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ffflelal Cllr and County Paper
An Application of the Savin? of
the Life of Young King Joaatu
Tbo Various Effort to fltirangla Cbrle
ttaulty Have Always Heanltod lo a
Fresh, and .Mora Vicar
out tirowtb.
WlUle on his homeward trip from
" Holy Land Re. T. DVitt Talaiftgo wan
announced to dullver the following Mr
mon In Farln, from tha text:
Jehoihelm, the daughter of. Kliig Juram;
tlster of Aiutzlnli, look Jouili, the aon of
Ahuilab, una stole-hi in -from" aTinoug tha
King's suns whim won- lin; and they bid
ulm, aviin hltn an. I I,,-. mme, In tho bad
chamber from Atunllati, m tiiut ba wu not
alaln. And he wu with liar hid In the borne
of the Lord lx year. 11. King, si., i, S.
Grandmother are more lenient with
their children's children than with their
own. At forty years, of afro, if disci
pline be nepeswury, chastUement is used,
but at seventy the grandmother, look
ing upon the misbehavior of the grand
child, Is apolojjetlo, and disposed to sub
stitute confectionery for whip. There
is nothing more beautiful than this mel
lowing of old aire toward childhood.
Urandmothor takes out her pocket
handkerchief and wipes her spectaoles
and puts them on, and looks down into
the faoe of the mischievous and rebel
lous descendant, and says: "I don't
think he-meant to do it; let him off
this time; I'll be responsible for his be
havior in the future." My mother, with
the seoond ogeneratlon around her a
boisterous crew said one day: "I sup
pose they ought to be disciplined, but I
can't do it. Grandmothers are not fit to
bring up ehildren." ' But here, in my
text, we have a grandmother of a differ
ent hue.
I have within a few days been in Je
rusalem, where the occurrence of the
text took place, and the whole scene
' earn vividly before me ullo I was go-
Ing over the site of the ancient temple
and climbing the towers of the King's
palace. Here in the text it is'old Atha
liah, the queenly murderess. She ought
to have been honorable. Her father was
a King. And yot we And ber plotting
for the extermination of the entire royal
family, including ber own grandchil
dren. The executioners knives are
sharpened.. The ..palace is red. with
blood of Princes and Princesses. On all
idee, re shrieks, and' hands thrown up,
and struggle, and death' groan. Mo
mercyl Kill! Kill! But while the ivory
floors of the palace run with carnage,
and the whole land is under the shadow
of a great horror, a fleet-footed woman,
clergyman's wlto, JohOHheba by name,
stealthily approaches the imperial
nursery, seises up the grandchild that
bad somehow as yet escaped massacre,
wrapped it up tenderly but in haste,
snuggles It against her, files down the
palace stairs, ber heart in her throat
lest she be discovered in this Christian
abduction. Oct ber out of the way as
soon as you can, for she carries a precious
burden, even a young King. With this
youthful prize she presses into the room
of the ancient templo, the church of
olden time, unwraps the young King
and puts him down, sound asleep as be
l-i, and unconitcious of the peril that has
been threatened; and there for six years
be la secreted in that church apartment.
Meanwhile old Athaliah smacks her
lips with satisfaction, and thinks that
all the royal family are dead.
But the six years expire, and it is now
time for young Joash to come forth and
take the throne, and to push back into
disgrace and death old Athaliah. The
arrangements are all made for political
revolution. The military come and
take possession of the temple, swear loy
alty to the boy Joash. and stand around
for his defense. See tho sharpened
a words and the burnished shields!
Every thing is ready. Now, Joash, half
affrighted at the armed tramp of his
defenders, scared at the vociferation of
bis admirers, is brought forth In full re
galia. Tho scroll of authority is put in
his hands, the coronet of government Is
put on .his brow, and the people clapped,
and waved, and huzzned. and trumpeted.
"What is that?" said Athaliah. " What
Is that sound over in the temple?"
And she flies to toe, and on her way
they meet ber and say: "Why, haven't
you beard? You thought you bad slain
atl they royal family, but Joash has
come to light" '
Then the queenly murderess, frantic
with rage, grabbed her mantle and tore
it to tatters, and cried until she foamed
at tbe mouth:
"You have no right to crown my
grandson. You have no right to take
the government from my shoulders.
Treason! Treason!"
While she stood there crying that, the
military started for ber arrest, and she
took a short cut through a back door of
the temple and ran through the royal
suable, but tbe battle axes of the mili
tary fell on her in the barn-yard, and
for many a day, when tho horses were
being unloosed from the chariot, after,
drawing out young Joash, the fiery'
steeds would sport and rear passing the
place, at they smelt the place of tho
carnage. ' , ! . i i
Tbe first thought -1 band you from
this aubjeot ia that tbe extermination of
righteousness is an impossibility. When
woman is good, sbe is apt to be very
good, and when sbe is bad, she is apt to
be very bad. and this Athaliah was one:
of th,e. latter sort. She would extermi
nate the last scion of the iijujof
David, through whom Jmui
eotaa. There was plenty of woa9r
mbalmersand undertaker. Sbe would
clear tbe land of all Ood-feariog and
God-loving people. She would put an
end to every thing that could in anywise
Interfere with ber imperial criminality.
Hhe folds , her hand and ays: Tho
work Is done; it i completely done." It
it? In the swaddling clothes of that
caarcb apartment are wrapped the cause
of Ood, and the eanse of good govern
ment That is the scion of the hunt
of David; It is Joash, tbe Christian re
former; it it Joash, the friend of God;
it U Joash, tbe dnroolisher of Kaalitisb
Idolatry. Rock hij tendorly; nurse
him gently. Athaliah, you may kill all
the other children, but you can not kill
him. EU-rnal defenses are thrown all
around him. and this clergyman's wife,
Johosheba, will snatch hint up from the
palace nursery, and will run up and
doo with him into the houso of tbe
Lord, and there she will bide him for
ix years, and at the end of that time
tie will come forth for your dethrone
ment and obliteration.
Welt, my frlonds, Just as poor a botch
does the world always make of extin
guishing righteousness. Superstition
rises up and ssys: 'l will just put an
end to pure religion. " Domltian tlew
forty thousand Christisns. Diocletian
alow eight hundred and forty-four thou
sand Cbriatlans. And the scythe of
persecution has been awung through all
the age, and the flames hissed, and the
guillotine chopped, and the Bastiln
groaned, but. did the foes of Christianity
i tertnlntto H? Did they exterminate
Alban, tbe first British sacrifice; or
Zulaglius. the Swiss reformer; or John
Oldcastle, tho Christian noblomso; or
Abdallah, the Arabian martyr; or Anne
Askew, or Sanders, or Cranmer? Great
work of extermination they made of it
Just at the time when, tbey thought
the bad slain -all the royal family of
Jesus, some Joash would spring up and
out, . and take the tbjone of power and
wield a very scepter of Christian domin
ion. ' f " 1
Infidelity savst' "I'll Just exterminate
tbe Bible." and the Scrljdures were
thrown into the. street for the mob to
trample on, and they were piled up in
tb publio square and tet on fire, and
ovuntajns of Indignant contempt wera
hurled on them, and learned universi
ties decreed the Bible out of existence.
Thomas Paine said: "In my 'Ago of
Reason I have annihilated the Script
ures. Your Washington is a pusillan
imous Christian, but : I -am tho foe of
Bibles and of churches.
O, how many assaults upon that
Wordl All the hostilities that bavo
ever boen created on earth ure not to be
compared with the hostilities against
that one Book: Said one man. In his
infidel desperation, to his wife: "You
must not be reading that Bible," and
he snatched it away from her her. And
though In that Bible was a lock of
hair of the dead child the only child
that God had ever given them he
pltchod the book with Its contents into
the tire, and stirred it with the tongs,
and spat on it, and c lined It, and said:
"Susan, never have any more of that,
damnable stuff here!"
How many Individual and organised
attempts have been made to extermi
nate that Bible! Have they done it?
nave they exterminated the American
Bible Society? Have they exterminated
the British and Foreign Bible Society?
Have they exterminated the thousands
Of Christian institutions, whose only
object it Is to multiply copies of the
Scriptures, and throw them broadcast
around tbe world? They have extermi
nated until instead of -one or two copies
of the Bible in our houses we have eight
or ten, and we pile them up in the corners
of our Sabbath-school rooms, and send
great boxes of them everywhere. If they
get on as well as they are now going
on in the work of extermination, I- do
not know but that our children may live
to see the, rollleantum! Yea, if there
should come a time of persecution in
which all the known Bibles of the earth
should be destroyed, all these lamps of
light that blaze in our pulpits and in
our families extinguished in the vory
day that infidelity and sin should be
holding a jubilee over the universal ex
tinction, there would be in some closet
ot-a backwoods church a secreted copy
of the Bible, and this Joash of eternal
literature would come out and come up
and take the throne, and the Athaliah
of infidolity and persecution would fly
out of tho back door of the palace and
drop her iniserablo oarcass under the
hoofs of the horses of the King's stables.
