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Carlsbad current. (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1899-1907, April 28, 1900, Image 7

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'The "public lehoola clottd yaatorday.
. aeo. McDIIm b rented one of ibo
V-Ilobby ooitoije.
W. a. Hamilton and eon, Won, wort
In town Sunday from Hot well.
Arthur O'Cjolnn has now do'lvery
wagon nnd ll (tutting An loU of stjie.
j nfUy, mi among the, visitor. Men
tiny. The IMdy Drug Co. (iro getting tholf
foaUln In aiiapti for the summer
I. c. SnnWiex camp In this week from
tho irotUi, where he has boon huallitig
.lwil'SClitntoort ha rented the
I'erkln house on Aniueda site and
will noun move In,
A light shower of rain Thursday and
f" yesterday morning bed a ploasaut ef
fect tm Hi weather.
V. L. llftinlllon loft Thumday last
ve.k tar Unolede, Mo., eftc r spending
tin- w Inter her tor lito health.
Misses IniH rind 1Mb Mane return
0. B. Itolt la wSfiortj fKMi geetrlo
et tartan.
J. D. Wnikorl Mo, Robert, it ill
with Uniilltte.
Mr. tod Mr. J.J. ITAgKintn arrived
Satnrdny from b mm.
Horn: Wednesuay. thr THh, to Mr.
nd Mr. ". A. W .u nr, a girl.
The litigation company K having a
new tin roof nuL lII rhelr nflW imlM
.HhIb Illchardson, tho llnewell nl-i.n
V. ('. ItulfT hM tn Appointed cen
sus enumonitor for Ibis aud precinct
no 8.
J H. fooue In nri!orKoi"K repairs In
the hands of Dr. Whidiur ! r ttn In
jured hip.
Mr. ami Mm. I. 8. Crawford .will
leave nxt wttk I' i r'ini i vill', Ind.,
for u visit uf several week
J. P. Matbeson Thnradny received
tho wool clip of JM.'UHrn. Detwmer.
C'lwati and turret, amounting to i-v -erai
thousand pinui Id
Harfleld A CantriJ hnve beeu took
trig some, repair on their bunding,
mode neeoaiiary by the mil Hug of tu
north wall about aix Inches.
Mr. and Mm. (If-U returned homo
Sunday trum an eastern trip. Tin y
also attended the tirlgatioii cnngreas
at Ui.uitoD, Mr. U wt. being a dele-
Do you Mltfud churchV Anyway,
you mm Invited U attend Itapiixl
church verehip Sunday. MormriR
theme, "A secret uf a Happy Life,"
evening, "The Mle l n Hero."
A dttttl wax closed thla week through
W.c. Iteiff wutusoy I . A. Basil dis
poned u( u well M miles northeast of
town tn .Ino lluiton tor l,ouo. Mr.
Ilurton tins iru hero for several
moi. lis tHRiug in the condition and
will utigugu iu tl, i One monk ouelrie
He wiit illv "ii tl land on which Mm
wt!i u locnU'il and will alio iaf lh
mc!ioii of tch.'u. laud adjoining
1 iiu wf kiijwu i4W Mnn of Kreriuiti
A Cauii-ruii of I Armhad will ahorly it
Diovc H.i lr library and oilico ftiruiturp
from Sciiorro to ft mvHI and oh an
nfllco iK'rc. t'li. i iiifiiibiT til the liriu
will bi- lure nea.. nil ot th time to
look tttu r their qtowlutf buatneaa. 'I'he
ilrm iK one oi the int prominent in
tli'i vttrrllnry mid !a a largo olionlRge.
.ludgo KreuniHii. tin- neulor meiubor of
the rtrtn, will probntity romatn hero
nioMt ol the linio. Uoaweli guitr.
Mr. huogiry who waa u vlaltor thla
wutk. tell ooiMUiiiig nboul how
Ituawml h opto iront the lower vnliuy.
At Itonwtdl ho who ilifortiiud ilmi
(4trNlmd and tii lotror valley weru
, ...i. n.ii.4 )
Wv. c nrry tlu: finrst lino
f porfuiiiOK nuiih
llnvr jiixl rncivotl nn
c levant now lim ol t hi
Intent otioir and t uti
llottHe overy liiMff.
ed to ILiim Tueoday. Rfter vudtlng
Mr. M. 0. Stewart a week.
