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fot. n. iiu i.i'.ajc R
Official Paper of BMy Cwly.
SilOKCU 0T U, 1W
8BBJH(lTlft.N R4TB
t'ultl KroKr two IJMlah reeMent of
the Transvaal says: "The republics
arc dBtwuilwe'i that if they .innst I
toittt to KnglAHd m prise will to paid
tlwt will Ui)(Kr humanity." further
onliejinya: "I hurt, liowew, full
faltliilmt.tH niri of liberty Khali rlw
In South Afrlea as It row n. North
Araertaa " Sneh etoqueiire can my be
Ineplred by the justice of the cstine of
the I low. No doubt tit South A Mean
In very over bearing anil Intolerant but
lie Is plttlcd aualiiat Ilia moaternal and
atraeiotisly lmrbHrioiis nation on aarlh,
ittiKlatid: u nation tlmtsUijis nt nothing
wIibb holding the wblj) hand bnl 'Uib
niMt whimpering, cowardly anil erlafr
ItiK wliun met by forees any where near
her equal. It la a grand teatltnonlal
to tlio Amur lean people tliat Uielr
sympathies art with the lloerand it la
am by President Kroeger tlmt nearley
nil Atnerleatis m South Africa art en
llstwl In Ilia lloer army
I'rotlilarit McKlnley will go down
Into history in the tnoat self-ooutra
dlotory Inhabitant the while homo has
ovor known. I Hi slirer reoonl la
known of all men Ilia Filipino re
oord la equally stultifying. At ihe
New ISnglaud dinner at Philadelphia,
In IStfO, Mr. MoKinley said: ' Human
right and conatltutloniM. prlYllegia
mint not he f oration in the race for
lMlth mid commercial supremacy.
The government of Hit people mint he
by the people and nut by n few of the
pHjpIo; It mint reel upon the free con
aunt nf the gnvurenwl, nml nil of the
govurnud. l'nwtr, It must h remein
bercd. whtoh latemired by oppreaalon,
or usurpation, or by any form of In
Jlistlou ib soon dethroned. Wo have no
right In law or moral to usurp that
which bolniigs to another, whether It
Is property or power."'
Another volunteer in the l'hllllpliie
Mirrluo Imh disgraced himself by ruin
lug h young Mestlzn woinnn and (hen
dwurtltig her. This lime the vidian
was tin olllour' Cuptulii (J'llrleii. or the
Wyoming volunteers. The fact that
he trad a wife mid family nt home dl 1
net deter him fiom trilling with the
ullootlons of a poor simple J'hilllpinu
wuiiittn and then tit-seillug her. she
tried to follow him on the ship but was
denied iintauge. Vet he Is now being
woiomiied homo its n hero.
Dr.deo. T. (lould formerly or I a
Vogaa hns purchased the Uraphlu or
HI I'iibo ft am W. V. llrldgefs, )r
(lould Is an old newspaper man and Is
making a khmi jiaper of the (Iraphk.
StocpliiE.tln; Paper.
A groat uiuny people form the Idea
Hint If they will sioj. their paper it will
work untold hardships on it, ami the
will expect thMt.'publicution to Nt olio
mid Its exlatent-e. Hut they aro always
nmpiioiHtwl. I ley ere like the fel
low tout reslKnwl from the employ o
n large eily railway coin puny mid he
found that trains inured along wil
the aaine regularity Your name off
the subscription h.i never makes a bit
af dllFMeiiee with the ir flnniiolnlly
ur otherwise, an another one Is added
In your place mul perhaps two or
dozen. An exchange in commenting
8 Utla anblect says:
"The practice of stopping the mpor
who aomethine apjwra In It that I
ohjBstloiwble l as old as time, but
tote years with the sptead of educa
tlon awl general intelligence, It is be
(Mining aimoai obsolete. Itotple
not usually discontinue a nauer now
day with an exhibition of anger and
msiiew, because toe editor usually
smuot ami oww iwoHie who mav
apprised of the fuel sometimes laugh
-i n newspaper that Is a success
never eonakJers for a moment the os.
