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.look Wilson It ft fcTcr putlont thin
i week.
Court convene n week from next
Mm. A. l'nilt, or Itoswoll, Is visiting
friends In Carlsbad.
Miss MIUlo (Irlllln li visiting friends
' libra for a few day.
m MIm Maud II tight spent tho week
Tn Itoswoll, visiting friend.
Mm. T. A. Kiell In listed among tho
sick, throattinod with alow (over.
Jnek Tedfurd want up to Hopo thin
week to Invito people, oltlclally, to
Mosdamos V. B. llryont and It. W.i
Tanilll departed Tuesdayfur the txut
on'n visit.
Dr. P. (1. Moohlnu is confined to his
room from un attack somewhat ro-
soinbllng typhoid.
District Attorney NIsbot was hero
Monday arranging mutters for tho
coming term of court.
Judge Uatowood hus rented an dlllco
In the Mullano building whora ho will
hold forth for a month.
Tho dog catcher Is at work and If ho
will kill nil the dogs in town ho will
liavo tho thanko of tho pooplo.
Wlhly Loa wiib onu of tho many
ItoHWoll puoplo who attended tho Mid
land oarnlval, going down Tuoiday.
Dr. Hinorson und .ludgo Ureen nro
homo froin Frusiial where thoy attend
ed tho Lincoln llaptltt association
A Itoswoll citizen la an excellent
porson until Carlsbad or Kddy
county Is mentioned. Then ho Is out
of his head.
II. A. Webster, of Chicago, brother
of (leorgo II. Webster, Jr., urrlved
Tuesday and will, spend several weeks
in tho valluy.
4 A. N. Pratt Is able to spend an hour
or two at hlssolllca each day and con
tinues to Improve from hU recent at
tn k of typhoid fever.
Capt. Manclnl, ot tho military Itistl-
tute, Itoswoll, Is circulating among his
many friends In Carlsbad, hiiTiug
como down Thursday.
Tho now depot building ot tho I'ccos
Valloy & Northeastern Ity. at Pecos
has boeu comploted uml was formally
opened yesterday with u A. A. Drlggs
In churgo as agent.
Tho husband and relatives of Mrs.
Laura Joplltig deslro to oxprcss their
heartrelt gralltudo to many friends for
: kind attentions during tho porlod of
her recent illuossnud death.
The Carlsbad schools opon Monday
and a full attendance Is expected. The
school will be in the hands of compe
tent teachers who, with tho assistance
of patrons, will mnko a success of tho
Mr. DoVilto, who loaicd tho Ilagor
man form UiM ijoson, was In town
this week with grapes, Jlo statos that
tho grape crop of tho farm this season
la very poor. (Jrapns aro selling at D
cents por pound.
r Miss Mary Colo and Miss Lena
a ago, of Hope, spoilt a couplo of days
In town this week, returning homo
yesterday noon. Miss Colo was bo
fore tho examining bourili to secure a
teachor's cortlflcato,
Col, Jas. (I. Moadors, of tho New
Mexico Military Institute at Itoswoll,
spent soveral days In towti this weok
In the interest of his school. Col.
Moadors says ho expects a full attend
ance at the opening of tho institute.
Mr. Kerr received u latter this week
from J, C, Denny, who Is forming a
stock company to work mines near
Alaniogordo. Mr. Kerr had shipped
100 pounds of his copper ore for Mr.
Denny to uso whilo soliciting stock
J. C. West, who came hero last
spring from Westvlllo, I. T., died or
typhoid fever last Friday ovenmg. at
his boiuu In Curlsbau. Mr. West
leaves n wife and hIx children who are
In tery straitened circumstances ow-
lug to the low of husband and father.
Sheriff Stewart roturncd' Saturday'
from Trinidad, Colo., when ho went
to identify the train robber who was
captured after being badly wounded.
Sheriff Stewart Ideutllled tho prisoner
as Tom Ketehum. A full uoeount of
the matter will be found elwwhnre In
tills Issue.
A twelve pound boy made his ap
peuranse at the homo of Mr. and Mrs
Itobt. Weeding yesterday morning.
This being the first boy out of nine
children Hob was highly ehted and II.
A. Nymeyer says Hob went wild with
Joy and thoy wero compelled to tie hltn
up at first but that ho has now been
released under hoary guard.
, ttufu Thomas, tho man shot and
I Hrtously wounded by MeUinnls the
' ft outlaw at Lusk's camp, is able to be
" out oti the street. No attempt as yet
fiat been made to remove the bullet
because it was thought best for Mr.
