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THE L,ij:xiJsrGTOisr ustteljigkci. Saturday, sii ptjsm o i u ia. i89M'
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of I it
UttlllAI. JO)NT PAl'KK.
9 iter Year.
a deduction or 60 emits will ho mudo if paid
ttiiotly tu ad Valine for it full your. ,
Circuit court tirsi Mondays or April.
Augttet and December.
Cuimimal court Kim! Monday of March ud
second Monday of October. .
Phoiiiti Court Second'' Monday ot Ket-
ruary, May. Augualand November.
County Comer Kirst Monday In each month.
rOR sufrbmb JUDiia.
ol Uenry County.
L. E. WOLfcB.
of Randolph Couuty.
i. K. A ; HICKMAN,
of Mteeiealppl County.
ol Jackson County.
ron siikhi rr,
- rOR COLLRtvroR,"
Weatcrn. Dt.ttlot-RALPH 8.,ANDURWB,
Eastern Dhvtrtct HERMAN II. EI.LINU.
Cla Xown.liiP Arch Uilleaplo
DavlaTownahlp Ueorge Evan.
Dover Townabip H. Hockrnroilb,
Freedom Tnwn.hlp Kulek
Lexington Townabip Thoai Young
Mlduk-ton Townahip W. Sooll Thoma.
finl-a-llar Townahip J. A. Fulkeraon
Waablnalon ToWRalup A.' II. Kelly
I . Tyro to elect.
Thomaa p.. cniun
C. J Miller.
J. K. Raglantl.
Clay Townauip...,
Davis Townahip..
Dover Township.
Freedom Townabip
Lexington township...
Middleton Township...
Sui-a-lUr Townahip...
Washington Townabip.
W. . Dornlllaacr
J. Ilarwood.
J. Tompkiue.
Henry Miller,
James Hook
John Hall
J. T. Good win
.R. T. Ituaaelt
. J. Phillip.
...J W. While.
UoIh rt Mnltimi
Talmesre .Discourses on tha
Celestial Melodies.
Mighty Moslo of tils Earth Greatly Bar-
passed Thei Hong of the Redeenaedp
Evsrlaallna; J Ft HeraaXtcr ' :
Song mt Ulory. . ' ...
- r.w
In a recent sermon at Brooklyn Rev.
T. DeVfltt Talmage gave a glowing de
scription ot.jtua (nelodleaoX ticoestlal
land. Hla text was from Revelations t.
9: "And thoy sanjr ft new son if.'' Fol
lowing is the sormon:
Nearly all the cities of Europe and
America have conaorvatoafbs of muslo
and associations wboflv object' it. Is, by
voice and instrument, to advance the
art of sweet sounds. On Thursday nights
Exeter Hall of LondoS used &o resound
with the mslo of ftnit-clmi performers.
who crave tholr Sorvicos irratuttously to
the mantes, who came in with free'
tickets and huzzaed atthe entertain'
ment At Berlin at eleven o'clock daily,
. the military band, with sixty or one
hundred instrument discourses at the
Royal Opera House for the peopla On
Easter Sunday, in Dresden, the boom
of cannon and the ringing of bells
bring multitudes to the churches to
. listen to the organ peals, and the
' exciting sounds ot trumpet and drum.
When tho groat fair day of Leipsio
comes the bands of music, from far and
near, gathor in the street and bewilder
the ear with incessant playing of flute,
and horn, violin and bassoon. At Dus
seldorf, onoe a year, the lovers of muslo
assemble and for three or four days
1 wait upon the great singing festival.
and shout at tho close of the choruses
and greet tho successful competitors as
the prizes are distributed cups and
vases of silver and gold. All our Amer
' loan cities at times resound with orches
tra and oratorio. Those who can -sing
well or play skillfully upon instruments
are greeted with voclfoaptlon and gar
landed by excited admirers.
"Tiore are many whoso most ecstatio
delight Is to be found In melodies, and
all the splendor ot celestial gates, and
all the lusciousnnHs of twelve manner
of fruits, and all the rush of floods from
nnder the throne of Ood would not make
a beaven for them If thero were no great
and transporting harmonies.
Passing along our streets in the hour
of worship you hoar the voice of sacred
melody, although you do not enter the
building. Aid passing fclong the street
of Heaven we hear, from the Temple of
UoH and tBrf Lamb, tho breaking forth
of magnificent Jubilate. We may not
-yet enter in among the favored throng,
but God will not duny us the - pleasure
"of standing "awhile on the outside to
hear. John listened to it a great while
ago and "they sang a new song."
Let none aspire to that blessed place
who have no love for this exorcise, for
although it Is many ages since the
thrones were set, and the; harps were
strung, there has been no cessation in
the song, excepting once for about
, thirty minutes; and, fudging from the
' glorious things now transpiring in Ood't
world, and the ever accumulating tri-J
umphsof the Messiah, that was the last 4
' half hour tbat Heaven will ever be si-
. llt. ;
Mark the fact that this was a new
song."' Sometimes I ' have in ohuroh
been floated away upVm some great
chloral, in which, all our people seemedj
to mingle their voices, and I have, in
the glow of my emotions, said: Surely
this is music good enough for. Heaven.
Indeed, I do not bellevo that' "Luther's
Hymn," or "Coronation," or "Old Hun
dred.," or "Mount Hisgah," would sound
lLVlf spoken by saintly Hps, or thrummed
from seraphic .harps. There' are many
of our fathers and, mothers in glory
who would be slow to' shut Heaven's
' gate against these old time harmonies.
' lint this, wo are told, is a new song.
- 8orae of the greatest anthems and
tOborals are compositions from other
tunos the swoetest parts of them
' gathered up into the harmony; and I
have sometimes thought that this "new
: song". may be partly made up of sweet
strains of earthly muslo mingled in
"eternal choral. Hut it will, after all,
be a new song. This I do know, that
areetnese and power it will be sorae
g tbt earinevef heard. - All the
I of tte-.oldt-st harper of Heaven
will be flung into it All the love of
God's heart will -rlntf -from it "In its
cadences the floods will clap their hands
and it will drop' with the sunlight ot
. everlasting dsy and breathe with odors
ruiu mo uiossoms ot tne tree of life.
"A new song" just mado for Heaven.
Many earthly songs are written by
composers just for the purposo ot mak
ing a tune; and tho land is floodod with
note books in which really valuable
tunes are tho exception. Hut once in
a while a man is wrought up by some
groat spectacle, or moved by some ter
rible agony, or transported by some ox
quislte gladness, and be sits down to
write a tune or a hymn, in wmcn every
note or every word Is a spark dropped
from the forge ot his own burning
emotions. So Mendelssohn wrote, and
so Beethoven, and so Charles Wesley.
Cowper, depressed with misfortunes un
til almost insane, resolved on sulcldo,
and asked the cab driver to take him to
a certain place where ho expected to
destroy his own Ufa The cab drlvor
lost his way, and Cowper began to think
ot his own sin, and went back to his
home and sat down and wrote:
"Uod inovea In a mysterious way,
HI wonder to perform;
He plant bl footmepa In the aea,
And ride upon thu a tor in.
"Ye fearful aalnta. freahoourage take,
The clouds yon ao muob dread
Are bio: with lnoroy and ahull break
In lileealnn on your bead."
Mozart composed hlsown requiem and
said to his daughter Emily, "play that,"
and while Emily was playing the
requiem Mozart's soul went upon the
wave of his own music into glory. Em
ily looked around and her father was
dead. .
