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Dan C. 8avage, Ed. & Pub.
The new nickels are no easier to
get than -the old ones.
Our Idea of the "perfect" gown Is
one that can be wished on.
Hasty marrlagos Ere proverbially
likely to lead to long repentance.
Many men tahe their work more
seriously than others do their loafing.
Llpton cannot lift tbe cup, but all
true sports lift their hats to LIpton.
Get busy. Did you ever notice what
hard work It is to keep on doing noth-InT
A California scientist says the sun
Is a magnet It certainly does draw
A Japanese expert has arrived to
study the New York police. Possibly
tor points to avoid.
Adding insult to injury Is where a
man asks for a light and then blows
the cigar smoke In your face.
Now a scientist has risen up to say
that cheese causes appendicitis. But
some cheese can do worse than that.
Insects have one advantage In that
many of them mature thirty minutes
after birth. Some men never mature.
Disapproval of the design of the
new nickel Is becoming general. Why
so much fuss over a lowly half dime?
The clergyman who said: "Let youi
enemies klBS you," evidently has nev
er felt the smarting effect of a brick
Now we know why the "turkey trot"
has been discarded by society. The
dance Ik too rough for corsage bou
quets to stand tbe shock.
No one but dentists will worry over
the statement made by a University
of Chicago professor that the human
race will some day be toothless.
King George Is to wear a crown. If
it has an open top doubtless Its use
will tend to prevent baldness, but
there Is lltle excuse for It otherwise.
. The burglar who entered a Los An
geles home and forgot the purpose of
bis visit long enough to aid In com
forting a sick baby, is not beyond re
The Minnesota legislator, who Is
after a law to make it a felony for a
housewife to "steal" the servant of
another, must have had a good cook
in his family at some time.
The professional burglar has quit
wearing gloves to avoid leaving finger
Drlnts. He has discovered that
touch easier method is to wash off the
safe after he is through with It
The Indian chiefs of the west found
nothing else in New York so interest
ing as the buffalo at the Bronx. Can
tt be that buffalo are scarcer than sky
scrapers in Buffalo Bill's country?
' A member of the Albany legislature
has been seized with the brilliant Idea
of taxing city cats. It is but a meas
ure of retribution; for lo, these many
moons city cats have been taxing peo
The butcher classifies his customers
this way: Those who never buy beef
steak are poor, those who buy beef
steak twice a week are well to do,
and those who have it oftener are
One of the writers In the Pittsburgh
Chronicle-Telegraph compares George
Washington to Honus Wagner; show.
Ing that Pittsburgh people Jtill have
a high regard for the first president
It has bn determined that the
average lifetime of a United States
11 silver certificate Is a trifle more
than a year. We can cite numerous
cases where It hasn't lasted a minute.
The hoboes' union proposes to peti
tion the presiaent lor more rreeaom.
njnra freedom in what? Chicken
houses, or freight trains, or simply
emancipation from compulsory baths?
mL. mlw rt a Maw VnrV tn1lw
king signed a check for $30,000 for
a spiritualistic medium at the orders
of her husband'a ghost Mighty poor
pOUCy iO uav9 "" "nil iu
that lasnion.
Some times It does not pay to emu
late great men of the past A Vir
ginia youth, while trying a Benjamin
Franklin experiment In flying a kite
through ari electrical storm, was la-
Untly electrocute, v
A General Revision Bill Approved by
President Wilson Nearly Ready
for Congress.
Washington, D. C. The Democratic
Tariff Revision bill is finished, with
the xceptlon of a final decision upon
the sugar tariff. From beginning to
end It is a' measure modeled in ac
cord with the ideas of President Wil
son, with wool, meats and many other
rood stuffs and clothing materials on
the free list; with low duties upon
all agricultural products and food
stuffs that are not free; and with the
tariff on chemical, steel and other
oommorcial products cut far below
the present .protective rates.
The senate tariff leaders asked for
an opportunity to study the bill. They
will then confer with Oscar W. Un
derwojd, chairman of the house com
mittee on ways and means, and later
will have a final conference with
President Wilson. A careful analysis
of the senate will be made In the
meantime, to determine whether free
wool, "one cent sugar" and low rates
on "market basket" products will
prove acceptable to a majority of tho
Briefly summarized, the tariff devel
opments were:
President Wilson's ultimatum to
sugar Interests, that they must agree
to a tariff of one cent per pound for
three years, with free sugar after that
time, or he would attempt to secure
free sugar at once.