Thomas to fully recover from tho
shock to his system first and1 after he
t had recovered to cut out tba ball r hlch
Is supposed to be located near the
shoulder blade. lie states that he
feels about as well as ever exeept a
tittle sore.
List of Jurorsi
Following Is u list of the Juror for
this term of court, which convenes on
Monday, Spt. It hi
K.S. Mutter,
II, T, KllloHgh,
It It. (Jiunlits,
W. J. Itartisr,
W. II. Wilson,
A.S. Untrts,
I'fint KrtCHr,
W. T. flowtnan,
0, W. Cwden,
J. it. INtntlie,
II. L. I'BUcr,
Jehu Hyrtio,
T. .). FlHtehor,
ltnr Com,
A.J. Ornwfnril,
II. It WllMR,
J.T. Ootitr.
1'iriTr JtniY.
J. F. MathatoM,
.1. K. havttrly,
I. S, Uiboruo,
Wm. Leok,
T. F. Hhlokmnro,
J. A. Frniuan,
Itdward ftcoggln,
w. a itHir,
Henry Itobb,
H. S. Montoniury,
A.S. Wilson,
W. W. (lallon,
.1. It. Pussulman,
M..1. Murray.
M. 1'. Kerr,
M. Iteddtek,
M. Collier,
It. S. Hanson.
John MllilfriHl,
John Ituurlt,
.1. 1). Walker,
V. V. aieghoru,
Prank Hhelnbeldt
W. L. Hughes wns attending to
IniitnuM In NomvoII thin week.
Lost: A sorrsl oolt 6 or t' months
old, bruiulfil J on left shoufflor, Ad.
dress W. F. Daughurity, Carlsbad.
Professors Hobo and MoMulliu who
will have charge of the lutcrtncdluto
and grammor department of thu
school otuns In yesterday. The utty
schools wilt open Monday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W . Crupster return.
od to the vullsy lust week, Friday, af-
tor two ymirs wandering about In
MHiroh of that promised laud, and will
now probably locate In thu valley fur
good, Thoy left hero In Juno, 1807
with Mr. ami Mm. .1. S. Plckord, nml
slneo that time huvo traveled hy wagon
through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Ore
gon, Washington, California und
Dlwl In Carlsbad, August 38, 1800,
aged 48 yearn, Mrs. Laura Joplltig, for
merly of La Lux, lonvlng a liusbaud
and lira children. Shu was a good
christian woman and died In hopo of u
blessed llfo hcroutter. Shu wan a sister
or Mrs. D. 1). Clark, The remuliiB
wero entered Monday In tho city ceme
tery, Dr. Hmersoti conducting tho
funeral uorvicos,
W. I). Casoy who sold to Joo Nations
some tlino since several hundred yearl
ing steers, delivered thorn hero yester
day and thoy 'vera shipped to Kansas
over tho Pecos Valley & Northeastern.
Ho had considerable trouble bringing
thorn from his rango In tho mountains.
It Is a long stretch of country without
uulllclent water or grass along tho
route, ami tho herd grow lestlesti und
was unruly, stampeded twice, running
through numps, killing ono and break
ing suvural legs. Ho roHehcd hero und
shipped 000 head, including 1'h and li's
ot 810 and 920 respectively. They aro
thu nest bunch of cattlo wo have Been
loaded this suuson. PoeosTimus.
Mr. Dunn, tho Angora gout man, was
In town tins week with ono of his lino
billies, which ho sold to J. C. Wheat
for 910.00. Mr. Dunn ls raising soma
of tho llnuut Augoras In tho wont, thu
wool being three to four Inches long
at present und shearing time Is still
somedlutaiicu off.
K. M. Dellc will supply u with line
melons Mid itgctablcs wal... forhU wag.
Midland Carnival.
Despite tho fact that tho Midland
Carnival wuh fully ndvertlscd and wolt
conducted, the crowd failed to
mutorlullzo, Micro being less than half
tho number ot people there of last (tea
son when tho storms and bad weather
broko up tho festivities. Mr. Will Mor
chant who just returnod from thu Cur
ntvul, lays tho cause of thu light
attendance to tho dry and busy time
among cowmen who aio ongaged In
moving cattlo around to obtain feud
und water. Mr. Merchant Iium been
over a large portion or tho country and
says that Hddy county taken as u
wholu Is In butter condition than any
ho has travolod over. It Is much to
bo regretted that tho carnival did not
receive tho patronago Its merits would
Hillside Dairy F&i an,
l. n. BUY AWT,
(i Fresh Cream. Hi Ik and Biifcter Ddllver
oil to All pArfrof the City.
