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Local News.
11. W. Newton cflmo down from llos
well, Sunday.
W. M. Hen. or J'l. Davis, Tt- was
Jioro Thursday.
, I. L. WeblK-r, of HI Paso, wns ninoiiff
flip visitor Thursday.
A line rnlii fell Mnndoy evening
ilxyit tlx o'clock. It wns n soaker.
jCroxIer & Hobo sold tlio Dick Da
lilncv 4o Let' Ciok for (MMI TnMn)',
Owing to the absence of the pastor,
JVJ eevlei nt llnptjst church to
morrow. Mnv JJ, A. Nymeyer has Ist'it very
ill tho i;tMt week mid tuulvr tin euro of
it jihys.lcjmi,
i Will Thomas, n printer employed on
f V K'UU' foy sorue tjmi', left Tuesday
f..i- 1t.wu-..ll
.fllitpejrccii and wjfo left Saturday
Jo iiHeipled ht Lhteolli lliljdlsl Auto
Wutlnn at Angus,
,1nke Hnbcrtsnii Ik In Hoswull now
and will hold down u job lit that city
for tltiir nt leimt.
P. W. Mcrchuiit catno In TllPIi"
from Abilene and litis been looking af
ter IiIh cattle interests here.
.lepp (Hover Is taking n lay olf while
Ids engine Ih In the shops for repairs
nnd Ih looking after his lays.
C'rozlcr & Hobo sold the TaiiHlll cot
Iflirn mi frttiAfi u(nmi! lt ftua f fiiiiipcnti
Thursday; consideration, tflAX).
.1. P. Turner, of West Point, (In., ar
rived lust week and has accepted a
noiltloii with J, J, ,ivvvrty In tlio
W. 8. llooue, a photographer who
RlK'itt several dayH In town, departed
Thursdny for Honnokvv Vm ' Itff old
Dnve TlioinitK wns Mi town -Tuesday
from Midland, Incomplete (lie mile of
IiIh La JIuerta projicrty to Uuek Sto
bnugh. W. W, Jones of Del UhiTirx. a friend
jt (hit. Harrow U here prospecting
wltli u, view of hwaAlwj In business
In Carlsbad.
Pat Murray has movvd bW harness
shop to the Mutter building next door
to Crozler'ri where he has lltted things
till In good shape.
S. L. Mills was In town Thnrudny and
yesterday from Hoik- and reports plen
ty of ralu In that section, and gniss Is
tlio lliiest In years.
Tom Vest bought his brother Ab's
UiU'Ctat Ijj. tlivlr hunch, of eattle, Mon
day. The deal culled Toe ulwut 1,500.
Success to yuu, Tom.
Johnnie llurvcv U getting stylish and
one day lust week covered his upper
Hp with cream, called In it cat and had
his mustache mowed.
The walls of the Purdue building are
-iicurlug completion. The building will
Tk one of the prettiest In town and will
bo it model store building.
W, A. Klnlay and family arrived
Thursday from HoHwell with their
household goods mid aiv tuovliig Into
the WnHkcfcUoufeo rvrmtlv purchased
by Mr. 1
II, M. Sueed of th- Hollas News, was
lutouiU.Tumlay la k lug orders for the
Century cyclopedia, lie succeeded
admirably, considering that the book
auction store was not closed.
j'ror. ! ry, or t cauicrroni, who was
elected principal of the Carlsbad school
this term, has decided he don't want
the oh, coiiHcipii'Utly the school board
must look elsewhere for it principal.
W. V. Datighctlty and S. T. Hitting
purchased 2,81 1 mixed sheep from (Ico
uuil Crevd J.arrlmoiv&iid W. V. It III
yer las Satunluy at tf2.(m this Is con
sidered the best bargain made In sheop
Ilev. Crooks, geuvroi mfssloiiary of
he liaptlst chtitvh, came In Ttuiidny
from Denver mid left Thursday for the
Lincoln County lliiptlst association
meeting at Angus, accomKiuled by
Uuv. Powell, who went by siH-clal io
ipiest ot the home mhtsUtiuuy oci-ty.
