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CSet&lg gattlUgtnctt.
Official U ir and !-amr Pis.er,
Tuu K.iusas tUiuli tbey are gohitf to
ha? another big crop.
The Ohio and lower MUsist.lMl have
Lea a vtiv hiah. and ibere are still
leart of a flood.
An eflort is being made to bare
Kansas women appointed among the
census enumerators.
Yoang Abraham Lincoln, who died
la Londou last Wednesday, was the
last male ol bis line
farnell seems to be vindicated, not
only against the Times, but against
It mari complaiatant as well.
The democratic state central commit
tee will meet In Bt. Lonls March 18,
under a call made some weeks ago.
Wheat in ludlana, Illinois and Mis
souri baa been more or less Injured by
the recent oold weather, and by floods.
Col. Swltzler is for recovered as
to have made a speech a few days ago,
at Columbia, to the farmers ot old
The visit of Mr. Uoold to Bt. Louis
tSls week revives the talk of a new
onion depot. It Is certainly very much
noeded. '
Friend Bogie.ot the Richmond Dem
ocrat and the Rayite, has determine!
to discontinue the latter and enlarge
toe former.
Jndge Henry Clay Caldwell, ol Little
Bock, Ark., has been appointed to
noosed Judge brewer as United Stales
circuit ndge.
The Centropolis Hotel at Kansas
City has been sold, Messrs. Hammett
Davison betas the purchasers, the
prlco being 140.700.
The Kansas supreme court met In
regular session Wednesday. The new
commissioners. Judges Green and
Strange, were on the bench
The federal sapreme court has sus
tained the Mississippi ruling that the
railroads in that state must provide
separate cars for white and black par
aengere .
Cate, democrat, ot Arkansas, has
bien unseated, and Featberstone, re
publican, has been given bis place. It
U a regular grlud. . All tbey have to
do la to get to them.
Mrs. Haney T. Darby, wife of An
drew W. Darby, ot Brownlngton.
lleury county, died at her borne a few
days ago. She was born at Man
vbeater, St. Louis county, March 8
193. , - , -
The Oklahomaltes don't aoem to
like the threatened immigration a
large number ot negroes, and arc
taking atepa to discourage it by whip
ping and driving away those that are
The municipal elections in lows
ibtw substantia and continued demo
crats gains. In Burlington, Cedsr
Rapids, Clinton, Creston and many
smaKers towns the democrats gained
Mr. Ilcnry Harrison Ratlin, one of
tbe oldest settlors ol Jackson conntv.
died ot heart disease, at his home in
Kansas City, last 8atorday. He was
oatlve of Balb county, Ky., aud eettle-l
at West port In 1844.
All of tbe guests of the old Planter
boose In St. Louis bsve departed, and
. tbo ancient hostelry will prnbsbly be
torn down and replaced with some im
ftoslnsr modern structure, probably h
new merchant's exebsnge.
Tbe republicans unseated Pendleton
of West Virginia to seat Atkinson, but
they are said lo have had their trouhh
for their pains, as Atkinson has lakf-n
bis seat on tbe democratic aide ol tbe
boose and says he is a democrat.
An Important indorsement of th
eight boor movement came from the
National Builders Convention, a very
conservative bdy, which passed re
lutlons recommending contractors to
rearrange tbelr bnslness on tbe basis of
an eight boor day.
Tbo British steamer, Quelle, baa been
lost at sea. Two hundred persons
perished wilb ber. Tbe stesmer struck
rock not shown on the chsrt at 9
o'clock at night, near Somerset, io the
Torres straits, at the northern extrem
ity of Australia, and sank In tbreo
Tbo 14-monthsold child ol Mrs.
FJellkker, wile of a railroad section
master, fell Into a tub of boiling water
at Stanhope, a few miles west of Mar
shall on tbt Missouri Paclflo railroad,
last Tuesday, and was scalded to death.
Tbo mother was washing and bad gone
for water when tbe accident occurred.
George Francis Train left Boston at
midnight, March Sd.for bis trip around
tbe worldsWblcb be expects to complete
Iu sixty days. Mew York will bo bl
first stopping plaoe. From there he
will fto directly to Tsooma and thence
across tbo Paclflo ocean to China. He
will have to bustle himself If be beats
Nellie Bly's lime.
There" Is talk of Hon. Norman J.
Coleman' for governor. His friend
claim that as a member of Cleveland's
cabinet, specially and sucoesslully rep
naMf In the tarmers. bis elevation to
the B-overnorsblp would bo a reoognl
tu, nf his trreat services It I also
claimed that his name would be
tower of strength
ticket. .
to the democratic
The trouble In the 'Frisco manage
ment at St. Louis culminated last S t
sirday In tbe resignation of Col. John
O'Day as vice-president and genera'
counsel. It Is understood that Mr
Kenea will succeed to the ilntles of the
latter position. The difflVnlilee were
tbo ret-olts f dlegreeiueiiu belem
Motors ('Dy ! General Manager
Tbe French governmc nt has accept
ed the Invitation of Germany to laki
part In 'be Berlin labof conference
Thfb Switzerland h aceopied ihe
Invltailon he will not appoint del
Mates to the conference nmll she hs
seen Ihe programme. Germany lis-
ent formal Invitations lo the powers
which hefolres shall be representee
& ibo !talerec, which will opta oa
lnlorroatlon having last week reach
ed Gov. Francis that there were certain
irregularities in the management of the
ireaiiry of the slate be immediately
rallvii the aiate o4cer together iu con
sulfation, laid the matler before litem,
and began a quiet Investigation to
ieain lor himself whether there wore
sufficient grounds npon whioh to taki
public and official action.
On last Saturday morning Auanor
Selbert and Secretary of State Leeueur
went to St. Louis and informed such
ol the bondsmen of Treasurer Nolaud
as could be reached of the situation
The latter gentlemen then took charge
ol the business from their standpoint
for themselves. The two slate officers
mentioned having no personal or
fQoiat knowledge ot any deficit or
even Irregularity, deollued to be Inter
viewed, when In some way the St
Lonls press ascertained the nature ol
their errand.
Iu the mean time Gov. Franols, who
la an excellent business man and
thoroughly familiar with accounts, was
progressing with bis investigation, and
on Tuesday evening bad seen euougb
to satisfy blm that bo should suspend
the treasurer .which he did by author!
ty of section M19, R. 8. 1889.
