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1 he Kcnna Record
W T, COWG1LL, Editor and Pub'i
MRS. COWG1LL Local Editor.
Entered February th, 1907, at the Ken
a, New Meico, Poit Office, second
CUi Mail Matter.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year,
in Advance.
Advertising Hstaa Vade Known on Appltoan
Water Melons galore.
Hubert Say lor and wifo spenl
Sunday with friends war Eiida.
II. M. Mercer and family left
Wednesday for the cotton fields.
J. E. Marhut's folks are ex
pecting friends from Kansat
this week.
Farmers are busy making
bay, which is a fine crop here,
and alout COO acres of coin and
maize is also ready to cut.
Chester C. Cloppert and Isa
bel McAuly were united in mar
riage, at the West hotel in Ken
na, last Sunday, Septi inber 4.
The immediate families of both
were present, also the Sabbath
school people wopj in attend
ance to witness I he cen inony .
A splendid dinner was served by
Mrs. West, a'l doing justice to
t he san e. The young peoplt
were presented v illi many nict
and rseful present, such as ta
ble linen, silver ware etc. All
friends join in wishing the cou
ple a long and happy life.
Th Lash ef a Fiend
Would ltavo been as welcome
to A. Cooper f Oswego, X, Y.,
as a merciless lung-racking
cough that defied all remedies
for years. "It was most trouble
some at night," he writes ' 'notb
ing helped mo till I used Dr.
Kings JNtw Discoveiy which
cured me completely. I nevei
cough at night now." Mi lions
know its mathless merit for stub
born colds, obstinate coughs,
sore lungs, lagrippe, a-thina
hemorrhage, croup, whooping
cough, or hay fever. It, relieves
quickly and never fails tosalii-fy
A trial convinces. COc, fcl.OO
Trial bottle free. It,'s positively
guaranteed by all Druggists
J. N. S. Webb is holding a
potracted meeting at Acme.
Will Moore left for Clan mont
Cal , last Thuresday a. ni
Born: To Mr. and Miw. C. A
Boatman, Saturday Sept, Urd,
a loy.
Miss Florence Clark and 0. C
im) u)ii i-peiii v mines la V, in
Kenna on land business.
iobt. Ti outner, wlio h is been
Hjnding a few d i)s here, i.as
relurnrd to Uoswell.
Mrs. J ierson and daugl
Wv Nina tool; tho liiiin here for
Earl, Ark , e.-tt rday a. in.
unr sell no 1 is progressing
nicily under tie managemeii
cu r r ...
in i iof. .i . ;u i inaiu. i wen
ty-t wo pi pi s mot nro 1 d
Word was received here that
Mrn. Chm. Mroro and son J- in
et are both down with Typliuh
fever at Cooksvide", Texas.
Will Fowler,' of Hock Valley,
and J, B. Patterson, of Illinois
Valley, are loading a car to ship
to Abbot t, Texas.
W. C Eaton a"d Mrs.
Margaret Peery were witnesses
at Kenna, for Miss Vina Waugh
on her commutation proof,, last
Harry Ooodin and family
came down from Kenna Sat., to
spend a few days with Mrs. Lee,
before taking up his new posi
Hev. J. T. Pendly,of Qnanali,
Tex., has been hok'ing a few
days meeting. When ho left
He v. J. N S. Webb carried it on
for a few dayn longer.
Word from Tims family to
the effect that the health of Mrf .
Tims is poor at Ruh Springs,
Okla., and they expect to return
to N. M.
A. M. Hill, Thos. Hill and
Fred Cheverie . made a trip to
Roswell last week. Mr. Hill
stayed but the others came back
with the team.
R. E. L. Smith was in from
Roswell and spent a day with
his family, going to Kenna
L'ues., to cast his voK Mr.
Smith has bis drilling tools bung
up in his first well at Roswell.
Mrs. Pearl Parker and daugh
ter Eva have returned to tliei.
home at Clevis. They were
accompanied ty Miss Annk
Parker, who will s-pend somt
lime there.
