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Carlsbad current. (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1899-1907, October 28, 1899, Image 2

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M II. Ml M. AN It
J Taper c( RMj GknHj.
. nii.ii-
M , ni'i niiTfii . and tli
t . vrry MituHar at cartrtaed, .
nam imiwr,
Jmtcbiut t , tl
Hi HtMUin-loU H4TM
wKn. t V -llj tnll .. r hi fl oo.
HJ Ml n miiiiiui
A few hundred dollars Jadteioutly
expended m tln wae c,f riMtilnc the
Direct i r ull rubtiteh, mill inprortAf
the rldiwnlkf. would lit of untold
lieneli' to ( ttrlftlimt just nt this Hue.
To Ull (tii' plum farm, the appearance
of the tri in not whai It should I
to Impn-sH n Mrari;rer, oftvclktlj on
Who m-kliiff it healthful place, and
tlilt It the r-luM of Hnplt Who are
wanted Ihti-; they have mow; and
will ito hihI upend It here, prorideri
the town emi afford accomodation,
The main 'tijn-i in chtuiKinir tba name
of the town ficni Kdil to Carlsbad
wn to Inijiccn. people with Ihi fact
mni in toHii n nu irt- certainly
then eom thing tuiit In- dune to make
the town Iim.k liouitliiiil, if nothing
more. Once the town I thoroughly
cleaned up -md 1 he sidewalk put in
proper ii.ijk. it. will et..i very llui. to
keep l t i uny. 'PI.. in-t.ioiilH. ore
the pwip:u w 1 1 1 1 1 1 k to driid'onlniiK In
till this rnl)lii-li anil lilih mni nee
eh pi'thiipN more, lii-iilt Hrekera go
I'lwwin if (. -ppr.d lh. v inter when n
few hni.dml liollurn ex pi tided on the
utreet . himI Miji wlkn mid in nleanfnf
iiji tlt I .wii would ke-p them here?
Jt Ik linn- In full h hull mid coiiilder
thl iiu'tti r hi rlounly, t'ar.Khtid It a
health n Kurt or m. tiling. True we
Jiuve Minn- iiirmliitf Inli phts (very lit
tle thi.iik'lu ml II tm k Hiteri'slB to
rely ii..n hut uhul will lit-emue of the
town 1 1, -nl. I a tr . i long drouth HWcep
the MtovK InhTwU uwity c Such thlny
liuvo tx in an I will cimtliiue to be;
the drouth l eertitluly coining i.oouer
or later, then what will become or the
business Interests In (VIkImiI? All
biielnosi will be at n eittiidillll mid
with notliliiK to draw from grim will
be growltiK on the atroola, whereas if
the town wae uliauietl up io that lu
iippenranuna would lie Invltlnic to
thoe in search or health ami a home
the town would not feel the drouth or
any ulhurualamity that inik-hl Ik-full it.
Thi) railroad shops nnd onicrmtru num
bered with tlio tlntitft that wore, all
been use of Inuk of energy aud enter
prise on the part or the ultixens of the
town, and for no other mason. Other
theorlea are advnnced as to why the
i hnpi nnd headqiiHilera were moved,
but when ununited they are without
foundation. TJie irritation company
1 in the hand of a rvrelu r and i
conaeiiieHtly of lltfu vulue to the
town, financially, 'l ake lh muck In
terealH awny without Hiihhtlt tiling
Horiif thttiy i lb im trad uml the town
la ruiiim'. J he h.ture nf i'jrli.lid Ih
in the IhiikN id lur t'itl.ciiH imd un
leaH tin-cii ucii.1 uiu wiJii u in iniike
It u tinvn, I hey ulone will !" tin- buffer
(rn. 'I lii-re ih not h bHier l.tt-o in (lie
world rr invulIdH tliitn iiirlit here in
('HriNbi:il, i ' II ih a vei) diii;cult mat
ter to i uivituu people i il.is loci mid
Weeda km i deep 1:1 the widi-nuki and
in the flteetit mid th- ulU-ya at re mi i
With iuih Kvery cltii n with I lie
weifateni h in-ielf und f.tiully at heart
Hhould rebel uif.tniht tie- i ntidltioii ol
mich thliif - it id lend u hiirid Nt help
liiK to got the town denned up, und
the reanlt will be uiuiveloua in thu
III a rtoeat apeerh fveuut-ir John 21
Thuralaii l repotted to have a ml, in
referring t'i tba Philippine. "We
tnuat hold t hone mlaudii if it taken
every inun in ih i'nited statu und
If it me j n the dMtruclloti of the en
tire population of the Philippine."
