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The Kenna Record
D. C. SAVAGE Editor and Pub'r
Entered Tcbuary Jth 19C ?l the Kenna,
New Mexico, Post Office, an second Clast
Mail Matter. ...
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advertising rates made knows on application
11. L. Scott ami family loft
Suml.iv overland for Vega Tex.
W. L. Sears this week receiv
ed from the Koswill Nuisery a
good lot of fine two year old
trees for planting on his ranch.
The West Hotel is now on its
new site down town and is open
for business, Charles Spriggs
had the contract for moving and
completed same with but little
damage to the building.
C M. Barber returned Tues
day from the.lv. II. hospital at
Mulvane, Kan'.., where he had
leen for several weeks en ac
count of a crippled hand, lie
will now be able to resume work
in a very few days.
We are here to givo you a
newspaper. Our ambition is to
let no item escape us. How
ever, we can oniy ne m one
place at a time, so if you eeo an
item getting away from us please
capture it and deliver it at the
oftice and grear shall bo the re
Word was received this week
of appointments made by Presi
dent Wilson as follows:
Lucius Dills, of Koswell for
Surveyor General of New Mux.
Emmett Patton of Hagerman
for Register of the U. S. Land
. Office at Koswell, to succeed T.
C. Tillotson.
Dr, W. G. Cowan, of Carlsbad
for Receiver of the U. S. Land
Office at Koswell, to succeed
Harold Hurd.
It has been understood for
some time that these appoint
ments would be made, but for
Konio unknown cause they were
delayed for some months.
A hearing is set for March 3r
for a general threshing out of
the 640 acre Grazing Homestead
Bill. If you have an acquaint
anco in congress you should
write or wire him before that
date and acquaint him with the
real conditions, tho facts :-how
ing him the necessity of such t
la w here.
The National Livestock As
Bociation will be present on tha
day in an effort to defeat the bill
and at the fame time uttemnt
to iiKjuco Congress to set aside
all ot utir public lands into great
GrazmgN Reserves to be leaset
in large bodies, thereby putting
the cap on further homesteading
It is a self evident fact tbal
Buch legislation as id sought by
the National Livestock Associa
tion is for t he benefit of the few
and against the majority. It
would benefit a few wealthy
Ktockraeu and would discrim-
nate against millions of (oor
jteopie who depend on their own
labor foi support.
If the CIO aero bill should be
come a law it would induce
eastern people in crowded sec
tions t ) coma west and settle
with a family on practically
every soctiou of land. It would
serve to develop this into one of
V .-.Art V. fcj VI- .Vk- Al1 -Vl A- iti. A'l.
I McCain Drug Co,
& Roswell, New Mexico.
Are in business
the richest dairjing Countries in
the Lnlverstt Which would sup
nlv beef cattle for the markets
equal to if not greater than the
plan of largo randies itl addition
to the cream that Would bo prO
euced. Th people are get1 ing
more and more into handling a
irood. wellformedi well colored.
combination beef and cream
cow. On the small ranch or
farm the cows and calves ate
looked after, watered, feds and
made to produce their limit.
With such close attention of one
family to the station with their
15 to 20 cows the income per
year from th cream ami the
crop of calves is quite sufficient
for the support and maintain
anceof a good size family.
'otlco for rnllirallon.
Department of the Interior. U. S.
Land Office al Koswell. X. M. Fed. II. 1914.
Notice is hereby given that Charlotte M.
Allen, of lilklns, N. M. one of tho heirs of
Uuby Allen, who, on March x, I0C9 made II. R.
Serial No. 01BT07, for NK See." 3. Township
7 H. Range !7 E.. N. M. P. Meridian, ha Med
notice of intention to make five-year Proof
to establish claim to the lund above described,
before J. F, Carroll, V. S. Commissioner, in
his omoe at Killing, N. M. onMarch!3. I9M.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William W. Proudllt. Tuby Faircloth, Leon
aril J.- Hicks, Frank I.esjey, allot Klklns, N.M.
T. C. Tii.iutson,
F;n-M ao Register.
Depart nirnt of the Interior, U. S."
Land Ortlce at Koswell. N. M. Feb. 1.1, ll
Notice Is hereby Riven that Samuel F
Southard, of Valley View, N. M. who. on Feb
10. 1011. made II. K. Ser. No. 0S4IC6for NW.'a.