Sen no of the farmers are be
ginning to harvest their crops
l'heru will be more feed raiseel
here this season than last. Sonn
of the fines-t nnize is at. out anel
wih soe.n bo ripe. Cane is ripe
in some fields Very little corn
will make. Tneie w ill lie s'onu
biooni ceiin. Melons are ripen-
imr. neas are a little late but
will make in time to make fine
fuoder. Uras-s is just fin. No
if any onu is skeptical jutt conn
ye over and view the land.
September 12, 1910.
Edna Lillian, second daughtei
of J. C. and Isabella Pattillo,
died Monday 'light at St. Mary's
Hospital, Roswell, N. M , where
she had been operated upon fen-
Miss Pattillo was born at Tex-
arkanna, Aik , March 22, 188!)
She lived in that state until a
bout two yeais ago, when tin
family moved to this place.
Edna had b -en sick in bad fn
nearly seven months, having
gone to the hospital for tre.it
ment sometime in May. A I
though a crear. sufferer from
pain, she bore her affliction in u
christian spirit, and was prepar
ed to meet her God. Slis pro
fessiid a faith in Jesiu last vin
ter in the meeting held tit t-ii
placr', and has gone to a plaa
where pain sonow or heai taclu
can never come.
Besides her father and moth
er bhe leaves ef the fami'y, two
-i ters, Stella and Bessi". am
five brothers, Leroy and Hand
'ey,nov a Blue Ridge, Texas
Uix, Fred and Eugene at home
besides her aunt, Docia B.inks
of this lilac, and a host oi
fi ieu Is to m mrn her K)ss.
aoyiajoa-j'.DS iiSu'uim
eiq(6aj Auo s ju.huojubapb oiuj.
iia.vto'l popoj
School Notes.
The public school at Keniu
as opened Spt. 12, by Prof.
. A. Grove w ho is the Princi-
1 this year. The enrollment
has leached 35 for the first
Those present are makin' a
good beginning and we hope to
have the interest and progiess
of the students become an in
creasing seiies during the term.
Ihe Professor .has 8 graeles to
teach, and is doing practically
the work of two teachers; so be
ks the patrons to co-oper-
ate and sympathize with his
Reasons Why Some Townspeople Are
Unable to Live Comfortably In
the Country.
The necessity which some people
feel for noisy surroundings was men
tioned by a famous specialist in giv
ing a medical explanation of the case
of little Horace Collins, the heroic
messenger boy, says the London Dally
Mall. The lad, although able to grati
fy every wish as the guest of Lord
Lansdowne at Bowood house, has a
mastering longing for the bustle nnd
light of tho London streets.
'It Is a very clear case of nostalgia,"
said the doctor. "A person Buffering
like that has lost two everyday L-iends.
as it were noise and light. It is en
tirely due to the nerves. Our nervous
system gets Into a pronounced groove
In accordance with the everyday con
dition under which we live. A sud
den change In living throws the nerv
ous system out of gear. Both light
and noise are nervous stimuli to peo
ple who live amid noise and light
Take away the comradeship of nc'
and light, and the nervous eys.u ..-
loses two stimulants necessary to its
well being and suffers In consequence.
'With the boy Collins the fact that
he does hot see policemen troubles
him, because policemen to him have
become ah Important part of the nat
ural scheme of things.
"A very similar case occurred with
A London housekeeper of mine. She
was sent away to the country, and
simply could not errdure to live there
She missed the companionship of
noise so much that she had to be
brought back to town again quickly,
for her health was beginning to suf
fer." .
Nothing to Say.
According to a. delightful story
Phtlley, recounted in the Internutlon:
Journal of Ethics by Rev. Bradley Gt
tnnn, the splendid mental equipmen
of ihe poet did not include humor.
In his characteristically Impassions
way. Shelley was deeply interested It
(hi- problem of immortality. One da
lie met a nursemaid wheeling a ven
young child In a perambulator.
"Here Is a little soul," he reflected
"recently come to earth, out of th.
ereal unknown preceding human life
Pfi-i nps be can tell me something
Imi.t the great unknown after humai,
life The two realms may te one and
the tame."
lie accosted the Infant twice, but ot
co'ir?e gained no response, only
bli-.nk infantile stare.
