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Annual Breakfast of Their Club I
Brilliant Affair, But Partisan
ship It Left Out.
Washington, D. C The eplrlt of
orthodox Democracy, aa exemplified
by those ardent souls who breathed
anathema upon devotees at other po
litical shrines In Jeffersonlan days,
would have received a sad shock had
It been present at the much-heralded
Women's Democratic club breakfatit
To begin with, the line of political
fealty was completely obliterated by
the hostesses of the affair. It ts true
that such Illustrious Democratic
women as Mrs, Woodrow Wilson, Mrs.
Champ Clark and Mrs. Thomas Riley
Marshajl were the guests of honor,
but on the other hand there was also
present a large representation from
the Republican and Progressive par
ties. Among 'these were Mrs. Robert
La Follette, Mrs. John Hays Ham
mond and Mrs. Albert Cummins.
Daughter. of the Colonel Is Married to
Dr. Richard Derby in Oyster
Bay Church.
Oyster Bay, N. Y. Miss Ethel
Roosevelt, younger daughter of Colo
nel and Mrs. Roosevelt, was married
In the Episcopal church here to Dr.
Richard Derby of ' New York. Fol
lowing the ceremony there was a
large breakfast party at Sagamore
Hill. The next day the bridal couplo
sailed for Europe.
Mrs. Derby made her debut In so
ciety at Washington In December,
1908, while her father waajresldent
of the United States. As one of the
debutantes of the season she was ex
ceedingly popular.
Dr. Derby is a graduate of Harvard,
class of '03, and is a young and suc
cessful physician. He is a son of the
late Dr. Richard H. Derby and a
brother of James Lloyd Derby, Roger
Derby and Mrs. Samuel A. Tucker.
The Interstate Commerce Commission
Says Judges, Public Officials and
Shippers are Guilty.
Washington, D. C. Astounding
revelations of an ' "orgy of petty
graft" by judges, state, county and
municipal officials and members of the
legislature in accepting passes over
Colorado roads were made in an In
terstate Commerce commission report.
It followed the commission's investi
gation at Denver of the extent of the
"free transportation" evil in Colorado
and the commission's demand for in
dictment of the Colorado Fuel &
Iron company, Victor American Fuel
company, Colorado Portland Cement
company, United States Portland
Cement .company and the Creat' West
ern Sugir company for accepting such
favors of the Colorado & Southern
and the Rio Grande railroads for
granting of passes prohibited under
the anti-pass law.
Storm Cleared a Path From Sturgeon
to Larrabee, Demolishing
Many Buildings.
Sturgeon, Mo. At 2:15 o'clock in
the afternoon a tornado passed south
and east of Sturgeon, devastating the
country for miles. The path of the
cyclone was about three-quarters of
a mile wide and every farmhouse,
barn and building within Its range
was swept away. William Mathis,
living seven miles north of Sturgeon,
was Instantly killed aDd his wife and
daughter probably fatally injured.
They were at dinner when the tor
nado struck their home, demolishing
It and burying them under a portion
of the wreckage. The home o
Charles W. Robinson,-a farmer, was
destroyed, but the Robinson family
Saved their lives by taking to a cy
clone cellar. ,
Fifty barns and numerous small
buildings were blown down.
A Man, His Wife and Their Nine-Year
Old Boy Perished In
Falrvlew, Ok. Grant Leslie, hit
wife and their 9-year-old son were
burned to death in a prairie fire that
swept part of Major county. Farmers
driving along a road near Golden dls
covered the bodies. The carcassefl
of their team and parts "of (he buggy
lay nearby.
Leslie and his family started from
their home to visit near Granton, Ok.
Soon after they left Golden the Are
overtook them. .
Drow.ed Under Motor Car.
Syracuse, N. Y. Pinned under t'neli
overturned motor car In a ditch oi
water, near here, Lottie Voorheesand
Raymond B, Halttt were drowned.
At Regular Intervals Says
Lydia E. Pinkham' Vege
table Compound com
pletely cured her.
