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Th8 Kenna Record
W T, COWGILL, Editor and Pub'i
MRS. CGWGILL Local Editor.
EattrtJ February Ith, 1907, at the Ken
u, Ntw Mexico, Poll Uffice, ai lecond
CUm Mail Matter.
Subscription $1.00 Per Yar,
In Advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known nn Appllon
Up to the 12th inst. 12 proyo
titons had been introduced by
absolutions in the convention, at
follows: File 2, by Richardson:
providing for the Judicial De
partment. File 3, Richardson.
Department o f aggricultm
Labor and Industry. File 4,
Richardson, State Exccutivi
Dept. File o, Sedillo. Initiative
provision. File C, Sedillo, In
iative to amend constitution.
File 7, Sedillo, Relating to Ref
erendum. File 8, Skeen ant.
Rice, Measure for Statewidt
Prohibiton to be separately sub
mitted. File 9, Monloya, refers
to the Equal Rights fe:mture.
File 10, Monloya, refers to non-claf-pification
of pcliool thildrei
in the nuitler of Race or Lan
guagc. File 11, by Montoya, re
fers to Settleis in Forest Re
sort ves. File 12, by Emm-lt
Vatton, Educational, and Public
Free Schools The latter is tin
most lengthy resolution yet offer
ed, the naxt in length being th
Prohibition resolution. The In
itiative and Referendum p o
position takes 3id place in vol
ume. These are the palmy days foi
the delegates. It is an easy
ming to ura it ana propose
propositions at a time whet
there is no appaunt opposition;
but as days roll a long and eacl
delegate has time to work hit
think shop numerous new re
solves involving the samo mat
ters will ho sprung on the con
vention, and when they are all
duly referred to committees the
lightning will begin to flash and
the thunder j roll. At that
stage of the proceedings, ant
from thence on to the close
there will he something doiiiL-
in the convention, and th peop'e
will begin to stand up and taki
notice. We must expect tin
delegates to fight, (figuratively)
when I heir opinion!! and convict
ious clash, and for each and
every bugger of them to woik
earnestly and unceasingly in th
committee, and at all times, on
I he door an I off, for the adop
tion of such measures as ihev
believe to be teh Liggett and b si
ever. Thai's what we sent
'en i there for.
When the wiai git sa.vall ovei
and the const Ration is c unplct
ed and ready to submit to the
;eople, we believe we will find
that it wi l lear all the ear
marks and br dsof able slater -nianship,
and prove that our
delegates were well selected.
Reaching The Top
In any calling of life, demands
a vigorous body and keen brain.
Without health there is no suc
cess. Bnt Electric Bitters is the
greatest health builders the
world has ever known. It com
pels perfect action of stomach,
liver, kidneys, Imwels, purifies
and enriches the blood, tones
and invigorates the whole
system and enables you to stand
the wear and tear of your
daily work. ''After inonthe of
suffering from Kidney trouble,
'writes W. M. Sherman, of
Cushing, Me, "three bottles of
Electric Bitters made me feel
:ike a new man.' 50c at all
We beard on the street the
other day of a man who claimed
he was too poor to take his home
paper, but all the same he read
a notice in some other paper tell
ing how to prevent a horse from
s'obbering, and sent $1.50 for the
receipt. When the $1 50 worth
)f imfoimation came it said:
Teach your horse how t
pit." Ex.
Lure of the Club.
It Is not at all true, as some people
aver, that the lure of the club Is the
spirituous refreshment to be found
there or Its aloofness from the re
straining eye of critical womankind
But it la true that it represents the
highest development along lines of
physical comfort as this is known and
sought for by the animal man, and if
the ladies, on the few days of the
year when they are admitted within
the doors of these sanctuaries ol
masculine luxury, would study what
they see there they would speedily be
made aware, by the objects visible be
fore them, of the sort of Indoor en
vlronment that most appeals to the
soul of the average man. John Ken
drick Bangs, in Suburban Life.
Sweet Influence.
