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Official Oitr and County Paper.
Kipe strawberries In South Carolina.
UiiihIh haR ordered in Franco l.AOO,
vo repeating rifles.
Soow storms prevailed ilirrmy h'ui
the northwest last Sunday.
Maj. J. B. Harlow, the new M.Lon'n
VOatmaitcr.is a mugwump.
Up in Dakota tbere are blizziu.U ii
wind and blizzards of poverty
Cnited States Senator Eplt. K. V ii
-, Mt Waa re elected at AtmapoliH, Mil ,
' .' . Tba Crotiln murderera were, lam
Toedayr aentcTtcei by Judge MuCnu
sell, to Imprisosiwent for life.
: - TbeC.'&'A, B. R. baa mado
' twelve kud -balf cent rate on rait.i
from Kauaaa City to Chicago.
The New Jersey legislature Iihh hmh
ed a btll to raise the salary ol il e
governor from $6,000 to $10,xk
Botween two stools Mr. llunisoi
has lalHn pretty bard in the St. LonU
poatofflce matter, ao far as politio
goee. . . .
It ia officially alated tbat bottfeea
July, 188, and Angnar If 80. ii,
persona died .of 'bJytfoU,ss ln.;l
v, lbiUpp!S(t. Jalaaxta.4. sS i.l ill''-
i " Courier Jooru.ifw.Will Harrison lit
. rasda ,preU?ut-(a second time' Tlx
answer la found In reading the nan
Ilarrlson backward.
The live-stock men's convention nirt
at Sedalla, last Wednesday, (5ov
Morehousa was elected temporary, am
Col. Coleman permanent chairman.
A dispatch from Fordsyllle,Ky.,s;
tbat tbe black measles is raging there ii
an epidemic form. Over one hiuuli t
oases are reported in tbe neighborhood.
Tbe democrats in the senate want t
recognize tbe Brazilian republic, bi t
tba republicans bold back. They tx rn
to fear someihing wbut, it la hard i
Major Juo. B. TJarlow, a daik Iioim ,
baa been selected aa postmaster at H.
Loula, to succeed Win. Hyde. Mr.
Killey will now proceed to show mh o
people wbat be ia made of.
Mr. Harrison baa aat down on Mr
Filley.but aa Mr. Filley la a bigger mm
than Mr. Harrlsou It will hurt eve i
worse when It cornea Mr. Fliley'a turn
to ait down oo Mr. Harrison.
Tbe proclamation to open tbe Dakotr
Sioox reservation baa been prepaid
and will be issued some time this week.
Tbls will add to the public domain
about 11,000,000 acrea of land. -
Filley once more realizes bow
aharptr than a serpent's tooth it is to
btve a thankless child. And in f r
tbe child It it slated for tbe wont
packing it ever got in Miaaonri.
Lt. Gov. Claycoinb occnpieil il
executive chair last week, dnrlng tb.
absence of Gov. Francis. And his brb f
administration was marked by dign ty
and a clear insight into public bushier.
Attorney General Wood spent a lev
days In Washington last week and re
turned convinced tbat St. Louie stands
a good chance to get the world's fair.
Chicago baa a few more votea, bnt 8'.
Loula baa tbe frlendablp of New Yorl
and Washington.
During tbe paat year tbo emigrai i n
from Irelaud bas been 65.000, and 264,-
000 from tbe wbole of Great Britain.
There Is large falling off in the end
gratiOD to the United States, Cnadii.
and Australia, and an increase In tie
emigration to other places.
Eeplvlng to Ibe ennnratulaliona .
parliamentary deputation, the Vli-
Of Italy said: -"There waa a lln
when I would not have ventured to
guarantee peace for a fortulgbt, n
now peace la aasnred bv tbe goo'
undemanding between Germany ami
i g -i - -
Tbe provisional government ol
Brazil bas cabled to tbe ex-Emperor
Dora Pedro tbat it would hold llnOf
responsible for tbe safe keeping of all
1 ie personal property of the imperial
family, Including Jewels, plate, fnrnl-
' 'tare and pictures. The property i
valued at 11.600.000.
Tbe New York Herald, speaking
the committees ol tbe house of repr
entatlvea, aa formed by Speaker Uc ,
aavsi "So far tbey mean ouly biil'
taxes and large appropriations, aud as
tbat waa what the republican weir
elected tor no one need complain ami
no one will be surprised."
The publication In the Globe-Don o.
crat ot a story from Waahlngto-i tai
Maj. Rainwater held Sena'c- Vr-t.lV
refusal to become a candidate for re
election was of course a canard It U
Jrat aucb papers aa the Globe Deinocmt
which are auilcns to see Vest rotired,
bat tbey are destined to renewed d;s
appointment. "Justice Gray, ot Liberty, at tbe pre
Hmlniry examination ol Jaa. L.Sheetr
cbaiged with Ibe killing ot John Le -ton,
Ust week, refused to allow bili
ard Bheoti waa therefore commuted t
fill. A writ ot habeas corpus has ten
taken out before Jndge 8tiidtfky, o
the circnlt court, and ao effort will I"
made to have bins released nnder bond,
but with wbat result is not yet known.
Boston Herald: How the prnftoi
- land rolla npIThe 97,2l0,252 akel IVr
by secretary N"ble to meet the demai r
for pension la alinoat one-third of ti t
nllre cost ot rnnntng tbe governiiien'
Iiicimling be ItilereM on the naiioni.
debt. HIiweMie war we have paid on
tt.tMO 000 000 hi penalons, and weun
n b'glnnliiir on the second billion
At l h present rate of Increase it ii
ftlng to reqnire ten yeara to complti
, , ,
The meeting the Missouri Pren
Aawtclailon to be' held at the Lnr.le-'e
Hotel, 8t. Loui. January 23 and 24,
Tinrsday and Friday of next wrck,
'promises to be quite largely attended.
T i meeting will be purel v for tho dia
alou of practical matters, and a
number of well known newspaper men
from other slates will be present The
various theaters of tbe city w II open
their doors to them during ti e after
poons and evening of their visit.
A grcnt dual 1ms bcou said and writ
ten lucuntly in MUsouri about the ue
ceity t orianizittiou in the democratic
pulv. Indeed it ih eneially ctnicmled
tiiat It ia dunirublo. thai wbilt) the
partv in iuit;lity in numbors, little has
!-ii donu in I lie way ol practically ar-
riiijin any plan by which the void's
can do reacht-d aud comiuuoicated with
ty the atato coiuuiittoe when there is
work to bo done
Wo ui inclined to think Ihut the
coinmiiieo ileelf now realizes tbat this
should bo effected, and that it will a:t
in i ho premises at an early day, but the
wiiolc burden of this need not bo plac
ed on the committee democrats them
selves cau easily meet it halt way, by
organizing at each voliug precinct a
democratic club.
