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"Ton Nights In a Har Home watoh
Don't target thebaic, July 3 MM.
land Driunutlo club.
'i'lie (Inattirtt riort a tailing oft In
buslnow the past week.
j. o. Lon, of lloewoll, was a north
bound pawongerjMonday.
J. D. Honnoy.of itoswoll, wis hero
' Monday looking utter busltiosa.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Harbor's little
olio died Tuesday; being less than 11
doy old!
TJio Fourth will bo hero Tuesday os
well ns tlie ".reworks una tlio troublo
jwinellttlB by.
Tlokcto for tho nroformnuoe of the
Midland JlramaUc Club nro Boiling
very Inst nt Hlackmore's.
ShorlK Stewart left Monday night
for HunUvlllu Tox. with Jim Nile
who will bo placed In tho pon.
Collector Mathoson roporta tax col
lections corning In on tho nvonigo,
with considerable back tnxoa bolog,
1. S Osbor.no waa In Hoswal. Thurs
day, and Invited tho cltjions nt that
burg down to nsulst In tho celebration
.th.o Fourth.
Don J). Jjonahuo returned homo
.Wednesday from.Lus Vegas, whore ho
ntlondPtt tho Hough Itinera reunion
nd loiikcd after buslnosH.
J no Simpson mndo his oppournnco on
tho Btrccts.lot week for tlio first time
In sovornl wcokB. llo looks aoinwhat
tho worso tor his Illness.
JoBloh Olbson and Ora (lertrudo
Langford ,wero united In wodlock
Thurtday tho 150th at the rosldonco of
tho brldo'a father by Dr. Emerson.
Mrs. V. It. Dunn departed Wednes
day for San Antonio Tex. Inrosponso
to a mewngo announcing tho danger
ous lllnosH of b dinghtor nt that place
Old Iko (ironsky the Jow she. man
from Colorado City ,lrpvo In a largo
floricnCflhoop this week from Texas to
cat up tho grass for Now Mexico sheep
,q.,WiGowden aml family departed
T-u'efldoy for Los Angeloa t!al. Mr.
Cowden will only accompany them to
3il i'aso from which point ho will ro
Tho CniHHNT moved Jntotfts now
quarters Inst Monday and is now pre
pared to execute nil kinds of Job print
ing with grcntcr dispatch and neatness
.than ever boforo.
Charley Draper was out piloting n
Lownoy's ohoeolatee and Hon Item
At Gamble's.
Mrs. It.M. .Johnson, who Imi been
very III for some tlnw, Is Improving
lluford Clark ami MftUe ulsoti wore
nmfrted last wtek' Oy'ljr Kirfe-rioti at
the parsonage.
Itatfirve your saute for fJnly Strd at
niuokinoro'H. Tho Midland Dnunatlo
OlUII IKCOIllfllg.
(1. V. UiitfliM. renraaantlmf llliuhoa
Hros. of Dallas, waa how Wednesday
looking up busiuun rur ins nouse.
Work on the block south of lintel
Sunlit Is going on rapidly. The foiiu-
U. . . . . ... .11 t.i ...tl 1 . . .
uauoun are nil in Hint inn mum hii'k
.1 M PuriliiH Is liavtnir tho ruok
hauled for n stone building to be looat-
nd between Klllou'gh nnd Traoy & Me
ilnilier Williams of tho Snmmoy
shop, returned Thursday from n trip
to Tvler. Texas, urmuintr ms family
and household offbote. "
n. It Unrkuv. llimrv An sail. John
Ohntroll, Charley Itnsoon, 8iii Oortifltt
and M. C Stewart will enter for III
cowboy tournnuiftnt.
Tho building Just north or Hnrfleld
it Uantroll'B now auloon will bo ocon
nteil to'dnv bv .1. M. Snmmoy torn
"barber shop,
Tho largost aeeortmunt pf fliomrl(a
In town at tumble's.