Adrian, Texas. "I take pleasure In
adding; my testimonial to the great list
and hope that It will
be of interest to suf
fering women. For
four years I suffered
untold agonies at
regular intervals.
Such pains and
cramps, severe chills
andsicknessat stom
ach, then finally hem
orrhages until I
would be nearly
blind. I had five
doctors and none of them could do mora
than relieve me for a time.
" I saw your advertisement In a pa
per and decided to try Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. I took
seven boxes of it and used two bottles
of the Sanative Wash, and I am com
pletely cured of my trouble. When I
began taking the Compound I only
weighed ninety-six pounds and now I
weigh one hundred and twenty-eix
pounds. If anyone wishes to address
me in person I will cheerfully answer
ell letters, as I cannot speak too highly
of the Pinkham remedies. "Miss Jes
sie Marsh, Adrian, Texas.
Hundreds of such letters expressing
gratitude for the good Lydia E. Pink
barn's Vegetable Compound has accom
plished are constantly being received,
proving the reliability of this grand old
If you want special advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held In strict confidence.
-, 1 1 ; '
To the Point.
"That was a very appropriate re
mark the jockey made when they
pulled him from under his mount
when It stumbled and fell on him."
"What was the remark?"
" 'This is a horse on me.' "
Hilltop, Kan. "About two years ago
I began to notice a breaking opt on my
leg. At first It was very small but
soon It began to spread until It formed
large blotches. The Itching was ter
rible and almost constant Many
nights I could not sleep at all. After
scratching It to relieve the Itching it
would burn so dreadfully that I
thought I could not stand It For near
ly a year I tried all kinds of salves
and ointment, but found no relief.
Some salves seemed to make it worse
until there were ugly sores, which
would break open and run.
"One day I saw an advertisement of
Cutlcura Remedies. I got a sample of
the Cutlcura Soap and Cutlcura Oint
ment and began by washing the sores
with the Cutlcura Soap, then applying
the Cutlcura Ointment twice a day.
I noticed a change and got more Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment and In a few
weeks I was cured. It has healed so
nicely that no scar remains." (Signed)
Mrs. Anna A. Lew, Dec. 17, 1911.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept It, Boston."
A Manager's Trials.
"I have to watch those players who
were on the stage all winter," re
marked the manager.
"Why sot"
"It's hard to get 'em to go nine In
nings after they have gotten used to a
drama that only lasted four acts."
Allen's Foot-kieae, the Autiaeptlo powder for
tired, aching, swollen, nervous feet. Give
reet and comfort. Makes walking a delight.
Sold everywhere. 16c Don't accept any aub
atltute. For FREK sample addreaa Allen a
Olmeted. Le Boy, N. T. Adv.
An Instance.
"There is nothing In analogy.
"Why notT"
"Because if there was, If a colt Is
a little horse, wouldn't a Colt revolver
be a little horse-pictol T"
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, sr-.aU, sugar-coated,
easy to take as candy, regulate and invigorate
(touiaub, liver and bowels. Do not gripe. Adv.
What a woman doesn't know about
a neighbor is just what she wants to
find out
Mrs. Wlnalows Boothlng syrnp for Children
teething, aoftena the gums, reduces Inflamma
Uon,allaj a paiseoraa wt eolic&o a bottle ft
Money Is a mask that makes some
vices look Ilka virtues.
The most recent achievement of
Canada's West is winning for the sec
ond time the magnificent $1,500 silver
trophy awarded by the State of Colo
rado for the best peck of oats. At
Columbus, Ohio, In 1911, J. C. Hill &
Sons of Lloydmlnster, Saskatchewan,
placed a peck of oats grown on their
farm In competition, with oats from
every part of the world. The judges
had no difficulty In deciding, and the
award was given to the Saskatchewan
grown oats. In 1912, the Corn Expo
sition bad no exhibition, and our Ca
nadian friends, although ready for a
second contest had no opportunity.
