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1 Il6 Kcnna Record
W T, CO WGILL, Editor and Pub'r
MRS. CCVGiLL Local Editor.
Entered February 8th, 1907, at the Ken
na, New Mexico, Post (jlFiee, ns second
Class Mail Matter.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year,
In Advance.
Advertising Itntos Jiade Known on Ajipllo-n
Republican Candidates for the
Constitutional Convention.
COI. ! H. Elliot, Of DeXter lOvertwo hundred thousand
H. J. Hagerman, S. Sp'gs
. r tt ! porouoflTid which closes tip sv.tall punctures v
Elza White. OI KOSWell tInRthenirtoespe. Wclmyehundredsof left
E. A. Cahoon, of Roswell
VtiifAuutnir flio Si'iillmflll of llio !
ixpresSlIlS IMC pl Illimt HIS m lilt m
)lll)liemi l'lirtj' Of t IlltVOS Oltllly in
Hi a f'nnniniirtt fur ('nitstitl'lioilitl
. . t,.,,!!..,, Vin It lillll
n Ajiiuuift J... ...
We, the delegates to the Hepuljlican
County convention held August 6, 1010
Bet forth the following S a declara- '
tion of principles binding our dele- j
gates, and which should be contained
In the constitution of the new state ol
New Mexico:
1. The Constitution should absolute
ly prohibit gambling In all forms, anil
we favor a provision in the Constl'
tution of New Mexico for state-wide
and we condemn the so-called local
option as a saloon make-shift.
2. It should provide absolute pro
tection for vested rights of all Muds,
from the most modest holdings of the
poor man to the largest interests of
rich men, and there should bo no un
just discrimination against corpora-
prohibition, thus settling the question
of the saloon and the liquor traffic,
tions organized for the purpose of help
ful Industry or enterprise. In other
words the same careful protection that
Is extended to tho individual shall bt
extended to the corporations.
3. It should provide for a Utility
Commission, to be elected by the peo
ple, whose duty it shall be to maintain
an oversight over and properly cor
rect the ;atC3 and charges of all car
riers and utilities, and whose deci
sion shall bo final, except, of course,
normal appeal to the supreme court.
4. It should provide for a compre
hensive system of direct primaries
and a system of elections that will
insure the electors a fair expression
of their will in both primary and
major elections. The use of money oi
undue influence of any kind siiuli
constitute a felony.
0. It should abolish absolutely t'nt
fee system for county officers, pro
viding in Its place an equitable sys
tem of salaries, the income cf t he
various offices passing direct to the
people. Under this plank it is meant
that the people shall pay r.o move
for service than would be paid in or
dinary business.
6. There should be a general and
positive system of tax reforms, the
base of which should be assessment
by voting precincts, and the abolition
of the office of county assessor, the
new system to be based upon the
return of an honest -valuation ou ex
actly the same ratio with the man who
has little and the man who ha3 much,
concluding with the enforced collec
tion of every cent of tax imposed.
7. It should provide for a system of
judiciary based as closely as possible
upon that in use in other Etats, the
base of which should rest upon the
election of all judges by the people,
mi iuug terms, at a time wiien no
other issue is pending.
8. We believe that the Constitution
snould be as short and clear as passi
ble, providing for the usual neces
sary divisions of government, and leav
ing to the legislature all plainly sta
tutory matters. Tho section fixing the
powers of the legislature in this di
rection should bo very plainly out
lined, as should the rigi.t of the peo
ple to amend the constitution in a rea
sonable manner in such rational war
as is recognized by the best covcrned
states in the union.
9. We are squarely opposed to the
placing in the constitution of untried
phases of governmental policy, t.nd
insist that the document bj bicaj
enough to admit the adoption of kcc-?3-Bary
reforms by legisiutiie enactment
when the trend if the times makes
It advisable.
10. We b-.-lieve In tho fullest pvo
tection and extension of t'ie educa
tional system of the stat3, that eve: y
school should be taught In tho Eng
lish languase, the use of other to:i
gues being purely supplemental an 1
11. We believe in the coual pro
tection of capital nnd labor, and tha
fullest recognition of the rights of the
individuals, with special privileged to
no man or combination of men.
