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Carlsbad current. (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1899-1907, July 01, 1899, Image 2

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Olllolal Paper ( Eddy County.
.Satwwmt ivur 1, I8UB.
VKr.M.Y-iir mall mi im IMS).
Hr mill mi tU orantea 1 1. w.
'J'ko linve Uiu Kfwtwt ouii
templ Tar Ureal llrltlnn nnil It ti wit!
Billy Mk in oiior tunlty Ui give ICtu
Klfintl a Kami tawon In wttrfnre. Hu
Klflthl wilt nut iiubtmtly lie iimiiy IIvm
hiiU Kumls i-oorer when the Hwrs
Ivb tntin "elvtllwd."
Tim ijiitillfty MoriiliiK Hsview made IU
tiltiimniHM at Las Vegas ll week
fir Um first tune. It It a neat well
lirlHlwl sheet, a urwltl to thn town In
w'blth It In pulillaliMl. .loltn Slews rt
ami 01ms. 1'. MoKay art Hut editors
Bin), JmlKlnK from the npimrnce anil
woko-iip of tfie Inltal imiulier, It will
bo Rrat-clMN paper In every mrtlon
ktr. The. Houston l'ost remark Dint "it
llbwiy InvitiK people Hhniihl not try to
ortuli the illre for freedom In others,
I'lwre la neither reason nr cnnslstetiDy
In smb) i a eonnw." Wo went Ui war
with SkiIm In the cause uf lllrty--Ui
frto Uie CuImmis and now the live of
tha (lower of American manhood, uro
heliiK aaerinciHl In an effort to deprive
tiio Filipino of their rltfht to tfoveni
There should he some measure (lilnjit-
ml Uy Hie next Isirlilaltire to prevent
Atinp owner from Texas driving to
tuts vulley when ijrass litiuomes sonreo
iiIoiik the line of tint T. & 1. All
liooii Itrauulit In should be assessed
and taxed for the liijiisllue of allowing
si Men to rome In from another state
ititd ilvplulu the rung without assist
ln( to run the country by payment of
tuxes Is very apparent. Inspection
feoa in stead oi being rive oeuU should
bo twnnty flvo.
Is I 'or to llleo a part of the "I'nltnl
Still" as that term Is used In the oon
flUtntlon t I f bo, then all lairsons Iwirn
in I 'or to ICIco hiutw the roasloii of the
lelnnd art elliKens of the United Slnlua
tinder the provisions of the I Ith uintiiiit
iiiont. (leortfe T. Kdinuixls has held
that nit the people of I 'or to Ittoo, rttit!
the Philippines lor that mutter trrown
or uncrown, am uIUmmih of tho Unlled
States, sitiuo the Utillwl Slut ululins
tholr iilletfituii'e, nml this Implies ultl-
jwnstilp, uml II they nro not uitlneus of
the ITnltSHl Slates, they are (million!
tluuili-surlptaiif ""known stutiis.
rlUtblllty Is to be Krdimud In an milter
who line to stuy In ICI Pnso In Uie sum
tnor. If the New Muxlean wished to do
cry that olty It would point out toniu
tldiiKs that are doliinmoro harm to tho
plnoe limn the otlmate. Nowemper
eourlesty prevents reference to one or
the worst ItilliiBtioee, wldoli might oasl
ly be mmle an aid Instead of uti Impedi
ment to the projresilvn element of tlio
oily. ICI Paso Is a smart business town,
but will ki-ow larger mid better when
certain Inlltienoos, whloh tlio Now Mnx
loan need not trolnt out to the Times,
are neutrnllMd by the looul press. In.
stead of akled and abetted by n purl
At a mt'Htlnir of lhi eoiuinlttee ap
imlnted by the mayor of New York to
in-rung" for the reception of Admiral
Dewey the foil wliitr resolution was
Introduced. "Ileeoivi'di That any at
tuinpt by any pcrxoti or party, by eon
trlliulloiis of money or otherwise, to
ustoUMsli ii eliilm upon Ids gratitude or
to secure his ncojenUloii, would re
Htrlct bin freedom of ui tion, mid dr.
orve the seveicut reireheusloii of the
Ainprlnuti iieopli." It Is an unkind re
lluotloii on the part or the New Vork
fr to Intimate tlmt the Hdmlral would
noaept any imiitriliiittou of money that
Wutild restrict bis freedom ul aetlnti.
