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WHAT GAGE 18 DDIfftfi.
flnifc 3trel f ! lleinifVid I'nr Cnr-
Dctnocratfe Nominee Wilt Be
Triumphantly Elcoicda,,
inpy of Nmnll IJrmimlnnlliin.
I TlnnNilitt nf the trua-Ourr depart
mt (u relfevr Utr airri'Hb' ihmliw Ih
aii extremely instructive iqbaii in kov
WHrm'ittHl Hmv.cf. T1mo U n wltle-
rtlterad ilcuutiiil for eurreiicr of mull
THE XBAI QtHHTIOR AS ItttfB. dwiomliaattaii for U ordinary Intel-
. 1 tim tnwoaettone of ti piiple. Paper
inattoy I Uio kind .Wanted, not (liver
deWir or Rkl tMMr or five' dollar
KfMfileeeg. To n.'i this need th lt
tk treasury call" do Is lo leant gold cor
tldetiiM of Uw ilraamlMttoti of $30.
with the epeltrwireeeloii that urwi this
measure will be of doubtful utility.
Net mio dollar will be milled to the
sum of masey In the country by tliU
maneuver. It effect will bo Mm ply to
mill to the mtlntw of $ bill w lieti the
doinntirt In for ohm null twos. This
limy provo n relief In some dlrectloue,
but It ourtnjuly oniniot tili the small
biwIniHHi traireldtlon In which the
small IdlU nro needed.
Hut two wnya nre now open for lira
injection of new blood Into the i-urreii-
ClilmiRn I'lBtfnrm (lltrn n Cltnp nt
Iirmatftn of llcmrtIUi rred W.
Hum J, nryan U the lxtwttHil Lead
r.o IHRrrHie nf Opinio" lie
smrillHic rtilllpittiip War.
I think tkat tho Democratic irty In
tlio CbioMo ltforw gave free, full
niHl rhMr rip(Mlnti nf tho Democratic
creed ffovMiilDK a number of anbjett.
I think wo ought to alible by tbe,t plot
form wllltoat any nmeitdMeiit or modi
flenUon. 1 afewll tfo antlrnly satisfied
with nny Nominee who will aliirurcly
accept (Imt platform m tho basis of hit
ixillltent mtifllnletmttoti. .Mr. Ilrnn la
the hwtlor sf tlto party an the Kilter
plunk, mill ho will bo tho lojrfcMl louder
oil the Iomw that will bo formal If Uio
ItepnbbraHo aueeoed, ci I euppoae tboy
rill. In MMlttR tholr currency bill, ir
tle lb piiWIcfliis Intuit iikiii tho I coal
cartel moot of tho hIbkIo gold ntntiilnril.
n1tm will Im lli trmloitilimtln I mho
of tlw Host iiu)hIii.
'J'lw ItoitiiblliBiiH will nttompt to din
iytfM Uio puhkmo nwl olToct of Utolr
lrirUiMllnti. but tli rim I utiMlbih will
m lhl: Mhflll tlm ciiliiflK of tho nllver
itOlbjr Ih) prohibited iitid llio loffl ton
Mar jHiwrr llmltMl to 10 In imo imy
DieutV on that uailoii I baro llttlo
tloulit that orory UwnMmt and orery
blMBUlltat In the 1'nltwl Htutm will
vote for tho UoiHivcrntlo iiomtueo. 1
tlllllk n otlvar limit will bu oloct(NI proa
I think tho Unltm Htatea snvornitviit
Jh iIoIuk orerythinK Hint In ivqulNltf to
MijrMftb out .Vgulnnldo'H inunltloiw of
wnr aro mippllwl by wuiio coinbliintloti
nomtwhoro on tho conat of Aala. 'flint
rtWiWuatlon Ik Diclitliiff tho l'ultel
K la too fur u inorreuary and tnnllaimnt
jmrnooo. It la einiuilnn hjwii jmpulnr
HUlitluionl In tho Uultotl StittoH to re
call tho American trooiw and mnko
iernio with Axulnnldo. Thai oxwctit
tlwi la iiiurly vain nnd wltlioiit nil)
fomtdatlon In fact. Tho pooplo In tliU
country nro witlatlml with tho reatiltM
iilroarty MrooiHpllilioil by tbla wnr.
y'liy nro dotorniluod to proHN It to n
BilMwaafiil (Miiu'limloii. Wo dojiloro tho
rfwdllii fwitun-H. Wo ri'Brflt Unit In
iioeont mon nro IioIiir toil to tholr drath
by ARiilunldo and IiIh millUh ndvloor,
but that la only an Incident In the huh
proaolon of any InNtirroctloii. 1 am of
tlw opinion that Mr. ltrmt In koIuc to
iiMhu an adttilrahlo necrotary of wnr.
