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The Kenna Record
D. C. SAVAGE Editor and Pub'r
Entered Febuary 8th 1907 t the Kenna,
New Mexico, Post Office, as second Class
Mail Mailer.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year" in
Advertisetni rates made known on application
Twenty millions rf men ere
underarms, in Europe, All of
them have been withdrawn
from productive industry. Most
of them are engaged in the de
struction of life and pioperty.
No matter how great the sup
plies of the nations they repre
sent, stocks are decreasing, and
soon in many lines there must
be exhaustion.
We have considerably more
than 20,000,000 men engaged in
gainful pursuits. We h a v e
health, energy, peace. We
have a government that is re
sponsive to the public will. We
are the only great ptolucing
Nation on earth that is not at
Although the sudden appear
ance of hostilities, disarranged
our finances and inteirupttd
our commerce, it was p 1 a i n
from the first that the trouble
need be only temporary. Our
own ingenuity, no leys than the
necessities of the whole world,
made that much ceitain. The
pressing needs of the belieger
rsnts were not alone to be con
sidered. Rich markets in every
clime had been abandoned to us.
Toward the Eolation "of the
problems rising out of this situ
ation the Administration at
Washington h a s contributed
sagacity and confidence. It
has refused to be stampeded. It
has co-operated powerfully with
men of courage and patiiotism.
It has been patient under the
clamor of those who hope to
thrive in business and politics
on calamity and panics
Time lias been needed to clear
up the cotton situation, but how
well it has been done is now
seen in Great Britain's agree
ment that this staple in neutral
ships, whether consigned to bel
ligerents or not, shall not ha
contraband. An undertaking
so formidable as the establish
ment of a new banking and
currencey system cannot he cai
lied to success in a day, but al
ready, in all parts of thecoutry,
confidence and credit are re
sponding to the p r o in i s e of
strong financial leadership.
Meantime, while a chorus of
detraction and despair proceeds
from croakers and partisans,
there are record exports at New
York; there aro tales of food
stuffs at Chicago amounting in
to the 'cm of millions; there are
orders in various places running
into like sums for clot hing, blan
kets and shoes; there are prodig
ious demands for motors and
other vehicles; there are day
and night shifts at many factor
ies, an J there is not a mine or
an oil well in the country that
is not preparing to respond to
the world in need.
Practically everything that
we grow, or make or possess is
wanted abroad. Every month
that devastation is prolonged
will increase the urgency of
purchasers. A protracted war
in Europe will mean occupation
for every American worker and
every American dollar. We
mut feed and clothe and per
haps in time mpply with muni
tions most of the peoples now in
conflict. The- markets the y
have deserted look to us with
t he same eagerness.
Thes-i are the fortunes nf war.
Tho United States has suH'eied
greatly from a conflict in which
it has no part. Like all tha rest
of the civilized world, it is yet to
f( el keenly, no doubt, the con
sequences of this colossal strug
gle. But there aro fortunes of
peace as well as of war, and
nothing but timidity and folly
can prevent us from making the
best of a bad situation. Ex,
Ollie Brilton returned from
Roswell today after several days
illness there.
J. T. Teague and family iv
turned from Ror well today after
attending to matters in con it
Mrs. F, P. Ge.nell left this
week for Chicago and other
points in the east to be gone four
or fiv weeks.
A baby girl wis born to Mr.
and Mrs. 1), 0. Savage on the
nth, which died alout an hourj
A. C, White and wife it-turn
ed from Roswell today, after
having attended District court
this week.
P. J. Widiamson and family,
are again with us, and this time
to stay, lie is rebuilding on his
place here and we h pe he will
like the country .
Lost on Octocer 29th, between
Elida and Kenna, or somewhere
on the Roswell road about 15
miles south of Kenna, t ne pock
et book containing 23.50.
Fieder please return santo to
E. J. Cameron at Mann, N. M.,
and receive a reward.
Trading day was a succets,
even though only a few trades
were made. It always takes a
little time to wear off the t m
bcinassment and make the nec-
isaiy banters.
The boys got over with most
gf the preliminaries so necessary
in a trade on the 3rd, and are
now right in line for trading
They will all bo here on the
flrat Tuesday in D e c e m b e r
(which comes on the fir.-t day),
and some lively trading will be
Dont forgot the date, and be
sine to bring some-thing along
to trade.
White Chapel School.
The White Chapel school bt
gan September the 7th, with
fairly good enrollment. The
school is doing nicely so fur and
is expected to continue so.
Examinations wcr held l ist
week for the close of the second
mouth. All grades weie satis
factory, the highe.-.t averages
( were given to Claude McDowell,
Ellen Abbott and Jewd Jones,
Jeff D. White President, Frank Good, Vice President.
H Strictly a home institution
Your patronage sol icited.
Yery respectfully, x
W. S3. Seoit,
We have been drilling quite a'
lot in spelling and find it very
beneficial to all.
By one of the pupil's.
