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open for business
ft A. Gragg
TTY WAT I -KM lilts
11. K Taylor shipped tin. Angora
back to W J. Monro, at San Saba.
Texas, loading bin on tin trmn here
Monday. He waa a very firm poci
men, and MM Mr. Moor" ISQ, be
Ides tha express.
Ilir.ney Hopkins la In from ht
WI11 Mini nh ranch, limine bMII
helping 1- (I liyim with the brand
ing of calves anil othor work out
The local cavalry troop will ob
serve field day on the fourth of July
with race, tug-o-war on horae, polo
match and Kuck races.
At night then- will be a big bull
at the Armory
Aa thin la all the entertainment ao
far announced for tha fourth In
t'arlsbad, the hoya ought to get a
good crowd out both In the after-
I noun and at the dance In the even-
in g.
Seven candliliitcH wero dilated In
to the local W O. W. lodge last
night, anil togwtbtr with a fine amok
r and other "iitertalnment, tho
lodge spent a very pleaaiint evening.
J. W. Irby, an old Carlsbad boy,
now with the Trl State (Irorery Co.,
of Bl PaJO, wiih calling on the local
trail.- hart this week.
Allen Stewart, Roj Waller. Wal-
;ter Craft anil I.en Minlgett left the
i flrat of the week In u car expecting
! to wind up In the nil Melds nt Mexla,
Texas. Tiny encountered some wi
neavy mails in the early part of
their trip, but suppose they got
through all right.
Miss Mary Whlltlnr of Manhattan.
Kansas came In on l.he passenger
Monday, mid Ik (he limine gneat
of Mra W. J. i, nub at her home
on HalnKiienu street.
District Attorney Dlllord H Wvatl,
Mra Wyatt and Judge C H. Ilrlce
will leave In 'lie innriilnu lor pulula
In Texan for a visit with friends and
relatives. I lot. will Ni'WH.
Thi m il OhMBbw "f commerce
luncheon In to he lielil on June 2:trd
at me Crawford Hotel. Oenta omit
and find what's going on It may
be something on know nothing
nboul anil In dial case you learn
Mm. Bart Itnwllna li expected In
from California cither today or to
morrow afternoon. M Rawllna
Iiuh been Hpeiidlng the Hummer at
Long lleacli and word from bar
brlnga the newH that her heuljh han
NH much Improved by the trip to
the couat.
MrH. J. C. Ussery and Willis
llarueH left UiIh morning In the
llnrnea Ford for points In Oklahoma
anil Kan nan, where Mr. Harnea will
vlalt with IiIh hopie folks and Mra.
Ilsscry will apeud some lime with
relatives and frlenda.
For Flrat Claaa Ilattory and
Electric. Work call at the
"Can Fix It.
I. ant- Pros..
Carlsbad. N. Mea.
Oenllemen: Replying to your
letter of May .mili In reference to
the organisation and the plana of
ma l-etlna which yon have outlined
Hi to advlae thnt we do not be
lieve Hint your Idean will wo'k out
In actual practice. For a gf-nt ma
in i. the ctnlom In pilling h'i
han been to guarantee the weight
and grade to the purchaser at de't'
natlon. Thla I the universal pic
lice In terminal tnarketa and on this
iircount the trade will not huv has
unless tiny tlrat have the privilege
of looking at It. Thin implica not
only to the terminal markits but to
all consuming poluta In the aoulli
and cant.
Hay If far dirfereent from grMn
In ao far aa marketing I concerned
In that It la not subjected to mechan
ical tests Htich an covert grain In
apectton. In other word hny can be
perfectly Hound and of good color
when loaded In n car and mav be
sufficiently well cured that any or
dinary prudent man would believe
that It would ride to any destina
tion without damaging. However,
ahottld the hay baled from the wind
row contnln nny exeess molntiire
chances an that It will heat and die
color and In a great many Instances
become mouldy In tranalt. Thlnga
Juat like tbln. which are not Infre
quent In certain Hcaaona of the hea
vy movement of hay, have made
huyera Insist upon deatlnatlon tcrmi
on hay and of courae tho aellcr haa
to enter to the wlahea of the buyer.
Aa far as the practical marketing of
hay la concerned there would bt no
objection In getting an InHpector
from this Association or from the
National Hay Association ns we
don't believe that you could And suf
ficient buyers who would make their
purchases on loading terms to war
rant the expenHes that you would be
put to In this connection.
To give you some Idea of the enor
mity of the system of marketing ha.
wll state there are fifty wholesale
dealers here who are apendlni; hun
dreds of thouaands of dollars annu
ally In circularizing the whole Un
ited Statea for ordera for hay. Alt
these deajers are selling hay on des
tination tonne or when they buy hny
In the country or when they buy
on the terminal markets they are
compelled to ship It to thp destina
tion under gunrnnteo that the hay
Is as represented both ns to i;rade
and as to weight.
We wish as much as you do that
some scheme could be devised where
by hay could be marketed on de
mnnd drafts and official loading
terms, hut the government han even
discovered that the grading of hay
la a very hazardous proposition and
they do not propone to grade hay
any other way than In tome way
Our Counting: House
EVERY buslnesH has a counting houae.
It Is an essential pnrt of every commercial or-
Our counting house call It the bookkeeping
ili paitnit tii ir you will Is the place where, In
tbtMM uninteresting looking ledgers, we keep
the records of the service we perform for you.