Is it not entertaining how to make
the best of one's powers, how to ar
range one s stores, now to exert a
sweet, Quiet and fragrant Influence
throughout life, over all whom one
meets? If an advanced education doe
this for one, then it is the education
one should seek. Our difficulty is that
we cannot allow time enough for seed
time and harvest. Mothers are in de
spalr if daughters occasionally drop
out of school for six months or a year
We are much too apt to insist on put
ting all our children. Irrespective of
their natural bent, through the same
educational factory. We do not make
sufficient allowance for temperament
and tendency, ana tnus it comes to
pass that some of us carry burdens,
beneath the weight of which we are
Pure Iron Is only a laboratory prepa
ration. Cast Iron, the most generally
useful variety, contains about five per
jent. of Impurities, and the curious
thing lk that it owes Its special value
to the presence of these. Pure iron
.&b be shaved with a pocket knife;
impure iron can be made almost as
hard as steel.
Dangers In Dancing.
Dancing has been extolled aa a mo
healthful recreation; as a means
physical culture It favors the develoi
ment of the muscular system and pn
motes health and cheerfulness. Am
dancing Is carried on by women who,
fashion of dress Is of such a nature u
to Injuriously affect one or the othr
organ of the body.
Young girls appear to experience u
fatigue after It. They will not miss i
single waltz, polka or square dam
but If the pulse of one of thete li
defatlgable devotees la felt after 1 1
dance Is finished It will be found li
the majority of cases that the nun-.bv
of pulsations Is far In excess of Hi.
normal, and from this It may be !
ferred that the condition of the hear
must react prejudicially upon the hi,
tire organism, and It jnstlfles au aj
prehentJuu of danger where girls sr
An Election of the qualified
voters of the Precinct No. 15 in the
County of Chaves, Territory of
New Mexico, is hereby called to
c hold nt the School House in
Township 0, S. It. .1(5, E. ofltich-
und Precinct, on Tuesday, Oc
tober 25th, 1910 for the purpose
of voting for one Justice of the
cacc nnd one Constable in nhd for
wiid Precinct.
The polls will be opened at
9 o'clock A. M.. and closed at 6
o'clock P. M.
Witness the seal of the Board
of County Commissioners of the
County of Chaves Territory of New
Mexico, this (5th day of October
W. M. Atkinson,
Attest: It. F. Ballard,
Seal 725.
Maintenance of Relative Any I urn Sad
der and More Common Than the
Arrival of Twine.
The story of the man whose family
Is increased by a procession of twins
and triplets will be harrowing, but it
can never take the first prize In a
hard luck story contest against the
tale of the sorrows of a city man
whose wife attracts country relatives
Betsy comes in from Pennsylvania
Corners to visit her aunt and attend a
city high school. Oliver decides that
he ought to have the advantages of a
more famous business college than
Prof. Roebuck's seminary. Grace
comes to the city to cultivate her
voice and take dancing lessons.
Henry "puts up" at bis aunt's bouse
until he can find a job; then, after he
finds one, he grows homesick In a hall
bedroom, comes back to auntie for
sympathy and is advised never to
leave again. Whistler's caller, who
came to stRy over night and remained
for two years, would not be thought
to be doing anything out of the or
dinary at one of these relative
asylums. .
"I notice you have another visitor,"
a friend remarked to the proprietor of
one of the largest asylums of this sort
In Kansas City.
"Yes," the man answered In a life
less, matter-of-fact tone. "He's here
for 12 years four in high school, four
In college, four in medical school. My
wife's second cousin, you know."
Brightness in the Home.
Don't be afraid of a little fun at
home. Don't shut your house lest the
sun fade your carpets, and your hearts
lest a hearty laugh shake down some
of the musty old cobwebs there. If
you want to ruin your sons, let them
think that all mirth and social enjoy.
ment must be left on the threshold
without when they come home at
Young people must have fun and
relaxation somewhere. If they do not
find It at their own hearthstones it
will be sought at other less profitable
Don't repress the buoyant spirits of
your children; half an hour's merri
ment around the lamp and fireside of
home blots out the remembrances of
Tinny a care and aunoyance during the
lay, and the best safeguard they can
take with them into the world Is the
Influence of a bright little domestic
Boosting Town Life.