This new song ot Heaven was not
composed because Heaven had nothing
else to do, but Christ, in memory of
cross and crown, ot manger and throne,
of earth and" Heaven, and wrought upon
by the raptures of the great eternity,
ooured this from His heart, made it for
the armies of Heaven to shout in cele
bration of viotory, for worshipers to
ohant in their temple services, for the
innumerable home oircles of Heaven to
sing in the house of many mansions. If
a new tune be started in church there is
only here and thero a person that oan
sing it It is some time before a con
gregation learns a new tune.
But not so with the now song oi
Heaven. The children who went up
to-day from the waters of the Ganges
are now singing it That Christian man
or woman who a few minutes ago de
parted from this very street has Joined
it All know. It those by the gates,
those on the river bank, those In the
temple. Not feeling their way through
It, or halting, or going back, as if they
neverbefore bad sung It, but with a full
round voice they throw their soul into
this new song. If Rome Dabbatn a ay
few notes of that anthem should travel
down the air, we eould not sing it. No
organ could roll its thunder. No harp
could catch its trill. No lip could an
noirnoe its sweetness. Transfixed, lost,
enchanted, dumb, we could not hear it
the fain tost note ot the new song.
Yet, while ' I speak. Heaven's cathodral
quakes under it, and seas of glory bear
it from beach to beach, and thousand
times ten thousand and thousands of
thousands sing it "the new song."
Further: It is a commemorative song.
We are distinctly told that it makes
reference to past deliverances. O, how
much have they to sing about They sing
of the darkness through which on eartn
they passed, and it is a night song.
That one was killed at York town, and
with him it is a battle song. That one
was imprisoned for Christ's sake, and
with htm It is a prison song. That was
a Christian sailor boy that had bis back
broken on the ship's halyards, and with
him it is a .sailor's song. That one
burned at Smith Meld, and with him it is
a fire song. O, how they will sing of
floods waded, ot fires endured, of perse
cution suffered, of grace extondedl Song
othallt Song of sword! songof hotleadl
song of axe! As when the organ pipes
foeal out - some great harmony, there
corHef occasionally .the sound of the
tremnlan.tev weeping through the ca
dences, adding exquislteness to the per
formances, so amidst the stupendous
aoolaim of the heavenly worshipers shall
come tremulous remembrances of past
endurance, adding a sweetness and
glory to the triumphal strain. So the
glorified mother will sing ot the cradle I
that death : robbed; and tho enthroned
sprit from the almshonse will sing of a
lifetime of want -. God may wipe away
all tears, but not the memory of the
grief that started, them!
2 Furthers It will be an accompanied
song. Some have a great prejudice
against musical instruments; and even
among those who like them there Is an
idea that they are unauthorized. I love
the cymbals, for Israel clapped them in
triumph at the Red sea. I love the harp,
for David struck It in praising the Lord.
I love the trumpet, for we are told it
ahall wake the dead. I love all stringed
instruments and organs, for God de
mands that we ahall praise him on
stringed Instruments and organs. There
is in such music muoh to suggest the
higher worship; for I read that when He
had taken the book the four and twenty
elders fell down before the Lamb, having
every one ot them "harps," and "I
heard tho voice of tho harpers harping
with their harps," and "I saw them that
had gotten the victory from the beast
standing on the soa of grass, having the
harps of God."
Yes, the song is to be accompanied.
You say that all this is figurative.
Then.-1 sav. prove it I do not know
how much of it is literal and how much
of It is figurative. Who can say but
that from some of the precious woods of
earth' and Heaven thore may not be
made Instruments of celestial accord.
In that worship David may take the
harp and Habakkuk the shlgionotn and
when the great multitudes shall; fol
lowing their own Inclinations, take up
Instruments sweeter than Mozart. ever
fingered or Schumann ever dreamed of
or Beethoven ever wrote for, let all
Heaven make ready for the burst of stu
pendous minstrelsy and the roll of the
eternal orchestra!
Further: It will be an anticipatlve
song', j. Why, my friends, Heaven bas
hardly begun yet If you had taken
the opening' piece of musio to-day for
the whole service you would not have
made so great a mistake as to suppose
that Heaven is fully Inaugurated.
Festal choruses on earth last only a
short while. The famous musical con
vocation at Dusseldorf ended with the
fourth day. Our holidays last only
eight or ten days, but Heaven, al
though singing for so many years, has
only just begun "the now song." If the
glorified inhabitants recount pastdellv
eranoes they will also enkindle atglorles
to come.
If at nine o'clock, when the church
opened, you had taken the few people
who were scattered through It as the
main audience you would not have made
so great a mistake as If you supposed
that the present population of Heaven
are to be its chief citizenship. Although
millions are already there, the Inhab
itants are only a handful compared
with the future populations. All China
is yet to be saved. All Borneo Is yet to
be saved. ' All India Is yet to be saved.
All Switzerland is yet to be saved. All
Italy is yet to be saved. All Spain Is
yet to be saved. All Russia In yet to be
saved. All France is yet to be saved.
All Engli.nd Is yet to tie saved. All
America- Is yet to be saved. All the
world is yet to be saved. After that
there may be other worlds to conquer.
I do not know but that every star that
glitters In our nights is an inhabited
world and that from all those spheres a
mighty host are to march into our
Heaven'. . There will be no gate to keep
them out We do not want to keep
them out
I have sometimes thought that all
the millions of earth that go Into glory
are but '.a''. Very small colony compared
with the iitfTux from the whole universe.
God could build a Heaven large enough
not only for the universe, but for ten
thousand universes. I do not know just
hbw It will be, but this I know, that
Heaven is to be constantly augmented,
and that the song of glor is rising
higher and higher and the procession it
being multiplied. If llnuven sang when
Abel went up tlio flrnt soul that ever
leftoartli for tfiory how must it sing
now whon souls go up In flocks from all
! Christendom, hour by hour and moment
by moment.
Our happy galhorings on earth ore
chilled by thu tlmulit tliul soon we
must separate. Thanksgiving and
Christinas days come, and the rail trains
flying hither and thither am crowded.
Glad reunions take place. We have a
time of great enjoyment But soon It is
"good-bye" in the hall, "good-byo" at
tho door, "good-bye" on the street,
"good-bye" at the rail train, "good-bye"
at the steamboat wharf.
Wo moot in church. It Is good to bo
here. But soon the doxology will bo
sung, tho benediction pronounced and
the audience will be gone. But there
are no soparatioiis.nogood-b.yos Inlleav
en. At the door of tho house of many
mansions no good-bye. At the pearly
gate, nogood-bye. The song will bo moro
pleasant, because we are always to sing
It Mightier son;; as our other friends
cams in. Mightier song as othor gar
lands are set on the brow of Jesus.
Mlghtior song as Christ's glories unfold.
If tho first day wo enter Hoavon we
sing woll, the next day wo sing better.
Song anticipatlve of moro light, of more
love, of moro triumphs. Always some
thing now to hear, something new to
see. Many good people suppose that
we shall soo lloaveu tho tlrst day wo
get thoro. No! You can not soo bondon
In two wooks. You can not see uomo
In six weeks. You cannot see Venice
in a month. You cannot soo the city of
the New Jerusalem in a day. No; it
will take all etornity to see Heaven, to
count tho towers, to examino the tro
phies, to gaze upon tho throne, to see the
hlerarchs. Ages on ages roll, and yet
Heaven is new! Tho streets new! The
temple new! The joy now! The song
I stayed a week at Niagara Falls,
hoping thoroughly to understand ond
appreciate it But on the last day iney
seemed newer and more incomprehen
sible than on tho first day. Gazing on
the Infinite rush of colostial splondors,
where the oceans of delight meet and
pour thomsolvos into tho great heart of
God how soon will wo exhaust the
song? Never! Never!
