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HA.Y, ISTOVEMTSlilR 1. 1890.
" fe G) 3
Terms, 2 per Veur
A deduction of 50 vents will bo mudo If paid
iriouy iu iiuvunuo lor tt lull your.
Alkx. A. Lksukur,
Ethan Aulkn . - liuniHKss Manaqkb
Circuit Couut irsl Mondays or April
August aud December.
OniuiHAL Coimr First Monday of March am
souond Monday ol October.
Puobvtc Couht Second Mondays o ttli
ruary. May, August and November.
Ooiiwty OoriiT FlrHt Monday In each month
ran hufhumb ji'ixm,
ol Henry County.
V. K. WOLr K.
of Kandolpb County.
" Mississippi County.
roll I'OtlGHKSa,
ol Jackson County.
W 11.1.1 AM MILL.
ruRHKHirr, -
mi coLi.KtTon.
' 8AHUKI. J. ANlllifcW.
Western OlslrlCt-RAUMl S. ANDItKWS.
KaHcrir District IIKHMAN II. KIXINti.
FOR CONlTAni.lt,
x.'liiy Township Arch OJillrsiiie
Iavl Township . Ucorge Kvans
- ew ..1. 1 . . If IlnPkotiamilh
iuvrr jiiw ufii -"- ... ,
, Freedom Township. F Kulek
Lexington Township... Thoma. Young
Miihileton Township W. Scott Thoinis
Bnl-a Itsr Township J. A. Kulkerson
Wssnluglon TowBhip A. II. Kelly
Two to elect.
C'luy Town.nip Thoma R. Chinn
C. J Miller.
Ilavi. Township J. K. Usidsnd.
W. S. DorniSluscr,
Hover Township J. Ilsrwood
J. Tompkius
freedom Township ....Henry Miller,
Lexington lownslil) .lame Hook
Henry C. Wallace, Jr
John U Price.
Middleton Township lohn Hall
J . X. Good in
Sul-a-Bar Township R. T. KumbfIi
J. 1'hiilips.
Washington Township J W. While
Koberl Mathews
Tlii' rtemnr-rutio party ol Missouri, In conrcn
lion s.sriuO'ed, decisis II n neaed mil lin
altering laiih hi the principles of Ibf nnr y s
the ouly security nl ri iibbiicat bovi runicnt rd
Mi perieuil'y ol lUe lib rtb-Bof thepioplo, the
iinreiiincy oi ine giui-iai Rovt-rnnieni in ii.i
exerrls of all Ihc powers dcletf .Ud lo ll by III-'
aoas' iiutioni Hie ieerveil righti, ol each aid
every il In Ihf union, a to ail uoh Luer
not io iii ii-Kipi. or oy me uiirrni ciiaiiiiuion
i.ronioiifd to Ihu tlaieti ouoo Itlon to clitt
iwfinluilon, monopolies and trusts i iiU 1 und
Jut uxallon of all cloucs without luvur or iit-
tiiiHtion, iir ini) mre support 01 too (tnven.
itisnl. vblith should urouot life. Iibcrtv aid
property alike; I tip absolute i-qnaliiy ol ull
unit o Ix lore the law Without diminution
In me llniliiti narO" ol llime )ust pruirlpVe
depends the prpti.lly of our frreand enl glnen-
leouidivan power ni voverouieni nun no
gene'sl weiiare anil the liappiiiesi, jirui-periiy
ai d continued freedmn ol ihe people
We condemn Hie prepni vyotein of trintxu
tutu aa miut, im quiialil" and iniiiijou.
wlieraiiy tr prinulpni uiirdena ol Uxnnou auliiid
upon ilia tieCDMeiues of III an tho luxuru-s an
eiuhlnl in e-.opv tin Ir list pruporlion, unii
weilniiiUil Hie iv. llno ol Ihe vnlire turllf .
IVinon a revenue Lnsis. so sillimled as U plure
Hi burden ol Unsiniit iiios all oiannes 1. 1 k
Willi ii'il and rxael Justice to ull and in:ul
tavr 10 none
And we armmn repiibllciin purly ss bi'ins
direoliy respousihlo lor Hie enactment ol tin
pri-sent unjual tariff slein
VV e reaid trusts or comblnstinns of Individ
nus and corporation toconirol prices us liK'l
liU4i reuU nt the tirrseot iniquitous tun IT mid
we iIiiiiiiI Hie rriel of the tariO cixee lira'
whalj'.e ucb oorporall ns lo extort Iron) n.e
ifevitie exoibitnt price lor tbv prooucu wliicli
iliev nouliol
Wit tieciare it to be the duly of our IrelihuiirB,
RtsleRiid leeeral, to u all riKeoimb e ell U
WitniH'. nonstiluilonal limita lo prtvi lil l hi
ermt.ofi aed eireuinsorilie inn poer 01 mo
B"0 Lm Miiicti, la l:lr opiralion, haw .m
rsTeru to lorsstall oareii anil otherwise Inli r
fere Willi the freeexeroise ol trade
W arraijcn lh pre-nt republican nailoinil
il..iniMLrAl Kin fue litxeinir vi.ilnleil Om uletlu.-k
In me piiule and INaraallv usurped power noi
ooinniiviiu to lis haods Tbu recaleas prostltH.
lion ol the civil servios bv the prestuent mu
BenaU' has only been exoeed d oy Hie lirnul
ovmidin ol the miuoriiy in His i.iwer house
l eunrens la deHinee of every tiiiie-hnnir.ii
IT neiivnt and InuisreicarJ ol the roiisiiuitinii.
wiiicn apurtioue ieprent itives lo I lie e vir
al s'ale oceuidlug to p JiMiloiion.
We dihoono tyrunical end arbitrary rulings
ol Urn ireiilinn ofllcsr ol Hie house ol lepiesi n
IjUucb I jtfiiinL uurtinllny Mini ur.i n..i'iliuilv
iiidiiruB tltv iculiant and stubborn lenls anoe ol
Ine democratic Minority in tueir deleiiie ol ibe
Fiitiits of Ihe people.'
W- ueelare that the people of the several
labs Bi I he sourreof ail pjwei, und I hey aioo
are auiatii lael lo dlri'U. aud comnd the sll'.ir
01 ttwir resueotiv governinent. ulij' ci onl tu
oowatiiuuoiial slid eUniipoed llniiialioiiH und
We lun lu-r Bold tuat any iuieriereuoe or aiunipi-
I Inn rlereni e on tbe part ol the lederul aovern
uihiii in l be selection ol our Baiorrt and leii
reBiative la noiigres i aa aHsuirp loo ol
power unwarraiittd oy the consutuuou and an
arbiUsrr at eiapt to enoroacb upon ill.! rijlil ol
IB several slau.
We are in IsVi rol the frre aud unie.lru l-d
olnn(R ol silver and tn lunreune ol llio voluiii
of carreucy lo meet ine legitimate demand o
train And we believe that Hie power to lesoe
sad eomrol the Volume 01 aucb currency linli d
. be vxereiked by Hiv government.
Tbe puoiia lanus, the heri'tige of the pe.iple,
should be held for aomsl tettiers only, not en
other acre lo railroads or speculutois, and mi
Nad mi beld lor sfiesulallve purposes n. n il
be ra rd at It )ul value.
we ivor Hie forieiture of all land grume In
eorpoiatlon not actually earned an I Hi il u.e i
nre be vnkrn lo prevent allinx liom hnldii.K
requiring IlUe lo und in tbe linlled niaUs i.imi
termor e ol America.
The licuwwMi of Missouri lavors Hie purl y
Ol i He ballot, the possugeaud enloroi nu nl ol all
laws wbich luslire boneal eleollon uud lot
amend n.ent ol tbe election law known mm Hit
Australian ballot aysiem, paseeil bv ihe Inei
gea.ersl assembly ol the Slate, so that It tuny
app y to all the uoumirs and permit any o .il
eal u.iny or Individual lo place a nckel in Hie
Iteid wiinoul having alven a previoua cxiiretMioii
ait ilia poll
Tbe dmiocrutlo party loun led In Minsourl,
Bod hub ever lavored a sstem ol free euueatioii,
and we point with prole lo the mognilln in mm
liberally sustained public school system ol thin
alato. wlileb ll bos inaugiiraied aod lumen il
We deaoUBce me eoinbinatlooB and truais by
wtiinh tbe prio ot school booka is largely in
eiaesed slinve a reasonable cost and we lavoi
suub legislation a will tree the people li.nii
IB-ir srasp and give school books to the children
ol the stala at a rraonr ble coat.
