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Ail Eminent Specialist Toils ef
Visit to the Ptoos VUtey.
.. Mon.orNm Mealeo nMml A hloB aJ 1 It no, however, a comparison at'
I ill, UVilvuirll - only safe, roert for those preJlspwtA'-nf.-jlO rww afti to eetivlnco imjj
io or suntxing irom lung irouui. hwi women or irxrny tmu mere nro ttin-
I.iiik, aoi rrlulul Ilicnxww ntiiiiiutl
, ... 1 Hmw' Alwrkiw of gtvesi ajencrn
rto Vftlhar flngnr llttt I,nntl, Trorth thm. AH thwmiM nllttmiirnrw rionf
Ont tUiwlMil Heller IVr Aero, r cwijiMkih, chiefly prriiars vf '.W
Twntr.U years ago 1 b ,a Hh! ami fm.-. !t Mtflleiwitly nHUi-jc (r
atittur irf. Anlli In i nnn -Mlon ,.lih IH-: ! ouo fnrniy nlbus.l Rt rtrnt ,k)MHi' l I .1
sub-tllvlston and llsrNiHIi t.f n I-
ny lall't gnintt.. It nt m "i nil
' rsl In l!i work 'ngftff'ri t: a I
'should csref'tlly p-to t, h i. trior of
iron errttvuett o.. certain o.' m.
in th utttr rwri ( last yr rr. v,
8. Watson, propi ! lot ef the River
view Aanltarlntn. ' flhklll nn the Httd
ton, New York. for nervous Mid mwi-
ul diseases, a mimwr or the Amen
the rondiuons titrr.iindln ijio Ha
san Medical UfKnUM, WHlljr M- rma.-.u n'-Jnnciion ci ;u rrnpr. imr
lost Aoelety. Newb igh iky Medical SB-' lug thla jwrtod my "ld of ooerel'oni
oelntlon. the Am- noan Rlte'.ro rHer- eatatwen from tn wt r Mi-H'mn. t
potttle asooela'U.M. Hwbt Bo-leto ; through th utlr- lnth uf He st
rranealse irKlect 'irthernp!. of Paris, of Kansas, the Trrltwl'i of Artionn
ta. made r Ulp UiraBBh th wit and ! wl Mwtlro. unrt thp Hi r
icMithwMt in Mrrh of a locality wbr ' Onllfornla. I mention thla M fnpn
the climatic roirl!il n and Bfiitral on
flrtmrnenta wrt farorablt to the heal
Inc of tbovn miPtl with cou.tuntKlOfl.
tic toured tu country tborougtilr, nd
cave RuClctut time to tfae Ihveetlifft
tlna ns to rrepaii- hltnelf to nd
Tlirdlr. and f'" rarrtul vtniarlons
of alt the loenlKlM) vliHod be expreseed
hltuMlf In a i . .-i tMiiMual letur In
Oie following faahlan:
FlHliklll-on-Uiulton. Nor. 3S, 1S33.
'IlavlnB vUltfd New Mexico tiurmg
nf country In order II. yon r.r up-'
pralati the ojporlunltlf I In i- htA
for making not only n 'arcful utiid".
but nn lioneat comparlmm, which u
Irr portent In arriving at compAntilvn .
I hnre no licallatlnn In ntatltier 1 t
I MHere the Peooa Vellr of K-tr
M"lin noeeaM attraitlone to Hi
iNtat-eiiKHr Intereeta to iv fr grfitfM1!
dKrwi Umn nr other portion of th j
United Ntatea I havn ever nnn. I '
tnkm for ant.lhxr. Aa pa,u aft-r r-!t-t
of c:u h i tntuvt ovrr tliTB U t'.m i:itiiO
r.l .n uf imou, wuiiifH awl fWWrnii
in fnl! Iiuix, rttttitg, rtuurilii", ;t-il
In -i"w f two or tlirw, tviHi Hnl,
witl.i..-t liutN ilr.ttNMl In rliawK arwl
UionifxHtly dreaeed lu Htelr lxwt lot Ue
Tim pliotfintihejm of twnH m
c'.t, trr mwuntt of lblr trwii. to nird
hill li'iiKth iiictrini nwt aa f Itt tsrfflrvi
uunnotUlf tuiall oomnnw cottntil fur u
gru-.t iU. 1 a.id hflitca to Intfiniry tnt
g ri rnl Hkenrw rnuiiinj? thcwnoio igm
wailoii. HhUlaljUiu Prcae.