JIo In h very ablo innn and n vory lino
Inwynr, mid ho hoouih not to bo Involv
ed In, nny of tho uotuplloiitloim thnt
litivo oaunod dUturbmiuo In iiriny i.'lr-
'I'lioio will bo no dlfToroneo of opinion
bihoiik tho American puoplo In rustml
to (lie wnr. Hot Jt londorH of tho two
fcroHt pabtlcnl itartloa, Mr. McKlnloy
of tho Itopiihllcnna and Mr. llryiln of
im DoUiwrntM, hinfii tlult tlm wnr
liinat Iwj pnnKMMitL'd tu n Hiircotftif til coil
rtlnaioii. No ihiIIUmiI iHirty that op
jHWHW'tllf Unltiil Htntua uoviiriiinuut In
ItH oaniwit nttompt to auppniiwi tho In
8uruil(iii in the I'lilIlppluoM will bo
Qilgtnliiod by tbu Ainorionu poople, nnd
1 am aatlallwl that iho Detuocratlc par
ty ennuot U Iwl Into that iittlludo.
Hftnator Morimii.
Thro ltrnnonii Whr It Hunt Itenintn
lit HI tit 1.
"We do not hold tho ratio of 10 to l
to be. like tho Inw of tlm Modoa nnd
i'orafcltia, iitu'haUKt'Hblo. It U noltlior
iHiertiil nor iiHrnal. It Involve no
fiiudainoiital prliiclplo. What wo want
js to okki our inlntH to tho frco anil
iiiklupomlaiit oolniiKe nf Imth Hold nnd
ttjlver at Mouio protflao ratio. Wo bollovu
tie mrlty of tho two iuoIuIk onu bo
Umlatalun) at the ratio wo propoao.
t wnut to try It. Wo want to bKln
wliuro wo left off and determluo by
qi refill nnd Ktiardud oxnorlmoiit
vliotlicr wo nro right or wrong. At
nil erenU, by ospiirlinmit. nnd by ox
Pirliimnt alone, will wo rouoli tho ratio
'it wbleb gold nnd ullvwr dollars can bo
eykiod on oipml torma nnd kept nt imr.
Xw AmerlcKti Hwplo mint aouii deter
ntlHO wbothor tboy will have blmetub
II am or alanilon It. if we nro to liavo
li, wo inuat boKln It. and the dllllculty
cy circulation at tho country, aays Tho
llHyiinct. utio Is the laauo of Hatlmial
Imuk notes, nnd tho other la the roin
nee of Kobl. Tho tint la Hh.cxtfftllneJ?
cltiimiy inothcd, tlw operation of which
dopoudb not flu the iipceaaltlcM of the
bualiieo coniminilty, but on tho piici
of L'nltfd Btatmi bond nnd tho prfti
nble prolU In the bwue of tioti baaml
thoroon. Tho Mcoud line lately furnimi
ed n Hiibatnntlal nddltlou to our atock f
motioy, but In nn unpopular form,
filnco piHiplo do not llko to iim old
money lleelf. cud the laattniico of rmprr
money njcnlimt gold la roatrloted tu
tiulee of lnrxe deiiomltintloua.
Thoae conHldumtlons (lolnt atrnnnly
to tho doalrablllly of ourtrticy IcuiHla'
tlou which will fnrnlnh to tho peuplo
tho kind of monoy thoy ami at tho
tlmo thoy iicod It moat. The prwaiMit
nocretnry of tho trenBiiry would have
tho baiika perforin thla olllco. Hut why
can't tho Kovoriimout perform It uh
wolU Whothor tho bnuka or tho ov
vrmuuiit Ih to control tho national cur
rency Ih one of the Ntprm coutora of the
flnnnclal iiueattoii mid 1m hound to ko
coiittuuo na Innif na tho admlnlatratlon
punwiaeH an addition to tho prlvlleRn
of the national bnuka.
MoKlttlnr I" OliHriiptttiir Jimllop In
tilt Onko of Oaiilnlti Cnrter.
Captain Oberlln M. Cnrtor, United
Btntoa corj'" of onclneorH, wis tried by
a court mnrtlnl mmily a year and n
half no and found fjullty of havhiK do
frntided the Koveriiuiont of uvor 1,
UOO.tXK). Ut wiiH mintcucod to n lino of
$10,000, three yenra' Imprlaonmont nnd
dlHinlKanl from tho nrmy. Thoro wan
not tho MlRlitoHt doubt of bis Rtillt.