W are jually proud of tbe splendid record
Bade by our democratic senator aud rrpreren
tailve ID ibe present cons-re, and we poinl
Wlih especial pie nil re to Hie anlu and cimri(i--o-s
stand taken bv the lion, UeorgeO. V -t, in
Ihe II Bind -dates seaato In liehall ol huiiian
liberty ai.d equal righis, by which he ha en
deared liliaself to III demo .rsiiy ol the colli,
Tn democratic party In Missouri lie'ievea HihI
apiiuliuulU e is a public trust, and itdi m in iu
and will require of every olUner strict ui'imiiiu
aoiiily und honesty and .III lency, and wuen in
any case a publia otlicer Ims pioveii rie.ieunt it
demands Ins removal and punishment
vim rrivi nil,, .ihiu mi ine ,',.,'ii ..., .,, ...
novrrnor rranais in protecting m inieieKis 01
tliertiale w hen a receul stale oilier iirovid on
fatthlul, aa a guarantee that Ihe inlerenis i f hi
rials ol Missouri are in sale hunde, and In Mr k
log c -in nasi 10 the course ol Die rri.iiblicuii pun)
in ehieldiiig public odini'ils and proiiioling ll.i-in
lo b'gb iiosition.
NEW ENGLAND i to rercive in Hie
new tariff bill the ttmpkut protection for
tvery mimvfncturiny industry within
her border- It will in my judgvitnl be
both inexpedient and injurious for rep
resentatives to disregard a measure
which will promote western interests
.Iamks tl. Blaine.
There is not a section or a line in the.
entire bill McKinley bill) that, will
open the market for another bushel '
wheat or another barrelof pork.-Iamks
ti. U LA INK.
Our foreign market for breadstuff's
grows narrower. James (. Blaink h
fvtten on tbe McKiuley Bill.
Dr. Talmago Continues His DIa
coui'bob on Palestine.
Hla Visit to tho I lead hea-Tlie Warning
Tauglit ly the Destrootlon of Nodoua
and (loiunrrah liesorlpllon of
the Jordsu.
In his fifth lecture upon the Holy
Land delivered at Brooklyn Rev. T. Do
Witt Talmaife announced as his text
Psalm civ. 3-2: "He toucbeth tbe hills
and they smoke." He said:
David, the poet, here pictures a vol
cano and what Church's Cotopaxl does
on painter's canvas this author does in
words. You see a hill, calm and etui.
and for ages immovable, but the Lord
out of tbe heavens puts His finger on
tho ton of It and from it rise thick
vapors, lntorsbot with fire. "He touch
etb the hills and they smoke."
God is the only lining who can man
ago a volcano, and again and again has
he employed volcanic action. The
pictures on tho walls of l'ompoli, the
exhumed Italian city, as we saw them
last November, demonstrate that tho
oltv was not fit to live. In the first
century that city, engirdled with pal
arcs, cmnaradised with gardens, pillared
into architectural oxqulsiteness, was at
the foot of a mountain up the sides of
which it ran with vineyards and villas
of merchant princes, and all that mar
ble, and bronze, and imperial baths,
and arboriculture, and rainbowed
fountains, and a coliseum at the dedica
tion of which 0,000 boasts had been
slain, and a supernal landscape in whloh
the shoro gave roses to the sea and the
soa gave crystals to the shore; yea, all
that beauty, and pomp, and wealth could
give was there to be seen or heard.
But tho bad morals of the city had
shockod tho world. In the year 70, on
August 4, a b'.aok column rose above
the adjoining mountain and spread out,
l'liny says, as he saw it, like a great
pine tree, wider and wider, until It be
gan to rain upon the City, first thin
ashes and then pumice stone, and sul
phurous fumes scooped and streams of
mud poured through tbe streets till few
people escaped and the city was buried,
and sorao of the inhabitants 1,800 years
after wore found embalmed In the
scorito of that awful doom.
The Lord called upon volcanic forces
to obliterate that profligate city. He
touched tbe hills and they smoked.
Nothing but volcanic action can explain
what I shall show you at tho Dead Sea
upon which I looked last December and
of whoso waters I took a bitter and
stinging taste. Concerning all that
region thero has been a controversy
enough to fill libraries, science saying
one thing, revelation saying anothei
thing. But admit volcanic action di
vinely employed and both testimonial
are one and the same. Geology, chem
istry, geography, astronomy, ichthyol
ogy, or nithology and zoology, are oom
ing one by one to confirm the Scrip
tures. Two leaves of one book are rev
elation and oreation and tbe penman
ship is by the same divine band. Out
horseback ride will not be so steep to
day and you can stay on without cling
ing to the pommel of the saddle, but
tbe scenes amid which we ride shall, if
possible be more thrilling and by the
time the horses snuff the sulphurous at
mosphere of Lake Asphaltlties or tbe
Dead. Sea we will be ready to dismount
and read from our Bibles about what
was done that day by the Lord when
lie touched the hills and they smoked.
Take a detour and pass along by the
rocky fortress of Masada where occurred
something more wonderful in the way of
desperation than you have ever heard
of, unless you have heard of that. Herod
built a palace amid the neaps of black
and awful rocks which look like a
tumbled midnight A great band of
robbers, about one thousand inoluding
their families, afterward beld the fort
ress. VV'hon the Roman army stormed
that steep and tho bandits oould no
longer hold the place, their chieftain,
Eleazar, made a powerful speech which
persuaded them to die before they were
captured. First tho men kissed their
f.imllieg a loving and tearful good-bye
and then put a dagger into their hearts
and tbe women and children were slain.
Great and rugged natural scenery
makos the most tremendous natures (or
good or evil. Great statesmen and great
robbers, great orators and great butoh-
ers, were nearly all born or reared
among mountain precipices. Strong
natures are hardly ever born upon tbe
plain. When men have any thing
greatly good or greatly evil to do they
come down off the rocks.
Pass on from under the shadow of
Masada, the scene ot the oonoontrated
diabolism, and come along where the
Bait crystals crackle under the horse's
hoofs. You are near the most God-for
saken region ot all tbe earth. You to
whom the word lake has heretofore sug
gested those bewitchments of beauty.
Luzerne or Cayuga, some great pearl set
by a loving God in the bosom of the
luxuriant valley, change all your ideas
about a lake and see this sheet of water
which the Bible calls tho Salt Sea, or
Sea of the Plain, and Josepus calls Lake
Aspbaltites. 1 Tbe muleteers will take
cure of tbe horses while we get down to
the brink and dip up tbe liquid mixture
in the 'palm of the hand. The
waters are a commlnglimg of
brimstone and pitch and have six
times larger percentage of salt than
hose of the Atlantic ocean, the ocean
having four per cent, of salt and this
lake 26 per cent Lake Sir-l-kol of
India Is the highest lake in tbe world-
This lake, on the bank ot whloh we
kneel, is the lowest lake. It empties
into no sea, among other things, for the
simple reason that water can not run up
hill. It swallows up tbe river Jordan
and makes no response .of thanks, and
never reports wbat it does witt) tj)e
twenty million cubic feet of water an
nually received from that sacred river.
It takes the tree branches and logs
floated into it by tbe Jordan and pitches
them on the banks ot bitumen to decay
Tbe hot springs near its banks by the
name ot Callirhoe, where King Herod
came to bathe off his Illnesses, no sooner
pour into this sou than they are poi
soned. Not a fish scale swims it. Not
an insect walks It. It hates life, and if
you attempt to swim there it lifts you
by an unnatural buoyancy to tbe sur
face, as much as to Bay: "We want no
life hero, but death is our preference
death." Those who attempt to wade
into this lake and submerge themselves
come out almost maddened as with tbe
sting of a hundred wasps and hornets,
and with Hps and eyollds swollen with
tbe strange ablution.
In these regions once stood four great
cities of Assyria; Sodom. Gomorrah,
Adma and Zobolm. Tbe Bible says
they wore destroyed by a tempest of
fire and brimstone after these cities had
filled up of wickedness. "No, that is
absurd," cries some one; "it is evident
that Hits was a region of salt and
brimstone and pitch long before that"
And so It was. Tho Bible says it
was a region of Bulphur long before
the groat catastrophe. "Woll, now,"
says some ono, wanting to raise a quar
rel between sc!enco and revelation, "you
have no right to say the cities of tbe
plain were destroyed by a tempest ot
fire and sulphur and brimstone, because
this region had these characteristics
long beforn these cities were de
stroyed." Volcanic action is my reply.
