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; Fonder the Path of thy feet and Let all thy ways "be establishedTrov. 4.26
REV, L. 8f GARRETT, Editor
N:";G. Garrett' & M. M. Bowers
. Ft-fiLipgED Every Thursday
'.'Entered as- second class
matter April 2, 1018. at the Post
Office at Fremont." Missouri
under the Act March 3,1897.
One Year.; $1.00,
Six Months..; 55cts
Three -Months, 30 ,
v Invariable in advance.
Ward's store lor 9hoes.
Work is going slow here
the account -of the sickness.
--Ward's store for dry. goods.
Lodge night every Tuesday at
the. Colony Tabernacle i8 the
iLdgeof Joseph and Mary.
Come to Ward's store and you
save money.
Our Government must have
.. belp. '
v - ; " ;
Come to the Colony meetings
to hear theTruth preached.
Toe Cresset is only a half
sheet this week, and will not
, come out again until the Plague
or sicknebs at this place abates
224 Pages-Prica 2& Canto
Xt Sity iray Prlest.or ty Catholic, toflisprov
1'nc faces given In this book, in whictt wo (nova
the Roman Catholic CV urcn to bo Un-Christicr.
Kvttry peso an eye-opener. Every man u
toomau jntcfcatml In American buititaUona iun)
AmecicAn Liliartiea. shouM oriter tliia book-M
iha hirodrai audlau-UMto fchflm aouiog tlw'f I liaaai
: geRts Wanted
rtlfepfc SHorHOUi WiorK.; U. lot
Asnorkaa Ubrty Pub. Co. (Not tnoJj
Ssrmcn twenty-fivs
Everlasting ..
"Ii'or I would not brethren
that ye should be ignorant of
this mystery lest ye should be
wisein your own conceits that
blindness in pait is happened to
Isi atl until tbe fulness cf the
Getitiless be come in.
And so all Israel shall behav
ed as it is written There shall
come out of Slon tbe Deliverer
and shall turn away uneodless
from Jacob:
For this is my covenant unto
thenviWhen I , shall take away
their sics. v
As concerning tbe gospel tbey
are enemies for your sakeB:
but as touching the election tbey
are beloved for tnu fathers sakes
(ROM. 11-25-28)
"Then the eyes of the blind
shall be opened and the ear of
tbedeaf shall be unstopped."
Then shall the lame man leap
as an bart and tbe tongue of, the
dumb sing for in the wilderness
shall "Waters break - out at.d
streams in tbe desert.
v And tbe. parched ground shall
become a pool and the thirsty
land springs of waters; in tbe
habitation of dragons where each
lay shall be grass with reeds
and rushes.
And an h'ghway shall be there
and a way and it' shall be called
iThe way of holiness tbe unclean
shall not pass over it but it shall
oe for ttios9 tbe wayfaring aaaa
though fools shall not err there
No lion shall be there nor any
ravenous beabts shall go up
thereon it shall . not bo found
there but the redeemed shall
walk there.
And- tbe ransomed of the Lord
shall return and come to Zion
with songs and everlasting joy
upon their heads they shall
obtain joy and gladness and sor
row and sighing shall flee away,
(ISA. 35 -WO.)
In reading the scriptures of
our Text, the precbus thoughts
of the readers will havo to be;
here is a time spoken of that has!
never yet cc me to pass. For
tbe Jews who are tbe Ransomed
has cot jet icturncd'.unto Zion
with sb'n g3 and Eve; las ting joy
upon ibiir head Everlasting
Joy, means thru, out tho cease
less' Ages, as they pass by. -
They are yet scattered among
all tbe nation of tbe world.
But the time ia soon at band
when their eyes wijj be opened,
and rtieir ei8,5i,hall ' soon
be OEstcpped, and then they
sholl return and come to Zlon,
with songs and Everlasting joy,
and sorrow and tdgbinp chall flee,
a ay" For at this time tbe re
deemer shall come out of Zlon
and shall turn away ungodliness
from Jocob, then sCatl the lame
CARTER Co. Mhkoubi
'i' an i,,., .4 the-
tongu of the ilr.iiib sboii nine;.