Tho old preachers. In describing the
sorrows of tho lost used to lift up their
hands and shout: "The wrath to come!
"The wrath to come!" To-day I lift up
my hands and, looking toward tho great
future, cry: "The joy to come!" "The
bliss to come!" O, to wander on the
banks of the bright river and yet feel
that a little further down we shall find
still brighter floods entering into it!
O, to stand a thousand yoars listening
to the enchanting music of Heaven and
then to find out that the harpers are
only tuning their harps.
Finally. 1 remark, that it will De a
unanimous song. Thore will, no doubt
be some to lead, but all will bo expected
to join. It will be grand congregational
singing. All the sweet voices of the
redeemed! Grand music it will be
when that now song arises. Luther
sings It Charles Wesley sings It
Lowell Mason sings it Our voices now
. . .
mav be barsn and our ears uucun-
- . ....
ured. but our throats cleared at last.
and our capacities enlarged, you and
will not be ashamed to utter our voices
as loudly as any of them.
Those nations that have always boon
distinguished for their capacity in song
will lift their voices in that melody.
Those who have had much oppor
tunity to hear the Germans sing
will know what idea I mean to
give whon I say that the great Ger
man nation will pour their deep full
voices Into the now song. Everybody
knows tho natural gift of the Afrioan
for singing. No singing on this conti
nent like that of the colored churches
in the South. Everybody going to Rich
mond or to Charleston wants to bear the
Africans sing. But when not only Ethi
opia, but all that continent of darkness
lifts up its hands, and all Africa pours
her great volume of voioe Into the new
song that will bo music for you. Add
ed to this are all the Hlxteon thousand
millions of children that are estimated
to have gone into glory, and the host of
young and old that shall hereafter peo
ple the earth and inhabit the stars.
Oh! tho new song! uatber it all upl
Multiply It with every swoetness! Pour
it into evory harmony! Crown it with
every gladness! Bolt it with every
splendor! Fire it with every glory!
Toss it to tho greatest height of majes
ty! Roll it to tho grandest cyolo
eternity! and then you have b::t the
faintest conception of what John ex
perienced when, amldt the magnlfl
cenoe of apocalyptic vision, he heard it
the new song!
' God grant that at last we may all sing
it But if wo do not sing tho praise of
Christ upon earth wo will nover sing it
in Hoavon. Bo suro that your hearts
are now attuned for the heavenly wor
ship. There is a cathedral in Europe
with fin organ at each end. Organ
answers organ, and the muslo waves
backward and forward with Indesorib
able effect Well, my friends, the time
will come when earth and Hoavon will
bo but different parts of ono great ac
cord. It will bo joy here and joy there!
Trumpet to trumpet! Organ to organ!
Hallelujah to hallelujah! "Until the
day break and the shadows flee away,
turn, my beloved, and be -thou like a
roe or a young hart upon the mountains
of Bether!"
About a.OOO species of insects, on an
average, have been discovered yearly
during the last century.
In sonio portions of t he world at tho
timo of full moon there is said to be a
tendnncy toward adiiiiiiiiition of clouds.
Beers, an Austrian H'-ulptor, has
duccooded in discovering a process for
molding marble fluid precisely as bronso
is molded.
j Tho electric spark lias been photo
graphed by means of a special camera,
in which tho sensitive plate rotated
2,51)0 times a minute.
One car building company in t'enn-
I sylvan ia has on hand orders for U'.t.OOO
freight cars. The largest ordor is for
10,000 cars.
Col. Ziliinboff. of Siberia, claims to
havo discovered in ordinary eggs an oil
by which ho can greatly increase tho
force of explosives.
Mr. F. A. Swindon, of Brownwood,
Tex., has an orchard of 11,000 pecan
troos tho largest orchard of the kind
in the world. The average yield of a
full-grown tree is about fourteen
bushels a year, which sells from 83 to $4
a bushol.
The camphor tree flourishes at
Tampa, Fla., and Its cultivation is said
to be more profltablo than any other
businoss in the State. Camphor can be
distilled at any season of tho year and
the tree is not affected by heat or cold.
It grows very rapidly. The process of
distillation is very simple. j
A new gas dotector, proposed by Mr.
H. N. Warren, is formed by saturat
ing asbestos yarn with a solution of
platinum oxalato, and then igniting
platinum crucible. When heated
to eighty degrees 1' ahronheit, tlas pre
pared yarn becomes incandescent In an
atmosphere containing 0.5 per cont. oy
volume of coal gas.
Tho making of woodenshoes is quite
business in New York. Not only Is
thero a big demand for wooden-soiea
shoes required by workers In certain
trades, but for the wooden sabots such
as are seen in pictures of life abroad.
French and German women aro the
principal buyersof wooden shoes. These
Bhoes cost about SUV! ft a pair. They are
mostly worn In the Eust Side tonemont
Tho quostlon, "How is it that tele
graph lines make a musical sound when
thero is no perceptible hroeso oiowingr
is thus answorod by tho Scientific
American: "There soems to bo particu
lar directions and strengths of wind
that correspond wfth tho natural vibra
tion porlod of tho wires. A strong wind
out of accord may havo nine eneci,
where a slight wind in accord has a
powerful effect"
The oconomy of small electrlo mo
tors for industrial purposes is shown in
shoe factory in Brockton, Mass., whore
for the last year and a half a twenty-
five-horse power motor has been run
ning the machinery. This is being re
placed with three motors of fifteen, ten
and five-horse power respectively, and
a saving of six-horse power is looked for
from the change. Tho oloctrlc power
company that furnishes tho current
arreos to charge less for the current
for the threo small motors than it did
for tho one large one. N. Y. Sun.
J. W. Fewkes tells in the American
Naturalist that vegetation exists in hot
springs. The highest temperature on
record In which it occurs is 200 F.
This indicates that vegetation may have
occurred at a much earlier stage of the
on tha
Aru I'liiloaopliizea Hweetly
ITIvllcen or Farm Lira.
It Is a great thing for a family to bd
independent It is a good thing for the
boys and the girls to know how to do
nil the family work, and to be willing
to do it, mid we have tried to raise our
flock that way. Tho boys can bang a
gato or a window curtain, or put in a
pane of glass, or mend a chair, or make
a wagon for the baby, or cut tho wood
and food the stock, and tho girls can
paper a room as nicely as Mauck, and
they can cut and fit and make their own
garments, from calico to silk, and coojs
as good a meal as anybody, but wo don't
want tliem to do these things all the
time, and they shall not us long as I
can help it. There are some social
privileges and pleasures that are reason
able and natural and innocent, and we
all like to enjoy them. If a friend comas
to sou me 1 wish to entertain him pleas
antly and cordially, and not have to say,
"I've got to cut some stove wood right
now and you will have to excuse mo."
If ladles call to see my wife and daugh
ters it would not be pleasant or polite
for them to say, "We don't keep a cook
and are doing our own work, and you
will havo to excuse us this morning."
