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300-r.lILE TRIP
Hot Weather Made Flying Difficult
Balloons 8ailed Around In Circlet
- . Refuting to 8tart, Says One
Pilot Needed Much Ballast.
St, Louts, July 14. The balloon
"Goodyear" piloted by R. A. D. Pres
ton, of Akron, -Ohio, won the national
elimination race to determine the third
American entrant In the Internation
al race for the James Gordon Bennett
cup which will atart from Kansas City
In October. This was determined this
afternoon when a message from E. S.
Cole reported that his balloon had
landed eleven miles southeast of Mc
Leansbqro, 111. The landing of the
other seven balloons had been report
ed Sunday night. ,
This balloon landed Sunday morn
ing. The first news of his landing
was contained in a telegram from
Pilot Cole to the Associated Press.
Cole landed In the country and appar
ently rested from his trip before seek
ing a telegraph office. The balloon
"Goodyear," which landed near Con
tance, Ky., made approximately. 300
miles, nearly twice the distance made
by the nearest competitor. Tbe Offi
cial tHntnnra nrlll tin nimnlld Km thtt
Aero Club Of America after the vari
ous pollts mail in the records of their
Besides Mr. Preston, the other two
American entrants in the Internation
al race will be R. H. Upson of Akron,
O., who Won the International race of
1913 and by that, victory brought the
1914 International race to the United
States and H. E. Honeywell, of St.
Loult. who won second place In the
last international race.
Captain John. Berry, pilot and Al
bert van Horiman, Jr., aide, of bal
loon Aero Club of St. Louis which
landed In a wheat field five miles
from Terre Haute, Sunday afternoon,
rAtnraori ir Rt Tallin trtriav anil or a va
the details of theimight.
HI Foreign Mlntter to Take Reins
Wilton Won't Recognize New Rule
Until Rebels Are In Power Eaty
For Carranza Now.
Washington, July 14 The Brazilian
minister to Mexico, who is caring for
interests of the United States in that
country, today telegraphed the state
department that the resignation of
General Huerta in favor of "Francisco
CarbaaJI, the newly appointed minister
of foreign affairs, is expected today
or Wednesday. .
Minister Saurez of Chile, one of the
three mediators, anticipating the re
tirement of Huerta, sought in an In
formal talk with Secretary Bryan to
Jearn what the attitude of the United
States will be toward the Carbaal
government. While the Washington'
government will not recognize Carba
Jal, Minister Suares learned that it is
Inclined to treat Informally ' with the
new administration until a transfer of
power to the constitutionalists can be
Earlier Minister Suarez had a con
ference with Fernando Igleslas Cal
deron, head of the Liberal party in
Mexico, here on a private mission for
General Carranza.
Mr. Calderon holds the view that
unless the Huerta forces are ready to
capitulate, conferences would be fu
tile. - ,
General Carranza himself notified
the United States through John R. Sil
Ilman, formerly American consul at
Saltllio, and now personal representa
tive of President Wilson there, that
under no circumstances will he sanc
tion conferences wth representatives
of General Huerta to draft terms of
peace. He told Mr. Silliman that only
the unconditional surrender of the
authorities at Mexico City will be
" accepted.
Mr. Silliman In his report spoke in
complimentary terms of Carranza.
General Carranza explained In detail
why It would be Impossible to engage
In peace parleys with . Huerta dele
gates. He said be had -consulted all
tig generals, and their unanimous
opinion was that the plan of Guada
lupe, providing that he himself as
president ad Interim take military pos
session of Mexico City, te carried out
a tfao letter.
. 1
Father's Quick Thought 8avd Baby
Daughter From Being Afflicted
With Fantastlo Name.