A little over it year ngo iiy c umnand
ofllpa ii.iwii.ent," heiiator Thuraton
delivered u tpetch Ir the t-aiiKt or
fratdotn thut eleetiiiled the nation.
Would that those lip might again be
litue tied long enough to induce Sen
n r Tlilirjton to itand i) those grand
MulltMttti exjwee,! d by him on t'uban
indepenUcnce. l'li-u i,ia htart wan
eoftened by um l over the death of
Ilia Will Mho died oil t'lllitn Mill, i.i d
whoae d) n.g t unit n Ihnt l, r hua
ImndW'Ul'l ijieuh for ( ill. an lude.
eiulutii-e. Now but u little . . r a
year removed frnii Ihe tender mriueu
ee of that noble hearted woiimh, uml
Ih givi t utUiruuev to the bruUI m nil
ineutiiioted at the eoinnn ni etiu :.i of
thla article, ran you inugine -imtor
'J'huraton ti. iiik iu the I Mited Mate
aeuaU an I -by the ronuuaiid or lift
now aileiit,' irve utterance to the ex
praaaiAu: -We muktliold thoa idanda
if take nil the I nan lu the foiled
UIm and if it iflMDt the itaatructln
or tha Mtlre itooulaUoo or Um J'hlriti-plaaaT"
Wu nf Nnt tie Only Paottlc That
IC9fi Ptrtt-ClMi Oamif
But Wo K.Dp Vtht th
Popltc Want!
Hoae Valley. Tanadlan dttU, Jit, Vnm ml
many other uraoda of Drat-tlata ni(Mra
Knur A WoKnNRtt, l'ropriatora.
D. W. Gerhart.
...Packing Honio and
Qonornl Manufactory...
All kinds of HiiunnRt and meats curod and fi'osli on
hand at all time.
loving people, aaya tha St. Loula Ite-
No unprejudiced person rati deny
thut the lluglUh have Inilnltely niora
of right on their Mde than Imre we.
Ak h loutidatinn for their grievance
ugninat the lloeri they iiuv claim that
the fruuciilie ic iiiinK unjustly denied
to luutiy thouaand I'itlHiider or V.n
gllah blond reiddenl iu the TraiiKtaal.
Iinportunt llrltiah InvontmentK and en
tcrpriMN are illfcriniiriated Hgainxt by
the 1'retorlfi gorerimient. Ilrltinh
suzerainty, heretofore acknowh-dird
under treaty obligation, now ie
ptidinted. llrltiali pretenoe in Mnutli
Afrlcnia threatened. The traditions
of the Uiifillah, far from heltif; antngo-
uiatlo to tha aiibjugatlon of ujterrllory
coiillgiiutm to llrltlth poaaeRMioua, en -eoiiragu
sticli mi oatenaiou of empire.
It la in eiillru uouaonance with the
imlley or n govurnniPiit whoie proud
bonat or linjierlal away I tlmt ita itriiin
beat la henrd around the world.