A ttaek WHsmi n-celvwl it letter from
, . i... , . .. it .i i.
inn. .Miiauii' who uu in ubkimii,
wish iii wnieii lie stated his wire was
lu my bad UAlth aul was In the hint
pltal, thw dtK'ton clukulng she would
uotllve. Mr. Miracle wants to come
li'iok to CurUbnd and says he, may Im
xpectHl any lime.
11. T. lllglnbothiiui.of Kl Paso, uas
cfrciUatlug uboul town yestnday draft -lug
a map of the bushiest! portion for
the Insurance companies. The limp
will Ik made by tho Baiiboni'Wfft
Mnp Co of New York, and when lytho-
Suphwl, copies will be scut to tvh
iniiany doing business in CarlWB'd.
J. V. Mttthesou Is still buying wool,
llnrlug scciin-d a imrtloii of the Craw
ford clip, about l&IXX) pound, (Ids
-week. Mr. Crawford hud tlin wind
etored In his big bant but concluded
lids was about the lime to sell, receiv
ing 1 1 cents. Mr. Mulhcsoii also bought
the Mcduln clip of HUXXI iHiumU nnd
U.71XI iHiiiuds from the Lincoln Trading
HijV. The sooiirlng plant sJilppil IfiiXX)
JIIHford. Conn. The tclRrliiz rnill
fl-fll Now) about the first of Spieifrttr
unit renmli' shut down until after tli
fall clip conies lu.
Typhojd fever It rAglng In lloswt ll.
Sheriff Illgglui, of Honwcll, fM lu
town n few days this week on buslurim.
Joo James will put n force of men to
work next week tenrlng down Ids drift
fence u tlipphtliiN.
W. II, WIlRoti ofOtln tins tho thanks
of thn Ct'iiiiitNT fomi for a basket of
cxiiiIhIIo frrestoncH largo and luolous.
L. H. Mcdidnn muVDtl the family
down from lligetmr.i mid are occupy
lug the Kkwits home on (Ireene
Mrs Whleher, mother of Dr. Whlcher
left Saturday l.wt for it visit In May
vllle. N. ' tho former home of the
(Icnrgfl I J Inks and Thco. Kerr went
up to Hereford to awlst the railway
base ball (turn phty the Herefonls.
Theoilore pllchtid nnd Illcks held thlril
lwe. TIik game rwiullHl lu n scoro of
wven to six fur the railroaders and was
plnyiM Tuesday.
Iv,. I. (Hover rert'lvwl a letter this
Week from ('has, (HIlou who In now lu
(lold Hill, Alaska, and has a fine claim.
Clmrley cleared tt'io.txx) Inst wnson and
expects to take Out ft,(KX) In gold (IiIh
season, Mr. (Illlon will Im tvmumbcrt-d
as tlicinr irfpnlrer In Carlsbnd for two
or three yours and who left lu IH) for
Ciillforiiln, "Loiig'Molinton liaUo lu
(lold IIIH,
1". (I. Trnoy recelvwl it lutter this
week from A. W. I'Msk. nmiuigtir of Hie
Kur. I'rult Co Kansas olty, III Which
he stated that Mr. 'J'niuy'ri llrst car of
ju-nolies were the lines! he hnd seen lu
thirty year's experience. The thlnl oar
reached Chicago last night and will bo
on today's market. Mr. Tracy's fourth
car will be shlpitcd tomorrow. Pecos
valley fruit lends lu every market
where It Is shipiK'd and Is nttrnutiug
considerable attention.
A meeting of the hokirtlfitlkwitl was
htild Saturday afternoon and amofig
other buslueiM tranwicted another hint
dreil dollars was paid on the building
milking tfiXX) pajd. leaving a baleuce of
ewxidue. I'tniutclnlly the hospital l
lu gol condition mid far ahead of
what was expected. The building Is a
large one nnd siilllclcut to meet all de
mands likely to be made on It. Mrs.
