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Mr. imrt Mrs. Hint Wilson lost their
'baby Tiiemluy.
Wlt.N: To Mr. nnd Mr. Ilorhtrt T.
Simml:, (lot. u daughter.
Mrs. I). W. Itunyiui, of Spring Inka
near BUtginun, U very III.
,1. W.Turknett ptirelmind tOQ shop
tills wook fr.iiH ltd S. llstrt for i.r,u.
Ten wlllflie in wrvlea In the ftfrfa
.cnp"f churoli to-morrow, tho roator be
ing In IloawelL
IM. l'wlrlek Imn nprmr-d n tolliir shop
In tlio room formerly ocvtiploxl by
jllughe's limber simp.
Sir hitndrwl ours at rUvek wore
handled ty lliu railway during the
month of fttplcmlHK.
Will McRwiin mid J. U. Wheat wont
.out Sunday and got n oouple or mi to.
lopo near tlx milt dam.
Allen 0 Itusli of 'I,(W Angeles urns In
tcmn ttilri mk. He In a brother of .1.
Writiisli n( Uoyiiur Springs.
JU N'. Nortlilmjton, of Abilene, will
moke his homo In one of tho llaxburg
jcottogon on tireeiie's Highland,
JIiarlPK Snyern, wjm baa boon ill fur
rsomo time, wns Joined by Ids wlfo who
arrived from Sun Angela yesterday.
J no. Lnwotibriicl; will conduct tlio
U. S. moot iiiuikot ut tlio old stuntl of
LowenbrucK no nnd will furnish
tho. best in tlio market at nil times.
Tlio drillers uto down 000 feet on tlio
vlnoyard stock farm but Imvo utruok
,no artesian wutor yet, though iinich
cult, und oil Imvo lioen encouutored,
I'dt Murray wont to Dulloj return
ing Wednesday, lie effected a sottlo
mont with his creditors nnd will pro
i bably opou up soma day In the future
Italns hojro fulliu during tho past
week which will oauso gross to sprout
I und grow In places where tho range Is
baro. il'ho rains woru much heavier
went in tlia Uuadnlupos thuti aloim tho
W. L, Hughes Iirb closed his barbr
shop and will nhlp tln. otitllt to Itoawiill
W. L. is now working with .Tuck Wll-
Ann Dili) 1 rwi I J it Imarilifo nnnn A nlw
k'llf f UV UUUUtl III 111 I IJUHW VU 411 Iff.
jlr. II. Invltos nil hlx old customers to
call at Ids present location.
Hill Stone, cue of tho oldeat settle
lu this section has opened up n meat
market for himself, tho linn of Lowon-
bruckw&Stoun having (Unsolved part
nership, Hill has u well tilled shop
and la prepared to furnish good meats
Jos. II, Simpson returned Thursday
lilghl from Sedalia, Mo, whero ho
npeut u couplo of days with old friends.
Joo struck ii snap whilo at bin old
liomo nnd will now proceed to tako It
In, lie has become inturcstua In ti big
patoitt modlclno houso ns r.outlteni
Joseph Uloason of San Francisco
died Monday morning nt the ddy
County Hospital of perltonltes. Mr.
tuson wus tukondown Imraedlutuly
upon his arrival hero about six weeks
or two months ago und bus 'boon In the
tinspltalulnce. Jlowas destituto but
wan given u decent burial by n few cltl
. auir. who attended lho funeral. Ills
relatives In San Francisco were notified
Mr. and Mrs. 1). W. (Jorhnrt enter-
tulned their friends Wednesday night
lr. honor of their ilrst Vcadlng anni
versary. The lawn was brilliantly lit
In red, white- nnd bluo electric Unlit?
nnd tho houso shone tlko nit electrical
display In tho worlds fall. A large
number of friends gathered nnd whll
cd awuy the hours until after midnight
ijn danolng and curds,
Ambroso Lowonbruck, who rode
nway on ono or his father's hnrsus one
day last spring, returned Tuesday from
I'awneo, Okluhnnia, whuro ho wns
down with slow fovur for Homo tlmn
Ambrose Is now nick In bod and thinks
there Is no plane like homo and mothnr
tooaro Tor him, Mr. Lowenbruck
cent it ticket to I'awneo to bring Ids
uon homo, but Atubroo camo as fur as
Jtoswoll und there got his horse ffhloh
ho left Inst spring. Ho was nut nil
night lu the rain riding from Itoswoll,
Vf'iencp his Illness ntjirosunt.
