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It Is Mercury, Quicksilver, Shocks
Liver and Attacks Your
Calomel salivation Is horrible. It
wells the tongue, loosens the teeth
and starts rheumatism. There's no rea
son why a person should take sicken
ing, salivating calomel when a few
cents buys a large bottle of DoO son's
Liver Tone a perfect substitute for
calomel. It Is a pleasant vegetable
liquid which will start your liver Just
as surely as calomel, but It doesn't
make you sick and can not salivate.
Calomel Is. a - dangerous drug ; be
sides, it may make you feel weak, sick
and nauseated tomorrow. Don't lose a
day's work. Take a spoonful of Dod
son's Liver Tone Instead and you will
wake up feeling great. No salts neces
sary. Tour druggist says If you don't
find Dodson's Liver Tone acts better
than treacherous calomel your money
tit waiting for you. Advertisement
Simple Explanation.
Mary and her cousin Susan were
placed In a room by themselves to
play with their dolls and picture books.
Tor half an liour all went well, then
there was a sound of lamentation.
Mary's mother opened the door to
learn what the trouble was and found
Susan seated on the floor loudly pro
claiming her grief to, the celling while
Alary, leaning on her elbows, chin rest
ing on her hands, was gazing nonchal
antly Into the back yard.
"Now, what's the matter?" mother
asked. 1
"Well, answered Marj turning her
face toward her mother, "both of us
wanted to look out at 'he day, and
both of us couldn't."
Even a sick child loves th "fruity"
taste of "California Fig Syrup " If the
little tongue Is coated, or If your child
Is listless, cross, feverish, full o? cold,
or has colic, a teaspoonful will neter
fail to open the bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself how
thoroughly It works all the constipa
tion poison, sour bile and waste from
the tender, little bowels and gives you
a well, playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has di
rections for babies and children of all
, ages printed on bottle. Mother I Sou
must say "California" or you may get
an imitation fig syrup. Advertisement.
Popular Guy.
First Farmer How's your son get
ting along In the city?
Second Farmer-On, Just One. He's
already on the, pool committee of his
Children's handkerchiefs often look
hopeless when they come to the laun
dry. Wash with good soop, rinse In
water blued with Bed Cross Ball Blue.
As long as a man is able to keep
out cf a dentist's chair he may be
able to suffer In silence.
A positive assertion xniay silence
argument even if it doesn't convince.
S2 t
Notice (his delicious
flavor when you
smoke Lucky Strike
it's sealed in by
tlie toasting process
More Galls Are
ade for Suits
It Is hard to pry the American woman
loose from her friend, the tailored suit
It Is one of her most becoming assets.
She likes It, she feels well dressed
when she wears It and hers Is the
figure that displays it to the very best
advantag6. And, observes a fasnlon
authority, when the calendar says that
autumn Is here, the suit bcomes the
first noticeable change In dress expres
sion. A prominent maker of suits a man
who has devoted the whole of his life
to the study of this one by-path In
women's wear said thut he hod had
Just as many, if not more, calls for
suits this season as he had had any
season In the past. This, statement
was made In the face of the fact that
the general Impression seems to be,
in fashion circles, that the suit is
losing some of its popularity. Now
this tailor believes that the suit can
! wL All I 3
Suit of Brown Embroidered Duvetyn.
never die. He says he knows that wom
en have adopted it for their uniform,
just as the men need the suit, for
theirs. He realizes the fact that wom
en diverge from the suit In many and
varied manners, but he says that this
costume as the foundution of a ward
robe is just as staple a thing as is the
coffee they ' drink for their break
fasts. You ask him : "Does the style of
the suit change?" and he Wlthertngly
answers that It jdoes most decidedly.
Then, if you look at It with an un
tutored eye, It Is hard to see just
where the changes come In. They
are subtle, and they are slow, but,
he assures you, they are changes, and
the last' minute of fashion standard
demands that they shall be made.
Length of Skirts.
The encouraging side of all this
slowness and subtlety is that it Is not
greatly noticeable that the old suit
If It Is designed along conservative
enough lines, will last on indefinitely.
And, combined with the smart hat and
the proper accompaniment of fur, It
does Itself proud In the marching
The lengths of the skirts in the
suits, It is nice to be able to say, have
not changed so materially that the
change Is quick to catch the eye. They
seem to be about the same, although
they are really longer than those ex
treme knee-length ones of the sum
mer. It behooves us to stop and think,
however, that certain members of the
community attempted these ultra
short affairs, nnd that most of the
suit skirts, In particular, remained a
distance of from ten to twelve Inches
from the floor. And that Is what
they are today preferably ten, but
rising to twelve where the figure Is
tall and slim enough to demand that
concessslon to its own proportions.
There is the sport suit for which
America and Americans have become
so famous; there Is the medium suit
for every occasion, and there Is the
dressy suit which, this season, has
dissolved Itself Into the costume dress.
But eftch is as popular and as neces
sary as the other In Its own way, and
each one of them Is destined to hold
a place In the season's fashions.