This should be done at once, and we
hope It will be looked sfter iu Lay fay
eite county.
Before you oJ busy with your spring
woik, brother democrats of Lafayette,
meet at your voting precinct ami or
g inize a club. Never lulud about any
big meeting; don't wait till yci liiiuk
you can have weekly meetings; don't
bumper yourselves with long couslitu
tiou and by laws; simply meeti elect a
Dicsldent. aecretarv ettfj1traiurer:
notify the eeorffilV bHejj'ajtjf eooj
mUtei.r i , -.1 . tl.u'.t;:t? coriiftf!!!,"
If visii, .LsAiutftoa, anJ( ft.
J' Vv's"it( t -SK Lbuls, of your organ-
Vutlol and tbe names of your officers
'This is tbo important part, tht
means of communication bctwten the
men chosen to lead and the rank and
the file of the party.
This is oi ionization, not tbe Are
works and torches and flambeaux,
though these have their oees,too.
In addition to tbe above each club
a'lould have a committee on uamea to
prepare a rosier ol the voters of the
precinct, from the poll books of the
previous elect km, with such additions
-tud ouiifious as may be necessary to
render the list correct, noting tbo politi
cal bias of each voter.
Let it not be said tbat Latayelto
MUiity democrats are behindhand in
uiis good work. Meet, goiillumen, and
40 at ii. If ouly a tow at first, you will
no aslotiichcd to Nee bow soon you will
get a long list of members atier yt u
Tariff reform is in tbe air. Tbe re
publicans, even, admit the fallacy ot
uieir opposition to it, and il ia going to
oe very easy to make democrats ot
Joubilul voturs iu the next canvass.
N.iw that thecarelul management of
the county debt a.ider democratic ad
minisfution lias plaecd na In a coin
paralively eay positiou as to taxes
Lvlayetle county should begin to tlili.k
of macadamized roads.
A half dozen well graded, well
r irked roads, leading to the principal
p ilnls of trsffle. iu tho couuty, would
do more to enhance the yalue of farm
property than any other improvement
o ir people could mako. Ol rour-e wo
csiinot do this all at mice, but il our
County judges desire tbe benediction of
t loir constituents they will lay lie
foundation for it by a system-
a i.: Improvement ot certain leading
t loroughfaruBol tho county.
'I he now laws regarding roads, the
potsiltiliiies under tbem in tcrlain
localities statistical statements ot their
imparlance, etc., would f rm practical
tonics of discusFion by the larmers .t
the county during this winter weather
when they can lake limn to mei-t lor
the purpose.
Thero are princlpalitea of leva
moment tnan Lalsyelto county, and
the iiaportance of wood roads has
engaged tho attention of Roiiibii em
perors. No subject is of greater 0011
fl!in to the atfricnltnrlst, both aa to bi
interests aud bis pleasure.
At the opening of tbe I'oitoguese
ortes the king announced that the li
e L'ti lelations of tho kingdom were all
t it ronlJ be desired. He reviewed tbe
progress made in the Alriuau colouies
of Portngal, and said: ''The patriotic
aspirati'-ns of Great Britain to extend
ber vast possessions in Africa have
been met at several poiuts by tbe fixed
daiilgii of Portngal to maintain ber
a itboi Ity over tboso rcgious that Tor
t iKtiexe were tbo first to discover and
0;ien to Ctiriatianity and commerco
Supported by the two chambers, n.y
g vernment will cudeavor fo convince
tne British government of our right 10
rilo tho territory north and aoutb ol ti e
Ztinbesl river, hoping to obtain an
eipiitablo adjustment or all legitimate
tntercHts, which may, as I desire,
promptly restore a pert jot accord be
teen two nations that have been
nnited by Honda of friendship and tra
dition fjf coutnrica.
..The United Slates appraiser nI
Chicago bas made a report to the sec
retary of the treasury in regard to ti e
'biiMues of bis office, showing tbat dor
1 g the year lfo'J it passed npon and
appralxed tnercliainlixe valued at f 13.
.V)7,3:i'J, and that while tbia value is
t'b8,01o4'HH than the value ot inerclmn
cIino pas-ed upon during the year 18f8,
tne amount of duties collected on tbe
inno shows au increase over of
7i,l8S. Tbo increase in collections
tvaa mninly iu cigars aud tbe derreaK s
in colleotlous in dry goods and tin
AsHlataiit-Secrelary Tichenor has
lirccied the collector of customs at
fort Benton, Mont., to discontinue the
.iractice. of issuing to Chinese persons
ibont to leave Ibe United States e.erlifl-
ales thai they are qualified to reltnii.
le says (bat a carelul reading ol the
act 01 October I, 18H8, Indicates thai
iJhiHCsa laborers are absolutely exclud
ed from entering the United States,
whether they have borutolore bein
residents or not.
It is frid iu certain circles in Loudon
that the czar of Itussia ia iusaue.owii g
to tbe chronic stale of feur iu which I a
llv.'s. Hi bodily condition is known
to be wenk. He exhibits tbo deepest
feeling of despondency and Insists tbat
hU death is necriiiz. It is known tbat
he ia trying to allesiato his misery by
tbe use ot morphine.
It is jti"t poHibic, of rourse, tbat
Gov, Francis and Col. Jones may not
secure tho World's Fair for St. Louis,
but th' country will alwsyj think tbey
deserved lo gel tt.
I'jwtpur's grip lemedv: "Luf turn
and women hold i t Miniking tobacco
Slid smoke camphor Inaiead "
Calvin S. Brico waa, ou last Tuesday,
elected to hu 11 idled States senator
from the statu of Ohio, tho vote in the
lint hcssion ol the legislature htuuding :
Brice 70; Foster, G6; Neal, 1; Hal-
stead, 1, there beiiiK one democratic
aud one republican bolter. Mr. Isrice
is a young-, active, 'progresnivn, brainy
man. From poverty ho baa li-en to
wealth by bis energy and intelligence.
He is popular with all who know him.
aud especially so with tho democrats of
Ohio. He was the leader ot tho na
tional democratic campaign ol
being the chaiimau ol the national
committee, and nothing that zeal, iniel-
Ilgeuce aud loyalty to democratic prin
ciples could do was by him left un
done to secure success. That bo led
tbe parly to a popular majority , and
to a poll of over a million ami a half
majority of tbe white votes ol tbe
country, la a proof, even it the electoral
college did go for Mr. Harrison, that
Mr. Brie waa up and doing, Kspec
ially wbeu it is considered tbat millions
of dollars were pourod out by tho pro
tected robbers of the country to keep
their hand iu the pockets of the people.