IIIh onne waa reviewed by U0 IokhI and
military utllclnlx, mid nil found coiiclu
clvo proof that ho wns n criminal. IIIh
orlinu waa lutlnltoly worao than that
of a common thief or burglar, for bo
appropriated fumlH which bnd boon In
iritNtud to his honor an nu nlllcor. In
apllo of thoao facta, Captain Carter hna
up to tho prodent tlmo rotnluwl It 1m
frecder Ida ixiHltlnu, IiIh avvonl nnd
Ida aulary. Ho bus. boon llvlnc In llix
urlotiH apnrtnienta and aiunndorli)K
payly the monoy whloh nhould havo
lioou apout on tho hnrbor Improve
uieiita of Havutinnb.
Tho blnttio for otmtructlou of Juatlco
can bo trncmt throtiKh tho red tnpo
uinzea of aillclnJdoin up to rrciddoitt
McKlnloy. Hltlior becnuae Cnrter Is
from Ohio or bcomiHo of tho political
Influence of li Ih frlendn McKlnloy bnH
nhown an IndefcnHlhlu di'Hlro to Htthton
or remit hlx Hontcuco. ThU conduct of
the proalileiit muat neceBwirlly havo n
vory Injurloim effect upon tho public
mind. doHtroylng eoiilldonco In the Im
partiality of tho Inw. I'or tho leaner
crime of obtaining; Wl.000 undor fulso
protonsea Iiird William Novlllu In now
Horvluu out u aunteiieo'of flvo yoara In
tho Wormwood Keruba prUon, Him
land. Ho waa n lloutenntit In. tho llrlt
IhIi iirmy, mid Ida father waa one of
tho plllara of tho Tory party, yet he re
ceived prompt puiilahment for Ida
crlino. Why haa there been this long
delay tu Captnln Curtor'a cnae? The
American jxtoplo would llko to know
tho nwret of Mr. McKlnley'a nffectlou
for thin uulformod Bwltullor.-Now
York Journal.
A (lord Tli I a ir Itnllior Tlian n Ilia1
Tli I na:.
ThO innn nt preaetit without akeep
WI19 M list xetiltiR Irald of n few or the
ninn with akeep who la net extending
Ida operation. Inuiwlfylwt IiIn man
nwoinoitt'er rt'dtioliiR It to n aeleutlflu
bnatft la not llrlns up to Ida prlrllepwi,
uiya .1. McfrnlK lu Tho American
Sliooti HrwHler. rroaeeta never were
bottM for ahrep bualtieaa. The general
tendbiioy of publle olioleo In favor of
aweet, Juley imlfltnMo meata la putting
the ihep builneaa on n InxtltiK mid
kolld bnala, 8heep rnliltiR la thought
by ninny to bo n kind of primitive In
duatry milted to poor lamia and utiile
voleped ngtlctitturnl oondltloita. Man;
who rnlM eliccp oh Rood Inuda look on
the in na a aort of comer product or ad
vontltlous (tain that doniamlH no skill
In management nnd llttlo expenditure
of labor nt nny tlmo of the year. It Is
true .thnt alioep will do better than nny
other kind of stock on tho minimum of
onro. Tliey will yield n profit on ordi
nary or oven poor pnaturo nlonc, but
tboy are. ou the other Imnd, moat hum
ceptlblo to generous trwitinent, Threo
hundred Hlut-p to the aqunre nillo on
tho oxiieiialvo nnd highly cultlvnted
lauds of Himlnnd does not look na
though aheep Wore to bo relegated to
poor countries or poor pnaturoa. j'ol
tlier dooa It look as thouah tho taato
for mutton iMdonga to coimtrloa In n
prjmltlvo abite of InCuAtrluilgni or of
Tliore la every onoouragemont for n
proNpeetlvc Mhephenl to atnrt now.
Wool and mutton nro 1k.Ui good and
nro both abort nf tho rcqulremciila of
tho country. There Ih n atroig eom
merclnl lbiMtti4 whloh will nffect la
Iwr. the deuiaiid for Inbor; bunco popu
lation nn I foiHlHtuffH for thnt iopu
Intlon. 1'roaeut prloea nro not Iwem
prices, but nro such uh will enable the
boglmuti; to get a atand of itoek at a
price thnt will mnko It Impoaelblo for
It to die In bin debt.