Hutchinson, the matron keeps every
thing nent and clean, nnd lu every way
the bospitut U a blessing well na a
convenience. People should show moro
luterrst lu it hospital and If they cnu
do nothing more should visit the place
nnd Inspect it nnd see what is being
The orchard of Mnynard Sharpe lu
Ln Huerta Is a sigh worth going miles
to see. Tho orchard consists of 2,MX)
trees, nil kinds and varieties being
planted together, or mixed, a pencil,
then a pear, or cherry, apple or plum
tree, so that one will fertilise the others.
livery tree wa In bearing this ar,
and with the exception of tho early
varieties, are h mi fed to their utmost
rapacity, though eight to ten people
have been busy the past mouth picking
packing and shipping, and Mr. siiarpe
Is now shinning out a hundred boxes'
each day besides supplying a large
trade lu town. The pettehes are the
largest and lluest lu the valley mid
wherever shipped are crowding out the
siiuillcr vaiu'tlcs. Inside bringing top
prices, 1.0U to e?l it) jKT box of eigh
teen to twenty pounds' The trm are
so heavily loaded that the branches
are resting on the ground and muiiy of
the llinlm broken by the heavy weight.
Mr. Shnrpo Is undoubtedly the high
chief among fruit growera In the Peei
valley and this year Is Vcupliig .a rich
Tho Kngllsh Photo Co. has opened a
gallery over tho bunk and will, tor ten
days, make ten photos for III cenls
U'u make photo bullous of all kinds.
Quit and sec our work.
J Ihmnuwl, Pi
f. W. Cdn, Tit. I'm,
A J. CnatM, Culrftf.
The First National Bank of Carlsbad,
Authorized Capital, - $50,000
PnldtipCnpltnl&SiirplitA .11,250
IiMJhI BHftiiMM; tl Uil UnlWri )t9.l0
1-8. f.H Trwjr. P.
J. Vnt.4, H.J. IUmmwM.
1 11X1 te I
&lia lto3', I
I Lama. ii. 0, t). B. I
I ThM trioa tro of good Q
I JuaUrttl and workrtian
aitlp. U)ln rtrulrW RAd I
f4 show, tut oiibootttof
otzvl m olostMg Cham oat u
& ! $2 tO $2.50 ; I
1 E. Hendricks. I
Ten photui l() cents, ItugtlMh Photo
Co., over First National Ihuik.
The city dads will probably nucl lu
their new homo next mouth, whore
otorythlug will lie lilted up hi elegant
style for the city duds and lire depart,
incut boys.
Several people who make n business
of entclilug Dsli and selling them are
liable to get into trouble. The law is
very plain on this and should be en
forced lu order to protect tho llsh.
T. .1. Welch one of our best citizens,
who traded his Pecos valley home for
.Missouri pnerty last spring, returned
to the city yesterday, upon being In
terrogated by the CfiiliiiNT as to
whether he preferred Missouri to the
Pecos valley he rcnlled: Well. I omul
say this part of the valley Is ImpoMlblc
to neni nmi is far abend of Missouri to
my notion." When Mr. Welch left, the
CnuiHNT predicted he would return
before n year, but did not exiu-ct to see
him to booh. It Is needless to. say that
the return of no acceptable a cltlxen as
. ...... . .......
ir. hcicii win no mined wmi pleasure
by his aciiialutauces.'C Mr. (V-T. Cole
man, of Went Plains, Mo., aeoomimiilcd
Mr. Welch hereon this trip. ;Mr. Welch
will refnni to West Plains where he
expects to close nut Ids property In
tereats mid return to this vnlley. He
say however Hint he could nut iie In
duced to locale nt the northern end of
the valley because of the cold lu winter
mid danger of late spring frosts.
Missionary Rally.
Next Sunday night at the Mctho'
dd ebttrali titan- will l a rulaaieiuiry
rally, a millnhle program has been fire
imrwl. Ail lira cordially Invited.
.1. It. Sawtlew.
The only (Ire of eonuenre that
has ocoumltii Alamogurdo since the
huriiliig of tho i:i Paso (t Northeastern
railway company's depot building on
September 30. IMW, took place Welui
day night, when the frame building of
A. W. Median a Co. furniture denlero,
with their stock, nnd several entail
hiilldluga used fur ivnrelioiuHH were al
most totally dentrtiyod by lire, resulting
In the loss of about ontX), on which
they have Insurance to the amount of
jl,(XX), A lautogiinlo News, A ug. 2.