Tho poor should not envy the rich for
enjoying these social pleasures, nor
should tho country peoplo be envious of
the town peoplo. All would do the
same thing if they could, and it is
everybody's duty to better their con
: dition it they can. Nino farmers out
of ten would move to town if they
could afford to. Thoy would do It for
their children's sake for better schools
and bettor preachors and better social
advantages. But nine out of ten can't
move, and so it is tliuir duty to build up
the country schools and conn try churches
and raiso thu grade of both. If the Al
liance does no other work in the legisla
ture than to demand and enfore a tax
that will establish a good ton months'
school in every settlement that can num
ber fifty scholars between tho ages of
eight and eighteen, it will have accom
plished a great work. Give the country
children a chance. If they had had it
heretofore I would havo boon in the
country farming until now, for thore my
children spent the happiest years of
, tholr life. They talk about it yet with
memories of delight Tho springs and
branches, and iisli-pond, and the creek
and mill not far away; tho wash-hole
and the spring-board; the walks through
shady, winding ways to tho lime-sink
field, and tho little spring lieyond that
was overhung with haw trees; the dells
and coves, and meadows, where the wild
flowers grew, the hunt for huckleberries,
and maypops, and black haws, and scaly
barks, and walnuts; the ripened grain,
! and the grass falling before tho reaper's
blade, and their sweet dizzy rides on'
tho top of tho loaded hay. They still
lovo to toll how they Ashed, and seined,
and hunted squirrels, and rabbits, and
coons, and set traps for birds and killed
j the water moccasins that hung in the
! bushes that bordered tho meadow
j branch. They talk about the colts they
j raised, and the narrow escapes they had
from butting rams and vicious bulls and
runaway teums, and they magnify all
these accidents and incidents the more
and moro as timo recedes from those
happy days. If they live to the allotted
' ages of threo scoro years and ten, they
will still recall their farming life with
fonder memories than any othor.
I wish that all tho children of this
blessed, bountiful land could be raised,
at least in part in the country upon a
well-watered, well-managed farm. Bill
Skins on Fire
Willi llrliillK. Ilu riling, ItlecaliiiK
KrzemiiB I iikliiiilly ItellsviMl
by I'lillciira Itciut'ilivn.
Our little son will b'lir yi-nra nt bio- on Dm
STiiti inst In May, IHrti, lm wan lUlm lod Willi
a vi rv iminliii lirjukniK out ol lb'' akin.
ralli'd in 11 physician. wholri-Hled Inm lor aboiil.
lour arrti. 't in- child ic -.. i vi d lilili- or no kmmI
In. in 1 1t,, iriulnii nl , nit III - hri-aklim iil,i.Ui
IiiihciI l.y the iihynicl iu i. In- hive in an tii' -Kale.
I form. Iii-.ame larger in IiIoU-Iii-h, hiiiI
more mill more ilinlr.-HUiK- We w r- lrniienl
iv oliliired li. uel u n in Hie nivlit mid nil) linn
with aoda in wmer, titrmiK liniment".
Finally, we called oilier pliyau-.iaiix. iiunl no
Ii-hh limn hi x IihiI attempted lo i-un- bun. all
alike lailinir.iinil tin- idnld Hteadlly getlinK worn
ami wi.rne. mull uln.nl Ihe 'Jlllli of lant July,
when we lieKini Ift Kivv lilm I'TH HHA Itmil.
vknt inleiiiHlly. and tin- I 'v ncuic ami i.uri
'in.A Soap externally, and by ibe IuhIoI AiuimM
be wan ho nearly well lliHt we nave him wnly
one I lone of I be KbmI.VRNT Hlmllt every Hee.oml
dny lor al.nui len dayn Immi r. ami be hna never
been Iri.uiiled Hinr.e wi li Ihe horrid ma n y In
all we lined lena than one-bull of a bottle of
(Jliin una Kkbolv h nt , hull- leRH limn one box
of iirii.'iniA, ami only one rime 01 i utii-i-iia
Soar. II. K. HVAN.
( KViiica, l.i vlnnmiiii ;i.. III.
SiiIibitIIm iI and xwi.rn lo lielore ine.lhin roiirtli
day or January, 1HH7. C. N. COK. .1. I'.
Cuticura Remedies
I'arenta. do you realize Imw your little onea
Miller, when ilielr tender akin are lilei-ully on
lire with itrhlnK. Iiiiriiiii, Hc.uly. ami lilne-beit
akin and acalp ilineaHehV To know Unit 11 HlliK'e
aiiolicutimi ol Ihe Ciiticijka Kkmicuikh will
ollen uduril inatanl rellel.ixTiml n il nml kIi-i ,
and point to a iieiinaneut hiiiI ee.onoiiue.nl (he-
cmice ho npeedy) cure, unit not to ur-e litem,
without b monieiil ' delay. In to lie xu illy !
iHiHlllvr liihiiiuuiiily. No greater b-itui-.v can lie
beatowt tl noon a child lliau a clear bUiu and i.ure
blootl O'TM'liHA Rkmkihks are aliHoluliiv
pure, mil may be ll-eil Iroin Uilttnny lo HRe.lrnin
jnmplea lo acrolula.
Hitld everywhere. Price. t'L'TiciiiiA. tole
So i'. grr.; Kasoi.VBNT, SI. Prepmed by lite
SL j-Scnd for "How to Cure Blood liineumB."
DIDV'C Mkln Hr.nlppurillcdand bealltitletl
UnUI O by I.UTiuuiiA HOAI-. lutolutely pure.
la one minute the Cuticura
Anti-Pain Plaster nHi'vr iimi
nmlic. HCiutic, tup. ktOiicy, iiiiim'.ii- J
lar. ami vMvt-t inline. Th- llrnt tun!
only nHluiiIiLneoiia puln-lullliiK
strenKtueiilng laBtrr.
-afcljnJ ol
A N I ) '4 Hi vtt '
'WUtttf iJt
oitl i-anii t
Lute ol Berlin, Vienna, I :i i
a F'-JW
-Via vi-.. nt - i
1'jito.r- i j v:
Arrangements bavin-; been tnwle with hij.i:m ust. eastern
msiiiilac.lory lo secure Ihe appropriate appliances, i!.,!Jiyjtiito makes
' " aa
IMl Non-aeclariun(
For Cats
or Tilt: Limits, imf.ck
Specialty of DlaeaaeB of Nervous System.
Specialty of the DlanaaeiB of the 8KIN.
Specialty of the Treatment of CATARRH
Specialty of the Dineaaea of tha EAR.
Specialty of the JJineaaHB of the THROAT
-iiiipxw ."
Specialty of the Diseaaea of the KOSB.
Specialty or the Diaeaaes of the CHEST.
SpnclaJty of the Diseases of the EYB.
Specialty of ths Diaeaaes of WOMEN.
Specialty of the Diseases of CHILDREN,
but iintlei
Christian influence. Preparation .
lor hmdneaa. Weal I'olnl orColl. lt".
Terms more rcanonahle than tboae
ol anyachool ol tlii-aarur kind in the
Next Bean Ion beglne September 9
loKtie addreae
laiil Ui Principal.
Nextaeaaion begin Wednesday, Peplsmler
lUlh. 1HH0.
