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NO. U.
CANTRIILb, Proprietors.
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A letter from Itortou A. llunnott
ot Troop F. Uth U. S. V. cavalry,
written to A. It. Williams or this placo
under ditto ot July 12,. Dennett is In
tho Ratnn squadron with Gap. (leorgo
Gurry, lie says thoy uro now In the
Southern Cttmnrltios Inland, In tho
Philippine, und tlioy have heon scout
ing over gottntry where Atmirlcnu
eoldier8 have not been before, moetltig
but little resistance. Curry tins been
promoted to First Lieutenant and
Tnutfe enmmnnder of K, troop nnd in
drawing captain's pay which IooUh an
if ho would un made captain very noon.
lib Is liked better by all tho bojs than
any other olllcer In tho command.
Dennett stales that Curry hue never
bcon wounded only burned by a bullet
onco, it In rumored unions mo hoi
tilers that tho volunteer regiments will
start for the United States in Novum
tier, three reglmonts will nort for tho
United "States in November, three
regiments coining each month until
all arrive homo. Tho boys uro not
doing much lighting but huvo frequent
akltutlshcs with but tow ctmialltics,
Capitan Miner,
M. i). Itobcrts, of Separ, was hero
two or theo days this week, looking
for pasturage for sotno of his Now
Alexlco and Arizona cuttle. Ho gives
a most distressing report of the range
conditions of southwest Now Mexico
and southeast Arizona. Hays ho has
been In that region for the punt eigh
teen yeurs und nothing like tho pres.
cut Iiuh ever boon known. There Is
f scarcely any grass and cattle arc oven
ow dying by thousands'. So desper
ate ure tho straits Into which tho out
tie men huvo been thrown by tho long
-continued drouth, that they uro now
-engaged In shooting tho fall oulves
that aro dropped, hoping by this tnous
ttro to ' 3 ablu to suvo tho cow. Mr.
lloberts buys about eight years ugo
nvheii they only had about half as
many cuttle us at present, they lost
about thirty per cent, but now when
tho country Is so fully stocked, the
loss Is bound to bo uioro than doubled
and many cattlemen will do well to
cotno through next spring with twen.
ty live per cent of their cuttlo alive,
unless they ore moved to uoino other
district. Not being able to secure
posturago hero, Mr. Itobcrts will ship
ono or two thousand head of his cattle
to Kansas and focd. U. A. Aduiiu, of
Dnigoou, Ariz., it neighbor to Mr.
Itobcrts was hero at the huuiu time
and on u similar errand. Midland
jl Livestock Reporter.
, She Tried Suicide.
Mis tliusle Morten who outno in on
No. S yesterday, und was detained hero
-on account of u telegrutn having been
v received from her father, from Albu
quenitic, attempted to commit suicide
last night in hur room at tho HI Dor
ado, but on account of her suspicious
actions, Hhu was watohed carefully by
Mrs. Halurltter from taking her own
life. On ueoount of the telegram re
ceivwl from Agent .lout, yesterday
Biiflplo: u was aroused und she was
watched carefully by Mr. and Mrs
Haibritter, but when they rceelved
telegram from her lather, tolling thorn
toKuard her oarelttlly, greater cru
was taken, und she wus put under ar
jestby Murshal Murphy. Her room
was searched and poison discovered
Tho cause ot tho trouble, for which
tho girl 'ot 17 wanted to tako her lite,
was u Invo afUIr that ended unfavor
ably. She lives in St. Louis and has
been in this country only a few weeks
which was spent In Albuquerque
letter to Iter lover was written uud
mailed last evonlug and Is now in the
hands of tho marshal.
From tho girl's uotlons aud from
1 what can be gathered from the tone
of the father's telegrams heref It
thought that she is not mentally ret
Donuible. 9Ih6 arriving here she has
been in a high tension df nervous ex
citement, ' and har nervous system
seems 1 1 be In a very precarious con-dltlon.
Tift fnlbet of the young lady arriv
ed dn No. - aud proceeded at onco to
the hotrl. The meeting between tlio
father and daughter, tho latter having
begun (o reullzo tho enormity ot hur
Intention, was pathetic, both breaking
down and weeping in each others'
Mr. aud Mr. Haibritter, a guost of
tho hotel, und Marshal Murphy, were
warmly tlmnki-d by Mr, Morten for
their watchful cure over tho young
woman, In preventing her carrying In
to execution her designs upon her own
The father and daughter returned
No. 1 to Albuquerque Las Vegas
rjilltora Awful Plight.
