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For ten rem Hugh Markleman had
been a wanderer upon the faco ot the
earth, Financially speaking he had
been suceetaftil, but fur nil thtit period
of time he had ben literally homelee.
Now he watt proceeding to a heme of
his own.
"The first road to the left bcyonrt
the bridge," rtused Mr. Markleman to
himself, "an& Mie first lintiiH) yen como
to li the one. The direction! are plain
enough, I nm mre."
Ho paused hair hesltntlngly In front
of a low wlekri Rate, hanging by one
hinge, from whlrh n shrub-grown path
wound up through untrlmmod woods
to a one-story dwelling.
"Nonsentc!" he muttered to hlmelt;
"It oan't bn that shod of n place. 'A
desirable eoltage,' wa what (llbbt
'aid, 'situated In the midst ot charm
ing ground.' And, by Jupiter, tliU
Is the spat."
Ho swung open the glided Iron gato
of a pretty little Inclosuro, whore the
graveled path shone In the twilight,
and evergreens skirted the path like
tall old monks wrapped In green sergo
clonks. The cottage beyonda low
eaved, picturesque affair, with ver
andas on every side exactly mot h!i
prwmoolvod Idoas of the "doslrnble
country residence" painted In such
glowing terms by "Mosses Glbbs. Hiq..
real estate and Insurance agent."
HI countenance oxpanded Into
broad smile ns he pushed open the
door and entered n pretty room on the
left of the main rntrnneo hall, whllo
n glowing fire east ruddy reflections
through tho whole room, and a eush
land armchair stood cloto to the vc.'
vet nig.
"(Hubs told me there was miiiic fur
nlturo In the house, and an old woman
left In charge," thought Markleman,
fitting down In llio easy chair and ex
panding his chilled fingers to the
cheery blaze; "tut 1 hadn't any Idea
of such snug quarters as this."
As Mr. Markleman sat there, bask
ing In the warmth nm! cozlnesa of the
None, the door of the adjoining room
opened and two Utile on me In, their
faces glowing with the frosty air.
"Why, Little!" crrled tho shorter
one, stopping suddenly In the net of
Peor fellow, he Is rather nfiadsoras, I j OR WOMEN AND HOffl
And the two girls bustled about with
skillet, gridiron, and coffee strainer,
while Mr. Markleman sat viewing the
fire and wondering what Glbbs could
poMlhly have mean, by talking about
"an old woman!"
"V.y, she tins got cheeks Ilka
poaches, and hair as thick and brown
and gloy as my own!" he told htm
self. "Old, Indeed! It won't be such
bad fun to have a servant girl tlko
that flitting about tho house. Bho
ought to have extra wage on aeeount
of her good looks."
Afterward he found himself coated
beforo n tablo whereupon was spread
a rich repast.
And ho straightaway proeeodod to do
tho best of practical Justice to It. l.lr.
tie Wyman compoeedly watched him
the while.
"A nice supper, Mule!" aald Mr.
Markleman. refolding his napkin, and j
placing li on the table ero he drow
out n cigar from his pocket case
I'm glad you liked It, air," said Mr
gam Current Notts of the, Modee-Th
Hpan Hllk VheniUe A Waist U 1'earl
lltue finnimer (tnlnng Coluu The
American (Ilrl m m Cook.
Whence do they cemeT What may their
Import be
The nltllng, flashing phantoms ot the
Tlmt hair awake and half In dream we
That never can be onptured or denned?
They hint at something lost, something
flemethlng whoso ownership would
maka ud glad
1'crlmp at thoughts with subtle meaning
Or truths unrecognised because unclad.
of halfferotten
long burled
They may be glints
They may be memories
long final
llefore they sink to their
i'rnaMi eioeirie line irom in "u
with our awn,
tic. smiling, "and I hope that when That rJra MM glv, oul nUu,
you uecome my nognuor at iaurei cot
tage you will often drop In to rtioh on
"Hh!" cried Mr. Markleman, start
ing back. "Ain't this Utirel cottager
Am I not In my own house?"
"No, a. ils Wyman answered,
demurely. "You aro In my house, and
I am HllzAbeth Wyman, your futnro
neighbor; happy to mnko your ac
quaintance, even after this rather un
usual fashion."
"I 1 beg rour pardon, Miss Wy
man," ho gasped, turning tcnrlot nnd
pale In a breath. "I don't see how I
ever came to mako such a ridiculous
mistake! What a donkey you must
have taken me for!"