Lucius Anderson, who left hero In
1'ebruury, i03, returned from Klon
dike home last Sunday. Mr. Adder
eon on being qutotloncd as to his sue
com said ho had made nothing by his
trip, returning with about the same
umount ho lett. Ho ray only
one In u huudred who go to Klondike
iiiaUo furtuuee und muuy lose all und
II fo as well. Nlsbutj Mol.tmu, Hill,
Archey Mann, A. J. MeOalluin,
llainurand sovorul others who left
this tecHon rfrb vtltl In Klondike. Mr.
Knowles Is in Colorado. Mr. Ander
son loft Duwson Sept. 7 ami arrived
heio Dot. 1, being tberoforu only thrr b
vecks on th trip. Ho says going and
'coming from Dawwn now Is n plonle
to what It was when Ids party went
uirougu. uoais now run up tho Yu
Tt"hon to Luke Llndertnan and from
thero tho trsln takes passengers to
SkHKway. The fare is 8M00 from
Dawson to Seattle but only 8100 going
4I. lti. ....... 11FI.II ..... Jf
mo utuci nu;. II iiiiu Dir. AllUurSuIl
jlld not bring home a fortune hit many
friends were as pleased to see him as
if he had. He soys he had good health
Since leaving und certainly Iooku tho
4lctareot health atproeent.
Town Roaed.
Th Uwn lioard of trntlM m
MotuUr nlitlit ami AtwronrlaltK! 9M.00
' for rt'palrlhf sidewalk lwtwaon Uie da
pot and (k'liiu hotel. prorMkd Uip
railway wmpany would furnlfd two
pan of xravel on IraeR for Uto purpotrt.
Ut f.illnwing bills wrfl.lor4:
Dick W'mtr 90 Of
J. M. Siimmey R 8H
1 s Odljoriio n 00
.! K Lavorty I (Q
Jt irltoid t CMtitrtll . 00
WHAi.tfrtl 4 00
A 1) VftHghan 8 GO
1) 1) Olurk M OH
Oiiuty of Mddy W 00
W F Oochnwi R(K
ANIt'raU 1111
T 1' llkckmore II 00
A. X. l'cfltt, our af9iint oaittity sup
orliiUtitlaHt, has anhinlttttl Id rtporl
to thtrrltorlal iimrtntandent and aa
It contains faeta not generally kimwn
ahrlaf synopsla hi here given to show
the standing of our seliooto, The lolul
onrnllmant of nllMiioola in tlie oonnty
is m,
Total school ntlofrdnnot onrallmtHW
The oonnty trafliuror holds tlie tnU
lowing ninounta on Imnrt to tho ercnllt
ofdhe aahuols In tin county:
tttrlsbad, JJopl. 1
No. t H
No. !i "
No. a und -I
No. 7
No. II
Jfo. 10
No. II
No. Ili
No. Ill
1,010 11
60 4J
57 41
lot m
202 IS
tjm to
:tto if
900 II
Tho following dlstflcU held torma of
lohool last year:
Unrlilnd district iqJwbI 0 montUs.
No. 2
No! Hand 1
No. G
No 8
No. 0
No. 10
No. 11
Ko. 12
Ilo. 13
No. 0 wns tho oilly
did not have school.
District 3 nnd i built n school houso
by prlvuto suuHorlptluu nnd conducted
school by prlvuto subscription lor six
District No. 7 had nlno months
school, No, 8 six months, No, 12 six
months and No. 13 sovuu mouths, all
run olther wholo or part by private
subscription. Thoso districts ns will
bo soon by rofereuoe to the county
treasurer's statoment, ouch havoubout
8250 in troosurery, und hnvo druwn
nothing from tho public for support in
tlio pust year.
sisters llerohman und Angela of
Muroy Convent, Stanton, Texas, were
hero Inst Saturday to look over tho
field with it view of establishing
sanitarium nnd female uoademy lu
Carlsbad. At present tho project Is
vsry Immature, though with veiy little
onwurngemunt from tho ultlMn of
Ouislmd nnd Kcldy oonnty in lull t be
made n cortntnty. A sanitarium on
IIng.rmau Heights oonduoted by tho
Sisters of Meroy could do more for tho
town than any other project IniHgln
able. A aamturium properly conduct-
od would bring hundreds of people
here who would roqulro produoo of the
farms to sustuln. in turn tho fnrniois
would rwiulro tho articles sold by our
mirchants. Kvery cunt oxpondctl by
liealtliSMUers would (lud Its way to
tho pockuU of our hiuluoas men and
farmers. A female uoademy conduct
uu oy me sutiors wouiu ue tne pruixir
plaeo fur many of the younig girls who
nrodlflipult to tnuungo and would no
doubt do woudora by way of example
to those so cliouiustHuued as to bo tin
able to attend, If the good people of
ICddy county would kindly lend a
hand tu assist this worthy enterprise,
not by girt but by u guaranty of sup
port It would be established at oaet.