Quito a number .pr flim showers In
In vnnoiiB parte of Ihountinty nro mak
ing stookinon look mora hopeful. A
gonernl lain Is muoh needud.
MIm WIlllo llaylor of VU Mwell Tox.
grand daughter of (Ion. .1. It. llaylor
nnd nloeo of Col. Hay lor cams In Mon
day to Hpond the summor with Mrs.
M. 1. Kerr departed for his uilne
noar Alnmngordn Tuesday, having ru
uoveied s'ullloloiitly from the nooldent
which resulted In a oouplu of broken
Harlold & OantroH nro finishing
their bulldliig Jn elegant stylo and hayo
Lrocently put In a now ofle for oae
goods. Tho oahti which was mnuo uy
Kd Wilson Is a gom.
Tho largest assortment of llreworks
in town ot (mmblo's.
Dr. A. J. Kmoraon formerly pastor
of tho Hnptlst church was elected prln.
clpal of tho schools by tho board of
mluontion Monday. Dr. Hmorsnn has
had many years experience na nn edu
cator. Mm. Tim Lions of HI Paso died
Charley V."a flt Friday and was bj.rled Saturday,
party of serenaraarou unown AV ed I '
.nesdoy night and their visit was hlgt
ly appreciated by thnsowho wero bo
fortunate as to bu visited,
Doitplto tho fact that only about one
bud In six of tho poach troes last spr
Jnu managed to produco a poach the
,'crop Is abundant for homo consump
tion with plenty to ship.
Tho bono raco promises to bo a vory
"luitmiiv" affair. If.nractlco counts for
anything, llono Co. No. 1 has had
aomo practice but No. 2 boys don't
Boom to think audi n thing necessary.
Tho largest assortment of firework
In town at (Inmblo'a.
.Jno. Lowoubruok will shortly oom
inenco'tno erectlou of n rook building
J25i80 feet to bo used n a meat mark,
ot. Tho building will occupy the lot
betweon thu city hall and Angell & Mc
Mile's buggy ahed.
Tho Knights or Pythias will observo
decorntlon,day Sunday uftyrfiH"' at 2
n'clouk liy holding Servian at tho hall
From the hall they will march out to
the.ceiniitery uud deoornto tho gmvos
or deceased members. Tho public Is
cordlallyiluv.lted to uttend tlj.ettu ser
vices. Jno. Uautrull and Cluis tlordon Insi,
week piifvliaied tho remulut or the
OLD - eiiltlu rrum Poodlelnn A l.UBk
at 490.IX) pur hoad' qdvi- nut.i:ounted.
Thu tattle are In be dwllvrrotl on gen
eral work this HoaHon. Thuro nro proba
bly a oouplu of Hundred In the rum
Slster,Miiry Herehinan, jKfthw su
perior of Morey Convent wihool nt
Stuntnn, Toxas, ucaomimmod three of
hur pupila homo Thurlay msriilng.
Tho pupils are Mima Mary Johuton,
TeroHu LdwimiIiiiibIc nnd Floronoe
Mullaiiv. They will remain for Iho
Hummer vnwUhui. MIihi l.aji P.ir
ker of Prtnt, who accmtiiiKiiucd the
sUtwr, Kill nrlum with hvr.
AV. U IllKger wut up to Hnpo yw
itentay tn ilnUli amwlHgitH praiiarty
In the strip whluh was out nlf from
ftddy eoiinly uud added (a Ohavsjs by
,tlie last legislature. Ciunolliuyp
tlolmtHlsoii saya It was not the Intel)
tlon of, the law makers to out nlf this
atrip, luiiioeitlhavHi onuuty refiiwd to
- nwesa the property as)U 4iirua it UeH
to Hddy uouuty.
0. W. Lewis had thu misfortune to
loion pooketbook last Saturday, ppu
talnlng IllD.OOand u pass on u railway.