Hhoepui. ii do not awnd much ohanco
for n boom, ns their aloek multlpllea ao
ruplitly tJiat there cannot bo any long
continued failure of aupply. Thero la
not much room for tho boomster or
(peculator In the Bhuuji' btialnesa. but
there la nlwnyfi plonty of room for the
atondy. consistent and confident man
ngcr who Is looking for nn ndmiunto
nnd witUfactory return for n modenito
Investmuiit of capital nnd euro. Tuo
sheep biiNluesn offers n good thing
rather than n big thing, nnd n good
thing thnt Ih wife.
If you Imvon't boon In the business
before, tn.w n pnrt of your nvnllnblo
cnpllnl nnd begin now. If you hnvo
not bred Hheep before, stnrt iniay nnd
buy ordinary owos, but figure ou Im
proving your owo Hock In tho future
by getting n good ram. Tho grand
principle or hiiccohh Ih. to rnlso each
year youilgstors that aro liettcr than
tholr nn. cstors of tho owo Hock, mid
HiIh Ih must economically douo throunh
tho uso i f auporlor males. If It were
not possl.de tu vnry your llock nccord
lug to tho chnrnetor of the coupling,
thero would bo no Htich thing na aldll
In breeding. Ilnnk on n good alee,
whothur your llock la common dr so
loct. If you hnvo boon breeding before,
you nre noqunlntcd with tho Individ
unls of your llock. You know the at
tentive mothers, tho good tullkors, tlm
heavy shearers. You know tho ones
that breed singles and thoso thnt
bring twins. Finally you kuow which
olios nnawer to the nwpted tyH nnd
to your Ideal. You know the ooarse
henil. tho heavy ear, the cloudy wool
nud tUtrk skin. Hold ou to the ones of
tried breeding ijunlltlos nud thnt con
form to your Idcnl nnd lot the others
go to snmo Iomn ambitious shepherd
who has yet to learn the expensive lea
sous nf old oxperlonco. A hard old
nilstrooa she Is.
Dcxnu ti Vary ror.
A groat many of the Itepubllcnn pa
Yvn after Uio nomination of JJrynu In
1W0 Hiweretl nt lilm bocuuso of bis pov
erty IIUll HTL-Iled from tho furl llmblm
iir nejiuuiug u ia nuftiuwiiiHi ovory I hi;l nut nutaased n fortune that he wos
yr It li delayed." 'nut a lit man to be prealdent of Uio
We roga-et to any that the extract la I United Ktntee. This Hue of nttnek Is
rtnn Mr. Htouo'a amch delivered on jjUU juifalwl In nud reminds ua of
.JlitHaibjiy MfH(tiK. Aug. 111. at llunetou J fttfHfliit ao much ns of the comment of
Si Mr. io baa ovklently forgotten- nn old JCiigUwhiimii who resided -In.
tbt tko ratio of 10 to 1 eaMiiet be Hnrliutfleld. Ills., ou hoHrinir tho raault
ollmlMtel from real blmetHlllmn.
T1-ro aro three rontons why the raU
oHiiHot be oHmluatMl:
1. It la the legal ami long established
'i It lo too ratio of ikMhoUoh en a
Isials of 600 yoara' esperiottfio.
8. Any attempt to ebaago It would
deprrrtato the nreooot full legal tottdV
etan.taitl allror dollar, of wulek there
aro now aosno &KMM0,000 In oxiatottco.
Tbo rewmerotHl ratio la IIH) lenat ltd
Ioriaut of all of tlto auoooil olaitaelea
to miiouotlaatlou of allver. It would
at mice adjust Itaelf to Ute uatural
.and tesjal rattoa In answer to tko In-'
tfexlUo haw of nopply and dowaiHl. To
admit thnt there la a doubt ou tbta
IM.lut la equJvaieHt to deitylHtf tho
-whole (K-itieirde of bltueUlllam. . ,
Ohio riuiriiriii.
Mayor Jo- u rvMilag oh the golden
rule; Naak, liar Hmdmi's tfiNhjajn, Is
running uh himU nips jpjaB It. M-
Leon la mailing on gnod aW
oratlc prtMclplea. It remains
aeon which of flio ra nit Ida tea
isake ike beat lr.ju.n In Olila.
New ek New a.
t lit
of the uathiital coiivoiitlnu of 18W),
"Wbatr' aald he. "Abe J.ltieulii nemb
iiatwl for jireelilMit of the United
Ktntea! Can It lie iioaslbleT A man tbnt
buys a 10 cent beefsteak for Ida brek
faat and earrloa It heme liltaeelft"
Itayonot. 1
. ,
lmpcrlnlUm tlUapurorva.