M 4
.. , .Ail V.
it,. !( Mti nf it!)? i feel It le but i hBow of no other loon II ty where the
?i r... ....i. .-.I ti,,n mntnltnde. or where the actnnl re-
VI IIIU1. U.HIIIHJ. ....v. .... I -Umm .-..-,.
eulti Khown u high
nifar In the belle
I rnti conservatively eny that tro
Intrlnelr value o! eucli land with
n largt miKar factory contrally Wnt-
anteru itatei have a like hiiiniauy:
the rainfall li loo creat In elthor for
tboae Htifcrlnz from or predUpowd to
lunx dletasei. lit Colorado uud the
Adlrondncke the ehannfe "re too
bnipt; the harthneea of tho ollmnto
j." :' . T. ... .. .. i fomla to beet growers tor an averege
T. "T"" . . "..i. ,.3 I nf JWM par acre. Intrlnatcilly ot
oim climate for a '., debilitated
rdle not lean than $100 per i"r I
hive mid tliHitaanda of untie In Toll
man ; oepeciniiy is a low lemoeraiure
detrlmenui to the poor consumptive
He li ot nereealty a peraon of Imiiovor
lihcd blowl and cnfoebloA circulation,
and to shut up ldoora for a length ot
time t contrar) .o all reason; yut,
to force hi in out Into the cold nlr ot
our northern resorts In nlmpiy ratal.
The sooner the general public under
stands the tinreaennablorieee of advis
ing a cold, changeable, rlgorouu cli
mate, even If It be high and dry, fo?
the emaciated consumptive, the better.
Qenorally too, the low altitudes of the
southern statee are not good. A doc
tors havo sent many to Georgia and
Florida; some have lxen beuntlted
while they romnlnwl. The benefit aria
Inc. 1 am inclined to believe, rathof
trom the pine foresta.wHh thel resinoui
odors and pure ozone, than from any
ar valuable. From ieai man jnno
nrea ownnd by the Itaneh cnmp'nv,
nt Chlno. 01.. while I wn rnoral
mnnager. we received over t.iM"ti
nniuially In rontrl. tTri'c "
!ii'illlgnt rlture the Pccns valley
beet lands Will pav rqunlly w 11 '
C'arnol oil'" J-nri Onrrlct.
11m iUtli nf .Teats Canira, tho milp
tor, ncalla an nmdoteitti which lie null
tho late PreriileulCatiiot varo the prlii
oifml iteiera. The atlUt'a tawta ami
flgnreM nt the Champ de Mnm oxoltetl tfaa
HUtulratlm of all, nml thoy vrero tie
eervclty clitfftwl iH Uo i A rank. 21.
Uuruot, when on lila visit to the aalou,
mHliiil nu old iiiaii, xvhoaobniMl mnoh
moved on aealiig lint), 8inudlu(f lwfora
tho works of art of tho sculptor. Soino
one unld to Mm jttreldcJit, utter jmluttiiii
tint tho artist t "linn In tmalfur ropan
tlou, M. Is J'rosldont. Ceirltw in ons
of our most skillful man of nrt, hih! he
istmt jut ilooorated." Forthwith M.
Cimiot ilrtai lied final tho buttonltulo of
ono of tho ofltoem of th military hoofic
hold in tho pinna of n cross of the ohov
uller a oross ot an offlosr of the Legion
uf Honor ami plneftl it hlnisolf on tha
breust of Jean CorrltK Tho next day,
In Tlie OfHoiol, tht artist whs named n
uhevnllur of tho order. Louduii Flgnra
in the United States, what I am par-
oaors nu purn ozuuv, iuu m lntrf.lil In In till, nffi-el nl
eilmtttic inHuenco. I have traveled ovet 1 CM,W J"ter"u,i
. I t ury pure nir on uroucnmi irouoico.
the sou'hern eUiti nt dlfferont times, '".' . n,OMi ,(.rt.no(,.