Sec. 10; and SW! Sec S. ToivnahipTa., Kuntre
33 K N. M. P. Meridian, has tiled notice of In
tention to make three year Proof, to establish
clnlm to the land above described, before Dan
C. Saraire. V. S. Commissioner, in his oftice
at lCenna, N. M. on March 3. 14.
Claimant names as witnesses:
' Edgar I.. Mollryde, Ilod F. Donhnm. Thorn ni
R. Southard, theae of Valley View, N. M. and
T. DetterOouty, W Kenna, N. M.
Ftn-MSO T, O, Tilutsuk, Iteelster.
' Kotlre for Publirntlon.
. OU461
Department of the Interior, U. 6.
Land Office at Koawell. X. M. Feb. J3. IfU.
Notice la hereby given that Eva I. Southard
of Valley View, N. M. who. on Feb. 18, 1911.
made H, 15 Serial No. PI46;, for S'.i Seo. 10.
Twp.7 8.. UaneJ3E N. M. P, Meridian, bM
riled notice ot Intention to make three-year
Proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before Dan C. Savflge. U. S, Com
missioner, In hia Ofllce at Kenna N. V. ou
March S3. IBM.
Claimant names as vitnesEos:
Edgar 1 McBryde, Itod F. Konhuni, Thoma
II. Soulhaid, these of Valley View, M.arjd
T. Dexter Oouty. of Kenna, N. M,
T. C. TlUotaon,
F30-MM Rrtter.
A'otice for TuMIi'iiUon.
non coal F. S. PMC-3
Department of the Interior, 11. S.
Land OITiee at Fort Simmer. N, M. Jan. S8.
Notice is hereby irlven that Chalmers E.
McClellan. of Kliila, N. M., who, on March 20,
191 1, made Artd'l., If. E. No. 0463, for WS
XB'K, and JiH SW.', See. 21. Twp. 3 S.. Kango
Uli K. N. M. P. Meridian, has lllod notice of
Intention to make three year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above described, be
fore V. A. Coffey, IT. s. Commissioner, lu hla
oiDce at Llidu. N. M., on April 1, 1UM,
Claimant iininoa as witnesses:
Moaea i. Itlppee Frank E. Millar. Clyde A.
Dolby, Edward D. Clay, all of F.llda. N. M.
Fiii-MJT V. O. Henry, Iteslster.
nun-coal F. s. WI2i 094
L)('iai tmont of the Interior. U. 8,
I-andOOIccat Fart Sumner, N. M.. Feb. A, kl4.
Notice la hereby Klven that James D, Lee,
of i:ilda, N. M. w ho, on .March 8, ion, made
oriir..H. It. No. 0u4l. for SWfi Seo. .11, Tp. I
S. It.. 3i E. and on January to, 1911, made
additional homestead entry. No. 0M,y. for
Lois 1 and and KH N WU. Seo. 31, Twp. i S..
Range 31 E . N. M. P. Meridian, faaa tllnd
notice of Intention to n-nke three-year proof,
to establish claim lo the land above described,
before C. A. CcifTey.U. S. Commlwaloner, in bia
offlce at Ellda, N, M, on April. I9I4.
Claimant names as witnesses:
JuinesE. llurtou, Robert Komegay. Ueorge
Kobertaoo. Cl)rle U. Subletto, all of
EU3a, j:. M. o. C. Ileorjr
W9-MJ7 negls'ter,
for your health
ROSWfil.l., . Ni iM. I
K iffn wMf. b('wJ.'
,1.1 i vj. iv i i ii r. i i r,.i'tir,i u.
q "
fi Strictly a home institution - x
Your patronage sol icited. jj
Verij respectfully,
b q
M IK SB. Scott.
C100 Reward, ?100'. ,
Tlie re&en of this paprr will be ploa'od to tMira
tbat there Is at ks.t one dre.if'.cd dua that srwnoe
bas breu aula to euro In ?' iukm. aiul tliat B
Cuturrli. Hull's Cutami Cu. - the only po.mve
cure now known to the metlk atcmlty. Catarrh
bolng a constitutional dUM::st xiulres a eonnt na
tional treatment, Hulls l ;iLj. euro Is takrti ln
l. rnally, sctlnx rtlrectly upon tu. blood and rodrous
surfaci-s ut the Bystem. thereby ticsfrrtylna tlM
loniulntlon nf tha disease, siO ulvlrm the pntlent
itivnatli by blinding up the coiHUtutlon and nwiwt
tttg nature In dolnx its work. 3 0 proprietors l:a-s
n uiurb faith In Its curative f: era that they orti
one Ilunilri'd Kollars (or any e as that It t" M
cure. Send for list of tetimou& .
