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Th machinery, the money and the
men for carrying on the big works In
Western Canada in 1913 are already
provided for. The splendid harvest
which was successfully garnered, and
by this lime mostly marketed, re
sponded to the big hopes that were
had for It early In the season, and In-
spired capitalists . and railroads to
further Investment and building.
From lake ports to mountain base
..there will be carried on the biggest
operations in city building and rail
way construction that has ever taken
place in that country. The Canadian
Pacific railway has everything In
waiting to continue their great work
of double tracking the system and bj
the time the Panama Canal is open to
traffic there will be a double line of
teel from Lake Superior to the Pa
cific coast The cost will exceed
thirty million dollars. The Grand
. Trunk Pacific plan of building a first
class trunk line and then feeders at
various points will be carried forward
with all the force that great company
can put into the work. The Canadian
Northern is prepared to put into mo
tion all the energy that young giant
of "iance and railroad building can
put into various enterprises of provid
ing and creating transportation facili
ties. ' '
Building operations in the several
cities, that ' have already marked
themselves a place In the list of suc
cessful and growing cities, will be
carried on more largely than ever.
Schools, public buildings, parliament
buildings, colleges, business blocks,
apartments, private residences, banks,
street and other municipal improve
ments have their appropriation ready,
and the record of 1913 will be some
thing wonderful. Other places which
are towns today will make the rapid
strides that are expected and will be
come cities. There will be other Ed
montons, Calgarys, Reglnas and Sas
katoons, other places that may in
their activity help to convince the
outer world of the solidity and perma
nency of the Canadian West. The
country is large and wide and broad
and the ends of its great width and
length are but the limits of its agri
cultural area Its people are progres
sive, they are string, there is no
enervation there. The country teems
with this life, this ambition, this
fondness to create and to . use the
forces that await the settler. If they
come from the South, and hundreds
of thousands of them have, they are
now the dominant men of the North,
and they have Imbibed of the spirit
of the North. Therefore it is fair to
say that bo portion of the continent
will show such wonderful results as
Western Canada, and the year 1913
will be but the beginning of a won
derful and great future. And in this
future the 200,000 Americans who
made It their home, and those who
preceded them, will be & considerable
portion of the machinery that will be
used in bringing about the results
The development of 1913 will not
be confined to the prairie provinces.
Railway building and city building in
British Columbia will be supplement
ed by the farm, the ranch and the
orchard building of that province.
Vancouver will make great strides In
building, and Victoria, the staid old
lady of so many years, ' has already
shown signs of modem ways, and if
the progress madS In 1912 may be ac
cepted as anything like what It will
be In 1913, there will be wonderful
developments there. "During last
year the permits went over the ten
million dollar mark and much more if
promised for he year now entered
upon. Advertisement.
Took Load Off Mother's Mind.
Six-year-old Dora relumed unusu
ally early from school the other day.
She rang the door bell. There was no
answer. She rang again, a little
longer. Still there was no response. A
third time she pushed the button, long
and hard. Nobody came to the door.
Then she pressed her nose a&atnst
the window screen and in a shrill
voice, which carried to the ears of
very neighbor on the block, called:
"It's all right, mamma. I ain't the
Installment man!"
The Infant Terrible.
"Mr. Lilsbeau, is it true that you
hain't got sense enough to come In
out of the raluT"
"Yes, Miss Kitty; you must always
believe what papa tells you."
No matter what happens, the sus
penders a man wears are never en
tirely free from responsibilities.
When your hair starts going It
doesn't sty, "A.U wolf." It says
Vanisnes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
faiL Purely vegeta-
Die act surely
but gently on
tne nver.
Stop after
dinner distresscure
improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
UH mmm B.s Mel
mf p fit Hat.
a. rahkl go
Miriam at v
llMUMlar MIA..
Waal, ItUMbM ISM.
ami vi
Oliver I
,i Timely.
Joseph Ettor, addressing the Little
Falls strikers, cracked a timely Joke.
"Let us emulate the firmness of the
millionaire class," he said. "Our mil
lionaires, you know, swear off at the
beginning of each year, and infallibly
keep their pledge."
"Aw, whata do they swear off?" a
striker Incredulously demanded.
"They swear off their personal prop
erty tax!" was the reply.
Important fo Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and iee that It
Bears th
In Use For Over 30 Yn
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Great Effects.
"What Is that terrible noise?" asked
the pedestrian.
"That," replied the policeman, "Is
caused by an ordinary one cent safety
pin sticking into a $3,000,000 baby."
Take trie UI4 Htandird OKUV H ft T AMTKI.hWS
rilll.r, TONIC!, roil know what Tan are taking.
The formula la plainly prints on ererr bottle.
how-Ins It ttftlmplr Qnlnlne and Iron In a taatoleei
form, and the mnnl efTrctnal form. aor grown
people ana children. Ml eent. At.
These Gridiron Days.