These cities had boen built out of very
combustlblo materials. The mortar was
of bitumen, easily lighted, and the walls
dripped with pitch most Inflammable.
They sat, I think, on a ridge of hills.
They stood high tip and consplcous,
radiant In their sins, ostentatious in
their debaucheries, four hells on earth.
Ono day thero was a rumbling in tbe
earth and a quaking. "What's that?"
cry tho affrighted inhabitants. "What's
that?" The foundations of the earth
were g'ving away. A volcano, whose
fires ha'3 been burn-nff for ages, at God's
command burst forth, easily sotting
every thing aflame, and first lifting
these cltios high in tho air and then
dashing them down into chasms fath
omless. Tho fires of that eruption In
torshot the dense smoke and rolled unto
the heavens only to descend again.
And all the ciiiillgiii'ution of that
country was changed, and whore there
was a hill there came a valley, and
where there had been the pomp of un
cleanliness came widespread dosolution.
Tbe red-hot spade of volcanic action
bad shoveled under the cities of the
plain. Itcforo the catastrophe the cities
stood on the top of the salt and sulphur.
After the catastrophe they were under
the salt and sulphur. Science right.
Revelation right. "lie touched the
hills and they smoke."
No science evor frightened believers
in revelation so much us geology. They
feared that the strata of the earth
would contradict tho Scriptures, and
then Moses must go under. But, as in
tie Dead Sea iniitance, so in all cases
God's writing on tho earth and God's
writing In tho B lilo aro harmonious.
The shelves of rock correspond with
the shelves of tho American Bihlo So
ciety. Science d gs Into the earth and
finds deep down the remains of plants,
and so tho Bible announces plants
first Science d'gs down and
says, "Marine animals next," and the
Bible says, "Marino animals next"
Science digs down and says, "Land ani
mals next" and the Bihlo responds,
"Land animals noxt" "Then comes
man!" says science. "Thou coraos man!"
responds the Bible. Science digs into
the region about tho Dead Soa, and finds
result of fire, and masses ot brimstone,
and announces a wonderful formation.
"O, yes," says the Bible, "Mosos wrote
thousands of years ago, 'the Lord rained
upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone
and flro from the Lord out of Heaven,
and David wrote, 'He toucheth the hills
and they smoke.'" So I guess we will
hold on to our Bibles a little longer.
My text implies that God controls
volcanoes, not with tho full force of His
hand, but with the tip of. His finger.
Etna, Stromholl and Vesuvius fawn at
His feet like hounds before the hunter.
Thoso eruptions of tho hills do not be
long to Pluto's realms, as the anoients
thought, but to the divine dominions. If
our American oities do not quit their
profligacy, if in high life and low life
dissoluteness does not cease to be a joke
and become a crime, if wealthy libertin
ism continues to find so many doors of
domestic life open to its faintest touch,
if Russian, and French, and American
literature, steeped in pruriency, does
not get banished from the news stands
and ladies' parlors, God will let loose
some ot these suppressed monsters ot
the earth. And I tell those American
oities that it will be more tolerable for
Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of
judgment whether that day of judg
ment bo in this present century or in
the closing century of the earth's con
tinuance. The volcanic forces are al
ready in existence, but in the mercy of
God they are chained in the kennels of
Subterraneous fire. You let profligacy,
whether it stagger into a lazaretto or
sit on a commercial throne, wbethor it
laugh in a faded shawl under the stroet
gaslight or be wrapped In the finest ar
ray that foreign loom ever wrought or
lapidary ever impearled, know right
well that there Is a volcano waiting for
It, whether in domestic life, or social
life, or political life, or in the founda
tions of tbe earth from which sprang
out the devastations that swallowed tbe
cities of the plain. "He toucheth the
hills and they smoke."
But the dragoman was rejoiced when
we had seen enough of this volcanic
region ot Palestine, and he gladly
tightens the girths for another march,
around the horses which are prancing
and neighing for departure. We aro off
for the Jordan, only two hours away.
We pass Bedouins whose stern features
melt into a smile as we give them the
salutation, Salaam Alelkhoum, "Peace
be with you," their smile sometimes
leaving us in doubt as to whether it is
caused by their gladness to see us or by
our poor pronounclation of the Arabic.
O, they are a strange raoo, those Bed
ouins. Such a commingling of ruffian
ism and honor, of cowardice and cour
age, of cruelty and klndnoss.
At last, between two trees I got a
glimpse of a river, and ' said: "What is
that?" 'The Jordan," was the qu'ck
reply. And all along the line, which
bad been lengthened by other pilgrims,
sorpe from America, some from Europe
and some from Asin, the cry was sound
ed; "The Jordan! The Jordan!" Hun
dreds of thousands of pilgrims have
chanted on Its banks and bathed in its
Waters. Many of them dip a gown In
the wave, apd wring it out and carry it
home for their own shroud, It is an im
petuous stream and rushes on as though
it were hastening to tell its Btory to the
ages. Many an explorer has It whelmed,
and many a boat has It wrecked. Lieu
tenant Molineux had copper-bottomed
drafts split upon its sbelylngs. Only
one boat, that of Lieutenant Lynoh,
ever lived to sail the whole length of It
At the season when tbe snows on Leb
anon melt the rage ot this stream is
like the Conemaugh when Johnstown
perished, and tbe wild beasts that may
be near run for the hills, explaining
what Jeremiah says: "Behold, be shall
go up like a lion from the swelling ot
Jordan." No river so ofter changes its
mind, for it turns and twists, traveling
S00 miles to do that which in a straight
line might be done in sixty miles,
Among banks now low, now high, now
of rocks, now of mud and now of sand,
laving the feet of the terebinths and
oleanders, and acacias, and reeds, and
pistachios, and silver poplars. This
river marries the Dead Sea to Lake Gal
lilee, and did ever so rough a groom
take the hand of so fair a bride?
This is the river which parted to let
an army ot SJ,000,0')0 Israelites across.
Here tbe skilled Major General ot the
Syrian hosts at the Beventh plung drop
his leprosy, notonly by nilraoulousoure,
but suggesting to all ages that water
and plenty of it has much to do with
tbe sanitary improvement of the world.
Yea; from the bank of this river
Elijah took team of Are, showing that
the most raging element is servant of
the good, and that there is no need that
a child of God fear any thing; for it the
most destructive of all elements was
that day fashioned into a vehicle for a
departing saint, nothing can ever hurt
you who trust in the Lord. I am so
glad that that chariot ot Elijah was
not made out of wood, or crystal, or
any thing ordinarily pleasant but outot
fire, and yet be went up without having
so much as to fan himself. When,
stepping from amid the foliage pf these
oleanders and tamerlsks on tho banks
of tbe Jordan, he put his foot on the
red step of tbe red equipage, and took
the red reins of vapor in his hands and
spurred the galloping steeds toward the
wide opon gate ot Iteaven, it was a
scine forever memorable. Ho tbe hot
test afflictions of your life may roll you
heavenward. So the most burning per
secutions, tho most flory trouble may be
come uplifting. Only be sure that
when you pull on the bits of flro you
drive up toward God, and not down
toward the Dead sea. When Latimer
and Ridley died at the stake they went
up In a chariot of fire. When my
friend, P. P. Bliss, tho Gospel singer,
was consumed with tho rail train that
broke through Astabula bridge and then
took flame, I said: "Another Elijah
gone up in a chariot of fire!"
But this river of baptisms. Christ
was here baptized and John baptized
many thousands. Whether on these
occasions tho candidate for baptism and
the officer of religion went Into this
river, and then while lml ti were stand
ing the water was dipped in the hand of
one and sprinkled upon the forehead of
tho other, or whether the entire form
of the one baptized disappeared for a
woiueut beneath Ua surface vt the
flood, I do not now declare. While I
can not think without deep emotion of
the fact that my parents hold me In in
fancy to the baptismal fount In the old
mooting houso at Somervllle, and as
sumed vows on my behalf, I must toll
you now of another mode of baptism,
obsorved In tho river Jordan on that
afternoon In last Docombor, tho partic
ulars of whiok 1 now for tho first tsmo
It was a scene of unimaginable sol
emnity. A comrade in our Holy Land
journey rode up by my side that day,
and told me that a young man, who Is
now studying for tho Gosfiel ministry,
would like to be baptized by me in tho
river Jordan. I got all the facts I could
ooncernlng his earnestness and faith,
and through personal examination mailo
myself confident he was a worthy candi
date. Thero were among our Arab at
tendants two robes not unlike thoso
used for Amor. can baptisteries, and
these we obtained. As wo wero to have
a largo group ot different nationalities
present I dictated to my daughter a few
verses, and had copies enough made
to allow all to sing. Our dragoman
had a man familiar with the river
wade through and across to show
the depth and the swiftness ot
the stream, and the most appro
priate place for the ceremony. Then I
read from the Bible the accounts of
baptisms in that sacred stroam, and im
plored the presence of the Christ on
whose head the dove descended at the
Jordan. Then, as the candidate and
my sol f stepped into tbe wators, tho peo
ple on the banks sang In full and re
sounding voice:
On Jordan's storinv banks I stand,
And cast a wishful eye
To (.'Rnnat's fair and happy land
Whero my po'Honlons lie.