Jny Uould.
In 1102 Mr. Jay Oould end family
rlklted liddy. hoior leaving he wroU
as follows, 'orpul'l ta'ion:
"Alter oailna tlnough the I'ecoi
valley, fron. the li' S-singof the Tnxni
und Pauifle rold i" LMdy, I am liapress.
..I ...I, It .uMM.t. t..l lrt1iMI. rl Ih.
...II n.111. Iii iwrllllor nil.nialrt.n- 11110 OiltO tllG tllatfOrlU, mill It llllt
ui irrlijatlon. With Ita amplo supply oimii. Tho senator looked ut It mid ro
it water It will not ho long before thli . marked, "Well, that's u idiaiue." Tho
111 become one of the rlcheat volleyi baKannoman lmmnlently nsUort, "Uoyou
own this trunk!" The nnswor oamo
tjulokly, "No, young nmu, but I own
this nxuL Uorsoiunu.
8tiiiifiiir.' Itrtnrt.
Oueo Senntor Stautonl was trnvolinil
throagh Uallfornin In his jn-ivnto car.
The train had stopped nt h small town,
01.1 Urn sutmtor was letsnrely strolhi
baok ami forth on tho platform nt tha
depot. A liagtmRonnJi waa miloaiilmt
trunks, itud in dolnpsooareleesly idtohcd
with the cxDreM vlow ot finding a ell
mato to which I could send my con
sumptive case.
"Not tulng sstlsHod with the south,
I visited New Mexico, tui etated. My
objective point was the I'etos valloy.
The first Btop was at the beautiful f'ty
of Hddy, situated in the con tro uf '.he
valley, with an elevation of about S,
100 feet Hero I slopped and spent
tome time, traveling by carriage out
in dlflerent directions.
"The next stop was at tho brisk lit
tle city of Iloiwell, which Is at a nome
whst hlcher altitude. The distance be
tween the two towns Is seronty-flre
"Id both Eddy and Roswcll many
rwinnle wers hoca who had been In
duocd to ro there on account ot lune
nr bronchial troubles, in vafiouo
(teats, who to all appearances woro
aioying life at least, while they ri
rnaltied In the valley. I feci war-
tanted in saying to eutterera from,
nr thnss fciirlnu lunc trouble, that
outheitstern Now Mexico offers con
rm,iii moat favorublo to tlie noli-
deolonmnt of nulmonnry dtsnnnes. I
believe the conditions and ollmsU
are such as are well adapted to
sure, If tried before the destructive
stages have arrived. The air Is dry
and oeruiluly aseptic; a light atmos
pheric pressure, with a Inrge amount
ot sunshine, a dry, porous soil, the ulr
fresh and highly rarerted and stimu
lating. Tho winds pass over a large
expanse of arid land, anu aro conse
quently freed ot dampness; honco tbi
Invalid can be out ot doom a large por
tion at the tlrao an almost Imperative
neceiulty for a peroou sick with weak
"My advice la that pulmonary euffer
srs go to the I'ocos valley and en
gage In farming or stock raising, olther
st which offers large returns to tho In
dustriously Inclined. Lands lire uhnap
snd can ho purchased upon onsy terms.
Farming In New Mexico under irriga
tion is. I think, a pleasure, as woll u
very profitable. The entire Pecos val
ley Is undT Irrigation, and I am cer
tain I have seen In tho valley the finest
fruit, both In point ot site and flavor,
to be found anywhere. In fact, I doubt
H their equal la froauoea elsewhere.
VieniAhles nre raised there undor irri
gation far superior to any I have
aver seen, rne airsua grows ius
urlontly and furnishes an abundance
of One feed for all kinds of stock, from
the goose up. Hogs fatten on It the
year round.