Eomof.Xmv Vorkern think Hint money
pun lrlhn divinity llxcif
TheM remiiiks from the Albuiiuor
?llio (Utlseji ixprPKN tln M-ntiiiirnt of
Qie Ol'HUKKi : "The Koiixh Itlders
tidltlon of the I.hh 'ifj''H itle was
IiliineU u very cieditNlih- Ihsiid. lie
iftles oontHinliitr a ((raphlu aeeoutit of
Uil) las tliissiius right, where the
ilauifh Killers Drat distlngiilshod
liitinselrw, and a very accurate ac
count or thu re union ror Saturday and
b'Uliilny. It also contstnel hair-tone
oriU of Col TlMJodor Itoosiivelt and
oilier distlttgtilslied utttoers of that
ruinous regiment, with short hlagrnph
Igal iketchos of ench and every otilcer.
On this occasion tlio Optic proved
IttiOir enterprlsiug."
Says the Iloiwtoii 1'ont: "The IU
i(tbMii party, sugei.ts an exlhsllgt,
out! ihsI pol to any real btu.nU it has
takoit Hgstlnst trusts when it had tiw
opportunity, or say pledge it lias now
alaHdiMK U obMMi litem. Untheoth-
OT iesfld 11 has done the bidUing or the
trusts on sM oceasions, in epU or psst
pletlues, and lias repudiated every ot
filial that wade an honest etfort to sup
proas trusts. The democratic jxirty
redeemed every plt-Uge It inadH
UtjUlHst trusts iu the paet and is Rrmly
oiiRwitUNl t tbelr nunpifiuiion Uy Us
tisUwiel declaraUou of pi luclplesal tlie
prsswut lime. 1 hat is the ilinerrnre
lOMluaid staottlBgof the parties on
ie trust uuvstloM and inwardly niue-
ienths or the itcmocfaU in the coun.
tryar (wrxonaily oppo-t to trusts,
titlll nine tenths or In leputtlifian pur
iy furors them."
Aoeordlng to the Standard (III com
jKiuy's swoi n statement In the hands
or the attorney nuncrnl or (ihlo a bar
rel ot refined oil cmU that compuny
Uhen llavemoyor the sugar trust
king Mid Hint the tariff was tlio onuio
or the multiplication or trust lie told
nn unploMiit truth and one whloh will
cause thn robber tariff party mitoh un
eHslneM durliiK tho oomliiK your.
The Territorial Treasurewltlp.
Hlnoe tho nppnlntmeni or lion Jeffer
son ItnynohlH as terrl'-orlul treaturer
tliorti hnvo boeu ntreot rtimnrs ll;tt ho
would doolluo to qimllfy . Sumo of tlio
papers announced this as a fact. Hut
thorn woro counter rumors that Mr.
Itaynnlds inlRht ndhero to Ids original
Intention. Pending u dotormlnatlon of
tho mitttor, tho Now M ox lean made tin
stntomont, bnoaiiHO It prefers to publish
only facts Last night Uovernnr Olern
ruoelved nntloe of tho final decision of
Mr. Huynolds. lly thu samo mall whloh
brought tho notice to tho governor
WheVe - You Goiiii
to- Celebrate?
Why Not
Following is the Program
of the Day.
to a. m: Siiiioclies .ludiro A. A. I'ruomiin, Hon. (I. A,
Hlulmrilson nud A. N. I'mU.
10:30: Hose Itaea:- lloswell vs. IJuilsUid
IOI4S: Cowboy Touriiamuut.- Purto iRO. IfuLrnnuo
fun 1WJ. N'o less than 5 outrles.
la Noon: I diriment
1 p, in: Horse Hnoe: -Putsw S80. Kntruiuw feu 96.
No In s than II outi iu.
Pony Uiiui':- I'urso and K). Itfiiruuuo
lou tMI. No less than !l oiilrles.
2 p. m: llloyolo H(U!0:-,( mile. Purso 810
JW Mucei-llW yard dush, Prize VRluo 5.