You can not exterminate Christianity!
You can not kill Joash!
Tbe second thought I band you from
my subject is, that there are opportuni
ties in which wo may save royal life.
You know that profane history is re
pldte with stories of strangled mon
arch! and of young Prinuos who have
boen put out of the way. Here is the
story of a young King saved. How Jo
hosheba, the clergyman's wife, must
have trombled as she rushed into the
imperial nursery and snatched upJoash.
Uow she bushed him, lest by his cry he
hinder his escape. Fly with him! Je
hosboba, you hold in your arms the
cause- of God and - good government.
Fail, and he Js s!an. Succeed, and you
turn the tido of tbe world's history in
the right direction. It seems as If be
tween that young King and his assas
sins there is nothing but the frail arm
of a woman. . But why should we spend
our time In praising this bravery of ex
pedition when God asks tbe same thing
of ybd and me? ' All around us are the
imperiled children of a great King.
They'am born of Almighty parentage,
and will come to a throne or a crown, if
permitted. But sin, the old Athaliah,
goes forth, to the massacre. Murderous
temptations aro out for the assassina
tion. Valens, the Emperor, was told
that tl ere was somebody in bis realm
who would usurp his throne, and that
tbe name of the man who should be the
usurper would begin with the letters T.
U. E. O. I)., and the edict went forth
from the Emperor's throne: "Kill
every body whose name begins with T.
H. E. O. D." And hundreds and thou
sands were slain, hoping by tbat massa
cre to put an end to tbat one usurper.
But tin it more terrific in its denuncia
tion. It matters not bow you spell your
namq, you come under Its knife, under
its sword, under . Its doom, unless there
be some omnipotent relief brought to
the rescue. But, blessed be God, tbore
it such a thing as delivering a royal soul.
Who will snatch away Joash?
This afternoon, in your Sabbath
school class, there will be a Prince ol
God some one who may yet reign as
King forever before tbe tbrone; there
will be some one in your class who has a
corrupt physical Inheritance; tbere will
be some one in your .class who bat a
father and mother who do not know
bow to pray; there will be some one in
your class who it destined to command
in church or State some Cromwell tc
dissolve a parliament, eorae Beethoven
to touch the world's harp strings, soma
John Howard to pour fresh air into the
lazaretto, tome Florence Nightingale to
bandage tbe battle wound, some Miss
Dlx to soothe the crazed brain, ' tome
John Frederick Oberlln to educate the
besotted, tome David Bralnard, to
ohangetb Indian!, war whoop to a Sab
bath song, tome John Wesley to marshal
three-fourths of Christendom, some
John Knox to make Queens turn pale,
tome Joash to demolish 'Idolatry and
strike for tbe Kingdom of Heaven. ,
There are sleeping in your cradles by
night,. there are playing in your nurs
eries by day, imperial sou It waiting for
dominion, and whichever side' tbe cradle
they get out will decide the destiny of
empires. ; For, each one of those chil
dren tin and holiness contend Athaliah
on the one side and "Jehosheba on the
pthar. - But I hear people tay:
"What's tbe use of bothering children
with religious instruction? Let them
grow up and choose for tbemtelvca.
Don!t interfere with their t vplltlon.w
Suppose dome 'one bad laid to Jtbo
sheba; . .:
"Don't interfere with that young jo
tab. Let him grow up and decide
whether r be likes the palace or not,
whether he wants to be King or not
Don't disturb hit volition." Jehosbeba
knew right well that unless tbat day
the young King was rescued; he would
pever be rescued at all.
I tell you, my friends, tbe reason we
don't reolalm all -our children from
worldllness is because we begin too late.
Parents watt until their children lie be
fore tbey teach them the value of truth.
They wait until tbeir children twear
before they teach them the Importance
of righteous conversation. Tbey wait
until tbelr children are all wrapped up
in this world before tbey tell them of a
better world. Too late ' with your
prayers. Too late with your discipline.
Too late with your benediction. You
put all care upon your children between
twelvo and eighteen. Why do you not
put the chief care between four and
It is too late to repair a vessel when
It has got out of tbe dry docks. It
it - too late to save Joash after
the executioners have broken in.
May God arm us all for this work of
snaWibing royal souls from death to
coronation. Can you imagine any sub
limer work than this soul-savingl Tbat
was what flushed Paul's heek with en
thusiasm; that was wbat led Muason to
risk bit life amid Bornesian cannibalsi
that was what sent Dr. Abel to preach
under the consuming skies of China;
that was what gre courage to Pbocua
in tbe third century. When (he mili
tary officers ramn to put him to 4"tb
for Christ's sake, be put tbem to bed
tbat tbey might rest while he himself
went out and in bit pwn garden dug bit
grave, and thon came back and said: "I
am ready; bgt tbey were shocked at the
idea of taking the life of tbeir host He
eald: "It is tbe will or God that I should
die," and he stood on the margin of bit
own grave and they beheaded him. You
say it is a mania, a fool hardiness, a
fanaticism.' Rather would I call It a
glorious self-abnegatUu. tho thrill of
eternal satisfaction, tbe plucking of
Joslah from death, and raising hltii to
Tbe third tboufiht I hand to you from
iuy text U that th church of God Is a
good hiding place. lien .lelioshelia
rushes into the nursery of the Kimf and
picks up .loash, what shall she do n it li
him? Shall she take him to home room
ill the palace? Mo; for the olllciul
desperadoes will hunl through every
nook and corner of thai l.uil.lin. Shall
she take him to the i esidence of soiuo
wealthy citizen'.' No; that cil izen would
not dare to harbor the fugitive. Hut
she has to tuUe him somen here. Sho
hears the cry of the nioli in the streets;
she hears tbe shriek of the d.vinjr noliil
ity; so sbe rusiies w ith Joash unto the
room of the temple, into the house of
God. and then she puts him dow n. Sho
knows that Athaliah and her wicked
assassins will not bother tbe temple a
great deal; they are not apt to go very
much to chinch, anil so she .sets down
Joash in the temple. There he will be
hearing the sonys of the worshipers
year after year; there he will breathe
the odor of the golden censers; in that
sacrod spot he will tarry, secreted until
the six years have passed, and he come
to enthronement.
Would God that we were as wise us
Jehosheba, and knew that the church of
God is the best hiiiiuir place. Perhaps
our parents took us there in early days;
they snatched us away from Die world
and hid us behind the baptismal fonts
and amid the Bibles and the psalm
books. O, glorious inclosure! We have
been breathing bis breath of the golde u
censers all the time, and we have seen
the lamb on the altar and we have
handled the plants which are the pray
ers of all saints, and we have dwelt un
der the wings of the cherubim. (Jlori
ous inclosure! When my father and
mother died, and the property was set
tled up, there was hardly any tiling left;
but they endowed us with a property
worth more than any earthly possession,
because they bid us in the temple. And
when days of temptation have come
upon my soul I have gone there for shel
ter; and when assaulted of sorrows I
have gono there for comfort, and there
I mean to live. I want, like .loash, to
stay tbere until coronation. I meuu to
be buried out of the house of God.
0 men of the world-outside there, be
trayed, caricatured and cheated of tho
world, why do you not come In through
tbe broad, wide-open door of Christian
communion? I wish I could act tho
part of Jehosheba to-day, and steal you
away from your perils-and hide you in
the temple. How tow of us appreciate
the fact that the church of (iod is a hid
ing place. There aro so many people
who put the Church at so low a mark
tbat they begrudge it every thing, even
the few dollars tbey 'g've toward It.
They make no sacrifices, Tbey dole a
little out of thoir surplusage. They pay
tbelr butcher's bill, and tbey pay then
landlord, and they pay every body but
the Lord, and tbey come in at the lust
to pay the Lord in His church, and frow u
as they say:
"There, Lord, it is; if' you will have
it take it now, take it, take it; send
me a receipt in-full, and don't bother me
toon agalnl"
1 tell you there is not mora than one
man out of a thousand tbat appreciates
what the church is. Where are the
souls that put aside one-tenth for Chris
tian institutions one-tenth of their in
some? -Where are those who, having put
itlde that one-tenth, draw upon it cheer
fully? Why, it is pull, and drag, and
bold on, and grab, and clutch; and giv
ing is an affliction to most people when
It ought to be an exhilaration and a
rapture. Oh, tbat God would remodel
our souls on this subject, and that we
might appreciate the houso of God as
tbe great refugo. If your children are
to come up to lives of vlrtuo and happi
ness, tbey will come up under tbe shadow
of the church. If tbe church does not
get them tho world will.