Tito kMHf forced b tbo. lUpbblioaua
in the Ulgulli MkuMHiri dlstrlotauil iijvuu
wblvh they counted for MHlJis wqatbe,
oxtutnaloti iwlkiy of Prtsldont MeKin
ley. The laaue of Imiwrlallsm ami of
the Philippine war wna elearly (JeHiied
bi tho plaiforin and Mljllaj tit) reoult
lirowii the llilcllty of 'the lleifloerals
to the Mirty progrwuuno It algulllis
nwrolt sbthllleii rteBiilnr, dlsnjiproval
of .the MfKlfif tOlmrulflrnUeira iw(
Ioy.-Ht. ijta lVNl-l)Upatrtr '
( t4.rl
A Hard How lu line.
MlMMHrl IteptiblloHiis who desire to
enltot the nailoRal cgniirMtlon of their
(Htrty In the disheartening work of
MAkioif MlsoMri a IteiHiblteiut stall)
an kavbiytr tffffll (Imo of It m the two
groat pa, r ilea Htfw sfUml mi ike VII til
Imuos at tkst tkiy-8l. IaiuIs llepubllot
Oliolrrn anil llrooit aoira,
James Itlley of Indiana, tho veteran
breeder of Herkshlroa, aays:
"I have had hog cholera In my herd
eight tlmen In SO years, hnvo nnido n
practical study of the d I sen bo nnd hnvo
tried n groat many different remedies.
I hnvo eluuithtercd animals nftor they
hnd recovered, but could mid no trnco
of tho disease I have bred sown after
recover!!' g from tho disease. I'dhluk
sown should not bo bred for nt least
two months after" fully "recovering. At
least 76 per cent of tltc lows proved lo
be breeders that hnd the dlseiiso. It
nffeeteil mature sows lorn than i did
younger one. I regard uhy bog that baa
bad cholera nud tally recovered -na Im-
I muno from further attache. I believe
one of the beat measures for brooders
nnd fanners to ndopt tp stamp ont the
dtseuae Is to breed It out with tin
proper mudlnry management: When
cholera striken n herd, It weets nut the
week oMes llrst. Thuae- tlult hart
giwit constitutional vlgotnro able (9
nwlst 1 hp disease. Sows (bat have re
sisted nud recovered wllj ,1$ stron
gor nud more vigorous plga. We lmvo
'it hows In our Iterd that luive had the,
cholera nud fully recovered, and they
have been Rood tireeder. MjWt Of tbem
have rabved two Utters n joar- for two
years. '.
"Wb baVe oiie sew 7 yenra' "old. Bho
had the ofiolern bally Mx VWrra' ago.
when '1 oldf She fully ryeoVeieil
awl farrowetljoor litters of ten pig
ib nu rnitnxl tliem In two-year,
nhd alia baa raised ixlm llttri each
year alnee nnd uever hnd less than
(utiile plK n a Utter uutll this spring.
Fjlien slip had only tx. Hhe hns-goue
Uhrouglf the Mwfrtit tnUt, hJIico and did
(lot takjilt. Her ptg linro beau very
strong nud vigorous. We have bud
Hovernl vther Jiw that dhl neaHy ns
well. I repar-l aow that has bad the
dleoMso and fully ivrnverod. If It bus
left bf UftaMlir. i veryIftble. 1
fiiffar nniei Itg that bml thefkeauln
Dtnnnrlnl Itpimlrrmenln or Crops,
Reeds nf lrui, dlover. nyr, Hie
The Iliitoh oxpen'ment elation bf
Maasnchusotta has ncjicd some rwy
iiwetloHl c&uelMHsos, us ft result of
oarrful luvrttlaatloli Into tho Indus
trial rofiiilromeniH ,f erops. Among
them nne tho follewjngt
nraes Is similar lu Its requlreninUti
to onts (nitrogen In tho form of urthM
of soda most Itoiiaiklalii tho oh.iretaJ,
are to n eoiiHldernhle Oxlent slmlhit' ffiT
corn 111 their ilepeirtlonco uiwn rmUsitti,
uui are more iieneh -a by phosphoric
aeld than the latter.
Kor use where timothy Is lo bo
grown, a fortlllsor supplying tlie ele
iiihiiW rfi tho following proportions Is
recommended: Nitrogen. 8: phosphoric
aeld, it; potash, U. For manuring Where
clover Is desired: Nitrogen, 2; phos
phoric neld. ti, and potash. 10.
Maximum crops of bay at tnlnlifulm
cost, whethor of grass or clovers,
nro not lo lie looked for from Uift'a'ji
plication of phoaplikte.
