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1 hG Kenna Record
W T, COW3ILL, Editor and Pub'r
MRS. CGCG!LL1ocal Editor.
Entered February Stli, 1907, at tlie Ken
na, New Mexico, Post Office, as second
Clas Mail Matter.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year,
In Advance.
Advertising ftnten Made Known on Application
The American Manufacturing
Co., of St. Loui?, lias made a
test of Itoargrass in tlie manu
facture of rope, paper, matting
and rugs, and found it so satis
factory that contracts are icing
given out for train loadd of it.
One shipper, at Midland, Texas,
has an order for 50 cars of the
dry loaves, one at Tucumcari,
N. M., an order for 10 cars, and
another, at Xati YNa, N.M,
has a 10-car order. 7.50 per
ton, haled, is tlie price paid. If
it can be profitably gathered and
baled at this price isomo enter
prising party ought to secure a
contract for this Foot ion of the
country, and make a homo .mar
ket. We have lols of the com
modityand t J spare. Possibly
other factories will lake up i's
use soon, and tlie demand make
it a leading crop. If ibis should
be so the plains country of New
Mexico would become "roine
pumpkins." We can grow beat
grass more easily Mian weeds.
Rain or shine, wet. or dry, Mr.
Be.'irgrass can be counted on to
deliver the gools. Now find us
a good market for our I.lesqnite
beans and Piaii ie dog Ir'des and
we'll defy drouths and build lvz
mansions. "Nothing was made
in vain." not even beaigrass.
Things have changed in the
last Quarter of a century. 25
or 30 years ago the average boy
would go out oi- Sunday, climb
a tree and partake t f a few gal
Ions of nm'.bet iies and lop off
with a pocketful of green ap
pies and salt. The next morn
ing the mother diognoaod bis
trouble as "worms," and he was
made to swallow a half bottle of
Frey's Vermifuge, a quarter of
pound of epsoin salts, and was
turned loo.c in the cow pasture
until supper time, when he al
ways showed up, lvady fur a
(square meal. Now, if a boy
complains of a ' hitch" in the
side he bus tlie "appendicitis,"
and is hustled off to a hospital,
starved within an inch of his
life, half a dozen surgeons each
take a whack at, him with pearl-
handled knives, and he is turn
ed over to the undei taker. Thus
sayeth an ai tith; in an Eastern
exchange, and we ac a Jiving
witness, In ro far as the article
relates lo ye olden days. We'vt
eaten ye green apples, and lak
en ye salt in big doses am
Teacher: I si all not kcej
you after school, Johnnie, you
may go homo now." "I don
want tn go Ik me." said John
nie, ' there's a biby jus; come
to our house." "Well, tlien
the teacher beg.ni, yon ought to
be so glad to seo the little baby
that" "Olacl nothing," broke
in Johnnie, "I ain't glad. Pa'J
blame me. He blames me for
everything. ' Lipj iucot i's.
,100 Reward, SI 00.
Tie rr&'lrrs ot this rnnor will bo iilcnwd to Ip.im
tnM ihrre to nt least one drp.if.cd tUstntm thnt n-tence
hM been able to furs m nil lis static, and ll.nl a
('tnrrh. Until ctarrh tliro In the only riilve
cure now Known to the modicM fmtrrnlty. niarrU
DeinK ft constitutional dlsr:u, rrqulrrfl a conMHu
llonal treatment. Hir uUrrh cure In taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the blood and nmcoiu
urlnees ot the system, thereby dt-slroyltiR- the
foundation of the dlarase. and elvlne the riatlit
Mrenu'th by building up the col'etitution and itMttt
ln nature lu doltm Its work. The proprietor lure
ao mueli faith In Ha curative powers that they otter
One Hundred Unllars for any case tluit It la" U
cure. Send tor hat of teallmonlals
Aildreaa F. J. CIIUXKV & CO.. Toledo, O.
Hold by all Druml'ta, 75c.
Take Mali's Family run far ecaitlpatloo
No. (144.!?
Department of the Interior, 1'. S.
Ijind Office at Fort Sumner, New
Mexico, January 16, 1911.