Jlloyvhi llat'i): B mitoa. I'ltrso 15.
Stick Ituro: I'oi hoys uiidur Ul. J'rlzu
Kug and Simon Unco: Pur boys uiulur II
Illoycle Trick ltldliiK: -i'or boys undur 10.
Purso $11.
2t30 p. m: Tug of Vnr:- How I'm. Ne. I t. lloia
Oo. No. 2.
a p. in. llano Hall: Midland vs. OurHbud.
7.30 p. m. Flioivorka.
All Ate Invited!
Just 'JO oeuts, or t'vo- llflhs of a cent a
gallon. InlhatooRl Is included raw
material, Iroat uient and the expense
of renuiug the oil. Prom this It would
appear that some one U making an
uutriiueuim profit by charging the con
sumer 'JU cents u gallon for au urtielo
which costs but two- llfllm or a cent to
iiiiiiiufuoturo With ouch gallon the
ooiisumor uiys for tho manufacture or
a Iwrrol. Thu oil could lie prndueod
mid delivered at two cents a gallon to
any Hirt or the rniled states and If
sold at live cen Ut a gallon would bring
an Immense prolll. Denver Post.
Tie New Mexican said that if the re
uhIon of rough rider had been hsld at
1)1 1'aao or some other polut close to
itailaa the troopers would not have had
t Ulkc their blanket. I bv 'I'imes edl
tw UsercupoM got a little hot, even lor
JU laso, and charged tin- New Mexicuu
pdif with decrying that city. Soiueir-
llxnctly So.
lain ilnnus, Hie blatant loud mouth
ed frwk wlm Is labwrlng lu btlne; Um
pulpit dawn to the levet or the variety
stage made the following etatemsitt
at a rival meeting lu progress at
llopklnsvllle, Ky , list week: "llryau
l is nearly 40 jears old and only pays &
j taxes. Xow n fellow who can't man
j age bis own affair auv uetti-r thau
i that hasn't any business fooling with
the Bnaaeee of the uatiou,"
I Mayor lng ef Uopklnsvll'e tele
'graphed Inquiry to a lounty o)Kll m
I l.locoiu, Neb , Mr. Uryau's home, and
received teply th.it Mr llr)unpalo
Usee to the amount of 9135 In 'W
ftMI.HIin'trT and SM.77 In tm.
i h oar lu view ir Sam sivmiiMiy
natural Inclination to lie, we ure Jut
. tiled iu saylugi
"Hum Jones Is nearly 40 yi ur old
und has not saved hi own soul. N.w
a fellow who eanuut lUJUegu hi wn
salvation UHter thau that, h .isn't
any businaaa rooliuf wttli Ike salva
tion of others." -UreeRVtlle. (Ills,)
The war In the Phlllipiues goej na-r
rlly on and bare meus tires ere being
sasriilced rech day Just to satisfy the
I latum Mt'Kiuley potltivlan.
Rddy Lodge No. 81, IC of P
teu every TtjMt't'
KveuliiK nt 7:W6tfiiok.
All vlMtsni urn v-alranm
K. II. tiH.
MAHONtC.-tUlcly IxhIrb No. 31,
St, A. f". iV A. M.-JlMtlll
rKWlnr roHimuiilcailon at list
ntffljh. VlnltltiK nrVthren hi
died tosttsnd. H. I. Itilmw,
A. N, I'HATT. Hee'jr.
1. 0. 0, P. itt
No U raeet overy
frldoXkeveiilnu In
Mnionlc linll.C VUltlng. UrolliM In howI
mniiiilnK conllnlly welsarne.
0.,W. MclllLiM, N. O.
li. WHiour. r.
Eddy tUamp'Woedmon or the World
Mseu In llm Olty Hall the Meoiia nml
fount TutuMltty nljini ot .ftcli mouth.
John 1 nnt.1, C. C.
IIsht Ueuiiirrso.v, Clk.
oiimon letter addressed tho New Mux
loan, under dsloof .luiiu 17, prompted
by perii,atiire and liieorruct statements
ol cerUie other pupurs. Tho lottor
rends as follows:
"Kdllor New Mexican: I have recent
ly observed articles in the different
newspopeii lu the territory witn rufor
unco to my appointment to thu olllooof
tnmmircr and my failure to uccupl tho
same, nono of which are autliorlxed
sutemeiits and many of tliom untrue.