12. We insist that there shall never
be in the state of New Mexico any
sample Later, Model MRnnr'
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combination of the church and state,
and that all religious denominatioar
.'ihall have the tame risht3 under the
13. In conclusion we affirm the ac
tion of the territorial central com
mittee in selecting the flag as the
emblem of the republican party,-an:
charge the county central committee
with the duty of its filing and regis
tration according to law.
1. We favor a constitutional provision
which wi'l p'oluliit the sale of public school
lands for a period of ten (Id) years ant!
wMcli will eirectuaMy picvcr.t the mo-t
vaiKiMu part of the same from being bought
lipase! monopolized by speculators and thus
preserve s ,i land anil the increasing value
thereof for the hceefit of the school children
of the new stale.
2 relieving tl ar public office is a public
tnirt, we favor a provui-'ii in tl'.ei-ont;tu:ion
providing for a uniform svstem of primage
i-lcrtion for the nomination of all elective
3. KeaU.'nT; ihe tendency of new sta'i s
;o imitate nr. J rntcimo rivalry with old ar.J
ivcalt't ier stales in the matter of public im
provements in short, to extravagance
ive therefore favor a constitutional provision
fixing a limit on taxation of both tangible and
intangible property, and the contracting of
hi ndcd indebtedness within the state.
4. Recognizing the fact that public utility
corporations enjoy certain powers, exemp
tions and privileges not according to private
citizens pnd that by reason thereof, they are
in a certain sense public servants, we favor
a constitutional provi.-.ion for the establish
ment of a slate corporation eommision vesled
with proper power and ts be elected by the
5. As the constitution of the United
States guarantees to the people the right to
peaceably asseinb'e, and to petition the gov-
einient for a redress of their grievance, and
therein' recognizes the doctrine of initiative
for legislation, we favor a constitutional
p-ovision for an efficient system of popular
initiative in legislation nnd other public
measures including amendment.-! to the con
(i. -t a coronary to t lie last pioposition,
and to the end that the people of the state of
New Mexico may not be governed for an
unusual length of time without their consent,
and that they may promptly rid themselves
of such laws us Chapter 33, Sessions Laws
of l'J03, relating to the civil liability of
corporations for persoral injury, we favor a
constitutional provision requiring a uniform
syMeiil .of so-called
....r....-.i i.
7. llrlirving that the people of a state
have an inherent right to dispense with ihe
services of and discharge f.-om iheir service,
an ineoirpi tent or ci i'ii t oificiul. we favt r
a constit itional provis'on providing for the
establishment of a uniform system of popular
recall, safeguarded, however, so that no
capable anil honest official can ever be de
prived of his righ's, or subjected to improper
vextion and nnnovancc in the enjoyment of
t'-.e same.
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licial positions, wc faver a codstitutiona'
provision for the establishment 1 y law of a
corrupt :ratiee act, to the end that manhood
should net be lequireJ lo compete with
money in the selection of public officials.
9. VVc endorse the policy of the gov
ernment of the United States in requiring
ecurity of banks for the deposit of public
funds, in '.vhi. h we all have an interest, and
are opposed to discrimination among deposi
tors, and therefore favor a constitutioral
provision authorizing the incorporation oi
state banks and the guaranteeing of all
deposits made in such banks in coi f irmity
with law.
10. VVitli an abiding- faith in the demo
cratic doctrine that the will of the majoity
should be the fundamental law of the state
upor. every proper subject of legislation, and
recognizing the fact ihat a large number ol
th. good people of cur territory desire cor-
stitutional state w ide prohibition, we favoi
the adoption by the co isitutional convention
of an ordinance to be separately submitted
to ihe people for their approval or rejection,
providing for stale w ide proliiU ion of ti e
sale of intoxicatii g liquors
11. Realii g that ill anew state con
ditions change rapidly," we favor a provis'or
lo the constitution by which the people may
amend the same upon terms and conditions
which are plain, certain, just reasonable,
nd are unalter'ly opposed ti any t. rmsand
conditions which w ill n ake amendments of
our constitution by the people, tedious com
plicated and practicably impossible.
11. VVc tavor a constitutional provision
that no act of the legislature shall contain
more than one subject, and that the same
shall be clearly expressed in its title.