Itye shows a more general 'dependf
eneo itpuii applied fertilisers than, tho
other cropn tinder experiment. Tho
difference In Uio dogreo of offoeUve
nrea of Uio olomonts npplled (ultrdgen,
phosphoric add nnd iiotnsli) Is, not
grent. Tho results of extiorlmcnt do ,
not encourage tho belief that one' sided 1
phospimto manuring for rye will bo
most profltnble.
N'ltmgen should bo most prominent
In fertilizers for outs, while" for ryo
Uio fcrtlllier must bo richer In potash.
The experimental work of tho past
few yenra Indicates thnt the continu
ous use of muriate of potash uu.v,.o
far deplete the soil of lime that an oc
casional application of this material
may bo renulred In caso of audi uso.
801110 results Indicate that the nulphato
of potash Is a safer material to use,
where n growth of clover Is denlrcd,
than tho muriate. The high grade sul
phate should bo selected. It costs
about -10 conts por hundred uioro tlinu
the muriate.
Intrri-MInn- Or I err Xoiea,
"It tnktM plenty of mnutiromid water
to make line eelery. Wo manured tho
ground for celery very heavily, nud
When the plants woro about half
grown wo placed n thick muloli of ma
nure between the rowa nnd poured tho
water 011 tho mulch with tho hoso.
The result Is n largo growth, nnd I
think I hnvo doubled the value of tho
crop by tnuk'hlni? nud Irrigating It In
this way. To grow woll lu hot, dry
weather, celery roots need 11 moist,
coot place, and this Is moid onslly pro
vided by mulching with manure. I
havo 20,000 plants on one plot of ono
half mi noro. On this plot 1 havo . punt
about 1100 for manure nnd lubor. Tho
crop Is now iienrly nil ready for tnnr
kot, nnd nn It stnnds I estimate tho
valuo of tho crop at wholesale price to
ty) $100. If wo can retail It nil, I can
double tlilH amount.
"Thoro Is nlwnya considerable loss lu
tnnrkotliig n crop, Many times Avhen
growing 11 crop I have figured on Ha
value at the market price, but nlwnya
when It Is marketed tliero Is a short
age In the cash received for It. Celery
,1s tho most cxpenslro crop I grow mid,
, If It Is well handled, tho most profit
Hblo one. I liavo realized well from It
by packing about two doxou bunches
lu nmnll baskets nud expressing them
to hotels and boarding houses. They
got It fresher so than when buying In
larger iittnutltlos." Bo writes a Now
York truck gardener to tho Ohio
iwu ia niuimn iiph toiiii iiwMMMMaMMiiiiM.--X
r-. 1 1 - 11 ' 1 'y'Ta!iag!?5M
arid Kansas Oity
-'V y mim fron-i K Vm rr Uti Wnrih.
Ask (or Time Onriii anil Maps of YonrNeartil Acnl, of wflle
1). P. nud 1 A.
HI i'fiao, Texas
; J. W. 1IIACK
Hltn'l, l'asa. Agont,
Topokn, Kansas
Uontitirrlnir Ilia II unlock.
It takes u burtleek two yenra to roach
maturity, and If the warfare Is begun
with the llrst appearance of tho plant
It Is likely to be almudoiied before tho
victory Is won tbnt Is, If you uudor
take to spud out the young planbi,
enough will oscapo to lend 0110 to be
lieve thnt thnt method Is not effectual.
If the plants nre cut off early lu tho
second year of their growth, Just na
the blossom stalk Ih uleely formed, tho
plant will soud out lateral seed stalks
that will mature seed. Ami bivnuso
of their low bntucblug It Ih Impossible
to mow them, nnd they aro loft lu their
If tho plant Is luft entirely alono un
til there Is danger of the Intra being
distributed and then cut off clone to
tho ground nud' the stall: dried end
burned, thnt plant will bo conquered,
because irost will overtake li beforo
Itcnn mature suol. If tljbj plp a J
lowed UP. burdoeka enn be eradicated,
as I know frKll pt)erloueo, aaya a
Country (Jenileumu c()rresIiC!,Jut-
A I'rnctlcnl .lulte,
A buslnraa niau from llnlUuion
found himself In n peculiar predlea
'nlont ono day, says the New York
rnpm. Ho visits New York altotit mice
n mouth. He sleejw with his glass eye
In n tuinhlersnnd there a friend round
If one morning. Tlm sight suggested
n practical Joko put tho oyo In Mr. X.'a
overcoat pocket. Done! When the
friend departed, bolug shoi-t of moaoy
for tho moment, ho pawned Ids own
overcoat for $10. lu tho afternoon
there came au urgent telegram to Mr.