Ah, when vou pass aw ay and It will
not be long before you do wbon you
pass away it will be a satisfaction to
see your children in Christian society.
You want to have them sitting at the
holy sacraments. You want them min
gling in Christian associations. You
would like to have them die in tbe sa
cred precincts. When you are on your
dying bod, and your little ones come up
to take your lust word, and you look in
to their bewildered faces, you will want
to leave them under tho church's bene
diction. I don't care bow hard you
are, that is so. 1 said to a man
of tbe world: "Your son and
daughter aro going to join our
Church next Sunday. Have you
objections?" "1J1ihh you," he said,
lections? I wish all my children
longed to tbe Church. I don't attend
to those matters my sol f I know I am
very wicked but 1 am very glad they
are going, and I shall be there to see
tbem. I am very glad, sir: I am very
glad. I 'want tbem there." And so,
though you may have boon wanderers
from God, and though you may have
sometimes caricatured tbe church of
Jesus,- it Is your great desire tbat your
sons and daughters should be standing
all tbelr lives withlp this sacred Inclos
ure. More than that, you yourself will
want tbe church for a hiding place when
the mortgage is foreclosed, when your
daughter, just blooming into woman
hood, auddenly clasps ber bands in a
slumber tbat knows uo waking, wheu
gaunt trouble walks through the parlor,
and tbe sitting-room, and tbe dinlng
hall, and the nursery, you will want
some shelter from the tempest. Ah,
some of you have been run upon by mis
fortune and trial; wby do you not come
Into the shelter? I said to a widowed
mother after she had burled her only
son months after I said to her:
"How do you get along nowadays?"
"Oh," she replied, "I get along toler
ably well, except when tbe sun shines."
I said; "What do you mean by that?"
when she said;
"I can't bear to see the sun shine; my
beart it to dark that all tbe brightness
of the natural world seems a mockery
to me." O, darkened soul! O, broken
hearted man, broken-hearted . woman,
why do you not come into the shelter?
I swing the door wide open. I swing It
from wall to wall. Come In! Come in!
You want a place where your troubles
shall bo Interpreted, where your bur
dens shall le unstrapped, where your
tears shall bo wiped aw ay.
Church of God, Ix a hiding place to
all these people Give them a seat
where they can rest thoir weary souls.
Flash some light from your chandeliers
upon their darkness. With some sooth
ing hymn bush their griefs. O, Church
of God, gate of Heaven, lot mo go
through It! All other institutions are
going to fall; but tbe Church of God Its
foundation is tho "I!ock of Ages," its
charter is for everlasting years, Its
keys are held by the universal proprie
tor, Its dividend Is Heaven, its president
is God!
Hure an thy truth shall lust.
To .Ion shull he Klvi'n
The brlKhlest Iim Icm earth chu yield,
And brighter bllns of Ileuveu.
God grant tl,at all this audience, the
youngest, thoeldest. tint worst, tbe best,
may find their safe and glorious biding
place when; .loash found It -in the tem
ple. Canine oo tha Hina.
A father eued an English school
master for assault because he had caned
his boy on the hand. The magUtrati
before whom it was first tried thought
that the father was right, for tho rea
son tbat caning on the band was at
tended by a rl3k of injury, an J there
were "methods of corporal punishment
quite as available, efficacious and not
necessarily attended with any risk
which tbe defendant might have used."
The higher sourt, though, decided that
it was not actionable.
If bt a Knot Meant.
Comparatively few newspaper readers
know, or have any special reason to
know, tbat a knot Is more than a mile-,
and that six of the former equal almut
aevfcii of the latter. Accurately speuk
lntr. there aro fl.0t).7 fuot lu knot uud
S.'iSu feet In a tulie.
Numerous Doatha Ooourrintf iu All
Parts of tho World.
Curious auit Appalling Freak of Tills Mad
den and Unexpected Agent of Iutruo
tloll A I'liynlcluii'B imrt ttt a
t'hlladelphlu Wuiuau'a Case.
Tbe majority of deaths from light
ning occurs in the level, open country,
trees, villages and thickly built-up
towns and cities, by their projections
into the air, serving as conductors, and
thereby protecting the inhabitants
from direct stroke. The loss of life an
nually throughout the world Is very
great. In European Russia from 1870 to
1877 no less than 2,270 persons were
killed by this cause. In Austria during
the same time 1,700 persons were like
wise killed. Iu Prussia it is reported
that seventy persons are annually
killed. Ten thousand persons aro report
ed as having been struck during a
period of nlne-and -twenty years, with
deaths in Franco, while in the
United States during 1870 alone VJ0J
deaths from lightning were recorded.
The effects of lightning stroke are
most interesting, curious und appalling.
The general symptoms are usually of
shock. There Is often unconsciousness,
sometimes coma, lasting from a few
hours to even days; partial or complete
loss of sight or bearing, associated with
impairment of the other senses. Tbe
tissues may bo burned superficially or
deeply, tho bones fractured and portions
of the limbs torn off entirely. The
tracks of lightning on tho surface of
tho body may have a fancied resem
blance to the branches of a tree, tbe
main stems from which the branches
lead off arising at any portion of tbe
body. The skin in these tracks may ba
simply scarlet in color, slightly swellod
or blistered, tho branches tapering off
until no larger than ' the scratch of a
pin. They may pass li all directions
from tho place first struck or skip about
from one part to another. This is due
to tho conduction of the current by tbe
clothing, which if wet acts as an excel
lent conductor.
For the purpose of illustrating these
effects the following report of a case It
taken from the Philadelphia Medical
News, reported by a physician who was
on the spot at the time the accident oc
curred, Dr. J. B. Paige:
"The current struck tbe chimney of
the bouse and passod down the studding
near tho window to an iron hook on
which was suspended a chain and a bird
cage, passed from this to the head of tbe
lady, sitting just inside the window,
and beneath tbe cage, above the left
eye, midway between the eyebrow and
hair, which was apparently the part
nearest the corner of tbe bird oage;
passed along in front of the ear, then to
the central lino of the chest, descend
ing by tbe stocking supporter, which
was attachod to tbe corsets; thenoe to
the top of the stockings leaving marks
upon both limbs, but more espeolally
upon the left, on the back of which,
just above the knee Joint, was a burn
about the size of one's hand. It had the
appearanoe of an ordinary burn, and
was only superficial. No trace of the
ourrent could be detected again until
the foot was reached, from which it
passed off by the Joint of the great toe,
tearing a place about two inches in
diameter In the stocking and slipper,
but not leaving tbe slightest mark upon
the skin.- With tho exception of the
burned spot on tho posterior part of the
left leg, and one or two small burns on
the body and tbe right leg, congested
lines alone marked the course of the
electricity in Its passage over the body.
"Her condition was found to be as
follows: Completely unconscious; mo
tionless; muscles relaxed; left eye
olosed, right eye open;, face purple;
pulse at wrist imperceptible; neither
heart sounds nor respiratory sounds to be
heard. At once artificial breathing was
resorted to, and in from two to three min
utes the first sign of life appeared In a
movement of tbe left leg. The blue color
faded from the face and the pulse was felt
at the wrist Soon a new train of symp
toms set in. There was difficult respir
ation. Tbemuous and saliva, which were
very abundant, bad gravitated back and
could not be swallowed because of com
plete paralysis of the pharynx, etc.
There was, in fact, paralysis of almost
all tho muscles of the uppermost parts
of the body, including the arms. The
symptoms wore those exhibited by an
animal when being asphxlated; violent
musoular contraction; difilcult and
forced respiration, etc. Under con
tinued efforts consciousness returned In
three-quarters of an hour. A period of
four weeks elapsed before all the
senses and her general health were re
stored and all paralysis had disappeared.
In this, according to the St Louis
Globe-Democrat, do w4 see the effect of
lightning in a pronounced degree, and
there can be no doubt but tbat this per
son would have died from tbe effects if
tbe physician had not boen present to at
once resort to artificial or forced respir
ation and wrap the body to maintain tho
heat necessary for life.
White Hair Altared by tha I'aa of
Dr. Prentiss has related to the Lon
don Times a remarkable occurrence fol
lowing the use of jaborandl. The pa
tient was a woman aged Tl, who had
snow-white hair for twenty years. For
the symptoms of commencing urutml,
due to contracted kidney, 20 or 80
minims of extract of jaborandl was pre
scribed several times dally.