Miss Culchaw Do you like the
"Passing of Arthur?"
Mr. Chump I'm not up on football
players. What tear Is he on?
Not a Complaint.
"Well, Oscar, wi ought to get In
that picture also,, 1 should think."
"No, you needn't be on every plate.
I took my camera along to have some
pleasant recollections of the trip."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, "mail, augur-coated,
easy to lake as candy, regulate aud Invigor
ate stomach, liver and bowels and cure con
sllpailoo. Adv.
If a man didn't have a wife he prob
ably wouldn't know that he had neighbors.
If you wanf a man to deliver the
goods, employ one who doesn't talk.
Growers Shipping Broom Corn
As the growers of broom corn are areat
ly dissatisfied with the prlc-e offered at
home for their broom com, many of them
are now shipping direct to Coyne Broth
era, Chicago, who are large handlers of
broom corn on commission. Thia firm re
port their receipts o far this sea. on
about 150 cars, most of wli'rh have bi-en
sold and returned for. Their financial
reaponslblllty exceeds 1iO,(M) one hun
dred thousand dollars. They are a safe
and reliable Arm. Thev offer as refer
ence Farmers' State ilanU, Texhoma,
Okla., and Central Exchange BRnk,
Woodward, Okla. Other reference fur
nished on application. Coyne Bros., 1'K)
W. South Water St., Chicago, 111. Adv.
3$ ja)HgVft
Stops Coughs-Cures Colds
CImiu" and tMaatitiej th halt
lYoinoiM a lniuriant Wnwtn.
Hver Falls to B onto re Orayf
xisir iu iui (TuiajuA vuwr
Fruvt-nta hair falling-.
lor Put Bat raying Who) fun If I lour and
I rl llMinM In thia thriving viy. CnnipU-ta
nii'tli rn machinery anl t ijiilpmt nt. I amb,
trntln. I. una; l aae ' lion p rnt. A Urmp.
Ariilr. owner, I,. Brlknnp, IMllahurff, Kan.
onncei tm
he pucka
nthr March! only U nunr--mm a price n4
"Well, It's Impossible to please
everybody In this world, Isn't It?"
"Can't say; I never tried It"
Short of Breath.
Patience- What sort of a dog is
Patrice . I knlckerbocker poodle.
Patience A knlckerbocker podle?
Patrice Yes; don't you notice his
short pants?
Its Style.
"I want a light fruit lunch."
"How would some electric currents
Free Homestead!
In the nw Districts of
(l a I Alunluitiii, Bus kale he
J 0D aDti Alberta there
wjrZtZ ar t hun mind a of Free
KrJ IJomesUMidslpft, which
him uiitn uiDiintrniry
In 8 vcura time will be
worth from 120 to 126 per
j pcro, 'i -nose lanan aro
f W f It rliiDU'd Ut arain
growing aiid cattle raising.
In tnnny cokos the rnllwoyt in
Cnnutlu have boon buiit In ad
vance of ar'tilrmont. and In a
short time there will not bo a
Settler who need bo mora than
ton or twolre nil ten from a line
of ra Iway. Kullway Knten are
reauiaioa i
Bliss ion.
lf!?i'aTJNa fit
bj UuTerumunL Com-
Borlul Conditions
Tns Amnrlcan Scttlorlsatboms
In WeHiprn Canada. lJeliDcita
stranger In a Rtrnnue land, bar
InK ix-urljr a nillllon of hla own
people already aettled thrre. If
ou nesire to mow wliy thaeon
Itlon or tliitranudlnnB.'ttlerlB
nmpon,n wrllo and auod for
uiraiurt, raLea, ou., lo
175 w. im mia. mnus cm, m
Canadian OoTAmoient'Asrnta, or
addreaa Hiirlnten(lut of
luinilBTatiou, Ottawa, Caa.aa.
W. N. U., WICHITA, NO. 3-1913.
Mr. New Wed A wife is a gift from
heaven. We get the sunlight and the
gentle ra'ln from heaven.
Mr. Old Wed And also the thunder
Sanctimonious Penny.
Jerome S. McWade. the millionaire
collector of Duluth, was appealing on
the Mauretanla for a seaman's fund.
Let the collection be gerrous." he
said. "We want none of the penny
and quarter parable here."
A penny and a Quarter, side bv side
in a pocket, fell Into conversation.
"I ni worth 25 of you " said the ouai
ter laughtlly.
"That's true." renlled the humble
penny, "but In one res Dec L sir. I'm
superior to yourself."
"Pshaw; how so?" said the Quar
"I go to church, sir. far. far oftener
than you," replied the penny.
InavaHM Mem
Collecting Antiquities.
Slopay received a card on which
was engraved: - "Professor Bruce,
He knew no such person, so his curi
osity led him to receive him.
"What is your business, professor?"
he asked politely.
"I am a collector of antiquities," an
swered the old man.
"So I Imagined. And how can I
serve you?" ,
"By paying a deposit on this little
hill you have owed for more than
three rears."