In 1913, the- exhibition of the Society
was held at Columbus, S. C, and It Is
said of It that it was one of the best
yet held. At this exhibition, which
comprised corn and all the smaller
grains, Hill & Sons of Lloydmlnster
had on exhibition for the contest an
other peck of oats grown on their
Saskatchewan farm, in 1912. There
was no trouble for the judges, no time
necessarily lost In reaching a decision.
Hill & Sons won, and for the second
time their name will appear on the
crest of the cup. The third space will
doubtless be occupied by their name,
and then this splendid trophy will be
During the past few years Western
Canada grains wheat, oats, barley and
flax have been In competition with
grains from all other countries, and In
every case their superiority has been
shown. ' It Is not only In oats, but It
Is In wheat In barley and In flax, that
Canada more than holds Its own, when
placed side by side with grains fron
other parts.
Mixed farming is taking a strong
hold not only in those parts of Mani
toba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
which up to the present have been de
voted solely to grain growing, but also
in the districts contiguous, where the
conditions of climate, shelter, watar,
grass and hay make farming of this
kind, easy to prosecute and large in
profits. It was in the Province of
Manitoba that tbe steer was raised
that carried off the Championship of
the steer class, at Chicago last De
cember. This beast had been fattened
on the grass and hay of the Province
and the only finishing grain it had was
barley; not an ounce of corn.
Western Canada presents Innumer
able opportunities for the big farmer
who wants to cultivate his thousands
of acres, the medium man satisfied
with a few hundred acres, the man
who Is content to farm his free home
stead of one hundred and sixty acres;
It has opportunities for the Investor,
the capitalist the business man, the
manufacturer and the laborer.
Agents of the Canadian Government
located at different points in the Unit
ed States will be pleased on applica
tion, to give any desired Information,
free of cost. Advertisement
His Sarcastic Fling.
"I don't like to Invite Mrs. Parvenu
to my bridge party, and yet she's a
sure loser and good pay?" -
"I don't think you are going to get
her money without her company,"
said the sarcastic husband. "What
do you expect her to do, frame your
Invitation and mall you a check?"
The Rev. Edmund Heslop of Wig
ton, Pa., suffered from Dropsy for a
year. His limbs and feet were swol
len and puffed. He bad heart flutter
ing, was dizzy
and exhausted at
the least exer
tion. Hands and
feet were cold
and he had such
a dragging sensa
tion across the
loins that it was
difficult to move.
After using 5
boxes of Dodds
Kidney Pills the swelling disappear
ed and he felt himself again. He says
he has been benefited and blessed by
the use of Dodds Kidney Pills. Sev
eral months later he wrote: I have
not changed my faith In your remedy
since the above statement was author
ized. Correspond with Rev. E. Hes
lop about this wonderful remedy.
Dodds Kidney Pills, 60c. per box at
your dealer or Dodds Medicine Co.,
Buffalo, N.-Y. Write for Household
Hints, also music of National Anthem
(English and German wordB) and re
cipes for dainty dishes. All 8 sent tree.
Rev. E. Heslop.
Not Pure Food.
"Madge looks good enough to eat"
"Be careful! They say she employs
artificial coloring matter." Boston
j"a ar lil -" ' I,, I,- n i-n iiarnS,
St '.a
f'i ful saving in your baking. But it does more. II A 1 .11 hi r.
ECONOMY-ta'9 one thIne y
looking tor in these days
of high living cost Calumet insures a wonder
ful saving in your baking. But it does more.
It insures wholesome food, tasty food uniformly raised loud.
Calumet is made right to sell right to bake right. Ask
one of tbe millions oi women who use it or ask your grocer.
World' Par Food Expoeltlon, CM ear a, nl
Pari Expoeition. Franca. March. 1912.
Yoa Jon'l lent money when yoa buy cheap or blg-ean baking
Don't bmlilead. Buy Calumet. It't more economical mora wh
gtoet bott retult. Calumet it fat taptriot to tout nuUt, and toda.
ttv'. V- ATk.
