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Why Western Canada Can Take
Her Pick of Settlers,
Opportunities and Conditions There
Appeal to the Most Desirable Pos
sibilities of Country Proved.
Wlille OiinmlH wnnls settlers, and la
pursuing every legitimate means 1o
secure them, It Is realized, as pointed
out by Hon. J. A. Cnlder, minister of
Immigration and colonization, that 'se
lection Is necessary, and In order to
keep undesirables out of tbe country
legislation Is pnssod Hint will doubt
less bnve tliU effect. As pointed out
by the minister, the class of settlers
which C'nnnda stands most ready to
welcome are those who desire:
Opportunity to acquire good farm
land, either free or at a cost within
their means.
Opportunity to live In a country un
der healthful conditions and llheruJ
laws and among nn Intelligent and
friendly, people.
Opportunity to live In a country
where children receive free public edu
cation and where all children are en
abled to start In the battle of life with,
as nearly as possible, equal advan
tages. Opportunity to live In a country
where Industry applied to the land
will produce something more than the
bare necessities of life, and will afford
within reasonable time comfort and
Opportunity to live In a country
where ambition Is not handicapped by
any creed, birth, or class, but where
every citizen has the right to aspire
to the highest position In his or her
chosen walk In life.
These are the conditions which will
appeal to the most desirable people
for this or tiny country, conditions
which, to a certain degree, make an
automatic selection of the fittest.
Canada possesses form lands In
large areas which may be had free or
at a cost within the reach of the set
tler of limited means. Vast areas are
available for settlement within reason
able distances of railways. Land val
ues have In the last quarter of a cen
tury received a tremendous Impetus,
no that any good farm land which can
atill be secured In Its raw state at
reasonable prices Is an attraction.
Such lands today are probably more
attractive to the settler than were the
free homesteads of the pioneer era.
The country has been tried out ; Its
possibilities have been proved ; the
trails have been blazed; the' founda
tions have been laid. Railroads, tele
phones and public roads have been
provided ; market towns dot the prai
ries and other agricultural districts;
schools, churches, and all the marks
of modern conditions of life abound.
Records which have been token over
a period of years cstublish the fact
that Western Canada's grain produc
tion Is greater per acre than that of
probably any other new country. It Is
worthy of note that the production of
grain per acre In many of" the older
countries has Increased with the In
tensified farming methods whfch the
very high cost of land made necessary.
This condition does not yet obtain to
any extent In Canada, and yet the
yield compares favorably with some
audi countries In which the cost of
land Is very much greater than It Is
In the fanning districts of the Do
minion. In most cases present owners
of Canadian farm land who are not
cultivating It themselves are willing
to sell at moderate prices and on
terms arranged for the convenience of
the purchaser, provided that the pur
chaser Is prepared to go Into actual
operation and bring the land under
cultivation and cause It to produce.
That Is the kind of settler which Can
ada wants and to whom It extends
open arms. Advertisement
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To seal in
the delicious
Burley flavor
j It's toasted. yN
Sk.... f : GiASS'- '
What Is Needed In Preserving Eggs for Winter Supply.
(Prepared by the United Btatea Deport
ment of Agriculture )
Coys -and girls who are members of
poultry clubs, or tho3e who are In
terested in any way In chickens, should
learn how to candle and preserve
eggs. Candling means the sorting out
of bad eggs before a strong light In
such a manner that the rays of light
come to the eye through the egg so
tlint the contents can be seen and the
condition noted. -
The shell of a newly laid egg has a
soft "glow" or "bloom" which Is a sign
of perfect freshness. This glow or
bloom is destroyed by handling, and in
any case disappears after the egg has
been exposed to the air for a short
time. After that It Is dlfflcult to dis
tinguish a fresh egg from an old one
by the appearance of the shell, so
candling becomes necessary If you
would be sure that the egg Is good.
Candle Eggs In a Dark Room.
Eggs can be candled best In a dark
room, by the use of a bright light In
closed In a box or case having a hole
a trifle smaller than an egg directly
opposite the light. The egg is held
at this hole for examination. An
ordinary hand lamp, a lantern, an In-
i v 1 ' $ ;
! , ... ' I
f Wr- v"-::--:v:..,a:; ; f J
A Shoebox and a Lamp Will Do for
Candling Eggs.
candescent bulb, or a flashlight can be
used. If you are using a box and a
hand lamp the box should have a hole
at the top, otherwise the heat from
the top of the chimney would set the
box on fire. A tester chimney made
of tin, such as Is used on a lamp for
testing eggs In Incubators, may be
used for candling, In which case you
would not need the box, as the eggs
are tested by means of a hole In the
side of the tin. -
A perfectly good, fresh egg shows
"full" and "clear" before the light
There Is almost no air cell at the large
end and the yolk outline Is only faintly
visible. A fixed air cell of one-eighth
to three-sixteenths of an Inch In depth
Indicates a fresh egg, as eggs run gen
erally. A larger air cell with a mov
able lower - line Indicates according
to sizes and fluctuations a stale egg
or one becoming weak and watery.
