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W" KEMAs cbaves Gouty, new hexico, Friday. February 23, 1917. ho. 2.
' Ormttsst Xw. .-iOS
toTmrtment of the Interior, tT. S.
1trxi Office at noswell, N. M ., Jin. 37. 19'17.
To Kdward I. Watts of Jldns, New Nrexioo-.
Yori are hicby notified that ErVy jr. Mo-
Wrefror. wbo Hives Jens. N, M., as, lin pos:.-
offlceaddress. did en tyeocrnber SB. IHO, -file in
thisotrioe hlsduly corroborated application tp
contest and scoure the .cancellation. ,fif your
lid;, Entry. Serial No, (5114. made August
l"ir, for West half. Section B'i, Township $
S.'. Hnnge ns E.. N, If. P. Meridian. Mid as
grounds for bis contest he alleges that said
enVryinAn never made settlement upon said
homestead entry nor established his residence
thereon, arid that said trail In v not settled up
"ii, cumtBtrii huh w.proveu vy sain pany as
retired by law. TliaHhe alleged falVure to
reside upon, cultivate an'd Improve -said home
stead entry Was noi due to service in the Army.
JraVv it Marine Corp'-, of the t'nlted Slates or
in the Ma.tlohhl Guard of the tevtfrai States
how in the service bf the United States. '
You are, therefore, further notified that
the said allViratlrins will he taken as eon
leased-, arid your said entry will be canceled
Without further ritrtit to be heard; either he
hire thlsntlloe or bh appfcah if youfnll to file
ih this office Within twenty days after the
fllt'Ittit tiuUlicatlon o tills nolioe. As .si'ioivjfi
below. Jrofiff iinswe'r. under oa,tb', specifically
respond inijr to tpse , a!letfal.ons,Jg,. . contest,
Joie.tjher wltjidue ;rof .that you have served
.a, qopy of, your answer onhe said eontestatit
ei her lu person-or by registered mail.
i You iSbouM state in your answer the name
of the post oBtoe to which you desire future
notiees to besent fewyou. 1 -l
ii c- f iiil EmmettPaiton.R.eirlsterT
Pate of flrstiptibHcatlon Feb. , I'.1T.
- " second " I'Cb 16, 1817.
" " Ahitd' " Feb. 3. 1017.
" " fourth " Marcli S, 1917.
Miicfc iDk ft Kmc Arrow.
iepar-trricnt 6f tli'e in'terW, 1 8.
tatfd Office hi rtoswel1!, N Jan. 4, 'v
I'Notlee is hereb.y ivn that Thi'm'ias ,)-'
Una. of ftpaz, 8. M., who jn Keh.,-.uMe
n.E.. Ser.la.1 No. PSt3r:,. for Us annenUeij"'',
K!iS.W..SW.!SW.w.! U:ratid SV.-KN:
Section is. Township 7 S.atnnefeM M
P. Meridian, hasflledjliottoe Of ;taten- I
nuke Fjnsl, three1 yea .Prosf, ito ie'Ush
laim to.tl.e land abo.ve i. deacribeil. to:
Pan C. Ravage, U.p. Jommisaiyner,-in
Heeat Kenru.:.,.oritKeb7,,l7K. x
Claiinant name ag wiiiiestsesj
Charley K, Netz, ,Prtver,, I.. , fisher, jpry
Krnst, John D. Ketner, nil qf rioar, N. .V
f ' ' ! ' I I . Jl ' (
, Kmmett Pation. Rct
Jan. io-Feb. 9'V.. . )
oilr'e tor tuiilibntio'iV.
Departriieht, 61 , thfe Interior U. S.
Lnd Office tit Roswell, N. M...' jArt'.j 191".
Notlco is hereby elVen tliat Norn B. f!ul-
of New Hope, N. M.. who. oii V W:
made 11D. F,., Serilil Xb, 0?B"Sl. foR'l. Sett;
26, Ttvp. BS., ft. 31E.1N. &t. l. rfd'i!an.,h''s'
filed riotlcft of inteniion It), np'ikln'til tuVe'e"
je'ar Privpf;,i. t'o..,P,'biiiili .fJlm.J
above descrlbed.'befpre.nnn (J. ;ee. Ij.'ff.'
Commissioner, in his ofllce, at Kei. N- M. on
Claimant - namec Aa witnses: ., ..