Wednusdny of this week tho I'ouket
Aiook was fnuud by Sam Plgfonl who
parted out to louk fqr II, a reward ul
StUX) ha.vlpg bean affatud by Mr.
Lojivia. Plgtord would not, take but
8 10W Iwmevw, thsugh ho spunt a
oouplu of iluys looking far tlio poukdt
genial luut or tho Llndell has the nym
path or IiIh many Kddy friends who
always stopped at thu Lludoll.
Tho Midland Dramatic club Is cum-
Ing and will present "Comrade" on
'tho night or July 3rd. This is uu ox
J coptlonally strong play nnd tho Mld
I laud Drumntlo , club's reputation In
: mires that it will llo woll proseutud.
'Tickete aio now on sain at lllackmoru's
; drug store
' Tlta loarned Bonticmou who compose
our supremo court ami tho people re
Monnslblit for tho Injunotlon proeoitd
ltiL-s in mihv the construetlou of the
Hleiiliant Huttu dam. should he farced
to drill un the bed of the Hlo (Imndo
irom near HI Paso to Albuquerque one
or these prevailing not unys. oin
droit of running water would thoy find
and whou they llulshcd wild tour they
would be in u proper frumo of mind to
forover ubandon Iho onuy pioa or
stiMimshlii iiavlgalan QVQr.dMortaaud
San Mnrulal Jioo.
Lowuoy's ohocolate nnd Hon Hons
nt Unmblo's.
CbrMlwtMS Mtrjr deparUntNt ol
our ilar. Car In Riling your
pnillHtyMi oaro In yivloe jm
Ui whi rfi ,whi. wmuw yam
mm lor II rputmt or sond the
otillOMH- Ami book ot this we
urn In Um Mtooiloit at
Itw Bvwlt w tf II you . bDTB
One Quality
US IMt tlM bMt. Thl I
gSBWSi to errf arttole w Mil.
No matlar wbclbor yuu tutvr
prMorlptlok ailvtl or boy tuoib
nfph9U mh ratMurwl It will
bjiuMli bwl qtwlilr b(qloable.
buy ualy from rssogiitowl
wwHisoluran, m4 btlng targo
Myoso obtlii sftMlal nMirtiat dl
iMBb) wlttob sable t to toll m(
UitJswaot SMaalbl prloaa cunala
Ml ttllktfclgii mtallir WaoOir
ym ibla aarrtoti II yira ar aiar
(RUoMkI lo kht wsy-wo ho tw
llwr wi rvrund roar moaor-
Eddy Drug Co.
Best Line of Cigars In Town.
1 Don't Comm
i SuicidQ!
Hy Inking stale drtlal-irk
Homo stores sell wpu
onti always swuro fro in irt
Tho Newest and Froshosit
. .Drugs in Town. .
Paints, Oils, Brushes nnd Sundries.
2 Dnors south of Hotel.
Hillside Dairy Farm
......... .-a. .i
n Fresh Cream, nilkand Butter Deliver'
ed to All Parts of the City.
Spoalal Cowb for Invalids
'it ana unuciran. . . .
cows FiioM oim iiuoin'uitiii iiitni) or' jkimut
UMTI.K l"0 SAI.lt AT AM. TIMItfl.
Itc 'Woiiia Tatr V (IrilrrK Irom Orn
Mini OIU-llul lwU'r,Vt', re.,
IVlMMtlilgtliU. f-Jf ,
Xaitll offlatro limn froii) the PMIIp-
I'lre t Jcruirc, A.Unno.