Nctite Is hereby given that William
Keller, of Kenna, New Mexico,
who, on August 24, 19(17, mule Home
stead Entry Serial Xo. 04422, for Lots 1 ,
2. ami S H N. K. '4 Sec. 1 Twp. 5-S ,
R 29-K., N. M.P. Meridian, lias filed notice
of Intention to make (Soldier's) Five
year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before W. I).
Chanrej lT. S. Commissioner, at his
office in Kenna, New Mexico, on the
20th day of March, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John J. Keller, George T. I.ittlt ficld, Pe
ter T Simpson and Ernest Paddock, all of
Kenna, yew Mexico.
Pauatjlk Hr Liked. "Which
of the parables do you like the
best C said the pvearher to (hp
hoy svliom bis moiher had hired
to read the testament. "I lil:e
the one," said the boy. '-win i-
Sfmt body loafs and fi-dies."
The: care two wtys of getting
into a newspaper purchasing
an interview, or buying nn in
terest. And there is still, also,
another way pulling the wool
ovet the editor's eves and ge-
ling in for nothing. The latter
is the most popular plan.
The other day a medicine ped-
ller, (or faker,) wanted to sell
us a cartoon of medicine to cure
fits and offered to take his pay
in advertising. Nothing doing.
We didn't need tho dope. We
never had a fit in our life not
even in clothes.
Real success is purely ideal
vIo one ever gets so high that he
does not care to go higher. If
you are a one-story man, build
another and another. Tliere is
no limit to the space above you,
and no law against intellectual
sky-?crapers. Build up.
Nowadays when a man falls
in livo with another man's wife
it's "affinity," but when anoth
er man falls in love with your
wife, that's b-r-r r-!! If you
stand on Iho corner and make
ugly remarks about another
man's daughter ! hat's fun; hut
when it happens to be your gu
who is spoken of in the same
way that's dirty and scan !al
ous. And so it is all along the
line. It makes a ) t cf differ
ence winch way 1 1 to hark
peeled. Ever think of it?
A new conundrum: Jf a goal
shoul l swallow a rabbit, what
would the X-ray revi a'i Ans.
A hare in the butter! This is
in line with the cat and canary
story A lady offered 50 cents
for the n t. ii t n ttf her cunaiy. A
sm.i'l boy broughr her a cat, ai.d
claimed the reward. "1 do not
want a cat," said the li'dy, "I
adveitis- d the reward for (he re
turn of my canary. Didn't you
u n d e r s.t a n d? ' " YYs, mil n,
please," said tho boy, "hut the
canary's inside the cat."
w. o.
Meets every 2;:d and -Jib Sal
tirdav evenings in each month.
All members oie expected It
come mtt. AW an visum;
Soveieigus aieconiiaUy invilt
J. F. Brogdoii, con. coin.
J. A. Kinnnons, cloik
W. T. Cowgill,
Kenna Lodge No. ."-T
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday night.
Visiting members cordially in
vited. P. L. Clubd. N. G.
G. J. Frick, See-
Tortured For 15 Years
y a cure-d.'fying stomach I rouh
e that baffled doctors, and re
sisted all renndies tiicd, John
W. Mo.ldei-, of Modde rsville'
Mich, f-eenird doomed. lie had
to Sell his farm and trivc un
woik. li s neiglibois said "lie
can't live much Ion cor''
Whatever I ate distreesed me,'
mi; wrote, "ri T tr ed V. ir-t i-if
Bitters, which worked such won
lers for mo that I can now eat
things I could not take for years.
It s surely a grand remedy for
stomach trouble." Just as jiood
for the liver and kidneys Every
hoi tie guaranteed. Only 50 cts.
at all druggists.