"The people are dsaldedly hospita
ble, most of them being northern and
eastern people. The railroad accommo
dations are good, and ttddy has a large,
well appointed hotel, electrlo lights,
water works, publlo aehools and nu
merous churehes, also many obarmlng
residences. So has Roawell. It Is a
mtaiake to think of thte country at
there Is no belter region than tills for
persons thus suffering. The offect if
Imutedlutc and Improvement rapid."
(Signed) JAY OOULD.
This li said to ho the only Instanct
In which Mr. Gould over consented to
write for the proes his Imprroslona of
any western country.
A Wrlrd MorynfTwit .Mvn WliM ffliifftiUi
WuiiiuU Vr" llin Hmiw.
"I tun not a believer lu uhot, ruin
carnations or tho pupurmitnrul lu nuy
Miupe, hut I had n singular cxpurirau'ft
soiuo ywnn no which 1 hnvo ni-vur boen
nlilu to ncooutit for witlxfautorily, " snld
J. 1. Lutirolx of Mniitniil.
"I wasrocond nmtoofnnierohnntshlp
In I860, Aiiiouk tho orew was n toagb
customer iituiiod Lniiih, nhvnyK in
trnuhlu. Hu hud n frightful roar, ox
SIhU Wntrr.
Bvery good cook Is ourofnl to rtinposo
at onru of tho water in whloh liiunt litix
lieeii wiwht'd. Only n vory few hourn
nru nocinsnr)' lo ohuiio it Into n foul
fiiioUIuk lhiuid if tho tompornturo H
iitltnblc This uhniiRo is due to a Uttla
jiliuit called Unctcrlum lurmo. A drup
of thli putrid material under tho micro
KKimi rovonU ninny thouBandi of thoin
nctliis tinder n iwmillnrvlbrntllo motion
Tlie Hrvr I'n nrh rrmldrut's Clr.mrncy 'ot
liitriiili'd In i Mucin Aimrcliltt.
Amon thu U" 1 pontons pnrdoued by
N. ('iwlmlr-l'erlpr, wvh onr Paris oor
nupoiiduiit, ilirurit, flrt of nil, iHirsans
who hnvo Ixwu ooiidi niuwl for violuueo
or liitiinidatloti in coiiiioetiou with
tcudtiiR from brow to chin, the result i MtrihM. u hlalilv nolitlo movu of 1'resl-
of n dock light. Uo had bullol wound i ,mt Caimir-Ptrlir, not merely on iuj
which hud token nwny thu lulie of his , count ut his personal connection with
right ear, liesidi n jwcullnr protubor-, miului; intonate, nor lieonueo of tho ml
nnoi' llko u v' on his forelmad. I , vaiitagu In Heuuml of niakluj' nil gener
would tnku my oath there wns not mi' 1 ooiictisslous tliat tiro consistent with
othur nmu alive marked just llkn him the proeen'utloti ut law and order, but
At the end nt tlmt voyage Lander kllUnl nm PM n jmrtlrmlar rot ltelng oppor
his M'ifo Mini out his own tin out. lie tunn on thu uve of an itituriKillution on
sevowl thu wlndplpo, hut ho rooovurod. i thu (Jmlssessao strlka
The wound in his throat lienlod, hat Hidi thouu wisoh of pardon Ihero
li-tt n holu, which ho had to oovur with , ur0 n wrtnln iiumlMir ot othur common
IiIh hand when ho ctioku. Ho brentlieil i juw offeiiderH who bimuflt by tho uooen.