On that night, after consultation
lib Attorney-General Wood, Auditor
Selbert and Secretary ot State Lesueor.
tbe governor appointed a committee to
examine tbe condition of the treasury,
iirst determining tbe br lances belore
ho should blmselt, nuder the law, pro
seed to take possession of the office and
nnerlnlend it. In order to place the
report of this oomtnlttee above bus
piston of aby character tbe governor
selected to place npon It three gentle
men emloent in the business and bauk
Ing circles of the state W. H. Chick,
Esq., vice-president of tbe National
bank of Kansas City, a democrat;
Charles Parsons, Esq., of St. Louis,
president ot tbe Stale's 8aving bauk,
and president of tbe American Bank
trs Association, a republican; and Mr,
Finis Marshall, of Unlouvllle, who Is
tbe United States National bauk exam
ner lor Missouri, and a democrat.
These gentlemen have been selected
because ot their peculiar fitness for (he
work of examination, and because of
their unimpeachable integrity. No re,
port coming Irom tbem can well be
inspected ol partiality or Insufficiency
That there are apparent discrepancies
and irregularities in Mr. Noland's a
mania la attested DV uov. r ranris
aotion which has been carefully taken
If no definite atatemeut is now made
a to tne facts it is not oenow iuo
stale officers tall to fullv understand
that the tacts belong to the people, that
It is the people's business tbat Is in
volved, every detail of which they have
a right to know, but for tbe reason that
no fiual result can, from the natnit'nf
the rase, bo announced nmil lite com
loltiee shall have made iu examination
and submitted its report.
Comment and speculation here vvoul.l
be out of place, bnt it is proper to stno
i hat Gov. Francis aud bis associate
stale officers are in entire accord, and
have been so in every step in tbi un
fortunate business, and tbat the peop'e
may rest assured no doty encumbent
on them will be neglected.
Bank cashiers over iu Kansas have
encooutered a new danger. Ever since
tbo war these worthy officials have
been unable to sleep at nights on
accouut of a mortal appreheusion that
some dlsiinguUbed Missoorlau would
ride dawn tbe streets of their town
with pistols iu band and knife iu leetb
and gsllop away with the cash.
reMleks auxiely baa at times permeate
them lest, iu an hour whrn the) kneyy
not, some hoi rid person might appear
. In J iu long heir and top hoot, cavalry
purs and a V) luchester rifle, aud de
tumid . tbe outpouring into a wld
sombrero of lha bard-earned coupon
over which the bow-backed president
bad spent day ot clipping.
But disaater bas oome to a bank
cahier In Valley Falls Iu a new and
altogether unexpected form.
It was In tbo shape of a neuralgic
' Tber was no clanking spurs; there
was no long hair, no Winchester, no
dusblug horse, no wide somb-ero, no
rebel veil juat a plain, ordinal y, con
suumtlve. Ksnsas man. wilb a bit ol
red flannel tied ouromantlcally about
jaw supposed to bo writhing with tha
toothache. Ho entered the bank wttn
that humility of manuer which charao
leriaes a Kansas larnier whoso farm J
morlgsged lo maintain tbe infant Indus
iriu ot Miattsuusetts. He made no
wild, uncouth demands npon lie
cashier; gavo no piercing shriek, u r
other demonstration of anxiety to drink
tbo blood of tbo victims or start a
graveyard In a new town. Ho only
begged permission to go behind tbe
counter and nurse bis aching tooth be
side tbe slove.
He nursed It, And a lew mluntcs
later tbe kind-hearted cashier was look
ing Into tbe opening of a eon pie of
popguns while be emptied bis cash into
the overcoat pockets of the neuralgic
It was a most miserable and onro
msntlo robbery, and when a couple of
trembling Kausas constables fired ner
vously into tbe lungs of the robber aod
dropped bis carcass on tbe floor, there
was none so poor to do blm reverence.
Bnt It has taught tbo Hernias cashier
a new lesson. It has taoght blm to be
ware of the bomble atranger with the
toothache, it bas tauiihl blm lo kee)
an eye on tbe man who has red flannel
tied about a nenralglc Jaw. It b
taught blm to ondertand thst all bsnk
robbers are not Irom Missouri, and that
he dashing days of the border are gone
from his dream forever.
Rnhblusand nore. two young mer,
were arrested in Larlerle ooumv
i-hsrgcd wih t nmii'g ihe reldenre I
John Rue. ThHr e rei heart, Hwi.
Lit hi oin and Bella Piuith, dleapprov. d
of the proceeding, anrt on Thiirsdsi
night they each seized and held one I
tbe two officers who were gnardlig
t hem, aid he'd them fast while the
pri-one' escaped. The joong ladies
were immediately placed In custody.
.Tpnn'e Crsbtree. aged 12, died of
hydrophobia, al Fairfield, Benton
jjonntv. Irom the mere licking ol a
ebpped hand by a dog which lud
Es-Guvernor James Kdwaid EngH-h,
ot Connecticut, died hi his liouiu, iu
New Haven, ot pneumonia, last Siuntu .
Ilrt wa burn iu New Hov.-n, Msrih
13, 1812. He wusaKtii'Ktflinj! buxiness
man for many yt'firs, but iltmllv, in tbe
llWllllIT I'lcilH -)-., till' tlMtllllltlioll
for a laie iiwtuiic H; ivm
popular, filled a nuuibur i.t local ottW,
wa a liinuiber tl tbo b-glnlalure, tor
wii terms a member ot cunreb, ami
was elected governor over "
lay, who Is now United Stales senator.
He was re-elected ovm- Marshall
Jewell by an iucressed majority Ihe
next term be wa beuton because ol
over coundence Iu bis party, deiValvd
by Jewell, but In tbo succeeding e.leo
lion bn was for a third time unule
governor of the state.
On the death of Henalor Kerry, in
1876, ex -Governor Engl"1" was ap
pointed by Governor Ingersoll United
States senator, lo till tbo vacancy, and
look hia scat in the senate al Ihe com
mencement ol the second term of tbe
Fnnv. fourth conuriess. flllinK Ihe
position with tbo same ability thai
characterized his four years" service iu
the lower bouse.
Governor Euglish took great interest
in tbe cause- of education, and the
poorer classes ot Connecticut have to
thank him for the free admission of
their childrcu to Ihe excellent schools
of the slate. He was a JeOersonian
democrat in the true sense ol tbe term,
and was a firm believer iu tbe rights of
states to manage their own domestic
concerns in their own way. Ho was
nhllanthroolc. uublic spirited and
To blm is larguly due the develop
ment ot the manufacturing Industries
ot Connecticut. He was president ot
ihe Goodvear .Metalio Rubber Shoe
company and a director in various Im
portant manufacturing establishments
He always eschewed merely specula
tlva enternrlses. His largo lortoue
waa acquired through a strict ad her
euce to the recognised principles oi
business, so in his old age he enjoyed
his fortnue in genuine hospitality aud
in adding to the beauty of New Haven
by the erection ot handsome buildings.