Among the tailored suits there are
mnny with coats that are very long.
That Is, they may safely be called
thpee-quarter length, for there Is only
a fraction of a skirt left showing be
neath the ending of the coat. 'Then,
these suits are cut In such a manner
that they can keep the straight, long
lines for any figure. They are totally
without fullness, to be sure, but they
have a miraculous way of keeping
stalght In spite of everything. Every
thing about them Is seemingly tightly
fitted. The sleeves are. Indeed, skin
tight and the armholes are rounded
and fitted to a -nicety. Sometimes
there is a belt set at a low waistline
and tied Into place, the exact placing
of the waistline being In accordance
with the Individual proportions of the
figure. Then, some of these three
quarter tailored coats are silt at the
sides from the bottom, so that the ends
have a trifle of "give" to them, not be
ing keyed to the line of the figure so
unrelentingly. A tailored suit of this
variety' was made with bindings of its
own material, which material was
broadcloth, by the way, and these
were cut almost an inch in width,
These were laid on as flatly as could
be around every conceivable edge
and stitched closely on either side.
The color of the suit was a dusty
taupe and the stitched edgings made
a good-looking finish. "
Have Low-Cut Revere. -
Most of these strictly tailored suits
have low-cut revers, so that the clos
lugs of the coat come just above the
waistlines. Then, this opening leaves
room for the whitest and daintiest of
French blouses, the latter being the
touch without which the suit remains
as nothing worthy of notice.
Suits with more or less of trimming
come to us from the French deslguers,
and, with a certain typo of woman,
are generally appreciated and worn In
this country. Most of these, this sea
son, are made with the longer' waists
and with slightly bloused effects at
the waistlines. Then the embroidery
Is used for a wide or a narrow band
around the bottom of the peplum, for
the cuffs, for the collar, and some
times for a band to run along the line
where the closing of the coat is effect
ed. One of these from Paris was
made In that darkest of brown shades,
which the French are pushing this
season. It was thn trimmed with
masses of silk embroidery In a slight
ly lighter shade of the same color, and
the trimming was concentrated over
the hips In large triangular sections
grouped of smaller triangular figures.
This was all the trimming there was
about the suit, for the cuffs of the
rather loose sleeves were left plain,
as was also the collar, which but
toned tightly around the throat.
Peacock Greer; Duvetyn for Blouses
-A Russian' blouse suit was made of
peacock green duvetyn with a very
thick andi heavy surface. The' bloused
section of the coat was long enough to
completely cover the hips, and under
neath that was a straight sort of pep
lum of the width of only about five
or six inches. There was a twisted
girdle of heavy silk threads with the
longest Imaginable tassels ending It.
And there were collars and wide cuffs
of krimmer In a, very durk gray shude.
Another suit of this same character
and general line of cut In a deep rust
shude had for trimming an arrange
ment pf heavy, loose knots of dark
gray wool that were massed together
quite evenly until they took on a sur
prising look of krimmer or some other
lamb's wool fur.
Fur, Indeed, Is used for trimming
many of the winter suits, but the fact
of the matter is that la most cases
It Is very sparingly used. " There
are straight, choker collars and the
smallest of cuffs, and only seldom Is
there a band of fur seen around the
bottom of the peplum. And the furs
are mostly of the short-haired vari
ety, for the rule seems to be thut,
when one wants fox or sable, then
the animal Itself must be brought Into
the limelight and fetlched as the piece
de resistance of the street costume.
Foxes are especially popular to ear
with the suits that are more or less
plain and unassuming In design. And
these are thick, bushy skins, prefera
bly gray or taupe. One of the smart
est costumes on the street during the
last few snappy, cooler duys, was that
consisting of the dark blue serge tail
ored suit, bound with black silk braid,
slightly fitted, and worn with a I'ght
gray fox spread over the shoulders
and gathered closely at the throat A
little, close, black turban with a bit
of a veil completes the costume that
Is perfect for just this season of the
year and Just the demands of the
weather and the time.
Caracul In the sand color and taupe
and gray dyes Is the favorite fur fer
the criraming of suits. Also, the black
caracul is one of the most-liked furs
of the moment
U Uw U U U V2U U X
Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer."
WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets,
you are not getting genuine . Aspirin prescribed by
physicians over 21 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets Bottles of 24 and 100 All druggist.
Aspirin Is Um trade mark of B; Manufacture of Moaoecetlctcldester ef Ssllclleacia
She Was Dumb.
An attendant at a certain Institute
for the deaf nnd dumb was under
going a pointless rapid-fire Inquisition
at the hands of a femule visitor.
"But how do you summon fhese
poor mutes to church?" she asked
finally with what was meant to be
a pitying glance at the Inmates near
by. "By ringing the dumb-bells, madam,"
retorted the exasperated ottendunt.
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root.
It is scientifically compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaspoonful doses. .
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
and overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root. If you need a medicine, you should
have the best. On sale at all drug stores
in bottles of two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure anal
mention this paper. Adveri.isen.ent
Up to Oad Now.
