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THE WORLD. S CRESSET MAR. 2nd. 1910. '
3rd. Pane.
Mystery of the kingdom
of god.
ungodlyi to ihe otht-r he i' mani
faaifeil as o 1: So with these few
explHrirtlioiiH an lemrn to our
sul ject.
The myt.teiy of the Kingdom
if God whs given to the apostles
to know nnd.. through tlmn it
was banded down to us to Know
and if we do not know them God
some day will ask us why we did
not kuow them? It is true that
before the coming of Christ.
There was a mystery kept bid,
as you wil) read in this language
"Now to him that is of power
to stablisb you according to my
gospel andthel preaching of Jesus
Christ according to the revela
tion of the mystery which was
kept secret since the world be
gan. Rom. 1625.
You wil) eee by this that there Chri9t a thousand years."
was a mystery kppt hid from the 204,
beginning of the world, And
as we paid above this mystery
was made known, For Paul says
"And to make all men see
what is the fellowship" of the
mystery which from the bpgin
ning of the world hath' been hid
in God who created all things by
Jesus Christ. Ephe. 39.
Now if men do not see the
fellowship there must be some-
Well the word will tell you,
please read.
''And Jesus said unto them,
Verily I say unto you. that ye
which have followed me, in the
regeneration when the Son of
man shall sit in the throne of
his glory, ye also shall sit upon
twelve : thrones, judging the
twelve tribes of Israel." Matt.
19-28. ( ;
No then we have before you
the ones who lived ad reigned
with Christ a thousand years.
This time was during bis three
mission worn, Mere on
eartn. For it reads.
T . I . e 11 A J
hcaAoA fnr the wit.nes of .Testis ' uul luB " ueu
anH fn t.ho wmvt of Hod. and lived not again until the thous
l.j k:j v, and years were finished. This
haa. n.ii:h.P hi imnirA. neither! the first resurrection." Rev
u.j ...-j u: I. kiJ20-5. The rest of the dead
foreheads, or in their hands, lived not again until the thou-
and they lived and reigned with sand years were closed. And
Y . . . ...
nev. inoraer to see, ween tnis was
Will Christ Gome and
Reign Thousand years?
There is a great number of
iitoole who believe that Christ
will come here on tarth and
i-eign a thousand years, with bis
people, And in behalf of their
belief tbe.v will qudte you this
And I saw thrones and tbeyj
sat upon them, and judgement!
was-given unto them; and I sawjyear9
the souls of them that were be
footstool. And he cannot leave
the right hand of the father, un
til this time comes;
' Therefore being by the right
hand of God exalted, and having
received of the Father the prom
ise of the Holy Ghost, he hath
shed forth this which ye cow
see and hear.-' (Acts 233)
Christ cannot we repeat, leave
the right hand of the father,
until bis enemies is subdued,
Please read again.
'For he must reign, till he
hatb put all enemies under his
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They claim that this time
must come yet,' That it never
has been. Now this is a false
impression cast upon the minds
of such believers.
And now inorder to take from
their minds this false idea, we
shall take up this 20th. Chapter,
and use such parts, as -sill en
lighten those minds.
In the first place, we shall re
mind the Reader, that John saw
an anuel come down from heav
en, and have tbe key of the bot
tomless pit, and had a great
chain in his band. Ahd he Jaid
bold on tbe devil and bound him
a thousand years, and cast him
into the bottomless pit, and set
a sal on him that be could not
deceive the nations no more un
til! the thousand years were fin
ished, then he must be loosed
for a little season, to go out and
gather Gog and Magog together
to war against the saints.
Now listen, the angel which
came down from heaven with the
key of the bottomless pitVwas
Christ. Tbe bottemless pit, is
space, for there is no bottom to
snace. And when Christ cast
the devil out of man, he then
was in space. For Christ said
"Now is the judgment of this
world; now shall the prince of
this world be cast out." St,
John 12-31.
Cast out where? Into space
And when he finds himself
cast out, then he was to walk up
and down in the earth, and find
ing no rest, be went back to
where he was cast out, and be
found the bouse swept and gar
nished after Christ had cast'him
Christ had the key of space.
and He cast the devil into space,
for he had a great chain in bis
hand, and Christ laid bold on
the old dragon, and bound him
a thousand years,
But when did all this take
place, is the Question?