L 0. Kyan will leave Monday for
Clifton, Aria., whre h will open a
oyclxry, provided liuilneai JnatlOes.
.1. K. I.averty hut liowi linprortng
tho Interior ot hla store by the addl
Hon of nw fruit bina, shelving, ato.
Jack I'owden nnd Tom 1, of MM
lnnil, pacsod through Tuesday nn-routo
lioine trmn the tnlUlnrv Institute, at
I'runk llrook spent !atulHy night
lu town from Kosweli, where is en
uIovihI In the nvneral cflhups ol tho
0 - v.
Mniitiw Vela, imi'hf. of .l"i 'tla
illed Thuradav. the IMtli. aved H0culy
live years Hint was laid tw rest yes
terday afternoon.
,1. M. Hess liuslpiirohasod ileorite M
reiidlfl'-n's interesi In Mi" livery
talilH l.ir nu bK and will c ndort the
biisini'He i.ngl handed in tln future
lr. A. M. King, of San Anelo, Tex'
itcfMiinuaulfd by nurvnla an! two fam-
iik'S p.uiefd tlirougb town Tueda),
i. ruiitu to Unsr idl, in wajT'ti.
II. 1). Itowkcr and Miss Mury IngnlU,
or wiihiu. Kansas, wore marrtwl
Thiirfdity at the resldenoo ot Arthur
iridium, .fiidgx Itoberts otflciRMn?.
, M. l'nrilue lnit his 'X4M'," Um
fiiiuoiiH Hour, lulverlised In this istue.
it In just Kim ! claimed fot it nnd a
trlul Mill convince the moat ski-p' leal .
Itov. ami Mrs. Wright depuru-d
WudiieMday for ' ir home In Kaiisns
ulter sprndiug l..t winter huif for Mrs.
Wrltflit' health. vih"ug their daugh
thor, .' K. II (Innibli.
Th'i Is no KciiKi- iu sending away
for goods, if you euu buy tlit.ni just u
cheap nl liotnt.. This you ran do, mid
if yon will rend llendriok's advirtlxn
nii'iit-fiii'li week ou will llnd this
itnti'iiK iii to Im true
IV ipie wlio are m t "routed lu thi'Myn
tfin ttir Htudy f the Inbln will lluda
vi-ry in iK'lU'lal iii-otlng at the Metho
ds .hurcli oviry Friday fvenlng
Along thin line HMiial program are
pri'imied and tlione who have attended
have Ihwu greatly lionelltted.
Mm. J. I.. Lavertyund Tout louden
rwt'iM d Him and news Monday after
noon ot the death of their mother. Mm.
(i I (I iwdon. at Midland, Texan, at
Iitmii iIIiim of wvoml weeks. Mrs.
J.uterly .md Mr. wden and wife nnd
I.ph Hell left I uet.dny morning to at.
tend the funeral.
Mr a nd Mr W . C mitlu Ininut
bahy 1 1 loil liiht Saturd iy nftHrnoun nud
win tinned Sunday by Father A I bone.
Thl" makes the second child they have
lout in two weeks, tin' other, a little
girl o two years, died April 7. ut two
wtiKri prof Inns.
If. A. VYuluxof Harper Uilhwpie (V
l ev wife and three tliUJron and J. It.
Jt I' tirubild of JohcKiii City, iHldo
I'd, lx. wile and one child nnd .1. 0.
WIIh.iii and wife and one child ot
I'ltct ii I).. lit Co. Tex. passed
thi'iu-h We lniMjK) In covered waguii
ioiiikI for Sliver City this territory.
Tin y !i ft lUrf.i-r Tex. Apr. V and have
tlmn uiiu m ule cxi'eitlonaily good
Mr eajr reiurnwl Wednesday from
C'lpltati, wit. ii lie 'urn been for sever
al mouths 'u-'t He -iy there m no
liillldtllg or o 'I Hnlil iVi'Uien' of lint.-
going tiu thn, ilmugh the tnlntf.tr j
rauip u mil l M.mt front' the town
coin luueii In' improved by the addl )
tioii 4 (rami ImildlugN for tin n.iuen.