The drug was tken from Gotober,
1880, to February," 1H88.' During tbe
autumn of 1887 tbe eyebrows were be
coming darker, and the hair of tbe head
became also darker in. patches. This
continued until tho patches of hair were
quite dark, contrasting with tho natural
patches of snow-white hair. Tho hair
did not universally change beforo ber
In 1881 Dr. Prentiss bad published
another case of kidney disease pyelo
nephritis treated with pilo-carpiue.
The hair of the patient, a lady aged
twenty-five, changed from lijjht blonde
to black under the influence of the drug.
The pilo-carpine was administered
hypodermically (one-sixth of a grain)
twenty-two times iu the course of two
months; tho dose was then increased.
In ono month after commencing the.
treatment tho hairchanged from u light
blonde io a chestnut brown; four months
later It was "almost a pure black." It is
satisfactory to find that eight yi-ari
afterward the hair is arain a dark
Dr. Prentiss ascribes the phenomenon
to tho jaborandl and Its active principle,
pilo-carpine. Cases where, as tho result
of the influence of the nervous system,
in pain or fright, tho hair has changed
color, are pathological curiosities. So
little is known, however, of the physio
logical lnflucnco of tho nervous system
over the growth aud nutrition of hair,
that It Is at present iii.lto Impossible to
understand how a drug administered In
ternally can alter the color of tho hair.
It would be interesting to learn from
other practitioners who bavo used Jabo
randl or pilo-carpine for an extended
period whether any cbaugu in tbeoolor
of hair has boen nououil
Ifa (lira Hlinvelf Away.
An absconder from Mississippi got as
far u Niagara Falls without leaving any
trail to be picked up. In crossing thu
bridge to Goat Island be observed that
most of the asses in America bad cut or
w ritten thoir names on the wood work,
and be put his there for company and
was ploked up next day. ;
Phlloaophy of flucocna. j
Never kick a man when he is down. 1
It's a waste of energy. Go for to man
who is climbing above you.
n it mr A Son for spare ribi, baokbout
: i.'i mi ry uNUkSKe, jaulltf
In Kentucky, prohibition is known
li H a h) (limit bi'iidcil uiouHer.
The Hlihciil-uiincil protcxsitr lo I ho
ninhl vvali biiuiii ' 'tioixi nielli, I bopo
you will hIcc well.- l' liecnilc IIIhIIci.
A writer ms: " Ls,:iuehH grows on
people." This inhumation will Mir
rixc Ihot-c peiKOliH who hupom-iI Ih it
il fjiew on lieu. JNoi'iisKiwii llciuhl.
Tin inuii on lop always gels (be
cie.lil We lisvu Wulkintf jiii'licls, walking-
cost-, but never a pair of walking
lioiifi'iH, Millionth I bey do hII tho
w Hiking. I'uck.
"Keiiiienl weans lo wotk," raid tho
leiiclier to tbe iHiiiMlugtt dsns "Now
eiicli of you write a sen elicit containing
tbe wonl.'' This is what Tom my
('iiiiiho, who read-i the papers, wrote:
"Tramps do not like lo leiiiient."
(iel l ho Hcsl. Tciiniei'itiH'o wnuian
"My friend, il you don't want whitky
to t!itt l lnt be! nl )ou, you iniiKl get (be
liesi ol whi-ky." I'loui'ising Mibject
"I do, muni, when I chu; but when a
fuller's only fjo' " nickel ." Puck.
"From ihe west, eh?" "Yes, uir
Iroin CliicHgo." "Ah I Indeed I I upent
seveiHl months in Chicago. Ititen tlieif.
1'iiiKl"' "Yes, sir, 1 am a member of
tbe city council." "You don'l say so?
What street U our saloon on?"--New
York Weekly.
Iiiilii-tinct hut Ueliable. liorrowit
(in Cliinene laundry)--' Why do you
say Kl!-d.iy, John, when yon mean
V iday ? ' (JliiiitwiiH.ii "I slay Fli-day
'cause I mean Fli-day ; not liko Melictui
man, who Ihv Fli-day and come to pay
me week sllcli ncxl !" Texas Sifting.
Grecly Wrong Again. Little Dot
"Mhiiih, didn't papa vay Gen (ireely
predicted high winds lor In-day V Mama
"Yoh, my dear; be read it in the ps
per." Little Dot "Well, I hey Isn't
liinh nl m nil. Tbey is so low down
they 'most blowed mo over." New
York Weekly.
Not a Leap Year Proposal. Young
Widow "Mr Preitchlv, will you mar
iy me?' Mr. Preaclily'-" Well, real I V,
Mrs. Uiicknt'i', this is mo midden '
Young Widow "Oil, well lake iuir
time lo think il over. Mr. I larkins and
1 thought we'd like to have you per
form 1 lit' ceicmony for us." Harper's
Indignant Physician "Man, wbat
have you done? You sunt my patient
the wrong irccri(li'jii, ami it killed
him." Druggist Veil, vhat vss der
matter mil you? Lut veck 1 send your
edder psiieiit der rigbd boociibiion,
slid (lot killed him. How can some
body hlcafce coocli a man?' Spring
field lii'.nl)licHii.
A Miracle Explained Mrs. D
"My li'isbiind tell down the celiar
sihiis with live bin lies of wine and
didn't In ek a single one of I hem."
Visitor " Wonderful ' Miraculous!"
"Well, no ; it's not o wondeilul afler
all. Ho drank them liclore he Iel I down
the Hiitirs." From tho German iu Tex
as Sittings.
The billowing is an extract from a
real composition written by a small
school -boy in New .icrsey. The subject
given by tho teacher was tbe extensive
one of "Man." Here's wbat the small
boy wrote: "Man is a wondeilul aid
uiul. He has eyes, cars, mouth. His
ears are mostly tor catching cold in and
having the eai actio Tho nose is to get
hii ffljs with. A man's body is split ball
wh) up, and be walks on the uplit
ends! ' Lippcn:ott'a Magazine.
Mrs. Grubber "Well, well! What
fool ilutHU editors be!'' Mr. Urubbei
"Kb?'' Airs, (jftibber "Hero I wrii a
letter to the editor of tbe Puiikiiiville
Trumpet, askiu' what would be a
proper an' inexpciihi ve thing lo get tcr
a wcddiii' picMtni; an' here in Ihe pa
per lieV printed a list of about a bun
died things what folks gives as weddiu'
procnls, hii' tbeie ain't one of 'em
ciihlf less than a dollar." New York-Weekly.
K!l Wbirler VVIIi-ox.j
Weie 1 a man:
I would never npeuk or wiilo uneilis
paraging or di-reHK'c.l till word ol any
woman whom 1 did not know bexonii
the cavil ol ndoiiht lo be uiterly un
worthy. Even then I would only spe.uk
sui li win Us lo wui n otlieis li om tier
I would aim lo make my lite n oi l by
one good woman's admiration and I -tpect.
1 would be more gallant and kind lo
my wile lhaii lo any other woman.
1 would umke Ihe liappiuens of my
home Ihe chil l' auibli Ion ol my lite.
I would deny myholl koine, pleasures
mid luxuries in youth that I might Hot
be dependent upon others for tho iit ccs
Hitii H ol lite iu old Hge.
I would give every man a helping
baud as 1 wtnt ah ng the journey of
lile, and expect no reward save in the
increase ol my own iell repcct and
1 would lake great pi ido in controll
ing and miisieiiiig my passions and
app.'lilcs, a- I would in Ihe control of
my born-H or my dog. Ami I would
look well iu il i hut none gained uihk
lery of me.
I would f. el it a greater honor to be
called a la.it til ill husband and a wihe
lather than Iu be known as "a sly dog''
or 'h great musber" by my fellow men.
It 1 inherited wealth 1 would endeav
or lo mnke in) Re II iu the msiter ol
good manners and good murals the
equal of many who labor lor a liveli
hood. I could never liiiBgine tbat tbe pos
scFHiou ol h first-class lailor, and an
eeglsss could excuse u vile breath or
an iiiHoletit air.
I would write no letters lo any wo
man, nave my wile, which all the world
might not lead.
II in I be employ ol others I would do
double the duties imputed upon mo
that 1 inielit t lie sooner bavooibers in
my employ.