And we answer: 'inat wnen
Christ bound Satan at tbe end
of tbe forty days te rotation in
the wilderness, when Christ said
tet thee behind me satan! is
first, which is death. And we
shall give you one more-scripture
to confirm this fact V'PJease
"And he shall send ... Jesus ,
Christ, which beforS' wa,,
preacheJ unto you,
Whom the heavens must ;
receive until the times of res'U
tution of all things, which God
hath spoken by the mouth of all (
his hoiy prophets since; the .
world began. Aets 3-20-J1,
Hare is a positive declaration v
that tbe heavens must receive.,
i Christ, until the restitution of
all things spoken of by ail . the ,
1UB lv Bus.uy """" " I hn17 nrnnhpU ainr thp. world hfl.
destroyed is death." (1 Cor. 15 1. r "Y J7 "
when He, Christ, hound him.
And th6 thousand years men
tioned is just to specify a space
of time, and that time jvas, just
from the time that Christ said
get tbe hence satan, until be
gave Jud5 Isacarot the sop
then Christ loosed , bim again
and he has been loosed, ever
since, This time is tbe little
season spoken of. For in the
20 chap of Rev. quoted ahove we
learnd that John saw throne?,
and those that sat upon them
and judgment was given them .
Now. who was those Bpoken ol?
and wnen the dead lived we
must take into consideration the
first resurrection, and seu when
it was, an,l for this proof we
must ask you to read.
' Marvel not at this for the
hour is coming, in tbe which all
that are in tbe graves shall
hear his voice, And shall
come forth, they that have
done good unto tne resurrection
ot life, and tbey that have done
evil, unto the resurrection of
damnation." tit, John 5-2S-'J9.
Now then if we can find out
when this was, we will then know
when tbe thousand years ended.
by tbe rest ol the dead living,
for in the scripture above it says
All that are in their graves shall
come forth. So please read.
Tbe rest said, Let be, let-us
see whether Elias will come to
save him-
Jesus, when be bad cried
again with aloud voice, yielded
up the ghost.
And, behold, the veil of the
temple was rent in twain from
the top to the bottom ; and the
earth did quake, and the rocks
And the graves were opened,
and many (bodies of the saints
which slept arose,
And came out of the graves
after his resurrection, and went
into the holy city, and appeared
unto many." Matt. 2749 to
This was the first resurrection
it is at tbe resurrection pf
Christ. For it is written:
''Thy dead men shall live, to
gether with my dead body shall
they arise. Awake and sing, ye
that dwell in dust: for thy dew
is as the dew of herbs, and the
earth shall cast out tbe dead.1
Isa. 26-19. -
There is nothing any plainer
than this. That is when the
first resurrection was, which
ended the thousand years reign
with Christ. And this too ends
tbe thought of Christ coming
here and reigninjr on earth again
for a thousand years. For it is
''The Lord said unto my Lord,
Sit thou at my right hand, until
I make thine enemies tby foot
stool." IPs. 1101.
Please read again,
"For David is not ascended
into tbe heavens; but he saitb
himself. The Lord said unto my
Lord, Sit thou on my right hand.
Un'.il I make thv foes tby loot
stool. ((Acts 2-34-35.)
With these facts before us we
see that Christ has sit down at
the right band of the father
So tbe reader will see plainly
that Christ cannot come until
death is destroyed. And then
the kingdom will be delivered up
to the father, please read,
"And when all things shall be
subdued unto him, then shall
the Son also himself be subject
unto bim that put all things
under bim, that God may be all
in all." 1 Cor. 15-28.
No room for Christ to coma
any more until all things is sub
dued under bis feet even the
last enemy must be destroyed
gan. And tie cannot como Deiore.
For it is truly written,
"For Moses truly said unto
tbe fathers A prophet shall the
Lord your God raise up unto you
of your brethren, like unto me;
him shall ye hear in all things
whatsoever he shall say unto
i And it shall come to pass, that
every soul, which will not hear
that prophet, shall bo destroyed
from among the pejple.
Yea, and all the prophets from
Samuel aod those that follow '
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