Mr. Brice bas been quile liberally lied
about by the republican press, aud a
tew democratic newspapers seem to
have forgotteu, or uever lo baye known
bis Mfyloes. tqRhe party, but 1 be is a
traaeyocrat, t"iba, antl).h8j8 n
aristocrat, auii ira .otABepeopi 0
Mr. 8. U. H. Clark, general manager
of Ibe Missouri Pacific railway, says iu
tbe New York 8iar: "Iu all my rail
road experience I've uever seen any
thing lo compare with Ibe traffic strain
under which tbe railroads are now
staggeriug. Tbe crops in tbe agricul
tural stales are unusually bountiful, so
heavy, in fact, tbat all tbe railroad
facilities have proved inadequate. We
have begged, borrowed aud leased from
eastern lines all the cars that could be
obtained, and still we are short several
thousand. Qrainerles are overflowing,
aud for hundreds of miles along the
tracks Ol tbe Missouri Pacific system
oorn aud other cereals are slacked un
sheltered waiting for oars. Iu ibe past
six months railroad earnings have in
creased enormously, aud I consider
rdlroad earnings tue best business ba
rimeter. I believe Ibe new year will
bs marked by a coutiunance of this
prosperity and a further development
of the resources of the west."
Senator Frye, ot Maine, baa prepared
a bill providing tor subsidies to Ameri
can built aud owued iron or sliel
ships, lo be paid as a bonus over and
above tbe contract price on maila
Tbe bill is prepared with much earn aa
to details, bnt so long as the American
people are as firmly convinced as tbey
are to-day tbat the word subsidy is
only another way of spelling tteal (here
will not be much chance for tbat kind
of legislation, even with a small repub
lican majority in cougress. A large
republican majority would, of course,
mean subsidies, in various forms-
straight out, undisguised ones, tariff
steals and pension expenditures away
above tbe one hundred million line.
If Ibe Fryes, Blaines and Blairs could
be turned loose in this country at their
own sweet legislative will tbe farmers
would soon be vassals indeed.
- hi . m e 1 -
We met a Kansas sheriff tbe other
day who was iu pursuit ot a defaulting
county officer. The sheriff used to live
In Missouri, which he says la tue best
state be ever aaw. To the question
"Did you not raise a good crop iu Kan
sas this year?" be replied: "Yes; an
abundant one; tbe best we have bad
for a number of years; but we can't get
anything for lt." That seems to be the
trouble. For several years Kansas bad
no crops; now that she has tbia blessed
borne market, republican, high tariff
humbug bas brought the price down fo
tbat it Is cheaper lo burn corn than lo
sell it aud buy coal.
A passenger ageut of a prominent
road savs be don't see "why it ia that
the railroads persist in standing in
their own light by keeping passengir
fres up to tbo highest notch." "I am
thoroughly couvloced," said he "that it
would be better, not ouly for tl e
public, but for tbe railroads, It rates
were reduced and tbat bait fair round
trip rates for tbe holidays would yield
more revenue than tbe fare and a thiid
rates tbat are prepared, I have been
watching tbe effect of low rates, on
travel for some time, and kno.." wbat I
am talking about.'
St. Louis sufjerad from a terrible
oyclone at 4 :30 p. m , last Sunday
Foar persous were killed, a number
wounded, and a large amount ot prop
ertv was destroved. lt was fortunate
tbat tbe storm occurred on a Sunday,
as otherwise tbere would have beeu
extensive mortality, several large far
tories being among tbe buildings
wrecked. St. Louis bas beeu very
fortunate as to cyclones, most of them
passing around bor, but this time she
caught lt, and caught it bard.
Horatio Allen, the well-known civil
engineer, nnder whose direction tbe
first locomotive brought to America
was built and run, died at his home iu
Montrose, N. J., on Tuesday evening
He was born at Schenectady. N. Y., iu
1802, and was graduated from Colutn
bia College In 1823. For many years
ho was the chief consulting engineer of
tbe Ede railway, and at one time was
president of tbat road.
Ssuator Allison, of Iowa, has discov
ercd that he cannot represent the tariff
barona and Wall street aud maintain
the confidence of a great agricultural
state. Tbe tremendous row precipi
tated by tbo protest of the Farmers
Alliance of Iowa against bis re-elec
tion o the senate, ought to teach
Senator Allison that statesmen of his
party are trivellng the straight path lo
permanent retirement.
Mr. Ileudersou can't raise enough
boodle lo J802 to counteract tho Mow
be struck bis party bet wocn Hie eyes
when lie jierroittfd linnmlf to wnak
W.m noi-aitiml Vf-ntrcaiilia fit fi Irtlln.. I
JJIO l' .""' ' A wv vim ...a , mcy , I
who did the dirty work ol sprnrtlug,!
.!.. i I lixirlftrani, hail rlnia n..l.i.. I
W.rkol..U-..K .best. Lonis corrtip -
mm mini o.
I ha orinnlntmi'Ul ol Mai. Marlr.n, a.
v.. ... nj. uai low aa
t. Louis is generally In-
msipess men of 8f.Lo.ils
postmaster of 81.
itnr.il .v ihehnsiaessi
w.i.- --j ---- - - - - -
h.ii il.n renublloaii workers aro wil.l
Wlth r(re. Msj. Harlow never inarrhrtl;
Jn a torch liKht proresilon nor stood in '
svilb the bummers ol his party. lie is
an anomaly in Ihe midat ol tie Harrl-
sou appoiotmeule.
lames M. Former, on tho laal gen
eral election day, dlsappcaied liom
Manhattan, Kansas. Ho was the county
treasurer, and after bo left it was found
that be had embezzled $30,00(1 or the
county's money. A few days aKo
tShoritl McL'ord f -cured a warrant from
tJov. Claycoinb for Fortnei's arrest,
having Information that ho was in St.
Louis, having come back tbat lai from
Canada, his first place ot refuge, the
sheriff went there, but by some means
Former ascertained that the officers
were after bim and be lit out for the
Sunny South. Ho was apprehended at
Memphis on tbo arrival ot the steamer
City of Cairo. When arrested bo had
but $200 with him, which was a small
sum in view ot tbo fact that he had as a
traveling companion a beautiful young
brunette, exquisitely dressed. The
woman after consultation with Fori tier
boarded tbe first traiu she could gel lor
St. Louis. Whllo for many years Fort
ner had been highly respected, it bad
for some timo been known that bo waa
leading a dual lite, keeping up an ap
pearance of respectability, while at the
same time he was supporting a woman
not his wife. The chances are that Mr.
