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Will sell at Public Sale at their corral tit
Kenna, N.-.M., Saturday, June 3rd, 1916
most all with calves at side. 11 of these are 4 year olds, ,as choice a bunch of
young cows as can be found any wnere. l ne otner i neaa ages run irom to i-
years. Among these is OUR BESSIE, No. 203815, sired by OAK WOOD HESIOD,
aqa na nr.i nv.SSTI?. "KYmATT Tliia is niiA of Mm heaviest, cows in the
I 1 H , 1UI1J, JUlVJlLi - ' . - . . - . " " " -
country, her weiglit running from 1G0O to 1700 pounds when fat. She has carried
. off several premiums at the Texas fairs. Her bull calves have S'jM for $450.00
eacl) at weaning time. .
ESTELL A 3rd, calved March 23rd,, 1003, and EMMA'A- of May 9, 1903; both sired
by COLUMBUS 12th. Their pedigree runs back five or six generations.
All are good blood of the Columbus, Corrector Fairfax an(I Hesiod famil'.
OUR HERD BULL, Hesiod Lad 43rd, 422172, was 3 years old, April 15, I91G.
This is one of the best individuals in the valley. .
6 BULLS one year xkl. Big, strong, ssppy fellows. '
7 CHOICE HEIFERS, one year old. ' All well marked and in good shape.
. Each individual will be tagged with his or hr nnme, age and register number.
Will serve coffee free. There will be lunch and other refreshments on the
A. G. PI RTLE, Clerk.
C. H. PRICE, Auctioneer.
many people never have their share of this world's
good things is because they fail to cooperate with their
own interests, many of them without thinking to be
sure, but never-the-less to (heir own injury.
For Instance' If you at e not patronizing your home
bank you are not cooperating with one of your best int
erests. You surely know that a good safe bank in your
community substantially enhances the value of your
land. It helps you get a" better sale for your cattle and
produce by keeping constantly on the alert to bring buy
er and seller together to the bots advantage. It is not
altogether through selfish motives that your-home bank
solicits your cooperation, but the interests are mutual.
We m?ed your patronage and cooperation to increase our .
strength find ability. You need your home bank at it's
best strength and ability, for it speaks welt for your
community, enhances the value of all your property,
finances your business in a pinch and keeps the wolf
from the door. We need you. You need us. Let's co
operate, we, will meet you half way.
. P. T. BELL, Cashier
The Kenna Record
D. C.' SAVAGE Editor and Pub'r
Entered Febuary gth 1907 at the Kenna,
New .Mexico, Post Office, as second Class
Mail Matlei. - -
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advertlsclne mtos made known on application
Mrs. EIrod and uaughter
Helen and son Taylor returned
Tuesday from a several weeks
visit with relatives in Indiana.
Mrs. Nancy Lee very recently
purchased seven nice two year
old heifers of Joe Cooper at $75
AV. J. (Bud) Wilkinson is still
confined to his room in Roswell
with a very sore foot, caused by
a strain.
Messrs Wynn and Ellis of
Panhandle, Texas, were here
Tuesday trying to buy 2 year
old steers.
Misses Sanlheson, Texie Ev
ans, Helen El rod, Beatrice
Cooper, Georgia Ann Smith and
Mr. Pnce Crume left this morn
ing for Silver City to attend the
Summer Normal term of two
months, beginning May 29th.
Mr. Cross of Maker Flat pass
ed here Thursday morning with
something over 200 cows with
calves at side, enroute to Estan
cia, N. M.
Mrs.' W. B. Jones came 'home
Tuesday from Parson's Sanita
rium where she has bten under
treatment for several weeks.
We are glad to note that her
health is greatly- improved.
The wind last Saturday set
the old Frte Coinage saloon
building off of its foundation
and left, it looking as if it 'need
ed a lamp post to lean against.
Frank R. King came in from
Amarillo Wednesday, and left
Tlnrsclay for the ranch IS miles
cast of town.
r, H
- 'Everyone is busy planting.
Fred Messick and Verna. Wix
on were in Elida last Saturday.
Miss Bessie Simpst.n came in
from Texas, ani is visiting Miss
Rose-Davis.' She says New
Mexico locks good to her.
. C. C. Davis surprised his
friends when the report came
in that he was married. He is
erpecled to letutn to the Davis
ranch in a short time with his
bride. -
Ernest Mullens and wife of
near Thoinhan was shopping at
Frog. City last Friday.
Eil Wixom is able to get
around again. He got his foot
hurt two weeks ago in a gaso
line engine.
We had a sand storm last
Saturday winch will cause some
of the crops to 1)3 planted over,
Oliver Lantberth of Judson
was at the Davis ranch last
week on business.
I'M GUtnuu and family were
veiling iit Frog City last Sun
day. Mivj.' V. I K Li-awn spent Sun
day with fiis. Cuilen.