Spoolal Oowa for Involltlft
and Children. . . .
ooirn rwiM nun nwiteTttumi hkro or jkriky
P P L 5 E
Eddy Drug Go's Drug- Store.
Eclipso and
Well Casing and Piping.
Tin and Galvanized
- . . fron Work.
Cialvuntxed Iron Clitgrns built to order.
OIVo us a oall and get our prices,
Tracy & McEwan.
Tho lest tjind in Chaves County Is
Sold at Very Low Figure
I. W. Rogers, receiver of tho old
First Natlonul bank, went up to Itos
woll, Tuesday, to sell thu land owned
by tun bank nnd being part or tho as
sets). Tho land Is situated at (Ireen
fleld station and consisted of thrco
quarter sections or twolvn forties.
Desplto the fact that tho laud is some
of tho bust In Cbavet county, freo from
gyp and very few gravel knolls, with
full paid water right' under Northern
cunul and with npeclal rental of only
onu dollar pur aero, guaranteed by tho
Itoswoll Land &, Wutcr Co. thu bid
ding was slow and uncurtain and tho
land only brought an average or 83.:I7J
per aero, and u Carlsbad mun, S. T.
Hitting, purchased olgbt or thu twulvo
twolvo forties sold at that llguro.
When land with water right Is only
worth 8.'l.:7( undor tho hammer lion
well pooplo uro finding stockmen to
unload on at twouty-flvo to Ufty dol
lars por aero.
Mas $8oo Cold Ore.
In tho now shaft nt llio Mormon mino
(Utnok mountain Utitrlet in Nt Mtxlco),
a nftton looh tend of $00 gold or. hot
bn output a depth of 00 foot. Tho
Morinou It owned hj It. W, Tnutltl ot
GacUbmLN. M. nud 0. D. IJonnj.of
lloiwoil, How Mosico, and Is ou lh stno
roln with Maud H.,Suuol. and othor fsla
oblo ulnlm.. Kl 1'itu Umplilo.
K you want good prlvuto board In u
iulbt housu and at modorutu rates see
J. 1). Unity at l'ecos Valley llotnl. Is&
Money Found In Tho Mall (Jags.
"It soin4 almost Inorodiablo thai In th
neighborhood uf 840,000 in nolusl oath
should bBTo boon ouutldcd to Micro dat
ing tho kit yonr, ond hardor t 111 to on dlt
that tbo tnoit exhsnttivo effort, failed to
find the own.ro ot ono-fourth of that
stnuuut," wiHo l'attl Ljl. Cohln In
Tbo Ladle. Uoui. Journal for Hopl. tabor.
"Tbo onvolopo wblob aro addcoitod aro
kept on file for four year, blank ones
not to long, bat In tlthoi oio it liber
al tooigln of time U allowod olaunauU to
appear before the mono U finally turned
into tbo tioatur to tbo erodh ot tho
loit UUle Doparlment. In addition to
tho tauuer oontaUied In letten ituileg tho
satuo porlod, somolhlng llko 810,000 was
found looo in tbo raalle . It U onlalallj
ljled"looo tnonof."
Col. Moadors, the bustling superin
tendent of tlui New Mexico Military
lustltuto, called Monday. Tho colonel
has boon on a tour of tho territory and
Teius. lie Is confident lis could make
the lustltuto self supporting with the
addition of new barracks to accommo
date moro pupils, Tbo patronage
from Texas blono would All the school.
The Institutions, except this Institu
tion, are all heavy bills of expense to
tlx) territory but tbs military institute
under Col. Moadors and an ollloleut
board ot regents has been made to pay
from the start.
Lands, lots nnd ranohos with cutt.'o
ut sacrlllco wilo.
Wm. II. Mtn.i.ANK, Agent.
The Ooerr Jqro;iii Vital lijr I ho Haul
liooa l'ruile ol Clilun.
Tho uoudoHcrliit tonguo known as
"pldRln HuiillHh" Is nlnioHt thn only
mutlltim of comuiunlcatlou between
foroliciiers and tho riiluone, and nluu
timtliH ot tho enontiouH buslnoss donu
In Clilun botwevn tho Kollnh mid thu
ChlnoM) U done through this grotesque
KllilierUli. .Mr. OliONtcr Ilolconibo, In
his "Ileal Clilnnman," rIvuh two amus
ing uuocdotos to dhow bow absunl It
A young fotvlgnor who called upon
two yotinp Indian, also fnrolgnora, wa
Informed by their Chlncso servant
"that two plecoy glrlo no can see.
