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Page"2.' , - ' ' ' THE WORLD'S CRESSET. LEACHVILLE ARK. PRO, 25 1918. ,
Kzv. U S Garrett Editor.
N.GL Garrett and M. M. Bowers
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larger Adds,
Who Is ibe mothe;- of bariots?
IJlGiiae road;
"And upon her forehead was a
name written. MYSTERY BAB
HARTH"(R'-vl7. 3)
ia here. So why not get to work
Come let us assemble ourselves
togethe r in the name ol the Lord,
and tarn unto the Lord with all
our hearts, and rend our hearts
and not our garments and let the
But too true the people will not
hear this pleading. But will walk
every one after their own god as
it reads,
VFor all people will walk every
one in the name of his god, and
Who i3 the scarlet coloured
beast the womau sits on? Please
read i
"So he earned mo away in the
spirit into the wilderness : and I
saw a woman bit upon a scarlet
coloured beast full of namss of
nlasnheuiy, having seven heads
and ten horns? 'Rev. 17.-3)
Who is the little hern came up
among the ten horns? Please
"I considered the horns, and
behold there came up among
them another little horn, before
whom there wtfo three of the
flr&t horns plucked up by the
roots: and. behold, in this born
were eves like the eyes of a man
and a mouth speaking greal
things" (Dan. 7-8)
Who is this character tpoken
f'f in tblj manner? Please read.
"Ani! ho shall speak great
words against the Mcst High,
and shall wear out Ibe sainL3 of
the Must Iliijb. and think to
change times and laws: and
they shall be given into bis baud
nnf.i! n t.imp. nnrt times and the
dividing of time" (Dan. 7-25)
Tor they bave'faealod the hurt
of the daughter of my people
slightly, saying, peace, peace,
when there is no peace."
Dear readers of the Cresset
For tho first time in the life of
this little paper, she casts b'r
roys of light, as it rises for the
first time, in the beautiful little
town of Lcaehville, Ark. The Ed.
Rev. L. S. Garrett with the
j All Ville Colony are now located
just North of towu on land, own
ed by Hon, S. L C iller where
we expect to remain for several
years. And as we have located
here in the tiun of the great
ptace cry, and that too by all the
world. And it docs yet appear,
that the cry is made, peace,
prace, when there is no peace.
Nation against nation and king
dom against kingdom. Lather
against Sou and Son against
FatherMother against daught
er, and daugutcr against motner
etc: And yet the cry is ptace.
peace, when there is no peace.
Readars of the world's Cues'
set Thia will be the solemn fact
until this time comes.
''Morever I will make a cove
nant of peace with them it shall
be an everlasting covenant with j
thaw and I will place them and
multiply them, and will set my '
sanctuary in the midst of them
for evermore.
My tabernacle also shall be
with them yea I will be their
God and they shall-be my people.
And the heathen shall know
that I the lord do sanctiry
Israel when my sanctuary shall
be in the midst of them for
(EZEKTEL, 37 -20 -27 -28.)
Here is a peace proposition if
lived up to all nations and ai
people will receive of its great
ness. But inorder to bring this
about. We have, as a people, a
great work to do, a work like
"Therefore also now saith the
Lord turn ye even to me witb all
your heart and with fasting and
with weepirf? and with mourning
V. ...
bridegroom go forth of his J we wiil walk in the nome of the
chamber anl the bride out of her Lord our God .'or ever and ever
are to come, are specified in
these words.
"Sanctify ye a fast
few Id cumber. But when this
But the people who know the
i will walk after their God the
cal1 a God of heaven- tho they be but
solemn assembly gather the
elders and all tho Inhabitants of
the land into the house of the
Lord your God and cry unto the
Alas for the day? for the day of
the Lord is at band and as a de
struction from the Almlghtv
shall it comfv". (Joel. 1-11-15.)
Yes, there must be a fast san
ctified there must be a Solemn
Assembly called In order to
get an Everlasting covenant of
peace. But little does the world
of people think of this, and we
might say much less the great
men of the nations, Thty gather
to gather, tbey assemble them
selves to gather, but not in Ihe
above manner.
After our Hon. President Wood
row Wilson has traveled the
wide, wide, seas to meet other
great men of other nations1 will
they come to gather in the man
ner ?.bove stated if they do not
the covenant of everlasting
ptace, will not be established.
But instead a great wide space
for wars, and rumers of wars
But now let all American patriots
say to each other, come let us
assemble ourselves together into
The House op The Loud.
And let the Bridgroom go forth
ol his chamber and the Bride
out of her closet. Then this
country will become the place
for the mountain of the houue of
the Lord and people will flow
unto it, and all nations will say
come let us go up to the moun
tain of the bouse of the Lord,
please read.
