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ELEornio Fine oalu.
If llio Operator Itntt Tnetid It !!
tp. Wontit lUta Ilrn ItUetrnr titsil.
K tlty 8Un "litsxitrlelty Is like
a mala in one rwiwet," mU fi vetsmn
operator. "Vmi can never tell Jiwt
wlitn It's boIhr to Ret on It front
lege and kick into tho middle of next
wlf- I remeinber, yeura hro, when I
was night chief operator at the office
In Itlchmoiul, Vs.., n very strange tiling
lmppuncU. i waa sitting at my taWe
,ae night at nuout It o'clock, waiting
. M for it to mon mlntnjr, so I could go
Hone. There wna a tilg storm up tlie
Hue. and while we .ll.ln'l feel It to any
nreat extent In the city, the lightning
liail heeu plnyl.ig the mlachlef with the
I'lres in the onv, anil eaveral of the
connection! had burnt out. All of n,
smlilsn I heart! a itrange mapping
wind at my Inatrumcnt, and the next
tiling I knew a flush of blue white flra
1" up the whole room. Then a glob
of flame about the alie of nu orange
Jf seemed to spring from the armature
nnd began to roll slowly from over Hio
'op of the table. Aa nearly aa I eon
oeaerlbo the thing, It waa like a rIo
mile of molten metal, glowing through
jf, nnd through with Incnndoscont fire and
- ahlmmerlng with every color of the
rainbow, u Wn htautlfnl to look at
nnd fascinated mo like a snnlto. More-,
over. It aeetned na fragile aa n bubble
n If n touch would ahlrer It to atoma
and without thinking I reached for It
with a woolen ruler. Luckily my ns
Blatant had moro aenao, and he yelld
to me po frantically that I atonoed lie-
fore I touched It. Just then the fiery
ball reached the edge and rolled off. Aa
It struck tho floor It almltered lllto n
drop of quicksilver nnd auddenly dla
nppeared. When I rocovered my aenaea
nnd looked at the table I waa allocked.
The Instrument waa a wreck, and the
track of the electric apparition waa
charred Into the wood half an Inch
ileep. if i had prodded It 1 wouldn't
be telling the atory, for the ruler had a
metal edge, and I certainly would have
been electrocuted then and there. I
bare heard of inch 1ml la of Are from
n few old nnemtors, but tbat'a the only
ono I ever aaw, and I'm not yearning
to see another. Nobody line evor boon
nble to explain them. Of online the
time I speak of wna beforo the Intro-
4 Unction of Improved current nrresters,
nnd nowadays such visitors ore pretty
iff actively bnrred out."
InclUilluB Hint ttliianms 0 .-,,..-, tlio
I. lively Itlnljr .fount.
It was tho first porfect day of tho
Kind springtime The warm sun
brlghtonod the country liintlscnpo and
tho odor of opening apple blossoms
came upon the liiilon atmosphere. Tho
V, leay clouds floated dreamily In the sky
oyerhad, chiefly hocnuse they could
not go af'jot or on tho trolley care.
Tho rural roads wore smooth under
tho hammer of Innumerable wheels,
nnd Clarence Wheeler had stolen
Hlrdy Jones from her haughty Hoho
homo for a ramble on his '07 tnndent
nmong the highways of tho townships.
Stopping- from their run. thfy rested
y beneath a great oak tree which over-
hung a wayside spring. Cowbells tin
kled In the woodlot below the meadow,
and little lambs with wabbly legs Hires
sixes too big for them gamboled on the
short green gnus. On a broad, flat
stono that looked down upon the crya
tal wnter Illnly spread the lunch they
had carried In the tandem imx, nnJ
Clarence brought water In a romantic
tin can that he had found hnrd by.
The soft winds toyed with tho girl's
blonchod tresses, which stroamed over
her fnro like n photogravure picture of
tho west wind to Illustrate Longfel
low's poenu. Her cheeks flushed with
the vigor of exercise and robust health
and when the young man approached
her from the spring his whalo thought
was centered upon tho wlnsomo beauty
of the divine crenturo. He snl down
by her slds. Ills soul drank In the
charm of the picture. Hlie looked up
from the can of embalmed best Hint
sho was opening, with n smile of eon
lldont approval on her young face.