TIIOKOUUIJ and extended course
lu Literature and Ihe Hciencea
Siecial adraultia.es in Music, Art,
Kinr.ution and l'h)Bical Tiaioii K.
these departments will tie t.uicht
by Hpecialials. Mo extra cbarre
lor the I annual??'. Ancient or Modern, or for
ue of tivionasiiim No Incidental lm of any
kind. Kor catalogue aud lurthrr particulars,
appply lo the president, julylttmi
A. A. JUNE!,
lexinyion. Mo.
MS UI(l.HvE,llir..1, aro.
Specialty o (lie I'ropcr Ailjiiklmrnl of KI'lJrrAn.i: and i:y ttlliAat.n
lor nil lfpllr.nl Helena.
Will Remain in Lexington lor a few Months Only, at the
Over Loroy Parmer's Druj? Storo.
tHok Baadachs and relieve all tho trouble fncf
d.nt to a bilious state of tba eystam. auoh aa
Dizziness, Nausea, proweinees, IMstreas after
eatiuK, Pain In the Side. Ao. While their moat
remarkable aucoeaa baa been ahown iu cuxum
Headache, yet darter's Little IJver MM are
squally valuablo In Constipation, curing and pre
venting tblaannoyiiutconiplaliit.wbilo they slat
Jiyer sad regulate the bowels, jsreauweyoiuy
' Acb they wonldba almost priceless to thoaawha
Buffer from thla distressing complaint; bntfortu
Bately theirgoodness does notend herejuid thoae)
whoonoatry them will Ond these little puis valu
.M.iitHim.nT am thai ther will not be wil
ling to do without them. But after all wink heail
earth's history than has been generally
supposed. The prevailing form of vego- Arp ln Atlanta Constitution.
tallon in tneso neauiu wawra in amiM.
Diatoms also occur, but sparingly. They
have been found in Nevada at a temper
ature at which the vegetation ut hot
springs is most flourishing, but usually
occur in great abundanco in tho cooled
waters of hot springs.
la tba bane of so many Urea that bore la where
waiuiks our great boast. Our ulUacureltwhllo
Others do not.
Carter's Little Liver Pill are very "mall and
vervaaavtotake. One or two pills makoa dose.
Thoy are strictly vegetable and do not grlpo or
I..,. I. imtitlA action nlaaseall who
use them. InylalaatlSoantai five for ft. Sold
tj druggists every vbstu, or scut by mail.
Oi'i'K.K IIoijks U In 12 n. in : 12 lo 4 p. in., ami 7 to 9 p. in.
Owing to the large stock of picture Mouldings
I have on hand, I will for the
make all Sizes and Styles of
All those having Pictures to frame will save
money by bringing them in at once..
Uemember the time, and don't lose the
Main Street, Lexington, Mo.
Hutch Kow. oiipi.site posiolBoe. Ixinatoa.
Kelt itoek Prices. oicnltl
Repairing of Watches. Clocks. Jew
elry, etc , A Specialty.
All Kinds or ComplicatEct Work
Worki-bop in the Heal Eatata Offlca al
K- Winaor Hon.Opp. Courthouse. 2lt
ttH ST n.mtl.il.V KfiCIt OFlKIUU .V WKIIV.V JUt'Mir.TBS.
I have a drat-claa meat market complete
and ready lor business. 1 will keep a full
line of the
tbr Market oan afford. The flaeat Beef,
Pork, Veal, Mutton, H ranked and FrsaA
8ausHs of all kinds,
Smoked and Salt Meata, Game and Poultry
in aeasooi also a lull lies of aloe Brst-chus
Hams and Shoulders.
lie aura and give me a call sad be convinced.
Worked For the run or IU
Allegheny City has a rich young man
whose life is a burden to him because
he has nothing to employ his time. A
happy thought struck him a week ago,
and going to the proprietor of a men's
. 1.1 ! .... . . t. 1 1. I . . I
.uru.Hi.iuu; auo. .10 u.to.ou u.a ar.oa lm) th ht that the prBsent condition
without recompense, lie had enough ! ..,,., , .. , .i,o)i. ... n
tin uaa ' r "
Vital Statistics Show a Constant Increase
In Length of Idle.
How long can an average man live
under the present order of things?
With a view to ascertaining something
definite about the matter the writer
asked the opinion of some of the leading
New York physicians on the subject.
Dr. Cyrus Kdson was of the opinion
that, all things considered,, people are
physically stronger now than they were
several generations back.
"Statistics of longevity aro hard to
collect," he said, "for the reason that It !
wiuld vftrinfea n finm rtnrlMun of ftlltr or '
five generations to obtain actual figures.
Within the last twenty yours sanitary
science has made wonderful strides.
We have passed the period when sick
peoplo who got well did so in Spite of
tho doctor. There is a more Intelligent
understanding ot the causes of diseuso,
and tho result can notbiithobenoflclul."
"Then you think that, on tho whole,
people are stronger now than in the
'good old days?' ".
"Thero are' many things to point to
such a conclusion. Take, for Instance,
the last expedition to tho north pole.
The men on that expedition lived under
conditions to which the men of a gener
ation or two ago suocumbed. They had
passed the limit where animal and vege
table life could exist, and where the
thermometer registered over seventy
degrees below zero. This feat was never
accomplished before in the history of
the world."
He also instancod the walking feats
of the present day, which had broken
all previous records.
"As to the duration of human life I
am not a statistician," he suid, "and
could give nothing definite, but I bo
lleve the people of the present are at
least as long-lived as their ancestors on
an average."
Dr. Bryant of the Health Department
Anybody Can lluy It, llut Nobody Bat s
Warrior Can Wear It.
What does "mufti" mean? Is It an
Americanism, an Anglicism, a Gallicism,
or pure, unadulterated slang? In the
days ot spelling aud definition bees, fif
teen years rlto. It would have been se
lected as agood word to torture aspirants
for prizes.
Briefly expressed, mufti Is a military
term largely used in Kurppo aud in a
less degree in tli is country for the use
of civil dress or plain clothes by a regu
lar military or naval olllcor entitled to
wear uniforms at all times, as was actu
ally done by utllcers in tho army or navy
of the great nations up to tho close of
the last century.
In tho present day there seems to lie
such a burning desire on tho part of
officers ln the array and navy of the
United States to got rid of theevldencos
of their presumably honorable calling
that tho wearing of mufti, or plain
clothes, is an almost universal' practlco.
Whether it Is for the good of tho coun
try that tho objection to wearing uni
forms on tho streets, outside ot parades
or public processions, Is extending to
tho non-commlssloned oftlcera and pri
vates of the regular service, is a ques
tion that is just now receiving consider
able attention from thoughtful citizens.
Turning for a moment to the philo
logical issue Involved in the word
"mufti," it appears that tho term is of
Arabic origin, and was .adopted into the
llindoostani tongue to express the as
sumption of plain clothes by theoflloers
in the service of the old Kast IndiaCom
pany, which was a commercial corpora
tion invested with military powers. Jn
the original Arabic "mufti" indicated a
person, not a thing, namely, a doctor or
teacher of religions or Mohammedan
law, which is its present primary inter
pretation in Turkey. The French speak
of an otllcer "in mufti" as "en l'ekin,"
thus again recognizing the Oriental
origin of the word. Tho (lot-man army
uses "mufti" to express the assumption
of civilian clothes after being in uni
form, and the Russians recognize the
terwi in the same sense. San Francisco
Utroofb my work to-day T I feel miserable, head
achy, tired, pain In my back, my food won't digest.