The completion of the bill by the
ways and means committee with the
exception of the sugar schedule.
On this, the committee is prepared
to agree on free sugar if the Presi
dent insists. Income tax rates fixed
at 1 per cent for all corporation In
comes above $5,000; 1 per cent on
personal incomes from $4,000 to $20,
000 ; 2 per cent from $20,000 to $50,
000; 3 per cent from $50,000 to $100,
000; 4 per cent above $100,000.
The President submitted his propo
sal on the sugar tariff to Representa
tive Broussard of Louisiana early In
the day. Louisiana senators and rep
resentatives conferred throughout the
day, and sounded out other members
of the senate, to determine whether
enough strength could be secured to
fight the free sugar features of the
plan. They had reached no decision
at this time, however, as to the course
they would take.
A Railway Station at Oxted In Surrey
Blown Up to Revenge
Oxted, Surrey, England. Suffra
gettes blew up the railway station at
Oxted In Surrey. An alarm clock set
for 3 o'clock, a contrivance similar to
those used by dynamiters In America,
was found In the wreckage, and also
a loaded revolver. Militant placards
told that the explosion was the work
of the women.
The lavatory of the station was de
molished and the walls, windows and
doors damaged. So far as known no
body was injured.
Stockport, England. Explosives
partly wrecked a London & North
western railway train near here. The
carriages were almost empty and no
body was Injured. Suffragettes were
suspected of the wrecking, in revenge
for the conviction of Mrs. Pankhurst
London. Warnings were sent - out
by the directorates of all the railroad
systems in the United Kingdom to the
effect that militant suffragettes had
threatened to burn stations in various
parts of the country. Patrols will be
stationed at all stations and in tunnels.
President Huerta Will Try to Crush
Mexican Rebel With 10,000
Madero't Successor In Mexico Says
That He Is Unable to Handle
El Paso, Tex. To satisfy all fac
tions, General Huerta has agreed to
the naming of Pedro Lnscuraln as
provisional president, said advices re
ceived here directly from the national
capitol. Lascuraln will serve out the
uncompleted term of the late Madero,
if named.
As minister of exterior relations in
Madero's former cabinet, Lascuraln Is
entitled to serve as next In line In
view of the deaths of Madero and
Vice-President Suaroz. The Huerta
cabinet would be retained by the
The City of Mexico. The breaking
ort of all negotiations for peace with
Zapata has forced the government to
mobilize a strong force for a campaign
against the southern rebels. That has
been done in spite of teh fact that
rebel successes in the north have
made . imperative the dispatch of a
large part of tho regular army to that
region. - .
The war department says that gov
ernlSont troops will begin moving Into
those districts occupied by Zapata's
followers. That concentration will
continue until an army of ten thou
sand men has been gathered.
The followers of Zapata have circu
lated numerous manifestos repudiat
ing Huerta and Felix Diaz, and calling
on the people to support the Zapata
Boy of 15 rllls a Mexican.
Fort Smith, Ark. Harvey Johnson,
15 years old, shot and killed Pascuul
Samllpa, a Mexican, near De Queen
when he discovered Samllpa in his
mother's bedroom In the absence of
his father,
Postage Stamps and Currency Des
tined for the Southwest Get
a Soaking.
St. Louis, Mo. Nine pouches of
registered mail containing $100,000
worth of postage stamps and new cur
rency of the face value of approxi
mately $100,000, all water soaked by
being marooned in the flood district,
has reached the postoffice here. The
stamps are a total loss but the money
may be saved by being shipped back
to Washington to be "laundrled and
The stamps were destined to post
offices In all parts of the Southwest,
the orders from postmasters ranging
from $100 to $20,000, according to the
size of the office. A temporary stamp
famine may be the result in some
Little Kingdom Refuses to Abandon
the Siege of Scutari at
Their Demand.
Cettlnje. The little kingdom of
Montenegro has thrown down the
gauntlet to the six great powers. It
declined to yield to the demand of
the powers to abandon its attempts
to gain possession of Scutari, and
has announced officially that "there
will be no departure from an attitude
which conforms to the necessities of
the state of war existing between the
allies and Turkey."
German Vessel Overturned While
Wreckers- Were at Work at
Bay City, Oregon.
Bay City, Ore. Twenty-two men.
Including the ship's captain, the pres
ident of a wrecking company of Port
land and the representative of the
marine underwriters, were trapped 1:1
the hold of the German sIiId Mlmi.
which capsized off the beach here af
ter having been hauled off a reef on
which it had been fast two months.
