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Children's Laughter a Pleasing Sound
i I
Altoona, Pa. "I am writ
ing to tell you what Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound has done for me. We
had six children die almost at
birth. From one hour to nine
teen days ia all they have
lived. Before my next one
waa born I took a dozen bot
tles of your Vegetable Com
pound, and I ean eay that it ia
the greatest medicine on
earth, for this baby is now
four months old, and a
healthier baby you would not
want. I am sending you m
picture of her. Everybody
says 'That is a very healthy
looking baby. ' -You have my
consent "to show theso few
lines to anybody." Mrs.
C. W. Benz, 131 3rd Avenue,
Altoona, Fa.
' Mrs. Janssen's experience of Interest to childless wives.
Millston, Wis. " I want to giva you a word of praise for your wonderful
medicine. We are fond of children, and for a considerable time after we
were married I feared I would not have any. I began taking Lydia E. Pink
ham'a Vegetable Compound, and it strengthened me so l now have a nice,
strong, healthy baby girl. I suffered very little at childbirth, and I give all
the credit to your medicine, and shall always recommend it highly. " Mra.
H. H. Janssen, Millston, Wis.
Mrs. Held of Marinette, Wis., adds her testimonial for Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. She says t
Marinette, Wis." I was in a nervous condition and very irregular. My
doctor advised an operation. My husband brought me one of your booklets
and asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound. It overcame
my weakness so that I now have a healthy baby girl after having been mar
ried nine years. I am glad to recommend your medicine, and you may use my
letter as a testimonial?' Mrs. H. B. Held, 830 Jefferson St, Marinette, Wis.
There are many, many such homes that were once childless, and are now
blessed with healthy, happy children because Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has restored the mother to a strong and healthy condition, as it
acts as a natural restorative for ailments as indicated by backache, irregu
larities, displacements, weakness and nervousness. .
Women everywhere should remember that most of the commoner ailments
of women are not the surgical ones they are not caused by serious displace
ments or growths, although the symptoms may be the same, and that is why
so many apparently serious ailments readily yield to Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound, as it acta as a natural restorative. It can be taken
with perfect safety and often prevents serious troubles.
Therefore if you know of any woman who is suffering and has been unable
to secure relief and is regretfully looking forward to a childless old age, ask
her to try Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, as it has brought health
and happiness into so many homes once darkened by illness and despair.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon "Ailments
Peculiar to Women " will be sent to you free upon request. Write j
to The Lydia E. Pinkhara Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts
This book contains valuable Information. ,-"'
fc cdDPJSf niPAirndDM
A iveh
Take a good dose of Carter's Little Liver
Pills then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
They cleanse your system of all waste matter
and Regulate Yonr Bowels. Mild as easy to
take aS SUgar. Genuine tear ilgnalut jtanrttZaC
Small PilL Small Dose. Small Price.
Just aa Bad.
Art Critic "Have you ever been
lone in oil?" Vanderlop "No; but I
have in steel common."
Important to Mother
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOItlA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and children, and see that It
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Ca6toria
Behind the Times.
"Flubdub nays he'd like to take the
road to yeeterdny." "Well, he's ull
fixed for It, with his ancient flivver."
Rather Mixed.
"What is his walk in 4ife?"
"He is demonstrator for a new auto
mobile." .
Freshen a Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cuti
cura Talcum Powder, an exquisitely
scented convenient, economical face,
skin, baby and dusting powder and
perfume, nenders other perfumes su
perfluous. One of the Cutlcura Toilet
1'rlo (Soap, Ointment, Talcum). Adv.
Miss Muggins "I'd Just like to see
man kiss, me." Miss Pert "What
a hopeless ambition."
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on' tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
21 years, and proved safe by millions'. Say "Bayer"
SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an "unbroken package" of
genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," which contains proper direc
tions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheu
matism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and pain generally. Strictly American I
Bandy tin boxee of 12 tablets xwt bat a few cent larger peek
AnMrtD to th. utd. mark ( B.y.r HuriMin .1 MonUcMl4u ti SeJUlloiwU
The Kitchen
Cabinet iv j
(. 1921, Western Neweoaper Union.)