AH4hiii.iiiii". in sunt roiled by the
ciiipauy and the two nr three private
biorie now there are losing money.
Mr. and Mr. Handle, living in the
old tretitout houMf loco Utuir little
girl iiotu pueiiiuouia at t Ji. in last
Friday. Mr. Handle waa In ( have
eouiity with his sheep and ttfl i r bend,
lug telegrams to both lloowill aud
ilageriiian.aineasoagor Has dlspaUli
ni to nnd htm, which waa aoeodiillsli
ed Sunday afternoon, Mr. Haudle
rowing dnwn Mondsy morning. The
toit' wa kept on ini until the aril
yai of tbe IhM.i r, Hlit ti it was luid I"
rest, IttiV, t'.lli i. eouduelili.'! fuuem'
evi Vici k.
c Kxnmint' our t o k ?
I wIipii yim iiiy in next ;
timu. )
Drug Co.
The Colorado p.ipullstM met at. Flor
ence, Wndoeeday, and elected rielegaten
tolhe national eonvontinu. endormng
Ool. Hryan as thwlr choioo for prel
The pnpullaU of Kansa alxo in
niruc'ad thotr delegates to vote n
fur Hryan.
batK nuinbeuj hot nothing eon Id bo
gt'iwu hero and botol aocoimnodatlnim
wore ( Imply awful. In fact the Itos
well liar Mprenn It ou no thick that
it woiil.ii.'t stick; Mr. Langiey
thought t hero v. as a "bug under the
chip" anil cuim down to luveatlgwte,
the rixiill boi'itf favursblo to that
gentleman, (or lie ill return nhortiy
Jo locale permauently. It Is time lor
the people ot L ri 'had to retaliate by
refiiHlug to pnrMolpato In tho trl-ooun-v
lair whh h tl Itoswell Ham ar try
ing to pull olf In order to iionin their
town. Alt . the wny KohWell lias
haw tried to throw cold water ou thla
town aud volley, any IMdy county
Cltlfeu Who would assist In the propoa
oil fair l certaluiy "soft" under tho
('. II Kddy has resigned as preol.
dont of the HI I aso and Northeastern,
He will give lit time and ttteralon to
other Important uittterr.
I ii m ciosinif mil hiiiaII
hikuh in lutlit'H lioett
and off r yon vht(!8 iu
ihcw s'ioch, Num. 2 ttiiu
21. Conif t'Ht ly.
Ragtilar $ 1 50 to
$3.00 values
Now ifoinir ut
75g and iil.OO
Jii thtv
in lliu
Malaga Horn.
Mr. A. 0 Packard, the est rt friid
tn triuniiet Ik vlMting the Malag
uelghhorhood Mr. f'arte from Carlsbad vinteii Mi
A Hnltraoyer the operator a Malaga
last Haturday.
Mr. Hert Huwker In vinltlng fur!-,
bad. Madam Humor says ho will
brlog a "cook" back with him
Mr. 81 Utsery's now houn hi flninli
ed and ho lias moved In.
Mr. 3ntutr and Mr. Johnson left
for Toyab yoelorday morn log. II iv
lug boon engaged n building Mr. 1';.
serf's housfa.
Dr. A.M. ICIng, also Id mother, sis
tor nnd two brothers, passed through
Malaga yesterday, on their way to
Umtvetl. Ho traveling overlmd
for hla brother's health, who bar luug
Mrs. Hakes and daughter Misa.iuan
ita visited CarlNbad yesterday.
Mm. I,. V I long and Mrs. Will Han
nelley are on the lck ibt this week.
Miss Annie Ward in down from
Carlsbad visiting relatives.
Hay Dlshman is working at'thc font
hlllri for I veu Thurniaii.
Mr Ford Coat leturned from lli'
Springs, lexas, last neuueMhry auu n
now 111 the uiountmiis.
Mrs. John lHumwny and clulilren
aud Miss Kdlo numii from Florence
were down vtaitlng friends at Malaga,
A. M. Hall eam - down to Malaga to
day from Hone to look nfUr hm cattle.