Address F. J. CilEN'ItY A CO 'OledO, 0. .
ttokl by all DrUkVlnti, 76c
lka Hall s Family pills far CCA tlpatlea .
024500 c 8SS2
Dcpartmrtit of the Interior, United States
Land Office. Roswell,' New Mexico, Feb.
5, 1914.
To Oeorce W. Hutchinson of Midway, N. M.
(resord addreaa) C'ontestcc:
You are hereby notllled that Richard T.
Wilson, who gives Deruaott, Scuny County,
Texas, as his post olllce uddress. did on Feb. 3.
1911 hie In this office his duly corroborated
application to contest and secure the can
cellation of your homestead entry Serial No.
ost.ino. made February Jlth. 1011. for 8K!4: EK
SWHiNWtf sWtf Rcc. 8. Stt'K SWJ See. .
Twp. lAsnutb, Itange 3S E . N. M. 1 Meridian,
and as grounds for his conlat he alleges that
entryman has wholly abandoned said home
stead and ohsnged bis residence therefrom
for m ire than six months last past and since
making said entry. And Mint said tract is not
settled upon, cultivated and improved by
aald party aa remtlied by law.
You ura, therefore, further notified that the
said allegations will be tnljen by this ofllce as
haviiia- been confessed by you and your aald
ntry will be canceled thereunder without
your further right to be beard therein, either
before this oftluc or on appeal, If you fall to
tile In this oftice within twenty days after the
FOUUTll publication of this notice, as shown
below, your answer, under oath, specifically
meeting and rescinding to these allegations of
ctmtest. or if you fail within that time to flto
In I his ortlce due proof Hint you have nerved
a copy of your auswer on the aald contestant
eliher In peraon or by registered mail. If this
service ia made by the delivery of a copy of
your iiuswer to the contestant In person, iiroof
of such service must be either the said con
testant's written acknowledgment of his re:
eeipt of th"e copy, showtnjr the date of lis
receipt, or the afltdavlt of the person by whom
the delivery was made stating when and
where the copy w as delivered: if made by
registered mall, proof of such aervlee must
consist of the adldavlt of the peraon by whom
the copy w aa nulled slating when and the
lot ofnee to which it waa mailed, and this
adldavlt must be accompanied by the post
master's receipt for the letter. You should
state In your answer the name of the poat
omce to which you desire future notices to
be sent to you. T. C. Tillotson. Register.
Rale of Brst publication Feb, M. 114,
" " seeond " " Feb. 80. I'M!
" " third " Feb. 17, !u
" " fourth .' Mar. C J'.
Tie Record one year for $1.00
Treesl Treest
Home Grown. Nursery JSt&dk Adapted to this
Soil and, UiY ate.
X x. x
A full compete assortment of i he most reliable and pro
fitable vflrfcicso'FA'pplc' rci 9 terry, Tear, Plum, Apri
cot Quince, vIpe'v ctlC" Alwtl assortment of shade and
ornrtment trees.' TQar- VtiXQRftl ;e solicited Prices made on
application. . .
The Rosv vetl Nursery Co.,
Roswell, Ne w Mexico.
. -
non-coal F. S. 08160
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Fort Sumner, N. M. Jan. 20, 1U.
Notice Is hereby iflven that James IC Kurton.
of Elida, N. M.i who on July H, 110. made
additional homestead entry No. Oslo", for
SV! Seo. ) Twp. 8 8.. Range 31 E-, N. M. F.
Metidlan has Hied notice of intention to malic
three-year proof, to establish claim to the
land above descibed, before C A. Coffey,
U. S, ommlssloner. In his Office at Klida,
N M, on March. S3. 1914.
Claimant names as witnesses:
' Pink F. West. Earl Viaus, George W. Itob-
erlson, Fred M, Robertson, all of Klida. N. M.
F13 M50 C. C. Henry, Register.