"But in the last day3 it shall
come to pass, that tho mountain
time Joes come from the pre-
sancc of the Lord, then be cov
enant of everlasting feace will
be here and the people wiil
not say any longer know ye the
Lord, for all shall kno v him
from the least to the greatest
and peace will flow like a g6ntle
river and all is ca'm forever.
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And rend jour hear is and notW the house of the Lord shall be
Please tell us who the he got
is Please read.
"And as I was considering,
behold, a he goat came from the
west on the face of the whole
earth and touched not the
ground: and tie goat had a
notable horn between his eyes.
Aud be cme to the ram that
bad two horns, which I had seen
standing before tho river, and
run unto him in the fury of his
Wbo is the ram spoken of in
ibis manner:
"Then 1 lifted up mine eyos,
ded saw. and behold, thare
aLiv.rl hr.foro the rivar a ram
wiiick bad two boms and the
tvv hoics were high: but
one was higher than the
your garments and turn unto the
Lord your God for he i? gracious
and merciful slow to t.nger and
of a great kindness and repent-
ethhim of the evil.
Who knoweth if be will return
and repent and leave a blessing
behind him, even a meat uffering
and a drink offering unto the
Lovd your Gtd.
Blow the trumpet in Zion sanc
tify a fast call a solemn assem
bly, Gather the people sanctify the
congregation assemble the elders
cather the children and those
that suck the breasts- let the
bridegroom go forth of bis cham
ber and the bride out of ber
closet"" Joel 2-12 to 10
Whenever this work is done by
tho people-Then and there will
come in the covenant of an Ever-
asving Peace. And until the peo"
pie do their part, the cry for
peace, when there is no peace,
will be heard from sea to f.ea ana
from the rivers unto the end of
the earth. And it will only take
a remnant o the people, to start
imen pugos.
etc. Free,
set of Pocket
ulupa if you
nmo this
Springfield, Kiu.
Every Man Has a Right
to His own BelieL ,
What a terrible mistake this is,
on the word of God. when God
has spoken to us in this Ian
"Now I beseech you, brethren )
by the name of our Lord Jesus
Chiist, that ye all speak the
snme thing and that there be no
divisions among you; but that ye
be perfectly joined together in
the same mind ar.d in tho same
judgment." (1 Cor. 1-10,)
There is nt room, for any difr
derent opinions on the word.
The christian people must all
speak tho same thing, there
must not be any divisions among
them Asit is racorded.f
"And the multitude of them
that believed were of one heart
and of one soul; neither said any
of them that aught of the things
which he possessed was his own;
but thay had all things common:"
(Acts 4-32.)
No room here for different
opinions on Che word. And th.3.y
America as a ounstia-cr nation
should all be of one btart.and one
soul, This leaves tbem without
an excuse for being divided up
Or else they must say that we
are not a christian nation.
pray how soon that the repre
sentatives of this great cation
may become of oue heart and
one soul, and take the word ' of
God as a lamp to their feet, and
a light to their pathway. This
will bring about an everlasting
co enant of peace. And Amer
ica wiil become a city set on a
hill that cannot be bid, and all
nations will flow unto it. And,
the songs of joy will he sung
from one end of the earth to the
other end thereof.
224 Paees-Prlc 25 Cant9.
Sie to ts given In this book. In which wo prt
rtie Uoinnn Catholic CV u'ch to be Un-Chrmtifci.
Every page mi i-ye-opem T. Every mn,ir
tfi-mn lntp.ri.ea in American insinuium
American L.tic.-ties. should order thi hook-M
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Agents .Wanted
iPlnnlc opy. panto. PnrtnnM: ftw It: ft
American Liberty Pub. Co. (Not Inc.)
oaiaViiishfcil in tho top of the
mountains, and it shall be exalt
shall flow unto it.
And many nations shall come,
and say, Come, and let ns go up
to the mountain of the Lord, and
to the house of the God of Jacob:
and ho will teach us of his ways,
and wa will walk ia bis patns;
lor the law bball go forth of
Zion, and tho word of the Lord
from Jerusalem.
And Jio shall judge among
many people, and rebuke strong
rmrnna afar Lff: and they shall
beat their ewords luto plough
sbares.und their speais into
nruninuhooks; nation shall not
lift up a swoid against nation
neither shall they learn war any
Biit they shall sit every man
under bis vine and under his fig
tree1 and nono shall uuke thtm
afraid; for the mouth of the Lord
of hosts hath spoken it."
9 I
Upon the Strong Wings
' t
othe'rvnpd tho higher came up
this -ci eat work. And ve must
say that the time for this workJMicah 4-1 to 4
ait" (Dan. 8-8)

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