F. M. Hlgaitu, Kdltor Seneca (Ills.,)
News, was ollllctcd forycars with Files
that no doctor or remedy helped until
ho tried Dunklin's Arnica Salve, thu
best in the world. Ho writes, two
boxes wholly cured him. Infallible
for Tiles, Cure guaranteed. Only :c.
sold by ull druggists.
May Sue Tho City.
1'hero aro reporlH abroad to tho
effect that the Uro under writers' iibso
clutloil is cnnhiiltlng local attorneys
with it possible view to bringing suit
iigaliiHt the city government for 820,000
damageri growing out of tho destrue
Hon of tl v Ortiz block uud the burn
out ot tho Santa Fo Mercantile com.
patty. Ono of tho udjusterfl, a Mr.
Sniallwood, of DuUns, Texus, is quoted
us saying Just before ho loft tho city
few days ago, that such a suit was In
contemplation. It appears that tho
mayor, oity marshal mid police force
appeared on tho senno and assumed
full control of thu lire apprulus during
the curly stage of tho blare, which re
suited In tho llromen quitting work
und resigning. Tor fear that this
trouble might result In tho Insurance
companies raising the rule on local
risks several) citizens consulted with
tho mayor on tho subject of what
transpired nt thu time of tho burning
of the Ortiz block, and that olllcial ox
plained his action by Raying that !m
ordered tho chemical not to Invade tho
building In order to suvo the lives ot
several peoplo who wero In tho build
ing Htrticturo ut tho time and ho fear
ed tho effects of the sulphuric ucld.
So hero thu matter rests for tho tlmo
being. Atuny ratu nothing olllclal
hus bean llled as to this proposed dam
ago BUlt. - Now Mexicati.
Tho Uravcry of Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs. John
Howling of llutler I'u., inu three yours
struggle with u malignant stomach
trouble that caused distressing uttacks
of nausea and indigestion. All reme
dies failed to relievo her until she
tried Kleotrlo Hitter. Alter taklijg
it two months. sho wrote: "l out ntiw'
wholly cured and can oat anything. It
Is truly a grand' tortlo for tho whole
system as ! gained in. wulght und feet
much stronger since using It." It aids
digestion, cures dyspepsia, Improves
nppeljte, girts now life. Only 60.
(Jmfl&Heu, ul any drugstore.
A shooting scrape that outtie very
n ear result1 ,g in the death of a negro,
took plueo at the llloak ranch last Sujj.
day morning. It uppeur that Jed
Clurk, a oowboy working for the lliook
outtlt company got into a dispute with
the negro oook find tho negro gavo
Clark Some "snssHand about tho same
tlmo went for a gun which ho was
parrying in his belt, but Clark was too
quick and got. his gun first and pro
ceeded to illi a sauoy "coon" full of lead.
Five sliots wore Urod at tho negro, two
of them taking effect, one hittlug him
ou the left cldeund earning out in tlio
chest, another shot hit the , negro In
tho prist and broke tho wtfitt bones
badly and oatne out at the- thumb.
Doctor Uillett ot this plueo, -was sent
for and Kent out to tho ranoh and
drcwed the wounds of the injured
. r
negro and hi lust reports In wu doing1
as well us might be expected. Dtclor
(Jlllitltsays tliat thorn Is but little
danger except from blood polilmilug.
Clark's notions ectn to bo HrfMtiy
Jiitllhtttr hi the nogm atlutnpUtl la
drnw his gun I1rst.-0npltn Miner.
Voti can bribe the appetite, bttW you
ohii not bribe tho liver to do III work .
nit must hejiouost with It, help U
long a little now and then with mum
of HMiHtxit, the iHMt llvtr regtiUtnr.
l'rlw M ets. At lttldy Drug Co.