Alfred W. Messiclt, KdirarJ. Sfln. 'I.ouie
Q. Gross, these of New Hope. N. liohrrt
C. Raker of Judaon, N. M,
Jan. 26-rtb.33
Notice of Publication
Tou will take notice that a suit has been filed
at!it you In the DHtrlct Court of the Fifth
J.ui1ielal District of tlie State of New Mexico
lpap. fofChjOves county, wherein Frank Good
i'A.VrixInil und,,T, M, Sherma.n , and., you, the
Mi t&ti 8. M. Ch'erriih. n're defentl'aritS, said
rune being number 13PM upon the Civil Dock
et of said Court. - . ;
Tie nature of plaintiff's demand and the
amount thereof, are as follows: The plaintiff
l th defendant: J. M. Sherman, upwi
promissory note ieemi and delivered by
lh "hid rthrRiilJabt: a. 1. sJi.et-lnahi tb the
liiaihtih'.iBtft prays Judiemisnt thereon or the
Until Of bbts ttioilsand dollars, with ItitereHt,
b't?: and aUoi-ney's fees; and Oiat said note
ftk'flHibtfs K cijiiJiiunily .(Iciit f the) apid de
te"fl ut. who are allea-eil tti V tuh.nia and
wife: and the iphtintlff demands Judrsmer.i
auaiust the defendant, Mrs. Z. M Sherman.
utMin a promissory note for the sum of one
hundred dollars, wilh interest, costs an l at-!
torney's fees, which said note she executed
jni'fUvered to the Kenna Bunk and Trust
liouni-i the illalnlirf having rhrned said tlnte
nil stlrety for the said MHi. B. Mi Stiermani that
she failed topay ssid m te tojiaid bank Hnd the
plolhllff was compelled to pay said note for
iiBh site tltereby bteominc indebted tb htm In
tilt amount atoresnitli
Voii are further notified that your Jfroperty,
to wit: all voitr interest; riifht and title In find
to te nbrthwest riilarter of Sectiotl twenty
five iA ihe riortllaast fliiarter of sectlOri twenty-slit,
all in township Ave south of ranir e twenty
nine east o! the New Sioxiao Principal Merld
lan. New Mex'co, has been attached, and that
unless you apoear and plead or answor In said
caue on or before the Mth day of March.
1917, Judgment Will be rondered against you
and jTiir property will be fold to aatlsly the
Yi are further notified that W, A, Htansell
hffe postomce address is Kehna. New Mfex
lito, and G. L. Reese, whose post ofllce Address
is Poi tnles, New Mexico, are attorntj s f"r the
AVllfcess my hahdahd the Seal nt ss'd court
ILitfTTle bd day of Fehi llary. llT.
(Signed) It, F. HAf.LARD,
scalI District Clerk.
Fs MV. Deputy.
Xotlce for Pabllcaion.
Department of the InrIor, U. S
Land Office at Ifoswell, NeW Mexico. Jn.
J!. IB17. (,'
Notice Is hereby Klven lbt Join M.
McBeath. of Richland, N. M.. rho on Dec. 17,
P)H, made IID.E., Serial No. f 13, for NEK,
Seetion JO. Township 0 8.. Iuse36 E N. M
P. Meridian, has filed noti.e of intention
tp make final three year Roof to establish
claim to the land above deprlbed before r.
A.Coffey, U. S. ComniissionA, In his office at
EUrta, N. M., on Feb. 28, l)i
Clairriatlt tiathns SB UtnesBea:
John W". Jod'es. Alviri. R.,T-elz'ef:.. AUtlit W;
Schwartz. Lou! H.Faw. allp'f HlctfliViidf., -flf,
. Emmet ttaton, Reiiti
Jan. Se-Feb. 23. j
Departrtlblit of the Ihtef'fo?, ti. . LSfld
Ofllce, at lips veil; N. M.,Feb. ipli.
Notice ;is Uoreby tvenjiiat Ja.syer N. Lkj)!-
talr; oi ki Jiuanu. K. .. yuo. on rep. , rut,
oiaoe 1 1 0. E. Merinll'ri. Wilt tnr t FM,
See. 27, Township 6 S., Ranji M B.; II. fl-t
Meridian, has tiled notice' of intention to rnske
final three-year proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before C. E. Ooebel. V.
S. Commissioner, in hi office at EaKleh1UN.
M.. on Mareh 8i 15)17. "
Clalmaht flktUS 98 WUn'fiBSfJ'
Walter Calten IjocKS; jftiliii - Jb'ne.li
Claybern itUhopi Jr.i ClayberH riikBofli li cf
Rli hland, N; M:
J'!th'ifibttli;attbn; Registkr;
Feb. 16 Moil. 10. "
Notice ior fubllfatlori.
