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Th e Barber
Afent the Par.tirtnille Stfam I.anntiry,
of Amarillo, Texas.
Tho, No, n
1 1
If you want to buy your goods
this is your golden opportunity
Our Sale will not last long. Just
now we are selling best flour at
$3.00. Better stock up : :
Department of Commerce and Labor
Census directors Durand establishes a classification of the
compensation of census takers.
Washington, D.C.,
Janurary 22, 1910
The varying scales in different
parts of the country and the
d fferences in tho nature and
extent of the local difficulties
confronting the enumerators in
the largest grographical divis
ions of the United States have
influenced and guided United
States Census Director Durand
in the adoption of a classification
of enumerators' rates of com
pensation, within the limits
prescribed by the United States
Census law enacted by Congress
The different classes of rates
will brf so applied that in general
the average enumerator will
earn substantially the same
actual amount one distric
as in another, even though the
population may be much sparser
in one Minn in the otln r, with
other conditions also different.
Regards h paid to the fact that
prevailing wages and s-alaries
an higher in some parts of the
country than in others, but.
asidet frmthi-, the Director's
aim is 1 ajusr t he rates so as to
mi Ice the earnngsof enumcra
r.itors subitantially uniform
Where the per cipita rates
would not gixe sufficient pay,
the per dim rates are prescribed.
The rates in general will be so
ajusted as to give a slightly
higher average amount to the
enumerators than they receverl
in 1910. Per dem rates of pay
will be paid to the census enume
rators in the sparsely settled
rural districts of Arizona. Cal
ifornia, Colorado, Idaho, Mon
tana, Texas. Utah' Washington
and Wyoming
The rates will range from f 5
to $6 per day for the enumera
tion of the rural areas outside
of cities and towns Six dollars
is tho highest rate aulhorized
by law.
The Director realizes that in
many .Ustnets of the far We;t
it will be impossible to secure
competent men to act as e unie
rators 'at a rate of compensation
less than that being paid for
ordinary classes of work in the
same area. VVoro enumerators
in such districts paid only on
the per capita basis, their com -ligation
would be unreason
ably low.
The enumerators in the thinly
inhabited country sections of
North akota, South Dakota,
Nebraska, and Kansas, also
will be compenstend on a per
diem basis. Certain difficult ui
sparsley so tied enumeration
districts in other slates will be
included among lho.se to which
the per diem rates will apply, as
i ho conditions of the enumera
tion will be such that an enu
inerator could not make fair
earnings at any of the per capita
rates establishe. This announ
cement was made by Census
Director Durand to day, in order
to counteract, the deterrent
effect upon applications foremi
merators' places in the far Wst
and Southwest states of the
widely circulated and erroneous
st atement that per capita rates
of pay wore lobe given in the
par ley populated regions
Iii this connection the Director
was issut il to h censim super
vi.-wr a .ii't ;.le.l st.a emeur. of I In
oiissiheat ion ot rates adopted
for the compensation ef enumer
ators in the Thirteenth Census
commencing April 15 next
There are the general rates
the per capita, the mixed, and
the per diem. The riist and
second general rales liav tivt
subdivision each"
The per diem rates range from
$3 to $3,50, $4. $1.50, 15, 15.50,
and $G, and are to be paid for a
day of eight hours' work.
.tor enumerators on the per
capita basis, which will be that
most widly used, tho pay of
each inhabitant is. Class A.2
cents; class B, 2i cents; class C,
3 cents; class D. 3 cents; and
class E, i cents, Such enutne.1
ators will also bo paid for each
fai -m as follows class A, 20 cents
class B, 22$ cents; class O, 25
cents; class D, 27A cents; and
class E, 30 cents; These rates
are m each cane 5 cents or more
higher than those paid in 1900,
when tho range was from 15 to
20 cents For each establish
ment of productive industry the
rates for eac class is 30 cents;
For each barn and inclosipo
containing live stock, on farms
the pay is 10 ceMts for each clas s
Under the m red rate, which
is a co ibination of the per capita
and the per dit m, there are five
subclasses alphabetically arrran-
ged, and the por diem is: class F
1;.G,1.25;H; 1.50; I, $1.75
, $2. For eac:i inhabitant t h
pay is: Class F, 2 cents; G, 2
cents; II, 24 c nts;I, 2.conts;
and J, 3 cents- for each farm
Class F, 15 cents: O. 17$ cents;
11, 17$ cents; I and J, 20 cents
each. For eat h establishmei.t
of productive i ulustry tho rate
is 20 cents for cell class.
Tho month or Janurary went
out as it came in, the first and
i he lat being like ideal days in
the month of May.
Albert Cadei'head with his
Mother ahd sister Lena left las
Tuesday for Wills Point Txeas,
where ihey epxect to remain
permanently, He came in and
orntred th3 Recor d to follow
them and keep them posted on
the local happenings of Kennal
and vicinity.