"I'll go," ho uttered, making a dlvo
toward his hat, and dropping tho un
smoked cigar on tho lloor, with n
countenance of such misery that l.lr.
tin's womanly pity came to the rcue.
"You will do no such thing, Mr.
Markleman," she said. "My brother
will h here presently, and you shall
stay nnd spend the evening at your
own mistake."
Are tapped nnd flashed by erGMlng
with our awn,
Perhaps some flouting shreds or bits re
main Of former life that we somewhere have
Perhaps they aro the signals loved ones
Who wait our eemlng on the other
Too spirit-full with earthly sense to
Too finely soft to fully pterco llfo's roar,
Perhaps! Perhaps! Conjectures cannst
Wo clutch at shadows and wo grasp tlio
The mystery Is oy teyend our reh-
An Ignis rntuui no art oun snare.
-I-uura a. carr, In Itostsn Transcript.
The Hitin Nllk C'lirmWc
Many cruel blows lmvo been struck
at the Influenco of the chemise, but
after diverse false substitutes have
been put forth and had their day, this
chou undergarment ot our foromoth-
crs retains Its hold on feminine nffoc
80 Mr. Murklomnn staid until Tom ,, ft W()Von g,k ehomlHO bW,
Wyman came home from tho city on fnr , m)t , 1k undcrvott oul 0f
kim uvuiiing iram, uim, ns 110 niicr-
ward snld, ho "never spent a pleasantcr
evening In hit life!" Now York Dally
laying her hood on tho tablo, "there
Is wme one In thn parlor!"
"Noniwnie!" said l.lxxle, w'-o, al
though she had nen eight or nine and
SO, was excedlugty fair to look upon.
"Tho cat and tho crickets may be there,
but who on onrth beald?"
"Hut I tell you I saw him," ssld
Hue, gripping her cousin' arm with
n sort of nervous terror. "A great,
big, tail man Ip your easy chair, sit
ting staring at the lire."
"I'MUIettlcks!" cried Mle. And
tihe marched catirngeouily Into the
room where sat our hero.
Mr. Markleman stared equally hard
nt her. Mr. .Mom (11 bus, real estate
and Insurance agent, bad mentioned
an old wouiaH. His Ideas of old ng
tuntt ktre umii singular In the ox
trtnifl. UHt U recfjwred hli wlf-pos-
tsuon almot immediately.
rM ke, aftMy.
"Ma tlr." aald Miss WyMtn, still
eortlr tWHlttl. "I'm Mule."
"0, Unl, ehT Wall, It'i Just the
MM. I dura say yon dltln't expect
ma Jnt yet?"
"Ho, lr, I certainly did not." said
Mfil'. boglnulUK to wundtr whether
or i:t rhr was draamlng
' Tlilnga look nlcf and romforuble
hare l.lule, my girl, and now the b. .-
limn you ran no ni ur ui 1034 in" jjjg
h iuti iiu or auiiitr nAUHHaii ur
brt'tNd ham. or somHhlng r that sort,
aail ! quirk about it for I'm half
And. Jitu ymi might
Miid (In- other girl out for any little
trtfla ) ant la the culinary de
Iiartsttnt of court, though.' be
MsbJae), as be drew out a bill and ex
tended, grand seigneur (asbloa, to
ward the aatottlakad iMhmI, "I shan't
expect to kep two girls as a ragNlar
thing, aliliMiii 1 wtwt huat up a man
to tg rar of the borsra. Kow ma
Bloat 4 ke fcaala."
Untie WyMtan ratrented baek uaoa
flt llariNg with th money in bar
band, tenrlat with snHraaed mirth.
MlM." aha cried, the I huh at the
Cfttr waa safely elead, "I It all!"
"The man la an aaeapad lunatic, Un't
liot Dear, dear, we shall all be mur
dered! etlod 8e. growing hysterical.
"Nothing of the srtr ld Mttle,
raorgetkaity. "He hat only made a
dtfneUNl blunder. Can't yew e. Sue.
U tbe old baekelor who bat taken
tht! t4aee next doarT"
"Or aaplraiad Smo, with IImi sparklet
of amuHtmeMt begliiQlng to so is Into
bor eyw-
"Hut. Mtxle, wbst arc you g&lni to
"To cook him the btt supper I tan
and afterward explain to him hu lt
ttke Is the poUUtt manner peulblt
Jlmiry In AhftalnlM,
The few travelers who have tnken
the tlmo nml trouble to look Into Men
clck's queer kingdom of Abyssinia tell
strange tales of It. Ilcsldes the Maria
Theresa, 1780 dollars, the pcoplo of
Abyssinia, for small change, tine n bar
of hard, rryatnllzcd salt, about ten
Inches long and two Inches and a half
broad nnd thick, slightly tapering to
ward tho end, five ot which go to thn
dollar at the capital. People are very
particular about the standard dnene's
of tho currency. If It doea not ring
like metal, or If It. Is at all chipped,
nothing will Induce them to take It.