13. We favor a constitutional provision
creating the office of a state insurance com
missioner to be elected by the people.
14. We favor a constitutional provision
mal'ing the judiciary of the state elective.
15. We arc op xised to government by
injuetion, nnd favor constitutional provisior
which will limit the injunctive powers ol
the courts to their proper sphere, so as to
efficiently check .the abuse of the same by
our courts,
16. We favor and pledge our candidates
to secure a law that eight hours be the limit
for labor ou all state, county and municipal
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Dejiarlnient of the Interior U.
8. Land Oflio at Roswell N. M.
July 18lhl910.
Notice is hereby given that by
section G of the Enabling Act
entries ar forbidden in section 2
and 32 where the land was not
appropriated on June 30ih, 1910
T. C TillolBon,
Non coal land.
No. 01S501.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Laud Office at Roswell, N. M.,
Autrusl 17, 1310.
Notice is hereby given that
of lloaz, N. M.. who on June 7, 1907, rrmlc
II. K. Ko. 120:W. Sir. 013501, for S. E. H S. C.
0. Township C-50UI h. nnnpre SC-snst, N.M.P.M .
has filed notice of intention to
ainl.e Final Commutation Proof, to ca
lab'.ish claim to the land above de
scribee!, before W. T. Cowgill, U. S.
Commissioner in his office, at Kenna,
?, M., on the 20th day of Sep., 1810.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William A. Star.sell. William K. McCor
micit. Mnri jn O. Mills and I ee II. Uobertson,
all. of liouz. N. W. ,
nr.? 10 scp '.3
Chicago Boy's Excellent Reasons for
Keeping silent About Some
Things He Knew.
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recently been making frequent trips
to his father's office, "do you believe
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"No. There is altogether too much
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"Don't you think ma ought to get a
divorce from you if you did wrong?1
Why do you ask such questions?
Vou are too young to bother about
mings or mat Kind." i
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very bad don't you think ma ought to ' 1 , : "
get a divorce from you?" 'y this office promptly and they
"O! I've never given thematter wjI 1)e corx,cttd
any thought. I'm not going to 'do any- .
thing bad." i
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ma ought to go on livln' with you?"
"It would depend on how bad I had
been. People who have children
should be willing to bear a great deal
without letting the world know about
"If other women came into your of
fice and you pinched their cheeks
When you didn't think anybody was
lookin' and they called you Fuzzy
Wuzzy and Tootles and made you give
them money to buy theater tickets, do
you think m ought to stick to you?"
"I don't know. I wish you'd Btop
asking questions and run out and
play. You are tiresome."
"Then I'm not goin to tell her all I
know, 'cause I don't want to break up
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Many Are Known, But There Is One
Constituent That Is a Puzzle
to Scientists.
The poisonous properties of coal gas
are generally attributed to its content
of carbonic oxide, especially as no
other substance of known poisonous
properties has been found in it, and
patients suffering from coal gas poison
ing show the symptoms ascociated
with the Inhalation of carbonic oxide,
including the peculiar bright red color
of the blood. From experiments made
by Dr. von Vahlen, at Halle, it Beems
probable that we must revise this
view, for on making experiments with
frogs, animals particularly resistant to
carbonic oxide, it was found that they
were poisoned far more rapidly by coal
gas th. n by the corresponding amount
of the cxlde. Other experiments with
dogs showed that the poisonous effect
of coal gas was twice or three times
as great as that of the carbonic oxide
it contained. Evidently there Is some
other constituent of coal gas which la
poisonous, though what it Is cannot
yet be stated. Merely removing the
carbonic oxide from coal gas will not
suffice to render It non-polsouou3.
The Ironmonger.
More Sugar Scandal.
The Grocer's Wife "Ach! no. my
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yenr; four months, (1 told by all newade&ier.
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Kenna Lodge No. 35
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday night.
Visiting members cordially in-
., . T n
vneu. x . ij. tLiUuu. in. u
G. J. Fkick, Sec
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iron cyclone cellar.
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the cyclone s'.utes of the west If man
ufacturing the cyclone cellar of extra
heavy galvanized corrugated iron. It
has a cylindrical shape, and is pro
vided with stairway, seats, shelves
and bins.
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