The cost of everything wo buy material,
labor, what not in order to supply that serviré,
la kept there.
The readings of your mety are- checked and
almi kept on tile there.
Men and women chosen for tholr ability to
do thluga carefully and accurately, keep those
recordu and are reaponalble for the accuracy of
the accounts rendered to you.
Ilelng only human, they may aometlmes make
mistakes If they do, wo are extremely eorry
and endeavor to rectify them without material
Inconvenience to you.
Bear with us, then, believe In our good1 In
tent, and remember that your light and power
company It here to render you a verV real aer
vlca and with your help and good will our busl
neaa relations will be 100 per cent right and
The Public Utilities Co.
A pipe
won t burn your
if von dmnlrp P A Y
Frlmtl Altar I
In tmppv rf
landaom pounj
Baar poumf tin
n u in f so r with
iptnff moislmntr
Cepvrttht 102 1
br R. J. Nrvnolda
1 abacc Co.
W lotion S-J.m,
a &
Get that pipe-party-bee buzzing in your smoke
section! Know for a fact what a joy'us jimmy pipe
can and will do for your peace and content! Juat
check up the men in all walks of life you meet daily
who certainly get top sport out of their pipes all
aglow with fragrant, delightful, friendly Prince
And, you can wager your week's wad that Prince
Albert's quality and flavor and coolness and its
freedom from bite and parch (cut out by our exclu
sive patented process) will ring up records in your
little old smokemeter the likes of which you never
before could believe possible!
You don't get tired of a pipe when it's packed with
Prince Albert! Paste that in your hat!
And, just between ourselves! Ever dip into the
sport of rolling 'em? Get some Prince Albert and
the makin's papers quick and cash in on a ciga
rette that will prove a revelation!
Fringe Albert
the national joy smoke
Ave per cent of air bleached hay on
outside of bale nllowed hut muat be
sound and well baled.
of green color, of coarse or medium
texture, and may contain five per
cent foreign matter; or It may be of
i?reen color, of coarse or medium
texture, twenty per cent bleached
and two per cent fnrelKn matter; or
It may be of greenish cast, of fine
stem and clinging foliage, and may
contain live per cent foreign matter.
All to be -omul, aweet and well bal
ed. No. 2 ALFALFA-Shall be any
aound, sweet and well baled alfalfa,
not good enouKh for standard, and
may contain ten per cent foreign
No. S ALFALFA May contain
twenty-five (S6) per cent stack spot
ted hay, but muat be dry and not
contain more than eight (8) per
cent of foreign matter; or It may be
of a green color and may contain
fifty (50) per cent of foreign mat
ter; or it may be set alfalfa and mar
contain five (6) per cent foreign
matter. All to be reasonably well
clude all alfalfa not good enough
for No. I.
hay that contain thistle Weed, amnd
burrs, or any other weed of like na
ture. ,
W. O. W.
Meeta regularly
every lat aad
Ird Thursday ta
i each month at I
IP. II. Vtalawra
'L. & MTER8,
they will show tht rade of the en
tire contents of the car. In other
words we believe that when Federal
Inspection finally comes that it will
have to be an Inspection bale by
hale and that the Inspection that
governs In the transaction will be
tho final Inspection at destination
U Bleat, of course, the trade Is mude
with government inspection ut ori
gin without recourse.
In connection with the enormous
Iosbch that huve been taken on hay
In the paat year, will state that the
growers and dealers in your country
have not bad a monopoly on these
losses. There have been several
bin failures In the hay business and
the'alfulfa meal business In various
parta of the country and there have
been some enormous losses among
hay dealers at this point, la fact
there la at present going on a period
of the greatest depression that the
writer haa ever known In this line
of buaiueaa. Wo firmly believe that
there will In a short time be a gen
eral rrelght adjustment on this com
modity and on alfalfa meal, and thla
organliatlon haa spent and la spend
ing several thousand dollars in aan
effort to bring about these reduc
tions at the earliest possible date.
The reductlona that have already
Bean accorded your territory are
ao amall la amount aa to' bo of no
benefit. Thert should be a general
fbjrty-flve per cant reduction and be
lieve that It It going to bo brought
about before the Brat of the year.
We only regret that there It not
tome auggesUon we could offer yon
In regard to a more successful mar
keting of your bay, but wa don't
believe that the time baa come when
a grade cau be established on bay
that will be accepted by the trade
aa Bnal when made at point of ori
gin. Vary truly yours.
Spring & Summer Clothing
MOST MEN REALIZE, without being- told, the definite advan
tage of having 'clothes nuiile-to-order.
Tills spriug we llave 80O superior paíteme to allow yon and
every one la IT IMS WOOL. Tho price arc reasonable for these
high cluas I. ni. .ir. i garments.
Altering, Repairing, Cleaning and Press
ing at Reasonable Charges.
Jacob J. Smith
reaaonably fine leafy alfalfa of bright
groan color, properly curad, aound.
sweet, and well baled.
No. 1 ALFALFA Shall be reaa
onably coarte alfalfa, Of a bright
groan color, or reaaonably tine leafy
alfalfa of a good color and may con
tain two per cent of foreign gr
only require 12 hours
to put on a Tire and
they last from 3 to 6
thousand miles hard
the cost on tires.
Chris Walter

or mnd inthm
TV.t .fa..

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