Ol late years be has made largo Invest
ments in real estate, so that he was at
ihe time of bis deatb tbe owner oi
more stores and dwellings than any
man iu New Haven. It was a matter
ol pride with him that not a dollar of
his money came from speculation.
He waa liberal and generous, aud
some years ago he made a donation of
$10,000 to tbe law library or Yale
college, and $20,000 to Ihe English
drive in East Rock Park, and it I be
lieved that in his will many local
charitiea have been remembered. He
lived in a large mansion on Chapel
street, where be ofteu dispensed a gen
erous hospitality.
he wns married In early life to Miss
Carolina Fowler aud abe dying several
veara ago, he lu 1H86 married for his
second wife Miss Auna R. Morris
daughter of Mrs. L. C. Morris, of New
York. She was born and reared Iu
Georgia and bas many graces of mind
snd manner. Her father, now dead
was John T. Morris, a member of tbe
Southern Exposition Comnany. lie
leaves oue son. Henry F. English, a
lawyer by profession, about tortv years
of age.
It Is estimated that Goveruor English
leavea Drotertv and rooaey to tbe
amount of fro.u $3,000,000 to f 1.000.
000. Hit judgment In real estate and
other nroDertv was often consult! l
and it is said that be rarely ever sua
tained any serious loss in his business
He. was a regular attendant of Si
Paul's Protestant Episcopal church, on
Chspel street, fc.r rnauy years snd
was alwaya a liberal supporter of it
aud its cbai liable enterprises.
Chicago Herald; Is there a roau in
ihe United 8tatea who is able to point
to a solitary circumstance connected
wi'b tbe Harrison administration wbi
bas not in one way or another had
something to do either with plundering
tbe people by means ot tsriffs, snbsidit
nr nenslons. or with the placing ol
v. , - ..-
acme pa' riot In a tat office? If thl
administration has done anyiblng else
since it came into powir, neatly a yea
ago, what Is it ? If Benjamin Harrison
has bad anything' to ssv or do relative
to anything else than rfficlal spoils and
mnnonollstlo nlunder.what has it been?
These questions are aked in all serl
onsness. Tbe peoplo of the United
8tates are so accustomed to the hypo
critical republican pretense- ot superior
fry that much of tbat parly's disgraceful
conduct passes unnoticed. Here Is
record, however, whkh Is entirely
characteristic and which should uot le
forgot ban.
Several measures have been intro
doced in lha present congress for tbe
improvement of the condition ot tbe
rnrklmrman. Tbe most notable ol
these bills Is tbat presented by Mr. An
derson, of Kansas, and is designed to
create a United States commission of
.-Miration of sl'lkes or lockouts. Thl
body Is lo consist ot nine members, t
bo appointed by Ihe president. Each
man is to servo three years and Is to be
oald a salary ol 5jOOO. Thev will ear
their salaries by Investigating any dis
poles arising between railway, steam
boat or telegraph companies and tbelr
employes and recommend an amicable,
equitable settlement of the difference.
It the lerma of arbitration ate refused,
(lading ol fsets are to bu submit led bt
tbe commissioners lo the United Stale
courts, and il approved i.y the Jndge
ihe decision most be accepted as tli.a1
and Iho contending parties most do a
advised or bo punished by llm court.
Hii-t aud Gepbart's bank, at Va ey
Fall. Kan, was robbed bv n in k d
man who entered it as met Uy h
lamb bin lu 1 minutes at i t
ut mo revolvers made the rnsbler. .1
C Cowen. help Mm to se. nr. $10 if .
Tl.e robhei temporarily escaped. ibm i b
ti was!" ni'dloKlv nlatiii'-d mill
iii pnri. hi'' he w " hIii-i aid ... i r.
l-keti and shot lo death by two en
The Meicha.tt's biMtr . nl St. I ..-He
i.. tin. tmltdliiir i'l which "V. nam 's
....i Ml. C C. IImIii a'er hjiv been
ijnlte proiiilnnit figure. I- omp ei. n.
Il only now lemali.s fitd-h the sp
i.rnarhe. whM. M sm.ii I.e d. ne, lo
make it available for business, ben
St. Louis and western commerce gen
tiu ill no longer be snbj-.-t lo IliS
! arbitrary rate- of tbe Gould bridge.
C. B Fisher, ol Howard, is talked of
for the legislature.
Mr. Geo. B. Walker has purcuasea a
ball interest in thu 8t Charles news.
Mrs. Rosanna Spiva, nee Matthews.
died al Frederlcklnn, recently, ayed tV
yeiirs. I
CI VUUI.ll) -- -'
if I laflfll. Ol
Audrain eouuty. is spokeu oi ror im-
Mrs Nancy Robertson, ae.l ni, died
iu Ray county the other day. oue w j
pioneer Mlssoorian.
Judge F. J. Hess is talked ol as aj
probable candidate for representative
from Mississippi county.
Francis Wallben, aged 72. died at
Fredericktown, a lew days ago. no
. . .7-.... I... I..
came to Missouri irom iveiiiii
Will Yum, of the Knob Noster em,
says of Representative Henry Warren,
that "be waa very quiet lu tbe bouse,
as became a man with liitlo or no hair."
Hon. I. H. Talbott, who served in
tbe lower house ol tbo 30th gcnersl
a-sembly, is spokeu of for tbe senate
from tbe Montgomery district, lie
says he will uot run.
Grandma Sullivan, aged 78, was
burned to death in Sedalia. She was
temporarily left alone, and it is thought
her clothes took fire from a spark
which dropped from bor pipe.
Charlie Morgan said to a Jefferson
City Tribune reporter: "Yes, I lll
bo a caudidate for congress iu the
Thirteenth district to succeed Hon. vv.
J. Stone, who bas grown weary of hie
at Washington aud is ready to retire "
A Nevada (Mo.) dispatch say a: "Mr.
and Mrs. Peyton Cock rell of Ibis city,
celebrated tbe sixtieth anniversary ol
their marriage In a quiet way to-day.
They were married at Portsmouth,
on St. Valentine's day, IPSO. Mr. Cock
rell is 82 years of sge and Mrs. Cock-
rell is 81. Both are enjoying remark
ably good health.
