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HowAltt Your Stock
i l
Perhaps you nee.d a wbid-bik, a.she,'
fcjed or salt trough ye t have,; the, yer
lumber you are looking for alsQ mater
ial for that new wind mill tower.
A full supply of stock salt--bIock or
The Kenna Lumber Co.
Kepuhliranlsm Mcli, 4, 101:
Annual Foreign Trad.',
Dnnrieittcy, Aug. I, 1!1('
Annual Foreign Trac.o
vnnilc lilv.ril'trt
$2,26 l.tfh.Sf $4,.WO,0(f'0,00;
a 7!! ?xV .nV cV cnV cnV tNV nV aCNV pV jr A
We are running a general hospital for sore
footed horses, broken down cairiages, Log
gif-p, wagons, automol.ilee, broken or worn
plows, etc., etc. Your patronage solicit
ed, and satisfaction guaranteed,
JOHN M. MIM5, Kenna N. M
Maketha Gilder Your Home When In Town
jt fNA jV ..V TN. .tyy 1
aa a '''i' alaaV aa,aa abV
New Fall and Winter
Goods Now Arriving
We are now receiving lots of New Fall and Winter
Dry Goods, Underwear, Hats. Caps, Shoes for Everybody,
Men's Heavy Coats and Pants, lied Blankets, Comforts,
and numerous other items you will need for winter.
Come in and get your supply while ou" slock is com
plete. Our prices are always th lowest.
L. C. Denton
General Merchandise
Mr. Stroud made a busine s
trip to Kenna, Monday.
Mrs. E. T. Johnson, who was
011 the sick list is better at Ibis
Rov Clayton was an Elida vis
itor Monday.
tl'ho following perplni cal'eil
,ru Mrs Stroud and f'amil v Mon
day. Mr. and Mis. Bvll and
baby of Portales also Mr.' Hell's
father and mother, and Mrs.
Johnson. Th-y mnd the trij
by auto.
Henry T. Jones was in Elida
.Wednesday on Business.
Hicks Sturman, son of Mr.
and Mis. J. F. Sturman, eritor
ed Elidi High School last Mon
day as a freshman,
A. O. Wilson calkd on Mr.
.fon?s ThUrNlay.
Our Net Foreign Indebteduo'is, 6'vr Forefgn Indt-btednosS
founded! pud floating, r'd'iVce(l by haif.
.? . ' 1 ''.V,--.
. ntfrxcitol coyest.
DoinrtinGliH of thrf Interior T.l S. Land Office
it tioswell, N. M., S.fpt. 2.",,lWlti. .,
To JoVin H. Wii-sliqm.n, pf Ilonz.N. M.. (Record
Addreiw), (loiitcsieq: ,
Vou re liemby m0(J'J. ttiat. EnW Kiiy-
hendiill,.wlniKl.vc Valloy View, y'- Mpxiiso,
an hl,ponb)ffi(!c iditreH did on sept. I Hh. HUB.
Mle In tills oftVaeli!" duly uoroborntct iippllrndon
to contest iind scciire llm ; cAiicclliitluii of yenir
liomentcRd entry, No, Cltmr,. mnde Keti. IDtli.
told, for W'sSKWl KMsWU! Sc. '.'(: M'jN'WU
and VVliNKU. SPe.J'l, Touhlt) 1, H , tlmnre
:ll. E, N. M. I Meridinn, and as xrouinl for
hiH contest ho alleaes Hint you have wholly
abandoned said ti net of land for more than six
months last oast that you tme never etal-
iMied residenee on the land since llilnir.
Vou are. therefore further notified that
the mild allegation Will M talien ny ihlt ortlce
as IlitVifllf ItHt-ti eoiifeiiti b.r roll, and your xald
entry will be canceled tiie'reUndn'r without your
further right to be heard therein, either before
this office dl- oil appeal, If you fall to file In this
office witlilit twUilty ihtyn after Hit) Fol'ltTII
publication of tills ilntii'e; as shown llc'low. your
unswer. UiliWr oatll, specifically meeting and
respondbiS In tbeao allrmttMisof eoiiteit, or if
you fail ttlthln thilt tltne to tile Ih this office
due proof that .;oti have served n copy of your
nnswer oh the siiid coniestant either in person
or by reitlstertfl mall. K this sdrttee Is made by
tile delivery of ft copy of your answer to the
contestant In pe'rSoh proof of such service
must be either the sil Id contestant's written
aelmowleu'i.'nieht of his receipt of the copy
show mil the d le of Its Its receipt, or the ntll
davit of Iho (tgrsdn U.v Whom the delivery was
made strttlnir when and where the copy was
delivered: if made by rb(rlsteied (null, pioot
ot such flervieect)nsist of tbe amilmlt Of tbe
person by whom I'opy wtts mailed sthtlnirwhen
and the posl oltlee to W bicli It W as mailed, and
this aflidavlt must be accompanied by the
postmaster's receipt forthe letter.