Very small dark spots sometimes seen
usually are blood clots. Large dark
spots, blood rings, and shadows are
due to heat and germination, and In
dlcate first stages of decay. An egg
that appears very dark or black, ex
cept for a large fixed air cell, con
tains a chick at an advanced stage
of Incubation.
Fresh eggs, properly preserved,
may be kept from six to ten months
and be almost as good for household
purposes as fresh eggs. Another rea
son for preserving eggs In water glass,
for Instance, Is the fact that they do
not acquire the objectionable "cold
storage taste."
Allow Three Dozen to Gallon.
To preserve 15 dozen eggs In wa
ter, glass these "directions are given
by the specialists of the United Stutes
Department of Agriculture:
Select "a five-gallon earthen crock,
clean It thoroughly, scald, 'and allow
It to dry. Heat teu to twelve quarts
of water to the boiling point, and al
low It to cool. When the water Is
cool, measure out nine quarts, put In
to the crock and add one quart of
sodium silicate, commonly called wa
ter glass, which can be bought at any
drug store. Stir well, so that the so
lution becomes thoroughly mixed.
The solution thus prepared Is ready
for the eggs, which moy be put In all
at once, or from time to time as they
are obtainable. Care should be taken
In putting thera Into the Jar not to
crack or break the "shells; also be
sure the solution covers the eggs at
all times. Put the crock containing
the preserved eggs in a cool, dry
place, and cover with a tight- lid or
waxed paper to prevent evaporation.
To preserve a smaller or larger
number of eggs, the solution should
be mixed and prepared In the same
proportions. .
Use Only Clean Fresh Eggs.
If best results are to be obtained
the eggs should be clean and fresh,
and preferably infertile. For this rea
son It ls-always best when possible to
candle the eggs carefully before pre
serving them unless they are known
to be strictly fresh. If an egg Is only
slightly soiled a cloth dampened with
vtnegar may be used to remove stains,
but eggs should never be washed with
water or soap and water, as water
removes the protective coating on the
shell and may tend to cause the con
tents to spoil. Never use badly-sotled
or cracked eggs. They may spoil all
the others.
Fresh eggs preserved according to
these directions usually will keep for
from six to ten months, and can be
used satisfactorily for cooking and for
the table. If, however, preserved eggs
are to be boiled, a small hole should
be made with a pin in the larger end
of the shell before placing thera tn the
water, to allow the air In the egg to
escape when heated, and thus prevent
cracking. , "
gfl F
"Dodson's Liver Tone" is Taking Place of Dangerous,
Cherhical, Say Druggists
Old Phosphate Fertilizer.
Bonemeal Is the oldest of phosphate
fertilizers and has long been in great
demand. In avullabillty It stands be
tween acid phosphate and rock phos
phate and Is particularly good on fall
wheat, clover and alfalfa.
- t
Do not delay overmuch In get-
ting off the first crop of clover; ,
often the early cut field will
yield a really worthwhile crop t
in September, and price or no '
price, clover In the mow Is a t
comforting asset when the win-
ter snows drift over the field t
and yards.
Specialists Define Terms Used In Fed
eral Standards Dockage Is
Easily Removed.
There are two terms In the federal
wheat standards which apply to for
eign material, explain specialists of
the bureau of markets, United States
Department of Agriculture "dockage"
and "foreign material other than
dockage." The terra dockage Is ap
plied to the foreign material which
can be removed readily from the wheat
by the use of appropriate sieves, clean
ing devices, or other practical means
suited to separate the foreign mate
rial present. Foreign material other
than dockage Is the foreign material
that Is not separated' In the screening
and remains In the dockage-free cam
ple and Is a factor In the grading,
definite percentages being permitted
within each numerical grade. Dock
age does not affect the grade.
Cut Clover for Seed.
Clover should be cut for seed when
most of the seeds have become fully
mature, but before the heads are so
dry that much slielllngwlll take place
while the cutting is being done.
Every druggist In town has noticed
a great falling off In the sale of
calomel. They all give the same rea
son. Dodson's Liver Tone Is taking
Its place.
"Calomel Is dangerous and people
know It." Dodson's Liver Tone Is per
sonally guaranteed by every druggist
who sells It. A large bottle doesn't
cost very much but If It fails to give
easy relief In every case of liver slug
gishness and constipation, Just ask
for your money back.