Fortner will now have an opportunity
to learn that the way of the tranf grcs-
sor is indeed hard.
kj J 0- the California case against tho
perlcan Ue finery Co. to which we
bayO" already alluded Judge Wallace
decided tbat lt was an unlawful com
binalion, and tbat in consequence the
Amerioau Sugar Refinery Co., bad
forfeited its corporate charter. It will
therefore be compelled lo close. In
its findings the court says "Compe
tition on equal terms is conceded to be
tbe Ufa of trade, and to Invito and
promote tbat competition is the estab
lished policy of our laws. As compe
tition teuda to create trade, so mo
nopoly tends to destroy it." In con
clusion the court says: "Tbe mainten
ance of such monopoly is distinctively
an unlawful business, aud no franchle
tor its pursuit could be obtaiuod under
our laws."
Thirty-two officers have been
arrested iu St. Petersburg charged with
being members ot a secret society, the
objeot ot which is to abolish the
aristocracy and establish a constitu
tional monarchy. Some details have
been received iu Vienna of tho recent
caassacre ot exiles in Siberia. Nihilists
iu exile endeavored to work some
prinliug presses. Tbe authorities
destroyed the presses, aud tbe exiles
resisting were fired upon, thirty being
either killed or wounded. Rnssiau
despotism Is behlud tbe age and tt will
not pay to keep it up much longer
Tbe czar Is said to be crazy now from
tear of assassination, and the country
is Iu a constant state of unrest and
Dr. Barhoaa, tbe Brazilian minister
of finance, estimate that tbe total
expenditure for 1090 will be 68.OOO.0U0
milreis ($38,080,000) ; that tho treasury
balance will be 62,000,000 ($31,720,
000); aud tht the balance from tbe
interior loan will cover tbe deficit and
allow tbe completion of tbe interior
contracts. Tbe public debt is 1,072,
000,000 milreis ($600,320,000).
Although people talk glibly about a
a million bushels of wbeai, but very
tew of tbem realize what a vast amount
tbat represents. It a million bushels
were loaded Iu common box cars, A00
bushels to tbe car, it would till a train
over fifteen miles long. If transported
by wagons, forty-lour bushels to tbe
wagon, it would make a line of teams
142 miles long.
-- a s s "
Walker, eldest son of Secretary ol
State Jas. G. Hlalne, died of tbe pre
Tailing epidemic, ia grippe, ou tbe eve
of tbo 16th, In Washington. He was
confined to bis room bnt a few days
having regularly attended to business
until Friday of last week.
"Sllver Dick" baa quite a decent
little boom for president, and be would
make a good one.
Strother Prltchett, an old and much
esteemed citizen of Howard comity,
died a few days ago.
Judges De Armond, St rat Ion,
Burgess, Thomas and Ewing are the
prospective candidates for the supreme
r. Clarence Crews, formerly con
necled with the Democrat, at Fayette,
bas begun tbe publication of tbe
Franklin Enterprise.
Col. Jas. H Claiborne was, a few
days ago, elected president of the
Southern Historical and Benevolent
Associaton ol St. Louis.
Major Henry A. Reed, special pension
examiner for four years last, has
resigned and Intends to onter tbe ranks
of Journalism in Missouri.
Capi. R. M. Scott has recently been
elected mayor of Keytesvillo, aud the
people at Paris are crowing because
they say he ia one of their bov
The report tbat Mr. Abiel Leonard
would be a candidate for cougress, Is
denied by gentlemeu who ouuht to
know bis Intentions in the matter
Richard Hoops, of Osajje City, Cole
con ut v. a neur who lives ul ne on tbo
banks of the Osage, is Vtd to lei 119
yeara of age. Ho was born in South
The family t Dr. 1 1 it t . ol Tbavcr,
Oregon couuty, Mo , has recently,
according to tho Louisville Courier
Journal, inherited in Cennaiiy, a for.
tune of flftv-one millions ol dollars
Maj. W. Y. Pemberlon, formerly of
Sedalia, a good democrat when here
and an equally good one in Montana
bas been appointed by oy. 'I'nole us
one of thn supremo Judges of I lie slate
lVof. W. F. Babluiau, of indepen
dence, ia spoken of as a candidate lor
(('ale superintendent of public schools.
No more modest, yet deserving trentle
inau could be proponed (or tho position,
Mr. 11. P. Mason baa sold the
Slielblna Torchlight to Messrs
K L.
Coolev and AHinrt L. Hoe.
... I It I I iu a
1 ' '.
Mtsiiiic.h tli'iiiorintf
uIhIi it i'iiliii.ii,l
l '''i.Ts'l'ilthnatml that lr. Laws
(ff , c,flil. o ....(ai HIM :rB;Marli!S, MillBr, Monll.
bitfnnre ill till) llllivrvit V l Ksiihhs. No
.i.w . j
man could more thoroughly till ,1B11
' Dr. Laws, ami il IUiibh. nenirca l.i.n
for the. place it will Ih foriuiiate.
Hon. Si farr, tho al.le hiiiI clK.i.'iit
roeonler ol MontjoiiH-ry riMinty, Ih a
candidate lor railroad rMHiiiiNMmier.
Mr. Carr i- a simon i.ne dein i. rHi. an
lunest man and ai untler. He will
make an active eauvsHH mid, if elected,
a -ood (.(li, er.
Hon. II. (May Kwin;, ol flerson
City, is mentioned lor uuprcmc jnile,
to succeed the vencrablo .ludo If ty.
.Indue Kwiiifc! is a iiiohI excellent man,
and has hcryctl as alloruey general
of M i-hoii ri anil upon the supreme
court commissjiiii
Judge Alexander Mr.rlin '."ill not bo
a candidate lor supreme jude. He is
out of politico and will devote himself
to o'ih duties as dean of Ibe law depart
ment of the stale university, fir which
lie is so eminently fitted by le;al and
literary acquirements
There is a new Ptory out in regard to
Congressman W J. Stone. It is said
that ho will run lor tho state senate to
succeed Senator Berry 'i'hiirman in
order to improve his acquaintance iu
the state, for the purpose of being a
candidate against Hon. F. M. ( 'ockrell
for the United Stales senate.