Homes for Sale.
M head of stock horses; call 011 (lute
wood & Ilntemnu.
(lot your eyes titled scleiitlilcntly by
Dr. A. Ltfvoy at the Peoou Valley Plinr
mnoy. Something In the shape of a building
boom Is about to strike Carlsbad.
Several people are tlgurliig 011 building
residences In the near future. This is
rather stmnue. too. for there arc a mini-
rW for mile nt about half llrst cost.
Unipilre at this olllco for cheap proper
ty. ICyes exainliied free of ehnt-ge'frlt
live days nt Pcctfs Vnlley I'lmriiincy by
Dr. A. Lovey, of Snn Antonio, Texns.
Fine Watch and
Wutclimukcr und Optician.
Willi l!UI)V DUUO CO.
'I own Trustees.
I'lie city council met Monday
Present: M. P. Kerr. Mayor; W.(l.
Woeruer. C. M. Whlcher mid T. A.
Ikell, trustees, when tho following
huslmsM was trauwteled:
Heport of tmisurvr mid ami approv
ed, showing it balance 011 hand A ug. I
of 27lUtt.
Pollowug hills were read and allow
W. P. Cochrai n.lfl)
A. 1). Vaughn AW
Dick Wicker ttux)
Hd Orr n.tXl
.1. H. loverly n.W
1). D. Clark 1H )
I'. M..I111HP v!''""
T. H171111I :.oo
liihly Drug Co 1.0ft
Tracy Meltw'au 7ft
(Millennia Klruher H.itt
(Uo. D. Luens W)
A. N. Pratt l.l
Carlsbad Current 21.2ft
The mayor stntwl Hint nil the neces
sary iHipera In rcganl to the purchnse
of the Knniseprojierty Imd been execut
ed nud the property turned over to tie
Lee Cook wits eontliiiiwl as pouiiil-
master nnd luslriietwl to take up nil
llHMH) StlHlk.
I pound and mixed astigmatism. 1 use
the latest mid host Instruments lu test
ing llie eyes anil will exchange glasses
If needed tree of ehurgeifor flvo years.
Do not delay hut come nt once or scud
me wonl ami I will call at your home
without extra charge.
Dit. A. Lkvky,
at Pecos Valley Plmriiuicy.
Mr. nud Mrs. M
In Clements, of Hope, was thmwu
from his horse In frvut of Die MeMJI
Inn store mihI wriumf hurt. Ha wine
In 011 the train yaatenlny nud If Ids
Iwck Is no Iwlter will not go hume to
day. Tlio fall whs on imw 1 by a dug
caring hU horse.
KJes examined free anil glaaa fltted
by Dr. A. L.-vey, doctor of optlmlntulo
gy. ot Siiu Autonhi, Texas, at the Pecos
Valley I'haiinney (Dr. Smith's dnig
atotei for live days more only. Itanium
bcr that not every on who sella alnsw
Is competent to rlt your eye. If you
have tried others nud the Imvp fulled
to nt your eyes, ennu and nee inc. Hy
my msttiiMl fnllure Is IniiKWslble. I will
give you n seleutllle laMinlmitluti and
guarantee mtlsfartlou lu the uttHt dlf
limit c.uH-4. Lenses sjterlally ground
to .nil sit forms of iirxbyoplo, hyper
-inetropla. aathanupia, myoplo, dlplo
ot 1, euioli. ii'a. I'Mtmsoi. simple, com
C. tjtcwart's baby
is III again this week.
Arthur Hilton cunio down from
Kosviull yesturduy to take In tho (own.
.Ino. Franklin of HI Paso, was here
tho past week looking uftcr the re
organization of the P. I. ,t I. Co.
Mr. W. II. Hull leaded the Tiraslll
cottngo for 11 yoar at 8 1 NO this week
from Mhw Kmursou, a recent purchuscr.
. P. Codington, U. S. marshal of
lbiiipurtiut, was ln town this week
ooklug utter Ilia removal of the drift
Mr. Win. Luck and dnuglitcr Zona,
left lor California, where Miss Lrck
will attend school while Mr. Leek will
look over the ooast country.