tow loas nf a reader asanr around i
loflnottclnc lie editorial oninlous or the
general H"y of the paper. The news
pApar hoe it duties to perform and
BMMtlMtea one of those duties is to re
test nubile sentiment in such a man.
tier at tmy eottstitHte aerlilelsm of the
uoU of somh) prlrnte Individual or
ptlbttt oslflor. WImm this U the ee
It dor not eoatinunlly svads that duty
niHOk It would like to, If it desires to
retain the eateew and reaped or the
KiuiiWl poW.''-8prln(r ftoltkmsn
The llroelclyn Uncle states thai a
clergyman latently peached a sermon
In that ptaee which he had Rtrea 11
times state last fall la ether idacea.
lie gets f0 ami expense every time
he deliver It If It uvs a seed eer
-tneu. there la no neen why the
preagher sheold net hare dellvereil It
10 time In IS difVerent idaeea er even
more If he bad an eppertuulty. If It
wa werth feO la ene phiee, It would
prebably be worth ISO In anetlM
We nrc Not the Only People Tlmt
Kesp I'lrst-Clnss Ooods
But Wo Keep What the
People Want!
Itose Valley. Cunndlnu Club.Mt. Veroon and
many other brands of flrit-olaw llquers
KltMl Sc WouiiNUH, I'roprletors.
v T T rir
D. W. Gerhart.
Wholesale and Retail Meats.
...Packing House and
General Manufactory...
All ldntl of Miusitgo find monts curod and tali on
hniul nt nil times.
X'nrploJilty Over the Ynnlit Unco.
Tlie Miltllo hnn at laat arrived at a
pretty daftnlte hlea of the dlnienalona
ft the two rnoht that are to innko
Kow fork the J lew of all ynnhtimien,
thoutfh there I much dlammelou nmuni?
tlKMH) apoclnlly Intervale! In ynclitlntc
orer which boat sImhiIu "In. This
dlaaeiHilon Ims no rfreitc to a dif
ference of Judawent a to the inertta
of the two iHinta. The men who In
dulge In It the fiercest do not know
the difference between a sloop and a
To the average landsman tllmeimlons
unit airead of will cut no figure. Sentl
ment Is the Imsls utwn which his fo.e
oast Is made. lany of the ilelait-rM
over the merit of the contesting bonis
lire anient American of Irlah deat-cnt
ami would lose no opiwrtunlty to do
honor to anything carrying the star
and stripe, but the challenger Ihdm n
name to conjure with wherever Irluli
Mood ImiIIs nml Irish tnidltlous pn
vail. Her body Ih (minted an emerald
irruen, nnd nlure her Hoots the Hag of
yellow and greon tlmt proclaim!) hi r
lltere la u email iKxly of Irlsliim-u lu
Mow York which siisiwwt it Hi in li
plot in the vudt of Sir Thome l.lpiuii.
They resent the naming of the ym-ht
nml her convoy ami aay the challenger
nailH under false colors, for alie repr
wmtM lCuglaml and not Ireland, Hut
there riles the green dJg of the Uiii.t
nld Isle, ami the majority of the aon
of Urtn are in a sad slate of pernlrxlijr
hh to which yacht to bet on.
In a letter to the American liar a
keclatlon ISmbaasador Joeeph II
Cltoate, who waa itreahleut of thu or
Kantaatloii, sahl: "The law's delay h.
which seem to lie constantly on the In
crease, may wed engage the earnest
attention of the association. Ko oppor
timlty should lie lost to oeunleract the
Inevitable tendency to elalwratc t
oeduro ami uunecessarlly miiltlplil
Hppcala." The tendency to "elalHirnie
procetliire and umieeeeearily miiltlplhil
npiieala" is one of the worflt of the
ovlla of litigation. The liicreaalng
(ntmbersomeueaa of our ayslem of Ju
rlsprudence Is not so generally appn'
elated outaldo of the profeealou. It
beginning to aland out, however, a
ttte moat obdurate fact about that sya
tem. Codes have simplified proeodurc
but the determination of their meau
ing ha only increased abjudication
and so the cumbereomemwH. The d
olaloHs of the Jmtlclarle of the federal
Korernment, tft states, ami Ureal llrti
nln, piling up In volumes npon vol
umes, year by year, are battling as a
present fact end appalling In the proa
poet l'eofd feel more and more that
a bustnese
a maiieee
iiave flOOCl
1 nclias
m Is whtil
e ixiicons or
Current l mow.
vou in
the nsi?