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land Office, at Roswell, N. M..
Feb, 6, liiT.
Notice Is hereby given that Claybern Bishop,
Jr.. of Richland. N. M.,v.lio. ou Jan. S9. 1H,
made HI), Ei Serial No. OSC212, for NKSEK.
Serf, J-JI I'wp.frfl.ittngt! 3-N., N. M, P, Merid
ian, has Bled rlbiioS of intention to fbahtt
final three year proof to establish dlsliil to I tit
lund abore de:ribert before C. Fi. docbsl. t?i
S. Commissioner, in His ofllce. at Eagtehlll. Nj
M.;on MtroiUO; lfllT.
Claimant narrJes as ivltneStieij :
Walter Cahen Locke, Joiin W. iohM. JUt
per K. Landfair, Claybern Bishop, all of Rich
land, N M.
Kmmett Pation. Register.
Feb. 16 Mf'h. 1.
Nolle for PHbllcalluai,
Department ot the Interior, U
Ind OtBee at Roswell. N. M., Jn. 25, 1017.
Notice Is hereby given that Lonnle J. Pate
of Faglehlll, N. M who on April 1, 19is
snado HD. E.. Serial No. H315:if, for E!
eo. :i. Township l-S.. Hance 34 E N. M. P.
Jleridian, has tiled notice of Intention to make
final three year proof to eslablis.il claim to
the land above desdibed before C. E. (ioebel
V. S. Commissioner, in his office, at Easle.
Bill, N. M..on Meh. 7. l'H7.
Claimant names at wltneasea:
Albert Q. Atkinson, Sr.. Dave Atkinson,
ltube Burden. Abe Bonarilen. ail of Eaglehi1),
K. M. I
- Kniuiett Palton, Register.
Ktb. . Mch. .
, FOU SALE Fivo woik ahil
lii'ood mares. Seo Ifoyvhdton
Cai.tQr, Elida, or J. iVlkniela
iiear lveiina.
Circular No. 52:5.
Btoclc-Raisi ti1?. H'onf esteacl Act of Dice mbsr
2, ttff&fraVifctio. 290) frtfrtructions.
(CoiiVihbtVioin last wcek.j
7. The entries liera'mbefore expla-rriij.il' nisy be perfected tiy
proofs submitted within five years ato Vleir dates.- on a
showing of compliance with the proyisions thitee-year
law (act of June G, 1012-37 Star.. 121), except CtOt e.perHli
tures fcr improvements mint be shown in lieu of UiV rf'Mwa
tan required by that act. Tlio entry man must show WHi
MS ricturtlly used the land fotruisinj; stock and fora-e cmf
for not les's ttiaH tlre ye.ira, and that he has made) permanent
improvements u'poM the- land, having an arigate value of
not less than $1.2; per acre, rtntt tendinK to increase the valuo
of the land for stock-raising purposed fnd at least i.ne-half of
tlte' Improvements must be placed upon the tract within ihreo
yEti-'a sfffe'Mlle flat of the entry.
.k to fesKknOe-,- this tiUisi hsomiiinued for three yea:'? ul)
.fjc't id the' ptlvile'd Cf rt five" nUiltlN' absence in each vAt,
(iisfWe Into- tw'tf fkividti ( clftjiml liU$ emUt on the resiV
dVnce pVrftx'i oii tfcc'jifiit tit military ROi'it' iltlllnp; ti"ne of
vya'r wj'll Ve dUoweii sin oil dlU'if luiiiltfstead fliltrin. It must
appear at tlVe ti'n'ie.o pfoo(.tm het& k lh(?n a habitable
house on the land;'bul rt.Wiibt b'e'cotthled in estimating tlie
value of the permanent iinproveViVentS" req4iired' to be placed
on the tracts, as above stated.- If the entry" corifpi istR- t'tfo
nncontiguou? tract'the resi'd'ence hi'a'y IVh oVvei'tliPf.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office, Kort Sumner, New Mexico,
Jar.u:ry26, 1917.
Notice is hereby given that the
State of New Mexico, by virtue of the
Act of Congress approved June 21,
UDZ, and June 20, 1910, and Act sup
plementary and amendatory thereto,
has filed in this office selection list
for the following described lands:
to wit:
List 7721, serial No. 011608.
S 1-2SWM Sec. 5 S., T, 5.. R. 30 I. N.