Mrs. Kimball ami slstar, daughters
of Mr. Urownllsld of Crow Plat, nr
rived hare Sunday from Oklahoma.
They took a hack drivwn by )o Cuo
utttghani for the home of their lather
Tueaday morning. !Ui& set la about
dark while tin jmrly was some Ave ot
six miles west of Unas' ranali. Joa
lost the rood, it being too dark to s
ahead uud ruining heavy. Jaok Ted
ford, who wus out with a subpoena far
Dock Heed to go to Koawell to testify
In the Dan Johnson ouse, oame along
about this time on u horse. Joe and
Jack then went tahoad and fouud the
road but on aooouut of tne ostreme
darknewt again lost ii. They continu
ed thus to Und and leoso tbo road until
one a. tn. Wodnasday mornipg, when
they arrived nt tjueen's house In the
Uuadulupea. J. D. V. Iker was also
lost and laid out all night, arriving ut
Qusau's next morning. J. D. wus lu
the vlulnlty of (Jueou's uud gave sev
eral yells whteh were answered by J no.
(Jueon by shooting a gun but the
answers were net heard by J. 1),, wn ;lt
U therefore supposed by bis friends
' s'PiJs?Jspps
Parlor Stfiooia, I
Conwy & Gnmri
fT9 1,118 palatial new rmnnt sollcltg Uie
iwiranage or the wopo of Oarlsbml
and Eddy county, gunrantoolHg
onurtPOHS trratinanl nnd flrst-olaas sorvloc In
all ret posts. Ws haiii: only the bast of all
kinds of rpfrwhmcnU. ror family nr inedl
eal usothe renoutied .1. h. Ki-nrny yiitsky is
iiHcxoalled. us Its soleetion by Hie U. 9. pov
iriiinutt by (IwU. . Manna Hospital will
testify. V nton handla Slisnvood l'ure
ltyo, tho Ix-st and lnKl-t priced of this
(riasa of goodt on tho market.
w i
mniwiiinr ' -..
w r? umyiTHiua. n nouiditt
IB tfus di-uartmotit of ihi rv-
to any aina. na ibo
U. mr Mm n m
aont Jbratuhi In a Mtarrt (tat wtt ditllupr ran kknv tm ip umi
taNi of thin whin la mm ttia unttut SmSm Imhm in imKiki.
Uarrel rtaral. Very naapawtialij-, J B. IRARCT.
srunwit mu-vIo tr ss
saiaai on or in awr
nurntxr of oromlnonf hr
tor tta iMriumctyjfw of thU rhl
Eddy Drug Go'.-
Jowolry Department carriet a full
lino of watches, cloeks, ohiiiim,
rings, olmrins, souvenir spoons,
otc. All watch repairing (runrnii
taoed and oyos oxninined frco of
olmrgo Ipr an oxperionood npti
oiun. Ed'gty Drug Go,
Eclipse and
Well Casing and Piping.
Tin and Ga8vanB2sed
. . . Iron Work.
(Inlvtinlzed Iron Olstornn built to order.
(Jive ui u (Kill and get our prlcoo,
Tracy & McEwan.
that ho was too badly excited to hear
anything. It lu considered utranio
that J. D. would become lost, knowing
tho hills ns woll h:i ho does, T ho purl
bonded for Crow Flat, Wednesday,
whlio Jack Tcdford returned hero
without his rutin, Doc Itoed having
gnno to Suit Flat for salt.
O. W. Cowdon, recolvod word Tttoa-
djy of tho dentil of his nephew Krthor
Oiglituon year old son Of Geo. Cowden
Ue was Injured while riliiytnir loot bull
at school In New York last Saturday
ami died Sunday.