throiiKh nidlver tubt Hewus trlinl and ton 0f lk UBW president. All persons
convicted, nml hnpiKiiiiiiK to bo lu iort , condemned by virtuo of tho law of 1881
I wiih lmwent nt thu Imuijlntf uud mut for inoltemout to mmrcliist outrngos by
the body buried. ' Knoueli or writing hnvo Ik-oh systematic-
"In 18110 1 was on tho ko11 coa.it of njy osoludetl f roiu tho benefit of par
Afrlon. Anhom ouu day I onmo narmM a i Jqu,
mint bowdiiK n minit ot nognj laborers. , it 1 nut uninteresting to uoto that, lu
His form Kounittl strmigoly fnmlllnr. and the olllolnl stiitenu-nt nr wlint has thus
J started with surpriso when I haw him , ,iono, tho minister mill president
plnoo his hand over his throat whuu nru onrufiilly oxom-rnttil from nil ro
gtviiiK omo orders. doltiK closer, I sow ip,m(dbillty of having left tho nimrohUts
the soar, tho wen, tho lobolrss onr, tha t pliy tho full penalty of tholr outrn
halo in thu throat, tho silver tubo and BMns notshy thonmirtlnu tlmtthomlu
every feature mid ehnractorlstio of a i uivt 0f jtutloo provlously on I led upon
insu I nuv hanged mid hurled. I got tlie pardons commission to examine In
into coiivmntiun with him. He said 1 detail the dossier ot the oonvloU iu or
his muiio wns Dnnler. He was tinnblo ,ifir t draw up n list of thoso In fnvor
to tell how he came by tho wound lu i 0f whom n uieasuro of olameuoy might
His tliront, ear aua inco. Jit) wim ue bo nosslblo. Loudon Times.
aiiinmir BkctlraHma" VM th V V,
;i'tl eptemlwf JJtti. Main, i hi-1', i-w
VtrlH Will H-ll MMMld I Tift tlll'.fli at
lre.fy HwlnotHl llateato nil reular
Hirtnmi-r Inurlai drtUltmUon polnu In
Uw North snu Kist.
picket t'"'4 fv reiwrtt nntll CHtolipr
ai, IWai. Fur fnH In format lou cill m
of address.
II. 1). llrUKs, AptU
UirUbtUC S. Al.
K. 'a. XIahtinkki.i., tl. 1. A.,
IUmiwoII, .N. M
flUftittiUi 'raUR8T()"c6V.ORAOO,
For the summer nf IWO tho I' V. N.
IS. fly. will sfd tlokuU to tkilorodo
pomu aa follows:
ItouldRr. liUUs l)ever,41IW; Colorndn
Springs. Wt.00 Pueblo, fl W; Trinidad
Mm 'I'lekeU on sale tin to and Ilium-
tllngHept. 81, MUX). Hioii .ivrr allowed
nu am- point north of Trlnlilnd sotnf
or retnrhiMR.
t. i). huuns.
Gloilatono HlnrlPil thsTnne,
The following story of 3Ir. Qlndftono
la told lu tha remlulHoeiioes of tho Into
llov. Jam os IXxlds: "Ur. Gnthrlo onco ;
paid r. visit to the Dtiko of Argyll nt i
Iuven.ry oaHtlo by speotnl tiivitntion. a
: largo und brtlllnutnmomblnKoof (mosts,
! iboiHiUuK Mr. OlmliitoiKi, wero rtnyiiiR
' nt tha uastle, and lieforo thurotirod for
the ul) lit Ur. Guthrie wns ntked by the
I dnkotooonduot 'family worship.' 'With
I mvat plenMnro I will conduct It,' said
i the riortor, 'hut in tho onstlo of Ariyrll
; wo muH olieen'o tho Rood old Prwby-
terUn form uud lieglit by slnltt n
jmnlui. ' It wns ngreet) that n Bcntah
ifliiK f honld Ihi hiiiik 1 n Kco'olt tuuo,
hut Dw dlflloully fa to fliiu a 'pro
otnitor to 'start tho tune' nnd lend tho
sIiihIiiii After n nuntlmr of ladies and
Keiitleuwui had been nppenledtonnd had
deolawl thoiuHelves unfit for tho duty
Mr. QliUkfitouo stepjMHl fonvord, wiyiug,
'I'll rsbfe tho tune. Dr. Quthrle,' aitd
woll did lie irform hit task."
B. M. Atidroe, n Bwi.-dlsh pctentlst,
has oollocted tnhnlnr lnformntlon show
iiiK the avfrns'ti wolght ot pens in their
pods. Tin- llKhfost jh'us wore nhir t
found limit' tho ouds ot tho ixid, Tno
nvornmi wi-iuht of n ptnwas Krwitcr tho
larger thu number of poos in tho pod,
so that tho lurtfut pods contained tho
honvlost pan. Tho weight ot tho pen
next thu point of tho pod Inrwuicd with
tho increased nntnlxtrof ponxlti tho ikxI.