Suddenly her eye kindled and the
rosy (lush of young womanhood gafo
way to a ghastly pallor. Her lip
t curled In storn. Her classic head waa
lifted In anger. "Merciful heaven!"
shrieked the young man. "Tell me.
dearest girl, what Is the matter?" I Jut
she stepped bark, and, atrtktng the
attitude that she had learned at the
Sobo Amateur Dramatic club, she
pointed her flujtr at him and said In
tones that would wither a load of hay:
"All la lost. Claree Wheeler. You
are sitting In the nttl" Pittsburg
ImpmrM VmIiim.
Stranger (In Ilalnbew) I suppose
this suburban trolley IIms has InertM
ul values herooboiUT armtr Qreene
Oh. yea I Ole Dili (lowlyx wasn't
worth the powder to blaw him to
Ilridguiwrt till he get run over by one
of them ears now he's worth il.OM.
Tli tllirrrfill lillMt.
"Bvery woman hi an aristocrat at
heart." said the youngest boarder.
"Yes." said the Oheorftil Idiot; "she
)ataa to think of hartelf as elatsod
t "wlth the plain people." Indiana (wits
lilt l'uaaloii,
Mrs. ProeV NsadliiK la quite a M
sIob with my htubaift. Mrs. Drsatei
So it la with mine when he roods my
mlllltur's blllit. Tlt-ttlU.
Iieaiiuml by Irftmluii.
Lonfon devours every year 400,600
oxen. 1, COO .000 sheep, 500.000 calves,
700.000 bogs, fowls Innumerable, tnd
fi.800.0CC gallons of mlllc
AT THE AOE or 03 Ql(. dOMEZ
Chlralrnua Tnwnnt Women flrsst Tn
t.irlto wltli uiildirrn III I'rMly
UitiRtiter OlomonrU unit liar Ilrltit
Ilrullief Speuk ISnetlati.
(Spoelnl letter.)
Up to the present time the photo
graphs of (Ion. (loinec have not done
him Justice. In n eurtoiw,penilstBnt way
they give him an angular figure, half
ieeperate, c,.worn oxpreMtou, and
nge from 70 to SO years. As a matter
o? fact, the Inaurgetit leader has n
slender, orect figure, as active as a
young man. He Is 0s, but his face is
ns smooth and free from line as that
of a man ten or fifteen years younger,
His dark eyes are bright, keen and
voarchlng. In physical vigor dome
s a remarkable man. Hut he Is ovon
more remarkable In his forceful char
acter. It marks tils face strong and
stem In repose, but gentle, magnolia
and winning when he smiles. In self
defense, probably, (Ion. (lorn or. raoentty
tat for his photograph. He oiiuhl not
stand the wild, weird pictures of him
in shop windows, that are at bust cari
catures, go he had his photograph
taken a few days ago, and to protect
himself, said It must be copyrighted.
It Is a good picture, true mid lifelike,
says the New York Tribune.
(Jen. dome i plain and unpretending-thoroughly
democratic In his
tnstoa. There never was nt nny tlmo
tho least chance In the Insurgent army
for the "pomp and olrcumstanro of
war," On tho contrary, all environ
ment were rude and poor, nnd domes
shared literally the hiru:ilps and pri
vations of his men. Hut the com
mon ground between Cleti. (tonics and
bis staff officers Is uncommon. There
Is a certain deference of innni.er and
speech shown by his staff to Gomez
that Is not simply military etiquette
and discipline. It Is n deference that
one does not sec on the part of the
American staff officer, no matter what
tho rank of his superior may be. Ho
twoen (!omc7. and his staff thnro Is not
cvon tho suggestion of familiarity. At
tho ssrr.o time It Is perfectly appnrent
there Is n clear understanding and en
tire hnrmony of thought nnd action.
However brusquo domes mn bo ns n
soldier and uuranvontlonnl In camp
llfo ho Is extremely courteous to vis
itors. Ho receives women with a cour
tesy and quiet dignity that would
grnco nny drawing room. On tho oc
casion of tho enthusiastic demonstra
tions when ho rnmo to Hnvann It was
tho march of a "conquering hero."
Hut It was tho women nnd children
who wont wild In tho streets, rushing
In crowds and massing about his
horse, utterly rookies of danger.