Jernine, AjU, .lnS A flru Inflke
out In Vho erdC'optir cjropioj'i. e-
VfUCpUor fiirtiace liwl u(lit nnd it
slid UUti.ii' Here ly- th leverbinu
. . . r .1 ...... f li. I. u.mI In I (mi
lull IS lit'- MirKi'BV 'i i ... : . 7 . . 1 . s
Un.ua amies .ua uuw y unu-f tno. UniVt. e .ui.i ., . I. .M- ico,w pub.
railroad truek. H.iekof'la Tew fiwl n, Biit nilior v in.l whwu hnw to
kio n liumtter r- ouk bint. To the ' ,) Wl(h t'br falhin r tin- luml ntl iwrnl
north urt the vital of the mine, th . oommiuilriH nt Vnnllu i nirr.-.-.
imwer hou, rfrnmntlng an Invest. I The atory bfftftnn on thr lat if MnyA
inout or tWO,iX. Tha Itru ate nwuy , when the then Comwodorv JleA
the framo work hwldtiiK five huudrad ' whlt-vrd n rtet. ry whloh wlll ioil his
nn- nf noW.. mihUI.I. nt Inllam. iniimpu ll.ruinril III nK. n unwell
umble iimtter tell with m crash mi ur '
nnd the whole made a moat Intent 1
I.-... V.. ..If... I .....I.. IM ....... I I.. '
Himt iu uuuu nil. iiirhd vii.r iir
ookebrlt ovary 'energy was Iti.t to
keep It from burning tho tiaaiby jor
hoitati. luna of burning ooka fell
through an open shaft and sot the 1 16
rout level or the mint an lire. Lllut this
wus uonlmllott after u six hour light.
The loss hS dot known at this hour but
It will bt heavy aniljwlll fall on Set a
tor Clark nloiie. Tho flro original tl
from the frtetlon nt one nf the btlu on
the turuaco blower. Twelve hnudrtd
men have twen thrown out of wrk
Some Comments.
'Talk nlmut Iran Ainirlrnnl4tii," vulil
n visiting Now Yorker, "hero Is wliwo you
got It. 1 whs nf the train when Koowvult
arrived nail nniotiK the rniwil wire a
nuiabur of Inillaim. I wutclutl tlicui, par
lleulnrly when tlio trnlu nrrlviSd, nnd
though they wero pniated la war uolors
.tad drasfnit la iintlvi) ilruM. I noviir henrd
suuh ydfls of uiitliiixlasiu, Teilillo' wos
vouialagly thu only word ol Kaglluli thoy
"Thl ianki'liio fool lllie l wns In Now
York ngnhi," said a now punuher. "Thero
we hml tlilurs nil our own way nail could-
not pay for nolhiii', and hero Its Iho smar,
Why, darn it, they aro fuodla' an on una-
aunt, oranges and cluektm in camp over
thore in thep!trlc,nad II 1 didn't Know dli
forentl'd swonr that lloluu (lould wns
nroaiul huro soiaewhor. And all thusu
prntly woiasn! Did you know thnt 1
linlat xeeii but Ihrco wiaaou since I went
to work on the range last lull alter wo
wore muiterod oat. Yes, air: nnd they
wuru Mtuloniu. They live jtut twenty-
eight miles lroai where our outfit is
working the cattle now. The Utile
trio to New York Mwllt mo (or tlie
rnnue. 1 waut to est In thu swim nuatu.
I'uui'hlii'cowsnlut swift utmuttli for m
Kvort- eowbay ni well ni nil the (tough
llldtirs ol Naw Moxloo ware m l. Yeeni
to no their Idol Teddio," One UoukIi
Itlder, who wiiamiirrlcil In New Jerey
drove over Innd ISO miles to ntteml Iho
uainii, biltislttic Iila hrldu with lilm and
driving a mule team to a larxu wnnon
They were ten days on tho rondnnd
entnpMlteaeh nlht by tho roadside. "1
would Imvo rhino 1,000 miles hy rnll," said
ho, "to t hue and I wan lei 1 my wile to
soe ItooMtQit, nnd dMn't have the ninniiy
(n pay (aro fur Ixilh o( ut so. 1 drove over.
I've h id a hell n( a lime tn KetlniK horo.
