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The Kenna Record
D. C. SAVAGE Editor and Pub'r
Entered Febuary Jth 1907 t the Kenna,
New Mexioo, Post Office, as second Class
Mail Mattel. ...
Subscription $1.00 Per Year In
Advetlseln- rates made known on application
G. A. Eversmier of Ranger
Lake was a business visitor in
Kenna this week.
' Miss Lena King left Friday
morning for Portales to attend
the Roosevelt county Teachers'
Col. John Assiter and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Assiter of
Ihornham, returned Wednes
day fiom a visit toRoswell.
M. A. Kimnions of Pickton,
Texas is the guest of his two
brothers here, Lee and John,
this week.
L. M. Carmichael and family
left last week for Cisco, Texas,
for a few weeks visit with Mrs.
C-iiniichael's mother and other
Mrs. J. B. King is in town to
meet her daughter, Mrs. L. M.
McKinney, and children, of
Sherman, Texas, who are ex
pected to arrive Saturday morn
ing. The junk dealers, who have
been camping in the Dr. Thorn
as residence for the past several
weeks, finished loading their
car of hones Tuesday and have
bhaken th-j dust of Kenna from
their feet.
Mrs. Edna Malono of Austin,
Texas, daughter of VV. P. Lit
tlefield, and Miss Alice Boone,
daughter of Mrs. Mildred Boone,
came Friday and will spend
stma time on the Littletield
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Smith
of White Flat, Texas, formerly
of this place are now taking a
few weeks vacation here with
heir daughter, Mrs. R, L. Rob
erson aiid many friend of
Frederich 11. and son, G. A.
Eversmeier of Ranger Lake
have sold their land and leases,
consisting of 1725 acres, to
Brown & Harrington, giving
possession some time this fall.
The price obtained was not
made public.
On Monday of this wet:);, Mr.
and Mrs. Joo Cooper gave a
dining in honor of Mr. M. A.
Ximmons and daughter, Miss
Inez, of Pickton, Texas. Other
guests present were Mr. and
.Mis. LeeKimmonsand children,
and Mrs. J. A. Kin.mons and
The students from this place
to the State Normal at ilvei
City, Misses Georgia Smith,
Bi-aiiice Cooper, Helm Elrou
TVxio Evans and Mr. Price'
Crume all returned thij week
after a very pleasant and suc
cessful term. Ertch one expres
sing their appreciation of the
Institution and feeling confi
dent of their having made good
grades which will mult in a
certificate for each one.
A number of thoroughbred R. C
Rhode Island Pullets at 50c
each. I). C Savage,
Kenna, N. M.
Eggs '.17ie
Butter ... .20c
Cream ; 2-3c
Hides, dry 25c
Bean3 . .. . oic
Fat liens .... . , -. i ; , t 8c
Country Lard 15c
Country Bacon l5J17c
Kansas City, Monday, July
24. The break last week stop
ped cattle loading for to-day to
a great extent, and ; receipts
dropped to 10,000 head. There
was a light run at all the mark'
ets, and prices opened strong,
unevenly higher, some sales
called 25 cents up.
Top steers sold at $9.90, not
up to tho limit of the market by
about 50 cents. Choice pulp
steers sold up to 9.35, same
price the same cattle brought a
week ago. Kansas wintered
steers are scarce, but are quot
able up to 8,50. Some plain
1100 lb steers sold at 7.45 last
Monday, showing that neatly
all the decline on that kind late
last week was regained today.
Oklahoma cattle were plentiful
to-day, and the movement from
that section is now on for good
balance of the season. Best
Osage wintered steers sold at
7.99 to 8.25, good grassers G.50
to 7.50, light grass steers G.00 to
(5 40. Quarantine steers were
all from Oklahoma, best at 7 05k
10 cars of Wilson & Selfrfdge
steers from Okmulgee, 1202 lbs
at 7.50, light steers 5 75 to G.50,
cows 4.50 to 5.40, 30 cars in all.