X., who had beou unable to Iwivo his
room on account of the missing eyo
nnd whose frnmo of niliid wna nil dis
torted nnd warped. Tlto friend frank
ly confessed:
"Hill, I meant It only as n slraplo
Joko. You will find your eyo In your
overcont pocket." Hut It wna tint thoro.
"It tujist be. because I put It thoro
myself," urged tho Joker. The coat waa
held up by tho tall and shaken.
"Ily thunder) I wonder If I could
hnvo put It lu my own coat"
"Whore's your coat?"
"I've pawned It. I didn't want to
borrow and needed ft fow dollars."
"How milch Is It In for?"
"Ten dollars."
Mr. X. produced $10 nud tho coat wan
rcdeomod. Tho eye wns In the lusldo
pookot. Ho carefully washed It, slip
pod It Into place nnd wnlkod out nftor
12 bourn of solitary cotitlnoineiit.
Hott to ttnU Lemon annee.
Lemon Banco for fish la always n nice
chango and easily prepared na follows:
Put Into n saucepan two ounces of but
ter nnd half the Juice of n good slzod
lemon, with popper mid sntico to tnsto.
Ilcat all together till quite hot nnd
thick, but do not allow It to boll. Ito
movo from tho flro mid ndd the bontou
yolk of ono egg. Servo with carefully
boiled Huh.
How lo Sfnke Simple Chicken I'le.
Cook tho chicken as for a frlcasseo,
removing uoino of tho largo bones.
IJake separately, tho day before, plocos
of puff paste, cut In dlnmoud shnpo
and pricked with fork, mid when
ready to sorvo place these diamonds
on top of the fricassee" nnd sot In ovon
until tho pastry Is heated through.
JUoit to Make Itoaemnrr Waah.
A slmplo decoction of these flowero
In tho proportion of 0110 handful to
one pint of boiling wntcr will mnko n
usoful hair wash. Add half n wine
glassful of rtira and n few drops of
fesemary oIL
"Sir hUua Jluih With lie -.'
O llerier, throunh til Aift 'ill itrttt
To lull Irora ttir rld StUn Ur
Thi mllowtJ trttth ol gletloui w1m
Wbttb my oU BoenU Inr
OUtmi whll.lr with tt (ilhrml tamrt,
Whtthir tlx IIUll ol lumm.r Utt
Th bet ttrtb or Ih purpU gr.
At vlnUr, lo thfthmlo Uti.
Ttt maiX 1 lot It Cut Ulr lime
Winn laud my UUo Luih with btH,
And, dmmlnir, I hr l.iruti twiy
A hi 'twlit thlnloit tycUdMi
ftiril Ccmptill Vjtr In Sfpttmbtr Ctntur.
Ed'dy Lodae Norai. IC of P
Meets every Thursday
ovpnir.Knt 7:M o'clock.
All vlaliors nre welcriiiio
John uolion, u. t;
K. It. & 8.
Pecos Valley & Noiiheastern
Railway Co,
North bound.
Lv. Ptao p pi
Ar. 7i
i.v. a
iso am
South Hound
Ar. Itiosam
I.v. ttoaam
Ar. 7i.vn
OjSS t
SiUa m
Train No, 1 leaves recos. Texas, dally at
JiM p. m., nrrlvlUKftt Cariihort sl7:IJp m ,
InyliiRovernlRtit. leaves Cnrlsbsd at S 20
"in-, arrives ntltoswellntSiW n. in, and
f t AinarllloatPiw p. ni., connecting with
Uio A T. & H. V., nnd tlioft. W. 4 I). Kys.
Train No. J leaves Amsrlllo daily at S.2S a.
m-, arrives at lloiwell nt iili p. m., ruid at
CarlsltS't at 7tti0 p. m laying over hlaht,
reaving OArlsbnilnt 7:0b a. in., arriving at
A?!Hy ' 001,000,106 w,,n t0 T
StsRes lor Lincoln. vrhlteOaks and Nogal
H.'ALi leovo lloiwell dally exeept uandar
at 7100 a. m.
Kor low rnjes. 'r Information reaardlng
tho resources 01 this valley, price ol lands,
oto., addressi
uenoral Mannger,
DON.I). DoNaiiue,
Oonl. Vrt. A I'oss. Agt.
Carlsbad N. M.
ill Faso & NortliBastern
El Paso & Northeastern Railway.
Louvos AlatnoKortlo 3:20 p. 111,
Arrives Kl 1'usu 7:10 p. tn.