Hon. JohuH. F.mIiII, who represented
Howard county in .the :tfth general
assembly, is a candidate for railroad
commissioner. Mr. Est ill is a K"nlle-
mau of the old school, pure, high-
minded and de-'otcd to duty. II
elected to tbo position be will make a
conscientious and faithful officer
Tho death of Mr. Joseph (i. Lodge,
which occurred Wednesday night, in
St. Louis, reuioyes one of the oldest
.!....! f. :.. .1
ciiininal lawyers iu the stale, lie has
been identified with the bar ol the city
lor many years, and always without
reproacti. 110 waa a reimbiican in
politics, but never engaged in any
active work lor his parly.
Rev. 1). It. McAnally, l. I).,
tho veteran editor cf tlu St. Louis
Christian Advocate, assisted by the
Itev, W. H. Lewis, ia writing a history
of Methodism iu Missouri. No abler
or more loyal pen could be enlisted !n
writing of tbe noble band of brothers
who so bravely acted as the pioneers
of the cause ol Christ in our beloved
Philip Marbol, "the oldest person in
Barry couuty," died there recently.
Mr. Marbut was 92 years old, so that
Lafayette couuty bax soveral citizen
who are bis senior. He waa born In
South Carolina in 1797. His direct
descendants In Barry and adjoining
counties, nuuibev scs.3tbiug over 300
persons, and be bas several great-great
William Hyde, Esq., postmaster at
St. Louis, and for so many years the
able editor of tho old Republican, in
tends entering journalism again, this
time at St. Joseph. Negotiations have
been pending regarding tbo purchase
by bim of thn Gazette, which is the
properly of Mr. Calvin Burns, 1ml
without result, aud it is now Hiid that
Mr. Hyde will start a new paper.
Now don't any one say this 'item
does not belong among (ho Missoui ians.
If this woman is not a Missonriau si e
ought to be. Mrs. Page, ot Texarkana,
Texas, Arkansas aud Louisiana, on
January llth.gavc birth to four babie,
all girls. This is what comes ol living
in a town with a three-barreled name.
Tbe babies are all well, and the daddy
Is the proudest man in seventeen states.
Our old friend, Major Arichibald M,
Sevier, at one time railroad commis
sioner ol the stale, and lor many years
elitor ot Ihe Neosho Times, has
recently sold his paper to Messrs J. T,
Slurgis aud R. i. WeUrll. it still
continues to bo an able etp'inent of
democratic principles, but we mis lie
old pilot from tbn helm. M.iy good
fori 11 no attend him i 11 tho evening if
Mr. Hiram M. Shaw, proprietor f
the Grant House, al Holla, Mo., died
there a few days ago, surrounded by
his family aud friends Mr. Shaw was
born in New York iu IH'7,anil came
west in 1W35. He was lor many years
in the hotel businesa, was a popular
landlord, a successlul buaiiiesH man
and a good citizen. He had a laige
family. He was a republican iu poli
tics. State Auditor J. M. Suibert has been
quite 111. He bad gone down to his home,
Jackson, Cape Girardeau county, to
attend to some long deterred private
business, when he was taken down
with a very bad cold, tbe symptoms ot
which became so alarming tbat his wife
was telegraphed for. We are glad to
know that be is much better. Mr.
Suibert is an excellent, painstaking,
polite official, and his recovery will
rejoice bis many friends.
Hon. John F. Morton, of Kay,
speaker pro tem of Ihe 36th general
assembly, will be a caudidato lor the
state senate. Mr. Morton, though
quile a young roan, is an experienced
legislator. Tbe district, Ihe eighth, Is
composed of the counties ot Ray,
Carroll and Caldwell, and is repre
sented now by Senator James W.
Sebroe, of Carrolllon, who was elected
In lSi-6. over Mr. Black, republican, by
a majority ol 939 vo.es
Hon. J. J. Russell, our Joe, speaker
of the present bouse of representatives,
while out hunting the other day, was
peppered iu thn laco with bird shot, by
a friend wlei w.'ts with Mm. The shot
brought, blood, and two of thorn went
in pretty close fo 0110 of his eyes, bnt
the only damage done was lo his manly
beauty, which cannot lonr remain
impaired. Joe has an idea of moving
down to Texarkana, where people
know how things ought to be done.
The Odessa Democrat and Hidden
Enterprise both mention favorably for
railroad commissioner Hon. John I',
Harmon. Mr. Harmon is so nearly a
Lafayette county mao. and hi services
to ihe stale in securing railroad lephla
tiou are so well known that he will
prove a formidable candidate with our
people. No better man, or stronger
candidate, could bo selected by the
domocinlic parly. I lie l.iilerprlse
speaks ol Mr. Il u nion s health aa being
aiithV.iertly ro-instated to unable him to
make the race.
Slate Senator James K. Iln.ell, ot
(iiliforiiiu, Moniteau county, says he is
'lull caudidato lor congress. Inn that
' lie will ask a re-election ! his piewent
iui-ilii.il. Senator IIhoII ih
mi nhlu.
; l,i,nt,i.l hiiiI i tllcli'lil IfirNlnliir. lie
.,,,, it... Kniirleeu'li dltrirt in
rejiie-eillS till, r 0111
tlm senate. 'tiHtlo "! l Cole, ( :ooier,
I . ,. , ,,
Maries, Millr, Moniteau anil M'HgKii
1 coillltlos. II
. ..i....i..,t ; Ivwr. nv,
j Moore, re,.nhlica.i, L.ivi.,K a maor,ly
ol 7-10 vote-, wl.i h I"' "' ' -
' ' '
j .
1 nrear.e now, hs lie W a popiuai im 111-
ir. H was liairman 'f very,
imporlanl comniiiii f on iimCed IhIIh.
and discharKed hi" d.iv there with the
oreate-t care and li.leliiv. I l.e senator
i a stuidy lellow. but he in a!u a g.(U.
looking blond and a real Indie' man.
Writing up Ibis ''Missoiiiians"
column is a pleasure, because so ullen
ii brings around the name id an old
friend. We only reerel thai once in a
while lime lails us to look tbronyl. 001
uxe.haugca lo hud out what is bnppeu-
iu lo Ibe men and women f our
slate. One ran seldom uddress iiim-
sell lo Ibis task Ihut he does not tiud
an enterprising act, a i;ood deed done
by one man Charles II. Ilm li i.id
Mexico. The Lord has blessed bim
with some degree ol riches, and it evi r
a mail conscientiously regarded hiiii'dl
as a trustee for bis wealth, iu behalf of
humanity, that man U (inv Hardin.