Rain and Hail In St. Joseph.
St. Joseph, Mo. More than two
inches of rain has fallen here in two
hours. The heavy downpour was ac
companied by hall and a high wind.
The streets ran several Inches deep
in water and a number of houses
were flooded, while lightning started
several small
Death In East St. Louis Raid.
East St. Louis, 111. In a spectac
ular raid on "The Valley," East St
Louis's notorious red light district, a
saloon keeper was killed, a deputy
sheriff believed fatally shot, another
man wounded and 250 men and wom
en arrested.
Large Crowds Filled the Galleries
Long Before the Time Set
for Opening.
.Washington, D. C The extraordi
nary session of the Sixty-third con
gress has convened.
Popular interest centered in the
house of representatives where Rep
resentative Champ Clark, Democrat,
was re-elected . to the speakership
shortly after the session opened. Rep
resentatives James R. Mann of Illi
nois, Republican, was placed in nomi
nation for that office by the minority.
He received a rousing demonstration,
but was overwhelmingly defeated.
Other officers selected by the house
were as follows: Clerk, South Trim
ble of Kentucky; sergeant-at-arms,
Robert E. Gordon of Ohio; doorkeep
er, Joseph J. SInnott of Virghiia; post
master, William M. Dunbar.
No election of officers was held in
the senate, that body having been or
ganized before its adjournment on
March 17.
The convening of congress was au
spicious In Democratic history. It
marked the first time in nearly a
score of years that Democrats ' have
had complete control of the senate,
the house of representatives and the
Long before the hour set for throw
ing open the doors of the house and
senate galleries, the capitol was be
sieged by sightseers seeking admit
tance. Among them were hundreds
of prettily gowned women the wives
of senators and representatives, with
a fair sprinkling of suffragettes.
Convene Promptly at Noon.
The presidential proclamation di
rected that both houses convene at
noon and promptly at 12 o'clock the
gavel of Vice-President Marshall fell
in the senate. A new chaplain, Rev.
F. J. Prettyman of Washington, de
delivered the invocation. The roll of
senators was called in the usual way
and committees appointed to notify
the house and the president that the
senate was ready to transact busi
ness. In the house Clerk Trimble ascend
ed to the speaker's rostrum and di
rected the reading of the president's
proclamation. He was accorded a
noisy reception. The proclamation
was read and Trimble announced that
in accordance with precedent and the
constitution it was necessary to call
the roll of the new house by states.
The house chamber had been
equipped with benches instead of the
old style desks and looked much like
the English commons. While the role
was called members Jokingly asked
each other how they liked the new
seats and the old timers tried to fig
ure out how they could ever get used
to this radical innovation.
Motor Bandit Hid Poison.
Paris, France. The four motor ban
dits confined in the prison De La
Sante, under sentence of death on the
guillotine, were searched by wardens
and were found to have hidden in
their clothing sufficient poison to kill
50 persons.
For a Pair of "Cattle $16,000.
Utiea, N. Y. Francis M. Jones of
Chuckery, a few miles south of here,
sold to Stevens Brothers of Liverpool,
N. Y., a bull and a cow for $16,000.
The animals are brother and sister.
War Aeroplanes In Collision.
Rhelms, France. Two sergeants of
the army aviation corps were fatally
injured In a collision between two
machines in midair. The accident
occurred in the course of maneuvers
by a "flotilla" of five aeroplanes.
Old Comedian Dies In Want.
Chicago, 111. Thomas Seabrooke,
widely known comedian In the early
days of musical comedy and . light
opera, died In an actor's , rooming
house at 178 South Clark street of
acuta' alcoholism,
Small Houses Were Unroofed . and
Wires Blown Down by Funnel
shaped Cloud.
Atchison, Kan. A heavy windstorm
struck this city about 6:30 o'clock in
the afternoon. Houses In the west
part of the town were unroofed and
wires blown down.
Joseph Dlckerson, a grocer's boy.
was blown from a delivery wagon and
painfully injured. Dr. Virgil Mor
rison, a physician, was caught in the
whirlwind and had to lie down to es
cape its force.
The whirlwind lifted when It reach
ed the business section, and crowds
of people watched its course over the
city. The air was filled with shingles
and light debris.
The Germans Were Permitted to
Leave by the French Authorities
at Luneville.
Lunevllle, France. The German air
cruiser Zeppelin IV was inflated and
departed for Germany at 3 o'clock in
the afternoon. The landing of the
airship on the parade grounds here in
the midst of a brigade of French rifle
men was satisfactorily explained to a
French board of Inquiry. The airship
and Its crew were afterward released
on payment of $2,000 as custom duty,
and the incident was declared closed.