Murdered for a Woman,
A quarrel growing out of the defen
se nt tho good inline of a woman onus-
Oil a double tragedy last Wednesday
aUtwen, New lloxloo. The young
moil who fought and were both killed
were David It. Ilaou, son nt a prosper-
our inuohumn, und Melqulmltm Haea
son of liicmte M. Ihteu, for many
yeurs u resident of Aldttquerqiie
ltach man wits armed when they Inut,
and after u Tew words tn whieh Mel.
iiuiudes ahurgeu David with making
Insinuating remarks about a young
lady, oaoh man drew a revolver and
llred three shots. Doth uiuii were kill
Undurcd Dcntli'a Agonic.
Only a mating lire unubled -T.M
(larretson. ot Sun Autonln to Ho
down when nttuoked by Asthma, from
which ho suffered tor years. Ho
writes his inliery was often so great
that It seemed he endured the agonies
ot doath; but Or. King's Now Dlsoov
cry for Consumption wholly oured him
This marvelous medicine Is the only
Known auto tor Asthma us wuli us
Consumption. Coughs mid Colds, and
all Throat, Chest and Lung troubles
l'rlco 50c and 1.(X) (luuraiiteed
Trial bottles freo at Drugstore
A Ctoe Call.
Drew 1'rnlt and his younger brother
Unrlloy ami Clureiico a (luy Clements
went to the nend of the south llorren
do Ilshing and hunting Weduosday
tnorulng. Druw had u 010 shot gun
and shot at two largo llsh in tho water
Tho breech of tho uun burned and a
plecu of the metal struck him on the
forehead mul knocked him Botiselrss
for a fow minutes. When ho recover
ed und found ho had killed tho llsh, he
took another shot gun and hunted rab
bits awhile, but has concluded that ho
will not try to uho thu gun that burst
ed. It scorched Hurry llowell'u eye
brows badly some tlmo ago but had
been repaired und wus thought to be
safe. Itoswell Keglsler.
Itself by
A diseased liver devlaroo
mnrosencss, mental depression, lack of
energy, rustlossiiees, melancholy and
constipation. IIkkiiixh will restore
the liver to u healthy condition, l'rlco
50c. For sale at liddy Drug Co.
Pecos 5tock New A
From tlio 11 m.
Tom Huuiiehump and l'luk Hurhsrt
returned Thursday morning from
Mouahans, where ther dullvumd 1
head of steers first of the week. Thu
steers were sold recently by Slsk
lluuuhamn & Hefner to Jtiliu T. M
Klroy utflO.
Mux Krauskopf tnudo a doal for
Itubi) Wells, of Midland, this week
selling 25 heud of registered Hereford
heifers, to It. X. Couch. The teims
of sulu wero private but must have
been ut u good big price us tho heifers
cost Mr. wells siou upicco a snort
time ago. tlu oatlluuvu to bo delivered
in u faw days.
JirawIoyOates and Wm. Hose onmc
in Thursday wlthubouidO head of Mr
Itoss' horses which they huvo been
aallierlng up tho river thu tmit fow
days. Mr. Itou will make a trial ship
meat of one oar of horse to twit Toxas
and It successful in disposing of them
at reasonable prices wilt follow with
other and heavier shipments.
A Mr- llrttee, of Loulsaun, made
trade with Mm. U. II. Titinlu a ootiple
of weeks nuo for MX) fat inures, to be
delivered at Toyah In iota lots of three
cam eaoh, putting up a forfeit of 8 TOO
When lie went to reeetve Uie stock he
ootild not get a oar of tut slulf so he
failed to close tho deal. Mm. Tluiion
claimed the forfeit and Mr. llrue will
Institute a suit for recovery.
Wool 5cutirlng.
W. fl. I'nlsRrnve, former manager
f the Wool NcoiirinK milts, urrtred
hn aattmlny night from Carlsltud, N.
i.U whof ho hus Ixfii in oharao of tlio ,
oonrilig tnills
Mr. Ialgrove reported Hint ho hns
tist oltHftd it very suecostrul ewson In
OttrlelHUt, Imvlng scoured about three A
lonriiwnt it iniiunii paiitius oi wool.
MvS T JMIn IhilAii rnrinur nu-nnr !
- --- A
tlin aAiMirliiir nillla lijirit liMH rntlrnil X
from the wool Kconriug butlnoee and
now living in Europe.
Mr. Potsgrovp was nskwl what thorn
In the recent reports that he wits
going Into the nnol semiring bilslnoM
Man Angeln, and ho slated that
there hat Ix-rn a good many news
papnr reports to that etfeot. He Ims
ntoelved'Overturw from tho present
owiiPMttf the nn Angola econrlng
milt, tie Is now on his wtty to Sun
Angola (a look into the situation of
the liusthes nvr there.