I would Mile iu my buMiiesa iiffairs
and iu my own household - not b lorce
; nl phyi-li'Ml slii uulb, bill by lorce of
And in my peiierai usor.ialinii with
women I would treat tbem as nt'Hily as
pohhiule hh 1 would like other men lo
tn at my oisler or my wife
Is the- Best and Cheapest Fam
ily Paper in the U. S.
Ilnru.ii tbe i-r IMW U will tvi-n exceed
It-til in I he vniirn of lt content and Us
eifiirls li iIi hs il- HuiiMvllwrs. Ni w fea
ture will he siMiil lo l' rfK'il'ir h,irt
uiciitit, Inc. uilii u Hi it-. In s
lis tvi.M, K''' KfH iti '""
A Hi: i
PraclicHl n rutins'
and Utirl "inn.
Uiiiuini' Work,
Hint l lV 1 1"' ''
l'lMlve . ,or Vrlem
.lt'rnlfre nnl tr',
C lilc riukli.-tof WU lluuir.
IM'tlimt 1 m o Al I-
m'iiji era.
James Gordon Bemut,
.Yw Ymli llirxl.t.
Jifw in K I'ii v.
Do tut l ul t S'i' 'r! ' f "" ,'' '
Y. Week y IUiM ;.
r vi r-t,. ..
... t J gl
hu "l A ilil'iill I ti
v. h.i
I II . Il 'I
: . flit I.!' :
I I -. ,1
r "I II I ,:" ' "I ' ' 1 1 ' II' '.
FO iAiL . I ., i i, ,, ,,,1,1, .in,., ,
o use Tw I '" "'- '! ! ''' " ' a
I I 1 " I 'II! 't' Il -t-
OVUMIH I . ... ., ........ ' ; i.l i .
1 i Ifi I. -it V . t . I" IIV
U i .i ..- ill.
I' III, .-, i I . I'liml'iMIII t ll:i I t" II '! I .' ! I
WIHl 1.1 . ,-. in III isl I MM n-.l- I I '.It-
f'Tt-il wn ,i n.i'i .r iu.- i ii. i.. i n-r
;lirlir r llln : ni ill" ;! -. I u.iV.' i.i i .. .11
iii-uin. r.i ir ii .iii -, 1. 1 in.' i 'niie mi'i i .ii i mi
fil l I. 'HII III . l 1, M ,1 I I .- I .! 'Ill
to jriiu." 1 II a. li. l,t.n in. I 'riitr.il . i I.
Celery Compoi?'vJ
I Inv tfiviiiiy :i'in i- . u.'i, ut,.
rh'iii at I t.ti. .in t 4-ouM Mini un r i iti.il! 1
ii.l I ..tii -'s ( Virry ' imimii:i I ii' i nMnj
hX lull t lt-ii nf I lil.-i ilii'ijli'ldt 1 ! In lit', ;i l i
rhfjin !!' t ii I !--. '
. tir ix llrit.HiN.HHN, So. i ir m h. N II.
EfTect3 Lasting Cures.
I'.-ilrn-'Hivli-ry rum pi m ml tins j,.-rtT n;t-. m.-inv
ollior i-iiri'H lirt iiiui'Vi'Imiis ii m Hi i-iii'i'-Mii
li-Hvn, Hi nt timiiy wWivsh. I'l .s. ni n i .! ,.,
ilii. siint illstiirh. hut iiIiIhiIIk.mii.ii .ii i -,r
Iy V nil, hlf; li .1,11,1 m tn'.i P. Minis I hi
ll" nf MlK.;rlii) luii;.r Willi 1 1HMII11..1 1M11 nl
lino. 81 fur f' O'i. I'r'i'r -km.
Miiiiiuinth li--nim.ini tl pii 1 Ti-i-i'.
W II. I.l. ItK'IMIIIISIIN X l'.l.,l-l.,. I ..III In 4lMII.Vt.
oiAMoiio dyes 'ItJI!:; s2rtt
A Certain, Bate, and EfTectlva Itemed? for
Producing Long-Sightednesa, & Restor
ing the Sight of the Old.
Cures Tear Drops, Granulations, Stye
Tumors, Red Eyes, Matted Eye Lashes,
Alap, equally fflracloin when wmmI In othr
maladle, each u I'lrera, Prver Hare.
Tarn ore. Hall Rheam, llama. Pllpe. or
Wtoerr Inflammation ezlaia, SMtH UtCLI. a
VAX, VWC max ba tited to ad vantaxe.
Bald by all Dralata at 'ii Centa.
For "run-down," ilr-hllltuffd nnd nvi-iwnrtwl
wnnin, lir. I'Mtw's 1'avnnti" I'p writitmti l
tin- iH-st of all n-tnr:itive tniiim. It is:i ikitrnt
Sprflnc for all th'.si- l lironic Wonkm sw h nnd
llUMMinea fxTuliar to Womrn : a p" v-i-rt ill. iri'ii
enil as wrll ttg un-rlm. tiini? unit hithm-. It
Intinrtu viifur und strrnirth fivtli wlinlo Hvnirm
It tiroinpUy cun'fl H-cHkuosiiul Ktnitin(.'ti.nuui.i.
unification, hlontlnir. wi-iik Imrk. iuti-mii pro.
trution, di'hthty and li-ffiliiti'P, hi ritln-r v
It la carefully compounded hy nn r jcpi-i'icnrt
physh-inn. mid niluptinl ti wonum's iS-Iii-hp
iinriinlzntlnn. I'nn-ly vwlnlilr mid p'i lri-tl
hurinliiM In any condition of fhr - r-t, -in.
"tnvorno I'rvtrrip.
tloll" la the only nii-dicmi.
forwonu'ii, Hold l.v ih-tiL'trnttft
under m imiuHIvo viutr-
antes of aatlafat-tlnn In rvrrjr ciiw, or priif
$1.IMI1 refundtnl. Thin iruM-unl'''' lum Ix-cn
printed on thu tx.ttli--wr.iipiT, aud tuilhfully
rarrlcd out for miinr yi"iin.
For larr. Illustrated Tn-ntlas on tllwuwa of
Women OflO paipn. with full dhv.ti"im fur
Dome-treatment), wild rcn n-ntn in Mump.
Addreaa. WoKi.n'a Iiispi:nhiiv Mkiucal
AaaociATion. fliia Main tsirw-t. HuiTnio. N V
From using for Coughs, CoMs, Sore
Throat aud Incipient Lung Troubles
It is pleasant to the taste end w ill cure
the most obstinate cold, l'rcjiuieil bv
Slil by all (lruggista at 2S cents er
bottle, iuaial vu having it.
Nek Baadaehe and relieve all tha troubles tact
dent to a btUooa atata of tha system, snob an
riliilnssa. Nauasa, Drowsiness. Distress after
eating . Pain In tha Side. 4o. Whllo their most
lamarkaUa aueoeaa has been shown iu outing
Beadaeba, yet Carter's tittle liver Plus ara
equally valuable In Constipation, ourlng aud pro.
venting thtsannoylna'complalnt.wlille thoy alaa
liver and regulate the bowels. vuu if they only
Aclsthey would be almostprioelosstothoso who
ufarfromthlsdistresslngoompliilnt; but fortu
nately their goodness doea noteud borend t boss
wboonoetry tbem will find these little pills vain,
able In ao many ways that they will not bo wil
ling to do without thorn. Cut after silolck ha&4
Is the bane of ao many Uvea that here Is where
we make our great boast. Our plUacuroltwuua
others do not.
Carter's Little Liver Pills are very small and
very easy to take. One or two pll Is inako a dueo.
Tbey are atrlotly vegetable and do not gripe or
purge, but by their gentle aotion plcasoall who
bsethem. Invtelsat JScentsi Uvefor$l. UoU
fey druggista overwhere, or seat by mall.
oofM m3-up
(y-yJ lj I:. .J 1 1 ;l i I
h I h ll ! I .
rirrue "- '-3"
:ijst m madi :
eOl - -
cm: a 1 ron cash
D. STALL. j'vJG'S.
lib A I KM ' H
sroi Ks, Tl.,
i3r.!r-iKo. ami
4 (ll'Ktt IV 4llt:,
UooflnR nnd Oultni inn a Spocitilty.
Sil.. nui'iil li.r Hi- i i I, l.r.ilr l
I'.-orni ' .. .! In-,.. Iiruirr;
I'll. I t.iilii,' wniiii tin h:ilr. u in
.MilllH.il" -ml ll.iniiiv; O11I.M.'
il "r Wood hr.ili'lH .h : Ih H till
Miiiii y nl CiiiiH.n MiiVis. 'Slim-rior" I ik.i.
iiiin -,. nr uihmI nr -nil. mi l h Hill 1-01 Ilium
nil HlhlT in, .is in til-, 1111,..