Christianity wants nothing o much
In the world aa sunny people, and the
old are hungrier for lovt than tor
The oil of Joy Is very cheap, and If
you can help the poor with a Gar
ment of Praise, It will be better for
them than blankets. Henry Drum
mond. .
The following -suggestions mny be
helpful In using up ham In various
Ham Cakes.
To three cupfuls
(more or less as
to size of the
family to serve)
o f hot mashed
potato well sea
soned add from
one-hnlf to one cupful of minced hnm.
Beat well and add a beaten egg. Form
into flat round cakes and brown in
bncon fat, ham or' pork fat. Serve
piping hot
Apricot Charlotte. Soak one-fourth
pound of apricots In cold water to
cover over night Cook in the same
water until soft adding more water If
needed.. Soak one tablespoonful of
gelatin In one-third of a cupful 3f cold
water, add one-third of a cupful of
boiling water, the Juice of a lemon,
one cupful of sugar and one cupful of
the apricot put through a puree strain
er. Cool and when the Jelly begins to
thicken bent until light then add the
stiflly teaten whites of three eggs and
continue beating until the mixture
holds Its shape. Chill and serve with
whipped cream.
Banana Pudding. Grate fresh co
conut, pour over it a pint of milk, and
cook twenty minutes In a double boil
er. Drain In a cheesecloth bag, press
ing out all the liquid possible ; return
the liquid to a double boiler and add
one-third of a cupful of cornstarch
mixed with cold milk to a smooth con
sistency; stir until the mixture thick
ens; add half a cupful of sugar and
one-half teaspoonful of salt ; mix well.
Slice five peeled and scraped bananas
into a buttered baking dish, pour over
them the juice of half a "lemon, add
the mixture from the double boiler and
let bake fifteen minutes. Serve hot
with cream and sugnr.
When men and women are rightly
occupied, their amusement grows out
of their work as the color petals out
of a fruitful flower. John Ruskln.
Canned cherries lend themselves to
a variety of tasty dishes. Cherry pie
is bard to equal
when well made
and baked.
Cherry Pie
Take two cupfuls
of s 1 6n e d and
stewed cherries,
one cupful of wa-
tpp. nno.llblf mm-
, ....... ukr
rui or sugar, tnree tablespoonfulg of
cornstarch mixed with three table
spoonfuls of cold water. Cook to
gether the cherries, sugar, water and
cornstarch paste. Pour Into a lined
pastry plate and cover with lattice
strips and bake In a hot oven.
Cherry and Pear Cocktail. Dice
two canned pears, mix with one-half
cupful of pitted cherries, pour one
cupful of juice over all and chill.
Serve In long-stemmed glasses, ice
Rhubarb Sherbet Take two nnnnrt.
of rhubnrb, cut fine, add two cupfuls
or water, two tablespoonfuls of ginger
root, chopped, two and one-half cup
fuls of sugar. Cook until soft Add
one teaspoonful of gelatin, stir until
well dissolved. Strain, cool, nrtrt Ixa
tablespoonfuls of lemon Juice and
xreere. unis manes two quarts.
Rhubarb and Raisin Cocktail. Boll
one-hnlf cupful of large seeded raising
In one cupful of water until plump.
Cover with one-fourth of a cupful of
orange Juice and let stand two hours.
Add one cupful of stewed, strained
rhubarb and more water if desired.
Mix well and serve Ice cold vetth .'
slice of orange as a garnish for each
Creamed Dates. Boll one nmfni
suenr with one-third of a Mmfii
wnter until it threads. It should take
ibout eight minutes. Beat the whites
of two reus until stiff, nrtii
eighth of a tenspoonful of cream of
. ii . i . i .
imuir. riTimio uiit'imu pound of
dntes bv removlnc the stnnea
stuffing with blanched almonds. Put
these Into the hot sirup, Immediately
addimt the beaten whites. Stir ran
rapidly until Just creamy, removing
from the fire. Serve as a compote
with whipped cream or as a garnish
for tart baked apples, custard or a
gelatin Jelly.