"The laels are, (hut after the ad
journment or Hie lust legls'ttture I de
sired this appointment, and the govern
or assured me that he would muku it
when I Mould signify my readiness to
This I did on the Dili lust, on m
return from Uie reiuibllo of Mexolu,
where ) had been fur sovorul weeks
"Hut upon arriving at I .us Vegas and
conmiitlug with my business assuclates,
1 louiin that during my absence In Mex
ieo elrcumsUncea had arisen whloh
Mould render it liupotwjule for lue to
scoept this position without jfreiit te-
euiiiary loss to inyselfiaudtnatliijiu
tlctomyown InU-rsets ami thoeeor
my business associates, 1 eou d not
lake the oBlc- and give it the time und
attention wldeh its responsible char
acter deserved, und which is the only
reeeou lor iny decliuiug the (Kwltion
1 thereupon notified the governor to
that fffct, nl the same lime exprens
ii.g my deep regret in being unable to
curly out in wisiiee in uie matter, as
Mell s my own 1 am iu heeity ae
cord m ith tlie governor and his admin-
islratio of affairs In the territory, and
deeply rrel the clreuiiistaiioes whloh
preveul m from uctlvely ussistlug him
as uv f Ids oittct rs and appflltltcos lu
cunllnu.ug liU effort for the welfaro
of Hie leir t ty. Very resnectftllly.
' Jl , i i'ii' H. mum."
ItDDY, . . 11 KW MH.N
I'liystcians nntl SurKeeiis.
Omm Hmm, H tr, H l
lletsl WlllltMr
Satnm, V. v,.it, M, lly.
ri II, WIllllllT. M. 1).
Oflwflll4 llMMnar, lltiml moll Wllwt IIMtl
OdNwffi insHiJ" W MSfil.
(Haweaer t tl .m.
pit. U llltlrt'KAKI)
tleursi SiMa. in tnttm. itrMto aiiiMls
f). IH.
Notice ot Sheriff's Sale Under nn tlx
coition Venditioni lixponns.
in the ilUirlot court wltiitn ami ter Die
comity of lutuy, turntury oi New sioxie
Thsiuni llobtoji
rtenrVw"tt al
ia nMUinpltby
wliaNit. Ill nail liy tlie turui of na
vsaultlniil xiKjiia ImiiwI from Mill
Mtirt In til Hliovo nlylml chum- on I lie IStll
tiny of Mnr, A. li. issv, wiik-ii cniiin to my
IMIIUSOli iiiv uiu imy oi jmy, a ii. ian, i
it in nrtvlp.Hl thill ii jtiURniuu.1 Ytt rciiulersil
In an til onuiwi III fnvor of imlil ill ii I ii 1 1 ft mill
iiualtift ttiu OqIi'IkIhiiU tluiri'ln, ItvnryriWMet
llnil imiirieuu nwwti mi uiu mm iih
Mud clity of
unuf lk.3b
in Wl.lSiin
Nl, ill w . nml l in- ii1, v
two, 36s, c. Ii -Iiiii In ell
in, .
XnvtiniLM-r. A Ii. INK. lor lliumim
ilanuiuM mill cut. SmoiiiitlliK In
UixihI and iwtsl infcreit tiivruuii from Hint
unto mill Haul ul tlie utiiuu Ulna a luilvniiiil
tiitatiilusiwrliilii nttAolunvc1 iruoeO;inH
wii leiim rwi in mviirui mm iiiuiiuu, nnu,
wiiren, l n in .cojiitiiiiuiiuu oy mo miiu
writ to Hell nil of tho liitratii of tliu Mill
llenry mi stul llwlrlrttu Mwwtl In njiil
lueerinli. vol i-into ituiinwl Hi lUiily couii
tyi Now ;i.'iiun, und ixillor (lcrllm iu itw
oi is ai
310 ariva ul
iMmin tliu rami) land which m at-
lacluxl li) i no tiu-u miirin ni iuuy count-
limer uie riHiiiHi wrn oi niini-nniviii unuun
ii laid muriu.