I dent think there U a strap on those old
Imriiein that hniu't liroHo at lannt once
iluta I lUirtwl nnd the wncau liroKe down
tlnva tlnu'i, but I Mint sorry that wo start
oil." 1 hoy were Ktveu quarters In en tup
nml Iho worn out nuli are reerultliiff on
MlMiIoiuile I'otlo' departed Monday
for Lo Ansolos, Cul., to uttend the
Rational IMuuatlannl neeoelatlon
moeltiK and will lie absent six wol:e.
.Mies Kdith (luyer, Mre. (1. 1'. Johnson
uud Mr. Huton wyt from Hoewoll to
attend the meetlne; nml wore Joined
.hero by Mine Hotter.
Iawnoy's ohooulatt unit Hon Hons
at (Jnmble's.
deduced HnttMi for Summor Trlpa,
CuuijBenoliiK .lone 1st end foiitliiu
log to and ineludtmf Keptember StKh,
IWOU, lliw xm A 1'scine Hallway Co
wilreelt loutut trip sumoter tourist
tickets to points In AHlicinn. Arkau
ees, Colorado. District or Columbia,
titforviN. lllliioU, Intlmu i. Kenturky,
Mary knU, MnaNflehiiseiU, Mlehbnin,
MloiiHtoUi, Miaeuatppi, Missouri, Sew
York, North Carolina, North Dakota,
Ohio, OMwrlo. i'eiiusylvuula, Uuebeo,
South Carolina, Tonneneee, Virginia,
Vesi Virginia nail Wisconsin, at a
eoueWtreU'e rt-duetlon In ratee.
doe the nearest Ueket aueut for full
InfwriiiiiltoH r write 15. I'. Tuyir, (J.
I. 'V A.. Dnllae. Toxae
Doj! Oper llnvvprc.
1 will kill all dK not prop4-rly tx
ttl frtHH thla date
1). U. Claiik, U.J1.
July,, I WW.
flason Hruit Jr
U yalhm itLUUdut.
I uiwrt Jtki 4(
1 riut P dm.
J. l. I'OHll l'
(leo. Lucas will do nil kinds of drny
Iuk and luiuling promptly.
T.i,iitK rr: A bay muro blind hi
nnoeyu hrai. led (IKIi on left thigh
nnd xtt connoetcd (It ubovo H) dn'left
shouldur. Owner oan have suiiui by
snpiyfrlK ttj I). H. Harkoy and pnyiiiK
bOu lor this notloo.
Hurtle hltohlnn teams or tying
stock to trees nro hereby warned that
tho law will bo enforced from this
date. I), H, Claim:,
July 1. 18'). Marshal,
I have In my pasturu ono gray mare
branded crosa fLV on left ttitifh whleh
I will soil fur pasturage Monday, July
7, ISC), unless rtitlMnued sooner.
On ah. Swan son
ti t
The Hccoa Sytcni.
Hddy, New Max. Juno 10 181W
On ncoount of Ith. of July oelebrn-
tlon. you may soli round trip tleketa
to any point on tho L'oeos System nt
one fnio for round trip. SelliiiK dittoa
July flrd and Ith for trains Noe. ono
nnd twn to thoeo dates; with llnal
limit ror return for tmim one and
two of Jtdy Oth,
The vacant lots nn the oomur oost of
thu 'i'anslll hlojk have boon (trubbed
and will bo leveled, Improving tho np
pearaueu of thinus very muuh.
A UIr Deal.
Journnl-ltar rnt.
HiirIb, J,. M., JiliieaO-A stouk donl
of onurmous magnitude, Involving
nearly a hair million dollars wus eon
sumated huro today. The oorKirntloii
known iih tho Detroit & Hlo 0 rondo
Stock company convoyed uud trans
ferred to Levi Hald win, a promlnont
cattleman controlling vast stock In
tereeU at Maudatena, X. M., nnd La
mar, Colo., the, entire property Includ
ing runehea, stock end watering places,
Over 5W.O00 heed of oaltlo uhniiged
lutiids, Haldwln imylug $0 a head for
yearling aiid above thai age, and 86
for calves.