Isolated Tract.
F. S 08942
Pubug Land Sle.
Department of the Interior, U.
Land Office at Fort Sumner, N.
Notice is hereby given that, as directed
bv- the Commissioner of the General Land
Office, under provisions of Act of Conpres
approved June 27, 1V06 (14 Stats., 7),
pursuant to the application of Robert M.
Grissom, Serial No. 08942, we will otier at
public sale, to the highest bidder, but at
not less than $2 00 per acre, at 10 o'clock
a. m., on the first day of April, 1914, at
this office, the following tract of land:
SWHSKStc 26, Twp. J South, RinCe
19 F,., N. M. P. M.. forty acres.
Any Persons claiming adversely the a-bove-described
land arc advised to file their
claims, or objections, on or before the time
designated for tale. C. C. Menry,
F20-M27 Register.
Aotlre for Fulliailon.
Department of the Interior, IJ. 8.
rxind Office at Roswoll. N. M. Feb. 13, 1014.
Notice ia hereby given that Robert O. Baker
of Nobe. N. M. who. on Nov. 1, 1011, made II.
K. Ser. No. ynxj (or Ixts 3 and 1 and REM
Seo. 10; and Wii Sfl'K Sec. SO Twp. S
Range 3IK., V. M. P. Meridian, lias Alod notice
of Intention to mal; throe-yen r l'roof. to
establish elaim to Ibe land above deaeribed,
before Dan C. Savage, U. ft. Commissioner,
lu hiaofUoe at Kenna, N. M. on April 4, 11J4.
Claimant names as witneasea:
James W. Davis. James W. Taylor. Frank R.
King, theae of Judson. N. M. and Louis O.
Gross of Thornham, N. M.
FI7-M17 Register-
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Ucw's! Trees! 1
T. Lith afield Vice President.
Soflre for Publication.
Isrolated Trad,
non-conl F. S. 010510
Public Land Sale
Department of the Interior, IT. S.
Land Office at Fort Sumner, N. M,
Feb 4, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that, as directed
bv tile Commissioners of the General Land
Office, under provisions of Act of Cong-res
approved June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., H1f
pursuant to the application of Willie A. Fry,,
Serial No 01 05)0, we will offer at public'
sale, to the highest bidder, but at not lest
th:in 2 00 per acre, at 10 o'clock a. m.,'
on the 6th day of April, 1914, at this office,
tlie following tract of land i NE!4 SW, Sec.
22, Twp. 5 South, Range 30 E., N. M. P.
Any persons claiming adversley the a-boye-described
land are advised to file their
claims, or objections on or before the time
designated for sale. C, C Heniy
F30-M27 Rtgidter.
Dopartment of the Interior, U. 8.
Land OITIce at ltoswell. N. M. Feb. 17, 1014,
Notice is hereby given that Millard CV
Baker, of Nobe, N. M. who, on Oct. 30, IN,,
made If. E. Ser. No, OIH570. for Lots 1 and 4..
and SK!i. Seo. 18; and WH S WX See. 17. Twp!i
S. Hange 34 R. N. M. P. Meridian, has tiledl
notice of intention to make three-year Proof,,
to establish claim to the land above described,,
before Dan C. Savage. U. 8. Commissioner, in.
his of lice, at Kenna. N. M. on AprlH IBM,
Claimant names as witnesses:
James W. Davia. James W.Taylor, FranX It,
King, these of Judson, N. M. and Louis O.
Gross of Thornham, N M.
T. C. TiMmji ,
FJT-MS7 Keatater.
Department of the Interior. U. S.
Land Office atltoswcll. N. M. Feb. 18, 19M.
Notice is hereby given that Florence A..
Roden.of Flkins, N. M.who, on Sept. T, 1907.
made II. t. No. 0183, Ser, No. 01103s, for NMj
NKM.and EH N WW, Seo. tl, Twp. 7-8, 1(ange
SK e. N M. P. Meridian, has tiled notice of lu
tention to make live year Proof t establish
elaim to the land above described before J
F. Carroll IT. S. Commissioner, In his offices,.
Killing, N. M. on April 0. 1)1 1.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Fred Ilolenfeld. Fianlc Wriuht. Benjamin
U. Cooper, Louis N. Ford all of Klklna,N. M.
F7-M7 lteglater.
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