Number ono plocoy top side makeu
waohec, wnshtte. Number two plecoy
go outside, uiulcoo walkco, walkeo."
Ho meant to say that thu older of tbo
two was taklag a bath up stairs, and
thu youngest bad gono out.
When King Kalaknua of tho Ha
wnllau UIhikU vlnlted Bhanghal, ho
occupied u suit of roouiH up ouu flight
of stairs nt tbo Astor Ilouso, Two
Amorlcnit guntlomen called to pay
their roipeeU one morning, nnd, meet
ing thu proprietor, Inquired If thu king
wiw in. "I will Heo," rpll(M tho laud
lord, and, shoutlnc to n Chlneso serv
ant, nskud: "floyl That plcccy king
top Hide, nnd Botr "nab got," la
conlcally aimwcrcd tho servant. "Qen
tlcmen, bis majesty Is In. 1'ray walk
up," sum tuo miiuiora.
Reduced Rates for Summer Trips.
Commonclng Juno 1st and contJnu
inir to and including September 80th
1(XH). thu Tl'IIlH 1'flnlfln Ihillu-HV Hn
will sell round trip Biimmor tourist
iicuiH in poiius in Aiauuma, Aritan.
sas, Colorado, District of Columbia
(llMiriflll. lllliwila liiillitnii VmitiinVu
Maryland, MnMUuhimitU, Mlohlgan,
lllniiMoto, ftlmelMlppt, Missouri, New
orlt, North Carolina, North Dakota,
iiiuo, wiiwirio, riiuusyivania, (jueueu
West Virginia and Wisconsin, at a
ooiniuuniuiu reuuciiuii in rutin.
See the noarest ticket agent for full
Information or writ K. I. Turnur, U.
Shop In Town.
n ppi
y Positoffioo.
J, M. Sumrncy, Proprietor.
Carlithnd, N. At.
IMltnr H. II. ItiuukHiishlr, of Ctaren
don, Toxho, who mw in I ton well wit
the NiirUiivPst Toxm 1'roM ussaslnUxn
In lis annual -miHcij, imukl not lf
rtwIeU or hmidwliikwl by tho nwr
rwoilono Iwrs nt Itooweil, on ho onmu in
I'nrhilratl. Aftar ri-Htililntr hnmu ho v
posed tho Itmwell lure cltih In I ho 1"!
I. Hit wmk we imvs nn mn(i l rteotr.i
tten af ihoipresa cxrtirwton tu ltuswcll. N.
il. Al that pirn III Moorinte etlltnf liH
thewtltnrmchtff toirtiriipainl tmi out th
ilevll, fluoli he pmeeotloil in rtn by (IIIIhk
Him pulpit of tho M. K. chiitwh, ratnh, on j
tht boinUy follow Inir. (in ttOH dor ittfnrr
tluo rrloulnr aundny, imuml), tMdunlny,
Am. 11 WW, lite siiocists wtltor loft in
tho ootiilibotitnl P. V. train for Csrlalmt,
IxHu-r knoxii nt prMM-iit as lMrty. W'n hx.1
bteii lu titrnitMt nt lliwnull llmt we lmi
i eon, imtinniinlotliy we stipiiM. nil tln-tc
wns tu l on of thu I'eotm Vullfy, r-x-
eapt, prttbAttly, n dunilwl vllmo lnlmtin
Oil by niifMiHiliMi, iRint Uuira ttud nlkM.I
wntur. V, llmt Is three uf us, Urn. J. s.
Utility nm I wifo nnd inyowtf, lind uuvvr
sfon miyUiliiu ot the kind bofnrs ittnt tx.
lug on i un this trip to see new thine, f
emtrlttilfii in leave the txilntim nt Itonwell
and try the utiliimwii. Ilettoult wm thai
wejMipnrdiwl our live, hwiltti ami com
fort on this particular Sntunlny nnd tunieit
stir titeeri outhwntil, iliu tiitlanou ol the
crew nut powMliiK the hardihood nnd
BililfM.iy w illil, lurnr.l to mure itlu!rlmi
ntul hpnliliful riinn- t Hid tinrtli-thoy lind
I'.tjti the PetiM Vallf).
