INtia'ts Mno. IvjA
cut ihwt Um low cn w4 K
raUf roa eo Wn ttjmiii
htiMupmntwfc Ckafmtl

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