Brought to
Come and
Harness and
Repair Work
Pat Murray,
Hooley Coehrnr nnd N'lb Jonee had
nn altercation wlillu dining at tho Chl
iiubo rostuunint yesterday, bruiight up
by Home old feeling dating u uuupto or
years back.
with n singular nmdi-ity and eoHrlev
hp left lilniHPlf uut In his report to tho
Mly n vomianed nUnok ot land and
m fowa m Imvc taken .Manila," wna
the winllng of his rnhltgram.
Thrn Mi-rrlu iiimn nml hh made
pKrrnio gi-nfi-nl of the Islnnde whtoli
lW.v hml virtually taken. On the
rnatnoruulr l.Hli of Aoirflet fonrvnawle
from Di'wvy'a fleet reckHl Vnrt Inn
ntonlo de AImuI nnd gnvp tin- s punish
oreM ilwlr first stamclc tounl la
ale. Tlint day Clen. Merrltt cnbleil
"1 hu' cspturett Manila with tho
moral support at tlm navy."
Merrltt vrna In thr riilllpptupa n few
dnya nvr a- month. Thru lu unit to
l!ara, but l)try derllueil to ta'd (rt
In thla inlaalon, cxplnlnlnrr that he
tould do mnru gootl iHinunniulliijr his
llott. Tlifr' he nMiialnwl, f.fliii not
a little nMntm'nt uvrr tin- failure of
dim. H. . Otla, Merrltt'H niiwrhaor OH
military irdvornor, toonnlt Miniibuut
alTnlra of moment.
nil rulf wtlli n ini.llnl Imud. tmt
the Aclmlrnt pln,v lilnpnitln IIKr u vt ter
nn wlM g 'l Im-k. Win n Sn n-tiiry Al
Kor cnbWil (,po, tills lo send troopa to
Hollo ondrr proper twort at nnrc, Otla
ntlit to Dfwij an order t prewre fi
iolivtv for triin-ipurit- f .rtln ldi 'llm
i ilmlnil'.i reply to thl' prremptor -cniif
inniiil rntifed t.ni'ie'wiiiiirlM- liilhohlgh
rr orHclnl etrelaa, outside ot whleh It
In iitlll prnellenlly unknown.
"TIiIm In a Hekllah hualneua," an
Hvr red Dewt-y to nt la. "1 have no bust
I lean at Hullo," r.ml lie derlloi-d to acud
nny of hla veaaela tlirre.
The "Father of tlr? I'hlllpplnen"
wlalieil hla Korerumrnt tn l,nnv lie wan
atlll on the earUt anfl Weeping op hla
end of the atrli. The expected Imp.
jwnril ,'tt na he deslriil. Ol'u rep irtcd
to Wnlilngtoti nnd then theie cuiae a
pnbliurciii to iK'wey dlreetl from Rec
ivtury Ing telling lilm (o voooy Iho
troir iort to Hollo. Onlrrrt atrftlffut
from W tililnifion to hint rather thnti
from Otla were what Dewey wan toil and
the admiral no longer found Hollo "a
tlohlUh biiHlnoaa." Kan l'rnnolwu
Newa Latter.
Not na irortiinAte.
Jonee It Is wild thnl Damn Fortuno
knoeka ouee at every timn'eduon
So tth Well. II was her daughter,
Mil. Fori line, who called on iuo-t'o
luniUim (0.) fitnto Journal.
Clais. Iluddeleon was eleetett oonsul
oommauder of Kddy drove Cump of
Woodmen of the World at the Mou
day night meeting, Jno L. Hell having
The bicycle roeae the Fourth promise
much excitement, and will probably be
the beet thing nn the program. Ha tee
end Mulls ere the favorilUe in the Are
mile raee.