Uu our trip down, put end of ttorren smut
hill and lrrti "dot" uiwtlitK our
oktoiilthed gnu, our ojim fcuttiil upon
btmitllul liiluniiKt frvruis, lined nlth ihiulu
ttett, tlit iron in iii&n IiihWiipoo riuiinuK l
down avotiuu of iiiBgnllleotil trueo, Hut
trios oven briiohiug thu curs nt tliuy inu
til. At Mc.Mllliiu we beheld thu lurtioit
heet of watur wo huvo uror stou In tho
west, It was nut n mirage nor mi nlknli lint
either. This wns l.nku MoMillun cauncd
by n uingullleuiit ilnin neroM tho I'eoot
Itlrur. Tho laku Is iilmut IX mlloa lng by
nlM)iit three inilee wide nnd contulin, wn
belluve, n limit 0,000,000.000 cubic fiwt of
wntor. About ten mllw below this wo
skirted tho bunutiful lltllo Lake Avnloii.
antiMMl In the winie way nud coiituinlng
about 000.000,01)0 mitilo feet of wntrr. We
wore begiuuliig to be agmiibly mrprlied
nt Ihoio tblum nnd began to iiuiulrc it bout
tho nlkuli, siiud burrs nnd tumbled down
"dobart " Soon wu vcro ototiloliuil nnd
aitotindud Wo were putting swiftly
tlirotiKh und by tho bonutiful grovoi , or
chnrcs nnd inngiiincent rotldonoes ol that
part ot Uiirlnbiul known an l.rt lluerta. It
wns n eight for n Northwest Texan. Wo
bad now reached Curlibad nud unottirr
surprliu mot us. Wu had illioumcd how
nnd In what way nud with what wu would
approach some "dobo" proprietor and per.
sonde or forco hlin to stmre with us n
night's lodging, but wu found thnt tho
town hnd hotels, nnd thoy wero kept open
nnd tunning ut full blnnt. Thu one we
wero conducted to wns n very largo one
not a "dobo" either containing, wo be-
!, T, Fhliiif, Ihnkjr.
.' rto IK "
Hrto)lt.. ..
i w Mi:m i
Oen,'?l "'.i.it Intf
.i r tiio.- t. oi fj.
r. . i,' ;i- il'n untomnn
i: "iire.
Rrrrnt f
tlltiirlnlllani nn
uml I'rlcro,
Tho Bl.tsm ol Mnroy ot
fltanteit, TCt., wTll Oimmi
ntelHMhMj ihpnrtt.Mbii
dny In September.
Monthly Rntoa:
Tultlnn nnd board ti:.Qo
waiJilnB t.ou
lluflo 6.1U
Sister Superior,
Mty Oenvent,
Htanton, Tkxa.
Here, nbout 43 actual bed rooms, large, airy
nnd eomfortnble, beeldei nflleoi, samplo
rooms, rending rooms, parlors, kitchens,
dining rooms nud 1 don't know whnt else
wns n big thing. It had largo and spneluus
halhrnys, rorrldors nnd porchei. Wo
found something to cnt too, tried to find
oino nUnli water but couldn't gut It
although we onllud for It. fsuppote they
hnd It In stock but weto Just out. This
was Hotel Sohllti, the flnwt, wo bcllere,
In Now Mexico. Tho next morning, Mun
day hi II wri, wo were driven over tho
town and country. This wns not exactly
n matter of volition, but ot mild comptil.
sion. Wo couldn't put Uro. Mulland of
tho Ci'iiiiu.NT oir. lie had lomuttilng for
us to seo there nnd wo had to see It, nnd
that under his pfrsonnl supervision. Wo
wero driven to tho dntns and tho tnagnl
Ileent ilume, currying the waters ot tbo
grnnd oannl neroH tho I'ccos. Wo tatted
of the waters ot the Uarlibad springs equal
In ruedloliul properties to the famous
springs of that name abroad. Wu ate of
tbo fruit ot Gsrlibad's orshards nnd regal
ed ourielves In the cool and refreshing
ihades. Sunday afternoon we attended
the Kpworth League lervleo nt tho M. 1
ohuroh and went out to henr lire, lum
inous ot llio saute ehuroti pre&ah that
nlgbt We found a eouieernte4 ehrlsttan
people there, finally, we woald return
our thanks to tho I. V. Hy. Co. for ootir
teilei. To tho people ot Carlsbad wo
hare the klnUllwt feelings and appreciate
tally the Interest taken la us during oar
stay. To the Investor wu would odvuo
that the whole valley most be teen kefore
a due understanding can bo reached con
cerning Iti rusoureei. ltoiwell and tho
upper i valley hare reached the senlth
ot their boom, while Uarlibad and tbo
lower valley have patted that crisis and
have again reaohed their normal condition.
