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f (Mtiif Dm l(o I dealt
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W$t. DARFIOLO it CANTROLL, Proprietors.
IV ft
fcf . )Ml)HUllthi
Live Territorial News, j
S. T, Bitting, Banker.
ft door below
Hotel Behlltz.
A General Banking
Bualnoss Dono.
Kxehnngo Furnished to Guttoincrs
froo ol Clmrn.
Brnnchea of Work II la AdTlsnble to
TKUe Up In Hmull Town.
4Thor til ono prlnolplo that must be
Strictly adhered to In nny ntccrsaftil Til
lage iijiwlenl society (hero mutt b m
tdrorres," writes 1'rofcssor JWk Vvnldo
; ",n nrtl! "niutlc In the Village"
,""' Bcptomber Lndlos' Homo Journal,
-rlio Initant tliat any ono Is admitted to
mcmborffhlp on nny other grounds than
ability the dcclltio of tbo society fans bo
dtun. Regular attendance can bo soctircd
" nly by arousing tbo onthuilasm of tbo
'Tbo one word tbat oxprcssos tbo pos
'ilbllltlrs of concerted Instuutentnl mimic
for the virago Is ordicstrn. This word,
while rntber pretentious In sound, umy
havo nn extremely bumblo application.
Orchestra Is munllonod ns opposed to
band; tho orchestra, being Intcudcd tor
Hndoor practice, Is capable of cxartlng a
ruost retinitis Inllucuce,
"It Is to chorus work that ttio vtynl
energies of tbo singers of the town must
bi mainly devoted, and It Is boat to "its-
Mllttln n Itlfftt tfiml fmm Hin ntitaAf Anil
catauiisn au orniono jincKjiy rntucr man
'chorus' or 'choral Vltib.' For this pur
poso a well balanced group of UO or 40
rolces Is sufllclunt, If it Is composed of
members who can renlly sing. A small
chorus of uuoxpectod rolumo of tono Is
much more effective than a largo oso
with n disappointing Tolunie.
"It mny be just ns well to call ntten
lon to tho fact that tho larccr tnusla cm
porlums, especially thdso In Iloston, Now
Jfork, Philadelphia and Ghlehgo, nro nl
strays ready to sire adrlca anil assistance
In the selection of music where tho mora
bars of clubs, Individually or collectively,
do not know just what Is best for their
1 Save Yout
I Hw inou or liuiplpn where
iKHi am iicl Hie host iirlciM.
PRICKS ond wwluiuiruMh cay
sitter!, Vc olyc KiMiction
or no xi.
The Gut tent
Itovr Jny (lontd'a Unuutitcr'. Is Btnr
ItlnK furls IVilU Tlioiu.
Pnrislnna had heart! of tho lato Jay
Gould nml his hlsh ptleil inlllluiiH ot mon
ey, but for the past two years they lmvo
been receiving it special object lesson on
tho powor of wealth In now world hands
In tho effort ot his daughter, the (Jollities
de Castellane, to reproduce In Purls ti
palaco ot tho grand Trianon ns built by
tho French kmxs at Versailles tnoro
than two coiiturlcH ngo. Thrco-iiuitrtvns
ot an nero of Isnd whs houicbt at thu In
tersection ot the Atciiuo du Hots dr
ItouloKtiu and tho Avcntio MnlnkolT .t
a tt eiptiHO ot cloiro to n million of dolluns
tills Uoltif the most OMtly residential site
In Paris. Publlu Interuat has bwn made
lftotn by tho nnnouuceimmt that will!
wo t;!';:1"1, would !::!.! imc to th four
teontli century thb Interior wits to bo n
bloudlns of tho fourttenth and fiftvtnth
periods, It tho Omild Millions nnd lit
cunulnar uf tho Pruiich nrcliltects ooulJ
compass this tiulqun desire. Tho revival
of two hUtorlc porlotls In PruncJi archi
tectural history was so remnrkable nn uu
dcrtaklnu thnt from Its bt'iilntiliiK fit
procroM of this houao tins been followt-d
with such a vldo Intorett as has lx "ii
siren to fow purely prlvnto btiildliit:
projects. In Mny tho family was occupy
Inif tho ecntral portion, but the litlciln
decoration of tho two wines probnb'.
cannot bo complotcd In less than two
ysytrs moro.