M. P. M-i containiag SO arrcs.
Protests or contests against any or
all of such sections may be filed
In this offloe during the period or
nuhlication. or at any time thereafter
beforo final approval and certifica-i
Fb. It-Mclu 16.
. . .1 V , I .h,l M , . I .
8 Under section i of the act. any person- navni a nome-
' ... . " ' I J. SI I.) i. , i
stead entry for land which sliall have been uesignateir unuer
this act, upon which he has not submitted final proof,- rn'ay
make entry of contiguous designated lands, which, with the
area of his original entry, sliall not exceed (UO acres. On sub
mission of proof on such additional entry, he must show roii
dence on either tract to the extent ordinarily required, but
tij! WdrMiiV'd q credit fur residence on the origii al tract be
fore or after ' t?c" dte tho adlitionai entry; he must alto
show improvements on ihc PHtronal tract to the value of
1 25 for each acre thereof. Pi oof on" (f:? additional enti y
nny be submitted within five years after its allowance, when
tllS I'enubite reddence can be shown, hut not before submW
sion of rOCf't)ii the original entry. Proof on -the original
entry must be' submitted (iiulel' tho provisions of the law pur
suant to which it was made and within its life, ai limited
thtretiy brt subject to tliat condition, on-3 iroof may be sub
mitted on the two ent'i?. jointly.
J. UndeF section ft of the act any parson who has submit
ted final proof 'on rift entry Under the homestead laws for land
designated ui.der tliis act', who owns ai;d resides upon said
ltutC may e'riter land sddysignated Contiguous thereto, which,
with tlie area of his original ent f, shall not exceed 010 acre?;
and ill order to acquire title t!f:.ota it if? necessary only that
ho shriw lif expenditure on the additional entfy of $1 '2j per
acre for improveiitenti of the kind above described. At least
half of uch expenditures niu'St made within three years
after allowance of the entry. Proo fiiay bo tubmilted at
i.ny time within five years after the entry is alidvYed.
10. (j) Under section 0 of the act, a person, oUierwi.-te qual
ified' to make homestead entry, who has a perfected or an un
perfected homedtead entry for less than 040 ac es of land
whifch shall have been designated under this act, on which he
retides and which he has not .ld4 and who is unable to mako
a full additional entrv under the provisions of section 3 there
f fir tin re.iso.i that there is not sulllcient available land
within the twenty-mile limit to itlord him the area to which
h is otherwise entitled (as abeve indicated;, may make an
entry for the fell area of tUO acres within the eamo land dis
trict provided he sliall leliuquish tho original entry, if not
perfected, or leonvey the land to the United States, if final
certificate has issued then for.
riVJ If proof ha- not been stibmitteu on u.e ongmm r..uj
must, with his relmquihment, furnish his alli.lav.t, cor-
Xotfre for rcWlftlov
department of the Interior, U. S.
r.and Oflloe at Koswelf. N, M.. Jan. ti. 117.
Noi'ce it here'oy fiveu tlt Ous. McCli'n
of Kaitlelilll. N. M wUo et." t. l"t.
made HI) K., Serial 1N0. PS5)M. fi- e.
11, Townsblp d S . r.ante HI N. T. Pi Vr.
iUan has filed notV'e ot istenflon make
Final Three Yesr Prorf. to establish isloit
ti the land above described before C . Pfrf
bcl, V. .S. Coram'oaioner In his office,-
:iKllll, N.M.,onMaroh7, 117.
ClalniBnt names as witnesses:
Albert, (. AtWnon. Sr., Dave Adklnson,
Rulic Hardin, r.onnia J. Pita, allot Ktdehill,
Sew Meiioo.
Kmroet I r-at'.oc. R'risier.
'b. Meh. !,
S6TH VOK iublicatio?i;.
Department of tW I-nterlorr U.
fand Offlce a t Roswell. N. ti Vb:-lH; imT..
Notli-e is hereby given xhtl THoma A
Knlelit, of nlcblamt, N. "!., who on hi 4',.liri;
made. HD. K.. Serial. No. 03107.'. for W,
Sec. J. and N!3S!i, Section Tp. 7-S.. Ka'ia-e-MK-.
N.M.I'. Meridian, has filed notice or
intention to wake Dual three-jearlrroof, to
1 establish claim to the land above desorlhc4.
before C. A. CofTey, U. S. Commissioner, In
at KlMa, N. M . on March 7, 1117.