"After an experience I bad ti'.s
morning," remarked the suburbanite,
' m reeling rather strong for this
apartment thing as against life out of
town. 1 wanted to stay In New York
last night to go to a dinner, and one of
the boys in the office asked me to put
ap with him for the night. While
was dressing this morning my collar
button Ellprrd out of my fingers and
-oiled under the bureau, of course.
Now, at home, I should have had to go
down on my knees and get myself Into
a rage reaching for the thing. In Ja
son's apartment all I had to do was
to go out Into the living room, take one
of his crook handled walking sticks
out ot tho umbrella Jar by the door
.uid poke tho collar button out Into
olght. To do that at home 1 should
have had to go down two flights of
stairs and got half frozen. See (be
reason for iuy enthusiasm?". N. Y
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, U.
Lund Office, Iioswcll New Mex
ico, August 23, 15)10.
A suffic ient contest affidavit linv-
ng been filed in this office bv
Vrry W. Urown, contestant.
aim inst Homestead Entry No.
H.Vm, Serial No. O.V2.V2, made
March 20, 15)08, for Lots 3 and 4.
Section 5 and N NWi Section 8,
Township C S., Hangc 29 E., N. M.
Meridian, by Charles L. Jonrs,
Contestee, in which it is alleged
that said entryman has never
established his residence on said
and, said parties are hereby notifi
ed to appear, respond, and oiler
evidence touching said allegation
t 10 o'clock a. m., on Octolier 14,
1910, before II. P. Lively, U. S.1
Commissioner, Elkins, New Mex
ico, and that final hearing will be
leld at 10 o'clock a. m. on October
2i, 1910, before the Register and
ieceiver at the United States
jand Office in Roswell,N. M.
The said contestant having, in a
proper affidavit, filed August 23,
1910, set forth facts which show-
that after due diligence personal
service of this notice can not be
made, it is hereby orderol and
directed that such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
T. C. Tillotson,
Sept. 9.
It's The World's Best
No one has ever made a salve
ointment or balm to compare
with Bi:cklens Arnica tfalve. Its
the perfect healer of cuts, corns, '
burns, bruises, fores, scalds.
rails, ulcers, ei z"ma. salt rheum. I
For sore eyes, cold sores, chap
ped bads, or sprains, it's su
preme, iulallible tor piles.
Only 25c at all Druggists.
Can be had by ambitious
young men and ladies m ti e
field of "Wiivless"or Iiailwat
telegraphy. Since the 8-hour
law became effective, and t-incc
the Wireless companies aie
establishing stations throughout.
the country there is a great
shortage of telegraphers. Po
sitions pay beginers from $70
r.o $80 per month, with good
chanc-!. of advencement The
National Telegra ph I n s t u t e
operates six official institutes in
Ameiica, under supervision of
R. R and Wireless Offichls and
places all graduates into posi-
ions. It will p iy you to write
them for full de tails at Memphis,
t'enn., or Columbia, S. C
Kills A Muderer
A merciless muddier is Ap
pendicitis with many victims.
But Dr King's New Life Pills
lull it by prevention. They
gently stimulate stomach, liver
uid boweln, preventihg that
cogging that invites appendi
oi'i . curing Constipation, Ilead
c , Dilliousness, Chills 25c at
ail Di uggists.
,,.in 7
i r ic t n r
,r T!?uteoifif mi H
Of? MONev f?FruMOro.
z s
When you want to buy a
Watch or Clock ; when you
want a Watch or Clock im
paired; when you want a
Wedding Ring, an Engage
ment King an) thing in
the line of Jewelry; when
you need glasses, ( r want
your eyesight tested re
member Zink the Jeweler
and Optician :: :: .:
Roswell, - N. M.