Alas! alas!" sighed Shelley. "Ho
very reticent these little creature
A man out Rockport way has a lit
tle tame fox that is led about by
chain. He proposes In the near future
to have a "hunt." He will Invite
"sportsmen" from Cleveland to come
out with their dogs, then he will turn
loose the little tame fox and send the
dogs after him. It is expected that
the dogs will catch the little tame fox
and tear him to pieces.
The hunt was scheduled to come off
some time ago. But the Invited guests
with their trained hunting dogs failed
to arrive, and the dogs of thfe neigh
borhood Just ordinary dogsvere
pressed Into service. For some rea
eon or other these uneducated canines
failed to enter Into the spirit of the
occasion, and could not be Induced to
lake the trail. The little tame fox wn
acctrdincly again cooped up in hi
rn;:o to await a more propitious and
epoity rlaughterlng. Cleveland Plain
Dealer -
Value of Cheerful Voice.
A well-trained voice has a value In
avery line of work stenography, tele
phone operator, canvasser, masseuse,
md In many other lines of work. One
3f the best ruusseuaes In Chicago, who
aas more customers than sho can take,
U as well known for her pleasant,
theerful voice as for her good work.
Contest 'ot!ce.
Department of tho Interior, U.
Land Office, Boswell New Mex
ico, August 23, 1910.
A sufficient contest affidavit hav
ing Ijeon filed in this office by
'err.y W. Brown contestant
against HoirWsteuu Entry Po.
14557, Serial .No. 05252, made
March 20, 1908, for Lots 3 and 4.
Section .5 and Ni NWi Section 8,
ownship 6 S., Range 29 E., N. M.
Meridian, by Charles L. Jones,
Contestee, in which it is alleged
nit said entryman has never
cstablisned his residence en suid
and, said parties tire hereby notifi
ed to appear, respond, nnd offer
evidence touching smid allegation
pt 10 o'clock tt. m.,on October 14,
1910, before II. P. Lively, U. S.
Commissioner, Elkins, New Mex
ico, and that final hearing will be
icld at 10 o'clock a. m. on October
24, 1910, before the Register anel
Receiver at the United States
Land Office in Roswell, N. M .
Tho said contestant having, in a
proper affidavit, filed August 23,
1910, set forth facts which show
hat after due diligence personal
service of this notice can not be
made, it is hereby ordere 1 and
directed that such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
T. C. Tillotson,
Seit. 9.
A Man of Iron Nttrvo
Indo iiilublc will nnd treixiendu:s
energy is never lounct wncre
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and bow
els arc out of order. If you want
these qualities and the success they
bring, use Dr. King's New Life
ill8, the mutchlcss regulators, for
for keen brain and strong body.
25c at all Druggists. 1
Notice for Publication
Non oonl land.
Department of Oie Inierior. I', I.iird
Mice nl Hoswell. N. M. July S3. 11II0.
Notice Is hereby u'.veu Hint Hol.ert T. Hey
noltls. of l)lkin. N. M-, who. on September ti
1907mde homestead enuy no iSV.'eserlnlOiao 'J ,
for SEH. Section 13. Township 7 South, Uniiire
Kiist. N. M. P, Veridtun. hns tiled notice of
intention to uinke Pinnl C'ommutntlon Piourlo
establish cHiim to the land above described.
before H. 1. Lively. U. S. Commissioner In ills
office, at EH. in. N. M . on the 12th duy of
September, 1910. j
Cluimnnt t.omes as witnesses: I
Deroy C- Cave. John W. Campbell, MelWn i
D. Cave, Cephas C. Copelnr.d. all of Elliln
N. M.
T. C Tillotson.
Aueust5 September 9.