The Comet.
The new comdt that made it's
appearance in the south-west a
week or so ago has disappeared
from our sight to spend a little
time loafing somewhere else
This comet hav several discover
ers by whose names it is known
nnd b'.-ins? d scu.ssed by many
long w hiskeit-d Savants one of
whiimc liasjusl discoverod the
stidcoutt haslvotai's which
if true is a ph.-noiniu i. This
comet came unannounced and is
asuspiise totiiose whoso busi
ness it is to be out with Conj"c
lures concering these I uv nen
ly bt)dit s.
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks
Almanac for 1910.
Ready November 15th, 1909
a splendid year-book on astron
omy and meteorology, the only
one containing the original
"Hicks Weather Forecasts."
By mail, postpaid, 3 5c, on
newstands, 30t . One copy free
with a year's subscription to
Word and Works, the Rev. Irl
R. Hicks Monthly Magizine, the
best 1 monthly in America.
Discounts on Almanacs in
quantities Agents wanted.
Remember, th genuine 'Hicks
Forecasts" a:'o not published
anywhere else you get them
only in his own publications
2201 Locust St . St. Louie. Mo
Wednesday ws Ground Hog
day and tho thnnces are, we
will have anotl ersix weeks 'or
winter. , ;
Fresa, Reliable. Pur
Cuarantead to Plcait
Fv-rf Gardener ami
Plentf-r should tcit the
nrta.rl.tr merit, of Our
Northern Grown Seed.
we will lend postpaid our
t pkff. fiODav TiiiNKtu , 0a
1 paf. Priam. Kidl.h . . . .10.
1 Ik fMI-droolii; Cilar , . . tn
1 pag. Karljr A.raw.h.ad ( altfcax . 1 ha
1 pas K nllertan Uark Laliaca ... 10a
Alio 11 f arlatlaa Chain Flo-ar Braaa . . tie
Writ today I Fand 10 rtnta to liatp r poalafa and
par.kinj and r-.cc.ra Ilia !.'. "".mm IMllaeikn," la
gatti.T Willi m-r ar.l IttL-r.rtlr? i;ar lt,n Outdo.
MC9 ltiHo M, Koekford, Illinois
If you aie Proving up on yom
claim be sure and read youi
Publication Notice carefully
when it appears in the paper,
and if t lore are any errors noti
fy this office promptly and thev
will be corrected
If you contemplate buildinc
in concrete, block or stone, dron
a card.to A. J. Shropshire, Jnd
son, New Mexico. I have ex
perience in all lines of this
work and can turn von nnU
(satisfactory job, and I work un-
;der a strict guarantee.
Confest Notice.
Department of tlielnlerior. U.S. LnndOnice
ttl Hoswell. M. M., Januory .1. 1010.
A sumrilent contest nmrtavit Imvinu been
filed in this office by John M. Purker of Clovls,
S.M; contestant, nalnst IIomeHteod entry
No. 9821. mnde Oct. IS. i(K8. for S. K. H, Sec.
tionl. Township? S. Rnniie 29 E, by David K.
Flynt Conlctee. In which It is alleged that
David E. Flynt has wholly abandoned snirt
tract has not resided upon, Improved or culti
vated naid land, or nny part thereof for more
than six months next pri"r to date of said affi
davit, and ihit said allPued absence from tin
aid land was not due to his employment In tha
Army. Navy or Marine Corps of the I'mted
States durinir lime of wnr, said panics are
hereby notllled to appear, respond and olTer
evidence touching Raid alk-mmUm at HI o'clock
o. m., on February 17, 1910. before W. T. Cow.
Bill, U. 8, Commisiioncr t his office in Kenna
Chaves County, X M., and that final hcariiiL'
will be licld n 1 0 o'clock a. m. .n Feb. S4. I'-'io.
before the Hejrisier and I'eeeiver at the
Cnlted Stales Land Omcfl in Koswell- N. M.
Tho said contestant having-, in a pr"pei
affidavit, tiled Innuary 5. I di). et forth fact"
which show that after due. dillitrence personal
ervl" e of ihls n-'iieecan i-ot t e made, it It
hereby oidcied and diiecitd ilia! su1 h noil e
be iren by due and proper publication,
T. O. Tillotson.
Jan.Sl-Fob.il ItcRister
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior. U.S. Land Office
at tioswell, N. M., Jan. 1-'. 1910.