Leuvea VA l'aso 10:110 n tn.
Arrives Alatnogordo p. tn.
Making connection at Kl l'aso for
tho vast, west nnd nil points lu Mexico,
Connecting nt Alumoordo with tho
stago llnu for tho
White Oaks Country.
Whlto Oaks, llonlto, Hoaj, Oray,
and Salndo coal Holds.
AIbo connecting with Tuloroso etflgo
lino which loaves Ahunogordo utter
arrlvul of train each day. Leaves
1 ularosa at 10:30 11. ni., Lu Litz nt .2
tn,, making connection with thu south
bound tram,
A. S. Oitimi,
(len Stipt & Tkt & 1'ass Aat
II. Al.liXANDHlt, A. (1. 1'. A. J
MAStONIC Uddy IamIko No, Jl,
SI. A. V. A. M. -Meets In
rcauinr oonimunleatlon nt 7t30
li. m .. iini naiuruny 01 epoli
111111. vuiiiiir urvinrcn in-
h 1. iinnriiTS,
A. N. Iuatt, fiooy. '
: tno
A vitedt attend.
News nud Nutea.
Wheat sown ou or two IncJies In
depth usually gives hotter results than
wheii seeded der, exeeit In a very
dry season, when deepe sowing Is nil
vISHble. AH ft rule, whont sown with a
preaa drill Is batter thau whan sown
with u hoe drill, says Amaiiean Agri
culturist. The potato' should- lie earefully ban'
died In digging and atoflug ao a. Mot
ther to cut or lhtlse lb A brnlae may
net lie so fatal hsIh too ease of fruit,
but It to) havl to decay.
41o iKobablllty of aqwisbea liuil
ntuskmelona Krowlug jieai; tytker b
coming mixed or hybrid Tied by ul'ei
pollination Is luUiiltesltually small, as
they lieletig to dlffsrent youera, the
squash iM-lng a eueurblta nud the
muskmelon a ojieuuils. Orange (Ipnld
I'niiuer inuwlbutiw this opinion oil n
tuueb tnlkeil of question.
Under tho auKcoath. hpdbjg 0f
"nealh (ll the Well" Ohio Farmer ob
Serves: Te stsllstles Of ImuiKIs 'of
btwlth deineniirate that tho umxlmuiu
of stokuosa HUd tho iHhilmuiii of waie
hre oolnelflsnt In Heptemlier or Oelo
ber. Usually 11 low aiage of water rep
rten'.a n aoneoutratod statu uf eun
tawtMttsjfl: Jlouoo lyiAtekl fever out
l0Mks itif rtrP (rNsswIile Blmeai dl.
rrctly to ihe dunking water hmI IU
suL.ie tf sui'pli -Ijniw; the; 14.001
1.0, 0.'K.fiAtt
No. 1 Jl meets every
rrlday evening -1n
Mssgnlc hall. , Vldtlng brotliem In seed
Btsndina cbrdldIVy weleome.
C. li. wniour, N. u.
J So, H. McHwa. Heey.
J3ddy Onmp Woodmen of the WdfleT1
in me cuy nan ipo seeeua una
onen wnni.ii. ,
MeeU I
QIIA8. M. frlll6lIBK. M; D.
11irleln nasi
. OAHAi, :" Mil X it
HetW uciadMr .
fiJtW ai (,(,111,
"-11, .'T ' " ' "" n"
011. wmdiir. M. ll, "
onu tad nHfeM,4m4itaiiB ytt-h
'e. W t
Wing tro'Diy,
(Next toO K. Shop.i ' '
Work Equal to a Steam
ia tefn athe-K& Bxffa ODirc,
All vok OHaraateed BattlMiloH',
on akb irrua oot. 1
t St;lLotiIs & Chicago
TlurottCh SftllU a4 t. WmUi.
A Pnlnoo or) Whools.
8m BMrcil
tUVt sctst
tor Itrttir
E, P. TURNER, O. P. A T. A.,
iiiadc mssns
OOPvpiaHT Ac.
Amwi $tnmng lrh Mid detaiMion tnir
nuwklv aj
InrtMlna U eral
is 1
l'tl.liiai ibnwifb Mimn 4 Uu. rcli
(jkmi naiK, nnouui cnwgt, lu u
ilsjlrlolleonBdwiluL rtuulbookonriilaau
Mil inw. nai cnf ior WHtm wiin.
Scientific mmkw.
1, AVfssss.nsi
euullAn o
Mr ltloltl4 wMklr, lAtMUijtt'
uit JAflrtti lautBjJ. tunil. M

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