With tho oxcuptlou of tlio llrst mid last
peas thoro was but a very small dlffor
unco in tho weight of tho poos lu tho
tnmo ikkL
Tho manuscripts of Tnsw), which nro
still preserved, aro illcgitdo from tho
immciiNO number oi erasures, cuange
nud cniuiidatlotiH.
Digamy Is only n misdemeanor, uota
oriitio, coordhi( to tho InwHOf Ntw
amcM-ahsas Gity
Trliiisfcrs from El r.fsoif'riltjjyiilill,
''thtA fuTlme (JarSs hnii lapsof fo.nrHearaUAgnl, ifr write
I" fi. liooonrOK
1). l nnd 1. A " '
" ' , , HI 'Hno, '('eltfts
Q ftsSdfsaaWssAti sAi! AaisftAp
.l.'W. iiiii:K
(lon'i. 1'mm. Aifcnt,
Topokn. Kntisos
Host PfissiMiKor SiM'vifo1
4l)lortdni Gateways-
The Qmm cnttln
() J Trail Route.
ntiu liiorrns-
orcco valley
This lino In now en.ulpp-d tolly to
nrcnnnmniniB 1110 iirrni
HlK MtUSimilllSM llfllli
nnd its afllolninx territory
It It tho entile iliinricmlluQ Irom nil
uoiiiig an ins narinom i lains
irom the gh-nt rnllKMOl Hie vull
Only to hours by fast train between
peeon City ami (lie great market ot
Kansas City.
A generous management. A friend
ot the vnlloy.
2 'iSkk'i
No trouble to nnswerfrltrstlon.
Trougb 41co)erslsll"-
3Tt. Wirtih.
Incomtmrnblo ficrvlcoto
t plain have been peopled
nun oi mis runway.
1'ortulffB, Iiovl-
i tlm uieuiiimot th
Osrinbad, lienwcll
petl Willi feeu AitU wntf r.
on City, all
ii equip
Ask for selieduleK,
K. V. TUIINnil, O.l'.&T. A.,
Dftllnn, Toxni.
Iteiwell, No Mexico.
,iiL Work ouahantekd.
ssstss Blacksmith I
T. OAZIltt'Na D.
oners Ids prolatMlonst Airvlces to the cltl
ten ol CnrUtKut ana vicinity.
t'emilo DUtants and Otiitttrlcs
.... s rtrwcuity
Qmco at Mclimtlicn Is Tracy's.
IloAIdotteji MaggUtfuinlnllig's place.
Cliai. )l. Wlilhlwr, Jl. P. Wlii. U, IUa, M. 1).
WlllttlKH tc HMU
Oniooi Hatol Hohllti.
CnrlnlmU. Nev Mexico.
Cll. WlllQIIT, M. 1.
I'liiitrils inn Siiintox.
ORIm iik! HrdJi-nr, llwimt '4 ml 3 WloiUur llotrl
CIU aiiiwr4 illy day or nlxlit.
OmaliauM I tot p, in.
I First-class blncksiiillhliiK.Unrrisgn paint
lug and wood work ot nil kinds.
tewing mnojilnes nnd TpIiLU
all kinds' of repairs -
Kddy, N. M.
II Paso & Nortfioastern
Honey! Honey!
Money! Money!
Hxtriicled liuniiy, 81.00 per kuIIoii.
Uomli from night to ton cents per
must hnrn had n long Hlnwu. Ho ro-
mttmbered lielng lu a hospital, ho said,
but It wns like n dram, mid he had no
recollection ot his life before that.