Wlicu'tt becamo known such a mnl' n
wan to to nttomptcd. tunny ot the Priuicli
said-It rould tnko 20 years to build uttd
flfrnlth wkth nrt treasures; but wortuu
sKiterprlso and local Ingenuity pror. .to
As completion In u fifth ot thuMlme. 'J
property will tlum Imre cost ao.OCXWOO
of frnttcs, or 0,000,000. Hut the en
nnd countess nro collectors ot rare nrt
works nnd brlc-n-brnc, nnd In a si-tple
rear, It Is raid, they expended $1,000,000
In purchases for their new rosldenr,'.
When tho matter of cclllnes was beinc
trrnntfed for, tho Castellanoawent to ltd.
nd soiisht tho splendid palace of Ve
rona. Thoy did not want tho palace, but
coveted tho 11 ceillncs It contained from
tho brush of Tlepolo, nnd theso could he
seeureU only by tho purchase of tho old
structure. Edward Pbbo Onaton In Sep
tember "Woman's Home Compauluu.
erst Sooletr to flroure tbo Proa
dbm of th rhlllimtiie.
In 1S01 tho forraldnblo aud blocnly
IXatlpunan society was formed under tlio
leadership ot Mnrcclo illlnrlo del Pilar.
Its object was to secure tho freedom of
tho Philippines by puttitiB to tho swoid
11 the tipaulards In the nrcltlpcInK '
Manila, ot course, wns the seat of tb;
supremo council of tho Kntipunan, and l.s
branches or chapters woro established
In all tho provinces and principal town
i the Islands.
Uvery member, on bclne Initiated Into
tho society, received u uame by which
ho wns always thereafter known to thi-
other members, and all were masked. In
this way no ono know tho ldrtlty of any
other member, nnd sreu n man's next
door uoltfltbor or his brother or partner In
business might be seated next to him
nightly nt tho Katlpuuaii 1odgo mid ho
would never be tbo wiser. At initiation
tho now member took a bloody oath aud
subscribed to It by dipplntt his pmi In tho
blood drawn from an Incision In his left
unit This Idea Is staid to hare been do
med from n palatini; called "I'acto .lr
PAiigre," executed In Madrid by n famous
Filipino painter, Juan. Luna. After tho
revolution broke out iu 1804 tho mem
bers of tho lCatlputtau could always uo
Hi'iitlOed among tho dottd aud prisoner
by tbo scars.
A symbolic chart was In tho iHHMeseton
of each membor. nml by that Iw eotild
find the Katlpunnn lodiro In the province
nr towns whervver he mJstbt U- and
Identify hliiiiwlf by tiMna of It. As hu o
ample nt the nsiut-s borne by tht mstw
Van, Oonrrsl Ittcuru, now In Use lasMr
gvnts' army, ws known under the ntn
of "Vlrom." inMnlng vlr, uaIihhhmm
sttake. The tirfwit (leueral Pilar, of
wiiuM ho inueii U board n the uprising
gainst the Amnrfwiaa, Is not thu llUtr
of Kiitlpuiisii fame, tltoush It Is bn
ernlly taken for granted he U. Tho pres
ent Pilar assumed that mh homo
year nua. but hbi ehsrsetorUtles are sueh
S to easily I Mid OtW to Mltra that lu.
.'ml the Pilar who originated the ICatl
.punati are one t.l tin same. I,ientMut
vwwuei j. ii. .Miiey la Heptouber Berib
aers. i HonJ Notes.
t ncpnlrliii; a road saves rebulldintr.
A muddy ntrcet limy look like "hasty
podding," bnt It's Lord to stir ubout Jn.
Tho good roads inorcment la moving
and in tbo right direction.
Would you bo wllllnpr to hare tha
trabllo judgo you )f tbo oharacUr of
tho road iu front of your ltouiat
Gall yottr nelgltbors togetbw and de
vise aotno vraytr making tho roada
food 1 yow vlolnUy. : -
) ' !'
In l.ns Vega, Tom DufTy plr-ad Rtillty to
holding, up n school toashar tor robbery.
Kiittr young toughs tlliturbetl a .Salvation
Rrmy mcolln in Albuiittcrquo nnd weto
lined Stl oneh.