Yes, we know the Optic is
on tho blink. We know it is the
poorest excuse for a newspapei
that was ever pitblii-hed. We
know, also, that it never gets
an thing right. In view of the
grejit help the paper receives.
its shoi tcomings are i.iexcusa
le. Everybody turns aside
from his daily task to teiepho; e
ns "a item." Everybody talk?
freely to ti e reporters. Every
body does his I. est to spread the
news. Everyobody pays' for bis
paper. Ui?re. are no "led" cii
dilation marks on our hooks, or
at least the few that are there
are run by persons who praise
us most Oh, yes! There things
are all so true tha1, like the Kil
buck News, we apolog'ze for al
mistake; in former issues, and
say they were inexcusable: as
all an editor lias to do is to Jiunt
news, clean the rollers and set
the type, sweep the floor and
pen short items, fold tho papers
wiito wrappeis and make the
paste, mail papers talk to vint
or-j and distribute type, carry
water cut wood and read proofs
hunt the shears to wiitc editoi
lals, dodge the bills .' ' uun de
hnquents, take ci s n- from
the whole force, a ! '. e.l out
subscribers we must havo mon
ey. We say we have no busi
ness to in?iki mistakes while at
tending to thos-e lit-lo matters,
and making our living on hopper-tail
roup 11 tvored with imag
ination, wearing no collar, old
slides, and a patch on the feat
of our pants, and b -ing obliged
to toti- a merry smile for the fel
low who tells us our paper ain't
wo i t'i a dollar anyhow, end that
ho could make a belter one with
li is eyes chut."
When you want to buy a
Watch or Clock ; when t on
want a Watch or Clock re
paired; when yn want a
Wedding Ring, an Engage
ment Ring an j thing in
the line of Jewelry; when
you need glasses, u want
your eyesight -tested re
member Zink tie Jeweler !
and Optician :: :': .:
Roswell, - N. M.
k 14 4 OVEn 63 YEARS'
a ' 1' ik Tn r-kfT ft rOtt C
rr i WNf Copyright &c-
AnTone Rnrt1ncr n fikotoli nnd riofirrl " n mr
qi:tclcly nsoertaiii our opinion Ireo wl- icr '
tiivciiMnii la prolinhlv puiPtilnM i. Co: -an'
tl'HisntrictlyooiHItlniiliiil. UAHDCOOS o i lv;
ocut free. Oldest nonry for bccunn af
l'litouts tolio'i ttiroiiL'h Ptutm A Cv
special notice, wHliout chnrgj, lutbo
Scientific Emffl,
A handsomely illnntrntfxl weoltlv. I,n-"n(. '
cnlntion of niiT p'icm illo journal. Tiviiif, 1
yer: four monlUo, IL liuUUyall nowadoaitr!.
llruuch omco. ff V 8U WpshiL;,-lor "
Blacksmith Shop
Tlie patrons of II. E. White
nul others, will please take no
tice that I have re-opencd my
faiher's blacksmith shop, a,nd
am ready to do your work. I
will tiy to please vou, and will
make you reasonable pries
Kcspectfully yturs,
Alvln. C. White.
Non coal land.
No. 0341 11.
Department of the Interior, V. S.
Land Offiee at Roswell, Xew Mexlto,
DcceuiLer S3. !UI0.
Notice is hereby ulvcn Unit Kobrit I.
Plii)s. of tiHnirer I iilie, N. M., who. on Deo.
20. 1910. mnele homeslend er.liy Ser. No. 024 111.
torn. W S.WSrc.Sf. Twp. 0-S Itnniie 36 10,.
N. M. P. Meriillnn .
has filed notice of intention to
uihkb v mm commutation I'roor, to es
tablish claim to the land above de
scribed: before Register .t Receiver U. S. Land
OiTlce, in their oflice. lit Roswell. New Kcxico.
ontheTlhdny of t-'ehrunry, 1811.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Krnest c, Klnibroutrli. M. Hnrvcy Kimbroiifli,
nnd Reese P. Howen., of Rnnyer LnUe. N. M..
nnd John ltcnl, of Porioles. N. M.
' Mad to lulU New TIiuIik-m. A trial will
inftiio von our rar Diane lit customer.
Prize cpgcti?n rjiksiT3r,?2iiiI
P Uet; iO 3tri.,, ..w,rl.. Kit,.-r Tar.rtiPi in iU
11 the fl'iett : Turnln. 1 ii.tenaid : Onin. u best vans.
Wrlto to-day; Mention this Paper.
to cover postage ml picking and rcivt thU Talnnble
, iiiurucutct Ffiimiuri nr-m sua iin( nook.
KUUitf 0KJ, ILL. ,
Succeed when everything elso fails,
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are, tho supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
It Id the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.

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