Frank Farrls bas bought tbe Craw-
lord County Demoorat. Frank should,
by a vigorous advocacy of tarifl reform,
overturn tbe 139 majority toe repuo
llcans bad in tbat county tbe last time.
and help send to the legislature some
good democrat. If tbe democrats will
select an able man aud a good can
vasser It cau be done.
Joseph Stampfli has been appointed
postmaster at Jeoersou city, ana
Harry Demnth postiuastur at Sedalia.
March Term. 1890.
Court met lu regular session. Pres
ent: Presiding Justice Jos r. smith;
Associate Justices Benton aud Catron;
Sheriff Mitchell, Clerk Steele.
Mrs W. T. Uavs allowed to pay per
sonal taxes lor 1S89 without interest.
Wilson and Have al'owed to pay
personal taxes for 1099 without interest
Taxes on land auo me personal
nronerty of tbe W. T. llaya estate
allowed paid without Interest.
ttecords read approved aud signod.
Tbe treasurer ordered lo take up 10
Middleton township bonds ol $100
Report of commissioners and sheriff
on deceased stock presented aod ap
school loan oi 91 jjw granted j. w
School loan of $1,000 granted J. U
Comoromlse granted Jno. Plat ten-
burg on personal property lor 1b6-K7
by the payment ot $3 into treasury.
Hiram etrantber granted compro
promise of laxea for veara '87, '88 and
t9 on valuation of $400.
License granted Joseph B. Silver to
run ferry at Wellington.
Ordered that road district No 7 be
divided in equal parts, to be kuown a
H e east ball ol iso. 7, and the west
half of No. 7, and tbat tbe overseers ii
each district be allowed 18 davs iu
which to work out poll taxes.
A G. Williams granted compromise
f taxes for veara 1878 H9 011 lots 1, 2
and 6. block GO. first addi'lon to Lex
iugtoii, by tbe paymeut of $15 lulo the
Compromise of taxes granted Lex
ington Gaa company tor year 1889 and
back on lot 11, block L, Anderson's
addition lo Lexicgton, by tbe paymcu
of $6 into the treasury.
John G. Worthlnglon sulhorixed to
change the tax receipt ot Mr. M. M
Lewis from 37 acres off tbe e side, n
end w hf ne, to w side n end w hi ne
4. 00. 24, for the taxes ol 1888. and also
to enter as delinquent for IHhS on said
book, lb e side ot n end w Id ne
4. 60. 24.
Naucv J. Stout, daughter of L-wi
Stout, residence south of Aullvllle, ad
Judged ol unsound mind and ordered
ent to asylum at Nevada
School loau ol $640 granted jas
Treasurer ordered to take up $8,800
In township bonds.
Ordered that voters at Ihe annual
school election be allowed to cast the!
ballots for overs, er ol the road district
In which tbey reside, each voting in
bis own school district for overseer lit
his own road district, and the eeho
district clerks shall, within fle day
ibercatter, ccrtiiv such vole to the
county clerk.
Court adjourned to meet on Ihe
second Monday in April.
I from tbe Liberty Advance
Among the leading panera of the
statu nouo deserve more praise for it
uond work for tho democratic parly
t bun docs tbat staunch and ptignncious
loiirinil, the Lexington Intelligencer,
now t went v venrsoldaud wilb briubt
prospects for continued prosperity. It i
editor, Alex Lesnenr, never makes
mistake hen be battles tor tbe parly
and tbo earliest wish of all true tleiti
ocrals U tbat bo may "live long and
--- r
A Card.
uriu-ls In vour isptr slvnail "Tsx Psver'
whluh I llmik iisrds some sltciitioo St tlia
liumls il mui'' pe lo ihe lpiuofriit:i' psrtv
li ens oly ts'ls lone tfr fli-tuiMNi-iiun In
l In- isi.k sin! Hie of His "sdj si iblr rpd
l nirih Inn- ffle-(:oUI-rs. Ths tlin tiw
ionic whi-n ihe psrtv roust stop it ir vo I
i.l-ce-jfur "he Lwril i-a y koown wlirn they
w .'.Id .tp iuninn II I litre snv bom ut
b inn l ifciii!).
U'lisi 1 es His psrtv owe anv fnnn wtm tin
fl't. .1 un f.fflii two trruisr How many tlin's
In ice : .ve In elect s m in io p v lino for
krtliH rtiai'ifl' Me psrit ? Ilo rosnv Hnie
miil w -lfet lil 'l-pukr yhom he srke's
ioru-T In i'i'iii'iiilin I wnulil nsv c'eijff onl
llii whuIh l it n i hvn hsil oiHl rn irii tusu I
lo te Let us l'Ct Komi men to sl
olH' i r unne 'fcs J'i"' slid iDet Hie i-ri' IU .
Mr Biiiin-r I- sooil iusiJ- bt-. il iim
rl. l'li(u l sin! wHIsntl wo mi .11.
liHiik ,'itin suit ihn k If e hum cl 'lU'ii'l
w II b' ' I" f,,,,l 'S"'"l itni'iei' I" il I
lit. il .re. s f' ' I Off i' ! I."" eii-li-l'' s
iiihp niil mo uiui'h lnterel. il r'lu.y "f
the .li'iiiiiurslli) priVl' 'tl'k hi- Jiil up
S;-lD. l.KM.KU-T.
It Son have dsiiils sl's k l aa't
f it lo rt H. ",s
!'.Htl PT Of ioure jou stioiilJ. Keu'l nit
Whf Bovle A Sun's sJ. n-'4-
A Ubsponae
Joeph f)brn. C. W. M.i- ord. R. A. Cor
dHr, Alirani Vninntfr Nstbaii forcler, O.
A. KrerUtnn kpi! nlhers: (ieDllmcn I am,
Imlce.l. iiroml of thu ln.nor jou hav sbcu fit
to b--nlow us-oii le. Wbt n I wllhiliew Iroiij
the rm e forcnuuiy rt-corrter,! hsd nu thuiiulit
ol iiffmliiK lr any otbnr (.ohiiI'iii, tint hfliia
!hIii!I by tliohi. wlmni I have known ln
ai-u .Mlii.ainiy. io ni-rnm a i-mmnmic i... .