A sufUcicnt contest affidavit havinir been
tiled in this office by Charles O, Whceli.r. ol
Quannnh, Texas, contestant, against Home
stead Kmry No. 1I73B. made April i. 1908. for
NW'ai Sec. S. Tp, 7 S.. Itaneo 30 K.. by
Oeorue VV. Csna contestee. in which is al
iened that said Georee W. tissna has wholly
abandoned said tract, has not reside upon
improved or cultivated said land or any part
thereon for mure than six mom In next prior to
(lute of affidavit, and that said alleged ab.
sence from tho said land wus not due to his
employment in the Army. Navy or Marine
Corps of the United Slates. In time of War.
said parties are hereby' not ihed to appear, re
spond and offer evidence touching sa d allega
tion at 10 o'cloeu n. m. on March 7, llo, be
fore VV. T. Cowgill. U. S. Commissioner, at h's
office In Kenna, Chaves l ounty, New Mexico,
and that final hearing ill be held at 0 o'clock
a. m,, on March H. 1910, before the Ite .'later
and Iteceiver at the United States Land office
In Itoswell, New Mexico.
Th said contestant having, in a proper
attl'iavir, tiled Jan. 13. 1910. set forth facts
which show that after due dilligen e personal
service of this notice enn not be made, it is
hereby ordered and directed that suah notice
be given by due and proper publication.
f Y. C. Tillotson.
W -eh. r. Regit! r.
Pf-yslolen &. Surgeon,
Carls Promptly Answered.
w. o. w.
Meets every 2nd and 4th Sat
urday evenings in each month,
All members ore expected to
come out. And all visiting
Sovereigns are cordially invited
I . L, (,lnbb, con. com.
J A. Kiiiniions, clerk.
David L. Geyer.
All Kinds of Business Uefore V. S.
Land Office Promptly Attended to.
Filit.g Papers, Applications to A
mend, Leaves of Absence, etc. etc.
Carefully and Accurately in-ule out.
't -f4.4'f
For More 'Mian Nine Years (
reiver U. S. Land Ollice.
Office: VVcit 2nd Sreet.
Roswell, N. M.
I wish to call the attention
of the peftpleof this sect it -n
of the ctniniry to the fact
that I am blaelcpmithing
at Kenna, that I guarantee
my work, and that I charge
only reasonable--' prices.
Please call and see nie when
you need work done.
Kenna, '. New Mexico.
Contest Notice
Department of the Interior. U.S.I.nnd Office
at Koswell. N. M., Jan. 17. 1910.
A Miftlulent contest affidavit havingbeen Hied
in this oPicc byZellie A. Smith, contestant,
against Homestead Entry, No. fors. made Oct.
19(6, for SK! hecthm fo, Township 4 S..
Range 30 B.. by Walter K. McCaul contestee,
in which it is alleged under date of March It",
10i, that taid Walter E. McCaul has wholly
abandoned said tract, has n"t resided upon.
Improved or cultivated said lnnd or any pari
thereof for more than six months next prior to
date of said affidavit, and that said alleged ab
sence from the saM land was not due to ills
employment in the Army. Navy or Marine
Corps of the l.'nited Stales In time of War
Said parties are hereby notified to appear, re
spond and offer evidence lunching said allega
tion at 10 o'clock a' m.. on Feb. 24, 191". before
W. T. Cowgill. U. S. Commitsiooer. a l his office
tn Kenna, L'huves County, New Mexico, and
lhat tiniil hern-lug will be held ut 9 o'clock a.
m-. March i. 1910. before the ltegistcr and He
celver at, the I'nlted States Land Office In
itoswell, New Mexico,
The said content ant liuvlnt?. in a proper nrtl-
da it. tiled Jan. 17. 191' I. set forth facts widen
show that after due diligence personul service
ii f -his notice can not be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed ttiat such nptlce be gucn
by due and proper publication.
Ian' 8 Feb, 13. T. C. 'i'lU tson, Kegiiiei.
W iVS tfi;. Will m: yttu i i-r. .:.i::i-ni .!. !J
M ri: ''r ' ti; r't','"u ruf'mt,ul ur ut
11 ) u-. j '.-..HI. ui aollt: lra,i II Jacinth, rcLlka t !
'tnlU, iluf r.i'tfta.hr, 111. f)MQltl lri, kilHn, tir,
l.uun, -j' j. Hnun.lr'lv.l't"Ctip,t;iil. nulut. Anrin'na, 1'a.Ouji
i'.nti jf.in't Iirn!l Tal.p, )Vfv 1 u.lp, Yfciit9trf 1
I .11 4 i-. tufc.i, riT.ra, v. tui vwti H7Mi1.it.,
WrI'oti'ftsy Mention thin Pxper
JSf2;Nl 2 I'M
.if bui lJo'ilJ. U ;'l r vi.h "-f 1 I'liinraMtl, IwrvnWa,
. jtr.i-tla ff faff, i-ii 4 n rteura.
UiW. UuH ri 1 Tu!!j; ll'ilb. T. cntvlfit ft'! wmUw "VJ
olibtta T4iUiij-iiiJWtt,iJ'i. ' j
alH. W. Buckbee ilS ii
I House near achool hout
Enquiteof J, A. Kii.nnont?,
$Mm S38JB 'tt&M
FJ$l Bit L'JLi.'S 6LLB3 Rui'ChEDi
n 1 l . j. ,
J r:

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