To the men In searob ot a homo, have a
little something to draw from for a few
years and tho rest of the tlino will vakr
earu ot Itself. To the balanseot the N. W.
T. 1. A. who turned bask at Hoi welt, "go
off nnd soak your heads" fer being
"doped" as you wero by "wars and ru
mors ot wars . " More anon.
Although provlon tn IH?3 Huajlnnd
wns nominally n gold HtHiidtird country,
n debt could nlwnys bo pnld there with
silver bullion nt npprnxiiiiittoly tba
l'rsnch mint rate of tfiH to t If tha
Ilugllsh urodltor bud no one for thu hat
lion, he knew that he eould step right
Into the bank nnd sxuImmk It for ifold
coin or hunk iioIom. or the debtor could
send tho Imlllon to a broker, get tha
coin for it and thus (my tho debt la
short, there was nil unlimited demand
for silver lmlllan at nlmnt tn French
coining rate, and therefor, when it
went to Knglnnd, It wnnthu wimo thing
as money
I'rr-u this airetimitunoe nrlees nnnth
orot try grout Importune 'Hold and
nllvsr using thtiri tied toojether, as It'
with, the vfmit timu busluuM vn just
the wu no no It the entire umkm hnil beet)
all gold or all silver, and prices were
tho wino as If oneh coin had couslxled
IKirtly of one inetnl mid partly of tho
other. Itipi:illy Important is tho further"
fnct thnt under mieh clrciinintunew, la
n country whuro In it It metnls could bo
iroely twined nnd v. i full legnl tender,
it itiHito nostibi'tni.tliil dlllnreuee which
produuilnatiil lu thn cttrreuey Whether
It was muntly gold or inuntly sllrir or
cousiitoduf wiunl irte of ench wns lin
mntorlnl, for tho ono wns ns "good" as
tbo other
In Franco, for oxnmplo, tho propor
tions of gold nud sllvor wore constantly
changing, but tho business of tho voun
try wont right on without th slightest
jar Gold took tho place of sllvor and
silver took thu plnuo of gold, but nt nil
time thu country hnd just its sharo of
tho world's money Bo with the United
Stated. Tho law of tho great Creator
was bolng olxiycd. Sometimes gold und
somutliiiM silver was most ploutiftil In
tho currency Hut our people had fall
and free access to both nud necessarily
had their distributive part af nil that
existed, just ns now It makes no dltlor
onco to an Indlvldnnl whothertho notes
In his pocket book nro nil greenbacks,
oil Sherman notes, all natlonul bunk
notes or consist of ono-thlrd ench.
Thnnoando ut Vnnipnlsrn Workora.
Tho moit unscrupulous supporters of
tho administration among tho Repub
lican prtm nro forced to confrna that
tho executive ordor of exempting somo
4,000 or fl.000 places from thi opera
tion of tho civil scrvlco law uucs too
fur It Is understood, of conuu. that
rrcsldont McKinley Is playing overy
card lu his hand for renomlnntiun and
a second term. Tho destruction of tho
merit system nnd tho surrenderor the
civil service into the hands of tbo
spollsmcu Is. In his opinion, u tramp
card. Ho litis plnyod It Now let as seo
if it tubes tho trick. Boston Post
Tyrntuir uf llio Tin 1'lnto Trust.
In no slnglo instnnco Is tho tyranny
of tho trusts bettor oxenipllOod than In
tho caso ot tho tin pinto comblmi Tin
pinto told ns low us $3,00 a bo befora
tbo consolidation of tho mil This
permitted tho manufacturers toiunko a
fair profit upon their product After
the comblno wns effected tho price of
tin plato wns raised to $4 a box Per
haps tho oxccsilvo ndvanco in tho prlca
of tin plate is necessary to puy tbo
promliod dividends on tha preferred
and common stock of tho ovur capital-,
ized company which monopolises tho
Industry. Clovoland Plain Dm-
I I The i
Finest w
Line 'M
Ever w
Brouglit to 'M
the m
Come and k
Them! fit
Harness and
Repair Work (h
Done. f&
Pat Murray.

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