(Ion. Mclllles has leased tho btnldlnu
formerly in us as n city hall and lire
ueimrtmodi lieuuijut.rterH and refitted
ii lor u livery ami ineti stable. Ilo has
also leased the bit on tho north from
.lohn Lnwonlirnuk und linill ahrula im.
horees und hay. (ho rear being sevouty
i bui wiiiu ait aieiiura invillia till HIS
old friends to oall and guarantees liber
al treutment and very iluo rigs.
Snmuol Ooorgn Kuyser was born at
I'ottsvllle. Doc. Ii. 1BI7. Html
Monday, Oct. 2, 18'J9, of cancer of the
At the linn of four xenn tm ninvnil
with his mtrentH to Jtav ununtv. M
uuu rosiuuu iitnro until mo axe or 21.
Ho then went to Oonwny, Arlc. March
10, 1S72 he wus married lo Mary h
Morcttl uud with her was itnltml I n Ilia
M.Ji. chutch, south, and remained an
active inemoor until death. Uta first
wife died Dee. 1. 1870. Inuvlnn ono son.
John. On July 10. 1877. he wus mar-
rlsd lo HI Ian Hlnkaon lu Washington
enmity.; Ark., whu with six ohlldren
mourns his loss,
In lttTU he wlUi Ills famllv inorMl in
I'aio I'lnto oonnty, Texas, and raslded
there nine yours, then moved to the
l'eoos Vulley, havluir sfnoo resided
He was of a very benevolent disposi
tion. He was never known to snoak
III of utifoiie: if he eoiild not aav h
good word would aay noUil&g at nil.
lib strove at all times to be a, wodsl to
his boys, nono or whom over hoard
linn my a vulgar or profuno word; was
scrupulously iioucwt and stove to Im.
press this prlnclplo on his family
Shortly Imfnro his death ho admonish.
tu his children lo bo obutllont lo their
mother uud to always do right. Ho
was contclous to tho last and sttld he
was prepared to die, Ho said "Tho
(load Lord has called mo; nnd when
ho calls we'll nil Imvo to go, bo that
hour when It may, uud I'm not ufrald
to die." Ho told his wifo with all
oulmuess that Sunday was his lust day
on oariii; was reconciled to his doath
Ho was always ready to Aid tho III and
opprnasoti, aiwaya soaking good to do.
He looked nt the bright side of llfo und
thought of others before hlmsolf. Kven
in his IHuost ho insisted on those who
wore with lilm to tako rest und for
thorn not to worry about him; endured
tho pain in silmoe to hldu It from
them, lis wus a consistent member of
the church mid an oirnust worker, hnv.
lug served as stewurt end alsn Suudnv
Kuuoai Bupurintouduut In Texas far
lovurul years.
Miss Lizsio Crnlir will do nil klmla nr
dressmaking nt Mrs. Farewell's or will
saw uy tne uoy ror prlvutu fumlllos.
Illinium urn nniv In lt.nl..
- "" -" ... ... M.UIt uiuiji.jiii.
for tho (iiall and ducks nro fat whlto
.im uiuu(v wn anu iiumtojio uru more
plentiful tlmn usual.
(Jukes ot all kinds nmiln to oitlar nml
llrercd fnin ilia bait sty, also pics, dough
uuu, sic
Lands, lota and ranches wltli nnttlB
at so erlll 01 auto.
Wm. H. Muu.akk, Agent,
Household Uoodg for Sale.
Including niatrlv
three bwlroom seta, folding bed, ward
robe, book OaW. aarnatJ. atavot nlmlra
bleynlo, etc, at bargain prises. Call at
residence brlek houso onnaalte ln
With the lack Piroilsslon of Ther
Superiors - Ang(oSaon "ClVlllsto
Uon" and Doneulent Aosliulla
twn" IllustrnUd.
Tth nliUir nf ih Ne York Tlws
Hsw Ii n wnttnr eossrt iilng atilali ths
Tlmf ought to wy a mrosg wwto, Hie
In.t wk' CvlilerV Wcrkly, liilo jingr.