The Olive postoffico is now
open to the public. Mr. Fletch
er' Graham, .of Elidr, post
master. O. 0. Stroud is im proving his
, .. . , ,.. i
rancn oy auumg some n e w
buildings to it. - -
A man by the name of Stur
nian and family from Texa,
have located in our neighbor
hood and have a nice bunch of
stock. 'Mr. Sturman is heartily
welcomed in this vicinity.
C, G. Stroud received a nice
load of fruit from Roswell a few
davs ago
J. F. Sturman and J. W.Jen
nings made a trip to Roswell
last week after a load of fruit
and vegetables.
Clyde B. Peters is still work
ing on the Walker tank, with
one of Mr. Sturmans boys as
C. C. Clopperl and .others are
very busy harvesting then cropr.
Clarence -Long returned last
wet k from Roswell with a load
i f fruit.
Frank Bechler attended the
election and Trade day at Ken
na last Tuesday..
Breech Hcuveen Kaiser's Soldiers aiul ux.
triaiis Widens, They are Q-.ioted as
The Petrograd correspondent
of the London Seandard quotes
a Petrograd paper as saying:
"The discord between the
Germans and Austrians, if we
can credit the reports of the
piisoners, is increasing after
each defeat. The Germans
blame the Austr.ans for their
mi-foi tune, while the latter
blamed their allies.
' On askings German Major
his opinion of the Austrian
army, lie replied: - 'They ate
not soldiers, but a fiuck of sheep.
All they can do is to retreat.'
''On the other hand, the cap
tured Aiistrians complain bit
terly against the German?. 'We
j$ When you coma to Roswell come in and get
"- S3
2$ acquainted with Joe McCain at
I . McCain Drug .Co, . j
$ , Roswell, New Mexico.
5&rvw sr-Trv "ss-w"
always occupy the most danger
oj . positions,' they say. 'Dur
ing the fighting, the Germans
endeavor to remain in the sec
ond line. T bey do not treat us
as comrades. Wt f equentlyob-s.-rve
that the first line of in
trenchments i s occupied ex
clusively' by Austrians and the
second line by German?. Even
the German artillery is often
placed in the deepest places. and
consequently occupies the less
dangerous posit ions . '
An' then when dad goes 'way
and stays a day or two, I tell
you he gets riled up and suys
what awful things he'll do; if
the paper fails to mention him
as being out of town well ' he
almost has a notion to knock
some printer down. Me neei
doss, however, when he ses
ono l.e is mum, hut you'd
oughter hear him holler when
the Record f nils to come.
Suggests the Inspection
of Chimneys and
With the approach of winter,
a suggestion to look after our
chimneys and flues should not
come a miss, As is very natur
al, the great majority of fires,
and especially those destroying
private homes, come in the
winter time. v And again, the
majority of these fires are caus
ed from defective chimneys or
flues. Because it is no easy
task to examine them, wo let
them go with the assumption
that they are alright then a
fire of ''unknown" origin comes.
' Only thii we-ek wo h id a little
tiro in Kenna and but for tho
timely assistance of tlie teachers
and the school children who
were near, ii would have been
serious. 0!i, how easy it is f r
us to pass up a little defect, a
small leak in the pipe through
- Qasftien.
which sparks pass, a loose brick,
or a rich board too near the pipe;
pass them up from day to day
uutil the house is on fire and
our home or business is gone in
a few minutes, when possibly
we could have saved it by un
or fifteen minutes work cor
recting tho defect;.
id is easy io exiinguisn a utcie
fire if we get to it when just
started, but it" is much easier
and by far the safer and more
sensible plan to use every , pre
caution to prevent the fire.
The fiie loss in the United
States is appalling. An official
statement recently issued said:
Imagine one long and continu
ous street reaching from New
York to Chicago; imagine this
lined on both sides with fine bus
iness houses and then amagine
a fire starting at one end and
sweeping everything in its path
to the other. The loss would
not eqi-al that ocasioned by ac
cidental fires in the United
States every year.
It is really our duty to take
such precautions as we can, and
ay mni nine nnr i-liimnuva at fhia
time of year is a big precaution.
If you havent already made
the necessary examination, do
so at once and see that your
flues and chimneys are absolute
ly safe. If you live up to the
requirements of the insurance
companies there will be hut very
few fires.
The Eggman In Philadelphia.
A young farmer from Clementon, N.
J., was selling 6gs at the corner of
Fourth and South Btreeta when a bar
tender walked up to him and asked
him the price of a dozen eggs. Tha
farmer answered: "Forty cents a
dozen," and as there was an extra egg
In the dozer he wanted three cents
extra, but ie bartender wanted It
'thrown In with the bargain."
"Well," said the one who sells the
liquor, "X will take the egg and treat
you to a drink."
"All right." said the farmer. When
they came to the tavern he was asked
wnai ne would tirink, to which be re-
"Well, I alius drink sherry with aa
egg in it."
And they say farmers buy Ka'd
bricks. PhlladeljhUi Time.

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