' Trade Marks
Anrone iienrHnii nakctch nnd description mry
n.nli-uly ascortnin ntir opinion froe tIioiImt r
Inrcnltnn la probably pntentuhle. Communk;!
tloniiatrletlycoimriciitliu. HANDBOOK on 1'atui
Bent fra. Oldest nireney for securing putcrj' .,
I'litcuM taken tbrtmeh Munll Cx IX .
tpcrlal notice, Wil hout charge. In tllO
Scientific Americas?,
A lnfl1iomely HIiMtrnted weeklf. l,MrMt el,
rillnttml of nnf -lciilltl5 Inurnnli 'J'erma, .1
. your I 1 ntllr tnontua, tL. 8oldbybll tloWeilealcrj.
llllirOM & Co.36,B'ad"-v- New Yo
Brandt Office. CS V 8t Waatalnston V'
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they ' are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
k "Mai to knlia Nov Vn.lirK A trial will
iij mak3 yoa our permanent customer.
Prize Collcctlcn
-- ' mrr, ii linns:
II the finest ; Turnip. T splendid : oim, heat wi
tla ; C ir.f Sewering vnetlei la U.
UV?3 tj'dav: Mention this Paper.
to e .tot pcev in 6 ptifclnf snl restive thl YaJaftbl
'A iHNtrnellvc. beautiful m4 1'lant lioek
collect loo of tca poMinnii, torstner wiin my o
W f AS
.utiles! Savc Moaey cad Ilac. J
Style ty Reading McCall's
Magazine end Usin McCall Patterns
flcCiTs tlaf aiinewlll
lii !i yi u dn- s flyl
I !.' i t s in.xlciiil J
c.h'D&u by kofpiim
T' u ponrofl on Ilia
l.iu-t fiiiililoiia In
cluiuos und lrnt.i. I)
Now Fnsblon Dcslna
la C:U U ls'.UO. AlbO
Vaiit. blo i ;:trmi ulinll
c:i t .1 homo uutl ,or
touul ln..lu-r.;. Oulj
LOc n year, lucludh.
a f.'TO ii)Ueiii. Htih
Bcrii.o luili y tr ccud
fur fioo tuiLplo copy.
HcCJl Putlcnu wi'.l jnnhlo you to make In your
owu bouto, wiiii yourowu ImuUs, clulUlni; lor
yourself anil cUlldrcit wlili li ylll bo perfect
la sile i'.ikI lit. l'rlci nono blirlior lliiu 16
euuli be ud lor froo 1'nIU'ru CaluloL'UO. t
V Will Civ Yo Fine Preuali for Rotllni; au'a
scrlptions imiDiii! your fni'iiil i. bcnil forties
l'rciiiluin ( iiiulo'uu and t'usU Prize Of.Vr.
THE McCAU COMPANY, 239 la 249 Pet 37th S, W YORK
Fre'h, RelltbU, Pur
Ouaranlaed to Pius
Erry Garoner and
Planter bou id teft the
unerlor tnerltiof Our
Northern U row a 8eaa.
we will aeud poHtpald our
I pkf. 60 naj Tomkta .... ItM
1 pk. IVImmu lt.ill.h ' . Ilk
1 folf-UrowInf tlry ... tl
t Kkrij Arrwhaa tbbase ... I
I pkr- Kullertaa ftl.rkat IIL.M . . . ; llM
liM la IuuIIuUmIm kltmmr ! . . In
I 1 OO
Writ 4olrl 10 cento to hala pr roftf an4
pscklng ftiitl reclv th nbu '.'auion fulUcUun," ftv
gliwr Willi our havv .nit lii.tMu-lu. Ii.rd.n Utiid
(IIIDAT NOUllll-K.x M.1.I '.
UL9 H..SO M. i'ol lifi.ril. Mn.ioia
Making Him Feel at Home.
"IJtit why do your put your friend',
things in the dining rooni?" "Oh, ha
U bo used to ruataurants that he won't
rnjoy his dinner unless he can watch
his hut one1 ca"
f )

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