Mex'co never wants anything that be
is not ready fo aid her in getting it.
His last benefaction was a subscription
Of $1,0)0 to Trot. Fleet s school.
Hon. Nat. T. Cherry, of Clark
county, who gained his seat iu the hist
legislature alter a contest wiili Mr.
Edward P. Spunglei, republican, is
spokeu of as a candidate to succeed
Sonator Francis L Marchaud. Mr.
W. Berkhoimer is also mentioned as a
candidate. Tbls is continient, we
suppose, on the present senator's not
desiring a re-election, because ho was
ouly elected in lHrt to fill a vacancy,
and being one of the ablest men iu the
body aud one of the most useful and
industrious members ot the revising
committee the people of the district
would hardly care to dispense u it U his
services so soon, unless it wa inconve
nient for him. The district, tbe I2tb,
is composed of Clark, Knox, Lewis,
and Scotland counties. Senator
Marchaud is from Lewis.
The new St. Ijonis postmaster voted
for Cleveland and Hendricks in 1H8I
This is prima fane evidence Ilia! he la
an honest man and will make a good
Allison baa received the republican
caucus nomination for United Slates
scuator from Iowa.
I From the IUgglnsville Leader. I
Within tbe present year we oins
elect a representative from 'his county
to tho state legislature. tiou. It. A
Hicklin is our present representative
aud right well bas he served tbe peopl
tor two terms. He has mado bimsell
telt and heard In ibe legislature at.d
nas proveu himself qnlto a statesman
aa be commands tbe respect of tht
entire house of representatives so
much so tbat several ot the most prom
ineul from different parts of Missouri
are open in tbelr declarations that It
lour people return bim, tbey will do
ineir uimoai 10 inaas mm speaser 01
the next house, which would be an
honor to bim and to Lafayette coun'y
Had be not been a useful member, 110
such honors would have been spoket
of in connection with his name, and as
further evidence of bis political popn
larity in tbe state, be was recently made
a member ol tbe state democratio exec
utive committee, from this congees
slonal district. As a democratic journal
we have no objection to tbo aspirations
ot as many good democrats as choose
to make tbe raoe tor the legislature
out In the light of Mr. Hicklin's pre
gressiveuess and honors already accom
plisbed, as a young man, all things be
ing equal, we would be pleased to see
him returned.
25 pounds Buckwheat Flour for.. $1 K
3.1 pounds Hominy for 1 00
2.1 pounds Navy Beans for 1 (hi
jr, pounds Oat Meal for I 00
11 pounds Dry Salt Bacon for. ... I i
25 pounds Laundry Soap for ... 1 in)
Splendid Chewing Tobacco, per
nound :'
Splendid Smoking Tobacco, per
AddIo Butter, per gallon i)
Maple Syrup, per gallon 1 mi
libittnw Improved A anl
ion Voml Oil or Uaaollue Can
wltb unp attarniuenc
llial la a dal'.
Hall aud aea Ihe Handsome I
Palatine w are airing 10
in 'au Trade.
Hlg rrlaea witn Snow Drift
Baking- Powder, at IS ueiit
per can.
or tus
or tub
Al I ulnntiin. fiUH' of MWsourl. nl the cl...iv i;i
buiiiria on lUeSKtusy ol litM-tmtii r, Iti-H.
t.osua undoubtedly Kud on parson!
or collateral wouriiy 71 (111 U-
Lou u and diaoounw undoubtedly
Kuud on real ramie ecuriiy 19 6--T 28
Overilraiut ly aolveut ruatomcra i 57i oo
UiiIUmI statca bond on band umi Oo
UiluT bond end alocka al their preaeut
cab market price 000 00
It. i-1 eataie at preacnt caah Market
value 49 HS0 UT
I' 1 1 mil u r and dxturva i.i&i W
Hue from ollivr banka, good on sight
dnilt 18.547 Ao
Cinrka and OIL or caab Uema. u oo
N itional llanka nuica, leg-al tender
II a. nolea aud gold andailrer cel-
tlllr.atra 19,029 00
liold coin O'Mi oo
snvri coin Hlu Ott
Tolal Ini 87o H
Caiilial stock paid in S 0,ikk Oh
Minilus lunds on hand ooo no
Hi i.ositu aublrvt lo dralt at alaiit by
li.ink- and bankrra Si. 171 .'.
liriiomtH subl. cl (o drall at HK'it by
imlivuluuliuiHlolht.ru 000 00
Iti'iionitanublei'l to dralt al ivrn ilnn-a 41. in it:
Hill payable and billa re-discounted. ooo oo
Tolal . .
. . ..f.lB.Vnu 14
County or I.ArAVaTia
Wi, .,.hn W Wa ld. II. rri-Hidi nt. ami M m
i;tiaiinan, (Jaclin-r ot Bald Hunk, and card ot in.,
do milriuiily awrar that thv ahove niuii'iiiriit n.
tut' Iu the hfMt ot our knowldai tiud Iti'liH.
JOHN W. WAIHiKl.l., IV.-Hidnil.
HulHcrlbrd aud aworn to helotv inv. Hit., 1,'h
day ol January, A. II. KlKhliin lliiuilinl mm
Wilm-BB my hand anil notarial ai al lii-ri-to al
llxi'd, at olUie, iu t.i xiiiKloii, Mil, the iluti
IiikI iilorvaaid.
( omiiiiaoioiird and iUnlllli-d lor a Ivrm -
iiiiiiiK Airil tlril. 18IM )
II AKKY C. WAI.LAI K. Notary fill, In
t.'orrn't Atiit:
.lilllN K. ItVI.AMi. 1
II. C WAI.I.Ai K, l.lrv.ti.r.
H'-"'! AN .
NtrTICK OF Hint hllOl.ll;i('
OlICK In lu reliv yisru that n iim- I n
thv atocktlotoi-a ol tin i.pxiiikIou liti. t I
inn ami Loan Aaanoiiitiuu, m l.i xn 111,111. M,i .
iv HI ! hi III at Ihr roilrtliinin.. in tin. . 1 1 v ,,
l.i xinitton. Latayrtte county. Misbiiiii i. on
MUND.W. MAHl'tt 'J'lli. l'.io.AT'.i A M .
ol tlnii lay, t" ""' I'l'l'" ol InliliiK a ,,t(. ol
tin. S'orkholiliT ol tin-A ancniil iii on a nropn.
-a tii.-u and thi'i' lo br ..iiltiiiitteit in il...,,, .
... n.... Ill, .llllllint III Ihl' I UltltMl Mi.. L ...