"Ho said ho remembered, while still
ill, taking u long voyage he didn't
know where from until lie had landed
where I met him. He told inu my fnou
looked like ono 1m had seen in n dream,
tint he knew ho had never wen me be
fore. How do I noooutit for it? I don't
try to. I am only telling the faota. I
dutt't ktmw wk4br Denier waa Lander
ooiuo to life again or n reluoaruatlou of
him. Alaybo Lauder's neck was tioi
broken and some solentUlo ohep had
outslds of civilization and a land ot been experimenting on mm wun n wi-
cowbors only. 1 saw many cowboys tery. All I know is that no two men
rbtle there, all ot whom seemed well
slspostd. I saw no Indications ot law
Ituneea; on the contrary, my Orel
nlibt in tbs little city ot Iloswell wu
spent In a hotel, the doors of which, I
wu told, are never locked. Aa oui
loom doors had no keys to them, I
naturally felt some misgivings about
leaving our baggage thus exposed. I
appllod to the landlord, and be aurs4
us that ksys were a useless article!
that no one is that country would
disturb anything sot belonging t
them. 8uch I found to be true as re
gtids my baggige, eto.
"The chief cllmatlo conditions that
are most favorable to tha noa-devet
ooment. retardation aad BosaslbU cur
of consumption, namely, AryaeM ot air,
freedom from mlero-orgaiues, noxious
gases, tha largest amouM el ttuufelai
obtainable, dlmlaUkld harocastrtl
prsuqre. are ehsrsilrltU Lfcs pgr-
oould possibly bo marked iu oxnetly tho
vaino way. If it was Lauder, lw wiU
greatly benefited by the change, im on
luqutry 1 found that he boro n splendid
rojmtnt Ion as n quiet, law nbl ding, peace
able oltixitn. " Ohieogo Times,
A New snd Novol lltuilnn.
At the Hurl's Court oxhihltioii Is
fchowu n decided novelty whleh Is oalled
the haunted swing. This new hide show
Is of particularly dlnbolloul character.
You sit on n swing In dark room, nud
while you gently sway baskward and
forward, n few inohes only, tho walls
of the room nre revolving vertically.
The oifeot Is to delude tho unhappy vic
tim into tlw Ulirf that the oomparN
went is deseribtnar an entire oimla. La
dles havo beau seen to wildly hold their
skirts about their ankles ut the moment
they imagined tljjy wem hanging In
sjKioe head downward, und in any n man
on leavlug the room counts his money
to see It any dropiwd from his poeket,
so complete is the illusion. London
Call at
El Paso & northeastern Railway.
i 1 7ui. KiH A T .I ir.
l'AuAti, New Sim.
. W. (lalKwonl
church" directory.
M. It. ciiuiicii. South i lllceulnr services
Sundnyntun. m. nud 7 p. m i Sunday
esiliHll hi lw n ill. i npwurin ia-'ukuo m t it.
ni. Prayer ineetl tig uvory Wcdnetday even
MgaiTo-ciocK. ., .
j. ii. hawdi.hk, raaior.
lUMltTCiUjanr Qnauork wartur raurl lioata
IMtillur anl fciali S'lnlir I11 atlvwl, 10 A
n. Willi frMa 1'
l rrl-l ami junint II
wuralili. Willi 'ImIIhjr liSJp, ui.a.ui( aartlt ami
mkhiii. All nmuiijr IIHIIN.
wtwMwaajr i;ju. in.
i. "--'a sin.
Mldaoak ir.l.lp,
IliiSts J, Powcii, TUttor,
Eddy Lodge No. fil( K-of p.
Meets every Thursday
evetitnuat liM o'clock,
All vUitorsaro welcome
1). lUnvKY. C. C.
K. it. &B.
Leaves Ahiniogordo 11:20 p. tn,
Arrives K.I Piiho 7:15 p. in.
Loaves K; Pinto 10:110 a tn.
Arrives Alumngordo 2:15 p. tn.
Mnkliio: connection at El I'usn for
tho cast, wnst and all points In Mexico.
Conneotinif nt. Alamogordo with tho
Biugo lino for tho t
Whito Oaks Country
White Oaks, llonlto. Nogals. Gray.
and Salado oonl nulds.
A Inn roonentitur Willi 'l'iilnrnin stnoe.
lino which iimivch Aiaiuogomo aitor '
arrival of train each day. Lcavea
tilnroBii at 10:1)0 n. in.. Lit Lilt at IS
m., ninklni; connection with tho tiouth
bound train.