ipik.an.l b. iicvln. wliU cur k'.ii'l
l(nce. a u.1 that ut ol ntr Irlen J, Ibal wet
U he victnrlou. 1 mol nr-telull a.crj.t
your snerou rsli. liespovtiull V . '
Ihe Opera floime
oiiiDiuuicalion In our last week's apcr
flci-ULK lu a manner on tbe tile on which
in urounaed (boped) lo erect a new opera
Iicumh, I ato ruovf J lo make a replv and lu so
doing K1 'be reasons tbat were Influencing
causing lb sclcctlou. Hut before pro
ceeding I dent re to slate tbat the scheme Is
nut dead nor bas it bern dropped. On tbe
contrary U W th intention ol tbe committee
lo do tbelr level best to Ibe cod tbat we get a
cw opera bouse. Circumstances over which
tbey bad no control delayed active work Id
tbe matter. Tbe lot selected was tboutbl
the best because it waa centrally locau-a,
esr all the hotels, only 1B0 (eel away from
the public muare tbe very center oi uic
business pohltlon of lbs town convenient
lor strangers, a class tbat are very glad to
attend amusements If conveniently located.
nd tboy torm no Inconsiderable portion of
aa opera house's patronage and ought not to be
overlooked Tbe lot Is of tbe right else blng
79x100 feet. Now strange as tbe statement may
eiu here Is no other lot elluated anywhere
uear tbe uusme portion mat uiccu iu
uu'rerueut. Tbe bulldlns;, as proposed.
will have a trout at, e of 00 feet, running back
feet, wbere It wideu. out 6 feet ooeacb
Ida auJ extends on back 8A' feet fsriber 0
bat Ibe lot must bave a frontage of not lea
IbanTOIeet. All lots on cither Main orrraok-
n street mentioned in this oonnectioo are
much narrower than this and cost a (t.eat
eal more. Incldeutal to ti ls I will say tbe
cost of the lot selected Is not equal lo what It
would CoU lo get vp lo a level with tbe pave
ment on tbe lot mentioned by your corres
pondent. Tbe idea when tbla cbsme for a
new osers house wss first meclluned wss to
secure a lot centrally loca'ed on some side
i reet beoue of II low cost, and put tbe
mouev lu tbe bulldloa instead ol a nigh
Heed lot. Tbls lot met lbs approval of
nearly all In tbat roped, it la so ravora
oly kltuated that tbe oltiseos M Ibe first wara
will not have lo walk to tbe third ward, nor
ihote jf tbe third to first. It Is believed that
wbD all tbese things re duly considered
nearlv all will side wilb those having Ibis
milter I i obarce aud tbat the ift bas been
Uottd. Jt bas oome to tbe eart of tbe
writer mure than ones or lavoraoie
expression alter these points wars men
tioned aud many are now deposed to lend a
bel.ilng band who did uot at first approve ol
It. At d ibe most important Item Is yet lo be
uaeuHcued. aod that Ibe eltiaen will only be
called ou for S3 0tK 0O shares of stock al
26 each. With tbls secured you can relv
upon It tbe city will bavs an opera bouse
tbat will ba So ornament to tbe town and s
adellgbl lo all, and one that will amply ac
oowoudatc both tbe troupes who visit us aud
ibose wbo patronise tbem. la conclusion
encourage the vouog rue a appointed to solicit
subscriptions by tsklog 1. 1. . 4. or as many
hires as you d-el able. I here is scarcely s
man or woman In the town wbo cannot take
at least one snare, mare especially as the
money msy be paid in. la such sums a suits
tbe subscribers, as tbe first ol May Is fixed
when all should be paid. Under tbls plan
each and every ne can do something and It
Is well to bear In mind thai lha money will
be spent hern al home and to people wbo
keep It moving, so thst II wlb not be a great
title finding Its wsj to lboe wbo gave It.
The point now suggested, that the ladles
aisisi In tbls matter. Is a good oue and worthy
of tbelr attention. The eommll'ee will surelt
appreciate tbelr help. Tbe reedom of tbe
h cation from ohjec.lonable surrounding.
will no douht Influence tbem In taking an
interest In tbe matter. Tours, for a new
opera houe. X.
INGS. March Term, A. 1. 1890.
Court met In rrauUr mlon. All present.
R'SoloHnns rrspsoi to lb mrmnry of Ih
Itir O. R t)ni'l. circuit dark, fliwt sod ordr
ril pr ! upon ti e reeonl.
Tar loMowioc were sworn ss rranfl Jnrors ami
fisr rorllnir Inntrnctloos rcitra to ennshler
thlrrresmtments: Jno. 8. White, fortmsii
Chrlstlsn Bl'm -krr, J. O. Webb, W. Boon
Major. Jno P Arllnaer. Jno. A. J. MoCsu-
!. Ja. K. Ory. Orosr Tonnf. Jno
Krwrnck. Thoa. Warren snd Win H Silver.
Mlate ss Jsa. Sullre. manlsr 1st derers
enaan eilel ror irisi -preiu Tenire oi sv
Inromselroied and drfrn lant (leea eS hours In
Which to inske rhsllrnaes.
State a B r Chrnry, carrying ooseealed
wrapons) nolle reared.
atat n Dr J F. Wood. eoatempt dls-
charcvd upa pavmcnt of coats.
Slate ss.Joa Wnkeraon, aasanlt with Intent
to k t Irlr.l bt Jury who on Hie eeoondday ot
CO'irt return vndiet ot noi gut'tT.
Grand Jury rtur nur snd separata bill.
nRalnat Frank Kotr. Pli aa mt 8 tilth and Jno
Page, isi-hchnrged with Htrglarr and larcenf
In ai conrt d-srrr, rach of wbum plead not guilty
wtain arraigned
Siatr va. SirpSm Q itee, ohatrneting public
roaU niot'ou o quash evrrrulrd.
The srtod Jury rrlnia Imo cuit and report
upon the r"liowg oaaai oia va.
Uitynee, forgrrv ibtnl tlrgtrei not a true bill
Mateve. vi Hays, same chargei a true bill
S ate vs. Jaa. Vim gar. assault with Intent to
kill a a true bill.
siuf- va Jno. Graham, erlllng liqnor wltn.
onl llcenae-two plia of not guilty en
trnd iu both ess s.
rtialeva Jsnk Britton. silling I'quor wliboot
liernrei plea of not gulHTroteiedl trl,1 bT )urT
and found fculltyi Snrd $40 snd costs.
Bute vs. Lrri Hsyrsi lorgery Srd degree) plea
ol not gulltv entered
btaievs.Jaa Vinegar, asarult with intent to
ki It pit a ol not guilty entered
Hialp ye Jno Bnrker, ubatraotlog mblio
ruitdx nolle t-nl ret
On motion f Wo Ft Wllann, P. D llastaln.
of Bmton ooumy, la enrol Ird aa a memhrr or tne
Two .'ast-a agunst tugrne Kiynt nnt two
.wtiiiiat Jmi Tillotaon. fur gambling, are
stricken liom the dock t.
htt vs Harry Clifford, obtaining money by
l.ilae urrU-nae. two r.asra; lionil'insn aatleflea
lion' and euae drnpied Irom docket,
a I ate va. Til a. Wi atley, atltlng liqnor
wllhoiit llceoaet lort'eiture a-t a-dde and nolle
Slatf va. W 1. Nelson, selling liquor with
out lloen" Jury lad- to agr. nolle enter. 4
Stale va. N . W I add. .eilli'g iquor Without
ln ensei nolle enter.-n.