All wuiU limn-und htuvi 1111I1I Kiiiiriiiilii-d to
Kivi-Kiiilri HittiHlHiMioii. friiu-a al l'.i-d Kurk.
'H I11W IIH the loWHt.
oah'land c. ghaiiam.
MAKI'.S A M'Ki I A I TV 1:1
un r run tik roi.i.iiM'iNii finut 1:1. ahs
ok ,m:w oicii,
v m:w viti'K.
onit 11 1 roiii.
i w. loi!. m i m si,
M MUK AlilltU : M
4Mo Da 4 IB dm in
Plains, iurc,
r "r"''li'Hly announr.i It. Ihe .nlili.
TV ;ni'l to '.tu- :rn,U, irtM thi", r. v- 1 .
lu r Kurr. 'i t,- nmr.uft ( t ry , v. 1 li r,.uii,l n
inu.:rnrv, .1. 4.5'i.f 'iji, r.i:.i t u.. Hit; euil
III I I III . P)r 11'
t; .'". KAVflMU,
Tjov also t'.-u ...tiiian Iv on band, an t if.r .
St ' i IMT ' ,
Nrwm. POSTS.
w. i.n jit t;oriNi.
i'll,-V r--p,-i' lii'lv -t Ihi- :!.', ol hII I.
Il. arlli-li 01 lh.i! tiii.tiii'arl.ir.. i:,..ltr:nr 'lit-tri-si'lvi--
to n''l i". ,-l i-ii ,.r- 1. i'Ii ur' i-'i-h run I.t
"INK' I'll H't:. 1 'IT UK niMI' V
.' f, Oj ., f '. a n ,y
t J.LX ,: f! 1 It !
UK KUijV Alt ! b'HN K1H
lllT(l( KH,
III Kit CAil:M,
Hint ( i in n,
lltlUi:0 MIRK,
I.l. KIN IIS Ol" IMi'M'', (' , if,
rhfiiu nh tin rtifaM'Ht iril hh (T.m.,1 ui. ihe
I urn a!nii liunilliiii; a
1 III' Iti'Ht Uhil II lllilSMll'I'-it l"l.:iri M:l'le.
I will 1 iii v -I rk it'
I'l! " I I II V.
Kit ttltil.lt Hat.
m iti itm it nosi:,
t uri-'illv ii'ilii''' .1 i" '.. i In or li r In rlom 111, in
out I.i : tin- mil o: in,- mm-,. in
itc-iM limit ,
Lexington, Mo.
ti.i f.vi .4iu.iia! ii .u;i:m'.s.
Ui..i'..-iiil tin i.i'l.i'i ni' run i. mill- :
Vi I V, i.C liatlloiil.
fllKMX, (if 2.M ikljli,
iivnii t)iii, of ii itif.Tii,
M'IMNl.FiKI.I), of Muss.
.Ml TIM L LIFE, of !. V.
IMiniKKS, of l'i nn.
.IM.L0 MM ol nl.
i.ii i::; i v, of n voik,
nr.iAs, of st. i.outs
nii:i::ni'., 01 . o.
11 h nl ih ctUTiiniit i w h .Vf t (in m nii'il
llh ,t i lie I I .1 i Mti lli'l nlli r lull.
Il IMI V' -'.. It M "1 Oitlll 'li- llli'.il'l-
I iit.il si i ..ii , -.1 I :-'. tc i . mi. i - - :i t lit
I . . w l'i tl- I.t v t a - I -.
A 1 1 ji - - I m ' , i ' "( '"''l p i i i' 'In lil',
hor.i - (.m ii.-., aiil t.i' ill lr -. iu.-:.ly
itlhl itl i: I Mil t .i ' U
U'fit l-ltl.'S- loll. Il fllrll, C.U.l-IV
iiill II - I V . I i!i I'll' - i - I r...:iiiiM.-
ill'- - Ml tl ," V ln tl (! V lt.i' llt't
j; I v rii 'I- In ii. I) I -if, ' 1 i i- i- '
v .n.-ti'-' tit 'int- . i i i;'i'.ni.t
IV sun i 1 1 t '. . : i i. . U. .' n it .:-. -
1M1CI ..
' v 'i : i ..
i . 1 1 i ' I I Mt ;
I (In I I (i
. : i i .
i' t I ii : ' i , i-lic i l.r
I Ml .il( k Ill's.
- liHK KUKIt or -
- J ,M K rrronl-
I in Hii- t . -nir.il I ! iWUp.v
I'.il .ml I h'iiu If.ioiil. tViVf . - 1
N:il l-l r l 1011 mllll'.IM tl-i'll .
A.lilli. -: W II. i'.illlin,
l Olir.orili.t, .M'
i.f:i.;T:v, mo.,
W11.1. i:kin ils iivr si,s
SlilN 1111 fw ileil.). r 4. IniU.
Hii H lUll l.ll-UIIV Ol KCI-DIII ,l loll
i.l I, H'hilH. nllil Ull I III" lli-lltlt-in
nln llinroilftily organizi'd. t.lt-
lurj . r Hoi I illr, mil-ir. unil iiri -m-
M l-'.:imt- r -IOUUlll ll'IIK Will IIK.i- .,,-, w
. 1 1 t.-i 1 r h-. ..1 tin. Muniu U purtiii-iit.
Kni I .1 t;ilo. lie i vu.ir n rm and ollirr Infor
inu 101., u,i.iv to Hit iii-uidi'iit,
jiitM-ttirlt A. A. JllKtl,
I.emiiKton . Mn.
Ni.ri-r,'iH: mn, Inn um.fr
t,iirtif iun luriiirnc' liepariuon
lur tuuffH. WphI I'atnl orioilf K--.
'IVriiH iii'ii rpatHotmttlif ihun ny
rhooi ol ihi-Mtiiii kiml tn Ih wai.
Nfhl m-KHlon UfutnA Sciiiniilnr II.
'OKIH' UlllilfriH
t miiI Hi PnncipBl.
Cooking 6i Heating
A NO Manuiar.turer of Tin Hbeet
V. Iron an. I Uopver Ware.
tiutterlng. Uooflng and llapalrlng
speeialty. .
Prices at lie-l Rock, and all tioods
i a repreeeuied , or no sale.
call and examine Stock and prloes
jefor-parchHalng eltewnera.
tODon't forget tbe Place 13
NKAR miAIN-C'ROtlll,
texas, riunuu i mm,
A N It 'I II K
TVoi'lll 211141 lJflMt.
DIlUlll.l; l I.V TRAIN KKKVIt t:
Il.tNralBAI.. Ni:UI.IA.
t'OlfK' t IMA. IIOl.STO,
liI.Vi:4l K, IT. tVIIHI II,
vurti. t vrn iu hah a vtoihio.
Ilir.,'l ni,i,,,..i.i.,n Ml ITpI IVn.lh !., Il.u
j Punllii l oufi At sun Anionic lor ibe t.lty ol
'iiin.u mi., hii ,oii(H in uir u-ijiioiic
I'.li'itHiH Kr,'i- Uicllninn Chair t arn uelwrrn
Hfitulta iinrt lliiiuiliiil .
I'uIIiiihii liiuli I hit-riling fur Irom hi. Louis
Kuinta titv uml Vii'tHha lit'lVsas Points,
i.K.'l .A. GilllV II. C. CKOSS.
.1 WAI.Iio. UV.sfoN MKSI.IKK.
(ifii'l Tr. Mt l.en'1. P. and T Axeot
liiiii'.'.'i I HfiUHa. Mliwnurl
ou is in:: i nn; to si bsi kibi;
Arranucnifnlii have lir-rn msde for Ibe coming
e.ir wlitcli will niainiain lor tne Ueview lis tin
rivalled I'linilioii inniiiiK pcriodioals, and rei i'er
it I',--i-iiiiul to evny readi-r In Amerira who
ili Hirea to k ep aliri a-l of ihe tlmra.Kroin month
lo lum. tli loinrs ol nuiiiiunliiiK intei-ot in very
ri. I.I ol hii'iisn tlioiit:rii mid acimn will b- treat--d
of In us liiig hy repreurnialive writera,
h ir worda aud nun. carry uutliurliy with
III! Ill
I he InrihcomiiiK volume will In- signal led bv
ihr ilicru-nion ol Mi siiiin4 nl b nh iuulin inter--hl
liy ihe lort'inoni men of le inn-, notably bv
com nni rny on Kie -Trail'' und Protrotion In
thi ir. b-itriiK upon l lie li'Ve'0.U"Ut ol Ararrl
ran industry and Cim llitrcr, belavcn Ihe wn
mint i.iitious living stateeiuen of Uuglaad and
The Eight Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE
This dieriifnicti, I'inbrurinir the most iinfior.
lunl rn'.iriliunoiiH , vit uiiilr lo an Aiin riran
pcrioncil. will beirin in lln- .lunnury iiiiinl). r.
