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Rev. L, S. Garrett Editor
N.G. Garrett and M. M. Bowers
Column per year S50.00
2 " " " $80.00
J " " " $25.00.
i " ' . ' $14.00.
Professional Cards $1.25 a mon.
Locals per "inelst. insertion 5ct
' ' Subsequent insersion Sets
Local advertisements will r.
coutimed until ordered out.
ESSpecial contracts made
larger Adds. .
t .... ! m
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them from the countries and
will bring them to their own land
and feed them upon the mount-
And I will make them and
the places' round about my hill
s Mpsinr: and I will cause the
Please tell us why the Church
loday lias not the' seven men
spoken of in ActSi 0-;3 to admin
!stcr on the same purpose if it
n Apostolic?
What is '.he abomination of
Desolation pokeu of by Daniel
the Prophet spoken of in the
gospels sunding in the Holy
Pastor will Card index His
Parish on Bond Buying.
In order that the Liberty Loan
business tuight be run on a bus
ine.ss basis and that it might be
known bo the parisn stood in
the purchase of bonds, as wpII as
to s Li am late buyingin St Teresa's
Catholic Church, St. Louis
members who buy bonds are to
bfr listed in approved card-index
style. Toe pastor.Rt Rev-Mgr,
Connolly. P.R ,V G, will know"
to a dot" just what his people
are doing for the Forth Liberty
Thi lan wa? formulated at a
Liberty Bond meeting held in
response to a letter from the
committee of priests appointed
by Archbishop Glennnn to had
in Ci'lvi'ic. Churches in
the Kiiiiiu'aiir.fr of bond
Cards will he distributed to each
worshiper as the congregation
enters the church . Sunday
mornings, oa which will be
noted the individual's record in
bond bvying and card returned
at the cliiS2 nf the
In Ibia way Liberty bond
feed the flock. For this reason
God said woo unto the idle
Shepherds that feed themselves
and feed not the flock they shall
soon be cut down 1 1 Ice the grass,
and wither as the green herbs,
picas read.
''A voice of the cry of the shep
herds, and a howling of the
principal of the floes, sua!l be
beard; for the Lord hath spoiled
their pasture,
And the peaceable habitations
ate cut down because oi trie
fierce finger of the L rd.
(.lermiah- 25-86-37 )
''And the word of the LorJ
came unto me saying,
Son of man prophesy cgainst
the shepherds of Israel prophesy
and Kay unto them Thus saitb
the Lord God unto the shepherds
Woe be to the shepherds of Is
rael, that do feed . thetnselve
should not the shepherds feed
the flocks? ' ,
Ye eat the fatsnd ye clothe
you with the wool ye kill them
that are fed but ye feed not the
The diseased have ye not
strengthened neither have ye
healed that which was &ick nei
tber have they bouDd up that
which was broken neither have
ye brought again thai which was
driven away neither have ye
sought that which was lost but
with force and with cruelty have
ye ruled them.
And they were scattered because
there is no shepherd and they
became meat to all the beasts
of the field when they w ere scat
My sheep wandered through
all the mountains and upon every
high bill yea my flockwas scattf
red upen all the face of tLe earth
and none did search or seek after
Therefore ye shepherds hear
the word of the Lord:
As I live saitta the Lord God
surely because my flock became
a prey and my flock became
meat to every beast of tne tiel
because there was no ahephe rd
neither d:d my shepherds search
for my flock but the shepherd
fed themselves and fed not my
ToercforeO ye shepherds
hear the word of th6 Lird.
Tbou saith th e Lord God- Be
hold I am against the shepherds
and I will require my flock at
their hand and cause them to
cease from feeding the flock neit
her shall the shepherds feed
themselves any more;
For I will deliver my flock
from their mouth, that they
may.not be meat for them.
ains of Israel by the rivers, and 9Q0wer lo corae down in his sea-
anall he showers of
in all the inhabited places of the
I will leed thsm in a good
oaHt'ire. and upon the high
mouutai ng of Israel shall their
fold be; there shall tncy lie in a
goo-1 f old, and in a fat pasture
shall thf y feed upon trie mount
ains of lil-Hfil.
I will feed my dockland I will
cause them to lie down Rp.it h the
I will sc k that which was lost
ana oncg igaiu tnat whicn was
riven away, ana win emu up
that which was broken, and will
trengthen that which was tick;
but I will destroy the fat and the
strong-1 will feed them with
And as for you; 0 my flock-
thus saitb the Lord, God : behold
wid judge between cattle and
cattle, between the rams and the
be goats.
Seemetb it a small thing unto
you to have eaten up the good
pasture.but ye must tread down
with your feet the residue of
your pastures? ind to bav'e drunk
of the deep waters, 'iut ye must
foul the residue with your feet.?
And as for ray flock, they eat
that which ye have trodden with
your feet; and thsy drink that
which ye have fouled with your
The rcfore thus saith the Lord
Gcd unto them; Behold, I, ' even
I, will judge between the cattle
and between the lean cattle.
Because ye have tLrust with
side and with shou Mer and
pushed all the diseased with
your horns till ye have scattered
them abroad;
Therefore will I save my flock
and they shall no more be a pre v
and I will judge between cattle
and cattle:
And I wilTsetupane Shepherd
over them, and be shall feed
them, even my senant David:
he shall feed them, and he shall
be their shepherd.
And I the Lord will be their
God, and inj re.-vant David a
prince among them. I the Lord
have b poke a it.