It. N. Oroeket, n goat man, nnd
family, from Tosa have limited on
IboUotowaruooiith of Malaga.
Thoro are tin proapeoit fur fruit tin
year at jlaiajcu.
1C M. SkoaU deparlod Monday 'or
JCl I'aso.
J. A (UHDoro'w.is In town yeotor
day, roturnlnic to Hoowolt front Honor
ro. Urlnk Irutt Brow, n IfWtlthy drink, at
RMWoll Items,
Peaw IbeRMSfter
Traak lltootn Oi writ kaown eMMe
maa avileod kerf on Thnrniray ot lent
week. Uesay ih Rinm Cattle Co.,
will saako tlw aoal ipfing MHsnt of
stoots If Mtalatis.
Shetnt tttfali." 1 i rrltbd and
broagbt booh Kttnnnott nt I'Penek. lbs
to roNfrau nntii I'oMales for
imrn ettatg uml other mls-dwod.
tf re taftsn lo l'ottil bj Uepr.ly
Hnrrld IftoMt.
i. tl. yNv an t h K - .Ten who wsut
ot with Chief KiiijIiiH.f . well on the
nilrosd survey ftu n Hiwweli Hi Rl Puna,
m ie Maedii; f r on ihemp at tidflr
l-.fce, 0 mil" 'imiiiwiai of lets plase.
Mr. 1 ihjr tap t !- ubi ot Mnjr 1
tor His noM At L-vnwurih. Mr.
Harm 4s aflerti.t! wiiu riieamattsm.
E. H Wut(ait' lrt U.t week for i Kspei
'Ut, TiiMOessee, wnnri) b U vUltlag lilt
j fntliir, eve. IU ;uur hu m likel to bare
u nooiit to a inrnioal operation (or tbe
ampotatoM ot u- of bit hands, a wart
whteh ttoobled ' l-o for reara bavlog
dvf lopog tat ' i ''infer,
w. M. AkMr.i.i irnaagur of the Milue
L lieab Lokd A ittl e..iue nuf, detlver -nl
no Mooter to Hertford ball uolves to
Wilt Metooooi lf Merehant and Parti
laori, ifhosh wetn hlpa i osrMtod
to hi, pat oa I ' rung of the Utter frtn
imi of the li.'!ii ilur in Pit eouoty
kad lOhesd o !,) for ikl Ures.,
whloh wre ahlfped to Porialu and taken
tram theisto Lmi Bn.., Tirr BUnea
laaah. The par tiaers were i-ieedlag
It wilt i'lp-id mn) oald they were tbe
flti ni i In' y hi 1 fM n'ti tatued opoii tbe
u 'oii the tullriMi.l nrvj w being land"
from Hihiwi-II to 1- I'imu, a Jlnmnoe of
nbPB! 17a i:iiU, I'uMiderable talk I
ti"nt from nil uK Ktmat Worli begin
inn t ioi Hi. p iiintrnettoii of the
ton.l. 'Ih in i r rdtifi'jt be tripit to
y rcllilitu -ourni. No Inforinaticn
tlifttsvir rait I . iihminid from 'tlm lool
ifflttt. or i in. V. d- N K rnllwuy, tm!
ihu run, or l tnont ! iteot etid mu.uk
to I,., ii ulri'i ir i .i-i i. i in Purllu tai,fiitr
ihn unoit U'w 'Mi- li. etpaetkd coon.
If tlm rcinj li. Kl I'mo linll tm nwimiw.
Iml ."t I' wlli liml viijr mnpti n th'.ngh
ti I nlk lni t ill Cut in. Hntiln K "ii
Irolidit Mn. r V iS.V Wk ell honh."
Th luitir, lif,'u.,.' n! ii poMlbUltle la
(Hinnioii nlth tli inttoti to III I'aso,
it ntttaullng noimUrruliU atleattoi) and
with the eiteutlot, oouu-UIihI. will besom
no impnrtsnt hnp, hih! will do RoewU
nnd the pountt; trlliii'ttr to Ibetowoa an
Imnieiite umomit of kooa.