U la a sin" II 'am ai't an ulinwinx the un
pir.ill. Ii il io iiNii ii v and ti-rliiliiia ol Ili a
in riii'tirml, ami u.- wide Ii d ii'in'r imon publ'O
ii:niou hu Itif l' ri lil ilxin ol 'i'be North
An eni'iiii Ic.'Vit'W I. (r-nli-r ih.m Hint ol all
oiin r Ann 1 1 cnn and Knail-li Itt-vii wa rombln
I'd. Subacriplloit I'nce, latige Pro
liid, live llnllara at Year.
i l'..iM Kour'ri'iith SlM'.'t, NVw York.
' Will Willi ' ! f'f 'lH l -t (If l'Monl'f Vftluftllle)
Hunk finiiiK-t .il'. aiil itf-'i 'rf-t ti.-Niw, to vry iub
anTiimi t Hit !! i ir iijm tvriiiiii n iar, hu rmlt
t-.'.-ifj 'i( iti it'l'hii'.u i- t , rtKulr miiIi!MtIiUub
ri -i I'lmn- tn.tik f .u !i i'nin Who Ii r.iht uiim itilU
I't.-r.' ilr t ' In- n.-i.-l it . ii -r wink l-y h wt-ll ktiii4
fti.il i..ii.nl..t i il'" r. .ii" j ii iir.li.-il in iittat iiihtt
I a l U. l UlU'l I : tHI fVit t !. till giKill pr(
mil iti.iuy i'l i 'i" tn .i ii t .ii ill if-1 rntc.l Thwy cum
.t i.it aj.tiuu "I I'u " ' " cviT ritiM by inn uf
the i ti'n t a -1 aii l 'i. - i j. i-nt.ti i iut l. th nf Atttvrl
rii au I l'.ur"n- l..k--u .(! ' - t 'Jiiii'f ! In Uif :
V e. 'li i niMf'4 uit ii Ih I rHuriN, If
l i iji 4rt I n. t: . it W , t.l l tin.i viy luiiny. Tb
f tnmr h - A"ll i "I'l-T i.'i'n-u4i ..iii .mii rKvl thata
Nn. -it At m tar n Iluclirlor. Mrtha-tii-i
t " H"Vi l' i Alvi'itiiiru In Najw Vurk.
A if("t li 'ini-'r'ti ' i at Miiulnr mith'T.
Sit I lo M :tlinnl MMv om
C lit Kit till, A v.il't.i'-li- iiii'il'tt Itm tlrul 40t4.
ui it - tii i - i i 1 1". iw i.-i . .st M i-. - aiil' i KfaiuDiiwra.
No it; lVtH fhf r.ui ilt iu tUm Muvrti. A
Nt.vgl H. i. i." V I II-.F
' -t 1 Mi I. iiL' ifclil Man of (k Hat!
Il'llfa. .. ,y 1 MM 1 'I1.IH1C.
N l-iiutroij iti ull. A Naval. Ir
Mia N s nn
'Mia l.itMsVu Knrm Bride. A NotI.
I Pinion llerrll k Uliuufcter. A Kut.1
b . v. I 1 ' 1 .'i
V . if!. The llnroil'a Will. A Nixal. by Art
r a m .1 1 ' hi 11 li
N.. il I Ii.- I'. rll or III, huril Pardon. A
. 1 H. I' I. ri;i,.-.v
s . J.' Ulm hMi.i Hill, a Nursl. By Emaxt
- 11 K 1: N . 1 II
.. 11 Th li.lindlitn's Pint. A Norsl i
lu .1 11 lc. .Ill SHIN
N I'll 'I In IJruy lulciin. A Novel. By II r
11. The Hiiit.w ol h Itecret. A Moral
in l 1 l.v I I ' 1 11 ,
V. . 1 I'm) ui.a Ibe Prophet. A Moral
h. w 1 k 1 h r.11.1 1-.
,. 7M The Kinrv .it a We.tdlng Hlaa. A
..el. Sty II." Til. nn. 1 i.t llora Ih ntie '
.i-j. M .ti t yii H iik , Tvniptatton. A
.S-vl I'. Mi. II . W
No '.-IV A l,kilern 1 Inderellia. A Novsi. B
tin uutii'ir "I " ii.'ra I h..ru
No. in. The lalunil Home. A Novel. 111
s -".V The Fnvnl Clove. A Naval. Bl Claju
01 cala
PKKSONS wunitnR work of any uintef
tleai riDK " v in ploy Uuorcrs, vookj "
Tttr.tH.rao riciir tbeir n antra mfi "'7 f.
fnl dry gaotU ator,on uitia btrtnW, opi
potiUHii' u i Dnrge lur rt gnU ilD(t, mi
iiiiniii iki; rciiiirt:j win oniy
i hi purtle Htfrff aud the a
XTO'I It fc. in tivrt-b) gift o lo all cidi '
oilier person lulerriuti lo lm ra.
Alirt-ti JunteM, di cMM-1, that Ibe uudrnl
K'lmhilHtritirix, will wpuiy Co maka a dun
t ol aaid mlMtr, al Ilia rebrttart
lorv. ui mt rroune court uf Lafayette C
j. iwtuui i, M ur urmn sod DC1I1 at U. M
couil rooui. in thr city ol LcxinKioe7
second Jdonduv in ICviiruurv. iaui
di'CM S
i.1 utbrr uriaons interested In tha aau .
."V ut-rroy aivrn 10 all credit
lar'lia Iub, dfo-uBi-d, I hut the undersl,
u-l'iru uiruior. will apply 10 make a llual at
ufntol auid estate al the bruary lerejY
o mr rruumi couri oi Lulu) ens county t
aouri, to be biaun and Held at Ibe trial
ftinir. rmim in i.u .,1... ... . . r-
w-, i .uiu.ij, low
Joofcl H A. WXISOIT,
,. " aiauuiiiii,
OTIOfc Is hereby xivta lo all cradilora a.
other aeruona lnieiaute.1 m 11,. . . .
Henry JuruinK. deeeased, that the undersir!
d. adiiiiiiiMrator. will apply to make ilu
.eill.mrnl ol sahr-uta at the irbruar
ibw. ol the t-robat oourt of ffuyetia eoaail
. . w. nwB.ru. m.ll
ri. to be bektin and held at tne frobJ
oom. in the eny ol Lexlnarton. oa '
Mondy In rebruury. lano.
court room
fOl ICK is hereby given to all creditors i
i.1 olher persons im.reeUid la the euLut.
f-.tr.rk atcBrlde. iierlM t tbe 'n'
siKned. adrninlsiratriz, will apply to aJ
tinal aettlpment of said esUte at the Felat
term, Ibllo, of the 1-robate court of Laiu.
oouuly. atiasourl, Iu be liegan and htld at -probate
court room. In I lie oity of Leiinuff
on tbe second Monday to February lata "
Ailmli tstrains .
rim al HK'r'rLaKMTTi
OTM;!t is hereby alvea to all ei editors ,
11 other iiersona interested la the eatai.
Henry Ueisrr. u'..-d, tbat ttas uadarat
.d. eieculrn.wlll apply lo make a anal aer
meni 01 said eatate al tne rhro.ry Urm. h
ol lbe frobate Court ol LafayaluotS
Miaaoun, lo be begun and held at the ProS
oourt room. In tbe cily ol Leilnctoa am i
seoond Monday in February. l(o - '
I'uuAlum OKLieit. .
.ETTlL.i.itI EWT.
v.ii.r. iu n.r-uy given to all ri editors aa
y...uU,'r. I"0 HeMled la the estate s
w ilium Laud r.l.l. deceased, that lb, nde,
.Igned. .im nisirator. will appi, to i
Unal setileuienl ol said estate, it the ibrII
term. Iai. ol Uie probata oourt of UiX
etle rouniy Miawnil. to be began ..aiJf
at tbe l-robuie con room In the oily
l.e.nKton. on the seoond Monday In ebruarl
-U.J"" ; Adm.Bl.trujy
NoritK .. hereby give, to alllSS1
oth. r iMiraons Interested la tbe esta S
Harrison T. .hrlsinn.deeesaad,tnaltsiaef
rKned,adminuirator.,wlll apply to makeafcu.