Turkey aupjwi nre itircesffully employ
ed by tho lady of Allniriticrnuo to wlpo
out church itttlcblenneM. '
Waller .Inlineon, aecawl of, laroeny bt
CftUlo, and no'ronlmo Attnljo, with assault
to rnne, woro tflsohnrKed In tho district
court nt las Vtjln. ,
Complaint Is miido that Navnjo nnd
Apiteho Indian nru slHUghterinK all tho
larno Kntiie ln ltio Arrllm county. Thoy
sliont ilcOr (intof ronstit nnd nro oxtvrml
nstlin! other game.
lion. 11. Al. lttxtd n( Santn I'o received n
letter from rolntivos at Morn in which it is
nt&tod that twolvo men were lost last week
In n blissurtl that raged In Mora ooinity.
Only threo of tho bodies of men frown to
death have thus (nr been imovcred.
Albuquerque Citlieti:
Largo st Stock.
Tlio WnfllilnBton McmorUl.
Major A. S. Oaihmsu, of lbs lieotge
Wnsblngion Memorial AsinelHliim, who
oggested a natloual obiervnnce of the
100th OnlveiMry ot the death of Wath-
Ingtun, hat wtltUn to Uuvernnr Olero
Utter coneeinlng tht puiposM uf the
memoilal day, uu I expieties the hope
that the ooeaaion will be obaerved In a
reverential manner, and not simply as n
holldar. The asioelntlon will rtcolvi.
funds for building a memorial nulverslty
upon n site on the Polomno which sih
Ington left as n beqolxt for this putpofu,
rim membrrthlh fw for the anoelatloti
is SB fur the first year. Hnch subsoilbnr
to the amount ot 85 will receive a besntl
ful engraved rottlAoate.--New Slexlonn,
Will Represent Now Mexico.
Mrs. La Pcrrlerc, of Minneapolis,
sister ot tho lato A.J. DeMeulos, the ttir
quols king, has been selected by (Inventor
Otero, of Now Moxleo, to tnko clmro' of
tho lumuois doimrtment uf the tirrl-
tonnl tnlnliiR exhibit at the Puris oxh1-
Ths Information i uon
rnmos to the Cltlien oltko that tha Momioit
colony iu western Vnleuoln eounty pmn
tleu polygsiny. This enn bo suppressed by
tho Uultetl States nutlioritlos ttnilor tlio
p'nvlftinns nt tho lidmund law, which up-
idles to crimes of tli's sort Iu torritorlos.
1'ho Alabama Hold nnd Copper compnuyj
tiled Inoorporntlou papers Tuesday in tho
olllco of Terrllnrinl hcoretsry Wallace.
Tho capital ot the company Is 00,000, di
vided Into 20,000 shnrcs. Tho directors are
P. F. Garrett, W. II. Ucwcllyn ami Clin
ton 11. Llewellyn. Thu hcailqunrters of
the concern nru tit larllln, Otero county.
V. It. Aicarate, tho well known cattle
man. arrived In Kl t'lt-w, Hulidny, says tho
Times, from Dmnlnu', X. M., tvhc'ro ho
wont for tho purpose of IdeiiUlylug lliti
bunch uf alleged stolen cattle enptutvd by
Special Univur (loorge tiearborough n few
days ago near there. There weru thlrly
two head in tha bunch ho identified as hav
ing been stolen Irom bis ranch near Jauos,
Mexico, and tho rest belonged to Mormons
nt Colonm Dim near Asceuclou. Tho
O'Ncll'i, father and tyvn sons, oattlemcn
who own a ranch about eight miles from
Doinlhg, nro uudor arrest far tho alleged
crime They were given a preliminary
1 Carlsbad N H
Lowest Prlco.
Mrs. I.n Porrlero Is n tonsher ef Preneli
In n MlnrieaptilkiMhool and nwiuirod her
knowtmlsQ of ttiruuoli while In HI Paid
nnd at tho Jntlllas icUllngup her brother'
PrusidcnVF. W. Zanders, of the Now
Moxlco agricultural college, reports that
Professor Keityr, head of the department
of ngtlculturoatid horticulture of the col
logo, tint resigned to tako effect tho first ot
the yoar, Tho cause of hit resignation It
thu fact that his sitter, who bos heart
trouble, It seriously arfeatcd by thu altit
ude and cannotjlvo In Kow Mexico.