For tha watery streams of
the Efarlasting GoPiial will
Braknout. ... And all tbe glor;
ol a Uviog Clirist nbine , fcrlli
as the noon day sun, And by
the ltjjht of a Crucified Lord
shall the eyes of tha blind sefi
and tbe Ransomed shall return
and come to Zion. And the re
deemed walk in the way of Holi
ness, and ths wayfaring man tho
a fool shall not err there in.
Therefore seek ye out of tae
Book of the Lord, and lear n.
for not one jot or tittle of, the
Lawot the prophets '; shall -in
no wJe pass tilUll lie fulfilled
And -in connection with Ihe Vful
mimei). 01 an twng written, we
must sea Jerusalem once more
inhabited ss towns without
walls; pleas read.
And he said unto blm Run
speak, to thia young man, saying,
Jerutilem shall be inhabited as
townrf without walls for the
multitude of men and cattlo
therei ;
Forlsaith the Lord will be
unto her a wall of fire fround
about and will be the glory in
the midst of her, (Zecb 2-4-5.)
This must bo one of tho things
which is written that has yet to
come to pa9s. Then the procolse
is that Jerusalem shall be
inhabited, as towns without walls
for the multitude of men and
cattle there in what a elcrious
promts wblch is not yet fulfilled
AndyeS we have a greater
promise, For Go'd said that he
will be a wall of Are around and
about tha,u this all must come
by the preaching of the Everlast
ing Gosoel.
' Therefore thus saith the
Lord; I am returned to Jerusalem
with mercies; my house shall
be built in It, saith the Lord of
hosts, and a line shall be
stretched forth upon' Jerusalem.
Cry, yet saying. Thus saith
tho Lord of hosts, My cities!
thioug prosperity shall yet be
spread abroad: and the .Lord
shall yet comfort Zion, and abal
yet chodse Jerusalem. .(Zecb
Yea dear friends in tbe preach
ing of the Everlasting Gospel,
God will return to Jeru salon
and abide with bis ptople. and
not only for a snort time, bat
for ever. . ;For its reads.
"Tnus-saith the Lord I am
Jeturntd . udio Zion and will
dwell in the midst of Jerusalem
and Jerusalem shall be ca'led a
city of truth and the mountain of
the Lord of hosts tbe holy
Thus saith the Lrd of bosta
There a.au yet old men and old
women dwell In the streets of
JerusaU-m and every man with
his staff in bis hand for very age
ADd the -i streets of the city
shall be ful of boysNmd girls
pitying in the atwetw thereof,
Tout saith the Lord of hosts
If it be marvellous in the eyes of
the re mnant-of this people in
thpse lay9 shonld H a!o l e rear
vf!ooa in mina eyes" kmUj ll.e
Lord of. hosts.
- Thus saitb the Lord rhosts
Be hold I ill s?.?e my people
lrpm tbesast country and from
the west country.
And 1 will bring them tnd
tbey shall dwell in tbe midsVef
ejUbfllem and tbey shall bc-my
ptople and I will bi ibeir God
in truth and In1 righteousness. ,
Zecb. 8-9-8
This scriptures icvaa be
yond . a doubt 'thai ttis iUae
has cot vet come, but it' must
come! and it will come with the
preaching 'of Uie Everlasting
Gospel. And Ibistime is at band
for in taking up the Book-
Nahum we learn that tbe day
is at hand by the fulSllmen.6 of
prophesy Nahum speaks of the
book of the vision and tells us of
God being ' gealous, and will
avenge, and take revenge his
enemka yet slow to aeger; But
Of great power, and will not
punish the wicked, And in
speaking of tbe wicked He said.
"For while they be falden to
gether as thorn s and while tbe
are drunken as drunkards they
shall be devoured as stubb'o
fully dry. (Nabnm, 1 10.)