Thou, It It a token of affection among
tho native, when friends meet, to give
each other a lick ot their respective
nmolls, nnd In this way tho material
value of the bar Is also decreased. For
still smaller change cnrtrldgos ar
used, of which threo go to one salt,
It doot not matter what tort they are.
Home shurpors use their cartridges In
tho ordinary wny, and then put In
some dust and n dummy bullet to make
tip tho dlfferenro, or else tlioy take nut
the powder and put tho bullet In again
to that possibly In tho next action the
unhnppy seller will find that he has
only ralss-flrcs In his belt; but this Is
inch a common fraud that no one takes
any notice of it, and 11 bad cartridge
seems to servo as roailily at a good
tine Philadelphia I'rest.
sight nnd mind.
Tho now silk chemlso la ns pretty,
cool nnd as graceful n llttlo nrtlele
of underwear as manufacturing genius
can turn out, nnd tho xtout woman
can adopt It without n qualm. Id
wt-nvc Is as fine and flcxlblo nt tho
moat dellcnto silk stocking, and down
to tho waist It fits tho body llko n
glovo, llclow this point It Is sloped
out, without nny superfluous fulncts,
nnd falls to tho knees. Tho prottlcut
of them are edged about tho shoulders
and armholcs with a line of silken lace,
and over the bust open work silk forms
flights of butterflies and knots ot flow
ert. Chcmlics of mashed linen, that
Is almost an flexible as tho silk, are
made on these sumo Unit, nnd are
durabh and comfortable beyond
AIiiiiiI an lit rn 'I hliijr,
A well-known member of the Detroit
bar tells th 1'reo Pretm this story:
"nine years ngo I attended a sottlon
of the circuit court up In the atai. A
pro confeaao divorce case wot culled,
nnd It so happened that the judge whs
my much opnoaed to dtvorcaa, eap
dally thone which were unopposed.
After the attorney for tho complain
ant In this rat announced himself
at eady to proceed, the judge asked
If anyone appeared for th defendant.
There vtts alienee for a moment, and
the Judge repeated th question. At
one end of the lawyer's table ant an at
torney who had acquired the liquor
habit and who wa. at the time, con-
Toilet JarkrU,
Tiiero It a very charming nlr of
great simplicity about tho now summer
dressing gowns, combing jackets,
morning wrappers, etc., duo to tho fact
that the majority aro mado of dotted
twltt and filmy croit-barred mutlln.
It It true that many of them nre loaded
with Inco and threaded with ribbons,
but for nil that, with dotted mutlln
and the pretty, Inexpensive point do
Paris lace, tho sweetest sort of a
breakfast ncgllgo for a hot morning
can bo dlthod up at no prlco at all.
The point to keep In mind, when mak
lug up these summer peignoirs, Is to
get a cape-llko offoct over tho shoul
ders with floating sash ends falling
from tho bust to the feet. The model
for this graceful pattern Is tho Curzon
jacket that a Parisian llngore evolved
for tho vlcerlno to wear In torrid In
dia. Women who nro In mourning
lmvo their Curzon Jackota mado or
white dottod twltt. with Inset odglngs
of black lace, and tho frills that fall
from tho shoulders leave tho arms
, coolly bare.
" TT-wTWTwwvyvryww . g--wg--w'-w-M-arar'w mr w w 1
slderably under the Influence of stlmu
The Auirrlran nt t'onk.
"Should an Amorlean girl learn to
cook?" This It the tubjeat that tan
tlnuot to disturb everybody but the
American girl. Writing on It, Walter
Iletant lately quotes Chatineey Depew
as saying "Oreek not Oravy." Sir
Walter adds, however, that considering
that to many American girls have to
He waa noticed struggling to
get on hit feet, and, on observing him,
the Judge sauted the opportunity and
asked: 'Do you appear for th defend
ant. Mr Wank?' No. your honor, I
merely roan to rework aa "friend of
the court" that with llrotker Double
blank aa attorney (or the complainant
and no one on the other aide, It whs
about an even thins.' Then Illauk ra
sa med kla teat, while the whole court
roared with laughter."