Plali for Streams In ilie Sacrament oS,
A United Htntoi fish oommltiun oar from
thu Mcnsho, Mo., fisheries, went out this
morning on tho Kl Paso nnd Northeastern
for Alnmogordo with U.000 ralitbuw trout,
ot last spring's hatching, Persons who
made application fur tho trout will meet
tho car at Alamogordo and rveulvo them.
Kalnbo . trout begin to breed nt two and
throe years of age, and nfior this age fur
nish good tport for tho angler,
The oar left a tuw flth nt different points
passing through Texas, over tho Texas and
s4w sArssjwst A Al A A A
General Mchandige
hearing at Dewing and eommitted to Jail
In default nt bouil et Stiver City to a volt
the nation of the grand Jury at the next
sesettiii of the dlstnet court in (Iraut eoun
ty. Urave Men Call
Viailtfil to itarrtaali, liver aud kid
ney traublj ua vnli:ia wottteii, and all
feel tlio iimuIU In Ium at Bpnetlte,
K)totit In the bluod, Ueknolio, norv
oiwiihm, litwduulie mid tired, llsUees,
ruii tlnwn feeling. Jlut tliure no need
to feel llkothut. J. W. Uardner, of
lduvlllo. Ind., says: "Kluotrie Jllttors
arc ;ust tlio thing lor a inuii when he
don't oure whether lit liven or dloa. It
gave nib new strength und good ujijiot
tltc. I oat! now eat utiy thing und have
n new lease on life." Only 60 cenU at
Jllttukuiore Drug Co livery bottle
l'si ria.rm hi lug; ttulr yearly taxes
for 1899 la fall on or before Jsnnary 1
next, will be slkmtd a rebate ot
S urfui on the toiHtU'lialf of ih tat.
If taxes are net palrf Hii or before Jt
uary 1 tho tame beeeae de)lnioet aud
ttw peuslty irMrbe.l by law will be a
drd by the collector, h ha no dnere
tlon. but Is eoai pelted to do IbU by law.
Pitelne, and will deliver about SW at other
ptttuia BtouB the A. T. & & K, in New
firs. lluWll Dead.
Mrs. AaHtlasjt) llttuMI dleil Jast night
atberhomaat Pajaritei, Hear Allwquer
qua. Mia. HubtHili was the mother ot
Wterllt T. 8. Ilubbell, of Albuquerque;
UtwHty s1hm1 aMtpariHtemtewt F, A. Hub
bell, of AlbHquetqM; J1 ixirvnto ItuaMI,
otflnnado, Arts,; Mrs. Themat, of Alb
uquerque: Charles MubDeJI, ot Navajo
Springs, and J Felipe llubbell, at I'sja-
rlto. Mrs. Ilubbell was born Deenibef 19,
law. She had Um III tor several tiiunthi.
Funeral sorvlecs will be held Monday
forenoon at 10 o'elaak. tihe was highly re
tpeeted, anci greatly llketl tor her many
admirable qualities and asts ef charity.
Tho ptiblln echools nt ttueorro bars
loeed fur task ot fitVilt.
Matthsw May and Mist Iena 'MMntt
were married nt Deitilug by Jaetlee Louis
I. Marshall,
The ltowelt Iteglsitr says the ealee of
sheep or New Mexlou havo druppod olt
i!o por oeut this year a campaiod with
An Unglleh syudlente, through thelr
loOHlaurut nt Hllver.Ollr. Is seeking l(
pureliftio patented -lauds on thv Ulln
forest rMtervatlon.
Frank Jilt), of IStigle, sold four oar
loads of yenrllug steers to VhOmas lloiir
biimn, ot lionrned, Kau nnd A. Hoaer
of Iowa. Theslocrs wer6 sold at 9tB
per head.
Now! A football team has been or
ganised among tho lovoru of athletlo
spoils In Alamogoido nnd It the present
program Is carriod out will line up
tbo lt( lltn0 uo,t undnX'
rn....t nf..-.V- Of Han StiBUol county
for five yenrs a member 6 tho '
ponltentlary, died Thursday of lung fever.
Uo was aged 4'J years, aud bad beou con
victed es ono of tho Bllvn gang undnr life
lenience. Uls funeral took place tadav.