Best cows in native division sold
at 7.50, good cows G to G.75,
veals up to 11.00.
The low point of the year was
touched late last Wi-fek, sales 50
cents to Sl.00 below the open
ing of the week. A good many
buyers appeared to-day, and as
theiun was far below expecta
tion, prices stiffened 10 to 20
cents. The good cattle sold at
G.50 to 7.50, useful cattle at 5.75
to G.25.
Receipts were moderate last
week, packers were bearish and
the market was 10 higher.
Quality is good, and weights
are heavier than heretofore, 20G
lbs. last week, 10 lbs heavier
than same week last year. Top
price to-day is 9.80, 15 cents
above last Friday, and bulk of
sales 9.50 to 9 70 in spite cf the
depression last week, the situa
tion is regaided as strong, and
no further break is expected at
this time.
The market w-ts 10 higher to
day following weakness every
day last week. Eight cars of
Idaho laml)3 topped the market
at 9.90, 72 lbs. average, natives
sold at 9.50 to 9.75, yearlings
worth up to 8, wethers 7.50,
ewes $7. Receipts are running
very light, 4700 here today, snd
the supply promises to run light
for a month to come. Feeding
lamb3 6ell up to $9, breeders
7.50 to 8.00, light young ewes
to-day at 8.50.
J. A. Rickart,
Market Correspondent.
Kansas City,, Thursday, July
27. Hogs Roceipts, 8,000;
higher. Bulk, 9.55(49.75; heavy
9.70&9.80; light. 9.009.70; pigs;
pigs, 8 75cT9.25.
Cattle Receipts, 5,000; steady
Western, .steers, 7.00i(9.25:
sloekers, G.00t3.23; calves, 0.50
11.00. ... . .
Sheep Receipts 0,000; strong.
Lambs, 9.80(10.35; yearlings,
7.75(38.25; wethers, 7.25y7.85.
James Whitcomb Riley
Hoosier Poet, Is
lndianapolisj July 24 The
body of James Whitcome Riley
will he in state in the rotunda
of the capitol from three o'clock
to nine o'clock tonight.
President Wilson telegrauhed
the family "I am , sure I am
speakingfor the country in ex
pressing my own sense of loss".
James Whitcomb Riley, the
Hoosier Poet, die at . l is home
in Indianapolis Saturday night
at 10.15. The immediate caust
of his death was paralysis. II-v
suffered a severe stroke Satur
day morning at 10:30 ana from
this he never recovered.
James Whitcomb Riley was
born in 1853 and was known
throughout the country as the
"Hoosier Poet." Perhap3 no
other American poet is so well
known by the children. He
never married, his nearest rela
tive being a sister, Mrs. Mary
Pa 1 1 y e of Ne w Yor k .
"Every pint of whiskey a
man drinks shortens his life by
eleven hours, and every pint of
beer he drinks he steals 25 min
utes from his life." ''The fore
going statement," says Tom
Thompson, "is m ule by an em
inent temperance writer and it
is mostly bosh and rot. I can
take a pencil and show by fig
ures that if evepint of whis
key Gib Childers has consumed
had shortened his life by eleven
hours, he would have died nine
years before he was born."
Oswego Independent.
A 'Call For
Kind friends, have you heard
of the town of No-Good, on the
banks of the river Slow, where
the Some-Time or Other scents
the air and the soft Go-Easies
grow? It lies in the Valley of
What's-the-Uso, in the province
of Let-Her-Slide; it's the home
of the reckless I Don't-Care,
where the GiveltUps abide.
The town is as old as the
human race and it grows with
th? flight ot years; it is wrap
ped in the fog of idler's dreams;
its streets are paved with dis
carded schemes; end aio sprink
led with useless , tears. Unknown.
- Public Land Selection
Republication by order of Uenernl Luna Otnee
' letter
(Port Sumner. 0U7KM "O" MLH July 15. lorn)
United Stales Lund Oltlce, Tort - Sumner,
New Mexioo, July !r.tl.