O. the transporting, niptnrom scene
That rises to my sight
Hwoet tlnlds arrayed In living green.
And rivers of delight
By this time we had reached tbe mid
dle of the river. As the candidate sank
under the floods and rose again under a
baptism In the name of the Father and
tbe Son and the Holy Ghost, there
rushed through our souls a tide of holy
emotion such as we shall not probably
feel again until we step into the Jordan
that divides earth from Hoaven. Will
those waters be deep? Will thoso tides
be strong? No matter, if Jesus steps in
with us. Frlonds on this shore to help
us off. Friends on the other shore to
soe us land. See I They are
coming down tbe hills on the
other side to greet us. How
woll we know their step! How easily
we distinguish their voices! From
bank to bank we hall them with tears
and they hall us with palm branches.
They say to us: "Is that you, father?"
"Is that you, mother?" and we answer
by asking: "Is that you, my darling?"
How near they seem, and how narfow
the stream that divides ua.
Could wo but stand where .Moses stood.
And view tbe landBoape o'er
Not Jordan's stream nor death's oold 11 ood
Could fright us from the shore.
A Liberal Patron of the Arte Asserts
Himself with Considerable Noise.
"Four tintypes for twonty-flve cents!
Gosh! That's cheap."
A yellow-haired man with a red
headed wife and six tow-headed chil
dren stood in front of a one-story photo
graphic studio on the North Side and
stared at a sign In the window.
"That's cheap," he ropoatod. "We'll
go in here, Liz. This is the place we'vo
been a-lookin' for."
The procession moved inside tbe tem
ple of art.
"Can you put tho whole hi lin' of us
onto a tintype?" he Inquired of the
"Then goahead. I'll take fourof 'em."
Tbe photographer grouped the entire
Aggregation in front of a classical Gro
clan background, turnod the camera in
that direction, and the pictures soon
were ready.
"Do they suit you?" he inquired,
bringing them to the light for inspec
tion. "They'r'o bang-up. Ain't they, Liz?"
Liz expressed the opinion that the
portraits were perfect
"You understand, of course," said the
proprietor of the studio, "that twenty
five cents for four tintypes means
twenty-five cents for each ono ot you?"
"Gosh! I don't understand any such
thing. That ain't what your sign says
out thero,"
"The sign on a caretto says, 'Five
cents fare,' but you can't ride on ono
with your whole family for five cents,
can you?"
"That's different Them pictures is
just the same size as if there was only
one of us, ain't they?"
"Two dollars, please."
"It's a blamed swindle
"Two dollars!"
"I won't pay it by gum!"
"I'll bang them out and put a sign
on them: 'Not paid for.'"
"Do it," roared the yellow-haired pil
grim, marshaling tho procession in sin
gle file and marching outside at the
head of It "Do it!" he reiterated,
shaking his fist at the artist as the car
avan moved on its way down the street
"Thore ain't a dog-gone soul that knows
us that'll ever see it. We're from Miz
zoury." Chicago Tribune.
The Marvelous Manner In Which the In
sect Conceals Its Kggs.
The Insect world is full of wonders,
and ft Is marvolous how many of those
tiny creatures conceal and preserve their
eggs. Some will deposit tbotn in extra
ordinary places, others will Insert them
in the skins of living animals. Others
again deposit their eggs whero the young
grubs after coming from the egg find
food closo at hand.
Among these last mentioned are in
sects who bestow great labor in tbe
cradle of their young. The place they
select is a hard part of a leaf or the
woody branch of a tree. In this they
saw out a hole largo enough to contain
their eggs, whence their name, saw
flies. For this purpose they are pro
vided with an ovipositor of peculiar con
struction. It consists of two long pieces
closing like a sheath over a third.
In the tenthrodo this third piece con
tains two saws, each of which has boen
compared to the tenon-saw used by cabinet-makers.
Tho tenon-saw is single,
but that of tho tenthredo is doublo, con
sisting of two distinct saws. The insect
in using them throws out one saw, and
while it is returning pushes forward the
other. This alternate motion is (con
tinued till the cut is made, when the
two saws receding from each other con
duct the egg between them Into Its
place. Not only is the edge of the saw
notched into teeth, but onovery tooth a
number of smaller tooth appear. Chi
cago Gloho. E33
Strong I'olnls of the l.ute Styles,
The strong points of tho dress of the
present aro suitability and appropriate
ness. The toilet for tho drawing-room
in no way resembles the gown suitable
for tho promenade, and the woman who
confounds the one with the other finds
herself greatly at variance with the
canons of good tasto and elegance wbich
happily prevail just now. The oxtreme
caprice, tbe luxury ami elaborateness of
home and evening toilets aro finely
counterpoised by tbe rich and studied
simplicity of those designed for the
street. The only fault of the latter cos
tumes consists in llio tendency to
lengthen ' the skirt, a departure In the
wrong direction which can not bo
cbecked too soon. For tho rose, woman's
dress at home and abroad is just now
most coiiiiiiendable. Draperies are easy,
and skirts graceful, the ugly tournure
dead, the Rleeves loose, and tight lacing
almost a thing of tho past, for women
now dress to walk, row, play tennis and
even cricket and base bull. They ridu.
drive and breathe. Wool is at a preiiiiiiu
for gowns and underwear, and couunon
seiisii shoes are ''up bead. " 1M. Y.
Evening Post
A March Into Oldivu-i. Tli:it tinvc N'lime
In a New Mexican Sti-e-itm.
Over throe ci-til u ries hack u aid, and
before the iliciii"i! im M" Solo In. I
lighleil li is cainp-llie mi 1 1 m lianK M
of the Mississippi, tin Spauianli had
achieved two set I leinniil.s ill litis land
of the lc-i il ii I -Santa Fo and SL Au
gustine. Tlmy had no l( nowloilge of 1.1m
country which lay lml ween Wn-s.i points
or Its Inhabitants. As lo what, milit lm
the dangers ami deadfalls of a jmiririy
from one place to atuithor they wi-ro a t
blindly ignorant a-i of tlm liislni y of Hid
niooti. Itnt this igiioni m i' allccii d ilioin
not, and, full of the uneasy snii it ol Ihe
hour, a military parly in Santa I'e re
solved on an overland expedition to St.
Augustine. Tliey knew tlm distance,
fur they could li;'uio 1 lie laliltnle ami
longitude, and they could get I lie direc
tion by the compass; lml 111 is u as tlm
sum of their knou ledge.
Tho expedition, iiumlieriii'rsome hun
dreds ot men. loft Santa I'e late in tlm
Bummer, and, crossing tin- moiiiil.iins ar,
tlfo Baton I'ass, Dm present , mule of Ihe
Santa Fe railroad, tliey camped that
winter on the present silo of Trinidad.
The grass was long in tlm valley, Llio
gamo was plenty on Llio hills, their own
Stores wore ample, ami, sending back
to Santa Fo for minstrel ami glee maiden,
thoso gentlemen of tlm sword with wine,
women aud song got in as a gay a sea
son as tboy over have had since. Those
old dons were lads of spirit ami pos
sessed high hearts as well as a taste for
travel. Before tlmtn to I lie east ward as
far as tho eye could sweep spread tlm
desert uncon II ned. What was to lm met
thero they knew not, lml their lack of
knowledge was coincident w ith an equal
lack of care.
With the melting of tlm news in the
spring sunshine, their women ami camp
followers returned to Santa Fe. The
last band was waved goo.l -eye, i lm last
adieus was uttered and Dm explorers
turnod thoir resolute faces to the work
in hand. They marched down tlm val
ley of tho little muddy river, which
flows as you read this through tho town
of Trinidad. Tho ones who were to re
turn to Santa Fo watched them for
miles, assisted by the glare of tlm sun
on steel cap and harness. At last tliey
were bidden in the willows far down tlm
valley, and this was the last that was
evor known of thorn.