Tho tender sldo of his nnluro, In a
wonderful gcntlonoe nnd meekness,
Clcmensla domes Is a pretty, dark
eyed girl ot 18, and her brother, two
years younger, Is as bright, qulak and
alert as an American boy. Hath art
educated In Ilngllsh, speaking tho lan
guage without an necont. They are the
only members of the family who as yet
have come over from Santo Deinlnc"
to Join Gon, domes here. They are
very proud of their father. Hut they
want to tnko him homo. That means
more to this boy nnd girl than any
honor Cuba ean give to den. domes.
"My father has given many years to
Cuba," Urbano domes says, "and now
wo want him. Wo want to lake him
home where he will have ho more
hardships and will have real. Hut If
he must stay In Cuba thoti my mother
nnd all the family will come here."
(Madison. Wis.. Utter.)
Assemblyman John M. True, whose
antl-Orelna Green Mil will soon be
come a law, la one of the most remark
able men In the legislature. He has
em protested against the reputation
of iila state for "easy marriages," and
has always arrayed himself against th?
Immoral In this commonwealth. He !
was for a number of years the secre
tary of the State Agricultural Society,
nnd made It a groat power, but when
It fell Into the clutches ot tho rare
liorso men he was the fnromoat of the
members who helped to wreck the or
ganization nnd secure tho transfer of
the state fair to tho Stato Hoard ot
Agriculture Mr. True Is tho repre
soutntlvo ot tho First district ot 8auk
county, nnd was n formldablo candi
date for tho speakership against
dcorgo II. Hay, but withdrew. He Is n
nntlvo of Now Hampshlro, and Is 01
years old. His reputation for rospeetn
blllty and for hatred ot vlee ot all
kinds Is widespread and enviable.
NhliliiillilliiR llouin In (Irrnt IWIUIn.
Tho shipbuilders ot the United King
dom last year established n r coord. The
total output (exclusive of warships),
shewn In his fendne and love ot
children. At Qulnta de los Mollnos,
where Oetoes has his headquarters,
ahlldran ot nil olaseea go to see him.
At tho house In town where his young
son nnd daughter are stopping with
friends, there are half a dozen children
In the family. The moment den. do
mez appears the ohlldren nro about
him to kiss him and ot on his knee,
and In every childish way demonstrate
their affeotlou for him. To his own
son and daughter, though they Are
grown, den. domes manifests the same
tenderness that he shows to little children.
was 1,367,170 grosa tone This exceeds
the total ot the previous record year,
m, by 1U.S00 tons. About M per
cent of this tonnage was 'jullt for foreign-owners,
the largest customer be
ing Denmark. The total merchant
shipping built tost year on tho conti
nent was 200,000 tons gross, of whlsh
153,147 tons was turned out In Ger
many, 07,100 tans In Frnnee, and 90,130
tons In Italy. In drool Hrltaln, only a
few sailing ships were turned out last
If there ware ho other foals In the
world we would bo more dissatisfied
with ourselves than evsr,
Venus, Johnson comity, li to have a
IIMO school bunging.
The Johnson County Medical osao
elation met at Cleburne.
The Katy people Intend erecting n
fin depot at Helton. It la to be of
brtek and stone.
The eott tract for a seventr-flre bar
rel floor mill bos bon signed nt 1 ttlla
bar. Col. Crump, who wont from Alabama
to western Texas In the 10'a, died at
Joe Copoler, on trial at U Orango
clmrBOd with the murder of A, T.
Ileoam at Schulenburg In the fall or
ItfT. was acquitted.
W. J. Havens' child, near Utnosoo.
Manrilii county, died from a beau
lodging in its throat.
A burglar who had effected an en
trance to a store at Texarhanu was
captured by an officer.
Thousands of people attended the
picnic of the Ilrotherhood of Locomo.
tire Firemen at Walnut Springs.
Omnd Master Sargent waa the prlncl
pla speaker.
Tom Wood, n member of a Paris
fire company, was attmk In the breast
by the brass coupling on the end of n
section of hosu while at drill, and was
badly bruised.
Frof. W. H. Seay. who has been an
perlntendent of the public schools of
Mount Pleasant for the past two yeara.
has been elected superintendent of the
Wlnsboro city schools.
Died, at the residence of her son,
Pon Chreatman. three miles oast of
Grand Saline, Grand ma Chreatman.
aged 91 years. Sho had lived continu
ously on the place where she died for
flfly-two years.