19W) ol Uie frobaie court of Lafayetu
county, Missouri, to be begun nod held Vt mJI
Probaie court room. In the city ol UzliVtoa?
Mo . on tb. second Monday li
J1 AflmiMWratora. t
NOTICE la hereby given to all creditors aA f
other persona m.eiested In tbe astals? h
Neanilerc. ttwmg, deceased, that -the nndeT 1
k xned. administrator will
.1 . ".iv.i win up pi v 10 saaaa a
II, oil .ei tli ruentof aald ealala, at tbe t bra.r?
. .-, .aw, ui ui. rivoaie conn of lalareuu
cjiuniy. Missouri, lo be bun and bad at tb
rrobaie court room, in tbe cliy ol Leslagtoau
on ihe second Mouday In rebra r liWt)
dertli Juat U IWIHQ.
t lflL ETTLEM Elf T.
NOTICE is neraby gives to all creditor wwi
oiber parsons .atieuied i uu 7
tienrge Mauteraon, deeeased. tbat tb nda!r
signru, public administrator, will apply fe
make a floal aetilnuenl ol said eatate t Uf
Frbiuary term, ltK. of Ibe frobale eouwy I
Lafuyrtie county, Missouri, to be bemuj
hi Id at ibe I'roiiaie court room, la the el '
lziry'i n, on Ibe Sci-ond Monday la rebrjiQ
'' Public ArtrainlVinilor
X 'Tn K la berebv given to all creditor
X Jul I'tbrr persons inierasted in tbe aetata
ha U. i'uirirk, rteeeaued . - that, tbe He-
lined public adiiilnistrstor, will aev
to lUHke a final aeUl.mrnt nr -J .
est'e at tbf rebruury term.IMM, al tbe Proas
couil ol Latayeite rouniy, Missouri, lea!
begun and brld at Ibe Probaie court root : j
tbe idly cf Lexington, on the seoond Moae ' ;
in Febr.iarr . . K W1LHON. r
decaita Pnb'lc Admtniatratt. rV
NOTICE is hereby given to all creditors aa
01 her persons lu e rested in tbe eatate aT
H.rnett Y. Canktord. dereased, that tbe BDifeiH
signed, 1 ilmtnlslrktor. will apply to make
rinal aelllement of eald eslili. at tbe fenruara;
l-rin. ItM). of ibe Probate court or Larayetv
county. Missonrl. 10 he begun and held at tZT:
Probate couit room, in tbe city ol Leitngloo.v
un Ihe second Monti av In Pebrusry, lbkXi.
dertlllk Am'ni.rniwe, j
NOTICE is hereby given all creditor' ami J
oilier eraiins Interested in Ibe estate of
Spotawou-I M. McCulinrh. .iee'd hattb- under,
sianeil. executor, will apt Iy lo make a Inst set
tlemeat olaal.t eala r.ai tueK) bruary ena.lBWiV
Ihe Probata court ul Lalayetie county, Miuu,
lo he t eauo and held at li e Probata court roa
In Ihe city 01 lvinglon, un trie second Mend '
in ".li'Utrv. Inw. S U. SMITH, 4
daclU ExerntorT
NOTICE la hereby given 10 all creditors a4
other persona Inier.ated in Ibe ,ataier
Jane I'. Larkii deceased, tbat tbe anderu
signed, sdulnisiralria, will apply lo make a)
final aetilemenl of said estate, at tha Keliruaru
term, liaKl, ol 'be Probaie court of Lalayelaw
couoly, Mi.suuri, to be begun a. I bald at tbat
Protrate court room . in Ihe eliy of LeilagtoaJ
ontbe.econd Monday in February, law. I
Janltl Admlnialratr'g.
LETTERS r( .dmlclstratloa on lb eatate r"
Martah H. Mmlth. deceased, wet traaU
to tbe onderaigned on lb Utb day of UeeeRT
ber. lbo. by the Probaie oourt ol Latoretls
county, Missouri. . 4.
II M-raons having clai m against s ild stale'
are required to exhibit tbem for allowaae kar
the adinin'slrutor within one year after tay
lata of aaid letters, or tbey may be preelodeo)
from any benefit of such eatate. and If aueuV
claims ba not axbllilled within two year I rose'
me u.ir 01 una piiDiication I nay will be lor-
aver oarren
Thu mtthday nf Deeember. ItM.
difiM 5 Adtnlnlatrator
BiiKita 01 anuiiuisiiailon on tb estate
t-J 01 cinion H lieuiel ceaaail.weregraateit
in ma unueraiaued on the Ii in day ol Navamuei
ibb. oy toe pr.ibsie oourt 01 LuWaytUe eoaal
All persons baving claims axalosl aaM iMml
are required to exhibit tlieut lor nllowabee
10 ihe aiiininietrator within one year after tbw
date 01 aaid I. tiers or they may be precjude
from any benefit of auoh estate 1 and lfsnci
niaims be not exhitiifHi within two veara front
tie dale ol Hits publication tbey will be lot
ever barred. el
This )l7tb day of November. IUHB.
notion Admlnistrutor
WILL let 10 tbe lowest and best bidder, oa "
On wood n bridge for construction. ol twenian
two leet span, lo ba built aoroaa bratieb near
Ihe Marlin 8lauubler play-e, on tbe road rae
nlng nnnb aud souib between tbe two roads,
riiiinlni fa,m I rn.ttn.lnn In ll.lau.
te ooiieoMUj
by the vrrttf
Letting will lake place at bridge kite, nl llaa
o'ol t k a ru 1)3
Plan and specification for work will be 1 I
sen at time and place or letting Contractor -J ,
11, ii. imini who approve!, eevuriiy igr cor .
plying who contract ss the law iiirecta. Com
muslouer reserves the right utReiaot nay or all'
bids. W t
Isnlltd Coremias loser, t
Hannah ll.iwsare, Msry E. Besmerand JttT
aon 'lei mrr, her husbsud, pialnllSs,
vs J2T
Alice P. Krb and Jacob Krb. ber bnabar
I( virtue ir a uncial decree and onl
1 la. lint Irom the office ol Ihe clt
circuit oourt ol Laluyeite county, Mis
uie liva entuii-d ra me wherein
nuwaare, Mary K Kramer and
liestuer, her hualiaiid. are ulaiaiil 1. an't
and .HTwi
. r.i u anil .lannu r.ru. tier nualiann. -rs 'I.Ira- 1
ilunta. lo uie directed and relurnable lo lha
pru mrin. i.i-si. 01 aaul court, I will oa
I.i 1 wnn M,e li.iiiraol 9 o'clock in tb loreneow
nun 1. no w in Ihe atlrmooa ol said dav. I
Inn 1 oi ihe i.iiiiiIk uar door In ihe cite 01 Lex
II.KI..II. in l,utu .e noiimy. Mlsaouri, diiriaaf
th -.---Iho ,, 1 he eimniy lurt ol a 'id county
red ,ul,!i. at nullum to the bighral blirder"
lor I-. .11 all ih.- rmhl. title. Iniereal and ralita
in. uii.ive 11 1. in. , olulnntr. und d, Ti-n'leula ol
Ih uml to ihe lloaing real ealala slluale, lying
ant Ii in n in the roomy nl Lafayrlle and slaiv
.M.r.niri. lowli; I he north-nali ol Ibe sou h-
e 1-1 i i,il,it ,.' n nmillieieil one III, al-f
an H11I part ,. ,,u no In, art quarpr ol ih
eoinhwini 1)1111 Urol aai.l s, clon one (II , Itl-
it" l'i enat aule of the Hm-a - Itur ere.a aui.nrM. .
. .I lo milium liiieen . an es more i r k.. sll
l i t n iiiwnahip number forty-nine tl) of
lu' ue n1.111i.rr I aeniv-uine (16l, eoutaluiug 1st
all oiu-iy U,e niS) acn-a mure or li as.
tin . n im.ler inv hand Una Mh day ol Dec. oa.
I.11 . Ixsn t llAltl.tH . MITCHELL.
. ' 4'd HherisT
Prunkenness M
ur mo Liquor naoii, rAsuivaiy curta
It can 1 b given la a cup ol eofls er to, or la v
ticlea ol lood. without tbe knowledge of the per
son taking It; It Is absolutely harmless and will
effect a permanent and speedy cure, whet tier
the patlentlaa moderate drlnknror an alcoboittr
viret a. it NEVf R FAILS. w QUA R AN TE
n nmiplete cut fi e.eFy Inatnnii vZSfi
Addreaa tn confidence.
' af.
, '
I i
rwawy' W' t" f
m WW.'l-'ri"?'''!'"''

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