'Las Vegas Optlo. Chas, Hnltun, n
oarpenter, becqme somewhat deranged
from an overdose of Isgqrieer yesterday
morning und about 4 o'clock was locked
np for sate keeping nt olty lodging quar
ters, of which Marshal Murphy Is In
oharge, The ulght being cold in order
to get warm the incarcerated man tore
np everything In 'he shape of wood In
that muro or U-a elegantly tarnished
apartment, even to the hnlr mattresses
and piling it together near the Iron door,
touahod u inatuh to it, Soon otter his
shrieks tltraotod tho ntteutlou ot a passer-by,
who snw what was vp and called
oat tho lire company, wbloh arrived Just
in Unto to save the nnfortunnte man's
life and pat oat the flro In the enlaboo'te,
The territorial land board libs sold
aotno llfty tlio8ind nerw yl nd to a
(Jlilcflfto syndlouto fur 3.1,00 per ucro.
uovernor Otero has received n illspatcli
I rum AdJuttnht (lencrul 11. C, Corbtn In
WashliiKtou aunouueltiK that tho remains
ot Uoeond I taut. Maxwell Kuyes, killed In
astlun, were shipped front Manila to Snn
Prnnelteo on tho transport Tartar, .Novotu
bcrW, and lhat the body of Lieut, Maxl
mllmuo Luna, drowned while criming tho
a -I'.f - ' a
Agitu urcr, iinu uot tuon dooii uncovered.
The !att,6r Is sad nowrto tho relations and
many frtendsof this gallant ottleei. Uu
rolativeu Intended to arranu'o far tlio burial
ot both the remains of Lieutennnte
Luna and Keyet, who nre brothers-ln-
taws, nml also distant blood relations, In
Arllngum eeinetery, Washington, and also
to ereat n hamlsome mounineiit over their
gravos, which weru to be plaeed sldody
suHv-aow jiexienu.
Udd ThliiKS III WllUkr Mnbtnir.
"There lire loU of queer things ulmut
the whisky buslne," haIiI nn expert
ww uihit tiigiii. -anti one of the queer
est U the iNHHillar ijualltv thnt n ill,
tlliery. for no iiiqsirent enuie, will lend
iu iih umptit. -nm tiling lute never
new Mpmiti, imt, neverthelesw, Ifa
an undeniable fet. I knew a distiller
who Mid iila aid pbrnt Httd tnered to n
more d eel ruble loctillty. where lie tried
to put up an exact duittlcHte. Ileeveti
wwit to fur iu to ettMtsh n couple of
windows tlmt Iwppwiwl to lie broken
In tha obi MtKldlsliiHent, but It wns
no go: he couldn't intiUe the same kind
of whisky to Mve Ida wtil.
"This aame dlltleulty Ima destroyed
the usefuluiMta ot many n valuable
liraud. Another singular pheneneiiin
Is the !uiKstlblllty of making n good
Hetirbou whisky east of Keiitueky na
a good rye west of the Alleghnnlea.
I epenk Iu broad tcruw. Apparently
tbo feat has been accomplished
a few times, but lureatleatlon
I Painters and i
, Paper Hangers I
? uocorators
I sf nnl ClrvM ?
) Writorei... $
Satisfaction (luarnntopd. S
S Wo nllptv nono
i to underbid tin
? or dojicttcr Work... ?
Paid llrnr llnr III I
II. 1). ...anion of Thaekervlllp, Tex , . S rTjtoA &SS ITrt
In two years paid over 8000.00 to dea
lers to euro a running eore on his Jeff.
Then thoy wanted to out it off, butlhe
ourotl It with aii0 box of lluek.en't Ar-
nlMBalve. (luarauteed cure for piles.
aft.ols. u box. bold by Jtlackmoro
Drug I'o.
of blue crass origin and, the chaps who
succeeded In turning out an Inland
rye were aliens from the east A real
Kentucky eeletiel will net touch rye.
He considers It almost as deleterious;
as water." New Orleaus Tluiea-Dctao-crat.
Arthur R. O'Quinn,
Dealer In
Ice and
1 3rda
A. N. WATT, Trop'r. j
Piokots, .
Sua i, Eto.'
Wm. Stone
All kinds of mout projiuota
oonstautly on iiuncl.
O. K.
Cahrtagk SHOP'
Flrtt-elati bjaekitulihlng, Ourrisoe paint- '
log and wood work ot all kluds.

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