In the civil district oourt at Shermm
.miso jura Iarker wna awarded n
vordtct of $780 nimlnat the Western
Union Telegraph company. The plain
tiff alleged negligence In the delivery
of a message announcing the deuth of
her father.
In the district court nt Ln Orango
the Jury In tho case against Jim
Blokes, colored, who was on trial for
tho murdor of another colored mn nt
KhitonlB last spring, brought in a ver
dict of guilty nnd gnve him Iwenty-llvo
Wharton county bonds woro sold to
n Dnllns parly to the amount of $2.1.
000, at IVs per com, with a premium of
1015, the purchaser, bearing all the ex
pense of lithographing, etc. Said hnud
nre to refund a like nmount of o per
cent brldgo bonds.
Tho Honham enmp. Woodmen of tho
World, deeorated the grnveo of tliolr
deceased tMivoroJens, John T. lhml
7. Oldham. T. R. MIlHtrad and John
Uwlng. at Willow Wild and Inxlisli
cemeteries, a bnml waa present and
furnished music. A great number nt
people attended.
Cbarle A. Cinpp, ox-assistant chief
of tho Dallas flre department, and In
recent years waterworks Ittapector. died
at Dallas after n lingering lllnos. n
Is related of tho deceased that ho could
tell ovory number and Htreet that had
wator connection.
The II. P. Plttman well at Iluuls has
reached a depth of 1000 feet, and tho
workmen have shut down and uluis-
m the hole up. The pnrtlos connect
ed with It do not tnlk much, but indi
cate that thoy will sink another well.
Some vnndale nt Aubrey, In Denton
county nnd vicinity committed several
acta of malicious mlsehiey. breaking
the glasses and sashes nut of nil tho
window In four ehurehen nnd one
school house.
Tlit United State supreme court
held In tho cuih of the Missouri, Kuu
eat and Tease railway vs. MeCnnn &
Bwfter that a railroad oomiwny n
reiving an assignment of -vt whh i .
sponsible for lsniusn In .4rswh n
the damage occurred on a connecting
The protracted meet lug conducted
by Ilev. Isaac Sellers at the First lUp
tlst church nt Ablllne has been quite
successful. Titer have been a number
of conversions aa well aa acceaelons to
the ehnreh. The meeting has been at
tended throughout by largo crowds.
The 4-year-old daughter of jnbn
Parker, who Uvea two miles west of
lloekdale, was inlaoed from her home
Search was Instituted nnd she wu
found floating on the surface of a large
tank near by, dead, where she hat v.
Idently fallen In and drowned.
T. J. Ncwsome ot MeiCinney nnd
Mrs. Mary J. Fonda of Dcavllle. iiin ,
were married In the former city. 1 ho
bride traveled from her northern home
to meet the groom, whom she had not
seen for fourteen yearn They wire
married at the Uaptlit pars page
Vtnlntot Knit I'arh.
rrefetsor Camstock of Cornell, In
apenklng to his class recently at (he
trials ot scientists, told this authentic
tale of tho experience ot n protestor
of Invertebrate zoology In a sister In
stitution, which had better be left
Trichinae in pork, the cause of tho'
frightful dlaoase trichinosis In human
onnsumers, give a peculiar appeantusa
to meat, which Is studdlcd with llttlo
cysts i It Is then known to the trade !
ns "measly pork." Tho learned salon-1
tlit, wishing so mo for study, went to
tlie nutehor nnd nsked him If ho over
got nny measly pork.
"Sometimes," said the butcher, can
tlnisly, "but I always throw It away."
"Well," sold tho professor, "the next
tlmo you have, nny I wish you'd send
mo tip seme," meaning, of course, to;
his laboratory. '
The butcher rtarrd at him. but said
he would. Three weeks imased, when
the professor, growing Impatient, again
dropped In.
"Haven't you found nny measly perk
yetr .
"Why, yes." said tho butcher. "I
sent up two pounds a week ago." i
a aicKiy grin uroKe over the profes
eor's fsco.
"Whero did you send It7" said ho.
"Why, to your house, of oourge('
sold the butcher.
I'ntit Tli.lr H.liM.
"Hlggcst revival preacher wo over
had hero," said tho country grocer,
"was old llro. Jarvls. Artually. when
that man ct through with 'em. tho
whole blamo community turned In an'
pnld all Its debts."