I TaTteW MA A a
.00 $350 S4..00
.50 AND $R-oo
$2. 00, $2. 60 and $3.00.
The largest makers of
Men's $3.50 and $4.00
ahoei in the world.
;your dealer to show yoa
Lm jotiriat 3.m. 4.ihi at
AO ulioea. Juftt an from! In atvle,
, and wear a other rtiF.koi costing 95.00 to S7.
-the ou!r difference In the ortce. 8 hoes In al
leathers, stvles and shapes to suit everybody.
ji you ruuiu iihii . , iron gins J urge ikclo
ries at Brockton, Mass.. and see for yourself
how carefully W. I. Iouit1iss shoes are made.
would then understand why they are warranted
fit better, look better, hold their shape and wear
long r than any other make for the price.
W. L. Doufflita dhoet are not for sain In yonr rlcdnlty. order
LAS mk
s V.: Ji .
a III t m -T-w
0 i'Sl""'
I -fi .c- a rA
Ml mm
direct from ttie factory and eave (lie middleman ' profit.
emu iorerry iwmiiwi rw, me i.imiit, at mi pricoa, uy
('ittnlna;. It will allow you how to order by niail.
and why yoa oaa aare money on your footwear.
W. ItOITOI.A . . Bratktea, Maiaa.
' oa no
Hee thai
name la alamped
tin in. mKioin
Stops BacKacKe
Sloan's Liniment is a splendid remedy for backache, still
joints, rheumatism, neuralgia and sciatica. You don't need to
rub v m just laid on lightly it gives comfort and ease at once.
Best for Pain and Stiffness
Mr. Geo. Buchanan, of Welch, Okla., writes : "I have used your lin
iment for the past ten years for pain in back and stillness and find it the best
Liniment I ever tried. I recommend it to anyone for pains of any kind."
good for sprains, strains, bruises, cramp or soreness of the
muscles, and all affections of the throat and chest
Cot Entire) Relief
R. D. Burooyne. of Maysville, Ky., RR. I, Box
5, writes: "I had severe pains between my shoul
ders ; I got s bottle of your liniment and had entire
relief at the fifth application."
Relieved Severe Pain in Shoulders
Mr. J. Underwood, of jcoo Warren Ave.,
Chicago. 111., writes: " I am s piano polisher
WO Dy occupation, and since last September have
sutlered with severs pain In both, shoulders.
I could not rest night or day. One of my
friends told me about your liniment.
applications completely cured
and I will never be without it"
Price 25o., 50e and $1.00
st All Dealors.
Bond tor Sloau'i tree book on horses.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan,
Boston, Mass.
H . '
fi Jr- " . . ,1 Three
Band us
tirnU IlinEiniTnn nilinir nir Write for book earing younn- chicks.
nfll lHuUtjAIUil UnlUrVl) UlC Tfrleudj.thatUHiDCubaU.rnair
buuk free. Kulsall Keinedy Co., BlackweltOkJ .
Not Much.
"Do you believe Id auto hypno
tism?" "Well, I've never seen one hypno
tized yet."
Chappy I am going to try the mind
Daffy What's It got to work on?
Many a man saves money by not
using tobacco, but It Is doubtful If the
money has the same soothing effect
SIAMIVCluA3 always rcuabli.
, ft-
A tollot preperatlua of Berts,
Htflpa to eradicate duidruff.
Beauty to Gray er Faded rUIr,
euo. ana f i.wat 1'rurrl.fc.
BTONK8 noma Remedy (SO OIL)
If III I Had BtumacB atleerr. Bend CDCB
Ufthle (urMpanaUTer-U.il Book rtltC
a.ii.n.i si.iar c., aaet. ait, a las. i
W. N. U, WICHITA, NO. 15-1913.
fciulji toil IJoo & fatf
U HrMtJitHn.trWail mi,oviC, . t.VM Vlt-Mntlild Prw. Co Mmnl.l, TtM. met 91.09

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