Can bo bud by finibition-
young men and ladies in ',v
ie;ld of "Wi ivies-." or IJaMvva
;.j!.'gi apby. Since tbe B-'iuin
aw boe:ann! eif' ctive and r-inc
slit) Wireless comnanios arc
(-.Uibli.shiug .stations throiighonl
be cc nutty tl.ero is a great
bor'age of telegra pliers. Tu
itions pay beginers f r jh $70
r.o 4MJ per inoiith. with irot;el
:ban'J- of advenceineiit Tbe
National Telegraph I n s t u t e
l)e;iates ix t llicial institutes ii.
Vineiiea, under supev.viHinii of
tt. It and Wired ss Offichls und
p'i'r-iM till graduates into posi
Uh It willpiyyuii to write
t!.e:n fur full details at M 'iniiliis,
IViim. or Cwliiuibia, S. C
It Caved His Leg
'All tli.Migbt. I'd leiso my log."
writes J. A. fc-'wens-jn, f Wnter.
ii. Wis, ten years f eczem.i
Ii it 1-3 iloctiirs cou'd iuL cure,
i.n!af. Lis' laid mo up. 'I ben
rSuc.kliii'ji Arnica FSalve curetl i',
i iin I n I well " Inf'ailib'o fur
Si; in Eruptions, Kczenui, Silt
Rbi inn. Uoils. l'evor Sres,
Rurn, 8c ilia Cuts, and Piles.!
-Scat all Druggists. I
When you want "to Lily a
Watch or Clock; when you
want a Watch or Clock re
paired; when 'you want a
Wedding Ring, an Engage
ment King anj thing in
the line of Jewelry; when
you need glasses, r want
your eyesight testeel le
member Zink the Jeweler
anil Optician :: :: .:
Roswell, - N. M.
. k-'-If OVErt 63 CAh3'
r Trade Marks
Pki, rjA Designs
''hW Copyrights Ac.
A nnn npndlug a tikel -h nnd (Icucrlptlon tnfy
fuie!:l llsrortnill "f oplnton trim nothpf aa
l:irntVh 18 probMtiy rjueiit(itl4 rimthmnlr-a
lloiiBt;lcllyr.oiiililoii(lul. HAIIDH00K fitienloii..'
rmit tiM OMnnt nconi-T for nccuCmrf t)utci:l
1'utcMtd tnUi-n tlmiuuh Mur.u H Co.liC-... j
tjxTial Iwllce, without clinniO) lu tuo
Scientific Htttricasv"'
A tmndsomeir lllnntrntpd WPHilf. I,nrct "X
dilution of nny oricmlOo JmtrimL Terr.,. ? i
j-onr: 1 our mtmtbo, U Bold byull noxrs1H.Qrii.
Urnuoh Cmce, V BU WublDutoil ' "
Succeed when everything else fallb.
In nervous prostration, and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, u they cannot reach
the seat ot the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or consti
tutional disease, and tn order to cure It you must take.
Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, and acta directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medi
cine. It was prescribed by one ot the beet physicians
In this country for years and Is a regular prescription.
It Is composed cf the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purifiers, actinic directly on the
mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of tho
two liiKredlents Is what produces such wonderful re
sults la curing catarrh. Hend for tcflttmonlals, free.
F. J. CHKNEY A CO.. Props.. Toledo, O.
Bold by Druzelste, price 7Sc.
Take Hall a family Pills for constipation.
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valuable Information
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sonal matters. Only
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buarar.teeu o rieaao
Every Gardener and
Tlanter should test tha
superior merltsof Our
Northern (irowo tieeua.
special orrcR
w will send poatpald our
1 0 Day Tcia.K ,,.
B phf. rrlNMH KMIlb
1 pkff. SU-Uruwiiis CeUrr
1 ibR. tmrlj Arrw.beft4 Cnthte
1 rullfrtuaMftrk.tlUM .
Alw 11 VwlstiM CkuLo HUwm 1m4
WHte Vxlftrl ta Mnll to help par paatafajuid
pactinf altd racaiva th abova "faiuuua OolUcUD,' to
Salbar ivilh our Now and Imtrurtlva OardaD Oultls. . .
1409 Itoso Jit. ltockfurd, Illinois
i urn
'usuioaa 0) e.nqiJj, .mot

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