It H tim fchKuf of ll Id crl r of
a ehiiioh (it. C.) In ilia l'liillHituix,
with n l ut tho MWr. Ikmn th'
aMflc Ii h wnilug UUK, lad where the
liMrtt ktnn.lM tu ooUhrntB iimnn. At,
ids Ubl ilu n tinlferinKl tnsii with a
elgir lo hit uioath rltleg, A trio
Ktaphle ItMtriiifieat tlaodi en the nllnr
slut an oSVorr In tlio UiiltMl flUKM ohI-
form khinJi besltlH It with liln mo on,
stonklag n elgntelt, vhtla liw wlrn of
ths laftfuiiiml in ontnt moiin.l tha Ut-
Hernnole, Ami ttitu U ''bentTfliat Kflat
llsUoa," 1 nttptu, ttaii'i.lig pon fij
sorrt) Muoliilnn nf tlie fywl'ls Hliu an
btiug nulinilrtlwl, Haiti
Thn jtfttluilleal In (juellnu, lu Ha ttMa
to tho pluturo Id qnHtlon eijirwmJ lth
point nnd lirrilmnsr lha (luerlw that
iiient Iibtc lin rnlml In Uto mlud t f
iftf olTlltnad btlsg who oft It, Ii; tldi
shoekagptctKaa. Ono would fain hope
by llio nful oUtuicnaa wtiiah tlio plotara
liuan tu tlrueptory conniderAlimt ot
human decoucy hml been the work of
tome nllri nad wollr nenUro valOBtttrn
S. T. Bfillng, fiankar,
CAMWM.M), Nsw Mi:xioo.
A Oonorol BnnttlnK
Dualnaao Done.
Ml kinds of moat produots
constuiitly on hand.
-jn uurnuiy unoivtiizau nnranna usnioiru in
ol tha troo.i of XanHa or CeloraJo fik,, elIH0 whl0 g0
Dn.ll. ILL.... .1... .III. .1.. ... I '
Hillside Dairy Farm.
I'. K. IlkVANT,
Fresh Cream, nilkantl Butter Deliver
ed to All Parts of the Glty.
Spaolal Cows for Invalid
ind Children.
t 8AI.1
ail num.
Soalli Dakota. Hot tltu tltlo ot tlia tile-
tuto items to exolmlo fif tn thli fnlut and
fotlqru Impe. for It toll forth Hint tlia
tnont i(Ttulvq nnd oiitmKtoai ot tliu
amlU teprMeuted, a VSCdul in front ot
tltn detMtcltd nllnr ainuklllg It ohnrUt,
with Iti list on, "hold tho rnnk of captain
oot in tlio vqlunlvcr foroea, but lu the
UuttKd Htatw army,"
Tlia thing la lutpl; awft nnd not aai
oepllb'e or.u npollgy. And it tl.era ia
ooa Aniarlosn ettlsan who lioUa It to h
itosuuot, or of IlltU, that Atnarlcnn cltl
if n ia HtHtlly to bo pltlod' butaho ho Is
Kreotly to bo blamed. Tlio thing in of
tint moat enormous, "pollttoul alenlfloru-
not when wo, como to raoro Intlnu.te
thlug, to tho insred lentlhlllliej of n
eoniutuulty, to iipprtoinlo wliloh rerulres
"giiitlauien," dniu wo my Hint American
nltlcf'Htud eoldlui) have guno fntlhor
dare we Ally thnl Ihoy havrgoua ns fur, as
th ypnnUli Dtlliom who ptocoeded Ihem?
Ara wa nn olvltizcd na Spulttf Tlmt la
a ijucAtlun wliloh Ii rnlted lu Itnllcn, rala
sd lu cnpllal, by our curroipondeut'i
And, alllioilgh tliu icbjcol mnttor of oor
cottuipomlpiit oonljilaliit u uctknonn
m In fnot t.iktn up nlmnit nt ottoe by
the rerravntatlia of tlia Intuttrd and
oatr4gd lollglun, yet thntmi.iplaliit did
not Imvo it full forcw, Jot bersune it
wa mndo by the dauoinlnnlioa of C.'.'il-
usua iiiai inigm imvo felt lUMf to b
dwply nggrtlved,
Hut no rlolnle no ontilldnooo in inylug
that our preacnt oorrtiutidetit i nut
repieatiulumo of tbnt religion Hint lit-
iNiU not only, for "J'he fair huainnitlo
of nil raliguin " bat Hint he i-pink, nnd
olileflr, ni n ciTtlUed mini, In tho InternU
of n clvllliatlou.