Louis (' io-m was hurt while
For District Attorney
I hereby announce my enndi
dacy for the office of District
Attorney for the Fifth Judicial
District, consisting of Chaves,
Curry, Eddie, and Roosevelt
Counties, subject to the primar
ies and conventions of'the Dem
ocratic party.
Democratic Nominees.
As Expressed By the Voters at the
Primaries, May 9th, 1916.
County Clerk -
County Superintendent
plowing 'with his lister last Fri
day. A leaver struck him in
the head, knocking him sense
less for a while, hut he is up
and going again.
Little Woodrow Culling, the
son of Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Cul
lins died on the 29th day of
April, and was laid to rest at
New-Hope on the 30th of April
- .
Mieses Atka and Allie Strong
cilled on Miss Thelma Morris
1 ist Sunday.
C. B. Peters made a business
trip to Kenna Tuesday J. W.
Jennings made a business trip
to Kenna Tuesda'y. '
Jackson Deering was a Ken
na business visitor Tuesday.
The Olive Sunday School is
getting along nicely. Their
Organ arrived this week and
was brought out Tuesday by
Jackson Deering. Wo trust
this instrument will be a source
of help in the Sunday School
work. How nice of the people
that donated this nionay so
generously for a good cause,
much ; raiso and many thanks
are due them. May their names
be held in good remembrance.
I have between 50 and Co head
of cows with calves, from 2 to C
years old, at my ranch north
west of Kenna. Prices right.
Address jie for further informa
tion, at Kenna, N. M.
G. T. Littlefield.
Card of Thanks.
1 wish toox press, to the vot
ers of Chaves county, and to
those who interested themselves
in my campaign, my sincere ap
preciation of the splendid vote
gien me at the Democratic
primary conferring upon me
the honor of the nomination.
Soliciting your hearty support
at the general election, and
your continued co-operation for
t he advancement of the schools
of Chaves county, -
I thank you,
Mrs T. W. Hayes.
Walter Long Buys Cows.
Walter Long has purchased a
car-load of two-year old heifeis
from II. E. Hicks at $90 around.
Eggs.. ..15c
Butter 20c
Cream , . . 25c
Hides, dry .. ..25c
Beans 5c
Fat Hons 10c
Kansas City, Monday, May 22,
1916 Cattle prices advanced
around 25 cents last week, and
closed firm. The supply today
is 10,000 headj same as last
Monday, and strong conditions
are again effective. In addition
sellers got a heavy fill on every
thing, trade was active, and
cattle went over the scales car
rying the whole fill. The feat
ure today was a train of 2G cars
of cattle and hogs from Broken
Bow, Nebraska, which made
the 370 milrt . run in 22 hours,
and contained steers at I9.G5
and $9.85, the latter "price top
for the day. Rulk of the beef
steers range from $8.G5 to $9.50,
there being no longer anything
that can be called cheap. Stock
ers and feeders held up strong
last week, and are firm today,
and if there ii to be a season
able break in prices this month
there are no signs of it yet.
Sales range from !7-Co to $3.75.
Kansas City, Thursday, May
25. Hogs receipts, 8,000; mar
ket, lower. Bulk, $9.G0Vr9.85;
heavy, $-9 80($9.90; light, $9 50
"(9.75; pigs, $8.G5r9.25.
Catllo Receipts, 2,000; mark
et is strung. Prime fed steers,
?9.80y10.35; western steerH,
$8.7510.25; stockers, $7.25W)
!.0o; calves, $6..V'M1.00.
The little shower Sunday
night gives us hope that we will
have rain before long.
The closing ' exercises at the
school Friday night was carried
out very successfully and there
was a good audience present.
Mrs. Estella Barren who has
spent about a year here with
bet.- brothers, Grant and B. W.
Nevvlin, left Thursday for her
home in Illinois.
Miss Lila Beatty went to Ken
na Saturday to spend a few
days with Mrs- Geo. Benz.
Mr. Cato and sons received a
carload of pasts last week and
are hnulirj them' out to use
on their homesteads in Rock
Valley. .
Mr. and Mrs. Matter went to
Roswell the last of the week.
Mrs. Emma Lee left Tuesday
morning to spend some time
with her son at Bay, Arkansas.
Mrs. S. S. Squire closed her
school in Rock Valley, Friday
n'ght with jm ice cream supper.
A couple of Mexicans work
ing on the R. R. track here last
week got into a dispute and one
knocked the other over the head
with a maul handle and then
slashed him across the body in
several places with a razor.
The injured man was sent to
Clovis the next morninsr.
Buford McCarter left for El
dorado, Oklahoma, Monday.
The Kenna Record, 1 yr...$1.00
The Sunday Roswell Star
1 yr - 50
Both papers one year for,, $1.25

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