Tlyt town board has employed I!, C.
Lynn t extenulp it tne oataplllars
from the eutlouwoods on toe Ufete
Mr. Lypn prill nso e atepiig apKtiw uf
Vlagrten aimI will spray It on ,Uie
treos. rwjple who let steak run luoee
In town ahquld lie oarafiil while tlie
n pray Ing is ptlng done ter more ar lost
of the to tea ned solution h euro to full
ou the grase arouud tlie trees and If
oaten by eallle or horeee may mm
death. The town board la to he com
mend td for tlte earnest elfort to rid
the tree or the pests and should be s
elated by the eiliwtu, so nolhlug may
be left undone to destroy the worHU
jfrileh have beepipe a UmpseiL
Mrs.. I. S. Matthews, wlfu of tho rec
tor or (I race church, accompanied ty
her daughter, Mias HlUulieth, will join
her husbutitl onrly next week, M". II.
T.'Smoflk, it marrletl daughter of Wll
kofilwro, h'. C.i Is also expected to ylslt
ter u II we. The rector will occupy the
Hobb residence on (juadalupu nnd I'ox
Stand up tor your towu, says the Al
buq.uoriUo Democrat. That's not only
good buslneea policy but It's good bible
doctrine, too, for St. Haul says the man
who dooa not look uut for No. 1 Is
worsnitmn an Inlldul hu didn't put it
In those words exactly but that's thu
way he'd expruee It It hu were writing
It today, fqr l'.uil always kept up with
thu tliuoa and ho never did anything
hy halves; when hu persecuted Chris
tians hu pot-wonted them In the moat
radical manner, uud w,hen i ho turned
over a new lear ami prononeu tne gos
pel, he preached it no matter who tried
lo step him. We ueod u tew bt l'au
men in Carlsbad.
J'eiidleton &.luinp Imvo flue livery
rigs, Imy nnd grain nt lowest rates for
Judge Freeman, Jno.-I'rnnkllu, B. T,
Hitting uud (ten. Traoy wunt down tD
Hlnuk rlvtr title luorillnif to try their
1mnil 'iahitig.
Tauunlp: una lwy horaa aboijt
, ulov i J oars old liraiidetl utm nit .'eft
hip d 7 Willi liar a cities nn loft
shou dor. Owner con Imvo same .by
uppllng te Kdgrar.Uuorge ouijr Jtebb
plnec ttdroes dttoli.
,.(Jco (fhurch.
JJlriiieservluos on Sunday next, tho
flfth Sunday afjer Trinity.
Siimlay school 10 a, in.
Ohlldrf n'e oliureh, 10;0 a. in.
Holy communion and sermon, 11 a.
livening prayer and seriuou, H p. m
feUniitKenaaU visitors cordially In
vited lo attend tnete earvieea.
J.U.& MATTintwe, Hector.
Mr. and Mrs. Otiaa. Joyee pateed
through Balurday, relnrateg to Hoe,
well from their IwweymojNi tour of
SUtlun Agent J err. wus lit town
Monday from llngwrnmn.
Atterney Oampba)! is off lo Denver
again tjils veck.
Mrs. Traoy aiil uud Mies Clark
left Monday for Denver where they
will spend tlie summer.
Hurry Christian wne In the upper
valley this weak looking over the beet
itev. Jno. I Itell dtiiattatl Ttrfday
ror Kanaat, wbareiiti will be Hriajed to
do mission wrk. Mr. Ifall will re
inatu with liar nareute until Mr. Kell
rwtMilte IWted.
S. T
:t Doora Holo,IIue Windsor,
Eddy, N. M.
A ycnurnl lmnkinu; by
sinoRs (loni).
Itxelmiius lurnlaiisd to cos
tomara tfjf ol oTipnte.
Painter and
Paper Hanger
Cet .lVly Prices.
y Don't Puff
I and (ilow I
$ litinsi I

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