Deplorable ua will he the cruahlng or
the llotraliy tha Mrltlah. how muoh
more sliuiiitiful and titipsrdotiabltt a
hoatllu govormuent ol the Filipinos by
thla ropubllr, which atands bernre tho
world for liberty nnd the righte of
man. I heie la no American interest
w I) lob demauda a mora niaterlnl nil
vantage fol.owlng Dewey's grenl vic
tory than the gaining of n naval na
tion in the Philippines and, In falrneaa,
the holding of it aeaboard city that
diuil open up the trade nt the Orient to
tuerlcaii merchant. I'.very tradi
tion, principle and doctrine of this
government Ntertily f irhids iib to di-uy
freedom lo the Filipino. They hid
wi-lliiigh gullied It from the Spaniard,
nftrr nrny year or wurfure, when we
Khutti ied the Spunixh power in the
Kant. Kvery vietoiy of the Filipinos
over the spanlxh H.t.i hulled by us a u
Vlci'iy of patriot. The Filipino
elan. i lo ti n rig.il or hi If government
ih jut it xtroiig mid iint now an
when we recognixeil it (In n.
Thu government will dltlnetly und
delimtely ktultliy H.-if before the
wnriii it inn iiiipcri'iiisiii prevail in
hringlng about th pertiiniient und for
i ible holding of the I'lilllpptnea. it
Mill aniioiiiice to all men thai the
Mom oe doctrine held good only until
It heeuied more prolltulile to repudiate
it. It will amend the American de
duration that all men are horn free to
read that such a birthright need uot be
impeded by the world's atronger nu
tiom. It will nay to the Jeulon and
r. fid ful .owers of Kurope that, while
wr will expect them to keep handa olt
the W enter ii Ileiiitxphere, we claim the
right to lay violent handa on territory
In .the enstern. It will irmko Hie men
ace or roreigti complication imd war
eternal and mllltorylam it aeceaalty.
Are the American people ready aud
willing to commit thla wrong und In
cur the inevitable pennlly? Are they
prepared to endanger Atnerltmn Itiali
tut Ions for the sake of a Malay colony
In the orient? Are thny eqnal to the
task of breaking faith with the world
fur u money .fii Midi-tat Ion? Are they
eager to miUtltuUi imperlallain and
inllltariein for a republicanism which
legitimately and beneUclently dainU
nates one hulf the world? The preal
dent and tha Mlmlnlatratlon party are
niklng that they do tliem thlnga. It
it time to formulate an answer.
Our Offense la Greater.
Ih the tiwiNlHilty wltit wWlek the
pubiie eeaUtneut of eirilned natloua
coudeaaw ta IHthli course in the
Traoavaal ih. r. .-,iairily iudicaUd
the JiMlgnieiit that will be pxel upoii
the United hUte tr the ubjuglioit
of the I lllplnoa and the dental or the
Ight of .elf government ( ,. ,.
It mm
i vive acxxi
(hot 15 wlwt
Hie ixilroiis of
Current hrunv.
voi i in
Mm- in.'
:. '1t',T;'T-,T,-r;T,:i
Trloute to the I'rlnra.
Tbnto wli i Imve Mogul to iiil.rnpre
snrit tha work of the (talhulle oliuiah in
the I'lillllpinr. ntiU slaudsr th eeifaneii
llclng frlsri liitva enlU tnnt iiuaefrantnf the
"powtr of Hoihk" In tint UlHtuU t lu he
dean the ilwti04 iKnorntiBu of the nntlr.
It han be n enld tlntt the people of ilia
t'lillltpliitw have been purpotsly kept
without wjqaatloii by the film, e Hint
"llouia" ini(;ht retain lir hold ujnin tlit.ni.
We aavo iliinm long eltioo haw rlilleulou
U ieeh II ohnrge, Uur proof lu thu iiiniu
has eemn from Cntliolio MqieM, Hat
now we are nbla to give a l'rotaatant
vldnee of tba enllghtanmatit uf the
l'i!lplaoi. A lhasa I'lllplnoa owa every
tiling to Ihe work ol th friar, it ta evl
Caul (heir advanced cohUIIIoh U h aradlt
to fieahareh.