Notice Is hereby irlven that the Suite of
New Mexioo. by virtue of the nets of Con
Hress approved June St. 189H. anil June to. ivut,
and acts supplementary andamendatorT there
to, lias llled In this ortloe selection list for the
(ollnwlnir described lands;
Serial 013. 'KM. List 71.11.
NWN'S Sen. M, T. 4 s , K.SJE.. N. M. P. M
containing liSO acres.
Protests or contests ftKulnst such selection
may be llled In Hits ofllce during the period of
publication hereof, or at any time thereafter
before final approval and certification.
A. J. lOvans, It"ulsler.
J SK A 25
We want five hundred men, women
and children to visit our store, see
what we have to sell, get prices and
buy if the goods and prices suit you.
We will meet all competition in
prices, quality considered. Satis
faction guaranteed or noney back.
many people never have their share of this world's
good things is because they fail to cooperate with their
own interests, many of them without thinking to be
sure, but never-the-lcss to their own injury.
For Instance! If ym are not patronizing your home
bank you are not cooperating with one of your best int
erests You surely know than a good safe bank in your
community substantially enhances the value of your
land.- It helps you get a" bettor sale for your cattle and
produce by keeping constantly on tho alert to bring buy.
er and seller together to the best advantage. It is not ..
altogether through selfish motives that your home bank
solicits your cooperation, but the interests are mutual,
We need your patronage and cooperation to increase our
strength and ability. You need yoUr home bank at it's
best strength and ability for it ppeaks well for yoUr
community, enhances the value of all your property,
finances your business in a pinch and keeps the wolf
from the door. We need you. You need us. Let'3 co
operate, we will meet you half way.
P. T. BELL, Cashier
A good rain fell in this com
munity Monday the 2-it.h.
" Charles M. Stobbs came in
from Flagstaff, Arizona, where
he has been for some time.
We are glad to say that Mrs.
Guy Miller is improving from a
long period of sickness.
Mr, William McCalley and
Miss Estella Gibson were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ira P.
Assiter Sunday.
E. L. McBryde has moved on
the II. F. Honham place which
he has recently bought.
It is reported that Jack Kerry
has the finest field of corn in
this community.
Miss Elsie Bayliff and Misses
Carnelia and Bettie Stobb spent
a pleasant evening with Mrs.
Geo. Smith, Sunday.
Henry McCown left for Texas
Thomas Nichols is on the
sick list. Has been for a month.
W. J. Stobb and Jess Hath
cock have the prospects for a
few heads of maize this year.
George Smith has just rt turn
ed from liosweil bringing a
largo supply of dry goods and
groceries for his store.
W. J. Stobbs and son have
fenced the school taction, No.
The Valley View meeting con
ducted by Miss Anna E. Stobb
closed Sunday evening, having
a largo attendance and good behavior.
Henry T, Jones motored over
to Ft. Sumner last Saturday.
Mr. Deering motored down to
Koswell, Tuesday. Mr. Stroud
accompanied him.
Henry T. Jones made a busi
ness trip to Eli da, Wednesday.
Mr. Hutchison, who is drilling
a well, struck water at a depth
of 100 teet or more,
Mr. Peters wae in Kenna,
J. F.Bynum, former resident,
came in this week from Texas,,
to see after his business here.
Mr. Stroud made a business
trip to Boaz, Friday.
.Mr. and Mis. Harvey Lucas
and daughters, Miss Cecil and
Nannie, returned to Oklahoma,
Seth Long and C C. Cloppert
attended to business in Kenna,
Mr. Morris and family called
on Mr. and Mrs. Peters Sunday
Two young Poland China
sows, one with six pigs and one
with eiirht intra. TwpIvo hi ru
trrado sheen. For riVuf .. A
1 1 inquire of C. M. Barber, fore
man ot Coal Shoot, Kenna, N.
M. J 21-2 1

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