By wbolo body eeetn out ot order. We answer
that It la no wonder von are in such a broken down
condition, and you will keep getting worse unless
von can cure your LIVEK. Thla Important organ
Is out or order and you Beast cure It b
Rslng those never faUicgi
Dr. C. McUne's Celebrated Liver Pills.
tbev will restore you and give vifor and health to
roar whole system, making you strong and well,
only U cents a box, and they may save your life.
bar youroruggui lor tne genuine
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.
IVLookoutfoT CocxTXRrxrra made la Bt Louis.
Including One Year's Subscription to this Paper.
We have iiiiule aiteh arrange n-c nla it" tiuilib B
to flli r the I bli'.HKn
At lower rales Hum ever bi-lore lor a good ma
chine, anil we oiler our leaders Hie HilvauluKf
id the uiipri'M-ili'iileil liurgitiiiH.
This liiii. li.ni- in iiutile uln-r the Inl.-sl modi-la
ol lite blotter machine, and ia a perlect la-
Himlle In bluipe, 01 nullienl .foil itlul :iin ni'Ulii-e.
All the pur tire made lo Kant;.- : ly Hie
aume an the "nicer, mid are i-imliiit'lei ol pre
cisely the aume nuilerliilH
The ittiiiiint fine I. cxeiniHfd tn the fplrr.iinn
of the mrtiila n-etl, utttl only the veiy liva- qual
ity is purchased Kuril machine in inoruiiKii y
well mutle untl is titled with Ibe tilinnal nit-ety
and eaactneba, mid no machine ia permitted by
the iifprctor lo go out of the Hhiips until it bus
been Iu ly tested anil proved to tlo perb cl work,
unit run light anil without noise.
1 he Chicago Ktnger anic.iitic nan u vi-r.t tut
porlanl improvement in a Loom- ll.tlance W lit el.
ti coiiPlruecil tut lo permit wiiiuuik uiimium
riihoul removing the work Irum Ibe machine.
Tlie Loose lliilanrn Wheel ia actuated by a mil id boll passing through a collar securely pinned
in it... .k.n .....u..iu ..i iw.. t...iitne wheel . which litilt is tlrmlv held to noaition bv a strong antral
auritii:. When the biiiilun la wnnnii, inc. uon ia iiiiiieu oui ir euouxu u mrM. m.
' . m .... ........ . . I... I. II I ....... t... nk.l.l.an Ihu Knit Jun ftJ lfl mil nl I
uriiM.-t lu'W tne iiu'.tiuie is imuieiA. . ... in. .... ..,. ... . ..- - - - - - - -
it. u ,i... i uitii... n..t i. iiH.. .... thitttii. machine can nut bt oneraled bv the Ireadle The thread
eyelet and the needle clump arc mails Bell-threiiillng, which ia a very great convenience.
ftPRlftt? 4Nf aUmiriER.
LL AiiHlract Iteconl of Title to the Lands of
Lafayette County.
Each Machine, of "Whatever Btyle, is Furnished with tho
Following Attachments:
1 KIM IT IIKMMKIt. IlKMMKliS, all different. 1 SCKKW DKIV Kit
I PACK AUK NEKliLKS. I HINIin.lt. ft HoltlilNH. 1 OIL-CAN, tilled.
The driving wheel on IhiH mnbliine is admitted to be the Hinipleat, caslcil running and most I
convenient ui unv. The iiiuchine is aelf-threamng, has tin; very Heal lens. on anil thread liberal or,
ia made ol the heal material, with Hie wearing (mrw nurin-neii. ami in iinisiieii iu s superior i
atvle. It has veneered cover, tlrou-leaf table, luiir end drawer and ceult r awing drawer, 'lue I
manufacturers warrant every ill.i.'liliu- lor live years.
High Testimonials from those Using this Machine:
money, but he wanted work, tie was
accepted. The young fellow enjoyed
the change for a few days, until his fel
low employes discovered be was work
ing without pay. They at once held an
Indignation meeting and decided that
they would be ruined by thecheap labor
of rich men. A vigorous protest was
made to the proprietor of the store, and
to avert a strike he sent a note to the
Alleghenian, telling him his occupation
was gone. The young man will again
start out to search for un object ln life.
Pittsburgh Dispatch.
New Mexico's White Caps. j
The white caps of New Mexico con
tinue so audacious that liovernor i'rinco
has issued a proclamation calling upon
them to disband. He declares that it
they do not do so he will call out the
Territorial militia and i f necessary, call
upon the United States troops. This
band of regulators style themselves
knights of labor, and have organized
lodges through tout the San Miguel
country, until they now have a member
ship of 1..VJ0. They havo without any
legal cause destroyed hundreds of miles
of fence, turned herds of cattle loose,
burned thousands of tons of hay and
destroyed other property. while
several men who havo opposod them
have been seriously wounded by some
unseen assassin or mysteriously disap
peared. Chicago Herald.
Persecution f .Is w. In Kusala.
The Anglo-.lowish .Association gives a
glowing picture of tho condition of tho
Jews in Russia, which Is growing from
bad to worse. One of the worst features
of their persecution Is the restriction
put upon education. Jewish students
can only form three per cent, of the
total number, even In places where the
Jews form seventy-live per cent of the
total population, while the number of
children allowed to receive elementary
education in schools is on'y five percent
of the total number attending such
schools. The Jews are still prohibited
from holding arms or acting as agricult
ural administrator', and those who in
habit villages are m)t permitted to mi
grate to rural districts. It is also pro
posed to exclude them from the legal
and engineering professions.
speaking, as past generations. There
were many things in city life which
were not conducive to longevity, but on
the other hand, modern science had
done a great deal toward off sotting them.
i Dr. Roger S. Tracy of the Bureau of
i Vital Statistics was next seen.
"I think," he said, "that the result of
the present census will show that there
are a great many more old people in the
country than would be suspected. Tho
tables showing the death rates and tho
average duration of human lifo havo
I not boon so carefully kept in this coun
! try as in Knglund, but in Kngland thoy
undoubtedly show a decrease In the
death rate since 1840. In that your the
annual death ratoln London was twenty -fi
ve per 1,000, and it has gono down un
til it is now 17.04 per 1,000." N. Y.
Morning Journal.
Mr. Isaacs "Vat you learn at schools
to-day, oh?" Small son --"I learned how
to combute Interests at. 'even her shout.'
Mr. Isaacs "Hot is goot. Now all you
half to do is to add one nought an' den
you halt thu interest at seventy ber
Deliberate Preparations.
Mr. Kidlots (lot a terrible alow horse?
Stable-keeper Well, yaas.
Mr. Kldlots Reg'lar old procrastl
nator? Stable-keeper Yaas.
Mr. Kldlots Have hltr. 'rnuml Inmi,
hitchin'-post at ten o'clock to-night
One of my daughters is goln' to elope,
an' I've got to make a show vj ketchin
her. -Judge.
Heavily I net. inhered.
Miss Rivervlew What! You don't
mean to say you intend to marry that
Chicago widow?
Bachelor Brother - Why shouldn't 1?
She has no incumbrances.
Miss Kivervlow No inctiinliraiieos?
Look at her feet. - N Y. Weekly.
"The Usual Way.
WalterWill you gentlemen have
your coffee now, or later on?
Ouest We will take It right now.
Walter I was going to sav, If you
wanted It right away, you will have lo
wait about half an hour. Texas Sifting.
Turning, Planeing, Scroll Sawing,&c.
We alao keep constantly on hand
Walnut Coffins, dtc.
