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Vol. 5. Kenna, Chaves County, New Mexico, Friday, May 26, 1911. Number 14.
i ... .Le --i..Mi,,.E 3 nliir 3iii..E jlaiE -jlmlu.! a..iiiif73 :inn a. j-: liasvt: aini...,L i
J. P. STONE, Ptesiilen
Cf. T. LITTLKFIK1.1), Vice I'rrsi.lcnt
VV. B. SCOTT, Cashier
The depositors in this Bank are
secured by the laws of this Territory
to the extent of $30,000.00.
Our officers are bonded and we
carry burglary Insurance. Every
safeguard of modern Banking pro
tects you. Come in and see us.
The Kenna Bank & Trust Co.
Mg T"1! tt Trwr ""F TT TT TT TT TT TT YT T
mmE 3,iiuiS an-liluC a.,,;,!!!1- 3)..nit:-3i'ill'ilfi 3jiilliE.3itullllE. d.i.laav J. Jtoujik. Juul'j.t
you can buy nny-
,OfinCl t!)inj you need in
t ho way of Clmreries, Dry Goods, Farm
.Machinery, Posts, Wire, Nails, Lumber
and all kinds of Hardware.
If you buy your Ihiilding Material,
Farm Machinery Etc. of the
.enna dumber
you will greatly reduce the high cost of
living, grow rich, yet fat, and be a good
fellow and enjoy life. Your girls will
grow up to be music teachers, and most of
your boys will be twins.
Thousands have tried our business meth
ods and are satisfied customers.
The thirtieth day of May is a
gain drawing near. This is the
day which has been adopted by
the States, Territories depend
encies of the United States, as
the one upon which a tribute
should be paid to the memory of
the soldiers and sailers of the
Republic who lost their livos in
the defense of their country and
in upholdidg the honor and
g ory of the stars and stripes.
Without these brave men who
gave up their lives upon many
a bloudy field of battle, and in
many a light at sea, the Union
would not be what it' is today,
the most powerful nutiou in tlie
world, and the one government
which seeks to do what is right
and for the best interests of
humanity at large. We, should
call to mind our brave departed
soldiers and bailors. Their he
roic and patriotic conduct should
ever be an inspiration to us, and
inspire us to guard carefully and
preserve inuict the gloiious
heritage of a free government
which our fathers gave to us.
nor of the Territory of New
Mnxeeo do herebv uisigualo uiid
set apart,
Tuesday, May 30th, 1911
Memorial Day
and do hereby request that on
Kind dav business of a secular
nature tie suspended as far as
possible, within the Ten itoi y of
New Mexico, and that the peo
ple generally join with the patri
otic associations in strewing
dowers upon the mouuds which
mark the mouldering remains of
our dead heroes, and in paying
a tribute of respect to t li e i r
And I fui ther request that in
schools patriotic exercises he
"held, bo that love of country
may be impress! d upon the'
hearts and minds of the pupils,
and they be taught that it is a
duty which they owo to lay
down their lives if neceary in
the defense of the 11 jg.
Win. J. Mi ls,
Bv the Governor:
Secret arv of New Mev'co.
At the request of th uecrelai f
or Agriculture, the Refeipd
Board of Consulting Scientific
Experts has conducted an in
vestigation as to the effect on
hea'th of the use of saccharin.
The investigation has been con
cluded, and the Referee Board
reports that the continued use of
saccharin for a long time in
quantities over three-te.it lis of a
gramme per day is liable to im
pair digestion; and that the ad
dition of saccharin as a substi
tute for the c j ne sugar or other
forms of sugar reduces the food
value of the sweetened product
and hence lowers its quality.
Saccharin has been used as a
substitute for sugar in ovei
thirty classes of foods in which
sugar is commonly recognized as
as a normal and valuable ingfedi
enc. If the use of t.acchaim be
l: . i i -i i ,
conuiiueu it. is evuieiiD that a-
m omits of saccharin may rapid
ly be consumed which will
through continual use, produce
digestive disturbance. In every
food in which sacchaiin is used,,
some other sweetening agent
known to be harmless to health
can be substituted, and there is
not even a pretense that sac
charin is a necessity in the man
ufacture of food products Un
dea the food and drug act ar
ticles of food are adulterated it
they contain added poisonous or
other added deleterious uigtvdi
ous which may render them in
jurious to health. Articles of
food are also adulterated within
the meaning of the act, if sub
stance have been mixed and
packed with the food j so as to
reduce oY lower or injuriously
affect their quality or strength.
The (hidings of the Referee
Board show that saccharin' in
food is such an added poisonous
or other addii.l duli't.'riom in
gredient as is contemplated- by
the act, and also that th' sub
stitution of .saccharin for su, . i
in foods reduces and lowers their
The Secretary of Agriculture,
therefore, will regaid as adulter
ated under the food and drugs
act foods containing saccharin
which, on and after July 1st,
11)11, are manufactured or offer
ed for sale in the District '.f Col
umbia or the Territories, or ship
ped in interstate or foreign com
merce, or offered for importation
into the United States.