Dodson's Liver Tone Is a pleasant
tasting, purely vegetable remedy,
harmless to both children and adulta.
Take a spoonful at night and wake up
feeling fine; nn biliousness, sick head
ache, acid stomach or constipated
bowels. It doesn't gripe or cause In
convenience ail the next day like vio
lent calomel. Take a dose of calomel
today and tomorrow you will feel
weak, sick and nauseated. Don't los
a day.
Waiting for the Doctor. .
The waiting room of the doctor's
office was full of pntlents. The doc
tor opened the door of his private of
fice and called : "Who Is next?"
"Well, whnt do you know that's
news?" asked the doctor, as the next
man started to enter the door.
Before the doctor could shut the
floor of the private office all the peo
ple In the waiting room heard him
reply: "I Just was reading where Ad
miral Dewey has captured Manila bay."
No Flies on Cows.
To keep cows quiet and contented
they should be sprayed to keep flies
off. A good time to spray Is after
milking In the morning and before
uillkliig time In the afternoon.
Grow Legumee for Humus.
Productive soils must have humus.
It U cheaper and better to make It
at home. Grow legumes.
Red Cross Ball Blue should be used
tn every home. It makes clothes white
as snow and never injures the fabric.
All good grocers, 5c.
Writer Took Harriman's Advice and
Studied the Erie Line Before
Writing About It
Some 15 years ago John E. Cara
her, as a financial writer for the Wall
Street News Bureau, was assigned to
cover the office and affairs of the late
E3. II. Harrlman. He once boldly beard
ed Mr. Harrlman upon what financing
was In store for the Erie railroad.
"What do you know about the Erie?
snapped the great financier.
"Everything," assured the youthful
aspirant for Information, adding: Why,
Mr. Harrlman. I have ridden over It
to Patterson, N. J., and Nyack, N. Y."
"What I" roared Mr. Harrlman. "You
go at once to President Underwood
of the Erie, tell him I sent you, and get
transportation to cdVer the entire
system. Then you go out and learn
something about the Erie. Come and
see me when you return and I -will
answer your questions."
Mr. Caraher Erie-ed for a fortnight,
and after again seeing Mr. Harrlman
wrote- an Erie article that was well
worth reading.
Glass Workers Lose Sight.
Many of the workmen In the glass
factories of Venice begin to lose their
sight after they have passed their for
tieth year and soon, become totally
blind. The Impairment of vision Is
caused by the excessive heat and the
glare from the glass furnaces.
"Maximlllian Stone," With Unhappy
History, Is Now en Exhibition
at New York.'
A great greenlsh-whlte diamond,
known as the "Maximlllian' stone," Is
on exhibition for the first time In this
country at New York. Like all lorg'a
gems, this stone has a' history which
Is not happy. It was found In Brazil
about 1850 and in Its rough state
weighed nearly 50 carats, Ferdinand
Joseph Maximlllian, then archduke of
Austria, traveled extensively in South
America. While he was In Brazil he
1. .... . -1 . t . 1 . 1 . 1 1.1
uuuiu me uuiiuoiiu, 11 119 muu, lui a
price approximating $375,000.
The Jewel toduy Is in the same con
dition as It was when worn by the Em
press Marie Charlotte In Maxinilllian's.
short reign In Mexico.
When Maximlllian was executed a
commission wus designated to 'sell the
diamond along with other gems that
had been part of the gorgeous court.
The stone was bought by an American.
As part of his estate the diamond la
again to be sold.
Are Corns a Luxury?
When Is a luxury tax? Representa
tive Aaron S. Krelder tells this story:
. A woman went Into a restirurant and
ordered a plate of Ice cream, and when
she came to pay she hud a check for
15 cents and 2 cents was added to It.
She asked : "What does that 2 cents
"Well," she was told, "15 cents for
your Ice cream and 2 cents luxury
She paid It, and then she walked
across the street to the drug store and
asked for a corn plaster, uud she got
a check for 10 cents, and 1 cent added.
She sold. "What Is the 1 cent for?"
"That is the luxury tux."
"Well," she said, "this Is the first
time ! ever knew that corns were a
Now that Is the way It goes. There
are a great many things to be con
sidered In discussing tax propositions.
From the Nation's Business.
A gift Is something cheapest bought
and often dearest paid for.
Will You Have A lift
If you have reason to nelieve. as
many have, that a change from
coffee or tea would be wise, try
Postum Cereal
You'll find what thousands of
others have found complete sat-
isfaction to taste, and freedom
from harm to nerves or digestion
When coffee or tea disturbs, its
easy to get up where you belong,
with Postum
There s a Reason
Sold by grocers
Tlada bv
1 Postum Cereal Co, lac
Battle Creek.ttith.
imp s

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