Laid Aoi-.hiiion im thr lum ..i ru ii,i.,.i,,.i
aiil fitly Ttmiii,atid l..li.r. t-JMi.ilmi, vhin
,, ,,,, ih, i.. th um of t iirt iln i,, ,1 i r.
i iiio ikhi) an incri-aar l I illy IhoiMuud I ml -
;t, . w .
1 -Vour nartii'iiiar am ntn ni ia rruiiva i.
: ii.. ...aiirr. aa a mal rily of iln' Hlm.k i it..
i lum iii""1 . - ....,.",,,.'.
: v.,.. liili:;,;;;:,;;,, I
1 b, ,..., k j
i-H AH. w l.tlOMIS
WM.I. MitAIM.i',
T J. B,M)U.N.
I Ii. .Mtlllli nil-A Ii
If. V. N1CHUI.-OV.
i. O HAYS.
j an I aid
v . V l.n II I ' J
. . It V U ,i
lii'it ii y : i-i in,
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I ' 1 1 . i I f ,11.
: '..).,, I in
; -Iv-i ll
i I y . ;.
. I. 11.
; It I..TI
i. ' iiiii
. !t'.er,
llujf r.
it, t . . :
i:..,, .- .
Ci.i . i, . ... .
11 v,. 1 . ..
.1', . MM
l-.v.li. , .1.
' V I.
L'l i It'.'
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11110 n
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e.i.u ii
I O I't'i l-,
llr ,i r
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M .ii,l. .
A b il.
ri i lit lle
Lhur'e II j-l. r.
u -.! I.
ur ..1,1 .
i'l.k I, I II
V, Kl H I Air,
II in l-:n
i , li. in-y 'I nciv
I. lfllix 111
II. ll 'l ,
' . I yl.H, inii-oi ; I. ruin, -ili.hi . lii;i
V mi.,,. I
I -ton ;
Ilnlmi ; il I'li-i'l. j .iyi.ir.
cm a''ii
II .(ili-ll,
. :i.niiii , .l,i'i v I'r.ioinr, cm
'III. .1 . Ill, Inn ; I II h .il
, il ri u -el ; 'lti'iiiian V. Kit-
'i i n ' i ; It'i; nir t I 'll-!, I, rma-
Ii ,ilirt,i) .t j
Hi 1 1 I , i:iii ulur
I nln , .(..l.n I
r, ii'ltiiu, i-.i , ,tti.r
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Kl "-rn n. 1 1 It j I
, N . Oilniti . J'liin Hug.- I v ,
I V., II, mm ; .Ii.Ihi llii jiny.
rut .iiitr.
ii r.i i'l,'. rm r, i
k, it.', .. ; .1 M. ltri.t
attiiiiiiiBtitiii i . .
II i-.K:illl . .1 r
A o., i, irtlO'iMlilo; .M'rtii
I'lll i'.l I. H 111,! Mll I
llll-kult,, .1 Iiii I'
,i. OI'K. il; U;l,. U. 1 1 u l. Hill
II ii-k aii, (..ai I
llu'k;t,u , em air: x .
I l. lllitll.; M illl,' i:
al. minor; Joini I altok
I.lii:k, 1 tmi 1,-u C.
Ml.tlkt.U4 V. Ckblll; IHV ii'lll. 1?1I.
Hiiiniir. I.o.il It . in .iit.i. w. I' .n,!l
(I on, .Urllia I'., uillioi : n u Wruluonh
ciir.itoi .
.Nun. Willi. tin I".. i,,l,n,i John K. Nnll
cut nlor.
M, l..llll,iCU. .Soon wood M . iln, '....nil 4 I.
.Smith, ext'ciilur.
I .'ii kin. .Iuiiii-h h . di 'anvil : Maiv J Lark'n
Ml hip, Kutli- l:.. ii.iii.ii . o,. ,r., M (
cm ii!tr.
Mull", Pinter K , inimil ; lieora M t'.u.n,
i':-. ll.ii ry ,1 , minor: j,,rn- M i.niiun
. .' .
Ki niz, I- ri d el ul
Illinois; 4 luna liii. nn, 4.
.N c.nmii. W 1. .nun, mi l.l.in. .Lin, ,.,,r.
I Iiiiiiii-i,ii, Wni. ! . di;ra, i ; .1
A . TboiQ
!', pxt'cuior.
.Nim er, ll-rnh ii'l. ilw'i'Udi IJ.'nrr 11m nit..!
mi hs-.iay. rHi-4,itv llru, 189J
VMnir. Kivm. .I .. ir..i..
u.,,iK, itinii in ti raiorn
"""'', 'ieiili, tumor; Ira K Wiiranar.
lluV, Wil.ia.nx., livcMniid: A liuile lli
tiiirix. J
louug. t'lorrnce, minor, Evan Youuir. cuta
lor. "
Lnur. lioloinon. ilvoimcl i Virgil I n- .v.
...i..r, Ui-iiry. it. -pj..(.i : iii I,,., r:.t. r
I. .U ...,,l.,la, Wiltiain. di-c- ase 1 ) R jliert J
Il.llinitiiuiii ii'lluiui-.t: il or
lli.ni, l.ovil. uiinoita N Wllanii ,.,,1.1,..
o.i i. mm, H'irriAon T.. dereaacrl; H B
iV w c. i d .ii,iHir.ilor
llukir. Il.iiiiiuli, due, a d; .-ttpi.en Vv . Bar
r, u Jimn ki i niur.
r-.wiiia. '':iu,.i r '.. iicc aii'd; Jml ll.Kwlt.g
ii.ore le:raiidt S N. Wilson
puiilin t.ditilnirtr.iior
fiitrli k. J.i'ii, i , decrancd. S N. '.Vil.oo
pub ic a.'inl.HM at,r
ratoAY, rKHia-AhT 14m. lauo
Lanklorl. ll.in, ut, V . il.ri.unfd: C. Jl
lord, H'limnc iniinr.
Vii .),, p , n .i al. minors; Charl, l
Hlm. . ! r.nor
v.tiioinbii, Ado!,b. mil or; l.ouii .Stornkcl
II, n.lrii'ku. U il'.'rt
lhierii.in Kiiiiiitiiin .
limunr; llvniy W
Menu nk ii,. Conmd. ill-erased; frar k Sill
ki-iiliiork, k' cii'in .
Yiiiin, .lithn t:, -,r,, dvcea-cd; Goo M t;,il
rti . ex... Uloi
MiU. .iuinui-l. d'-cracC'l; I nines A Null. i.IF.
loiin;;. OcorK,' W., .I.c-a-,"!; Albert "oi:n.