1 cook, he would alter the cry to "Uraty,
II. PmIImI 11.
1 tec tut of an Inquisitive turn of
mind. fHk-lollrman Juhn Atkinson,
of the twanty-eoeoHd dlitriet, y water
day had his new summer uniform
thoroughly drenched. Atkinson was
ttatloHed near the Undine beathouie,
along the Hebuylklll river. Prior to
the arrival of the parade he became
very much Interested In th beats and
fixtures In the clubhouse. Finally he
came to a sign potted on the wall
whlrh read: "Pull the rope and see
the monkey Jump." Atklntan gave
the rope a Jerk and then proceeded to
do the jumping.
not Oreek.'
It is doubtful it this question will
be tettled on the wholesale plan. Why
net classify the American glrlt and
then tay: "Those that will la any way
be mixed up with cooking, either as
cooks or ratttreeees ot cooks, ought to
study the subject as hard as they
would study (3 reck."
I'ads lit Ituibroldrry
Hand decorations will play a dainty
part In the wardrobe this year. A pret
ty fad In handkerchiefs is to buy tbem
with colored borders, then trsee the
name In pencil, and etch It In linen
or silk to match the edge, A raoro
striking whim of fashion, though, I
tho embroidering of monograms on
gloves. Tho best way Is to bavo th
gloves made to order, with the bsok
stitching left off! the monogram
then placed In the ocnter at the back
of tht hand
A I'rettr Mk Ure.
One of the most difficult problems
that many women have to deal with, Is
iu had null. .... that of keeping themtet.es looking
ran atm-bui tii the hewer bath i well In the morning. The trouble with
PhiLritinhi. iiiword I many house gowns and dressing jaek
I tts ot the non-prelentlous kind Is that
It Is estimated that Bngland's ttoek they are not becoming around tht neck,
at coal will last 200 years longer, and To remedy this a new and pretty Idea
Nortk Amtrlca't (00 yrsrs. I Is to cut a piece ot musun aooui toe
slxo of a bandana handkerchief, and
finish It at tho edge with a narrow rut
Ill c. Fold It diagonally, tlo around tho
neck, leaving a llttlo V-thapwl open
front, and then tlo again. This will
leavo a knot, nnd tho ends sticking out,
which makes r. slmplo but dainty
A fyinihoiiy In III nr.
The prettiest now colors this senson
nro brick red, pearl bluo and olive
white. They como In cashmere, hon
rlctta nnd velvet, but nro seldom scop
In other materials. Ilrlck red looks
precisely llko what u Is Intcndod to
reprosont brick. It Is a stonily, mod
est red and the nearest Idea that your
correspondent can suggost. bosldo a
brick, Is tho color ot c.iyenno popper.
Pearl bluo Is also a pretty shnilo,
rather changeable In velvet. It Is a
were small and the collar n high one.
A Jabot of bluo silk concealed tbo
opening ot the bodlco. Helen Grey
A New Herniation.
A new feature ot decoration Is lacing
with flno silk cord over a commuting
color. Nnrrow openings up nnd down
tho bodlcu aro la'id across with cord
either matching '.ho gown In color or
In some paler shndo uf tho tamo color.
One pretty model In pnlo gray nun's
ollltih has a cream laco yoke laced to
tho lowor portion ot tho bodlco with
pink silk, nnd over n deeper shndo ot
pink silk. The opening forms tho
straight yoke Into n point in front,
nnd tho offoct U very pretty. Inolng4
trim tho Hleovos very effectively, too,
and Homo ot tho overdresses have la
olng around the hips,
little darkor than electric light blue,
but lighter than turquoise.
Ollvo whlto It a dull, greenish white,
reiembllng closely the tcdlmentt which
gather In sulphur water.
At an afternoon reception a tew
dayt ago thero was worn a toilet ot
pearl blue henrletta made very taste
fully. The tklrt, made with the utual dote
fitting hips and flare around the foot,
was quite out ot the ordinary In trim
ming. At the side front seam there
was a band of black satin headed by
an applique trimming alto of black.
The waist fitted faultlessly and but
toned at the tide. White embroidered
Ilk wat uted for the yoke, which wat
mad over a thlrred vett ot cashmere.
An outline ot black latin and the ap
plique design finished the yoke and
extended down the front. Tbt sleeves
Indulged hy UnglUh Women.
Just now, long walks aro a fad In
Hngland, and tho Prlncots of Walos
Is one of Its devotees, which, ot course,
Inturos Its popularity. It Is an excel
lent Idea, for no one oxorelt l con
sidered so beneficial to tho uii body
as walking. Of course, the head should
ho hold erect, tho shoulders thrown
back, and the breathing unrestrained.