Some time ago a pretty little baby
girl arrived at a happy suburban
home and immediately the entire fam
ily, including aunts, cousins and mothers-in-law,
were busy selecting an ap
propriate name; "Harry," Joyously
cried mother, when the father re
turned home one evening, T have de
cided on a name for a baby. We
will call her .Gwendolyn." For a mo
ment the father did a hard piece of
thinking. The name Gwendolyn sound
ed to him like a fire whistle out of
tune, but he knew better than openly
to oppose mother. Therefore he grew
foxy. . "Gwendolyn! Gwendolyn!" he
musingly replied. "I like that a whole
lot, dear. Long before I met you I had
a girl named Gwendolyn, and she "
"Who said anything about Gwendo
lyn T" Icily Interjected wlfey. "Your
hearing must be defective. I said we
will call the baby Mary, after my
-i. ..
1321 Douglas St., Omaha, Neb. "My
trouble began from a bad form of ec
zema all over my hands, neck and
arms., I could get no sleep for the
itchlnr and burning. Tbe small pim
ples looked red and watery and my
skin and scalp became dry and Itch
ing. The pimples irritated me eo that
I would scratch until they bled. I
could not put my hands In water and
If I one tried It they burned so that
I could not stand It. I had to have
my hands tied up and gloves on all -the
time for nearly two monthB. Some
times I would scratch tbe skin off It
irritated so and I could do no work
at all.
r "I tried all kinds of remedies but
nothing did any good. Then I saw In
the newspaper about Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and got some. I was
completely healed in five or six
weeks. They have not troubled me
since." (Signed) Joe Uhl, Jan. 31, '14.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with S2-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston." Adv.
Training In Shooting.
"Live targets," an English invention
by which one may shoot at kinemato
graph reproductions of human beings
and animals, are to be introduced into
the German army and nav.y in conse
quence of experiments lust carried
out at Doborltz camp by the kaiser.
The newspapers, state that the ap
paratus is to be Installed at the mili
tary schools and naval training ships
for the purpose of Improving the
marksmanship of cadets.. The kaiser,
fascinated by the "sport," spent half
an hour at the "range" fitted up at
Doborltz. His majesty particularly
enjoyed "shooting" deer, seals, and
men and women on the tops of om
nibuses and elsewhere. He said that
the scheme was undoubtedly valuable
for military purposes.
Rare. .
"I heard yesterday- of a married
man who took bis handkerchief and
wiped the paint off his wife's cheeks."
"Is she going to get a divorcer
"No. She actually smiled while ha
was doing it."
"I didn't think anything ilk that
ever happened."
"It doesn't happen more than once
in a thousand years." Baltimore Bun.
"One touch of nature makes the
whole world kin,' quoted the sage.
"Yes, but 90 per cent of ns continue
to be poor relations," added the fool. -
If tows) I tiuttarU-xj cf
fnL- , t
ilfedJ If'
a iun&
V- i'lfty answers every Deveraga
requirement vim, vigor, re
frcjhment, wbolesomeness.
Dmnd (h fowlae
br luUauM
Nkkjumet encuuige
HE LOCA-LXLA LX)., Atlanta. Ga.
8a le of Red Cross .Christmas Seals
Net Much Money for Anti-Tuber-oulotlt
More than 44,000,000 Red Cross
Christmas seals were sold last Decem
ber, according to a report Issued by
the National Association for the
Study and Prevention of Tuberculo
sis and the American Red Cross. In
this way $440,000 is netted for anti
tuberculosis work In various parts of
the United State s.
The sale in 1913 Is a gain cf 4,00",
000 seals Aver 1912, or 10 per cent.
It is hoped that this year the 60,
000,000 mark will be reached. The
seal design for 1914 has been selected
and orders for the printing of 100,000,
000 seals have been placed. Plans for
the organization of a larger sale this
year than ever before have been per
fected. ' New York led the country last year
with a sale of overlO.500,000 seals,
or one for each man, woman and
child in the state. Of this number,
more than 6,825,000 were sold outside
of New York city. Pennsylvania came
next with a sale of 3,125,000. Ohio was
third with 2,800,000, Wisconsin fourth,
2,700,000, and Illinois fifth with 2,500,
000. Hawaii sold the most seals per
capita, the total sale being somewhat
over two for each inhabitant. Rhode
Island came second with a sale of
two per person.