Two Npoona.
l'raotical Person 1'shaw! I hate to
see newly married persons all the time
A Student of Human Nature O, lot
tlmm eniov their snotins as lonir as thev
can. Its nine chances to one that gfajp BanistfeTS. NeWel POStS,
bUUJ ,1 IJtJ atllllllK UllO nilUbllT.1 UVAV.V iuh
years are up. The Continent
Knew How It Was Himself.
Reporter 1 have a good joke here on
Brown. Last night Brown's wife, who
had been visiting in the country, dropped
in unexpectedly, and
Managing Editor (sternly) Young
man, that's no joko. Chicago Times.
Love and Money.
Verisoft I lovo you, dear Alice, and
I ask you to bo my wife.
Alice But you are too poor to buy the
engagement ring.
Verisoft Yes, but you can loan me
the money. Jewelers' Circular.
llelng OoimI to Himself.
Host (to departing guest) Why, it's
raining! It mo lend you this umbrella!
Ouest Haven't you a better on than
that? I'm going out of town for a few
months, and I'm afraid that wonU la
uutil I return. -Munsoy'sVeokly
sfra. P. K. Moiiaglian, who resides at 2tt Iter.
Hard St., St. Louis, make tho following voluu
iary statement:
Kor many years I have been a great sufferer
from lck headaches lu the most aggravated
foriu-stiinetluiescoiilliicd to my bod for days.
Have taketi a great deal of medicine, but to
no puriHiso. Kor the past few year have had
an almost continuous headache, and In coiiae
qiieiico have been graduully falling In health
and strength- In fuel, have bocn unable to at
tend to my hoiiM-buld dntlca. 1 could Bud no
relief, Rltlitiiigh my physicians bare given me
everything that Ihey thought applicable to my
ease. About threo weeka ago my husband
brought me a ImiIHci of tho California remedy
I Juy'a Vegetable Saraaparllla, After taking It
two days my beadacbo waa relieved. I have
bad no pain silica, and am now On my second
bottle. I Hint uty energy and ambition fully re
stored, snd my headache gono. I now do my
liniiKcwiiik without Iho slightest palu, anil enjoy
KihiiI sleep aud appetite. I heartily recommend
Juy'a Vegetable Karaaparllla lo all who wuie
emlcrlug al i vis."
Metalio and Wooden Burial Cases
Always on Hand.
They rcspecifully ask the attention of all to
Ihe articles ol their manufacture pledging them
selves to sell aa cheap aa such articles can be
N. 1. One elegiuil two story lliiek
dwelling Utilise, on Third Htreel,
I.exiiiKlon iu per lee t aider and
cotiittiiou.lo rooms. heuiiti ml yard,
with llowers and grapes and walks
ami back lot. A bargain cn be hud if taken
Hiiun. A. V INM ill A SON. Ageula
NO. '2. One aiihsluulial. well-buili two nlorv
lirtt-k llwelllug on the bllill, lialldHomely
and coiivemeuily located, s rooms and iwo
halls, trout and back lot, all in g I contll
Hon. Ottered at low price ttitiiiek hitver.
E. WINhOlt A StlN, Agents.
NO. ;i. One und a half atory Kraiue llwelllug
on Mnmh street, ll rooms, enure proiieitv in
complete order, ami very desirable and cun-
venieiil to bualiiesH. Hunt, wnlt-i, I r lit I
grass, trees. Ac. tun be bought imw al
bargain, li sold soon.
K. WINMOIt M'N, AgelilH.
NO. 4. -One story Krame Hwelling nn College
street, 4 rotiniM ami eellHr. luige lot, wult-r.
ham, Ac. ouYieil very low
K. WINSOlt A .SON, Agenm.
Wkstboho, Mo., lien. 10, IA88.
My sewing machine gives good tallelaciion I
lines lis good work as a dllv dollar machine.
IIkhhino, Onto, Nov. 10. 1889.
The sewing machine 1 got from you aa a pre
mium last year, catinni oe neaien, anil uoea a
guild work aa a forly tlollur mauliine.
liKU. b. uuirt.
ItNtoNToa N. Kas.. Dc. 6. 1889.
We received Hie machiue some two months
ago. Iluve given it a lair trial and like It very
much. We ibink il ia aa good as a forty dollar
machine. BiisajANK miwsin.
Jackson. Cai... Nov It!, 1888.
I lee.i-ivctl your premium eewing machine in
good old. r, and am well pit a rd with Ihe same.
Accept my thank A. NO It TON.
Will's IIkiuoE. N. Y.. Nov. '20. lSsU.
I would say, alter uning the sewing machine
received liom you, 11 gives perfect aatislucilon
in ull lespcrls, lining all kinds nl work very
nicely. Mrs. 1. C YOUM ANS.
LtiMiMiiNT. Cm... Nov. 17. 1889.
I received the inucliiue a ll light, anil am well
pli'SM'd with it. It dors excellent work .
PKMNAii Mccarty.
This valuable Sewing Machine is given aa a premium fur Ml yearly "ub crihera to thla paper,
l'noe, Including one year's aiibacrlptinn, $IR. Sent by height, r.-ceiter lo pay charge.
Thla oiler a open lo old or new rtt isc.riliers.
Miiiolkton, Tknn.. Dec. 18. 1888.
I received vonr premium tc'in n.U'-.hine one
year ago ami u n well pit used with il. Would
nol exenunge ll lor inaciiiiies s item
Ktlly llullurs. I I hank y.m a iliiuiaaiid times
for such a valuable premium. W. A UPSIloP.
Alti h, Auk , lice 7. 18S8.
The Chicago Singer s wing machine received
in gouil order. Thta machine la a splendid one;
the avenis here would ask annul lliutj-ll.c
dollars lor aue.h a machine. Main thanks.
JDSKftl li Al.ll.M AIM.
SuMkH-ar, Va , Oct. -28, 1K.MI.
The machine ordered of von urnvetl, and
alter a lew days' trial 1 Hod it lo be as repre
sented, anil doubtless will continue to give
aatialaction. MAKY J. WALKEK.
Thsnton, Nan., Nov. -2!l, 1SSS.
The premium sewing muchlne came lo hunt!
very promptly and in good order. It is nicely
niitihed. woraa like a charm, and we are de
lighted with it. E- Ol Nl,.
ST. MahiiAHRT'i , Mil., Ihe. 14. I8s!.
We received Ihe machi tie two weeks since. In
good order. We are pleased Willi the maeliine
and glad lo speak tl ytiu us uu boiieal, honora
ble llrro. A neighbor waa in re in too at nie
machine, and exptcia to order one next week.
K. II Kiiiiiin .
Cooking & Heating
AND Manulactttrer of Tut
Iron and Copper Ware.
Uoolng aad Repair Ibc
Prise at Bed Rock, aad all Soods
re represented, or ao sale.
call and examine Stock aad Price
jefore purohuinf elsewaere.
EfT Don't forget the Place ragg
has his aaaae aad price ateaaeed a. Batteaa
ON. 5. Also another 111 n k anil Kiumr llwel
llug, twa nltirtea, 5 I'oitiiis and hull und
porch , good burn MiihI be sol I anon. I liter
rd low. E. WINMIIl WIN, Agents.
NO.'.ti Knur small llwrllings, wllh two and
fhi'ee rooms, gnod localioiia. Ou easy lerms
and rtieap.
iii-28tl E. WINSOIt A SON. AgenlK.