Tlinri wa a Unto when they rtnlly
t.u!itHpoulti at Went Point. And In
deed when tlio noadomr vaa founded.
win a needful Imifjutiun for olUser of our
army. Lntterl; Klnpatd into mmathlng
Hint by no miKiu illlier nmonnteJ to
a ojlliHjimll or to a literary aaquaiutntioe
with the Usutillau tocgae. And vio hare
b llioeutluiu toiutif tlio irony of fate
been paying through tlio note for the fact
tlmt Hie HpaoWh profeaMiralilp nt WMt
Point hnd boeii all.iwo.1 to Irtpo into faku
profe(urhlp, nm) tlmt tlio ondut did
not really lenrn HpanlHh, na llenornl Imd
low imn juit bton insutcatltig upon hie
lubortllnntM iu Uubn to do, they oould
oolltntre helped harulug other Ibloga
therawltli, sod on of tuise thing would
linro beau tliu doty of every eUuwited mnn
to eltow reapMt lo rahujoee otiinlnna
whtsli lie did not liniiiolf partake. In
toad of wlileh it avama that wa hnvo bean
almply walking rowgluand otr tbo Un
detest MtMapttbllltlM of ottr newly no
aoiiei IMIow ellUow, or isiiolsor what
ertr they may be,
Wa reilij- with wa onuld deny, periotp-
lotiljr, that the genial "eaptuln ia the
UuIIkI tjtM aimj who it lepiMeatad
a denitag n Flllploo altar oould bo
graduate of Wet I'olat. Dot alatl nlasl
we do oot fe.uthorlaed lo do to. And
wa aea, eduwtUd geotlemtu , tho mli-
eater aa it aoiitf . A whole dlrltlun aent
to relufotee (Jeiieral Otii, would oot do aa
mnali good, rather woulJ ndt bo oapabl
of retrUrlng for ui a moeh hstm, aa ike
ihr brute repreeented lo the plalure
nave doae ua bf wnlklng, with a more
than UrltUU lutoleuea and with mora
tUvu lbs eight of llrllUh boot, orer the
leoelbtlltlea ot a auuilllre Yioo.
It bni bean etident for a loug tltae that
the grevleBSMt of the fillplnoa iaut bare
bant ralHur aantlmental thnn material.
But if auybed; t till deubU tha) teullmeti
tal grlovaauM nr tu mete etlvatlie
iHia Material lei hiu eouiiaer tlio oaie
Of AtfiwlMu ofttMts who teak pom4lou
of tha altar lu a Oattwlla ettoiott na tho
moat couTtoWot aud ebtltertrd UtrgrapbU
And let him no lougor wonder Ihal
lh'nii(l of Flllplnoa whonro ready to
dio rathor than lo submit to the ludhfut-
tlea that have been luUlattnl upon them
b tho douhtleai bravo nttd patriotio,
doubtUta wll montiliiB, but doublle'as
an '
to off ebaii'O tin)
New Ynik Tlrtw.
DtUortn Jjf
'J'he Carlili id ball team vhlch visit
od Itoawell Inst Saturday wus unfor
tunnto enough lo lose a game to tho
Military lnstltuto tonm by nscoro of 7
in 10. The boys are loud In tholr pmJoo
of tho trentmont received from tho In
stitute uinuiigemtnl. Thoy woro mat
at the train und driven In u bus to tho
limlltuto und thorn thoy wuro well fed
nniUetyrncd to tho train In like man
nor.MLlnetltuto teutn mndo ejglit
riins tholirst two Intiloss after which
tlmo our boyc had bocorao nccuslomcd
to tho ground nnd provontod thoin
from mnklng but two moro runs. Tho
ItlBtlluto toam will bo hero noxt Sat
urday, Oct. 14, to play tho roturn gamo
when Col. Mondors will treat our cltl
sens to an exhibition drill by tho
,Toh work nr nil kinds ftich nn re
pairing oldowatks, work In gardens,
team work of nil kinds, plowing, etc,
Call on Chas. Swansou opposlto Hid
dick residence, Clothing cleaned ao
i va -
Vor 5alc.
Twonly.flvo French Merino bucks,
formal! or oxohanga for owes.
. ! SllUlW,
Ilanch Luko Araton, pwtoilico Ourls-
bad, N. M.
i ?
i i: 1
tnelretttkHilthunrstMon S
. i tsj sis najiiiuniiMor. r
it ..
Monthly Raton:
( 71MIIOII nml iMwtnl I1J.M V
b wnaKlne I
Muafo s.fjs S
c AUdreMi
I tilater u'rirlnr. S
i ( MsrayOdtivent. I
12 V
m M
m m
wm n b: s iHrrno on
m au kjm i BBS mil m
fly kjyl
1 Harness and I
im mi
M SartrlUirU. m
m uuuuium W)
I (to iii B)
m m
I 1
1 Hand Made 1
I Harness
m and Repair m
I Work. I

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