Prominent New Hampshire
Woman Says Tan lac
Brought About a Won
derful Change in Her
"Tanlac is a grand medicine, and I
think every suffering woman ought to
know about it," wns the statement
made recently by Mrs. Aurora I5nr
rette, at her residence, 133 Second
Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.
Mrs. Bnrrette is a well known and
highly respected resident of thnt city.
"I have not felt at all well for the
pnst year or more," she continued. "I
haven't been sick enough to be In bed,
but I was far from being a well
woman. At times I thought I had
kidney trouble, for I suffered almost
constantly from severo pulns across
my back, Just over the kidneys. When
ever I tried to do any housework at
all that dull pain would be there, and
if I attempted to stoop over, it Just
felt as though my back would break.
I would get so weak and worn out
I would have to sit down and rest
severnl times a day, and I felt tired
all the time.
"This condition made me awfully
nervous, so that I rarely ever slept
well at night, and every now and
then I would Jump in my Bleep, as If
In a fright, and my condition wns
really becoming serious.
"Only two bottles of Tanlac have
brought about a wonderful change In
my condition. In fact, the resulls I
have received from this medicine have
really surprised me. Those terrible
of Manchester, New Hampshire
pnins In my back which used to trou
ble me every day have almost disap
peared, and I am going to keep on
taking Tanlac until they leave me en
tirely. I have lots of energy now, and
am not only able to do my house
work, but I get through the dny with
out feeling the least bit tired. I am
no longer nervous like I was, and 1
sleep well at night.
"I shall always be thankful for
what Tanlac hns done for me." .
Tnnlnc Is sold by lending druggists)
everywhere. Adv.
-4 ha
Early Presidential Inauguration at
Which There Waa an Abundance
of III Feeling.
The 'first Jefferson Inauguration had
more drama about It than Us three
predecessors. The President-elect wns
received upon the portico of the new
ly completed north wing of the capl
tol by Aaron Burr, whom Jefferson
cordially distrusted. And the oath of
office was administered by one of his
bitterest enemies, Chief Justice Mar
shall, who had been appointed to of
fice by Adams In the closing dnys of
the administration, an act which Jef
ferson regarded as not only au Im
propriety but a personal affront Jef
ferson's feelings toward Burr and
Marshall were well known.
Then the new president was escort
ed to the senate chamber, where he
iellvered his Inaugural address, one
of the most notable of all such
speeches. He was afterward escorted
to his boarding house, where he re
ceived the congratulations of the for
eign diplomats and of the leaders of
the popular party, who rejoiced Over
iie defeat of the Federalists.
"It requires dollars to get into the
fast set."
"And sense to keep out of it"
Material Called Lamb's Fleece In Syria
Merely Went by Another Name
In England.
A certain young globe-trotter, pos
sessed of more money than brains, was
recently traveling In Syria. While
Journeying through the interior he was
prevailed upon by one of the sons of
the prophet to purchase at a very large
price a quantity of what was described
as Syrian lamb's fleece.
This, when he returned to London,
he sent to his tailor -with orders to
line an overcont with It. A few daya
after Jie called to try on the coat.
"You didn't send us quite enough
mnterlal, sir," remarked the tailor,
"and I had to get some more to Un
the sleeves."
"But," remarked the traveler In sur
prise, "it's impossible to obtain thak
fleece In England, It's only to be obr
talned in Syria."
"Not at all, sir," was the reply. "Ia
England we call It rabbit sklu." Mon
treal Herald.
Indispensable Things.
The wonderful new Inventions and
conveniences are fine, but the world
ennnot get along without such Indis
pensable old-fashioned things as kind
ness, courtesy and hands held out to
"Youngsters grow husky on
9he great hody-huildin talues
'whfch Nature stores in wheat
and barley, aTe retained in this
easily digestible food.
The uniojae, rweet flavor
of GrapeNuts makes it
a bij? favorite with both
children and adults.
"There's a Reason

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