The 10 li.wlne- Juiora ere si lemed lo Iry .he
ra o' the sta-e va. Jaa. ra lee. murder lo fl at
degreei-Jss. K. Ml ankellord Tr "I K Wallara,
Inn. I. Hhil-s Victor L. Wells Ua thew llsr
ktr. Win, llan'ey. r. "hoek'ey. J 'S It Por
I. r, Jnn. . Wikj.I. H)-, II Wilaoo. Jaa W.
We idrll and Toa llaiunio' 4
rot aruutv hascii S
l.urt met and tne irl.il lee proraerted
wi'b. (t Im: lakina of lerfm ny Sa dashed
Thursday venii g. T"e argunoenia comiiooed
. . . ll.n .1 until
Miier .inner mm mam n'"'i'.- it
l.ie hn'ir rrldiy 'h armmenl wa resumes;
and 4:U P m S1"1 ' ,nr J"rT.
win. Iid not leiuroed a vndlcl at Ibe h ur of
onr "l'i to pre e.)
J.',iiefcr I'dJU'V teinrn li'lt court room aid
pr rrii me niiuwig in lirl nen S! T'Ue bis
.mi ai urn. r Cio m hi iari-nv noin dal
1 it -ri la . "ur . a g s "l 1 irrn I Chr.
H mi hi.l . i. ner- -1 ' d. r e(
Pt s
li.eaa a , i i . . . i . "lit --itll I, -II
ii IB 'll
Ol il til IV
. v- Ir al K IM ! !' 1 rVI
i.u d mid ' cm i mini " be S
rirni u M -si h 7
Ht- e v
R k ii .. i .i ..l. Sit n
nnl wfiil
on ; dropre I Iro'ii dioaei.
ii.. id Let I ..tin v It i ndeson, supeai
a i .linn. I e. n-ra'iy,
Miile v Hi l. l Mr
dropp d f in d'-ckt-t
Cuuil still la atislon
..riinnit astulngi
Central Fomalo C'.II-ko ChupeJ.
March 15. 1800
Tbe following Im thu priiyramme the
open MiMtlno to Ihj given lv tlie lduim I.i''--rsry
Hocleiv ir the cllee cliup.-l 1.11 Ihe ve
ndue of the Hhovc (iiiiii.iI iIhIi :
Chorus: Hv lnn- I ';..b
rsuieai'l: ,i;,i1,i'4 It, . a
histfii U:
Viine' l,ne tfi.ni;.". .
Mii l.uia Fiber.
folnnalae.. .
Mill- ZeltllH ftffi'al I,
'l ublfaui "Vlrvin Msrttr."
'Sprmg floimp.;i mi!ii.
.ii-b Anni.- Mi:t.oj .
The I'oitllllon.-' .
Vi.4'.) tolof
Miss Kraok .Moore.
rbl.'ui- "Lova'ii liiu.loii '.
Hecltallou: Selected...
'I labh'dUl
Plbno nolo:
Mi Foiileinsn.
"Hoiip '
Ml-s Itlinohe Kcery
Farce: "A Peck ol Trouble"....
VT oa RcmI IteliAie ri lii,ie-t t'iIi-h. Nr. nrltiy
or reel lap- mS'l W A M.ACK !' 1 1 I-
oholo stock of our own prnwinK.
Kull assui uuent ot old and new vs- ?''S
natiss of . ,m.
Fruit Trees. Sma'l Fruits,Grapevines,
tvergreens, Shade Trees Flow
er ng Shrubs, Roses. Aspar
agus, Slc.
Apple Traes.seiae.t, S vr, -! ft - lu (hi pr Icio
Apple Irees, selert, S yr, A S II, ... Is ."Hi .r I mi
Kesch Trees select, I yr. 4-A It, . .. II no pr 100
Pesr, hi rry anil Fium. 3fr to fto m nm .-ucli
Prices oa other sbiok rdncetl In iir.iporilmi.
Nursery only a lew band r ! ynrils si.u.i.enxi of
tieilepot on Ibe site ol ihe old Mock Nuiwy.
Bsliable aneois wanted. Julivl
Tm HHH St AHI.I.. Props.
JOHN Powell,
We have a line of fine table syrups
tbat are sure to please. We price a IV w
of our leadera at tbe following prices:
Pure Maple Syrop. per gallon j 90
ferlectiou (pure sugar goods) per
gallon 70
Qacelle, (pure sugar goods) per
gallon 60
Best Now Orleans, (pure sugar
goods) per gallon 60
We bave received another lot ol those
Una Powder teas thai are raro bar
gains st 3.1, CO and 75
per pound.
Family Can. containing 7,200 roatchrs,
at 76 centa per can.
Try our Standard Roast coflee tbe finest-
on tbe market.
Sublime Olive Oil (strictly pure) 0
cents per pint bottle.
We are headquarters for Flower nl.
Garden Seeds, Onion Sets, &c.
There Is no use in sending awav for
tbem, when we can sell yon Ibe
same thing, and save yon
tbe postage.
Give us a call aud let us show you thst
we mean business.
AlmoatPtlot ,r.
IOh wtlkss.
By Bdwln Forrsst. (Hcrk sy's)
KDrrarntlnar tbe union of the Atiuont Hnd lien.
Wilkes brani'hre ! ibe Humid' innln f. mlly
m a Innnilaitoo re:'reeiiiing I lie juamorir.o
t hief. Pilot. Jr . .ndClav r:im!iea tvi ich In-
niurtra a verv lar "' "rail tho horaei that
hava roeorda of E:30 or better, win Kia ..i
al LinWunU Ltai eartu. b'Siuulin, .Vlo., !r
the season of I W0. Trims J0 III'- aeaaou or S'.U
to insure.
Beoord 8:46 H. Trial 8:30.
Sired by Almonl Pilot W. tat dam Anni .I..I.U-
son. bv Msrmailuke BleS. td dam Pat v Itintil.
bv Itad Laale. S I da.n bv Lime Arthur. I
serve a few approved mares at S30 the etaMin or
SOU lo pure ao rea
Dr B. D O ATM AN. Manager.
irch8ir Loxlngrtoo Mo.