Tills Special ITiffh Pfttont Flour
t maoetmn-No t Pure Hard Wiiret li ban an'
manaiaptureit etpeelelly ioi nmkieii umit ttene In
dour make the lUlnwine unarstfoo lor uiae
Al alelil. 'iilj nunri ..( , iii I lb i add hip
lableopnuatul ol mil, one of mnr.ir una afte tnepiii
mi of "X-TC" niun nilv lh.r..tinlily When ihl
iii lakewarwi add rnat mni ret u to rnwover niabt
in the taeralna add -nouirti "X r-r" near inmnki.
esorrdWNrh He rsretui n.o to int too much
Oenr, aslinnt hcet llum RiiKurbrnnoni water thin
fit h-nt e mihI di"-k not rwtUIW ml nmrli
bnpwdlnx. niit)r onimrit aiaVi- the nuuali
mooth nnd Cii Tbn Im II rikp mtll HkIii.
alter which kin it lutn Iimitim una in' tnto hakliiM
pausand leevr it in np ngnlu until Hgbt-iwirx
tbeorltlnal Milk ami msc Ik, not hi thf
oven loo ho; nn hint mml tx. maintain !
bttt not PtlO'lHh ., iiurn thehandi when plaCill in
the oven IWtkP mi hour
Ki.li Itiatnictlnni i-nivfutly and th nun will iw h nig wiuii.
fluBy loaf n ihlaa of iwaut)-totbp l yp ami me finest beeuil v ver
a a
- SAUK clHtV av-
The Hew Era Milling Company,
J. M PARDUE, Agent,
Gtrlfbiid, New Mexico.
Tliew bIuh
vci' ofTrrt-tl
EHIott MAim
Oils Ohaorwtlonii.
This seems td lit a ufutitbr year for
the OU district, nearly overy acre in
cultivation, early planted corn a good
ataud, there will be more corn plauted
than in auy yoar of tho past th e
plenty or surf hum being plauted for
winter It "d for etock, about tbroo hun
dred aorei. of alfalfa has boon sowed
and s"te a number of tho farmers
bavo llnegardctu.
Tho tHla poaeb crop is lmmen.
each pe.K'U luis been counted, weighed
and duly esttaMtod, aud at Girding lu
the Argun method there will bo U,U
list pouinU. N . 11. This don t include
wind falls.
Flatting it. good .
A good rain would make tbe lit In
stock meu hafpy.
Ibo farmers of the r S. hafu
brought tho bar bod wire trust to terms,
the iriintk put tho price, of wins up
high that tpo fsrnirr ouii bnyiur
La.' k iti 'nikt I ,! tin n
. Hi tt '.' ' 1 "ll I ' l 'l ll Of Mil.'
't "uiji dollui t " '"' t.' 'th
o ! I ihwr iio pin ptixluio
( McKiutoy warn ft war haro for run
luing unite. What's the nul'ir e-'ttt
0 m It. ; o, .
Atatmter (liiabx ialks.
Mr. Ooefv ho returned oarlv this
wk f.oui Hi mu ting of lb? Trntm
Mhsu i i Ciiiigiimr at Ho US ton, wus
ehi Hi u vite chairman of tho executive
euntiutilee by that body, which is
quiti' 'in Important office. Tbe Hetec
Hon of Mi fioetr Is appreciated by
FJdyc unity an I tho Pecos Valley
g tuo.iily UN iii:iu a compliment to
thl i ne ''.in.
A i iiiir' i ri'i'i'ni'iitntive hat .in
imers le Willi Mr (loelx, thin week,
in which the loliuwlug tiewk was
uh 'el
"U hii' .ilmiit the iiportel move of
the f.u-l .ry '
N. I'.ing could b- more abkurd. No
oi, .t o uti cfcli'ddcr of the factory
h:u evi t tiitlmated that there wa-. a
thought oi itirving tlio factory to any
iioim, iiiiii h ii-hi lioswell, wbere tho
laud snueptatiie of irilgatlnu Is all in
the iiuniis of 'urge cattle syndicates,
making it. then for , a moot undealr
alile i -i' it ion for anv faotorv or mill
ieiuiring labor, for stookiaon will not
,'mi li-eU.