Yousliould stale in your aNswer the name of
Cost office to which you desire future not Ices to
e sent to you.
Kmmett Patton, Ileglster.
Date of first publication Sept. 8(1. l'lie
" second " Oct. 6, !WI
" third " Oct. 13. 11)10
""fourth' " Oct-50, l'il6
Mr. Johnson and daughter,
Miss Jeanette, and son, Buster
were Olive visitors Monday.
Henry T. Jones made a busi
ness trip to Ft. Sumner, Friday.
Mr. Deering and family who
are off to Teras on a business
trip, are expected home soon.
Mr. Schick assisted Mr, Ear
nest LobseeUer, Monday, fn
moving his house.
Esniay would have sneered it jou
bad said, "A wind of destiny" when a
rain squall whipped half a letter
from his loosely-clasped fingers and
sent It sailing high over the tree
Certainly It would never full under
Juliet Kavenel's eye. Any others ho
could flout or bailie, but hers, sharp
ened by an acutely-sensitive Jealousy,
would read not only what was iu the
lines, but betweeu them.
Carolyn should have known better
than to write so, he reflected irritably.
Yet he had been unreasonably augured
to And no touch of sentiment only a
gay and apparently genuine cama
raderie when he had been assuring
uimsclf that he hud broken her heart.
Public life allured him. How Caro
lyn had glowed when she came to
liiiow of it. The worldly-wide trick
ster who had sought to advance him
bad said: "13ut take it frou me, sou
if you niurry her and try to keep cu
living up to her you'll be a failure it
ivill break her heart to see." Then
after two years of struggle Fate had
thrown Juliet and her millions in his
Sho was thin and dark, piteously
alone, just turned thirty and so rath
er older than he. Sho was narrowly
iuspcious of men and their motives
ind well she might uo--scores had
.tied to marry her on the strength of
her expectations.
Just then came Noroert Esniay to
captivate her uiterty and thereby make
h'er.lpok at life' from a fffffcrettt vlew
f.olnt'. , arally, Esmay liad1 d'c'cW itiittitivd
deeply, lie had acted1 honorably , ervetf
laying the caso before Caioiyh and5 Wdk
ding her decide it for him'.- SlVe' hud
ansvfcrod him In a single sentence:
"Unless I bade you take the goods' the1
gods provide I could not sign myself,
as I do, always faithfully your friend,
Carolyn Dare."
He had accepted her Verdict and
now the wedding was only a week
The storm was over, the afternoon
ldW sun struggling through the last
moving (Jlo'udtf, At that moment a cur
came swiftly til) thd drlvo.
Before he could rush down the two
flights to the hall be heard Juliot'a
voice demanding peremptorily:
"Where in Mr- fcsmrty? I want him
at once1; '
"Right here In persoitf" Estnat an
swered, coming forward with arm3 out'
stretched in welcome'.-
Juliet had come in the pmpany of
Old Judge Nixon, the wiliest of the din
appointed prospective' trustees who
hnd held and managed the Ravenel es
tate until time had compelled them to
give it over to its legal owner.
On the way to make a final appeal
tb his strong-willed ward, the wind of
destiny had drupphtl Carolyn's letter
plump Into his lap.
Regarding it as a providential intei'
poKition in his favor, Judge Nixon had
taken it straight to Juliet, bidding her
read 11 and be cautious.
"Come! We will face him with this
tsgether!" she had said, her eyes
emitting sparks, her lips a livid line.
Now, a gray-faced statue, she hand
ed the sheet to Esmay, saying hoarse
ly: "I brought It because it seems
"Thank you! How kind. It Is Im
portant rather!" Esmay returned
with a reassuring smile. "You don't
know the good sort sho is. I am sav
ing all the letters that come to me
about you see, they are to begin the
book I mean to make for you the"
book of our life together "
"H-m! Any coupons?" Nixon inter
jected cruelly.
Es may smiled placidly. "I hope so.
Redeemable at the bank of happiness,'
he said. i
Juliet broke, a sob in her throat. "To
think I I distrusted you surely,
Norb6rt you can't forgive me,"
"There Is nothing to forgive " Es
may began magnanimously.
Judge Nixon stepped to tbe phone.
"You won't mind If I call up Miss'
Dare?" he said skeptically.
