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-L. Ji-d
TT 1 A
if n i
Kenna, Chaves County, New Mexico, Friday, August
Number 81
r J iSI! J j&l ISMlIkL: ISlUiiii; 321; 1 S1 1Tj
fJt3 J. P. STOSK, Prcsul.nl (V 7". 1.1 I' I'l IU-1K1.I.), Viie I'nsuteiit
V. 1J. SCOTT, Cashier
Kenna Bank& 8 rustCo.
The depositors in this Bank are
secured by the laws of this Territory
to the extent of $30,000 00..
Our officers are bant and we
carry burglary Insurance. Gvery
safeguard of moJsrn Banking pro
tects you Come in and see us.
The Kerma Bank & Trust Co. M
s --Ti"HI ?-fWil? - ''T"H!Fsrff!: HW 5 UTfltK-- WMi.Te!lP; Jipr-3HI"Ft f h!Ti.:'.,i'
Ma jm i3iMAims. Mamuv j'.-M'-- afuii.fc- .l:.it--a.-,liM.E-jjnujjy
A dispatch firm Man n, Ca.,
tel 8 of" a. windfall for a. n:oto
..(H...I ..: i .. ; .. . 1 . .1 r
lliail Ul klli.ll Uirjr i'l I IIU MltljlU ui
a legacy of some $50,000. The
bequest came from a Klondike
miner whnin tlie motoim.au
had assisted in the days of the'r
mutual poverty. When icsi
dent of Atlanta, prior to the
Alaskan rush, the motorman
met a stran led miliar. Impress
ed by the miner's story of mis
fortune, lie look him in, fed him,
an loaned bin. money to get
out of town. In so doing he
entertained "an angle una
wares." The miner went to the
Klondike, made a fortune, and
died: leaving his wealth to the
motorman who had befiiended
him in tho time cf need. A
similar story conies to hand in a
dispatch from McDonald, Pa ,
Twenty yea1 s ago a teamestei
in ttat city was struggling
against hard luck, and could not
buy fet d for bis horses. A young
man working in a feed id ore
supplied his wants, and stood
good for the bill. The teamster
had a change of luck lie made
some money and bought a piece
of land. It proved to be oil
territory, and netted him a small
fortune. He went to Texas,
and his luck held good lie
inaue a oig lorrune at ueaumnm
and moved to Corpus Chrisli,
h) erected a large hotel and
bathing pavilion Two years
ago iie hunted up the former
feed store, clerk, and took him
to Corpus Ohristi and inadrf lrm
manager of th Intel a' a lrvi I
some salary. The other day the
millionair died, lie left a wife
but no children, lie also left a
will giving the widow a life in
terest only in the ( state. At her
(Vath the property is to pass t
the former feed s-lnre clerk wl
did the decedent a godtuin ;
couple of decades ago 'Cast
thy b-oad upon the water an 1 i-
N 3
11 il!
shrill retuiii after many days
Ifo vever, y.n needn't expect
in throw in a biscuit and draw
ion' a ha' ot v Such things do
happ n s' tm times, as in the
case af the Georgia tr.o'orman
a'ul the Pennsylvania fied stoic
clerk More often the bread
is simply but a biscuit, ami has
no other re vnp than the sili -'
faction which comer, from doing
a goad deed. Ad the -so bread
in vestments do not -pay linnnci
ally, but it is a good thh-g to I e
charitable foi charity's f ake iv
.ar iiis of the possibillies
Louisville Courier-Journal .
Where are you, sweet old-fashioned (jirl,
thv so't we used to know,
Who hud clean thoughts worth while,
not nil about a beau?
We haven't seen your fure for years;
perhaps in gentle way
You've drawn far back on being
shocked at what we see tod;.y.
Your soul, as pure as virgin snow
that in the valley lies,
Shone on a world of foIk you loved,
through gentle, modest eyes,
And as you passe ! where evils
stalked, grim evils, some unnamed,
They bowed their heads before your
glanced and slunk awav, ashamed.
We've missed you, Sweet old fashion
ed girl; the girls we have today
Think lesi about Clod's holy laws
than parly, ball or play;
They may be honest, clean and pure,
yet think it no disgrace
To choose a wa k where evil lurks,
and meet it face to face.
TIkv know much that you never
learned in all your shcltcied life;
The mud moral, mint d souls, de
ceit and selfish strife;
A nd how can we, compared with yours,
look or, their souls as dean,
Sweet a:id unsullied, when we know
what they have heard and seen?
(Dallas Ntws Staif Poe'.) -
If an egg is fn sb, wnen placed
in a glasr of watery it will re
in; ii testing tm '.bo bottom of
the ve.'sel; if t:ot quite fiirhii
i:l 'A wilh the big end rai-ed
high r than the small end, and
th , higher the. b'g end is r.ii. cd
the older tleeeg. As the ej g
ge'so'der tl.ewa'cr contain' d
in the white of a'i egg evapo
rates, and ibis causes the empty
vacit it the thick e ;d of tie
gg to beet mo onlaigtd. '1 1 e
larg'-r iho empty hpnco t he more
tin. egg rises in the w a'.er, till in
coin-so of lime it lloats. Ex.
Notice is hereby given that the
nook? will lie pen ;i d tin
board in set-sio i for the ptnposi
of registering the names of leat
voters of precinct 11, Chaves,
County, New Mexico, on IV n
day, Tuisdayaud Wetliuday,
August 1st, 2nd and om, in the
batik building at IOnna, and on
I'ach battirday theiv.ifiei' until
I'uitlier notico This reg'st ration
w for I he elect ion tube held Sept.
f5, 1910, to elect delegates to tl:e
Constitutional Convenliop. Sie
tliat your name go.s on the
J. A. Kiinm ns,
W - P. S;ott,
W. T. Cowgill,
li -cisl ration b anl.