An Omaha Prize Fighter Went Down
on a Sand Bar In the Mis
souri River.
Omaha, Neb. Joedy Posplsll, a pu
gilist, was drowned eight miles north
of Omaha. In company with Miss
Frankle Virglen of Omaha he was
cruising in the Missouri river in a
gasoline launch and ran upon a sand
bar. In an effort to release the boat
he stepped upon the bar and immedi
ately sank in quicksand. Miss Vlr
glen was rescued by farmers.
It is a duty of
the kidneys to rid
the blood of urlct-I
acid, an Irritating fcJ
poison that la con-Lx,.
stantiy forming
When the kid.
causes rhenmatio (-JUij
attacks, headaches, rif
dizziness, gravel,
urinary troubles,
weak eyes, dropsy
or heart disease.
Doan'a Kidney PJ&
liio ucip lug jliu-
neys fight off nrio
acid bringing new
strength to weak kidneys and Te
ller, irom nacftache and urinary ilia.
A Montana Cti
Mr. H. 8. Andrews, 1(!31 Blgbth AT-nne, Great
Faun, Mont., as: ''My llmlm, bands and feet
oeoame so swollen I conldnt stand. 1 was In
agony with tbe pain. I was so reduced In weight
my garments Just bnng on mo, and I bad siren
op In do pnl r. Ikian's Kidney Pills currd ma
completely, and over a year has elapsed without
the slightest return of the trouble.
Get Doan'a al nay Store, 50c a Bom
DOAN'S k!Vl5v
FOSTER-MILBURN CO.. Buffalo, Now Yrb
iv" tar!
E- - I ill
Do you realize the fact that thousands
of women are now using
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder
as a remedy for mucous, membrane af
fections, such as sore throat, nasal or
pelvic catarrh, Inflammation or ulcera
tion, caused by female ills? Women
who have been cured say "it is worth
its weight in gold." Dissolve In water
tnd apply locally. For ten years the
Lydla E. Pinkham Medicine Co. has
recommended Paxtlne In their private
correspondence with women.
For all hygienic and toilet uses It has
no equal. Only EOc a large.boz at Drug
gists or Sent postpaid on receipt of
price. The Paxton Toilet Co., Boston,
westfrm niNini
Fr HomitAdi
In the new Districts of
ianltoba, Saskatcbe
wan and alberta tbe re
are thousands of Free
Homesteads left, which
to tbe man making entry
In 8 rears time will be
worth from t4 to 26 per
nra. WhMast lanrl are
aiW'tal well adapted to grain
tfruwiuff ana cauie ntjiains;.
In man? eases the railway In
Canada have been built In ad
Tance of settlement, and In
short time there will not be a
settler w bo need be more than
ten or twelTe miles from a line
rogu la
of railway. Hallway Kates are
mated oj uorernsuent Horn-
Social Conditions
The American Settlerlsatboma
in Western Canada, lie Is not a
Stranger In a strange land, bar
ing nearly a nilllluu of bi own
people already settled there. If
Xou desire to know why tbe eon.
Itlon of tbe Canadian Settler Is
Erosperous write and send tor
leralure,rate, etc., to
1 w. iu itheet, una cm, m.
Canadian Gorernmertt' Agent, or
address snporintunuen or
Immigration, Ottawa,
In Delaware.
Black I understand your . father
made money In the whaling Industry.
Brown That's right He was sher.
iff, and was paid (or doing stunts at
the wlpplng-post.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Signatured J
In Use For Over 80 Tears.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
"What did the railroad man get for
his birthday present?"
"Some new ties."
An open confession may be good
for the soul, but it's apt to disfigure
a reputation.
There's nothing platonlo about
man's love for himself.
Munyon's Paw-Paw
Pills are unlike all oth
er laxatives or cathar
tics. They coax the
liver into activity by
gentle methods, they
do not scour; they do
not gripe; they do not
weaken; but they do
start all the secretions
of the liver and atom
ach in a way that tooa
puts these organs in a
healthy condition and
corrects constipation. Munyon's Paw-Paw
Pills are a tonic to the stomach, liver and
nerves. They invigorate instead of weaken;
they enrich the blood instead of Impover
ishing it; they enable the stomach to get all
the nourishment from food that Is put lot
it, Trie aj cents. All Druggists,
at ,Jk

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