Maw lriLii ltirr lu nccordmu-o with tho ill
IVt'tlMII Ul WtlU milUllllllll UXM.
na I will i fft-r fur ale nt publii- nurilon nil
of lhe Inlf -Nita of tlio mid Ili-ury Kwmtnad
lieiiriiia iwwi, cimur or ikuii oi inttti
whli'h lhs now havu In nnd lu iho all l
acreaol lsi'l above doaorilivd, or mi luueh
llioicut a iay imi iiflt'oaaary lur lliu nNlllHif
tibiiiif aaii'luoaiiioiit, amouiniiui iu a I St
llitroon to tlia day nl aula nnd tliu roala ol
vxuvullug tliu wdd writ to lie tnxwl, at tin
Mistii Imtii UiKir tiui court Ikiuw m the
own ui r.'i y, in i.noy touiuy, lerrnory oi
uw Mesli . ou Monday, thu luiti day ot
July, a. i w, ni ma nour oi iwo-ciook a.
.1 Kflli) alo are oaali .
y Iwnd this flit day ef Mny, ,.
m. of an
Tito isi-i
1). IS
11. I'.. avntWAll'r.
Sharin Itdilr (guilty, S. M.
nii iiuniiention June lue
:ii vniTan
t IIHltuiMt
Notlcj ot I'orvclohtiro Sale.
Whrroas. "II thn Ural (Iny nl Uarvli. A. I).
iwi. i1. It. ( .muav made, vxiwutul nml ili
lti-eu mi' ii lue i iri nauuuai iwiik ui
.nut. An muihtu. u I'uriHirHiiun nr
anil I'Xlalllu Ulldor Uiu Ihw tif Hit)
hihUm ol Aiiinrlt H III talHllon tu
baiiKa, HUciMiiuKouviNuiai iMiuy, ui t no
It'l l iiifrjr u, ivn .ivauw, iwvi ihu iivi
t-iiiiMiylim i in land una pruimi-iy tlmrupi
end nerullu imriloavrllMd, ltunlovl In Uddr
uouniy, Nuw Jlrxlco, a ai-uurlly lor tllw
pHnwnt pf one iiroiulaaory noU' lur tnouci
in ilirua tfiudaHiiU aavon liUlfdril (W.W.WI
tiuliar. with InleruM at lite rule 61 twelve
(Ul iwrctmti Mid iiruiniiMHiry note belli R
Pityauiv uii iivitmiiui hiiivh mt
we uuhi mr i-jooro on in zii
A. It. i, nml reeottliHi in houl
olaalil lUldy COUTH y.
ik volume ul
uioriuaiiiw nt hiy iml, etc., at the recant
i aniu iwny cuutuy.
.... ml...!. .1 1.1.1 .....HU.
,lt.. .hwv. . . . . .. ...... ,wwi
ul ii million that ahuulit tlnfaull
in tin' i.n-'iii i.i ma iiruicipai oi aiu ne
uruuv inti'reai uuu utaruoii neu uuuianai
It tbould lltvu Hud ibvucuiortli Im lawlu
oi inu;aaiq hkj i iri naiiouai itana oi
liddy, Mew Mesli'o, It auet-eaaor Hilda
ian. to lUir lulu aim unun aaio mil
lalu and aell and dlatxieu of the aaaSM al
nubile BU-illon. to tlie hla-ttrat bltlliar lor
ftati, at tbe li-uiit dour ol tbe fourt liuuan ul
tfi vuunty of Kddy In ald lerrllori , or mi
u idBnilauj. llffct avlue uutlou ol the lime
lorina mh piuvv miiphiiu inn ir"' iw
br Mild by lidvuriUluB lu Mime ui' .pui r
nuoiuuiu iu iu" i"uuiy aioipaam mr mur
iuaertioii. InrrtMil, ll a woeKly, audi nty
on i davk. II a aallr. with uuwit ol aillourn
liibut oi aaia ai u oiii-n a u iiimui ui' iro
nar. by varbul utto- nlvoii or wi-itti-n u-
lloo uoaled at In olu-.i' adverllwd lor iub
ie, ai wuii-u wiu win' iho r im .rtuiiumii
a niiani uurcuiiM' n n aiiouiu i uu
IgUual .iM bi iml
And wucrwi.. u. in.iuit im Ih-i-ii niad.