I will sell at wf farm one mile w.st
o Mavvlew and elsht nillea aouth
of Lesington, Lalayetle county. Mo ,
SATUEDAY. MAE. 22, 189f ,
ihe loliowlns: nroierl :
One fne Haddle alsre 0 years oi l tine fr'l to
i... I i v Ktlnairlcv Imv toune Henlurky Ma 'd'e
Mtallion); One Puntark coll 1 year old llili
spring, goea (he g.uei Two Mares 4 yeuisnld
Ibis sprm l rmeeo Mares S yiars nl i Ihta
.npin. mm. nioe malubrs arcona tin III will
make onu drivcra; no- Kit's Kine lenn.ta
Irom 14 ky to loM Sands bliih. Irom 4 It 7 tatra
..l.l, rtn.. Uia Grade llu I 1 veur old in'-
surinsi 0 Ulsh Urtde Cow $ years olilt St
Htei Calve., sovt one-l Two H. il. r Caltes:
lot of Hogs. owa. Pia. ao. home Corn
i. .. ,n II. m in Al.l. ill
'1 KKVaHi All sums m 10 and under, ra-bi a
eredil ol sla monihs no all -unia ot r SIU un
r.ni interest ll Held when duei If uot paid tb.n
due, lu per eent interest irom d ue Uti kalile
note required. No properly ehall be removed
mill terms of aale are ooiiinli.d wilb . 8a. e to
rommence promptly ailOo'olnet n. nt.
iDonail U P. hVMNU.
A J Bpnosswia Anotiower
riie Motnal Life Insurance Co.
Fur tho j-aar ending Deo. 31st, 1889.
!ea. .... $iac.,401.H Ol
Inereaw In Aaarts
in i-ti.,
"iirrea la Surplus,
!nrrrae during year, .
aid Poiiry-llnlilers,
lnrrBe dtirlug year. -iskl
Tiineaw il 11 rise year,
lL T-t forre,
1 1-. .'ease i!nrlug year,
-lhl.'S 1- fiirre, -
liii rram during year,
...llil.-i ytrltlea lai Ihsii,
llltrrase over 1SHS,
f 10.810,1 74 40
t,Uu7,248 44
SI, 717,184 81
ent, 1 19,019 OS
. $1,003,087 10
16,e00,fl08 3S
73,068 10
$1.1t,C0i,483 3
48,888,223 OS
S66a.940.988 98
t88.8S4,740 SO
teat Kalste ssd Bond A Moiieaeo
Liutiit, i)li.UI,t)ia 1.1
: nlied Mate. Bonds and other
Kerurltlea, ... - 8.".Q,323,4A 81
.uili I u C ollateral frnrltlea, $U,84&,&00 00
.ilt in ftsnka aaJ Truft CulittiAiite.
at Interest. - C--.,-'t'8.ll32 70
iiterest aerrned, Prenilnnt. defVr
red aud lu trsaslt, ele. n,S8l,SI2 19
8130,401,328 l
MsliilltrrS flurlnillng neeerva at 4).
s-l?0,7t4,O70 S
fu oaui.
IM 604.4!
.UtSrWJ. .
. loeA(68...
. 114.181.Q6). ..
. it&V,u...
. M&o&J.ltl-.
S.r?M.... Ij640ijg
OHFRT A. C AN'NISS, Vtcs-rresldent.
,A'; f. L.I.UVI. - ad Vice 1're.idcnu
ILL1AM J tAsroN, - Seiretaiv
a"F.RM AN N $ P AKKRA. General Agents
for Ml soiiil K'i'S.S Akai3;a, Teiss, ew
M. xl"'.n't In i so l.-rrt o"
H L KKVJMS.I, Sup-'IMe-d. nlnf Atenoles,
A : K'RBY S"d s IIKIiZBH-KU. Assiuanl
Sop r'n'en te'nta nr A. nce . 481 Olive .t.,
U.nk "f C"iiim-r B11H t'n 8 l.ouln. Mo.
N 'liU, new 1 lung in tuossirs.
Call sad
ee Ibtai. Kojie Son,
I i- tMtVr
1 ,.i.X i-ti!-
lllitl l Ull-SJ
ith lu
k . t.-t
M.i ii-'
14 f I
I'fl , )-' Wf'tl HkiiiIj
ll Jti tin Yn"fli(!l
-il i r.tfi't.-i iilH'Vf ;
t IWf l.l flX IiMUIiei
ui it-iitui ; wiJ . )tty
' ;;t.l I m-i!l:n i'.' - I ' . Wl.'i
1 jirniM'i i s j-t.. l -t.ii rum
' iMIlt lOl'Ullotl , I U l.nl'
j l ll'Jtlljl'St. IMW l V r If,-
in M-r ii i" v- i tifiti
I liifUMC on VV hi- 1 nirtl Htft
I crit f -I' fit ' if' J" In
Iwmtt u riH f tie
lf.. i.n iin, two
A VlUHl I'.cu-
' on iiiv miim-iiI.
tmn nii'l will ii', vtxi'l
H'HI'lslHl' sal ! r 1 1 I O'tlil" rt
ho.nTuial rlinrt i ,n I- r-i 11 k 1 1 f. 4-liil( 111".'
f it In.nt I ii.-ri- in n, I., 'i. r ive-tini-nt in lu--
r.llV. I Ii" r"M'' IV 11.11 -I M'Jv.,111;,-
XI..' Hioit- i. .out hi l :w lli. tiH tiOote, on
Pisnfe in .ivnii,., iiihi SR.-k ill h-- roorllii'lise,
now rciiil."t iv simin Itr.ia 'Iiim in eft-llril
iroH'l ty mill Ii- i.tm- to udvnce In VH'ne
One.tm1! ililen I l . nlii'ii.t.-r hull.-,.' and
vriiui.d n.-nr toe Km k lrniir, hi Mm- we-ii rn
p.ui i,f the fity . Join ah he iM-d ;i opir I y In
u Hhori t (ne
I will ilirjinre ill lle uliove nnmi'il propiT'y al
iiioni ri'H'-iii.'- . i -- in mtii-r to no-.- toe
it.- I li--i. '.v:ii'nK i.t rft.-tke. -oili- invi-rti uients
woiiul .In wi-ll to ...ill on o
j. i . nt ii.
Ailnimlnirs'or ot ll eintuie ol VV II .-.nilth.