- ...in win m.iinve-1
y-l i-i!, (i or- t- W , il, r.mtn.t! ; K. M
bdwunli. uif iitiriMiriiior.
h itchoay , rcHRuaitY 13m. 1830.
W.lk.r. ll.ory, ..c,-a-it!; trunk Rri.un.
,-i'y. Jain.a. rrin ir; Suuin.l I.. 11, nine v
i'htih!e, II rm.in ili'i-caHnl ; J.,hti C Srhnihl
ourutor. 1
Grubum. Gordon, n.innr; S N. W llm.n ini.
Ilo curator.
I. iul. i'liui. 'I,im" R.rtai, minors S N. Wi'-
aun lilllillir i ni uii,r
McL'arf. , VV:,i K. nl. miiiora; H. V. Wtl
Sf.n. i 11 1 1 ! curu'oi.
aI. xh .i-i. . I, ,ln, I:,, ,..,- S N Wilmiu.
llilillc H'tiu ii itr.ilor.
llriivit. Win. A , l. n-HMcl; John M BH,..
nM, u'tmlni-lrutiir.
Hil' k, I-, Mi, ti , ut,,,,,. Willi,. , Mnrciio
II. i kT. I., hup. mintir; WiII k'ii Murk,.
I iv, M inoii r , ,. c. hi.,; (.,. n. iir.,i,
Alfi in '-i & liu- i-.l, parlio i hi;i;S N ,'.
i"ii. iir.iii. h Liiini-.tt-'iiiii
A tin ,1, .(..,,,,, I . . in ,, ,-jmi
ll . l- II l, I m .k,- ,., IL it. ,, ,. ,f ,r
n lil' !i H i y .i. i. , i, , .,. n.',ri ! I. y u
!- Niil-lliis t:VIV)
In ':- ol l'r -in. iii.d I- i-mii. io Clerk.
.VI.iAIA. .MO.,
1"i it; tin in i',,.1
1 lilt I I. ..I.-, l,
"I I'll) It, I! Ililllt'i,
II lit Hi III li.imlH
Inli. noil I no ; l.i . ,' iri old a,, on.
1 il unit ' II tfili.il '.oirillti,'. I will hil-
il tut of j iiiii. iinl.r.,k. i.iiil.-s if.ji 1 will trail
l,r Ini.kt' tioltii unit iuiiUh
MAIllijV Sl'.VItlil.
jmlS'l Mar .hall. M
(ti-sn.( e i ,.R am.f..
nv .iiilmrny m ih will 01 .inhii
Yin,, . .-et-.-iri .1 nin-r Hi (, IV.ttM
. .' Ini 'uti. i'. i, ,..i., i,: j mi, to I , t
oil lot i, l,i.. -k 4.-,, Klii A :. lull. n !
I,i-ll;t',ll. l.i II n l.Ti Kit,, i, KrilliUm avcm,.
itiol U' Oil on ,M no i nn.. or Itt'h ti'ii v! ' h
Uw.-Iiiij in a iit.li,tiui iirnk mii tiilni i.l l.-i
.ir(r.. ro'itin. III.- pi.. itvls al Hnt,.trd
Ki.iinui tiu 'iltiiva. chtine Inili. ,,. it .!
ll tin .iter 'I in- t-ll 1-liCi f. tittil It. ot..; ol lllr
iiiii.il d birnblf iioiitiona iu liw rltv. Ik, run
a-v. Ai.,i in Mr .1 un.-n (.run on i he r ni-l-.K
i.i i, ini iin,tei&l;;iH'.l.
iinyl'' oK'i M f:Tii",
":'Citf.r of J ilin i; Vnuna no -f it .
nOIT.HK twti uootii went ot M rm ri-on-Vent -wiiih
Ititnk. isoo-l mi , t.ui Hint i -lorua
II iiiii tin l:i,n-('irr1 frrrot't. l.r!wcn ,H..uih
dtiil KiuiikHn .v i.m.-, klMAfl Ri ihe VHUif h:il
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For Sale
Wfllinjiton F1'im-, rior 100
(irunulxtiMl Ujnr, 12 lbs
Not Clanliptl, 8S other nonces are selliiiK tor Urannlated.
Kloritia ()rnim n, ppr dozen, only
lirM hiiiI Kineat (jHiidie, per pound
4 Cutis ot Corn or Tomatoes
T!ice arc not the best, but tbo satnn
rate ana as nm-ciag. vur ueai gooaa, 3 cans, zoo.
We Hi e not sellinir out at cost," as some others pretend to be dolntr. ma
have nn old hiiiI dirty shop-worn jroodn to dispose of. Our goods are all Netr
and Fn-i-h, unit if naritnteetl lo satisfy the most fnstidious taste. Take no slock
iu "iSi'lliiik' (Jut at Com" advertiseineuis, for tbey will only mislead yon bat
rotne direct to Uio only
College St. & Frankhn Ave.
Of A
ON FEBRUARY 1st, 1890, D. V.,
we will make an important change
in our business.
From now until tbat date we will
our entire stock of
Cloaks, Shawls, Blankets,
Comforts. Woolen Dress Goods,
Black Silks, Colored Dress Silks,
Cuderwear, Woolen Hosiery,
Linen Table Sets, Kid Gloves,
Jersey Jackets, Toboggan Caps,
floods, Far Trimmings,
Nik Dress Trimmi' z,
Siliv Handkerchiefs, &e.
The goods which we offer in this
sale at Cost are the
and arr worthy the attention of eve
ry lady in Lexington and vicinity.
The rich, the comfortable and the
poor will find something suited to
their wants.
All are invited to this sale, and all
will be treated with politeness and
Lexington, : Mo.
Owing to the extremely mild winter, and in'
order to make them move, we have put.
prices on our line of .
and more especially
That will astonish you. Do you need one ?
so, it will pay you to examine our
large stock.
with the Largest ami
PCTP rtur Trtlni r ni .. . " .
i. niiL ininmA't WIHHUHS. etc.
I . an v tlie L-irgest Line ami
in 111
MN.unty Ht.ch as Alkinson's Whit R8e, Mellifrs Asren
Lily Baldwin s Qut, Hess La.uiM May Bell's, Lubies'
py Club, &c, &c, ,n any qunt.iitv deaiied.
92 00
, 1 00
kind sold at other houses at this
' "in "ma mi a
Most CimpiVtrt stock of 1
Iiest .Agsnriniont of
ir -f
o? Vl
;il i'
J i
I I .1
1-4 4
' t

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