upon aald l . I,, Conway lor tit.' nayiiitnil i I
tBe unnrljal ol miIiI uoti mi iiii' inti tt 'i
duelberv"!). wld' ii d' l.i.iuu lui iml Um ii
eoaBMlec with llio hnld I. I i',ii,
awl liurrrf Ik now Uu-' jfiid uuutld uooi. iali
Iioia ID)' nuiu i in. i i) vi ii imnanii uoi
ara. !', I in i Hi luii ii". I lb. noli at
weive Mir ii'iil p- r uiiuutn Iroiullw' IHIi Un
ol AUSiKl, A. I. ivai.
AUO lu-fi ii", l.t.it' M. Honor I. uow Hit
tltllr abpiiiiliMl, iii.iliuil and Ariliiaraoelv
er of Tin' I iii .vnil'omi lituiioi l.dny, Ni'w
Mailoo, una aa ui h iwoivvr notda lu tmt
tor the bv-n '.il oi ti.,' t ied tot ol aald bauk
atioilho v" l''l -md a! ul ilui aM
bank. iiuTuduirf Hi" n 't.' uud uturieaee
aTi.m aid.
So, tliiT lor-, tin- .ld u,uc v.'. Uooem
aut' i lutttivi'r liurrliy alvna uott:i mat ul)
oan. y. tbo)lat day ol July. A. II Use. a
loll Uro tin o't I .-'. Ill IIk' lorfUuoU. at
a-uia rnmi euur oi tho uniri huuau at
Wo control botwoon BOO nnd 400 resident
lots in Eddy nnd wo lioroby give notice th'at
on July 1st next wo will inoronso Hie priooon
sumo from 60 to 100 par oent. The time lo
buy is NOW, '
Rpal Estate Agents.
And General ffonvnrding
Hay, Grain, Seed, Food, Blucksruith Ooal
TTou ei7lXl llacl tlxo mnxi. you aro
looJicliif; fof nt
0 Toocauwo tli.oy do nl litx JUx-wt-
A lvonip w woornor, J'ropnetors.
Fresh Meats, Snusngo, Gnnm, Qtov
. .Always on Hand. ,
SPx'o XJollxrJtry lax tttx-y Inxt or Olty.
Fancy Gr.ojjeri.es a Specialty..
GhioagQi t Louis
' and Kansas Oi.tvy
to TWiislbR fiow III I'iijo tr M Worth.
Ilk rir1lme Uanle nnd XUiPuf Ymir Nintn-I AUril,, .or write
v ii. iiauaii'i'ON
i). IK tsttii i. iN.,
Ill IHim, HVxni
J. W. UI,A0,K
(lun'l. 1'ukr, A'eiit,
TonflHn, Kansas
rt u.M. be wftl il al TMfble nautl
t adld mirliBi lur thn aalUfaii.
atoraaald InJi-uti itnu and the
tcloi.ur.'. In aiiidaiu.' wiili aaud
lu Iho ti ro. i.i Uu, aald uiov4mmm
iiiiuiiiu"iii. lO'VIl
a u in nn
liM'k 10 ill the ur'Mlul
uallt . .iii.I lol I and 3ulbl.u k 21. tutdiiil
01 bl-H-kUoi tin- Hmi addllW to Ibu
viuima) i now ari'ia Kay aajulr,
rrftorr i sw Nsic j.
1. W. Ml Ml MUM
Heclvr l it Nat l Hatik. of KUr,Tff U.
juv i
G- F, A. Roborfcpon.
All ktnOsuf mpw werLnHHeeiai'jr "J -fl-l
lsrwlMK IwiiIsiiuuU tif al I -triu,
Mu.UreMlre4.eui;fl,tuBi. Wq mak6r
i'lUll) AT IjliOWOM $ Fewl jUj L,vopy Con,nl
f iiu'onnuctiun. Aeoonunod
uiuion rr, up. vnrmu tion nud Mtijifiojoji, uitarmi

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