If he ehould roncltule to take ohtirgn
p will lie an fcrqtilHlMuii to tho busl-1
ew alraJH of Han Augeto, uud Is nu
oxpurleuot'd and very capable man In
the work. Colorado Stookuiitn.
Aeon axternal llnimont of the tumit
auderful penetrative ami curative
powur, JWi.t.Aitirn snow i.inijiknt
Is not eqiinleii by any other In the
world, I'rlee 26 nnd 50oU. For sale
nt Kddy Drug Co
Dr. I.. D. McKintcy I'or Hrynu.
Dr. L. I). McKlnloy, of Topokn.
Krii., has quit tho republican party,
and deterut his dlstttigiilshed cousin,
thu ohamplnn of Itnperlullsm, nnd an
nnunutw that he will vote and work
for tho eUotlnn ot Uryan. Ho prulses
MuKlnluy us a man, but says he Iiuh
been nu absolute failure ns a pros!
dent and oontends that his re-election
would be a vital blow to thu republic
a commtiiiloutlon to the Itoeky
MonnUIn News, ho says:
"I have often been tuked if I would
oto for MoKinley for president. My
answer Is Invurlah y 'no. Why should
1? It.istrue wuatu descunded from
tluiBiino ancestor. Wo aro contifct-
d with an ancestral lino which runs
buck through IKX) yeurs of Scotch
tlghiaud hUtory, a lino of patriots
whoso lilood has stained uvery battle
Held from Hiinnockbiirn to l'loddeti,
nnd from Floddeii to Cnlloden, while
dureiidlng their homeHiigalnst Hrltlsh
"Aud during tho colonial days in tins
country they rought tor trio same
oattsu und ugalnst tho same oppressor.
When this governiuurit was Itorn It
whs uhrUtuiied by tho blood of our
fathers aud made sacred by the tears
of our mothers.
"Although our family has given ono
kluir to Scotland and one pestilent to
thu UulltHl State we ure but, plenums;
tiUttii pvnple who have never asked
Htivthtmr of the government under
which w huvo lived, except to be pro
tooled in the enjoyment of our natur
al rights to life, liberty und the pur
suit of happluess.
"For DUO years wo have believed
thut governments under whioii we
havo lived, derive tholr Just power
from the ooiisunt ot tho governed
l'lieii why should wo bo asked to sup
nort one of our family for tho highest
olllco In gift ot the American people
who has turned his buck on ull ot tho
sacred trudltlous uud memories and
billed ot our fathers and has allowed
Ifjmsulf to be mudu the mouthpiece
nhd outtiHiw of thut greedy horde of
shyloiks thut have crushed liberty nnd
oppteeu luiior li-rougii me oouirotoi
govurnmunte in ull the ugo past uiiu
wtiose proeeucu Is now run in every
horns in this country.
"There are four great nutnos In his
tory that In my Judgement stuud out
In u litm fur in advance of all other
Illustrious name: Christ, Wallace,
Jefferson uud Llueoln. Christ stood
upon thu shores of (lultlee und preaeh
4) We ttru Not the? Only Potple Tlmt ?k
4? Keup 1-lrst-ClttM OimiiJs
4 put; we reeo wnat tne -.
s DaA.ia a . j-t ;
111.. IMsiI. Ml U&ffiuii ntt.i bS
I a mil l IIIMi f!M I U I Ull tl tl I
I innny other brand of fir)-elus llqnort 7k.
U M ..... . IV
Central Saloon,
4 1 Kkmv A Wuitujiitii, JVoprlHtors. jt
Wo hove a largo list of choice ranch, farm
and town property.
McLenathen & Tracy.
Carlsbad, New fluxlco.
Rooms for Rent
livt rtxiinn In town, nt tlio
inwrat iitiuiw, ettlu-r (ur
lilahmt or onturiiUliwI
l!lKillre Kt Current (Hike.