It. W. Newton ot Mar fa, Texns, Is
about to establish n Jewelry store in
the plane formerly oaouplwl by (ler-
turt's markut rwo or three more news
papers, drug nnd Jewelry store and
wo oan be said to have a 1hhjiii.
Whltaker & Gage
IlealMw In
Otis Observations,
Prof. J. II. OooilrlBh, of Imi Trco
draw, has been cmpioycdl to teach the
Otis school the coining term. .Mr.
(loodrleh comes well recommended
nud the trustees are to be commended
011 securing his services.
The proprietor of the Orange County
Stock Pnnn Is a noted dltclple of Ike
Walton. One day this week In luiulrtl
n twenty ontider from '.he Hlo l'eeim.
Mr. .1. V. Harry liHsi-oiiiinenceil work
mi a (nacre tmel trial of (1ts, pre
imralory tojanwlug It hi alfalfa for the
Hect compMity.
C. .1. Demoruat rviMirts a phh! dr-
maud for uholcc iea4-hM.
Mm..!. W. Stokes eutertuliiiil u iiiiin-
berof her Carlslwd friends 011 Kriday
of Inst week.
Mr. mid Mrs. (Iambic. Mr. I'alrly nud
Miss llrown of Carlsbid uciden llylug
visit to the lower vnlley icceutly; vlnlt
lug tlir Hlo Ptos orehnrd, the Unini
Dull I'rult Pitrm, llopwlnlc ranch nud
thn Dalles I'ariu.
II. T. Kllloiigh the worthy P. I. c I.
engineer took a sltr. hath In the raging
witters of Dark ctiiiou Tuesday motii-
Mr. nud Mm. W. W. (Iiiltou cmtw
tallied Mr. nnd Mrs. Moltwnii of Carls-
bad 011 Wednesday.
Aceanllng to the report of the junt
muster general, rural delivery bus cu
haiised the value of farm lauds ft per
cent lu those loiiillllw where It has
been In operation. People desiring to
locate lu this section should buy at
The following letter to tho San An-
goto Standard Is from Jim Smith who
will be remembered as having worked
lu the shops here In IHlti.
llAMIItlll CKItltK,
Itoat Africa, Porlugucw Territory.
.lime III, IUX).
Dear Walter and Hunk: As promis
ed, 1 will write, (lueas you villi Ih- sur
prised to hour from me. Well, 1 made
the trip Hue; wasn't sick any more af
ter the llrst eight Hays al sen; wns so
sick then, however, I fell off
about thhty pounds nud have inner
been able tojcgulii It since 1 lauded lu
Helm, iail Africa, one mouth ago
villi Sh ' lasted me finif. day,
when It Nits all gone, livery (lux that
you (urn a corner it costs you M. Hut
there Is plenty of work heie. A man
with n fair education cnu do well here,
or a goml trnilcsimin. nud they pay you
not Icsh than HISfi a month; but every
time Hint vou go nud get a meal she
com Is you i'i cents and It isn't as good
as army grub and you know how we
used to kick lu the army; and whim
you take a drink she cosu you 2ft cents.
I lauded I .TIKI miles south of here, at
Cape Town, and came up the country
towanls the Transvaal and went broke
ami hnd logo to work, and you all
know that nearly broke my heart; but I
got 11 good Job ns a llremau oil the Hod
cHn & lleini rallnmd and it pays me
8175 it mouth, but she costs me $7."i for
boanl and 62ft for whisky, so I have a
pretty good salary left.
This Is 11 worse place t tut 11 Port Si.
Phillip, Louisiana; they can't hardly
get men to work hero lu the summer.
It Is whiter hero now. livery man that
works for the mllroad company Is fur
nUhcd from oiietotliieeuegioes to help
him. I have got two, one to shovel coal
ami another to do inv washing; they
work for82Ji()a month and their hoard
nud clothes; they don't eat anything
hut rice nud don't hardly wear uuy
clothes; but they me kept in their place
better here than the negroes are lu the
stale. They are not nllowist to walk
on the sidewalks; they run lu the streets
like dogs.