With the last Map of Mid last banner
it was as if tlmy had man-hod out of ex
istence and whether I hoy sunk in rivers,
perished in tho drifting snows or were
done to death by Indians was never
told. No sign or (race of l.iiisexpedil.ioii
or Its people were ever found. Thero
was something so eerie ami mysterious
in tho complete disappearance of this
band, something so d;u-k in the silence
of thoir fate, that the superstitious
Spaniard made the sign of the holy cross
when he recalled it. Willi that effort
at commemoration which was Ilm spirit
of that time tho little muddy torrent in
whose valley the lost explorers last were
seen was called Kl Kio do Los Animas
"The River of Lost Souls." This was
the Spanish name when SubletLn, Chou
toati, Bent, Carson, St. Vrain and other
representatives of the I'Vench Fur Com
pany, of St Louis, first saw it. Know
ing nothing of the story, ami assisted
only by their inferences drawn from tlm
namo, those translated the appellation
into the Purgatoiro. When the jocund
bull-whacker of tho overland trail got
to it in his free-and-easy French he.
called It "the I'icketwiro." Every brand
it ever had still sticks, ami to-day yon
will find the little vagrant of a stream
pursuing its glistening mission to the
sea with as many names as a ummlicr ol
tho British House of Lords. - Kansas
City Star.
Not (Ju tn as tlooil as Knap's Talcs lint
.lust hh I'ractlcHt.
Tim ki.v ami nit-: simiii:i:.
A Fly who was wandering around the
bouse Suddenly found himself Stuck on
a sheet of Fly -paper, and after Many
vain Exertions lo Recover Ins Liberty
bo called to the Spider:
"My Friend, if you do not help me I
arn Undone!"
"But don't you see. My Hear Fellah,
that If I rescued you from your peril it,
would he only to Eat you'.'"
Moit A I.: If you Kef use to pay the Doc
tor you will fall in tho hands of tho
TIIK .lAll.l.l: AMI Till-: Pl:lsoKlt.
A Prisoner In a County Jail one day
sent for the Jailer and Made Bitter
complaint as to tbe Treatment. Saying
that his bed was Poor, his fare Had, and
that bo was Obliged to Associate with
Thioves and Uolihers.
"Woll! well!" repliedlhe Jailer, "but
who aro you?"
"Name's Johnson."
"And What are you in horo for?"
"Stealing $10,0110."
"Then bv What Right do you com
plain?" "Because I Stole Enough to make it
an Object for tlm Victims to Com pound
and let mo out. which they soon will do.
These other Chaps stole just Enough to
Mako it an object lo Prosecute them to
the Full extent of the Law."
MollAI.: He settled for s,uiio, ami
tho victims of bis Theft begged his Par
don and hoped they had not put him to
too much Trouble.
A 'Possum who had carefully Surveyed
himself In the clear Waters of a Pool
came to tho conclusion that Something
ought to be Done. He therefore Hied
himself to a Sago am) said:
"O, Sago, look at me ami tell me What
you Think of my Personal Appearance?
Can I ever Boc.omo Handsome'.'"
"Will I always bo as Homely as I am
"You always will."
"But can't 1 do something'.'''
"You can. Go into Partnership with
the Hodge-Hog and the Sloth. Tliey
are so Much Homelier than you aro that
you will Show oir by comparison.'
MoltAl.: Plain - Look iujr Women I
adopted this Idea a Hundred years ago. j
Detroit Free Press. I
To Tax Cellbntes III Frttnce. j
M. Jules Simon has been giving bis ;
opinion on the proposal to tax French i
celibates. Tho total number in France, I
counting from the age of twenty-four to '
forty-nine, is S,07-I,H(), and out of that. ;
nu m her there are 1.7."0,lltHl young ;
women, llo proposes that if the law is j
voted the. tax on tho celibates shall not ;
apply to ladies. It Is probable, he says, ,
that a vast number of ladies in iiuestiou
have not been asked lo change t heir .
state of single blessedness, and il would
be obviously unfair lo punish them for
what in reality was the fault of others.
M. Jules Simon as Us that tlm whole
brunt of the law he directed against Llio
unfortunate J,'J'.J:!,-Jsu men whom lei con
siders to be "excellent material" for
taxation. Many politicians ask why the
limit of age should slop at forty-nine. -Pall
Mall Gazette.
a t'Ai.iroit.MA st:.vsAi;o.
(.Sil (tii"lco Ai".''i'" '".
It Is riKirlcd that llic Milcsnf llu- "CidifurliTu
Itcluedy," Joy's -ct;cliil,lo Siovipnillln, luivo
grown within h few iimiiilis nil tl.i y ihc mev
rcully Holisniliitlill. 'I he wiiy the h.mc of this
production husHprcsd Is Nluipl) iimrvi ioim. six
mouths alio It whh llllUlinvvu. Tiidny it Null
over llio country. They luivu heen ji. i mi ; i y civ
lug ll uu'iiy In this city to pee; lc llfiliclcd Willi
dyn,cidu, hick In mho-hc, linth-i-sl nut. cnMI
j.Mtlcil and liver tioiil.Io, imt to l c l-uid t"r
UitlCKs It cured. I'm:, ni, I, nooilii-r icim-dy n is
ever before. kiiI.iiiIIIi d to hi i-chic mi ic l. i.l.
Klich pliii tli iil tests me mi Mnltlin; i' hiuimiii
lug us lo Ihi iihuiist sciciitiotiiii. II Is f-Oit' d
that two of the mine .i im-iplcs of Ihc me
remedy Im I.mii; to tlm M i-.i lid'ic I. i i.-l-n ,,f
(nllforiiiil I ine mi wi ll knou ns nil
under ciiiuiiioii mimes ilmt il v.i,ull Mitptto
us If told (In in. I'.ul we no' ii"t Mllr i-vl ni
BliyllllliK I ul.t.ii iiiini. ii nd Mils l ci i Id di-1 hi i v
l.f till! 1ICW lm dil Olid villlc'l ol Us VI :-cl. it, 1. 1
lilll;ilolll Is hut Hlmtll'T IlistlllH C of tin- il-t.-!l-
Milne, iiuhtiliilltic ol u boll uud tluiiulo o-u
I o'lii I S :! I Will! miiism of Ilia,
i.i'i Milt.iiiiX 'Irrilhlo
inc. I by I'llllcllrit
l: tiH'Oic.
' i-"V iiti Mridulit mi.ith IViiln niv
:.. c.v villi. I , l;l,toil- ho thill I could lml
n i l. . . iimi ciiuhi lie down only Willi inl
ine1, r niv nuns M v lii'M.I wmm Hii uoi... Ihtii
II ll I ' I
1 ; i iC
i'lr. re!
t w c.ir :i li-tl : iohI lieinir a l'iiriiii-i- I
c i- , ii -ii-lie nli-ii, no wore a very snfl
rU:i I ..it in V iirtlil. fi 1'nc.t, I WUSUlllH-
i ii-hi in niheri. uud to iiiym-ll Alter
r ' iv c:iih with Ihe heel ohyHlciailH
tliiliv. mid yellinx worse ii 1 1 the lime.
im ii up nil Imieiil iret lime well when I
ii i in i e. l:i mi iiivs liiivcrlited uinl
I :i el. n'liniiHli with tin luilh in
I In tl -1 '. i. however, did me such u
" " ' ' V I, Hint I continued llielr use.
V . : I ll'l IIMIIIL- llllll- H.'t-.. I Mill ,,V ll,
1 1 1 1 '
l.-.l I
i iiur. lv l ined Anvol Hie n. mni .
i i ml cuieerH in nil I around I'lnlnlield
n. V 1-llllV
I.KllhliK A
riulnlleld. 111.