A. S. flitifin,
tlnn Sunt fi Tkt & l'uss Agt
IS Ai.K.ANinii, A. (1. r. A.
A. N.
Current Office.
. M. 1IK8H, Proprieter.
Livery, Peed & Exchange
UiprrtaKay All of a tlrnrrslluu lUve the
gain Utuirscterlatlca.
Tha lllrlli offlootry! I'ontl.
Thero is n wouderful swatiip imme
diately below tho Mount Pisgah church
and not over 300 feet from flio road at
that point- Fur many years tlie place,
whloji U now known ns "Oooloy's
...1 L. - - 1 ( i 1 1- II t., ..a.
the tieoplo of n sluulo generation wrlto ,flu ."..i -n. ni,u Is in
alike, una it Is well known that most- :;. " .IVhnnr M
u.n . - -
aCTfH. of which about 40 ueros nre now
uuderwAtar.whleh Is from n few lushes
., t?. -asW
nscnRsraiij .iiMne"
M ABONitc imar wage no. zi,
reauinr communication ai tiw
ni . 3rd Naturuny ot racii
,aiiionth. Visiting brethren In-
vitfMi tn miimi.
J. It, t'VUEUtAK. W. M.
i'nATT. 8eey.
f n f. ir PAr
i. j. v, i' iiuue
No it meets evury
Friday evening In
M'naonlo hall, vuitlng brothers In good
staging ceraiaiiy welcome. WH(oi(TiN
JNo H. McliwAN. Heey.
Woodmsa ot World.
tatut tth Tues day
.unguis oi eaon muutn
t. U, Huttierls
Crozier & Bobo,
hoi eonnsftted vrltli any ei
Tuioa ji(l li(H)e far rtint nnd
HU any eorporntlon
tartus and rnooh property for unle
I'oltte Collector Only Employed
Good Ilips nt
llonsonnblo Kates.
French handwriting lias n strong family)
likeness to tho eyes of others than
..it rai.i .. ,.J ,
rreuenmen. neany uu uuidshwi to saveral ftt dmuL It will flnallv be a
tho washhoulo alass look alike to.nper- VnS S Lull id wfiel fs not
fleial observers, nnd pernios utiaeeus-' ,.,, dnnc, ow,' ta thB i,.v.
Mrst National Dank.
OftWa arCWMitrUw'anrtmT
wuueg&ii, h. c, Mi iiLiw
WUtrwu. UMtMM-yal.ta(4(Astfit te tlw
CaibuJllniUaMisty W a4, tliy l S
Mttlw. bM.wtni414 IUi all tlw i naVHWIM tit
atatataa f IV l'U-I8tt4, lMtMI U I aMIflwl
illli liura an maauiwa nwi pa aaiimiaM w
Su Ikwalul I, t'WiM tl. Da
lb niiwn da lirrain r Itllir bal Tlw
al Uaak at CmUW. lb lb Una l Call
MWtyttM4jr tatrltwr
iUiWhi la wHttfUta lb !
ntw Htlmi M w
l milI HI ttstseu mm swas bh
i a tarui
c w- m.
Wall Pap4
A. N. 1'ItATT, I'ropr.
, Pickets,
Snsli, Ett
A. i,
Wall Ponor
Baiijte and 011b
TOUow Glosa
Boom -.Moulding
l5ictm d Moulding
Piotiiro Frrtmes.
AYindqvv Shades
Ourtain Polos
Pain.t Busjiea
AUKjjn AHtsvMateria!
ouieilr aawrlalir
luraatloii II tit
Tradr Maim
DiaiaNi P
OopvniaHTSj Ac.
S ikMCB ins asCftli
la. CVaaroantca.
.aagoooa on i'mw
ataocr for aacarlM mIhii.
Wura ma
am aar uuituoo irofl wenuar
lonaMr Daimtaei
trMatiletfatidwml. Uanil
Ml Oca. Oiasat
rUSU TsXas
aaMUl turflu. all
sttenttfic iiimrKam
0pi. JT trU WsitU Wtoe, B.C.

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