The "rest cure" Is another craze with
London society women. This consists
In going away for a fortnight to some
quiet place whoro thore It plenty ot
fresh air and aunsblno, and thtn sim
ply vegetating.
A Variety ot fakes, fllhe and Irtmle
Original and R-lected 1'lnUe.m and
Jetsam from th Tide at 11 11
Witty Naylnge.
A Juvenile. atrotrgUt.
"Oct an orful llokln last nlght.dldn'l
ycr?" said little Sammy Urown to hi
playmate, Johnnie Smith.
"Nnw!" was the scornful reply.
"Didn't git no llckln' 't all. My paw
novcr licks me."
"Mebbo It was ycr maw that done ltr
but I know ycr got r llokln', cos F
heard yo holler. Sounded llko kllllrV
"That was me hollerln' nil right, but
I didn't git no llokln'. I always holler;
like that when paw gits ready to lick
me. Then ho gits r.oared for tear thw
neighbors '11 think how cruet ho l. ntif
ho lots mo go. It's a bully tehemet.
Try It tomo tlmo."
A raits Xuiprctiton.
Mr. Henpcck Don't iteroaar so leu
Marin. Tho neighbor! might think f.
was boating you. St. Iou4e I'ott-Dls-patoh.
IIU Opinion of rt
"Jny Green teems to think he's cun
tlOar'blo tmnrt." remarked Josh Mod
dcrs; "but I don't know so much about.
It myself. Dower toll yo about bow
ho gave hlmrolt away tho tlmo ho
went up to tho city with me an soon,
tho first street uprlnklcr he'd ever set
eyes on?"
"No," returned Abncr Applcdry.
"What did he dot"
"Awl Ho Jabbed mo In tho ribs nn"
soys he, good an' loud, 'Great glmmy,.
Josh I thcro's one o' them raln-mnkln'
machines we've been rcadlu' about."
I'rum a laXo 'ovU
"You do not lovo met" be crlad
"I do. I dot" she sobbed. "How car.
you doubt lit"
"Then prove It," ho answered,
"Yes, but how?" she asked, eagerly.
"Lend mo $10 untl next Saturday."
Tho young girl draw hersolt up-
"Coward!" she hissed. "Would youi
strike a woman? Lckvo me and never
And bowing his head In shame, tho
young man slunk away.
Tlio I'm mid tho (Inipe.
Onco upon a tlmo a Vox osplcd somo
grapes growing upon a tall tree or n.
telegraph polo; It does not matter
Tho Fox tried to borrow n stopladdor
ot n neighboring fnrmor, but failed.
"I don't want your old grapes, any
way," tho Fox now declared. "Appon
(Ileitis Isn't nnythlng like as swagger a
It used to bo!"
Then ho bestowod the laugh upon tb
bystandort, who hud looked for hltn to
Bay tho grapes were sour.
Highly rrubublv,
A Tea Clown.
Here is a - -arming tan gown made
of cream lace aver yellow silk. The
front is a partially fitted empire, cov
ered with lace nnd edged at the foot
with pUsses of silk over which tho lace
falls In graceful points. Tho gown is
T aln In the baek, sweeping tho ground
in a long train. A black velvet girdle
clroles the waist behind and Is brought
high on the bust In front and finished
with a large flat bow. Tho sleeves
open from shoulder to elbow, and aro
onught together with straps ot black
volvet. There Is a high gored collar
ot lace.
Marl IlaihklrUetr.
An Interesting phase ot the charac
ter of Marie Hathklrtteft was her In
capacity to fall In love, even though
she was a very lively young woman
It Is said that at one time, when two
young and wealthy suitors presented
themselves, she wrote to ber father for
advice, saying that both were the same
to her. Doubtless her great Intellec
tuality, as In the eases of many other
famous women, kept ber bcart so far
In the background that It was nvul-
nerable to attacks. This may be dlg
nosed as on kind ot heart failure.
Sunday School Teacher What wao
tho song of tho three children while
they were In the fiery furnace?
Tommy Smnit I "spote, mum, It
was "A Hot Time In tho Old Town To
filio Was In llrror.
"This Is very bad taste In you," re-'
marked Mrs, De Tan Que, when her bet
ter half returned In an Intoxicated eon
dltlon. "Your makln' mlthtake m'
dear. Had tasht won't show up 'fore
(blc) mornln'."
Ne Chance ts Talk,
McFlngle Poor II rooms I He's gone
over to the silent majority.
McFangle Why I when did h-l
he dead?
McFlngle No married!

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