We must say that nuder tni
power of the Pope of Rome tbe
nations are falden tcgathcr as
thorns. And there is one who
came out of them the kciser'i a
wicked counsoller, And tbo they"
be ever scquie.t 'about ib as you
will read in tie. 12 vei-e-o yet
tbey shall Le cut down. For
God ferthcr said in tb: 3auja
verse concerning his peopel.
"Tho I bavo afflicted :hee I viW
afflict thee no more.1' And then
makes them a promts of this.
"For now I will brake Hs yoke
from off thee and will burst tby
bonds afuodor.
And the Lord bath given a
commandment concerning thee,
that n.t more of tby name
be sown out of the house of thy
gods will I cut off tbe graven
image and the molten image; I
will make thy grave for tbon art
Behold upon tbe mountain the
feet of bim that bringctb good tid-
tags publisheth peace I 0 Judah
keep thy solemn feasts perform
thy vows for the wicked shall no
more pass through thee he is
utterly cut bffNahom 11315
Tbis nnngs us up to me great
and notable day of the Lord when
tbe wicked shall be destroyed
and tbe righteous &hal! inherit
the earth. For God has said
thai the wlched shall be distroy
ed and tbe righteous sbalHnher
it tbe earth and wbtn there is
nothing bat righteous people in
tbe earth. Then righteousness
most cover the earth, as tbe
waters cover the sea,
For this presnnt worlJ war
is proof of the coming of
distr nc'.lon of the wicked. "'
"For both war and' plague are
laying' many, many awy (or
ever. And we must say, that
No. 2.
it is the wicked, that is belnt
cut i-ff in this our day tbekeise
is the huHding faction foe thi
KUer baa stood in tbe fron
of his army and proclaimed to bi
the servant or God, doing God'?
worc. Yet il cj are .fniflilint
the work of disobedience thri
difjobedierr.3 and It hj for this
rtas'on, 6.id thru tbe prophe'
' For lo 1 begin to being evil
on the city which ia called by my
name aad should ' ye be utterly
unpunished? Ye ba)l tot be
unpunished for I will call for a
tworu upon all the inhabitants
of. tbo eai tu saUh the Lord of
hosts. Jer.25-29,
We bslieve tLat Rome id the
city spoken of. For at this
present-time she crowns her
self as tho misstreas of tbe worldi
And the pope as ber great
.finacseer, ' Burlin as her Daugh
ter Therefore flod baa said.
"Therefore prophesy ihou
against them all these words,
and say unto them, The Lord
shall roar from on high and
utter bis voice from his holy
habitation; he sba'l mightily
roar upon ' his habitation; he
shall give a sbout as they that
tread the graces, against all the
inhabitants of the earth.
A noise sboll come even to the
endd of the earth; for the Lord
bath a controversy with the
nations, he will plead with' tbe
flesh, le will give them 'Hat are
w'jkud to the sword, saith tbe
Lor:l. (Jer. 25-30-81.)
We have before tbe reauer
tbe very things which is coming
to paas nglii now, wa can
plainley see them. At J for this
' TUa caitb tbe Lord of hosts,
Behold, evil shall go forth from
nation to nation, an a great
whirlwind shall be raised up
from the coasts of tbe urth.
And the slain of tbe Lord shall
be at that day from one end of
the earth, even unto the other
end of the earth: they shall not be
lamented, neither gathered, nor
buried; they shell be dung upon
tbe ground. ( Jer. 253288.)
Dsar reader you must sav
that we arc in this time, right
now. For this 'reason God
ferther said.
J'Howl, ye shepherds, and cry;
and wallow yourselves in tha
ashes, ye principal of the flock;
for the days of. your slaughter
and of youb dispersions are
accomplished; and ye shall fall
like a pleasant vessel.
And tbe shepherds shall bava
no way to lleei nor the .-principal
of tbe flock: to escape."
Uer. 88-84-86.)
Ob! ye shepherds of to day
who feed your selves and do not
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