T f V V V T T t
d the brotherhood of man to tne toller
as ho oasts his neta Into the sea. It
wus to htm glad tidings. It was the
meeMge that the toiler all along the
age had been listening tor. Wallsee
the unpurehueuble patriot, fuught the
herds of greed ami oppression In the
glBUB nnd WtjiUlajtUi. of SUnjjd sjul
Xfaf . A. KE'f?R
reserved to tlio people tho enjoyment
of their homes and fireside .nnd tho
natural freedom of Oudr simple lives
lor which hu was offorfd by them nnd
refused thu crown of rfklng.
'.lefforsoii ulothod liberty with tho
declaration of Indupondenco and tho
constitution and gave to our colonial
fathers and their descendant's for 100
years tho bust government over given
to man.
"Lincoln, tho plebeian, tho friend of
the toller and tho opproeted.
Those uro my ideals of greatness aud
truu goodness und patriotism, nnd with
these four, when his Ilfo work is done
and Its history Is wrltton, I believe
will bo found tho uuino of William ,1.
llryati for whom 1 si ail I oust my vote
next November."
A Power ntll Ilxploslott.
Uomn.voH everything In sight; bo do
drastic tnlnurul pills, but both uro
mighty dangerous. Nu need to dynti
mltu your body when Dr. King's Mow
Llttt Fills do the work so oust I y und
perfectly. Cure Headache. Consulta
tion. Duly 'M cent ut the Drug Storo.
Aire Hoffman's Denunciation.
"1 hope Clod will brand Fresidcnt
MoKinley and If thut bo treason, tuuko
thu most of it."
In this sturtllnir tnunnor Mrs, Olura
C. Uoifmuii, statu president or thu W
U.T. U., ending un iiildtees utFop
lurlilufts, Mo. Mr. liulTmuu's du
nuiiolattuu of l'rrsldent McKtnley und
tliuretublloatt administration. It wus
us vigorous aud lleree us would ohura
oterlio the speech of the most vitrio
lic oamiHiiuh oru tor. Mrs. Ilolimuns
attuuk an the president was due to
his ustloii on th win twit iiiHiire lit
the United State army, whtalt was
IHtsMd by the tutu oougrea uud made
a law when 11 received hi signature.
She stated thut the evil elteet
thut the oanteeii system would
urodnee were jMilnted out to the
prtwldeut, both by itetiuon and iierton-
ally. The white house wo Winy
luged with iMtlltous (ram an over tne
country signed by fathers and mothers
brothers and sister, pleading with the
trldiit to refrain front signing the
law, but to ull the pleadttig ho gave a
dent oar.
She charged that he signed the
oaiiIhju bit! solely to guin the good
will of thu brewers uud dlstilllers to
uld him to be reelected.
AkuIh. lu the ouse of Alaska, do
Iterate utteuipucwere tuadu to prohibit
tin Honor tralllo from entering the
- ...
territory, but upiui8 tothu prMiueni
were lit vnln. Ulvillwtlon, she said,
wusbettigtutredinudlti the Flilllppl
ublby mean of beer, whUkey and the
bullet. Feiir hutidted saioitns are
ntrotod new In MttuiU. She bur-
tktm uhi Fhuimiiii" wr m tmjtm,
unQ sjlibted from a latter retelVed tnw
at cost
For tho present
uud until
further notice
the CtnniKNT
will hu
sent to youi
nddroM one ywtr
for 11.00.
Old subscriber
who pay
tin and duo dollar
will receive-
tho papor ono
$1.75 Pays
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St. Louis Kepttbltc
ono yeur
Town Lflt For Salo en Ilasy Tcrma
AdUreot: T. F. llUOttJioitii,
TflFaBo Tor
o young nurse plsturlng the darkness
that prevailed In the Amerlimii army,
and stated that she had yet to sea an
Intoxltated Filipino. Site usked,
Whieh needed otvlllsatlon thu nMV
Wiiitb' Cmka Vkkmih ob 1 per
ftHttly Itarmlew, and will remove every
worm. It Is also a toula, and by.lta
treuglhunlng properties will resUtro
to pale olieoks the rosy hue of hgAlth
Fries' eta. 1'orsoluut ltddy Drutf
Morse for Sale,
W hetul ot stoek honwMt will on (1a,te
woo(l'S; llttteman.
relieve the lulenie ltehtng. It soothes
heals and onre ehromc ease, where
sTirgoeMfall It la no wcperlmenti
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Udlly ttrlitf 0

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