1 11111 truing 0 stay nere until llie war
Is overtiml then I am going into the
I urn In the Portugese territory nud
can't get out, for the Hue Is guarded
and 110 one but soldiers cnu cross It un
til the war Is over, unless you get a pass
from the PortugiiCKO war olllce at Mo
unnbhpie ami at the war olllce lu Lou
don. Any one who goes across without
a pass will be given four years lu pris
on, so you see that 1 am lied up, hut I
don't care much so long us 1 hold my
I have not seen (leorge Heut; I heard
that he was In Cape Town.
.lack Miles and Dock Moss are mak
ing tfl It) a mouth and thetr board; they
both have their saddles with them and
tlicvurcn ureal slulit U the nconlc
here, .lack loaded n fell, w up that he
nuld rone a xebra 011 a noise and so lie
has not seen 11 xchm since he has been
here, .lark and Dock me both Inylnff
around doing nothing; every day Is
Just like Sunday to them having a
good time.
imt inerc are u great ninny wim am
mills here. You eon see the Hons out
on the railroad track nnd hear them
howl at 11 Is it nnd you can bet that 1
don't get olf the engine after dark. The
ruiiiiiosi imiiK tout 1 unve ever ace 11
wns a drove of about 100 monkeys emi
grating; they were nil playing along,
having a good time.
well, iiuok. you nun riioinii give 1111
the tmvs inv retranls and If vou don't
answer this and tell me nil the news
yon had better.
1 nun lurrrer,
.1 im smith.
. M- It.
I. It. t IIVHflH, 8o?iii lluUr Mrvtass
Prurr iSsjiTilii evbrr wMnlsdsr eeeti
IRltu'rlMK. . .
J. It. Sawuwm, 1'sUor.
hi ' OU. Uurfc wwtwf Mill iMfev.
11b -1 ft ulS dfjixw ImW'
.milk - '' low kSM) Iff a. "."W rein mml
,, ., H. Ji.ll7TTir. itu-k uMl..i,
Cor .ihtiiri,
IHW. A. 11 MAT.
Ilorblite Is well adanled to the ours
levers of ull kinds, baoause It
aroHulity eleiia the stomaoh ami
iowIi nl mi Dillon im mors, ana expels
fl Imnure aeorDtlon or tho body,
rlHH ItbiU. Kill- mIh lit ltddv llrlltf
I t) I . m
lliiHtk J. e ui. CaM.
Tho Argn Is bkoamltig n very hot
repttv-Hemi stper, lioltur than over
before ;.t Its uhcokered oartier. If you
want It hut from the oven Jtut read
the Argus.
Whore the (HgMtinii Is good, and the
usnerul power of the system Hi a
healthy stale, wiirini oofi tlud no Imid
taiieu 111 ine, iinmun oouy n muv
(riii VeruilfoB uot only destroys
eyery worm, hneorreets uU dwatige-uu-nU
of tlio ditttHIre orgdas ' Prior
r. I'or sal? at Kddy Drug d
Hundreds Of Tons of Delicious Fruit
doing to Wnstc-Ucmovnl of Drift
To Hie ttrtlior of the (lint lirniHmti
CiirlsOud. N. M,. I uly IS. -In looking
over the orohnrds of this iwrt of tho
I Vena Vulley and seeing tho luimciiso
nuimini of lusoloiis Iruli Hint Is going
In wnsto 0110 iiatiirully tlifuka wliatn
vust uinniuit of garni these pouohus nud
plumbs nud other fruits would do
exited they but bp laid down nt tho
doois of the crowded tenements In tho
huso cities of tlio I'.Hstnud North,
A tramp through 0110 of these
orchards, where absolutely tons of ted,
rlpo peaches broken olf from tho par
ent s'ciu. loaded down with coldcn
fruit, onuses one to tout sauttorcd soma
what Indlicrlmnately.
As 11 mutter of fact If ono-lmlf tho
peach crop ts harvested nud sold this
year It will bo a mnrvul. It Just can
not bo duno.