The f ratestaat who fartiUhM the evi
denaene refer to lo (leu. Itaeve, wlio
went time 1'htlipplnas a Uotoiisl of tha
ridrlenuth Minueaota Volautae, aud
wu. mad h tlrigadifr-Uentral fur the
anlivut uit be rliyed la the tablag of
Jli.nlln. lie plaeed in eharge nf tba
.1. ii.-iit.i aud rrjMMilblt ponllloa of poll
bt:helt, . toaitien whhh he fUM
vtl'li Kraut uou-., "till dullat," we are
told b, tii Nw Voik Tribune, hroaght
him, cImpi perbapa, to tbt nallveH of the
eiir atd Ulaud tnan any Auitrtaau olllaer
i.n.l iii.t-a, ud be made the moat of his
I portauitlMi. A been ob arvar with a
wide kuuwtedKe of man aud affairs, he
made eloa study ol tha l'lliulno, bis Imhll
of ihoaffut and tba pesaiUillttM tha fatal
held fur htai a a man aad a a imiiuii."
Geo. Keav, wko ha relumed from
Matilli, vtai Interviewed lu IbU olty ImI
weeh by a I'tibane reporter. He nld:
"Thur kmhii lu ba maeh mUiippre
hmisiau in thi. eoeetry eetMeriilng the
rill plea utir.a, wbiebU getiaratly regard
ed a bt-liirf aoaipneed of avail herbaria,
uueoueh aad uu daehtd people. Thl l,
bowawr, far reeaovnd from Ue traia,
for tht nau.v. are very geuerally edoeat
ad. Ialt.a t'i- walled eily aea two auivar
Itlr whirl. i.,.d proviaa l; (ha war baea
w.ll pairobid by tha Kiilplao. The
Uaivar.lty ; raa lhHNa-, l iah was e
lablUhad in lito;, iN,a Uf tiaaa aad It
baa, without any eeptiuu. tlw moat mm
HlUiUnt aatarai history eullaottuN I hare
vr . a. J bit roUaeUea baa I
eiuloaa.J ii. (uur roal noisvo
by tb friar aw) maiia. spaaiaaeaw of
all tba flora aad faaua. gtologteal ateel
Nteoa, bNgs auimal aad lu fast, avery
form of aalmal and vegetable life
whioh is to be foueit la lh arsbleelaga.
Tbo other la lh Uw.nioleaa Uuiteralty,
Whleh la of eewruiutt !, and oeeeple.
two eetlre bleh otibta th wailed ally
aqd pteloi to Ike oal break ef hMttti
II It aarried no laaa thae flea IhoaaaaU
aawaaof ualue stadaeU tw Ita toU.
It teaahaawaay braaebaa ef rdaeattoa
I naiad lag aaademia, law, wadlalae aad
applied aelanaaf. with th eemphHa tie
eaaaary arapberNalla in ail dsparteaatite.
In Ml toe vrllsgea ibioegkuat tba Uland
alto eteaMaut eakeota are t be foaod, and
1 bave beard It eUtted by eawpateut nu
ttwrUie UmI o pr et of tba natives
are edaeated bat IbU 1 think i an eiag.
gaialion Frew irtuib' obwirvaticq
i uuwater, I aboatd ay tOat ee par aeat
rdoratv1. un lt J no faci tU t-r-Mtt'ttait.
llii.ii; i.r t:i lu ia. ol
watk being performed by men, and the
Flliidans I bad at ordinary haeie r
tnu ewekl reed and write SpunUh mid
ttadenloed flgariHi m their tltnpla form-.
The beta there nio educated In oliureh
eheM In Ibe vsrloan vlllngep, nud I
taluk la their aehttoW, culltgt and neheol
ef applied eefame they teaeh evsrylhlng
thorn thai wa do here In Aintrlen, wltn
the (feealbt exaepllun nf telepiaphy,
Ther hi another thing I waat to speak or
eeHeernlng them, nnd that Ii their erilrnn
sr. Ihh the do inn In of uiodsru prol.loti,
Au Eegllih eoloiilit tuld me, nud I have
no re mjii lo dnubt hi Mntnaint, that
among the doctors In Manila Ultra were
two or three native Trwrnltn, who wtrs
ulthoHt km porta In their profemlon, and
eho waie iiaonniplUhtd nud roUntldo
largaooa. '1 he bwt denlitt In Ibe oily
nnd uu th (aland wm (Inn. Aravallo, now
on of Agiilnalde army. He Is a full
blooded Tngelo."