Saved Child From Death
'"After our child had suffered
from severe bronchial trouble
lot a year." wrote (3. T. Rich
ardson, of Richardson's Mills,
Ala., "we reared it had con
sumption. It bad a. bad cough
all thn time. We tried mntiv
remedies without, avail, and doc
tor's medicine seemed as; useless,
Finally we tried Dr. King's
New Discover', and aie pleaded
r.o say that one bottle eilveicd a
complete cure, and our child i
igain strong and healthy." Foi
coughs, colds, hoarseness, la
grippe, asthma, croup and sore
lungs, its the most infallible
remedy that's made. Price jOc
and $1.00. Trial bottle, f r e e
Guaranteed by all Druggists
he said.
"Is I he poor auld lady gone?"
quertioned the piper.
''Na, na, nun; ye've saved
mither," came the reply; "hut
ye've killed the puir doctor."
Mtd Brief.
How's This?
Ve offrr One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
case of Catarrh Unit cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh cure.
F. .1. CIIKNKY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
We, the venders lulled. h:tvi known F. J. I'htney
for (lie lust l.i years, and bt-liext- hlin perfectly hon
orable In all business transact ionn md It nunc lull y
able to curry out any obligations made by his Arm.
Waldinq, Kiwnas A Mahyin.
Wholesale Druuiflsta, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Ls tuken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surface of the
system. Testimonials sent free. 1'rice 75 cents per
bottle. Sold by all DrucvUts.
Take Hall's Fumlly Pills for constipation.
A gaunt and kilted Seotchnian
made his appearance in 'i coun
try vnlago mat was end.javorirg
to chai in the locals to charit.
with selections on lih b.igiie.
A shaggy hairtd men o enod
the front door . of a house and
beckoned to the minstrel.
"Uie us a wee bit Hit oot here,"
he said in an a cent which told
that he was from the land of the
haggis. "My auld inither's in a
creVtical condeetioii opstairs.
The doctor's wi' her th noo, and
says the pi pes may .save her life."
Up and down in front of the
house marched I the braw Hie
lander, discoursing music that
might well have been incidental
to a cat. and a dog fight. Pres
ently the t-higgy haired man
caine out again.
' (!ie us the 'Dead March,' noo
O.'lMirtuii'nt of the Iiveior. I'nfied Suites
Land (itlliee. Koswell .V. ,M MavH, mil.
Tii Frank .1. While nf riida. NT M.. f'ontestee:
Vim lire hcreliy notified Unit r.. C. Kinney
w In) trives Kliila. NM . Itmito. N'o. :i. ns his
pusl iilllee ndiliess. diil un Apitl ion, ie
ill this nlll iee Ills duly iMiri nliorn led iipiilietitinn
tooDntest nnil swmr ilieeaneelhiiion of your
hiiineslenil, Knlty No. Seriul (HWti
inaile Deeemher -;-2, 1 !: i. for S'K'V Semion
Tuwnstiip 0 S, liiinte ;:j 1'.. N. M. I". Meridiiin.
ii nd n irrnunils for his einitesi he nllesres tlint
I'ninli J. While hus never estiilil'slied rei
dence on said lnnfl.
You are. iherefoie. furtliei noililed tht the
s;iid ullr ' I ions n ill lie inheii hy Hum otllee nn
havinir heen eonfessed liy you. mill yoursniil
enlrv will he eiineeled Oii'ieinider wllhout
your fur! her rinhl lo lie heard therein, either
lielore this opiee or nn mn-eiil. if you fail to
tile In thisolll -e ii IVin t wenty ilayu n fler tlid
l't)!'l('l'H I'ul.lieatliin of Ihisnoiiee. us shown
heloiv. your answer, under oath, speeilleally
meelint' and resiiondinjr lo these iilletrnttons
of o nest, or if you fail within that time to
tile in this oftlec due proof thm you have ser
ved a copy of your answer nn I he su'il eon'est
ant. either in person, or l y reils-eretl mail.
If thisserviee Is innile hy the delivery of u
eotiy of your answer to the contestant in
ptrson. proof of s ich xrmeu in u h t be
either the s.iid ei nlesisnt's niiiten nelinou 1.
edu nent of his reeeipt of the c p . slinwlnir
the date of its reeeipi. or the atllilavlt of the
person liy who n t he delivery w as made stnl
Inu when an 1 where 1'ie eopv w as delivered:
if mailed liv registered mail, pi oof of sueh ser-
viee must eonsi-.t of the a Itlilavil of the person
hy whom the eop.v w as mailed statinir when
and the post olllee to w liieh it w as mailed, nnd
this alt'.davlt mils' he iieeompaiiieil hy the post
master's reeeipt for 1 1,; let ter.
You should slate in your answ er the name
of the postoftlee to u hieh yo.i desire future
noliees to he sent to ou.
Date of ll"t piihlleiilion 'May S. l.lll
.. ., seeonil June J.
. third .. ,. ti. ..
.. fourth .. ,. in. .,
Remedy for Whooping Cough.
A delightful remedy has at last been
found for whooping cough. Dr. Rod
riguez I'ortllla of Madrid maintains
after lengthy experiments, that all
that is squired is tor the patient to be
taken for a daily motor i-nr drive.

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