Stt-.iilt r r.nkhn -nne nirliftli
I carry a laryo stork of
Which 1 sell
I IM I'.lsK Till M A 1.1...
iivi: Mi; a ctLi..
drc7m3 R. I). IU;, I'roprlelor.
Frank Kriehii
lias woikfil very ..rd lor the Ponloon
Uridiie hihI now w lisve uot It, nnu II
hope it will ilo us lots ot gooil. JNow
1 bave si'Uled Jowii to work baru i:
My Manairer. Mr. Ben Nicholas, bas
lust returned Irom tbe Est, wbero be
has pin tlm-.td snine
on wlili:li vp will defy any cortpptltitin
whsticvtr 11
will Holt. I lout fitrvel to irivn nie a
call bi'fm viki inir-li iKi. I nNn lininllr
i ho CJol' I'i at. il Uuitci ii k ratiorns.
lii-sl on Km Hi.
And lii'sl ut nil I 1'ivo ym a toiir pur
cent, ii'lisln fii Mil i:n-.h iiiii r.liHHPM.
'ipflyl 1107 anil lion rnnklln Itr
mani'vaci ckkhh and
dk4i.kkk in
all ki.vps or
eaa II C t
lurning, rlane.ng, bcrull baTg,oc.
We also keep cobstsally on hand
Stair Banisters, Newtl Posts,
Walnut Cefflns, tic.
Motalic ond W.io.lt n Kurinl Cast s
Alv..ys ''ii II .c'.
They reniiei; lolly 'n tin- .itienlinn of all u
Ihe Brllrlf" ol III. 1: nai.ll H t ir.- pledging 'hi m-
si'lv.-s iii i : 1 ii.. cl enp l.imicIi. art cles can lit
wrs it i Hi n i'vni tir piMiMNY.
VO rr Eli H A Si E.
Roofing ;iu t C ttoiltu ' tpcolaity
t p..
d'' ',
' hi IIM
..,. or .'
' ! V
all . t
n m
HIV,- i-lili
nurnt f"r
t If
I li
I. . ,
1-i.leOr'itC i
, ' "...- i e -1 .
nnd j h:I. a
I i 'not
n tiDVDt
il .., 1. .
In 111 hi
.It it 1
1 !
.- .olil vl'Hriirtteerl to
Ci !.' al Hen Ki.ca,
I.' . loll
n lr I
ti !v .m the
i: A J(
K 1. 11 1. 11 ut , 1 !i I He "'
uDilsrsou .
11 ail iIi'i hi ! oir .lla.
hole t Sou.
W ill nui be
j rV. T r-r--
-JLV'J' V" ' L .1
M. SMITH & 00.
1 V):i Potatoes
1 hn. Onions ... .
1 lu. Com
4 ffins irood Coi n
4 cms frood 'J ornatoea.
. . 25c
. .25c
ii fakes Laundry Soup.
Krr-ab Harden anil Flower Seeds Just reeeived. The finest line ol Meals In
llm city. I'rii:- s m all our Dried and Evaporated Goods, tbe fiuest Hue In the
city, havn been reduced. The bluest bargains in tbe city.
as we roiiteinplate bnildiuir an annex to onr store on the corner, we
rent tbe adjoining store lo responsible parlies at a very reasonable fig ore.
College St. &
Onr line of DreBS Goods. White Goods. Embrr.irl
Vandyke and Tinsel Trimmings is larger, more complete and!
handsomer than we have ever carried.
There is No Need to go to Kansas
and can save you the trouble and expense of the trip.
In Staple Goods we have a fall line.
In Carpets, Curtaina, Upholst'ry Goods and Wall. Pun ai-
we have an exceptionally tine line.
We want our Customers and
ally, to come and see us.
Eix w. ii.
would be an appropriate name for the
seems to ne io sen as lew ?noas at aa
tlnuallv growling about dull limes and wonders why people do not bny bU
dirty, shelf-worn moth-eaten stock. We feel proud to know we do not come la
tbls class, and tbat onr goods are
That instead of trying to see bow inujli
low the article cau be soul. Buying goods on long lime ana selling ou longer
time Is what makes men poor. Buyiuu lor cash and selling for cash Is what
makes meu rich. We trust no man, take no chattel mortgages, sell good, boo
est goods, ask
-iHvk to liiT.iiiue friends of tbe people
Huvp a clear conscience, sleep well at
I procistlon of the liberal patronage we
Bradbury's Encyclopedia of Practical
bnU nl re.dr refiTeiea, msTructor, cinnseU
f -Tiuu r wum noiuieiy in 'i'.pensa'jin 10
n III., oi'i-iip ifnn. sea nr sice mv lie Tbis
In,. i v ' i.i I'hiinlv lienU mi seven dlstinot
Ayitou:iiinii, llouseh'i. B'ltlnrse, Mineral and Bdueauonal, theu eornea a ailsoellaaeoaa Oe
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and mvite yop to come at once and
Al-o-eeour tirires and new stock
she tit'ie'. tiirtir.gs. Ginghams, Jtc. A beantlfal line ot New Embrolderlea,
au.l Laces now awalta your luspfction.
Holiday Goods at Cost!
We offer our entire Holiday Stock,
consisting ot
Manicure and Dressing Cases,
Perfume Cases, Jewel Boxes,
and Collar and Cuff Boxes,
and a great many other things to numerous
to mention.
We have ihem ail displayed op. our front counte and
it wiil pav you ro come and see them, as they will positively
bt offered vou
.a. rv o o rr .
t Have Just Received a Fresh and Com
plete Line of
Proscriptions of Kinds Carefully Compounded
at all Hours.
6 lbs Starch
0 lha Navy Beant,
6 lbs Ilominj'
4 lbs Pure Buckwheat
0 lbs Rolled Oata
6 lbs Oat Meal
Franklin Ave.
City, St. Louis or New York;
friends, and the oablio trener
penurious, grasping merchant whose alia
mgn a price as possioie ana woo is con-
we can get for an artlcle.we 9twf boar
and da not add 10 per cent, for frtlckU
nights and gre away, free to all. In ap-
hare enjoyed, a complete
Information and Universal Formultry,
r and friend for every oonopalioa. taie or pro-
an o'viiiseu people, no mailer wnai meir aiauow
ereitt work Is divided Into eiaht deuartmca'a. asvt
and different anblrata. via: Madleai. Trades.
oilier lnlereetina tonics The slae la eaorasoaa tot
wide and SSJ Inches thlok. the atvla atiraatlV.
Enelish mornnaaeloih. moment anlor. wtb tsrae
are punched, or t20 worth ol rood.
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ask fob a ticket.
ot Bleached and Brown Domestics),
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