How many acre i of land does the
Ht Migar company own Contiguous
to ( urUliadf"
S e h ive IJkl acres. Wo ahnre-
I'lil" the ueeesKtty of plactog theie
lanilfi in t'oou t liable sltae for gruw
ing Uteit Ttie ownera of ihe factory
have eulhtirtaed toe to pat the whole
ul thfisii lands into alfalfa, winoh wbcu
grown, will bo plowed In to fertilize
tho land and Insure a larger yield of
-Ho ou think, Mr (inetx, that the
factory cuild havo lateu located ut any
olhar point in tho l uitedMan where
It could possibly bare done bettor than
in CerHmdr
A' tor bind conditions and amount
of .at Marine mailer in tho beet, I
would - i) no bettor point could be
iiniiKl. nut we might have located
where i here were more farmer end
euuM.;uenlly have, xecurad a large i
ti'iuiH' of beets and for the tlrat few
8enr ungtit haue made a gioater pro
t; and it is therefore our lutoutlon
t ci lo'il" these lands so 4 ' am tiler
acrcuit" r lMela may tie allnttod m tho
liidividn.il larnter "
oii ii- i to have tm le consider
aiiU in i-r oTeuienn in the sugir fac
lory nud ire etlil working in this liP.
Have -oi about computed this work?''
"i .-- we Intend t put the ntit' In
lit-1 el .v. c.ud'itioo and then lu it by
..r Ihi 1'iipelgll ot IWU. .it Which
lime in xpVrt tu have sulb' tent tut-tin-i
i raise boeU to give iu a f nil
i nu
At" it whet amount baVM yau tx
peodi d ilnrlug the paat twocampaigus V
W i i iv e added about WJMi worth
. i i . - . j'i.I loiw hae 'ho far
.i . : i nuprt di 9 ui y it ih
i i.ii , 1 1 i u.ti i! .
I " r -in;' .ii) uili only have
, i at in ted aoorajo of heslo Uua
year, and It was tabled to put moat
of kugtir I ind into alfalfa fo' fi rt.
tall. At the proper time tin- alful:;
will be plowed under to improve the ,
tilth of the soil tor beets. In the;
meantime, under Superintendent
Wnodall the factory will l- put lu j
first daw running condition. '
"I have accnrapliHhcd g ' "1 work '
with various oat. tern UH.n ganN adver .
tiling the I'ecos Valley nad seeurlug I
home sveekers excursion rates.
Everything I.i now fovontble for a
large imtnlgrntion to thla section In
the fall,
"I have put lu some lime on the
matter of establishing it largo, first
elass sanitarium In Cartobad but?ll will
be necessary lu order to work out the
details of onr plan to make another
trip to the oast later in the year. It
takes time to put a deal like tills
through, 1 may he absent two or three
months. Hut you can say the sanitar
ium is surely coralngnd soon.
Mr. (loetr. says thnt he feels much
encouraged In his work here ly his
trip, and Is coniident that an em of
unusual prosperity will soou dawn for
tbe entile 1'ceim Valley
Thelmu.-t ami senate at WuHnvlnn
have pesieil the hill opening Ihe Mava
jo reervtiiinn in New Mexico to mineral
ontT). The lutiiin tho openo! ate verj
rlph in mlnerain, eipcrtally rper. Main
purkoiii f rum Colorado am inui'Stcd in
Ihe newly "I'cneil lands Itnth honm
agreod to ''onfi'teucc for the ahjantment
of acltlers' clalma ou the reservation anil
to permit mining uorth of the thlrtr-klxth
drgrooot latitude and weal of ihv lllth
degriHi of loiik'tlude. An i (Tort was msile
Friday to have the bill engrusacl sad pre
seateilto I'rosiduot McKiuley tor signa
ture before hi departaro, hut without
aaeosss, and Ihe formal oinuig of the re
servallon will thoref no he iKU; M several
weeks. A big rush "f wining will proba
bly bdilow the turning of Uiu lull.
I'n-li milk cow fur 'ah ut llj,idalo
ranch ea t df Otis.
II. F V osper war "tu thin atenrug
to Hi I j-by Or U lii tun to u idergo
nn operation. J
liemei'iiier. K"ini 4 Woornor keep
t he celebrated lloek I!.." alwnya on
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