Guticura Remedies
Umcii.ir words Ir .m Knueiul heurts tell the
""iv oi tin it. i.Iuhum! eunerina;. of mental
i;;ii'-h. I.v r. :is,.ii ol hiiiniiiaimx iliellaurn-
' " 1 'l' ll.ll lllelied illiKers hlllpilv Ull
i ..III-, I d. I.V ti e (JlITII'I'tls. ICKUBIIIKB.the
;-r a ci M.rc in-.-. III.,, d I'urillrr uud Humor
ii. i .In in.. ,,i I I I, ver known. I ctii I'iia
Ci.mii vi:m the new l.lni.d I ekm punller
onl i ii-alml ol luininr r iiiciIich, cleanses Ihe
lm d ni Mil 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . s in d ii'kiiioiii elements,
:i 'I Ilm n moie l'ie i ai -k. while CnricuKai
ill - v.ri-:'i i-Lim i iue. mi I i ctii i ua .Soap, an
miii , in- -Lin li.-iuniler, clear the skin and
'. t!i oil I lure I he hit r. Hi nr. V ICTK.'CSA
Itfwnu s cine eviry niieeics ol HKonizing,
nun,:! Minn;, io turn'. Ineiniin r-cnly and pimply
ili rass. Hi, i-l. in . mu In iimi hiond, with loss
"I Inn. und all hum rs. hlulclieH, priiplinne,
.ni'- icilcs mi l riistp. whether srinple.cc.ro-i-l.iii-.
oi emitM'iuus. when llu-IichI plivsiciiins
n i nd oilier n uieiliiH I 'll, t.ratplul llHlllnO
noiir i'-iiu- iliene etiiieiiienis in every purtlcirar.
Sl id . VI I V" heie Price. I I.TICIIR. tsic;
-'o. i-. Itvsoi.vBNT. tl. I'repsied by llic
11 1 inn
'I !" d'or II. lot nre skin Imhchm-b. "
r.l , ..ism, :iii llliiHiraiions, n-iil Km ICHlimonUlH.
Ill II l.'-l, lil.icl.-tieid-i.riil. roiiKli. cliiiiu
I .tl on! .ily skin ciiicd by iitii.iiha Soai
Ifs Ki'he-V re'd I'lerine I'ains.sn Weuk
v:' m si-i- relieved in one minuto by
Hi.- Cuticura Antl Pain Planter.
'...I the licl io, ,1 ,.nlv ,.u,..10lo..,
' sir nmiii nimr ol astir, new. instaniu-
U HCIIIIM. i i, lo : 1 1 ll-.
31 VER
11 P.LLS.
Blrft ITnnilacho and ml leva all tho trcmblM loof
ilmit tit u Hlinun state of the Rjntom. auah atf
l.-j7;.iiiosa, KiLUfjua, DrowRinewi, DlHtren after
triiinfr. I'ittn in tho HUia. o. Wbilo thelrmoaft
xuiuarltablo success hud bota shown in CUdllfg
JTraflnoho. yt Cnrtnr'ii Isittlo Livar Ml
ctjimlly v:ilual'lo in Coiifltlpatton. curing aud pre
NVTitnifj 1!iiiannoyfn((Coiiiplaiut,wIiila they alms
C'rrr inU!iHiirlt-rrtof thoBtonuw htimuUtotht
liver aud regulato tho bowels, Eron if they only
Arliof Tiny wnnldlioalmoitpriMlctstothnas who)
6ufAr from thindintrimHinKComplaiut; butforttt
Ziluly thfirMMtni)MfilManuteuUhreranUthoiia
Yvhonucotrythum will find these llttlo pills valq
rJlo in no many wnyfl that they will not bo wil
ling to -tu without thum. Hut af tor aiUlck heatl
Ir tlm linno of no many lives that here Is where
vriiuknmirrcat boast. Ourpillscureltwbila
Carter's J.lttlo Liver Pills aro very small and
very cony to t:ikn. Ono or two liills inakea dose,
'i'lc-y tro strictly voitntablo anu do not gripe or
purr,... tmtPy tiicirpnntlo action ploaseall who
iiKotumu. liivl.dHitt2.cmita: ftveforCL Sold
Lj' Ui u(';ists ovorv wburo, or soul by mad.
.! I'll O. I.KMdEUK.
A 4 A ii-li :i -ti r und Imnvcvuiicer. Lexniklon,
V . M -c-v to in mi Improved hum in l,u-i-i'c
ti-. u join, UK ri iiiiticH.nl lowest iiilcs
i.iin'.i.-i unii privilcKi-of paying purl or all
oi lir ni i; ;.l h n, :c outtilrily.
'-'' o , n., r.-t iiipe. Money always on
licet. W i in-on-lor ti-rni-t. mcl.'Jt t
i :., i, !i:TTi.i;mir.xT.
VII I llo'. i . l.-rehy tn. ii lo ull creditors llllii
i oli i ii-i, on- ii, ore. lid m Ihe estate o
i. V . li.i.vn, .1,-i-eiised, Hull Ihe llli.l.-i-s'ji.ci.
: :. nun -tn'or, will apply lo make u
"'' -ii'i-lirnul oi s id i..i)- al the Nov inl er
li nn, ! r!it. ol Hie I'lollnle court ol l.llliivi tte
elm;,. i:i-,;mil, lo he liiumi and In Id :il tne
1.. .: . I-. Mil I II, III l. e.Uy o' LcXillKtoil,
in llu- I. i-ond .Moll, laV Hi M-tVellllier, Ihllll
.I.M KS'N ( il.iDKi:,
'" "I""- AiIiiiu lilrulor
NO! II t. is Iii i-. I,y irin-n to all riedl'ori and
Her pi-iMius IMereHied in the e.lnle ol
i. or-- W i eider ili reused, thai the Ulnlei
.i :i;i.t. iii'iii n s'riHor. will apply to 111,1,,
a lituil -1 ttli-mi ni ot Hind entaie.ut the November
I 1 111. IstM, ol lite prnliutt- court ol' Liiluv
. He . oiiniv, MisB.iuil. iii be begun and hi I I
:it tin- I'.olnie cinut 1. 11, ni In tiie city o
I.' Mio'ioii.'iii n-e M-cntnl Monday in Novi inber
i.-:H !'. A. and W. M COKUKIt,
''I' Ailiii-niHir.tiori
i i'iAi, m:tti.emeit.
.; ! Ii K In hereby nlven to ull creditors and
1 n. il 1 persons Inlciciled 111 the esUite of
Kill. Ah-w.l. ilec.eneil, Hint ihe undersign-
-I. 'iiiim-n.iior. will apply to make a linsl
e-iii im-iii ol -noi e-inie ni ihe Nov niber term,
Im.ii ol i In- I'r.ihuie r.niii't of Lufuyetic-coiiniy.
Me-iiiin i. to In- iieioni und held ut the rrobulp
emu in. hi ihc inly ol Lexington, 011 the
s.i ot. t Moil! ly il, Nnveniher. IKIMI.
oc.'l.'i Administrator.
It. ! II lis "I Bdmiiiihtrinion on the estate nl
j Jl .e in., .Imiic I.enuclL, deceased, were grsnl-
1 to me uii.ieiHt:m-il on Hie h day ot Scp-Ii-iiiIh
r, ls:n, bv .!ie I'rol tilt- court ol Lt.luy-
e'le C illiilV . MlKSOIU..
All peri. iim huving claims against Raid est.-tv
nre iciputvil ii. liihil them lor allowance in the
ill i-lrsl'.r w itliiu one year allvr the date ol
s lid I tt isor ilicy 111:1V he precluded from any
lli-ti, 1:1 ol roletl e.iL.itc; und il'tuich chums be not
.t;!li! e i'lnn two vearn Iroin thu dull of
On- 1 1.IC-1--1I on tle-v will he lorever barred.
I In -1 h 'l:iy ol September, IM'.HI
oi-! I .'. Adiiiinisiralur.
'I'lUiSTCK'!! I.E.
W ill l:l.s. Ib-nJ T. Wuller and Kva I! .
it- II I.v licit-cerlinii deed ol iru-t
iiiini me ;J id d.iy of rVhnisry, IM.1S. and re
. .1 h I in Hie lecni icr's oltlce 01 l.sluyetle
ciimitv. Mi-sunn, in hunk 84, ,nge l.r5, cn
v led 10 He- imdi T-iuiiril us IriiHtcc, the Pillow
iiig ile-,criiieil reiil cstiiii- situate, lying and
lit UK III lid' 1-elllltY el l.tiliiyelte, Hlute ol MlK-
' 1 , 1 i m . 1 1 1 -v 1 1 1 Lot iiumlier ten (III), on Uriind
..i . -in met, i t's Hildiiion to lllgglnsvllle,
a ' oer plat ol s .id udiliiion mi lite in the rci'.ord-
1 olii.-c 01 I. d'.o cite cnuiity, Mismutri, which
c ,iiv.- :ii'i'." leii mule lo secure Hie puvnicnt of
m .- r'niii pro"! issm-y note in said deed of trust
-, 1 tl.ed. Mini, w licrcuH, dei'mili hus been made
ei llo- paMiieiit ol sniil prniiuHHory note und
in 1 en- ,1. wlli-nl In- sit tue 0 one due and payable,
ii'-.-oi liin, loiiieleiiiM ol' huuI mile and ol' said
i.ed in inn, i.ow, then-lore. I, the iindernign
e.l limlcr, ni Hie 111,1:, hi of Hie legnl holder
mid ii'vih r nl s:iid pr iuoHory note. will. 011
Mi.NII AY, Ml K.MP.Ii:: Hull, IslMI,
::j :in- r hi'Hiii dour, in the ct'y of Lexing-
1.01. i, ii'.it cit- criitniv. Missouri, between Hie
It no 1,1 inn, o'rlucU 111 I In. forenoon and live
0 '1 ! ck iii tt-c ion riioon ol ilmt d:ty,Kcll publicly
h' mu -, mu to iiic ti in si hiililer lor cash, the reul
i-'uo .ili c !. i-.le-d, let- the niirpos.- ol salis
11 1 1 i' ill-- -itt tv- in.-ili'iiii'd mite und intercut due
'I. r nil :.li,i lie- eXpin-l-;, ol i-Xt'Clltimr tins
tin-' .1 II KlUIlt,
"i ti- '! 'I'niHlee.