United States h in.l Ofiioo,
Koswell, N. -M.;" July 21, 1010.
Pefering to t otice givm Jui;
23. 1910, with refi reiue f .) pla's
tiled in thi-iolllce of Twp. 9-S
Range 37-B., Twp. 9-S , ir.ng,
3G-E., and Twp 10-;';., Kin-e
37-E , N. M. P. M , in which it
was announced that am!icat:ons
to out"!1 lands in said towushij s
would bo received on and after
August 10, 1910, said notice is
hereby rescinded and declared
void. T. C. Tit.i.OTSON,
There was nothing in sight
down the road The major sat
tilled against the wall of the
geneial stoie, reading yester
day's paper. It was a cle.ir,
warm day. Inside the store the
postmaster could l.e heard Mul
ing the niai', but without every
thi"g was still and peaceful
At last there was a clat ter and a
rattle, and from somewhere
there appeared anegio diiviug
an unpainled wagon drawn b
a mule. Ee drew up with a
loud whoa in front of the store.
"Major!" he calkil
No response.
"Majoi ! Doan' wan' lor
'stiirb yo' major."
No rosponso.
The major heard at hf-t .
"Hello, uncle!" lies aid. What
can 1 d for you?"
"Doan' wan' tor Mmb yo',
major, but is ih y any hews in
di' pa pel '?''
7i .von can buy rtn.v-
siz tJVcnna (I)ini, ymi npP(1 in
the way of (Jnicerie-., Dry (ioodn, Farm
Machinery, lWs, Wire, Nails, Lumber
and nil kinds of Hard ware.
If you buy your Be.il. ling Material,
Farm Machinery Etc. of the
.ciuia A
you will greatly reduce tlio high eo.st of
living, grow rich, get fat, and !? a good
fellow and enjoy life. Your girls will
grow up to b; music teaclior.-i, nml most of
your boys will be twins.
Thousands have tried our business meth
ods and are .satisfied customers.
.i", hum i no major, no,
theie i.-.n't any news to-day.
Yes. there is, too Thole's a
war l et wcin France and
"Sd it s )?"' fsaid I he negro,
''S d.ii so, an' is del i; leally a
wa'i, with fightin' and bl iou
Kill'n'j" "A roil war,' repeats the
"tivdly !" said the negio, gather
ing up I. is r ins ''Wiuir di 1
o' say dat wuh was major?"
' 'Morocco,1' said the major,
luiningagiiin to the shejt.
"Well said ilie coloiod man,
'Mny stntoiily has got a tine day
for it. Gnl.l..i!" Aadhoolul
tered down the road. Youth'
B ick
Baok to Nature
Pack to simple life;
P.ick to the days of you'h:
P ick to I he days i n Iho farm;
Pack tonnmoiy of the bare
foot boy, the babbling brook, the
stublnd-loc criod when each
day's sorrows were but passing;
each ! -learn n a b'e thrill hot fh.et
ing! We funs and fume: we
wo i ry and fret; we stew and
conip'aio, find fau't i.nd whine.
Just 'cause our nerves are out
of kilter strung up to too high a
tension ; .
Because we are living too fast:
Because of unnatui a I conditions;
B'ei'ie of' envy. mi'i:a or
Because of this, that and the
other thing.
And then the break conies
something seems to utap, to
give way. the wire breaks and
we "ai down and on!."
The doctor shakes his head;
frowns ainl says, ''Nervous pros
tration." Visions of the end ( nines to us;
- ii nicer
symptoms haunt our fancies like
they did in childhoid days,
wlum ghost, stories made delight
ful shivei s run down our spine
and cause us to pier affrighted
in each dark c; r :or.
' Nci vous prostration" in -Hire's
cry t f outrage and ovei
ilimulation her warning of
nioio sea ions things to come.
And what to do?
Advice is give to get back to
iiatiin to lead the simple life
pass up the -frills tuu fancies
I ,-ari the "early to bed, early to
ri.-e"i xisiei-ce.
fiive lia! ui al lives;
Secore mental noise;
"C nut your many blessings"
your so-called trials might bo
Cull ivate contentment ;
Ii 'ok all i isuiis Spiritual
Moral, Phys'cal, srpinvly hi thu
Fa i i -n i i i .(led i n vest iga ion
should ii ad through growth to
matin ity .
(1. t back to nature and na
fuia! things! Amarillo Daily
Deptn tement of the Interior U.
S. Land Office, tit Koswell N. M.
July li-h 1910.
Notice is nereby given that there
has been forwarded to this office
by the Surveyor (Jcneinl the
foilowi-g approved plats of survey:
If), IT, IS, 20, rdl south range 37
E N. I'. P. M, 11, 1l 13, 15, 19,
20, south of lange 38 E. N. M. P.
M. 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, all south of
nimre ) Ii. N. M- P. M. Each of
th Ve plats of survey will be tiled
in this (.flit e at nine o'clock a. m.
on the first day of September, 1910
and on and after that date applica
tions for entry of lands in c:ich of
these townships will be receive4.
T. C. Tillot.--oii Kegislr.
Harold Kurd Beceiver.
Wisdom In Their Method.
Sometimes tho wicked stand In
Blipp'ry places so it will bo hnrd fr-r
anybuddy to git near 'cm.

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