'Ilia aeint-WeoKiy New (Uiitveaton or l)al
lal I tnibllRlied TuemSKy aul rrlUay-
liarh l.Uf con.l.t ol elulit pase. Ticrc
are Mrlal ileiwrtmcnti for the (armor. Hie
lauiea aim inr imy. nun Kin, uwiiira n
mntlil nl uanuMl II U' III. Ha. I II, ,a. ma tmti
arttPle. etc. Wr oner The rfeml-Weekly
New. and the ci'NHiiNT or IX month, (or the
low plubblna nrlre ol SI. IS oaab. Tul. bIvm
vou three paper a week er IM paper. a rear
for rlttlciilou.ly low price. Hand In your
uiwcniiion at oficn
QTey oauuot tell nuythlBg about what
the com luslon will be from n suit ut
law or when the conclusion will be
reached. Lawyers and lawmaker
could viwtly Increase the public re-
Hpect for thomsolvo nnd for the law
by simplifying tlio codes nnd obvhttlng
lu some ineMgurti the perploxltlea of
the law's delay."
In rending the novels of Ohnrlea
Dickons one Is ofteu tempted to nc
etise the famous mastur of L'ros ex
agguratlou lu uttrlbutlug to the lowll
i't of his characters such, for lu
hIhuco, us Sloppy In "Our Mutual
I'rlend" tialitliM of the most heroic
nature. Hut now nnd then there are
Incidents which give Ntrlklng proof
that the great novelist was nut ex
uggerntlug, but was Just a little more
attentive to the peculiarities of the
CO in moil hord titan most of us are. it
Is said that the Iwys lu tho orphan
asylum at iiimrklll, N. Y., which wnH
recently destroytMl by lire, were of the
tyie of the "tough" street waif. Yet
they risked Mielr Uvea to wive the youn
ger children with all the courage of
one of Otilda'H nonchalant Kiinrdsmen.
It Is wonderful what nit Itnuieufie
amount of noblenesM there Is In our
hiecle If there I only tho proper call
to brltig It out. The groat problem for
1 1 toes who Iiujh) to elevate the lower
onlers 1 to find out what will call
forth the good qualities which aro
latent In tlieni.
Poor Cyrano de Uergernot Perhaps
If he had been able to pour Into the fu
ture and foresee the fate in store for
him he would have refrained from do
ing many of the tliluga with which
more or leas mythical authorities huvo
credited him. Cyrano was a pretty
wild sort of chap, and It Is suspected
that ho would have umlorgoue untold
torture ror tho sake of having himself
talked about, but In his wildest droums
ha could never have believed It possi
ble that some day he would bo the cen
tral Mgure of a comic oru. That Is
bad enough, but when the doughty
duelist I to be Impersonated by dimin
utive Krancls Wilson the limit Is al
most reached, ami when wo are fur
ther Informed that Mr. Wilson will
(day many passages seriously the limit
Is actually reached.
Tlilrty-oae governments are to Ihj
reiH-eeetiled at the trade eougrosa to
he ben! lu eouueothMi with the Na
tional tlx pert espoelUen nt Phlmdel
tmla. The meeting la likely to have
more result than the peace eeugros
at The Hague. And there will be taw
MuttmeMt about it alL
History's Highway Strewn With
Their Wrecks.
I Carlos Is agalu said to be lying
In wait near the tiiuuileb border. Aa u
layer In wait Den Carle Is unques
tionably the best la the business.
The largest straw hat ever construct
ed has Just been made In Australia.