ts'.i$Ktc tt' rtiiti.ii :atio.
s 1 1 1: 1 y v. 1 si it ui,
1 ,t m v ok l-ACwkru:. V
' ll:i-i :i 110 i'i-iiiI ol Mild cnni-ty. Il.cilnlier
t. 1111. A. I. . I.-JM
1 , ..:, li I.. 1.0 r. J
1 .-. V Ii. voire.
I M "!'. I.i in. r. S
Nc -I Oo div. tu . m-ill lull . Ciimi-4 (he suhl
pi 01. 1 il Ii - its Miinimy, uud llles herein
lc p i'ii.-i. i.,.! .. Hi I . v 11 ui- u invoice, mil 11
:: I .
rk 1 I llu court that hiuI
1 1 I' lione I.i uoir. is 11 mm resilient nl
:i i-. ! i rl .'.'1 .niii i Mud (Miimii lie served Willi
' i-: cm s.,i law. ii i I licnl ne or
d'l il I: 1 1 p. Iiie-.it im, he 111 id.. m,'jii-i in 1 tin
! , , I 1 .V . . '.
. ii" iii iteii iiil-or , f'liniuc Lemiir:
V.'ii ..re li r. i.v uwtilled tlnil said pluinllll,
I , . 1 .. I.i 11.10 , ii is I'.iiuiiienecd suit tl.'inist ymi
i i, ir- Ii v pel. lion, the object und gem rsl
ti.,'ll,. ol Wlilrtl o 1,1 ui lulu ti divurce Irotn I he
I, ..ii i ! 10 in mil, nv In-i elol'oi e colli riicli'd Wll ll
o.i .11 Itn' ,'ii.iiil.- ol desii;i,,n Wlllunit ruts
.11, 1 oi ' 1.1 11101 iIimii one ear, lor ll-r-iii.-
iii 11 no'-i I ti -i .0 pl.,11 Ml us in rcu tcr bin
- 'i'll-iil l-i 01, 1.,' le, lo ll-OUit abusive liiu
t.ii 1 .: :- t,.l ,- 1 1 ! .it p t il 11 1 1 II iiioiiiutniUH nil' lies,
1 ' I ' ' i::ii!i--:i-g i with ull manner i
: 1 - I.I :iit ti.liliinii'li .
-. -el nil Mie iiiithir noliileil HiuI unless you
In mi:-i ipp-mi- .it the next I'-gulnr term ol
I.i- -10 , 10 lie lieirmi 'Hid held n Ihecntirt
I . in the , ov oi Lexington, in suid county,
', 1 ,. 11 iImi 0: 1 1, ei-ieiier i.i-M, Inhi. and on ,.r
h. l 1. Ili l h it:i It.cleol. l Ihe term sliull so
t " ; tiiiii.', iinl 11 mil. Unit Indole the end
I"" oiiii. .in-l answer s.il, I pel II ion, Ihc
. .1: I- " ill lie il., n in- Cold, 'S.-i-il
.'In 1 - HO I he I nl ile red ill il 11 copy hereol he
p i i '. I in:!,- I eMiicton Weekly line III;!' n-
i. i i i- p. i pi uiii d 111 s o, I e.ninn ol Lull-.':-,
i-n Into w.tks silccensivi-ly, ine
I i is - I ii. Iii in- .it I. M I lour w cckn be I ore the
'-ii ' iiie-i ol ihe ni'Mierin o Ibis court
' ' P'. - A
I- it M I IJUii;, i:l, rk.
I : - ' : I I I-. A I 11 M S , I I I . M, 4jr(
. A l .ii . s. Mtti s I ,n- phiintiil.
."!. ' :: ns inn hi- a iliaip.'c in business Jan.
1- , ami in M-llin;,' pvr-i ithing at cut piices.
Which will tpke phice in our business December i,
necessitates us in closing out our
MONDAY, 8EPT. 29, 1890,
The Flood Gates will open and Twenty Thous
and Dollars Worth of
All Varieties
H. CLINTON SYDNOK. Proprietor.
CO (ID Ell,
IIKSr It.lKfJ.tl.V HI' Kit OFF
Including One Year's Subscription'toZthis Paper.
VI have made such arrangements as enables us
lo uirer the (w'hlciiiro
At lower mlt-u Ihun cv r bHntv lur a pom! mu
chine, and we oflur our rral ra the mlvautuK"
ol the unprecedented t-arj;tinH.
TbiH inuchme ih maHe vlUvt the )attM mod el A
ol ttie Hinder machine. nnl it u prrlent luo
ttlinlle in btiupe, irnttimnt t'oti ttnil iiptieiiraiire.
Alt tlie prH are iitmte lo Kiuiifr exuc ly the
hhiiih hh the inKi-r, mid are cmiHtrut'led ot pre
cisely the eitine muU rtulu.
The uiiiioBt care lc exetcined in the Belrctioii
of the metal uetl, and onl th1 very tita qual
ity is unhayl baeh machine im thiroiiKh y
well mude aouiit titled with the lit in oh. nicely
and eisttctneaa. and no machine is fieriuilted ly
the ui-pecior to go out ol Ihe shop until il hurt
bt en t'u ly tested and proved to do pcrl'i r.l work,
aud run lteht and without imiie.
'Ihe tJliie.HKO 8lnger Machine liaa u v.-ry im
port am iti. (Movement in a Loohv Balance Whtt l,
so convlrticed aa to permit windiiiK hohhina
wlihout removiuK the work I mm Ihe mitt hine.
Th I.nae Hnl mre Wheel Ih acluared.hv h mil id bolt pins I n through a collar Heotirely pinned
to tlie fchut outH ile ol' the balance wheel, which b ill la Hi nil v held to poHition by a strong npiral
Apring. When the bobliin Is wonnii, Ihe boit fa pu'led out lar eiiouab to releuse the balanoe
wheel. Where the llBiU'hiue is liable t.t he nMMtdled wilh by ctnldien. the bolt can be left out ol
Ihe wheel wtim not in line, B th:il(he machine can not be opraled bv the treadle The thread
eyelet uud the needle rlamp are made HeU-threudtng, which Ih a very it real convenience.
Each Mchtno, of Whatever Style, is FurniRhcd with
Following Attachments:
I FOOT IIKMMKi:. li HKMMKUS. ull diBerent, I St'HKW liltlVF.tt
1 l'Ai;KAKNEKl)I.ES. 1 lIINUr.lt ft liOUllIN. 1 OIL-UAN, tilled,
The driving u heel on this msbliine is udhutted lo be the siuiilest eonlp't riinniiiK ami most
convenient id unv. Tin- miichine is sell-tureu4int:, bas the ver h-sl tension un I Hire id lili-ulor
is made ol Hie best in I'. r.ul, w:th tn- we irioi; o.irM Ii jrd. ui-1, and is llniMli-l in a Miuerior
style li Ims veiirorud cover, ill ip-l. af talile. Inm end drawers uud e.-.-nt- r swnu drawer 'Ihe
muiiiil.iclurers wuiriint every m idline tor live yeuin.
This viiliialile Sewinir Miehtne is given as a pieiiiiuin lor .Ml venrlv sub eriliers lo lh! paper.