He's Not There.
Jimmy was sure he had something
the matter with him, so he went to
see the doctor. His pulse was felt,
Bis tongue was examined, bin heart
was listened to, and his lungs were
thumped. He seemed to be sound.
"Do you sleep nights?" asked the
"Yes but I don't enjoy my sleep."
"Ah--what disturbs you?"
"Nothing, except I don't get any
good out of sleeping. I go to sleep
the minute I hit the bed and the min
ute I'm awake I have to get up. How
can a fellow enjoy his sleep when be
doesn't know It?"
Public Would Qaln.
"In looking over this paper I find
that Mr. Proscklyeswlcs Iguallncsln
ski and Miss Maloonloocek. Wtnskad
dlakowskl are engaged to be married."
"I am very glad to hear If
"Why? What Interest have you la
It? Do you know them?"
"No, but I consider It a matter for
public rejoicing that these two names
are to be made one." Stray Stories.
I will give you FREE a sample of Dr. Pierce' Pleasant Pellets that have brought
health and happiness to thousands also a book on any chronic disease requested.'
During many years of practice I have used numer
ous combinations of curative medicines for liver ills.
I have kept a record of the result in case after case,
so that my staff of physicians and surgeons, at the
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., are able to diagnose
and treat cases at a distance with uniform good results.
But for the, permanent relief of blood disorders and im
purities, I can recommend my "Golden Medical Discovery"
a blood medicine without alcohol or other injurious ingredients.
R. V. PIERCE, M.D., Buffalo, N. Y.
Nature's Way Is The Best
Bnrlad dop in our Amarlcan foraat wa find blood root, quaen't root, manilraks
and tonaraot. aoldaa seal. Onwon araps root and chsrrrbark. Of tb. Dr.
K. V. Plana mada a pura ilrurie extract which haa been ferorablr known for
pjer forty reen. He called It "GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY." Thi.
Diaeorerr" purifies the blood and tone np the atomach and the entire aratem in
Natnre'aown way. It'ajurt the ti.aue builder and tonic you require.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
has the endorsement of many thousands
that it has cured them of indigestion, dys
pepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour
risings, heartburn, foul breath, coated tongue,
poor appetite, gnawing feeling in stomach,
biliousness and kindred derangements of
the stomach, liver and bowels.
"in coughs and hoarseness caused by
bronchial, throat and lung affections, except
consumption, the 'Golden Medical Dis
covery' is a most efficient remedy, espec
ially in those obstinate, hang-on-coughs
caused by irritation and congestion of the
bronchial mucous membranes. The 'Dis
covery is not so good for acute coughs
arising from sudden colds, nor must it be
expected to cure consumption in its ad
vanced stages no medicine will do that
but for all the obstinate, chronic cough3,
which, if neglected, or badly treated, lead
up to consumption, it is the best medicine
that can be taken."
Sold in tablet or liquid form Sty all
principal dealers in medicines, or
send fifty one-cent stamps
for trial package of tablets.
To find out more about the above mentioned dis
eases and all about the body in health and disease,
get the Common Sense Medical Adviser the Peo
ple's Schoolmaster in Medicine revised end up-to-date
book of 1,008 pages. Cloth-bound, sent post
paid on receipt of 31 cents in one-cent stamps to
pay cost of wrapping and mailing only. Address:
Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Jolor more rood' brltStr and faster colors th,n ny other dye. One !0c packa ire colon all fibn Therdysincoldwaterbetterthananrotrierdya Your re
ya any ferment without ripping apart. Write for Ires booklet How to Dye. Bleach and ' x Colors. MONROE DJUG COMPANV, Qeiaey, iH.
JWichita Directory
Following Orders.
Doctor (to Mrs. J., whose husband
Is Very 111) Has he had any lucid
intervals T
Mrs. J. 'E's 'ad nothlnk except
what you ordered, doctor. Lippln-cott's.
And a baby would rather go to
sleep than listen to a lullaby.
ALTaLra SSSD, H. Ttamtar an Clorer arises,
M M. WIH.hlpe.0. A. rarnis tor aale and nat oa
Turn on the back-biter and say It
to his face.
It satisfies millions
Worth your whirs to test It
Bold In airtight tins only
Darhrto k taker ChiroDractic toilette Chartered-
Now OIM.Q to rtTtttve fctuutuia. Hlantia.ro' and
up-to-uate couth. Toiieae home fully ana
neatly equipped, and cvueti by me association.
Irruia reasonable, W rIM lor catalogue, or
fibone llarkel 414. Ofttce, School and banltar
um, 6Jb ttouth Emporia, -Wichita, Kansaa
V3 buy or sell
At all points
Im&m ifflte to a w
a tf n I ntrtJ!9 f milk "V.WHHl," fti.t fey Vm VI-et-MsnsflsW Dn. Mtmvhls, Tsnn. Prtss f

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