Juliet broke into violent protest,
but Esmay nodded, smiling outwardly,
though not quite easy at heart. Still
he trusted Carolyn she had intui
tions like lightning. Juliet crept he
side him, laying a timid hand on his
arm he slipped It half about her and
was remorseful to feel her meager fig
ure tremble like a leaf.
He began to tremble in sympathy.
Suppose Carolyn should blander after
Judgo Nixon was shrewd but cross
examinations by long-distance nas its
disadvantages. He tri.;d to bo non
committal. The third question let
Carolyn know her letter had mado
trouble so clearly that all three
heard her as she called: "Surely,
judge, I wrote n beautiful letter
don't know just what it said but the
formula Isn't copyrighted. Mr. and
Mrs. Norbevt Esmay are welcome to
use it when they felicitate me yes
I'm going to marry. When? Oh, as
soon us Billy Wickham gets his new
house done and aslto me. '
Juliet pushed the Judge aside, say
ing brokenly into the receiver: "I
can't wait, Carolyn. You know I'm
not sn:trt like you but but you've
made me so happy. God bless you,
"Amen!" came faintly over the
i-'opyrlght, lull, by Mri'lnn- Xi-wspa
pi r Syndicate.)
SubKCiib'j tir the K- ni a
Protection for tbe Home;
"t' 4Won ii-ir el KuJnd nd wit it tk
welfare of their ekildirs.
The husband wotltt Itvd t ptorid lot Ihea, t4
would be glad to know how oral to ufefawd them.
The wile works hud, loo m the home ami m
equally intercut-d with her huiband m iuii4 am
ui anre prote cuurt mch that offered' fey aKr
Postal Life Insurance Company
torht: MM
mi ;,M.ae
K T.'-.-UaJs!
taaa (CS.aM
tit? 6o$r LOW w Tfir
lit. CommiiiDiTi-
aindl ermponrlin to X fVWi
rWtot-ttti trtlMr ttxnpantn pay M4f
ttrt'rVfs, tb mudTitf dtrn.'-
i.itf r1trvf to Pvrtkl fuliry
lVvVlir ih Art jr
Slid, fln&vml Ctmmit
Ion DlrMtfK) m4 OHkt
Expert SciffefScoverM 7 Um
Folii jIk'Iui'II In ntr.ti,iit j can.
Srd. afln,.ln Ih, rluM ol
It.r yfmij Jtar. ti nul cnlii.
r,nt p!irf -tl"-l Iritdk !,l ,n tli
Oitiir.an,', noitm Mill fnrttir
f.duf ia ttM ,fcFb ra, alur
tl trat
It will pay you
to dnJ CtM jutl wlint tlie POSTAL LIFE can nj
will do lot Van The Company tuuf all the
Mandard Icgal-ieierve poliey.(oim: k tuppliet lull
peraonr.l information M all applkanu .
won- -n and young people and dttUnce Irora New
tffk doat not l.indei. Juit write and ay i
"Mill me Ute-lniurancc particular I
for my Bgt-'' "!. M sure to tiention 1
Ibis Paper.
In ycui Uaei be ivire to gite '
. Yovr Full Same
2. Your Occup.iloit
3. The Exact Date of your Birth
The request lor informa'fP oUcei yo0 undet M
obligation! and no agent will trill lo iU yon.
The Pe-ual Life doe not employ H' tul give ita
Policyholders the benefit ol agents' CoouniaaioaM)
the firt yeor smd Tory ether.
Postal Life Insurance Company
li!MAl.ONt. t"tnlrKr;
(lliirty rnaswu 5otNty TOPk)
1 lirUBAl.
li IiiIUj'
i!li i !.
i .,. .
J !li II. S. l-'i.ri'iir.i Palents.
,;.&S!9 lh v A". "lf at OH' t r
02Mmr. & VAN MATER,
foIurtib'jCopvriqSi & Pt. Co.fnC
S i' I lit t -I, drawinur it plioto.
',, 1 1. Moriiuio I- 'Sc"" '!
01 i -ir i .ini:yinii a patent,
tt will pit t? All lir.miilie ill
' aaver-
II ,'HrH)l): nil tMlrnls s'nf KM..
For Partridge, Wood
cock, Squirrel or Rabbit
Shooting; the
No. 101
Dfi inch barrel, wctlii 4 lbs., take-down.'
For4l X L . 41 W.C F blurt nd 44 'jiin, -
tlt Pile Only $5.00 .VOOT;
NoothiTtmreorcatigcof ithot- A'
gun nit'iliciont uiuk-r ut'fvat -vv u'yJ
a variety of eondttiwtis. " i.
&'nj for drtilo4
crinlton and "OUNS AND
Ml M 4tmUn -Miflf TCVCN
P.O. Ban 500S

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