1'rice, iin'liiiliiin one year's f illi.u'i'i.hini, $;,. s -nt by fre irlit, receiver lo iy rhsltres. i
This offer a op mi lo old or new su ixnrlliers
ri.V4.i. setteeitiext,
"rOTIl'.E Is hereby given In all creditors und
other ter. ins lliler. sted III the im! t!e ol
.lilines A Wil'V iteci'iired. liiV Ihe llnilei
SIKIled, Hilinintnlr-ill-lK, will tiptily I,, mi'ke n
lillnl M'lll, leent enid i hliil.-. til Ihe N,v, mlier
linn, 1MSI, ol 'lie 1'rohati' court of li.t veil.
I'otlllly. IMi.KMlli, it lie lieaun ant beld nl t'l
i'ntiiiile court roiiin, in the ril ol l.i-Mi,uloii .
1 on lilt' M'Cniiil .Monday tu No eiiiber. ltn
I A I r. ll.l-.l ,
Ol'ltt.'l Aillllllin.lf., II "X.
li A t. MET 1 M.Eli EXT.
XI'" " r' iR berel.y Kiven 10 ull en dlloi'i and
, tv oilier iieiHtiiM hi en-sled III Hie i-Hlnli 1,1
.ii.iio ii iv i. nei'euseil, llntt. Hi,, um
HiKlied, i ililiilllMl'.itiir. will apply In mil:
Until M-ulcini'iit nf mid i-.-.tiile. .l llu- me.i
j term, l.-.si. of Hie l'n,lMii, cihui ,tt i,;,ii,vi
i er
eitllnly, nil."i.ntl I, lo lie liiullll and held III
l ronsie t'.ollll roiilll. lit Hie city i.i l.ek lltlioi ,
oil tile second Molidni in Novi Inliei-, Imhi '
II V ll I.IMIV KS, h . '
'I'll'' Adlll'lllhli'ii-oi'.
NOI ICI-. is hereby ttivm lo ail creditors und
ollur pernoilt, llllete.iled III the eslnle ul
Harriet 1'. P.rnv, deeeaHed, tb.it Ibe ninlei
siKneil,adiiii'iiiiiulii'H,M ill apply I.i in, ike u thu I
sellleinelil of bald .'Mule at the S iieiiilier let ,,,,
1MSI, ol Ihe I'l-ohiuc court ol l.nlnvi lie
eoillily, Missolli i, lo be In nun und held nl Ihe
I'rohale court roniii, in Hie i-ily ol l,, lti,;l,.ii ,
Mo., on theseeoud Monday in Nim in ei . imsi.
VVM. It. II i .
oe.i r, Adimiiielralor.
Ml ITII 'E In oereoy Kivcn Iii all ciediliM s und
1.1 oilier pel-Holis iii','iei.led III Hie est lie ,
Siirilti K. .Iiillll. dec.eiled, thill H.e lliidei--siKio'd.
iiiliiuiiii.li-alor will iipplv lo nn.ke a
Until sellli luenl id Kind eMulc, Hi tile Ntivi-inliri-lelln,
IMSI. ol Hie I'l'ululle ciiorl of I .iilny
I'oiniiy, Minnoiin.lo he Ini'.n d lii ld ul the
I'l'ubate coliil rooin. in Ibe city ol innlmi .
on the hecond Monday in Nnvemb r, l-tsi.
octltri AdlllllllHtl u!o-.
WE ate pri piireii m make lo ins of M, ney lor
tiny siniiiint siniill or Isri. lor any lens;tb
ol lime Iron ore to ten years, allow rales ol
intei'ist, with privilege to pay part or ahnle at
iii.v ii:i rent pay dn '. All on land as security,
or desi'iubie city pruieriy. No delay
Opp. ''oinihoiine, l.rnii Bjton, Mo.
tmi iTi.ittT!s a he lorn
U! f. hsvr on liunil a very
liuKe -lock of II .ri.i'HB slid
.siiddtr-iy, and in order lo push
Htt!i now- pr'ipcs 10 irive eai-b
piirc.li.iKcr ol tin vviirlli s i, res
ent ol one M mm il and Iti cotd Hunk, lite n o t
iihi'iiii i k inr a larnier ever nidthHlteil . Cull
mid examine il. ikiu 1 . HAINKKI.
VOTIl.E is hi'r. liv Riven lo all credit. irs
1.1 mid olhei- pel-sous ntieresled In the ci
in. I- nci'.ihip eslnle ol W . W. .loues .1 Mons,
Hint ihe mule i-Himicil, iidniliilsiialor, will uppiy
to iinike a final eetl lenient oi said estate al tho
Voveiulier term. Ivin, ol ihe I'roliule court of
liitlave'le e.olinly, Al itiioliri. to be beT1in and
held nt Hie piolinie conn room, in the city of
l.exinirlon, on the second Monday in Nov ni
ber. MSI
OOItl.lt A. STUIllirS,
Aii'iitittiatot ol Willlstli VV . .Ini.e--, ileeeHSeil,
and p.u liii'iship eslnle ol W. W. Jon-sA
t-iinil fCt-IUi
N' i H ICK is iieieiiy irnen losll creditors and
iilln-r persons iiitrri sled in the estste if
Miii-ttia It. Htlver. deceiised, that thn under-.
t ivned. executors. will apply lo make a final set
Hi in. -ut i, said entail', at the Nov. el in, IntSI, of
Hie fi.iliale court ol I.nlsyelie c.iunily, MtsKOiiri.
m be lieuiin and held at li e I'rohale rourl room,
in Hie city ol Lexington, on Ihe second Monday
in November, imm.
W. U. and .1. It. SILVKR,
in ill i Exe .uiuis.
Ili. Non-seclsnun, but under
ltirmusn tnlliisncc. I'repsrstion ,
for business. West Point or College.
Terms more reasonable than tbosa
of snyscbool of tbe lime kind In (be
Next session begin September fc. Tor Cata
logue address
ic ai.ki in
Dutch Row. opposite pnslofflce. I.rzlnstnD.
Mo. Bed Itork 1'rices. u.iMil
choice Block of;our own growing, '
full OaSurlllienl Ol old mill n.n. BT, .
rieliesol T -
v mux, pubi.
Repalr.naT of Watohon. CloakI7
olry, eto , A Specialty.
All Kinds of Complicated Work
W"fkbop In tbe Real Estate Office e
K. Wlnaor 8nn, Opp. Courthouse. ?lt
I bava a arsl-olaos meat market complete
'ineof the fr ,"u"le,', 1 miu keeP
i?' en """ Tb a nest Reef,
&.vor;..?.uBr' BaoM -d tnai
Hmokeil ami Salt Meals, Game and Poultry
in season; also a lull line of nice 11 rat-class '
Hums aud Shoulders.
lie sure and give me a call and be con
vinced. ROBERT E. LEE,
Cooking Sl Heating
AMD Uanulaolnrer of Tin Skeei
Iron anil Copuer Ware.
dotterlnR, Booflng Bad Sepalrinf
Prices at Bed Rock, and all flood.
pb represented, or no Bale.
Call and examine stock and Prleee
Jefore parohistng siscwnors.
CfDon't Forget Ue Place l-t
CAUTION SierV-S.-.':-
Flue Vmf and I.cel Virr.rof UmUlw
The excnllenoe and wen ring qualifier) of ttato ttum
cannot be b(tr Hhown tbtvu 1
meuttf of lis tnuujiantift of vtmiiiaul weart-rt.
ix ny ine mmui
Se.OO 4rnulnf llnl-ewed, an olejrant mnA
4) KlvtlrtU ilrvwi Sho: which commend. itAei-Y.
m .OO Ifand-newed Welt. A line calf fibwa
uutHjualliH. for titylo and durabllltr.
SO. SO oodyear Welt In the etantiatd dreaa
O Shoe, at a popular price.
SQ.SO Pollremnn'a Hhoe iaeaneclally adapa4 '
a for raltnad men. furmem, etc.
All made In Conrena, liutton and Laca.
$3 & $2 SHOES ld-
have been mot favorably received Rlnce Introduoea
and the recent Improvements make them superior
to anv shoes sold
these prices.
Ask your Dealer, and
ir he cannot minnlr von aanvti
direct u ractoi
enchasing advertised price, or m
postal fur order blanks.
L. UOl (U.8. BrsK-ktOHt MAM
n l l-iim up
ALL THIS for SI. 50
An Ira Crssm Fr.stsr, (the bsst In lb. worlri.t
A K.yslon Culissry B.ater snd Mixsr (fir Bak
u's . ""w., wn. ns, wiiiunua eraani, S)trs, .sw
ami b tbitussnd othsr tlilnirs.) A 50e. Cook Boek?
n,i,ir nirui
rnint, uitnu .-v Xj 1 1 frllLAD

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