I will ell, of uit own make. Hurries, puae
lous snd buggies, at reduced prlcei for the
next UO days. D. Kueaell. otpioi!
IKTTKKS of eiluilnietiu'inn on the estate ol
j Kant L.KI hbifk. tl.ceitaeil, wrie grunted
In Hie tinileiaig I nullit-'2uh diiv id Auuu.il,
8!I, bv the pr.ih.de court ol Lalayrlle county,
Missouri . . ,
All persona having claims against said estate
are rettiired to exhibit llicm lor allowance
lo Ibe ailmiuiotrulor within one year niter Up
date ol aaiil Idlers or Ihey muy tie precluded
from iiny heiielli of such entuie; und il audi
cliinus be not exhibit ' willuit iwo years I role
Hie dale ol Ibis publication Ihey will lie lot
evei burred.
Thin .iilh day of AiiuuhI, Is'm.
.li.HN W. H-lll: K.
aiig.:ti.'i ditiiiitHiraiur.
l III.K' AIMIISrit . l OK'S
IJY virtue nf an order ol Hie Pro bait' conn ol
1 l.alaMlle CiilllllV. Mil . made (ill Hie l.'illi
tluy o August. IMS . Ho- Uliilelnlgncd, polilic.
uitiniiiihll-.itoi- lor "aid county, h.ts taken
ehiilge ol tile entitle ol Kll.ubetll Woll-, dt
rettpeil .
All persona having claims iigaiux! said i'-lali
are reiitlieil to cklnliil Hu m I lm aliowtiuci
within one venr alli-r Hie dale ul' k.iI.I outer, ol
thev mav In- prcclmletl from unv in n lil iil'eticli
ealulet unit il xiif.b cluims be mil exhibited wnli
In two vears tiom llici'ale of nai I order Hie)
will be forever Purred
'litis I. .Hi day ol August. IM.
.HI'r.t'HEN N. WII.siin,
Bilg'2:tt!t Public Ailmnilnll'alor.
IETTEKH i-f Adllllr-lslratlon on the eslnle !
J lletliailiin K t oil il itKc.l.v.cicnrulllcil
to the uiiilerHiKlieil on the .ltd Uav ol epu itiln r,
Ih-.m, by the I'robutu conil ol Luiayeit.i eoiin
ly. Mission-1.
All persona having claims against s ml estab
are icipiiied lo exhibit them lor ullowaii.e It
Hie adtllllllHli tlor willini one year alter Ilu
.Ittle t.l eitld lellt r.i, or the) mav be prei-lmlt -tl
I i. ill iiny b Ill of Mich i-Hlale. ami ll audi
llulinabe lliilexllilillt.: vv i hill t wo Veata lloli.
the .lute ol Hits piililn ulioJ they will be lor
ever barred .
TI,h:i.I 'UP"' ,Nl
aepllir. A
,1 iiwclliiiK ruin
Hoc -lure loom
lit. I.li How and upslaira ro a. com
mi, I, od Maiu for nut, A. Uejci. julltl
'pHK monev now in nuuus belonging to the
A enlale ot minors is or loan, t art ou prime
real eelale iiiul iiil on good per.ouai aectiriiy.
parties ilestnng in tun row will do welllocall.
Olllec over K. Winaor A Son.
maybltl M N WII.HON,
w-hti.. Hiiininirttralor and ex-i.tlice I'll li Cur.
$500,000 TO LOAN.
tPIIE elii upenl iii .ney ever loKiieil in l.alavetujl
1 con li y sain and upwards loam tl on Ira-pniv.-il
li al t-Hiute ul Hie lnw.nl rales ol line teal.
Call on or udili-ens UKCIttiK PltlCK.
I.rklltglt ll. Mil.
Ollice over E. Wiiifur A Sun's Hisitrunce olUce,
oppoHlle eollrlliotle, .Mali, street. aglliiu;! -
A Ittruf li r mnl ;cnivi.vMniot r, l.t-niiigtoti,
Mo. Monry to Urin liiiiiivt il Iwnnti in I.m-
lut' Ullil UiljiMIIIHlC NUIIItlfn, Ht luVVi'tl IHlt'M
ul inU'it'-tt with in ivilf ot iMyiiK ml r all
ol irim-it:il In line iiiulnritv .
No ili'i.iv, in nil (um. Munry alutivt ou
httiit. Wnli' nir lor ti-r.itu. ini l Uvl
sSa W I sF law CErlTltS"- ,.r A
Viae Calf aad Laced Veierref SW '
NSilUAM I-: iigaitinl lire and lighlniutf. on
wheal ami ollc r giitin m Hie stuck or narn.
on Ihe lurm. or sloretl lu gritlil wureiioliacs.iroin
one day I e veal', at l lie lowesi rates rue ,
tin anil give stiiouut und lime, nml we wilt si-nd
yo'u Ihe i olict bv ifiiiiu mill Or call ul our
ollice 111 l.t-XIIIKlnll. opp IHIIe colir'llollrte. lleXl
.loot lo poslollic.-. e. WINMIIl A SON, i
liiMiraiic.f , Loan ami Ileal Kslttte Agelils. I
Th excellence and wearing qualities of this aBaa- !
cannot be better ahowu than iy the atron endoraipaBB-i .
meuU of Ita Ibouaanda of conatant wearer.
Se.OO (.ennlne lland-aewed. an elegant aoa
O atvllslt dreaa Stto. which eonunenda ItaeuT.
laia) lland-aewed Welt. A line call
uueiiuiietl lor si
SO.SO Uoodyear 1
IV O T I i 1 1 TO I O T II .4 TO It !4 .
Wll.l. let to Hie lowesi and belt bidder, on
Shl'l K.MItKK 2- A. I.. IHJSI,
....e.iiimlle.1 for .tvle mml durmMlltT.
liaadvsar Welt la the atandard dress
HlnM. Mt . iu .t iii I n r ttrl.M,.
RQ.SO Pollcemna'a pihoe laeapeclally adapveai
w for rallniad men, farmern, etc.
All made in Congreaa, Button aud Lac.
have been most favorably received eloce iBtrodnoaa
and the recent Improvement tumk. theaa aupertor
to ajiv shoes soltl si these urlcea.
ask your ueaier, auo ir ne cannot auppiy i
M i 1 1 A Y
line Wooilcit It litis Hi idge lor coneliitc.lioii,
i,i . i.nill uciiiis liruuli ciei k.on Hie change
iu Hie Harr'M Mill road, near the aoolhfa.l cor
ner ol Hubert ! Illetlsoe'a lallll
l.elllllg U ill lake ilace III leu o'clock II. Ill . lit
bridge ailc. Plan ami en eillcul a w HI I. se. ii
H lime and place of lelllng.
I oiilr.n loi is tuaive boiul with approved
secui ilv lor comply inif with coalract, as Ilu
litw illiet'le.
11. It. WEELHN.
nusJUld Comluissionti'.
ly Tou sn4
price, or
V. 1.. UOI UI.AH. Bracklaa, Bta.se.
moun r joy:&;irel AND
I dlrHt to ftutory eu'lotug vivtrtliMHi
; uoatal for oraer uiftDKii.
ALL THIS for $.50
An lee Cream Freexer, (th beat ie the world.)
A Ksyitoe Culinary Beater and Mixer (fur Bak.
lug rake, bread, lc ate, whipping- cream, g(. IB.
ami a thouaand otliar things.) A SO. Cook eek.

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