Itnrrnn to una. mmuM no, 40,dto7
"I had female Gom
plaints so bad that it
caused me to have
hysterical fits j have had
as many as nine in on&
"Five bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
cured me and it has
been a year since I had
an attack.
firs. Edna Jackson,
Pearl, Lo-
If Mrs. Plnldinm's Compound will cur
such suvoro oases ns this surely It
must be n grcnt medicine Is tliero
any sufferer foolish enough not to
give it a trial?
and the
Mils Liiey Tucker, the dititlitcr of
a iiruininsut tanner ot Votsnllirs,
Ind., was thsvlotliu ofnorvuna pros,
trnllon. Mod of tho tune shs was
tonilnwl In ImhI, nnd was on tlio vereo
of HU Vitus' ilnnrc. it una n iiiurul
cnin nliloh mettle! solsnva frieit to
cuimiier. Klnnlly n iloelor prentirllc
rd IT. W lllnin.-I'lnk pills (ur Puis
i-copic. jier minor suid:
"We tessn tlvlnj tho plllant ones,
nnd tlio ntxf day vto rouUI sen
elmnso for tlio liettor In tier. Wo
rsjyo nrr one pill urnr rucli mnl
until alio wa elillroly mcII. hIio liru
nottiariitlchnilsyaliiRe. WotlilnU
tbi) euro Blinuit mltuculoui.
'PtiASit Ti-CKSn, Mrs. r.TccKsn."
Mr. nnd Mrs. I'rnnlr TuL-ir. luilnir
duly awi.rn, all" UibI tlio fuiccoluc
llOOU JolJHSoif, Juilicto ISt Iaei.
VcmlAr lttpulJiean, Viriniltti, Ind.
Or Wllllimi' Pink Pills lor Tslt I'tesle
-' . rt -t ' i tin i ir in ngiaii.
tullKl , i.ail. ' i '
erdlract Irom In t WilnS'-S Matl I
Co , tthinicul;, N T , tU cants fit cii,
u ssaai .bu
Tlie volume of
tmvt'l throttgh the
shows tut enormous
nnminl increase.
The first reason
for this is the Strong
passenger semes
of the HINGTOK
ROUTE from Kansas
City to Denver, Chi
cago, St. Mollis,
St. Paul, Montana,
Pacific Coast.
ir. win, io.
An now ualnit our
International Typa-HIgh Platos
ttawFd to
Thoy will avo tlmo In jour rompv-atnf
room tiioyvsn lw tinoillrtt oren ijulektr
loan Imw.
Nu aim i tif rs l made for aawlna tlU
Ir whott 1, ft t
. i i.i' i i. '.mrnsndlM
Mil Mil Hill III 1 11 Illll llllllllll 1
cflltWM WHfr AT S;ItHething pdwdersA
"KotliliiK lut win hi; wlmt you tnlxlit
call a ki a t winat' m wum .n i-uiil
by n I' lunr hnnklnK "f Wnxiiru fiiii
ails, l or I'.irli. uI.ith ihuips. run
way fnrrs. .ur . Hi'l'ly lo Huin rliili nil) i.t
of IminiKriillon. l'ri.iirini. nt liiirrlur in
laws l uiiSils, 01 tu t apt 1 llar.rii. liu
loit, Ti-iaN
What would th world do wllttout Ink I
Forty rairiln' In mii'm r-it Si
iiinuniiiralli.nl rlnt tMira llm.in Ti
IMl nUttlton, llrsalitia the ilontli snl IttUth
Trrlltlnu laiy Tr.'r.TIIIMi Itrllllfa th Rsnd
Trnnhlra of I'hlMrrn of Jlny it snd Costs Oaljr
aftivnu. Ak ' iviit-yir fnr It
Dr, Kay's Lung Dalmaai
Asents Wanted ,V,r:, r: ;'.1!r&,rt;'AtS
r ll i 11 All i A K 'n l'l':i.Tii
j..luJ t-Ucsii'i stuck fcuiw.-ri r ilia .. S rn. i i. Iuviiih-i iu.,uuln lurl luul tuUX
THE HOOQE FENCE CO., Ltd., Lnko Chnrleo, Ueu
bssssssssssjbw ssssssssssBssBssssssssBssssssjmafSiswt
We will refund to him. Price, 60 cents. Sold by All Druggist
Go to your mer
chant a.' J get

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