Merely tldt In not whiil could he snld
of n people kept In Isnernuop. Ami be
it remembered theM unlrareltiee nud
eahool general Usn. Iteeve apaaka of
were enlnbllbed nud ooudueffd by the
mtteh mureprrnetilcd friars. Hat it Is net
lu edeenttnn nlou that the unlives are
profleietit, "Their wnrlilng of gold Mlear
nnu iron Mttais," iHti. nesvn aald, cou-
tlHiiliig, "is meat rVMlfal, and tho Jewolry
they make I very heaatifal. l'hey model
wall In olfty, nad enrve wood nnd Iron lu
the mint cxqalslle lununar. Judging
their finiihed wurk froai tha rdnndpulut
of a tyro in art utnttr. aneh ih I nin, it
was to all npparnnoM nbaotataly oor
real. Mome or the heat of the attorney
nt the Manila bar nre native, nd are
well groandd lu the theory aui praatlee
or (heir proreaslun. J'aieraotald tu bo
th present head uf Agnlualdn'a eablaat,
nnd JlHbltil Arnysuo, who hnre naeemu
laled a iarfre fortune, uri hnlli fNll
bloodd Tegatoe. A a matter of fail,
alnee 187S the Plllpinos bave eeat io
Anlatie aud Kuropeau nnlverelllea two
Imndrvd of thir yoang men aaawally
Ibare aie eln eehoola fot weaaeH Hleue
in Manila, nnd beside the regalar forma
of edaeaiiuu tbaaa wemau ate tnnght
sewing, mhrotdry aud the like, as are
girl In thla eoantry. They are taucht
by native uau nud their iibadlu work Is
"And how nhuat modern mnililnery !"
wni rnikeil. "Do they have nu nptltodo
for ill" ''You know tho compllentlon
of stenrn engines, and the truable is to
got tliiun proporly aad effielcuUy run lu
Mime other countries,' Mild tho Uotintnl.
"for lunlnnoe In Mnxloo no nntlvM are
einployiHl nt Dreuicn nud eiiglni'erri, n
rtiuulbl poiltiou whleh l wholly par
formed by wluto men. Witt, on th only
railroad on the itlsml of I.iuon, the Ma
nila niitl Dnguypau ltntlroad, Urn on-
glneer, flreinon, ooudnotpra nnd lirnlio.
mini ar nil natUiw, iu wll nu nil tho mn-
ohlnl.tn in the railroad h!iowi. All thu
ateainr plying butereeu the Ulntid porta
Imvo tintlve wtrober nad uugluuers.
They are, nUo, a grent rase uf eniiom, as
Is uatuiHl (torn th unture of tlio iilnnd
heme. Admiral Dowey uied n largo
number of natlvea lu the shone nt tlio
nrMiual at Oavite, and told me he found
they mimt atifnelury workuiaa, I
hroaght home n earrlage with me mad
wholly by thin, nud of untie daalgu.
It resemble n baby eonpn. i'heir ear.
rlnges nre made small on account of the
dlmauativoiea of ihelr liuree, whleh nre
a ehort-hneked, stardy raae of imuieumt
ntrsngth, somewlint imnller thsu our polo
po'ilea. Tlio ouMt whioh ha alternatitiK
fHik, but in nil other rcapeoM aewun lo
ma f ally as good an ihoae of Amerieau
Another combine la to ho fnrmod
with the aaaiataHce of the necotnmo
dntlng ouriKtratlon lawa of New .loreay.
It la to be orsanlnwl for the pm-poeo
of ooutralllng the inunufaoture of
prlntcra' Ink. The cadtHtlantloii la to
he WO.000,000, one-flfth being ptwferraij
lock, with 7 ier cent cumulative dlTl
denda, and the remainder being com
won etock. The new company ut).
noaee to begltt owratiotia by umleraell
Ing ludendout manuCacturoro, tak
ing away their curtomera ami driving
them out of Inudoeaa. Theu, when
theae uuploaaoat competllora have
been dlapoaod of. jirioee are likely to
Im run up to a (Mint where the jaty
mcnt of tlie proiuhxd 7 jier cent dlvb
denda on preferred etock will he iwe
nlble. The full name of the enlUn of Noln.
wl law )mi trwom allegianro to the
ITHlhart Malta. M Iladal MuhnmmMl
Wotnoloi Klram. That's no tmmm.