"Daughter," said Mr. Grabcoln, "has
the young man who is calling on you
at frequent Intervals any prospects In
"Yes, father," replied the beautiful
girl, with a strange new light In her
eyes. "His prospects are Just splen
did." "How do you make that out?"
"I said 'Yes' last night." Birming
ham Age-Herald.
Each package of "tfinmond Dyes" con
tains direction so simple any woman can
dye or tint her worn, shabby dresses,
skirts, waists, coats, stockings, sweaters,
coverings, draperies, hangings, everything
even if she has never dyed before. Buy
"Diamond Dyes" no other kind then per
fect home dyeing is sure because Diamond
Dyes are guaranteed not to spot, fade,
streak, or run. Tell your druggist whether
the material you wish to dye is wool or
silk, or whether it is linen, cotton or
mixed goods. advertisement.
Earning Her Title.
"A Yates Center woman," says Pick
Trueblood, "has to look after a sport
ing son, a gambling husband and a
painted daughter, and for that reason
the neighbors refer to her as The
Director of Sports.' " Topeka Capital.
A Lady of Distinction
la recognized by the delicate fascinat
ing influence of the perfume she uses.
A bath with Cutlcura Soap and hot
water to thoroughly cleanse the pores,
followe by a dusting with Cutlcura
Talcum powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin. Advertisement
A dose of adversity is often as need
ful as a dose of medicine. -
llfDIMP Nliht and Morning.
WHOr11 Kcu Strong Htalthy
MM "TSS. H they Tire.Itch,
toK &il2 Smart or Burn, if Sore.
Vv,. JrC'r-C Irritated, Inflamed or
TUlIR LY CO Grsnulated,uaeMurine
often. Sooth, Befraahes. Safe for
Infant or Adult. At all Drugvists. Write for
Free Eye Book. Maria tjt laeee; C..Caka(s
Gone for Good.
"Now," said the great magician,
rolling up his sleeves to show that he
had no concealed mechanism to de
ceive the eyes, "I shall attempt my
never-falling experiment"
Taking from his pocket a half dol
lar he said : "I shall cause this coin
totdlsappeur utterly."
So saying he loaned It to a friend.
Allays Irritation, Soothe and Heals
Throat and Lung Inflammation.
The almost constant Irritation of a
cough keeps the delicate mucous mem
brane of the throat and lungs In a con
gested condition, which Boschee's Syrup
gently and quickly soothes and heals.
For this reason it has been a favorite
household remedy for colds, coughs,
bronchitis and especially for lung
troubles In millions of homes all over
the world for the last fifty-five years,
enabling the patient to obtain a good
night's rest free from coughing, with
easy expectoration in tha morning.
Yon can buy Boschee's Syrup wherever
medicines are sold. Advertisement
"Has thnt young man ever attempt
ed to kiss you?" "No, nnd I've given
him every opportunity, too."
A Beautiful Woman is Always a
Well Woman
Bird Song, Ark. "For nearly two
years I suffered awfully with feminine
trouble, which was caused by lifting
heavy things, and seemingly I had five
or six other complaints added to it. I
suffered with the lower part of my back
and had headache nearly all the time. I
began to think there was nothing that
would do me any good without an oper
ation, but I thought I would try Dr.
Pierce's remedies first. I took one bottle
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
and one of 'Golden Medical Discovery',
also used a box of Dr. Pierce's Purifying
Lotion Tablets and one of the 'Healing
Suppositories' and toafc the little 'Pleas
ant Pellets' to regulate my bowels and I
felt like a new woman." Mrs. Maggie
D. White, Box 7.
Dr. Pierce's famous remedies can be
procured from your druggist, tablets or
liquid. Write Dr. Pierce, president
Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, K, Y, for
free medical advice.
Known as
"that good land
CIrif itand you
will know why
l of cra. Any dP 7 ftrtfj Up
a put It on. W
Br ifXDfwfag roar old
Ulo top inun yourneil.
W mak thejM neavert
to fit mil ts k mad
person t
car eavn nut I
curtaUn, fyUntn, well and tacka. All aomuleta. ! ua Um
rmmr and modal number of pour oar ajid a will aaaW jajg
mi catatmma witb aaoipta mud quota rw auhd pi-io.
UMRTt TO TIRK CO., tt. T, UmUmm, O.
$1.6611 AIR NETS $1.00"
per doxen, sani.my puct-i. ' nu.un Hair,
best make. tllAHI KM HAIR STOKE, 411)
Sixteenth Strst, Lifc.NVkH, COLUUADO,
Nw Patented UaeuUne Vaporiser
Write (or Particulars -Pilkwana
Vaporiser Co.. Pukwana. a Dak
Wear Silk htockinee. Uuy direct from mill
and save the thrfertnee. Send name (or prtoe
llet. M ATTiiD WS MKO. CO., UrlOlo. Qa-
W. N. U Oklahoma City. No. 45-1921.

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