St Louis, which is rapidly growing
in favor as n cnltlo and fruit market;
with tho Peons Valley people, Is this
year aver stocked with fruit from tho
tlwirk Mountains, und nud liusteru
Texas and Denver Is Hooded with
peaches from the great orchards that;
surround Colorado Springs and tho
Hoekoy Port! dlbtrlot.J
Tho resent rolling or tho Interior Du
parlmeiit relating to tho removal of
"drift" fences In tins dtitHct Is likely
to oniisu u deal of commotion among
tho cattle breeders, lu fact, It him
already. It uppeurs that theso fences
were erected 011 government hind,
mnliily for the purpose of preventing
the outtlo from drifting south during
the winter nnd running up ngitlnst tho
state lino fences, which lor many miles
divide Texas from Now Mexico, aud
where tliuro Is neither food nor water
Thujdrip affected by this arbitrary
ruling Is nbout 100 miles, oast und
west, utul ii&Q miles north and
south. -U'
Tho result of tho enforcement if this
law will beithal this rich rungo will'
Hlitriy Ii) litld open tho Intlncrant
sheep mini itud, tho vagrant 'Incstci" 1
who with their, small iiuulu of cheep
and a dozen or two long horns, 'will
shortly destroy what might lu tlmo
bocume prosperous und Inviting homes.
Tin-so men have only inudo these Im
provemcnts on "faith" that Is to say,
on faith that lu in tlmo those laudu
would comu Into the market for elthcc
lease or sale, and 011 that very natural,;
supposition they put up their wliidmillu '
erected their homes, and made vlslblo
Improvements, that brings outdo Into
the country they occupy.
This Is uot a sectional dispute. It i
purely u matter of territorial interest
The lower vulley is now prupurlug
an exhibit of fruit for the fair, which
Is to be held at Itoswcll noxt October
nud rrom tho present outlook It wilt
surely answer the purpose,
People itro bolngiattriiotod horofoe
the reason that the truth is now being
told of the country, nud that it Is uot
depleted us a hind of milk and honey
altogether, but n pluco where 11 man
can make a good living, anil iniilco a
start with u very little money.
In the old days when th'j "boom'' wits
In force the parties then lu powoc
udvei Hied 11 b it fact that the soil of tho
vulley was so rich that It could bo
transported Host and North und used
as a fertilizer. This sort of humbug
Is now at in out!. People hero llnd It
to their Interest to tell tho plain facta
about this now country because they
know If they are caught In otto Uo
they will be convicted, even of tho
truths they tell.
The ubovo from tho pen of Mn
Hutehliis Is correct In the mailt but
misstates fnrta regarding "drift" f8i'icotf.
The fuels are that tho government
agents have found Hint hcvoml stock
men In lids county have fenced hi flia
tines of thousands of ncrna of govern
meiit land. It Is also it fact that tho
majority of our eitlxeus, nud Jlho Cint
iikn 1 umiHig them, believes that about
three real drift fences running unit
from the Peros river to tlio Toxtts Una
would lie h lieiiellt to tho country, but
the prumlscoiis fencing of gnveriunint
hinds must 1 e ise. This fonelug of tho
Inmls Ims gone to such an oxlont Hint
one owner hits nearly KXyXTO neres oC
land feii-ed so as to excludo all others,
and this owner itye uo taxes oither ou
the land or upon threo-fmtitlHt of tho
cattle, he holds within this awture.
small owner who does nst perjure him
self, but sjlves in every hoof, is nut al
lows 1 inside this Twice but liUMt flml
feed elsewhere. If fids wsuiiiwl ow er
ship of government lauds la allowed -46
enntliiue, nothing but a IniHltord awl
on systejiuwu lieexK'ctwllodnVclopi
TheiiugHlii Mr. II. says liuuiw hard'
iK'cn made. This Is absolutely false,4
lHutse not one hi fifty of the inoRfflni
have fumed government lands raetdo
iiIhhi the html with Ihtdr fHHtllle, tho
ihoIii olTwulurs, vlolater of the law.
Itelug lesldetitanf Texas who olmply
draw big dlvkletnte frnttt the growth o
ntltla On free grass, war than Hut
fnurttis of which ealtta art' iHiveryilvwi
1 for taxi.

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