Iioweew, why he oau't hecotae a pretty
food Auerlean clUiott. Utougli he baa n
few mie wire titan the arerage Anw
lent dtlaa. That, ae tie wltMoaeea In
municipal InreetlgaUona are wont to
reply to iwrplaalng qHeaHona, may he
regarded as "lilaowii privule ImaliieM. "
ily the way, liave tliawo varioaa and
varied wlvea ah racogalaeil the aover
cigtity of the United ItHleat This la a
mutter whleh should liave the prooipt
utetoHtion of the Ifcjtwtl SafTrage iumo
olatton. I'eaalhly the cane ef OetigreMman
IteherU of Utah, agalunt whew ad
iHtaatoH to the 11fiy-l.tth eeogrees
there baa Ihwh vlgeroiu rnvtaat, might
be aettlatl by giving him name sert ef
au apiolutmeit to the court of the tatl
taw of hula, where his rtewa on
polygamy wuukl he la keeplMg with
hla aurreiiiidlut;.
Wo havo a argo Hot of choice ranch, form
and town proporty.
McLenathen & Tracy.
Carlsbad, New Hcxico.
ifrrnmrOTWTiinTiimTTffw m i 1 1 1 1 1 w i m in ii iiuhuhh mi iHiinn
And Qonornl Forwarding e.
Hay, Grain, Seed, Feed, Blacksmith Coal
u, s.
Frosh Moats, Snusngo, Gnmo, 3Dlc,
..Always on Hand..
rtP's.'oo 33oXlrazrvtl3xVa.xx3r X"nst or Olty.
.......Fancy Groceries a Specialty.
Chicago, St. Louis
and Kansas Gity
Vo Tranlbn frtiin El Vm (r Fori Worilii
Ask for Tluiir Uards nud Mnjm of Yonr Nearsst Afcni, or writo
V 11. 1I0UOUT0H
I). P. und I'. A.,
Jll Paso,' Texas
J, W. I1LA0K
aon'l, Paw, Agent,
Toiioko, Knnsao
G- F. A. Robertson-
All kinds of new work nBpaainlty 'Jf J
rnriniug iiiiiiinmeui ar nl III unu
kini1rumlrd,ouiilioit notice, k a x A l
t Waaon mrr Iri-n
THUD Al UUOK HOT'i'OM -iri, , T. ,
i itit-iw. r lou and Livory Oorral
CnnonSfc On Citrronfc f ".l eoimection. Aooominodn
ka man tc. up. umont 1 ;ion mid satisfucion, ffiinrau-
JCddy Iodgt No. SI, K-efP.
Meets .
ftiiar rojMuatcalloa
A. N. Pratt, Ceey. '
i. o. o. v, m
No. ttl naaeta every
mdar evoln In
MoaajMle ball. Vlattiut beolRer la irdd
wmiiiiK eontiai; waranane
J.no. 8. MeKwAM, er-
C. II. WaMMT, N. Q.
Bddy 'Uamn Woodmen of tha World
ATiosMs? am
EDDY, . . . njny Mnx
QHAI. M. WlllOllga, M. I).
Ittyetataa aad Bereeen.
est ftasaM, aaer, N S
Ueiel wtadear
0Mf gmaasB 1'. V. i K. M, r.
OIL WltiaHT, M. a
. IHaMAa ma SeMM.
am i ttatfea, IumwmK MI irMe tttii
O.IU aiM'nil icaiptl 0 sr afji,
OawrbMN 1 p. ft.
Wing Lqo Laiindry,
l.Voxt teO. K. Bhen.)
Work Equal to a Stearrl
No torn 0atUe-No ttxlrk Charae.
All wtfrtt aaarauteed 8tttitery:

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