Clniant names as witnesses:
Ja-nel Undsrson, Joseph C. Foutch,
jsm.'S A. Vi ',iJ"l,n W. Williams. all of Kli-h.
land, N. M.
Vsb. J:-Meh. S3
f'M-ls; No'. ".'MS3.'
Department of the lnterlar. V. S; Lowd'
fifflee, a! itoswell, NW Niiexico.-Feb Wt
'tft William llainey, of Hock! Now WfrtrOl-
( e!rd addrea). Contested-'
YcAftfre liereby notified that Drf r'.- Hsvate
wlrrt irlvrt Re ma, N. M. as Ills ttofhee'
4d'rfrvV(fMtAi January lll'i. 11. file?) if
I'fn'ce" Ids iMfy owtbnratel applU stlon to rtw
test! aWl1 ieeu'Te? thtf cancellation of rnnr home:--stead
etitr SetlO'l Sov Oli.w.1, made Jan. XI,
1010. for SW'A Sea. W, 8K'4 Section 3. Town
ililpG S.. liangre 53 F... Nr M' P MerMlnn. ami",
as grounds for his contest he HflB9- that yooj
Iwve wholly . aboptloned said tr of' lonej
fof owe than six .wars l-t past; XYtwt your
absence fferMtte lmu li not due lo iSl. -
ment In mllitniy sWr'Vw rendered in connP
lion with opera' ions in Av or Kn tha
borders thereof; or In moMIUdf ie ;smt else
where, 1n the military or nival ovsn1tlsis
of lira United States or the National nw4
any of (h (wvoral mates.
You are. thOfov, further notified that tht
said allegations will re 1sl;en by this ofllce as
bavins been confessed by yu and your niicl
uniry will be canceled thereunder wlibout
your further rlirht to he heard therein, either
t-rf'trfl Oils office or on appeal. If you tl ti
file in thirto-Plae within twenty days after the
FOUltTII iiibll(J1ln of this notice, as shown
below, your answer, under oath, specifically
meeiinu and respondlnif to tltew aKeaat ions of
nrtffst, or If you fail within that tftnefw tile
inlilitxrfbe'o due proof that you have aerveil
a copy of yt'tlr answer on the sid contestant
either in person or t reulsiered mail. If thf
service is ninde by the delivery of a copy of
of such service must be either the twld con.
teslnnt'a written Bchnowiedirnient of hk re
eelpt of the copy, showing tlie date of it
receipt, or the nflldnvV of the person by whom
tlie delivery was made stating when ami
where the copy wns delivered; if made iiy
re'ifHterenl mail, proof of such service nuns
consist of tlie KtUdavit of tile person by whom
the copy wns niiiilf.l statlnn when and tb'i
post olhce to which It was matleVI. and thit
allidavit must be accompanfexl by the post
imiHtcr's receipt for the letter. You should
stale in your answer the name of the post
office to which you itesire future notices to
lio sent to you. Kmtnett Pattoi., Iteuister.
Itateof flist publication Keb. S3, lit ;
' second " Mh. t. ltl."
' third " Mch.9. 1817
"fourth Meh. 16,1017
showing that
..... 1 A ?.. rata 1 Ma hv two witnessi-s.
at the time of filing application under this act ho resides up.
on the land covered by said entry, that ho has not sold, trans,
ferred or conveyed the land or any interest therein, or made
a contractor ag.oementso to tL, and that there is not with,
in twenty miles of tho land embraced in his original entry, a. (
ba'cUf land of the 'character described in this act, of area;
dillicienv to makti up1, with such original entry, the area he w
entitled to enter ,
Continued on paga 1
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Offlce at. Ib'swell, X. 1 I'eb. 6. 1H7.
Notice is hereby nlven that William H. Carro l
of Richland, N. M., vrlio on Auv. lM'JIS, made
HD JR. Serial No. OITtM. for Srolion t
Twp. S HonireSo K N. M. 1 Meridian, list
filed noiice of intentioo to make Final three
yeiir proof, to estsblifch claim to the laud
above rtesclbed. befoie C. K. tloe'jel. U. 8.
Yuimiuissioner. In bis Offlce at liuk-ir bii:, N,
M.,on March 10, 117.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Isaac U. Carroll. Arthur M .farroll. Beuja
mm l' lllnslcy, Ilenjaniln V. A 1 fort, all of
New Hone. X. M.
Kimnett r"attor,. Reglsier.
-eb. I Mull. 1.
I have my new Spring and
Rummer Stylo 'Book a.' Come in
and let rrte take oi' masure.
tti V. Koberson,

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