''And I will make with tbem a
covenant of peace, and will cause
the evil beasts to ceas out of the
land: end they shall dwell safely
in the wilderness, and sleep in
the woods.
sonj there
And tbo tree oflhc field snail
yitld her fruit, and the eartn
sbai! yield her increase, and
they tihall'oe safe In their laoci;
and shall kot.w th'.t I am iM?;
Lord, when I have broken the j
bands ;Mbir obc. and deliver j
id tbem but of the hand ot those j
that served themselves of tfcnn
Ai.d they sh&l! lo more be a
prey to the heathen, neither
shall the beast of the land dev
our them; but they sha.ll dwell
safely and none tha!i make them
And I will raise up for them
a plant of renown, and they shall
be no more consumed wilh hung
tr in the land neilhgher oertr the
shame of the he alt er, any more
Thus shall they know that.
I the Lord their God, am with
them, and that they evn the
bouse of Israel are my pent 'Is.
saith the Lord G-jd.
And ye my Hoe., the Sock of
my prsture. sire tntn. and I am
your God. hii'h the Lord Gcd.
(Ezrk. 81 U-31)
we win peai( on ttiis. later w- -
The soul what
is it
buying will be made a part of Ez;-k. (34-1- 10.)
the morning servicetho people
encouraged to buy bends and
none may hope to escape the
ever watchful eye of the
. t
What is the soul? Has been a
question that has come lo us
more than once. And a question
that has been argued by the
many Some say it is ooe thing
and sone say it is another. And
the (Mereuce is so great, that
there is no way of harmonizing
the different beliefs. So we
shall try to reason on this point,
in such a bibical manner Ibat the
Reader way be able to come to a
conclusion; realizs the true facts
of Lht quistion.
"The soul." i3 the natural
lifri' But a "living souc"means
R email life: ' Wd stnlt quue
you first, to prove the aspersion
of the natural life, this scripture
But flesh with the life thereof
which is the blood thereof shall
yj pot cut.,,
The fle-sh spoken of here is the
same forbidden tree, spoken of
in the garden of Eden, which we
arseet here was the cbarcter
created on the sixth day, male
acd female.
Who the man that was formed
acd placed in the garden was
not to aaaociate wiih. As wo havo
proven in subjects already
passed over.
After God had formed Utt man
for the garden, He blew into "
his nostrils the breath of life.and
be then became a living stul.
The point in this is that this
man became a living soul after",
he was a living natural man. We
repeat as we have often done
thatalivlqg soul mams eternal
life, And we repeat again that
A a living sout means Eterna
lift S'ui inns the naturrllife.
A.ud in jr.ir to show this
d.ff.-renue we shah ref r you to
hat God has sai.l hi thu paint
in regard to the ssi uniauis, the
beasts and the fowls.
II speaks and says, "one soul9
that, a -e in the sen"'
'Tne soul of the beast," and
the soal of the, Turtle dove."
God in refering ti those things
in this m inner could only refer
io the natcal life. Hence we
say that whenever God speaks
of everlastiing life. Ha speaks
of it as a living soul.
For Ho says
"And this is the promise thit
he hath promised as.eveu eternal
life." -
(1 John 2-25.
God says this was a promise,
and thro He says again:
And this is the record that
God hath given to as eternal life
and this life is in his Son.
1 John, 5-11.
Tnis gift Gol says was in his
And then plainly tells us how
it was given to U9, Plese
Boo now in Christ Jesus ye
who something were for off are
made nigh by the blood of Christ
Ephe ,213.
So we belive that the reader
by this explanation will com
prehend what Soul is.
The one is this life only, the
other reaches beyond the dismal
Tomb of death.
"0' God! the giver of ali good,
forsake me not I pray.
For I want to know out of Thy
word the truth that it dues say.
. And when its glorious light
does shine ,down deep Into my
I'll not longer languish or pine
or with its light depart!1' Amen
"It is no sacrifice to buy
Liberty btLtls from the
Governmeut," declared Mrs.
Mary Harris Armor of Georgia
national lecturer of the W.C.T.U.
in u recent sppch in St.Loois.
"Why it is the best investment
in the world ami at 4i per dent'
In ordinary '.i-.ces the people
of means would be glal to
nvest theic surplus funds at 4
percent. Why talk of sacrifice
or unusual servuee when the
duty we owe to our country and
This time is allmost fulfilled
For this prophesy comes in
uonuection witb tne preacoiop
of the Everlasting Gospel. For
it is the son of man, who is to
prophesy those things, as you
willsecintha 2il. verse this
all come in connection witb the
prophesy that "e have set forth
fix m Jeremi ah. And in the f u"
fillujg of those scriptures above
comes the proinUa of God. picas
Fortiiou soil!-, the' Lord God
Behold I even I will both search
my sheep, and seek them out.
! As a siicpherd saeketh out his
flick in the day that he is among
his sheep tbat are scattered" so
will I seek o-jt ' my 'shv-ep, and
w;il deliver tlioro out of all places
where they have beeu scattered
in tbo cloudy and dark day.
And I will Bring tbem out
Do You Want to Kead A Good Religious paper
iitt) MJiiun oi'Wiucu m p Mirny tu Mo
wer Any Question Religiously or Otherwise?
: Ii Yon D0 , :
ibb for the
the real worth of the investment
from the people-, and gathe
are considered.

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