Tho crown Is IS lushes high, and tho
measurement across the brim Is Oft
feet It Is uot stated for whom the
hat waa made, but wo understand that
the Hwperer William and Mr. Hall
Oalue are both negotiating for It.
Aeeerdlog to eable dlspatohes from
Manila, many of the Kansas soldiers
whose terms hare expired are re-en
luting. Can It be that they are trying
to defeat the purpose of those Kausas
girl who havo resolved never to mar
ry any but a man who fought with
Fun ton?
Onro ICmtmrkntl Upon the Pulley of
Lanrt UrnhtilnsTi the Untied htntr
Jto.t Maintain n Mlulily Standing
Army Inerenaed Tiuntloii'WItl I'nll
llrnTlr.t on Ike I'nor.
Presklont McKhdey Is credltct! with
the Intention of having the people of
Cuba rote op the (jutlmi of annexa
tion to tho United Hint, an Intention
which If harbored is In conflict with
tho solemn n set i ranee given by the
con green to Cuba and tho world nnd
which, considering tlmt the Island is
now under American military control,
ennnot be executed In fairness to the
Cubans or with Justice to ourselves.
General (lomec doubtlese echoes the
nontlmeuta of patriotic Cuban wlien
he objects to annexation nml InetiUi
upon independence now, aa lie did lie-
xoro tho war.
At a recent demonstration in hie lion
or nt rtnvana he Willi: "1 still demand
tho nepnrntlnn that 1 asked before the
war, not only from fetpaln, but from
any and all other nations. Tho destiny
of Cuba Is only Independence We
should give due thank to the Amerh)
cans, whose progrces and power in
splro our admiration, but thl does not
mean that wo should roelgn ourselreH
to n tutolago to bo oxcrclwtd over us.
I-ot us mako tho sanio stntoment to
tho United Ktatiw that the American
colonloH made to lOtigland when thoy
declnnnl In 1770 tlmt the Americana
owned North America."
In the ovont that tho linperinllets are
permitted to push tho work of mibjti
gating the Filipino to completion tho
nuuexntluii of Culia, with or without
the consent of the imople, may be ex
pee ted. Let the electorate onee ac
tio a the war to subject tho natives of
the l'hlllpplnea to American authority
against their will nud a precedent will
havo been eatnbllsliMl which will be
nsed to Justify wars of nggrcselon.
Fairly emliarked upon tho policy of
land grabbing, wo shall become Ihig
land's rival In this form af robbery.
The policy will necoesttate a powerful
navy, an alliance with Ureal llrltaln, a
pormauontly large standing army,
enormous expenditure and a contluii
nnce and an Increase of high taxation
that falls with heaviest weight uKMi
the poor. What we are doing In the
rhlllppliios Is nut an augury of good
to Culm. It doe uot promise tlmt our
plcdgo to thu Unbans will be ItaueetJy
kept. Nor does It bode good to OUT
uelvos. In destroying tho liberties and
Independence of other Noples we mml
Inevitably fostor n sentiment and de
velop n power and condition tlwt In
time will destroy our own liberties and
Nelthw physical nor moral law may
tw violated with Impunity. Sooner or
Inter tho mnu who tranagreosee most
pay the penally. This i the teaching
of nil experience nud hi lory, nud what
Is true of ths Individual man la true
of tho collection of men termed a na
tion. One no more than the other may
crush the weak, uutrago Justice and
of on pa unscathed. We are confronted
with the rexiionelbillty of choosing be
tween might nod right, of adhering to
tiie principle and traditions of the re
public or departing from them, of de
termining whether we shall remain
honest or become ami remain dlehon
cat, of degrading the republic to the
level of imperialistic nations or main
tulnlng it ns n high moral example tn
nil and as a beacon of hope to tlte lib
orty loving ami oppressed of, overy
TomptntlutiB come to nations as to lu
dividual. This Is tlte hour of our
temptation na n people. Itach or meet
of us know something alieut tlte ele
ration of thought and purpose, the
strengthening of character nnd the sat
isfaction and placidity of ooneclotice
tlmt result from a battle with temnta
tlon determinedly and nobly fought
nna won. Hhall we oxtwrlenco nnd on
Joy nil this by self denial nud roawt-
nncc, or by lmsoly yielding shall wo de
grade our thought nud purpose, lower
our moral tone, crush our conselonco
nud enter upon n career of degeneracy
which must terminate lu ruttiT The
highways of history are etrewu with
tho wrecks of conquering nations. Shall
this fair republic Jlourlsh perennially
uy romaming content with the rwtr
mony fJod has lestowel and with the
equitable principles adherence to which
has given It a degree of peace, growth
and prosperity unparalleled lu human
annals, or by succumbing to Ignoble
greed shall It, too, become a wreck.