Beginning with a sale of 13,500,000
in 1908, in six seasons the revenue
which these little holiday seals have
brought to the antituberculosis cam
paign has more than tripled an aggre
gate for the period of over $1,800,
000 or 180,000,000 seals.
Where He had Seen It.
Traveling In Donegal not long ago,
a clergyman engaged a loquacious
boatman to row him on one of the
lakes and show him the sights. They
inspected a ruined castle with the
legend of a banshee. Tbe clergyman,
thinking he would put a poser to the
loquacious Irishman, who knew every
thing, inquired:
"Have you ever seen a banchee,
. "Aye, bedad, that I have, your rev
erence." "Indeed!" said the clergyman, with
an Incredulous smile. "And pray,
where did you see one?"
"Stouffed, In a museum," replied the
unabashed Celt, without any hesita
tion, ..
Evidently Something Wrong.
Little Arthur and his mother were
taking a walk along a country road.
There were some ducks running back
and forth across the road and Arthur
lagged behind his mother watching
them. He became greatly interested
and a puzzled look crept over his face.
After a while he ran up to his mother
and, pointing back to the ducks, ex
claimed: "Mamma, those ducks aren't made
"Why, yes, dear, why not?" his
mother answered.
"Well, they've got their eyes on
the sides of their heads and mine are
In front-
Muscle Nteded.
It was a beautiful New Year morn
ing In the stone age.
"Hey, 8trongarm," said Hairyhead.
"lend me your crowbar, will you?"
"Whatty ye want with ltr asked
"I want to take it home," Informed
Hairyhead, "to turn over a new leaf."
Youngstown Telegram.
One Name for It.
"That fellow from the backwoods is
as bashful as can be. Isn't he?"
"Yes. ' Sort of forest reserve, eh?"
w ftUMOYUtV tudu fry
Elephant's Tremendous Strength En
ables Him to Do More Work Than
Team of Horses.
This Is the year of the "elephant
battle" in the great forests of Mysore,
India. The hunting of these gigantic
animals la permitted in India only
every fifth year. On the average from
200 to 250 wild elephants are cap
tured during the battle season, and
these are trained for the various pur
poses for which the Aslatlo elephant
Is used. Everybody knows how con
spicuous a part tamed elephants play
in the great public spectacles in India.
Indian princes and officials sometimes
pay thousands of dollars for excep
tionally 'fine and Intelligent elephants.
After theyhave been properly trained
they are "furnished with trappings
gleaming with gold and splendid color.
The howdah that an elephant trained
for hunting carries on its back, and
in which its master rides, while its
driver places himself Just back of its
head, frequently weighs more than
200 pounds, but the huge animal re
gards it no more than a horse does
a riding saddle.
On a good level road an elephant
will march at the rate ot five miles
per hour, and he is capable of run
ning, for short distances, with a speed
of 20 miles an hour. He can carry,
in regular service, from 1,200 to 1,500
pounds, and he would not greatly
mind a ton or more.
With his enormous muscles and his
dead weight of five or six tons it is
evident that his pulling r.nd lifting
power must be Immense. Ho can pull
down or root up small trees, can pick
up huge logs with his trunk and carry
or throw them around like sticks and
since he Is a - very tractable beast
when well' tamed, he often does farm
work of which a team of horses would
be utterly incapable. He can make
a fence or place huge blocks ot stone
in a wall. He is often employed to
drag artillery wagons.
It Sometimes Happens.
"A smart college graduate came in
here the other day and told me how
to run my business."
. "Of course you threw hini out?"
"No, I didn't. He was right, so I
gave him a Job."
Save the Babies.