soaring the rate of iwbrkM. Aaerria
Persia, Rome awl morlbwtMl Mpaia?-
uuuuque Telegraph.
Thm Slluntlou In Ohio,
These seem to bo parlous time for
Republicanism tn Ohio. Nothing was
orer more plainly evident in polltlos
than the foot that Manna and Ids co
horts ore on the run. An Indication of
this is shown by the clou of Republic
an speakers who are to bo thrown Into
tho state to apologize for the McIIaunn
Meantime nil Is not luumony lu tho
homo oamp. Tho Ruckeye senators are
at outs. Thin Is notorious and there 11
every likelihood that tltetr quarrel will
aoveiop into n political socdal. Pom
kcr, who Is brainy and bril. unt, lis no
urn for I (anna, his gross colleague, and
ho does not hesitate to say so New
xork Now.
Captain Cm-tejr". Cod.
In Captain Carter's eotle ef criminal
procedure the plea of "not gnllty' U
entered after conviction, but then his
cass has ne preeedeaU-New York
Wo have a largo list of choice ranch, farm
and town property.
McLenathen & Tracy.
Carlsbad, New flcxlco.
ar. F". nMCja-TnassisoKr.
.commission VVa(.
VJ. And G
- - TV - - ,
Hay, Grain, Seed, Food, Blacksmith Coal
Fresh flouts, Snuaiigo, Gnino, IBto.,
. .Ahvnys on Hnnd..
'Fancy Groceries a Specialty.
Chicago, St. Louis
and Kansas City
Vo Translbn frem HI Paso tr hrl Worth.
.tk for lime 0nrtlu3 Alaa) Bf Vmf titailti Atisnt, er wrlle
P r. noilQii'i'Of?
0, T. nml 1'. A
ill vm, Texas
J. w. HU0K
C) l'flsS. AKOJlt,
Tepsktt, KQnwi,
G- F. A. Robertson-
and '
WaJn maker,
All kinds of new wurltn Bnsolatty
l'srttiluK imiuenieiiie ' hi
kiwi repairml, on hIioi t nnttee.
1 H101W.
Cunon fit. Op.Ourront
Food nnd Livery Oorrnl
in eonnoction. A.ooonnnoun
fcion mid Rntiitfncion, unrflii-tood.
Kddy Lo4lje Nn. tl, lt sfP
MU . wranL
mt hi is
A. K. 1"katt, seer
j. o. o. k.
Ne. rsl meets eeerr
Kriaay eeenlaK la
jno. n. yeWwAN. Heey.
RHrivinnniti Woedmeu of the World-
"V . nl I ilatl I i, m mmit
If i. i ' 1 "
IteeiensoN, oik.
fJHAtt. M. WHICH SS. M. D-
PbrstelM an4 Sssssss.
imm imm, asf , K M
Hotel WImUw
11.1 ItariMk r T,iX. K, a
i it. watum. M. i
r nil -a Ae sasnee.
Cut. unml sMSMSbr 4sf at alaW.
OMnkww 1U. J.
Wing Lee Laundry.
iNrst luU. K
Work Equal to a Steam
Jie tern clotb-Ne Ksirn ouurite.
All werk CMsMBteed gsllttaeterr.

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