INFANT MORTALITY is something frightful. We can hardly realize that
of all the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent.,
or nearly one-quarter, die before they reach one year ; thirty-eeven
' per cent., or more than one-third, before the are five, and one-hall before
they are fifteen I ' -
We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Caatoria 'would save a
majority of these precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many
of these infantile deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations.
Drops, tinctures and soothing syrups sold for children's complaints contain
more or less opium or morphine. They are, in considerable quantities,
deadly poisons. In any quantity, they stupefy, retard circulation and lead
. to congestions, sickness, death. Caatoria operates exactly the reverse, but
you must see that it bears the signature of Chaa, IL Hotelier. Caatoria
causes trio uiooa to circulate properly,
pores or. tne sain ana allays lever.
Genuine Caatoria always bears the
Affairs Reversed.
An Irish tenant farmer, returning
from a somewhat distant market late
one afternoon, missed his way and got
Into a bog hole, where he stuck fast.
His landlord, who knew the locality,
chancing to pass shortly afterward on
horseback, noticed his tenant's dilem
ma, and smilingly shouted out:
"Hello, Pat! You've got fixity of
tenure now!" '
"Yes, begorra!" ejaculated Pat.
"And I'd be molghtily obliged If yer
honor wud evict me.''
The Last Word.
Maine How do you like me new
Her Fiance (who has worked at
fashionable functions) Some stuff,
kid! You couldn't be more Immodest
if you was well bred. Puck.
uauguters l)
A woman's organism Is ft very delicate thlnprlt very easily
gets out of order just like ft delicate piece of machinery, it
requires more than ordinary care and attention.
There are many signs which puinttodiKrder,aaehuheadaehes,nnaeeount
abla paina in various parta of the body, liatleaaneaa, nervouaneu, irritablenesa,
diwinaaa, faintacja, backache, loss oi appetite, depression, and many others.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
has been the means of restoring- thousand of suffering women to natural health
..uiriiSuu r or mora wan iorty yean it naa been succeasfully carrying on
thia great work. Today it la known throughout the length and breadth of every
Women every where look upon
Sold In HmU ar tabltt form j aVsrrfot a, or Mai boxmtalltj
yom for SO emf from Dr. Wca JMasaaaary, Buffalo, N.Y.
Dr. PfawoVa Pleasant Pall eta swsjulata Stomach. LI Tar and Bowal
Van Vit-Uanflld Drug Co, Uamphla, Tann. Prtoa JOQ
One Fact Doctor Was Willing to Ad
mlt to Hypochondriac Patient
Who Had Become a Bore.
Once there was a hypocbondrlao
who used to think that he was dying
about three times a week. One day he
was driving out in his automobile,
and one of these spells came over him.
On the road ahead of him he happened
.to see his family doctor speeding
along In bis roadster. He felt so sick
that he applied all his power In order
to catch up with the doctor as soon as
But the doctor saw him coming and
he used all the gas he had to get
away from htm. For about three miles
they had a close race. Finally, bow
ever, the doctor had some tire trouble,
and the hypochondriac drew up along
side. "Doctor," he shouted, "stop a min
ute! I am dying. Darn it all! I'm
"You must be," grunted the physi
cian. "I never saw anybody going so
fast as you are!"
Sold Under
a Binding
Balsam of Myrrfi
For Gits, BunivN.
Bruises, Sprains, Xv
Strains, Stiff Neck, VV
Chilblain, Lame Bade,
Old Sores, Open Wounds, V
and all External Injuries, v
Mada Since 1840. ttg
Price 25c, 50a and $1.00
All Dealers e-Sv
opens tne
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cura
fad. Purely vegeta
ble act surely
duc gently on
the liver.
Stop after
dinner dis
tresscure indigestion.
improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
W. N. U WICHITA, NO. 29-1914.
.... -Whittle
Ji HpYlLs.
it as a helpful friend.
Let it aid you,

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